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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 29, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

What's with all the listing/tilting ships?

Signs of the Times #1624 [Jul 19] Passengers on the ship were thrown into the ocean after a steering problem caused the ship to tilt 30 degrees to the left right after it departed from Florida's Port Canaveral on its way to New York. [and from another] [July 25] The US Coast Guard and Air Force were attempting to rescue 22 crew from a cargo ship carrying nearly 5,000 cars last night after it rolled almost on to its side and began taking on water 230 miles south of the Aleutian Islands.

To all extent it appears to be a steering problem, but what made the automated equipment go awry? This equipment has been in use for many, many decades and of course uses stabilizing gyroscopes that utilise magnetics. Thus this is a magnetic anomaly, a type of magnetic surge that caused the gyroscopes to be off kilter. The ship was adjusting. The ship was attempting to adjust to what it perceived as reality. This had nothing to do with the captain steering a wheel and everything to do with the ship's internal gyroscopes trying to keep it steady and level. Does this equipment also turn the ship? It's involved in turning. If you're going to make a turn, you tell this equipment, the automated equipment, that you wish to make let's say a 90º turn. Well the ship doesn't immediately try to turn in place in the ocean, this takes a bit of tacking, tacking to the left or the right until the 90º angle is affected. You tell it how tight you want to make the turn. Do you have 2 miles before you need to be in that position or do you need to be there within 500 feet? Something like that. That indicates how sharp the turn should be or how gradual, but they have a limit on how sharp it would be. However, since this mechanism is in place to say how sharp the turn should be and it is controlled by automated equipment taking into consideration the parameters the captain enters, it is possible for this equipment to go to the extreme based on the gyroscope readings that tell it whether it's level or not. And it was just simply a factor that was never in place when these ships were built and this equipment was tested.

We are having magnetic surges. This is something that is also causing some electromagnetic brown-outs and surges. We had this in 2003 in August, September or so and there was a lot of black-outs around the world. New York City on August 14th, the Yucatan Peninsula, Sydney Australia, many areas were reporting sudden blackouts and this was related to equipment shutting down because they sensed a surge on the lines. Equipment does this automatically to protect itself so you don't have too much electricity flowing through and damaging the equipment, and then afterwards things have to be reset and restarted. So we're into a period where this is picking up. We mentioned recently on Godlike Productions that there would be more electromagnetic interference because the tail was starting to waft toward us. The tail has barely started to waft toward Earth again. Just wait till it's got a pretty good blast aiming in our direction, in the Earth's direction, then you'll really see equipment failure which the establishment is not ready to explain. This is most certainly not global warming.

What's the truth behind the missing Wanta trillions?

Signs of the Times #1625 [Jul 22] Wanta on June 12 entered into a negotiated settlement with U.S. authorities ending his quest to recover an estimated 27.5 trillion in funds first generated by Wanta on behalf of President Ronald Reagan at the end of the Cold War. After Reagan left office, the money was earmarked for the American people with Wanta as legal trustor. Wanta was framed, arrested, arraigned before a US Judge in New York, released when the judge threw the case out, rearrested without a warrant on the US courtroom steps, extradited illegally to Wisconsin on a trumped-up tax charge, suffered false witness, jailed for 22 years, experienced three attempts to murder him in prison plus unsuccessful official efforts to have him certified insane, released into house arrest in Wisconsin where he languished for many years, and falsely reported by the lying CIA to be dead. Presently, the 4.5 trillion is being held by Bank of America in Richmond, Va., as the Federal Reserve Board is illegally blocking the release of the money to the U.S. Treasury, the American People, AmeriTrust and Wanta.

This is a story that is more true than not, but there is more behind it than is being told. The official explanation is that the money was given to undercut Russia's economy, but just look at the timeframe. This was a time when these individuals, well aware of the coming pole shift, the coming passage of Planet X, were planning to build enclaves, planning to have secret bunkers, planning to have a manned moon mission program and the like. All of this is tremendously expensive. We've mentioned that a great deal of the money that is supposed to go to Iraq just gets lost in the accounting shuffle. It's going to preparations for Planet X, for the many people who are participating in the cover-up and told we'll make a place for you if you keep your mouth shut. So they need to have more bunkers, more places to go, because these people are demanding to see and know where it is they're supposed to go before they'll cooperate. This was the real reason for the Wanta money being put aside, but the side explanation or the cover explanation was a Cold War manoeuvre. If it was a Cold War manoeuvre, then why on Earth was it left out there, without any connections? It sounds like a Secret Government manoeuvre but MJ12 was not interested in bringing Russia down or the Russian MJ12 in bringing the US down. They were partners in MJ12 in all these matters. A great deal more money than the Wanta money was siphoned aside, a great deal of money-laundering, drug running and the like, to get money for dealing with the pending pole shift. Would the truth be known, the American public would be horrified, especially when social services like universal health care are denied in the US.

So, is that money there, and did the Clintons and Bush family steal some of it? Of course they did, and many other people had their hands in the till. Were they not so publicly obvious, they would have been killed for this kind of manipulation of the finances. MJ12 had an entry form that the person had to sign in order to be a member, which stated that they could be killed if they took advantage of information that they learned by being a member of MJ12 for financial gain, and certainly for Bush senior that fit. Clinton was never a member of MJ12 but he heard plenty about it. This type of using these secret funds for personal benefit was taken very seriously. But if a person is in the public eye, assassinations right and left make the public a little nervous and curious, so it's not done. Merely types of retaliation, illness, set backs and the like are done to those in the public eye. Clinton's heart disease no accident for instance, Sharon's stroke certainly no accident. But those kind of public setbacks are the last resort. So will that money be allowed to come into the treasury and salvage the US? Not by a long shot. How would all of this be explained? It won't be explained. There's too many questions that would be asked, too much of an uproar that would be made. Thus, no matter how much heated discussion there will be about adjusting the books so we can show that something has come in, they would have to do it in such a slow drip as to be balanced somehow by the savings rate in Japan and China. Thus, it would never make that much of a difference in the US debt.

Here in New Mexico we are on a hardened lava bed, and it's not that old. Will New Mexico have a problem with active volcanoes during the pole shift? I've read the Safe Locations information for New Mexico, and this is not indicated. We do have a rift in New Mexico, where this lava bed lies.

Your concern about hardened magma should not be from a volcanic explosion but rift zones that do fill in with lava and the lava hardens. For those who come after, you can hardly tell the difference whether it was from a volcano or whether it was just from a rift opening. Recently there was information about the Red Sea with rifts opening and filling in with magma and of course this is what goes on in the deep Mid-Atlantic rift. So this is a fault, you know where it is, you've identified the location. It will fill in with magma if it rips during the stretching that the North American continent is undergoing. So you know how to identify where you should be. Don't sit on that rift when the pole shift is approaching.

What's behind the news of NORAD being closed? NORAD Mountain Complex Faces Closure [Jul 29] 'Excavation and construction of the North American Aerospace Defense Command at the Cheyenne Mountain complex began in May 1961 and took nearly five years to complete. Operating the complex costs nearly $250 million a year.'

This is an untrue rumour with the intention of deflecting attention away from NORAD. This area, Colorado, is where the US government is migrating to. Even the CIA is setting up a second home there and NORAD is gaining responsibilities increasingly. But if you don't want a lot of visitors on your front porch, you tell everybody you're taking a vacation and selling the house and that's what they're trying to do.