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ZetaTalk: Ken Lay
written July 8, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Hardly anyone thinks this was a real heart attack, given Kenny Boy's close association with Bush. Was this an assassination?

We predicted that as the tide turned against those conspiring to overturn democracy in the US and loot the Treasury while they were at it, that the rats would start turning on themselves. Increasingly, those in the news for having met their demise due to accident or sudden health problems are co-conspirators. Sharon's fatal stroke was not an accident, as he was deliberately given medication that would cause him to bleed out in the brain. Several doctors were complicit in this decision. Sharon had been repeatedly warned that his actions, turning from extreme suppression of the Palestinians to negotiations, were enraging the hard-liners in Israel. It is when a former conspirator, a former team member, turns on the others that assassinations within the group occur. Such turnabouts can happen because a team member has a change of heart, but given the self centered nature of those among the elite, these turnabouts are almost always caused by a change in circumstances, where each is out to serve themselves, forgetting their loyalties to the group. So what happened in Ken Lay's situation?

It is no secret that Enron was wired into the Bush/Cheney White House. Enron was an attendee at Cheney's secret energy policy meetings, and Lay was a major contributor to Bush during his years as the Texas governor. Kenny Boy, as Bush called him, was a consummate insider. He knew secrets, and was looking for a pardon from Bush so he could avoid a certain prison sentence. Given the desperate situation the GOP is in these days, almost certain to lose control of both houses of Congress so that the lawless White House would be called to account, and given the intractably low polls for Bush, Bush declined. Perhaps later, upon leaving the White House, but Lay would have to go to prison in the meantime. Lay implied he would amuse himself in prison by giving interviews and writing a book, if Bush did not change his mind, and his heart attack was arranged.

For those doubting this story, look to the hints in the press. An "unexpected" heart attack, the heart "giving out", and "apparent" heart attack. A heart that "gives out" is one given to heart failure, which is entirely different than a coronary. Heart failure is not unexpected, but chronic, causing water retention and shortness of breath and culminating in the lungs filling up with water as the heart fails. A coronary is caused by a clot, forming in a clogged artery which in this day and age, especially in a wealthy man getting good medical attention, is not "unexpected". Were Lay to have such clogging that such a clot could form, this would have shown up on his regular medical exams, been palpable, audible by stethoscope, visible on echocardiograms, and bypass surgery steps would have been taken. He was taken out, and in an obvious manner so as to be a warning to others thinking of following his lead.

Signs of the Times #1619
Ken Lay, Enron icon, is dead [Jul 5] 'His death was totally unexpected. Apparently, his heart simply gave out. Lay, 64, was admitted to the Aspen Valley Hospital overnight with a massive coronary. He was to be sentenced on Oct. 23. Lay's charges carried a maximum penalty of 45 years in prison for the corporate trial and 120 years in the personal banking trial.'