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ZetaTalk: On Point re 911
written Apr 8, 2006, during the live GLP Saturday night radio broadcast.

At the time of the 911 attack on America we stated that the attack was primarily a financial punishment against Bush, as the target was JP Morgan, a prime player in the US bond market and an insider working with the US government. We mentioned that 'several unlikely bedfellows crawled into bed with each other, each for their own ends', but did not name the factions. This omission was deliberate. We mentioned that the White House, the Bush administration, was aware of the threat, the specific threat, and thus the lack of warning was fear of admitting that such threats were even possible. The lack of warning was proof that they knew, were being threatened, and were attempting to call the bluff. Did this mean that insiders within the Bush administration or the agencies were not involved? This was not stated, only that Bush and those in a position to warn the public chose not to do so. The omission of any detail on who might have facilitated the attack was deliberate, on our part. A few months later, when discussion on the evidence showing many hands behind the scenes, many assists given, to effect the attacks, we commented on the analysis of the evidence. We made disconnected statements that were true in and of themselves, such as commenting upon how jet fuel can fall down ventilation shafts and mix with air, exploding at lower levels, or rise up a stairwell if the impact is on the ground level, creating a blast furnace in the stairwells. These statements, in and of themselves, are not untrue, they just aren't the whole picture. This was an omission, and deliberate, on our part.

What is known at the current time, much discussed on the Internet, is that

Does this indicate that financial interests were aware of the threats being made, the plans being laid, and took advantage of them? Does this fall in line with our statement at the time of the attack that the banking industry, dominated by men of Jewish extraction and connected to the Puppet Master, were involved? Why then did we not reveal more, as there are many more fingers to be pointed, and surely we knew of the plotting and the involved parties. Why did Cheney not lift the drill when it was clear the plans were going beyond a threat? He's an opportunist. How did he know the attack was to happen on that day? He didn't, but the attackers knew when the drill was planned. Would the White House likely have had Bush in a school room during the attack, in front of cameras looking the fool, if they knew? Why did the FBI not allow the Minnesota FBI branch to snatch a laptop, and thereafter punish the field agent in charge? Because the extent that the FBI was aware of the threat was to be hidden, part of the cover-up, just as the knowledge the White House had was to be suppressed. All the guilty throw up smoke, and as the White House itself was not the perpetrator, they were trying to determine when the attack might happen, and hauling those they were tracking and monitoring would have stopped that intel flow. Yes the White House wanted an opportunity to declare Martial Law, but they wanted to pick the time and place, not have it visited upon them. Control freaks operate like this, they must be in charge.

Beyond the known parties, there are over a dozen more involved. Why would we pull back from revealing all about 911, and why are we not revealing the details even today?Nancy's prime job is to talk about the coming pole shift, the Earth changes and where they are leading, the spiritual Transformation that is in process, the spiritual polarizing between good and evil that accompanies every Transformation, the burgeoning awareness of the alien presence, and attempt to hammer holes into the cover-up over the presence and approach of Planet X. She has a lot on her plate, and deals with tremendous heat over the message that she is delivering, struggles to overcome disinformation teams that target her as part of their job, and finds time to brush her teeth once a day and catches a few hours sleep at night. What would happen if she were to be front and center of the 911 cover-up? This would consume her life, increase the attacks she suffers, and her main message would suffer. We knew this subject would not be ignored, would have many champions, many of which have literally devoted their lives to this issue. We kept Nancy out of the fray, and are doing so today. She knows no more than is already known by her fellows. She's on point on the pole shift and Transformation issues, and that's where she should be.