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ZetaTalk: Magnetic Clash
written July 1, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

The compass anomaly, swinging to the East, is indicative of the Earth adjusting to the approach of Planet X and the clash of their magnetic fields. The change is indicative of a clash in magnetic fields as Planet X comes ever closer to the Earth, their fields touching. It is the combined field that Earth must adjust to, and continue to adjust to, not the exact position of the N Pole of Planet X within these fields, and the Sun's magnetic field enters into the equation too. This dramatic change, noted by a conscientious tracker, checking dual compasses daily for years, indicates that the Earth is trying to align side-by-side with Planet X, bringing its magnetic N Pole to point toward the Sun, as Planet X is currently doing in the main. These adjustments are temporary, and change about, as magnets can make dramatic and swift changes in their alignment with each other. Put a number of small magnets on a glass, with iron ore dust, and move a large magnet about under them, and watch the jerking about they do. Are we saying the Earth's magnetic field is going to get more erratic in the future, dramatically so? There is no question that this will be one of the signs that will come, yet another not covered by the Global Warming excuse.

The clash of the magnetic fields is shown in the recent Avebury crop circle, where the magnetic fields emerge from the Earth and Planet X in a normal manner between them, but assume an abnormal range on the far side. The rings on the far side are preparing to merge, using the center of the combined fields as their point of exit and return. When this process completes, the Earth is literally bonded with Planet X, in a side-by-side position, which occurs during the week of rotation stoppage. Prior to this merged field situation, the Earth first attempts to hold to the Sun's dominance, staying upright, then is forced into an end-to-end alignment with Planet X as it leans to the left and rolls into the 3 days of darkness and days of sunrise West. What Avebury is showing, as the present situation, is that the fields are clashing, at the point of merging, so the Earth will have difficulty remaining independent.

Note: below added as an addendum on July 6, 2006

We can not be far off from major, major events happening due to this. Magnetics affect human behavior, illnesses. I foresee big consequences of the dominant magnet forcing the smaller one to do things it doesn't want to, creating even more earth violent changes.

Where it is true that the intense electro magnetic fields generated by high power lines can affect human health, such as those living under high tension wires developing cancer at a higher rate than normal, this does not result due to a changing planetary magnetic field. The intensity of the field, for those creatures crawling about on the surface, remains the same regardless of which direction the magnetic particles flow. Certainly, confusion reigns in those migrating birds and whales using the field for direction. Havoc will certainly be wreaked in man's technology. The compass has already become erratic, with alternate guidance systems being used in planes as a consequence. The degree to which man's technologies rely on a general N/S direction holding steady will become apparent as satellite and navigation systems fail. Submarines, which are essentially blind under the waves, are particularly susceptible. Planes with poor visibility and satellites without manual controls also are essentially blind and rely primarily on the compass for positional stability. Electro-magnetic motors are subject to electro-magnetic pulse, which can sometimes emerge when magnetic fields are suddenly switched around, creating crowded particles in crunch points during the switch. These pulses are known to destroy electronic equipment, when they occur, and little of mankind's technology is shielded from these pulses as they are rare and unforeseen in the normal day-to-day operation of equipment.

These are the primary consequences of clashing or merging magnetic fields, and the contortions that occur before they are merged or joined to the extent of causing the lean to the left and 3 days of darkness foretold. By this time the Earth will be in a severe wobble, caused by the daily tugging on the magnetic poles that present to the influence of Planet X - the wobble of today, exacerbated. In this regard, the steady approach of Planet X, coming ever closer so the influence of its magnetic field is ever stronger, does equate to more violent Earth changes. The Earth torque is one example, where the magnetic S Pole is tugged back each day, creating more stress on the plates in the Pacific and allowing the Atlantic to widen. The wobble is another such example, creating more erratic and violent weather, more storms, and more weather extremes. These will continue to increase, not because the fields are merging and clashing, but because Planet X continues to close the distance between itself and Earth, moving toward the hapless Earth during its passage, and thus the tugging on Earth will increase in its violence. What the clashing and merging fields does mean for Earth is that the Earth now has more than a torque and a wobble, it has a bully in the neighborhood that will eventually supplant the Sun's influence. Supplanting the Sun's magnetic dominance, combined with the increasing 270 roll that will place the N Pole of Planet X pointing directly at Earth, is what allows the pole shift drama to commence. A merged field is natural for two planets forced close together, in such a setting.

Signs of the Times #1615
Where the magnetic N Pole was pointing 18 too far West last month, today [Jun 7], it shows almost 20 East of North. [and from another] New Avebury crop circle looks like two magnetic fields, clashing!