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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 1, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Any comments on the Space Shuttle launch?

Indeed there is not simply the obvious reason to save face, to get the shuttle program in operation. Of course there was a shuttle flight prior to this and after the Columbia which went up and returned with a few bumps but everyone successfully arrived back on Earth, terra firma. Is there something different about this launch? It would seem to be regularly scheduled - they wish to participate, not just rely on Russia but there is a sense of urgency about it that people are sensing. Is there some urgency and are they doing more than merely making food and maintenance deliveries to ISS? They are indeed. Since the last shuttle to go up went up and down with no loss of life they have become braver and want to return to carrying information about what they observe on the ISS about the position of Planet X, triangulating up there as they are. This is information as we have stated that is not transmitted back to Earth in case it gets intercepted and decoded and thus runs round the internet as evidence of peculiar behaviour by the major powers, US and Russia and the like, and the whole Planet X cover-up splits wide open like a rotten melon. So they must bring this back by shuttle and they are taking another chance. This is the reason for some mechanical failures they had in addition to the weather irregularities which nature caused but we and other benign aliens are trying to send a signal that they should worry about the safety of the shuttle and not attempt to bring this information back. We have stated that the Council of Worlds is angry that the US is not sharing information about the pending pole shift with its populace. This was the reason for the Columbia to be exploded in space. They're playing a dangerous game and, as this is still in the hands of man, whether or not they proceed with their original plan or alter it or scuttle the flight altogether is yet to be determined.

Are we in any danger of a strike from this new asteroid? [and from another] The asteroid, estimated at half a mile (800m) wide, will sweep within 270,000 miles (433,000km) of the planet - only slightly further away than the moon. "It's not Earth-threatening," said Don Yeomans, who heads Nasa's Near Earth Object Program.

As we mentioned previously, no. The reason for this is more than just the trajectory of the asteroid, it is also a protection Earth is under where no life threatening or extinction level event will be allowed to happen because the Council of Worlds has plans for the Earth in the future as a home for those in the Service to Other and would not allow this to happen. So you may have fireballs. Fireballs are just a few little boulders thudding to Earth, that type of thing, or small rocks that might plunk into an ocean, be deflected to the ocean. But you will not have large asteroids striking the Earth, snuffing out life or destroying large land masses or causing extreme flooding along coastlines. This would be prevented. We are telling you, as are all your prophesy and folklore, that another pole shift is pending and preparations should be made in accordance with the warnings issued in every culture. This is something that will not be prevented. This is something you have specific information on. This is something that is to encourage humans to act and help their fellow man and reach out and assist and grow spiritually, or not, and stay spiritually immature and self-focused. But asteroids will not be causing this type of devastation, now or ever, because the Earth is under a protection from this kind of impact.

Why are people suffering from allergies more now?

We have stated before, in the Visitations section of Zetatalk, that contactees often have more allergies. The reason is heightened tension. They are living a duel life. They have to try to maintain the façade that everything is normal while they are aware subconsciously and in their soul that life holds so much more than their day-to-day and news on TV. Stressful. So allergies are a heightened immune system and this is a reaction to stress. Stress is increasing and we have explained this as increasing illness and discussing this matter in Zetatalk, that illness would increase, not only because you would be encountering new germs, but also because people would be dropping their immune system. But a heightened immune system is a flip side of that. Some people do not drop their immune system, suppress it, but actually heighten it which is one of the reasons for auto-immune diseases. People react to this stress in many different ways - stress diseases, obesity, more heart disease, high blood pressure - all of this will be on the increase because the establishment is not acknowledging what's going on with the world and with the weather. People know something is amiss. They may not notice that the Sun and Moon are out of position or the constellations on occasion but they do know that the weather has gotten extreme and that their governments seem blasé about it, nonchalant. Economics is not on the up tick; it's faltering terribly worldwide. People are losing their jobs, more distressed, and people are becoming more irritable with each other. Therefore this is a tension that is rising worldwide and will not be resolved until there's frank talk about what is approaching Earth, so that people can deal with the real emergencies instead of walking around nervous and feeling like they're being lied to, which of course they are.

What happened to all the continuity of government plans which seem to have vanished?Did that exercise even happen, a couple weeks ago? No mention of it in the news, and during the flooding in DC lately, there seems to be no mention of services being moved to alternate locations, as the continuity was supposed to provide.

Of course it didn't happen; it would have been a complete disaster. We predicted that it would be a disaster and you would certainly have heard, if not directly from Washington, many saying Whoops, we've got a lot of work to do. You would have heard from people who were attempting to get in touch with this office or that or who got contradictory service from two different locations and nothing like this came out on the Internet or in the news. We stated at the time that it would not be a success and that Bush would use this failure of the continuity of government exercise to push for more of his martial law plans. We must re-locate and be dispersed, to try to keep Washington DC from functioning as a cohesive whole against him, a nut that is hard to crack. So dispersed it could be more easily controlled and dictated to by a remote President, a remote White House. But he is not able to move forward with that because the exercise itself never happened. Indeed it was cancelled, not only due to North Korea but to other emergencies that always seem to be increasingly affecting Washington DC, and it will probably never be mustered forth again.

What is the story and purpose of the Crystal Skulls found through out the world?

Of course this is alien. Of course the world has been visited by alien races in the past. Don't you think they had their ornaments or their insignia to indicate to each other I was here, like signposts to be left saying, John was here, and perhaps even a date. The indication here was more than just the shape of these skulls, or the fact that the crystal was grown in such a way to take that shape. There are harmonics that can be generated from these skulls that man would be unable to listen to, but which alien races could, which carry a great deal of information about the visitor - when they were there, where they came from - as though someone had carved into a wall or scrawled in graffiti John was here, and the date, or John loves Louise, this type of communication. So they are definitely an alien artefact. And they had a purpose which may puzzle man, but they're getting the jist of it in understanding that humans could not make such a crystal, nor would nature.