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ZetaTalk: the India Caper
written Mar 4, 2006 during the weekly GodLikeProduction radio show question and answer session

What is Bush up to with this trip to India/Pakistan/Afghanistan?

He is of course trying to distract from his problems at home, acting presidential. However, in that Cheney and Rumsfeld also went there recently, visiting Pakistan, etc., there is another agenda. They want to invade Iran, provoke Iran into attacking the US in some way, as an excuse. This is due to the original plan to grab all the oil fields and to stop the planned Iran Oil Bourse, thus M3 in the US is going blind, a well known connection to the Iran business. Bush is there to hug India to inflame the Muslims. Deal for India, not for Pakistan or Iran! This was setup by Cheney, and being presented by Bush, who must now try to sell this to Congress. Yet another example of desperation, they are burning their bridges to achieve their goals, but will not, of course, succeed.

Is Israel blackmailing US Gov't officials to get them to act in their interest? Where does the Puppetmaster stand with regard to Israel?

US and Israel have been close because the plan was to take over the Middle East oil fields, and this plan has been in place for decades. Israel is to be a local guardian, ally, to sit on the oil fields. All this has gone awry, Bush and company making a mess of Iraq, poorly handled, so the original plan to take over Iran and Saudi is impossible to achieve. The Puppet Master assumed he would have control of the oil fields, standing above his puppets, and is enraged at the mess, taking his rage out on Bush. Sharon's assassination no accident, as the stroke was induced. Bush is floating on a God complex, ignoring the danger he is in. Irrational.

Recent internet speculation has Chertoff leaving soon, Cheney leaving within a year, and Bush at 34%. Would Zeta's care to comment on the validity of this?

You may have noticed, during the State of the Union address, maneuvers by Bush to appear to be giving in to the other side. Must get off oil, but no money for this provided. No child left behind, but no money for this, etc. Bush will sacrifice Chertoff to take the pressure off him, at some point, but another snake will be put in place. They are planning of course to kill tens of millions of Americans when the shift occurs, and only those in the know on this, trusted to keep silent, can have this position. This is why so many are kept close around Bush. Thus, the group tightens, but does not change. It is likely Cheney will not go, for these reasons.

What countries/leaders are on board with Bush for an attack on Iran?

Blair, because he dreads cutting the cord, his only salvation, but other than that, none.

Where has the missing 2.3 trillion dollars gone that the Pentagon can't account for? How much has gone to Israel?

More than that has been stolen over the years, and of course it has gone to build bunkers, enhance the bunkers, stock the bunkers, for Bush and company and friends. Many in NASA and the CIA and in Congress have been told that if they support the coverup, the plans for Martial Law, they will be included. These promises go beyond what can be done, and some realize they are not truely to be included. So, more funds are needed recently to beef up the bunkers, to keep the increasing number of cohorts thinking they will be saved. All of this will fail them, in the end, a horrid tomb and takeover by militias and sadistic guards, but they are so arrogant that they think they will get respect and underlings to obey them after the shift.

Did the government have anything to do with the deaths of any rebellious musicians like John Lennon or Jim Morrison?

Any charasmatic leader, just as Martin Luther King, or Wellstone in Minnesota, is a threat, and this includes actors or musicians, so assassinations have occurred, yes. However, the names mentioned are not among them.

Can the Zetas comment on what the percentage of humankind who are contactees is at this time and how fast is this growing?

It is growing exponentially, but at the current time, estimate worldwide 475,000, and in the US alone, 32,000.

Note: percentage of the total population wise, this is .0107% of the US, 1/10 of 1% and .0073% worldwide 7/100 of 1%.