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ZetaTalk: G8 Summit
written July 15, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

What are the G8 discussing about Planet X and the other off record topics in Moscow this week. [and from another] Re the Bush visit in Germany and the G8 summit in St.Petersburg, Russia. Are the heads of state talking about pole shift issues during the G8 summit? [and from another] The G8 summit in St. Petersburg is being attended by leaders from the US, Russia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

We've been asked several times recently about face-to-face meetings between heads of state, and what they might be discussing. Certainly, the pending pole shift and the ongoing cover-up are discussed. During Hu's visit from China in April we stated territorial divisions were discussed, that the Bush warning to stay out of S America would not be honored, with Bush stating that he did not consider Japan a sacred US holding, and China warning the US to stay out of Iran. In May, Mexico's Fox and recently Canada's Harper visited Bush in DC, discussing the N American continent's future under the dictator, Bush. In May, Britain's Blair and an Israeli representative also visited Bush in DC, trying to come up with a solution now that they are losing control of Iraq. In June, N Korea began a missile lobbing blitz. Now we have the G8 in July, which is essentially a conference among countries considered the monetary giants of the world. They address a range of problems and sign agreements, publicly. What is being discussed privately?

Clearly, world tensions are increasing, and the reasons for this is not unknown to this group. They are aware not only of the looming danger that Planet X presents and the likely chaos to come, but also of crop failures and economic disasters not reported in the news. Starvation, as we have stated, is behind what N Korea is doing, as they are trying to blackmail the US into feeding them, an outcome being resisted by the US as they fear other countries would follow suit. What to do when the cover-up starts to unravel, as it inevitably will when the Earth changes begin to escalate. How does one explain an Earth leaning on its side, or a fiery presence in the sky? How does one deal with a starving populace, especially when they have been told that all is normal and the food stores are full? What to do when riots break out? Then there are unresolved territorial disputes. The US and Britain and Israel are attempting to gain control of the Middle East oil fields, and inciting violence there to achieve their goals. This is publicly discussed as terrorism, but the G8 countries are not misled and know the real agendas.

Russia had a long history in Afghanistan, from which they eventually had to withdraw, admitting defeat in the face of the tenacious Taliban. They know the eventual outcome for the US there, and the tide has already turned in this regard, the Taliban returning to control. Guerilla warfare is impossible to stamp out, when the populace as a whole are determined to persist, and the US invasion of Iraq will fail for this and many other reasons, certainly. The G8 countries know this, only the frantic Blair and the clueless Bush stating otherwise. The US strength in Iraq is fading, the resolve of Congress dissolving, and the Earth changes about to create mission conflicts for the US Military. They have only to wait. Meanwhile, the Puppet Master's wishes have been made known, well ahead of these meetings. He wants discussion of the realities of the pole shift before the populace, so robust survival communities can be established. The unraveling cover-up is not a maybe, it is a matter of when and how. The economic threat that the Puppet Master's clout represents is felt over the heads of those at the G8, always.

Bush is resisting the Puppet Master on a number of fronts, on the cover-up, on retreating from Iraq, and has the history of refusing to allow Kerry to replace him in 2004, a Puppet Master demand. The Puppet Master has and will continue to punish the US financially in order to weaken Bush, and to destroy Bush with leaks and scandals, the decapitation process we have described. It is for this reason the other G8 countries are confident the US and Britain will fail in Iraq, with Israel left to sit in the hornet's nest it has stirred up attempting to force a US invasion of Syria and Iran. They know what time will bring. The Puppet Master has cards in his deck not yet played. For instance, the flurry of missile tests from N Korea was at his request, to remind the US Military that an invasion of Iran would result in threats to the US territories in the Pacific. Bush is trapped, cannot go forward, and must retreat. In the meantime, they are agreeing on a united and coordinated front of public admission re starvation and the Earth changes ongoing. Crop failures will be emphasized this year, where denied or repressed from the news in the past. More discussion of prophecy, evidence of past cataclysms, and self sustaining survival communities in existence today will be allowed in the news.