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ZetaTalk: An Inconvenient Truth
written June 15, 2006

Would the Zetas like to comment on an informative movie called An Inconvenient Truth? It appears the film is hinting at future flooding under the guise of global warming when in truth the cause are effects of the pole shift. [and from another] Would the Zetas care to comment about Al Gores statement that we have only ten years to stop Global Warming?

Al Gore is certainly aware of the pending pole shift, and the effect Planet X is having on the Earth. As a Vice President under Clinton, he was an automatic member of MJ12, and would have learned this from that source if he was not already cognizant. So why then is he purporting that the Earth changes are due to Global Warming? Gore is in a unique position, poised to return to the Presidency which he was denied. We have stated that he is the de facto Commander in Chief of the US Military, in their eyes. The US Military is not alone in considering him the only legitimate President, since 2000. The vote fraud in 2004 has continued that situation, with Gore the last person legitimately elected to be President of the United States, by challenging his loss of position. Kerry lost this status in the eyes of those backing Gore when he capitulated, readily, and did not even challenge his loss in Ohio.

The US government has been posed at the brink of a rebellion, to take back the government from those who took it by fraud in both 2000 and 2004. What is restraining this coup, this return to legitimacy, is the bulk of Congress who are slavishly obedient to Bush and the vote fraud machine, and the packed Supreme Court. Lately the Supreme Court has become an unknown, with two new Bush appointees, but the assumption is that they would align with Bush in any constitutional crisis. Vote fraud was assumed for the future. GOP members of Congress could not miss the promise electronic voting fraud had of delivering Karl Rove's dream, GOP control forever. Thus intimidated, they followed the dictates coming from the White House. Vote fraud has lately been exposed, pulled into mainstream media attention by the Puppet Master, who is steadfastly decapitating the Bush Administration from any influence over the affairs of the world. GOP control of Congress thus can no longer be assured, and in view of the polls must be assumed to be lost. Thus the time when the US public can be fully informed - about the stolen 2000 election, the fraudulent 2004 election, the cover-up over 911, the use of the US Military to gain control of the Middle East oil fields, and many other crimes - is close at hand.

What does this mean for Al Gore? Gore has kept himself in the public eye, coming forth for well publicized lectures on the need to protect the Constitution, and has retained his following among those who deem him the legitimate President. For a public announcement that Bush is illegitimate and Gore to replace him in the White House, there is more than the following among those in government required. The hearts and minds of the public must be ready to accept the bad news that the White House has been home to a group of criminals by embracing the good news that someone they respect and are familiar with, in fact elected in 2000 by popular vote, is going to set this right. Thus, the current press to be the spokesperson for Global Warming has as its real agenda to put Gore into the public view, in a favorable way. How can he lose, in this current campaign? Global Warming has been the prime excuse for the Earth changes caused by Planet X, which by general agreement cannot yet be announced to the public. Can Bush counter the Gore argument by pointing to Planet X? Bush has shown contempt for the changes that a Global Warming excuse would require. He refuses to comply with the Kyōto Agreement, insisting that the US as the greatest consumer of carbon fuels in the world can continue on this splurge, unabated. He gives lip service only to alternative energy sources, while backing big oil companies all the way.

Meanwhile the fury and frequency of storms pounding the US is on the increase. Bush, already low in the polls because of the conduct of the War in Iraq and the loss of jobs in the US, will now have the finger pointed at him on yet another issue. He is the cause of the storms pounding the US, indirectly, by not taking action on Global Warming issues. One sees on one hand the compassionate and concerned Gore, detailing the steps that should be taken, and on the other hand the arrogant and detached Bush, dismissive of any action required and with his Katrina response standing in stark contrast to Gore. This is a clever approach on Gore's part, which Bush cannot win. He cannot point to Planet X. He cannot, given the expectations of his backers and cronies, suddenly decide that big oil companies need to change their ways. He has pushed the US into a debt position so there is no room for funding of alternative fuels unless he backs out of Iraq or changes his position on tax cuts for the rich. He is trapped, and thus can be assumed to stand in place, rigid, while Gore captures the hearts of those increasingly affected by the weather changes. Disasters in the US, sure to come as the Earth changes increase, will likewise focus anger on the Bush Administration for their cuts in social services. When the time comes to overturn those who have stolen the White House, there will be no contest in where the affections of the public lie. No need to go to the polls. Gore wins this vote, too.