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ZetaTalk: Fitzgerald Indictments
written Oct 24, 2005

Nancy wants to know what is happening to the Fitzgerald indictment, if the rumors about Friday, Oct 21, are true, what steps Gonzales and Bush took, etc. It is of course in the Bush plan to have Fitzgerald fired, but because of what happened to Nixon, and the comparisons drawn in the media, those around him ignore such orders as though he had sneezed, and did not issue orders. Fitzgerald is above such a move, and must be proven to be operating in error, which he is so obviously not doing, that there is no basis. Such a move would be seen by the public, by Congress, by the courts, by the federal agencies, as a desperate move by a guilty man. There are other options.

The first move was to try to convince Fitzgerald himself to only attack lesser parties. This failed. Assassination attempts failed too, as Fitzgerald is protected by angels. The second move was in the courts, an attempt to keep the indictments from proceeding, in Chicago. This succeeded at first, with the first judge, as is known, but overridden by judges above the first. The third attempt was to bomb the Chicago environs, with a fake terrorist attack, also in the rumor mills aplenty, which also failed due to human intervention, guided and assisted by angels. The fourth plan was to deal with the indictments, when delivered, in the court system. That Fizgerald is operating in DC for this shows the boldness of his plan, as he knows this will happen, will be quickly run into the Supreme Court, and fail. Indictments can only be quashed if they are inproperly brought, without evidence, by law, and this is not the case.

Fitzgerald did bring indictments to court on Friday, but the court did not quash them. This attempt was made, by the Justice Department, in that court, but the court refused to consider this as valid. It is the Justice Department, in some form or another, which must issue the indictments and follow through with them. Fitzgerald has other avenues than to go through Gonzales, and will pursue this independently, using marshals and the like, if action is not taken. At present, he is considering that Gonzales is in shock, as he seemed to be, at the scope of the indictments. He is assuming, correctly, that the White House and GOP are plotting their path, their plan, and will let the indictments go through when they have a plan.

What next? Letting the indictments register, diminishing them in the media and via distractions planned, and then the motion to dismiss, which they will run into the Supreme Court. What we know, and what the Bush administration is not counting on, is that many of these judges are aware of and horrified at the law breaking, the theft from Gore, as well as the treasonous acts to get the nation into war with Iraq. Motion to dismiss will not fly. Meanwhile, the White House will be dealing with international scandal, refusal of other nations to treat them with respect, and calls from Congress for resignations and even talk of impeachment as the whole mess occurred under Bush.

Signs of the Times #1505
D.C. Appellate Court throws out Bush suit against DOJ to block Fitzgerald indictments [Oct 25] 'Earlier today the District of Columbia Appellate Court threw out a Bush administration suit against its own Justice Department, attempting to block the issuance of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's indictments against White House officials. The White House's initial attempt to obstruct justice and have the indictments quashed and sealed was dismissed by the D.C. District Court late Friday afternoon, according to a sequence of events based on information in the form of data from intelligence field reports. On Friday, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez refused to sign for and issue the indictments against himself and his colleagues, which would have made them immediately public. Fitzgerald reportedly appeared with Miers and Rice that same day before the D.C. District Court. The last ditch attempts by the White House to prevent the release of the indictments and their criminal contents were led by Miers and Rice, since Gonzalez has reportedly been indicted in an additional count for refusing to issue the original indictments as Bush's attorney general. Importantly, the dismissals by both the district and appellate courts will likely preclude an additional appeal by the Bush administration to the United States Supreme Court, since two consecutive reversals ordinarily prevent the high court from granting relief. Miers and Rice also reportedly attempted to have the courts place a gag order on Fitzgerald and the grand jury in another attempt to obstruct justice and prevent the criminal and far-reaching contents of the indictments from becoming public.' [Note: rapidly moving drama that is likely to result in a Nixon type result or complete decapitation of the White House as the Zetas have predicted.]
Signs of the Times #1504
Bush orders Fitzgerald fired and espionage indictments quashed [Oct 21] 'Today Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald handed over 22 indictments to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, accusing President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney and others of espionage, obstruction of justice, perjury and a variety of other charges in the matter of the CIA/Valerie Plame leak-gate case. Bush then ordered Gonzalez to fire Fitzgerald and have the indictments quashed and sealed. Gonzalez refused to release the indictments which have been handed down by the grand jury and ordered served by a judge.' [and from another] [Sep 19] 'Apparently, there is brisk movement within the US Federal Court of Chicago to get these indictments out despite intense pressure from within by a Judge Magistrate named Mark R. Filip, who has thus far suppressed them from being released to the public. There is team of judges that have decided that they are no longer going to tolerate this type activity and I believe they are well on their way to try to force these indictments out rather than keep them sealed.' [and from another] [Nov 12, 2003] 'Mark Filip, a Chicago lawyer who turned 37 in May, has been nominated by President George Bush to fill a federal court vacancy in Chicago. If approved by the full Senate, Filip will be younger than any judge who now serves on the U.S. District Court for Northern Illinois.' [and from another] [Aug 15] 'In late July, reports about the recent bomb scare in the subway under the congressional offices at the Dirksen Building-coincidently near where Fitzgerald was holding his grand jury hearings-raised questions as to whether government operatives were sending the zealous prosecutor a "warning message" that he was entering dangerous waters with his investigation. The bomb scare was reported to local police late Monday afternoon, July 18, causing the subway to be evacuated for approximately 45 minutes while bomb sniffing dogs and SWAT team members searched for what was reported to be a suspicious package left on one of the subway cars.'