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ZetaTalk: Flickering Candle
written June 19, 2005

Could the Zetas explain exactly what it is that happened? (See Sign of the Times 1448, below)

We mentioned after the stolen 2004 election that the Puppet Master was not pleased that his Puppet Bush had resisted his instructions to allow a change in leadership in the White House. Kerry was to be allowed to win, as Bush was seen as a disaster on all fronts. The Bush camp has also resisted the gradual public education on the presence of Planet X and what the passage will mean for the average family, what to do about it, which is an education the Puppet Master wants to occur. He wants healthy survival camps, not undifferentiated panic. He also wants the Bush camp to accept responsibility for the cover-up, and this the arrogant and ambitious Bush camp has resisted mightily. This forces the Puppet Master to plan for decapitation of those in the White House, at some point in the future, to the extent that they no longer influence the monolithic federal bureaucracy. We have explained this struggle between an annoyed Puppet Master and his ambitious Puppets as a power grab by the Bush/Cheney crowd, in alliance with Japan and Israel, for world domination after the pole shift, or a peership at the very least with the Puppet Master who currently funds their endeavors via funding the national debt. How likely is this to succeed?

Financial clout wields more than leverage on funding the national debt, it flows like water through the maze of economics, ramifications on all fronts, and thus can affect the majority of those in power positions to act in accordance with the clout. Bush and his handlers do not control this clout, the Puppet Master does, and has been tolerant of his rebellious Puppets only to the extent that he wishes the status quo to continue, to not rock the boat during these very turbulent financial times. At some point, when the presence of Planet X can no longer be denied, this will change, with crashing economic markets the least of his worries and the need to focus the rage of the world on a clear scapegoat a critical issue. As we mentioned over a year ago, the scapegoat long identified and selected has been the Bush administration.

Bush has not embraced this role. Weak, sheltered to the point of being coddled, anticipating a birthright not unlike a kingship, and so unable to deal with the true nature of how the world views him that his sanity is affected when this is pressed on him, he is kept in a bubble by his handlers. His press conferences are limited. Any legitimate question likely to be posed at a press conference is stifled. He is fed stories by his handlers, who cast any public protests or angry article as disgruntled resentment by the losing side. But what his handlers cannot deliver is news of success. The Puppet Master controls the media, influences the media moguls, so the real polls on approval of Bush are finally being allowed to emerge. If the Bush crowd can punish and search out the origin of leaks from the vast US bureaucracy, they cannot do so in Britain, and thus the Downing Street memo. The Puppet Master does not fear crashing markets as much as the middle men do, as the relative value remains the same, world wide, and in his hands in the main. Thus, squeezing the Bush team on the trade deficit, funding of the debt via the federal reserve and eager buyers of federal bonds, and thus supporting the Bush war effort, is no more painful for the Puppet Master than withholding an allowance from a rebellious child. The result, for Bush, is turmoil on the home front, decapitation of his influence.

Meanwhile, for Bush and his handlers, this is a tense time. They assert a brave front, go about business as usual, and suffer from stress diseases such as high blood pressure, headaches, ulcers, and elevated blood lipids. Bush is known to take tranquilizers, lipid busters, and booze, all of which only go so far as reality presses in, and all have their side effects. Long before the mind snaps, it slips, and these slips, out of the world too stressful to bear, increasingly happen, and happen for longer and longer periods of time. Thus, as Nancy states, the Bush candle flickers.

What might the public expect as the cover-up over Planet X unravels? The elite are in the process of changing captains. They are casting about for leadership within the White House.
ZetaTalk: Changing Captains,
written July 11, 2003
The intentional scapegoating of NASA and its handlers when emerging evidence of the Planet X complex can no longer be denied. NASA knew all along, had a firm hold on information because it was deemed a national security issue, and their masters, the White House, was holding the line.
ZetaTalk: The Scapegoat,
written Jan 4, 2004
Now what? He will take the Bush camp down, in subtle and not so subtle ways, reducing their influence in the world and within the United States to noise - irrelevant, discredited, despised, and ignored.
ZetaTalk: Bush Busting,
written Nov 27, 2004
A wise Puppet Master always has several alternative plans, and this was no exception. Contemplating a messy fight that would reveal to the public the extent to which they are manipulated, versus manipulation of the Bush Administration to in essence decapitate them when the time comes, he chose the latter.
ZetaTalk: Kerry's Concession,
written Jan 4, 2005
Bush and his handlers have sought to place themselves in a peer position with the Puppet Master, to assert dominance over the Americas and a binding alliance with Japan and Israel, thus having a foothold into dominance in the Middle East and Asia.
ZetaTalk: Wizard of Oz,
written Feb 27, 2005
How will this stalemate end? When those with the power to bring the US to its knees, those with the financial clout, determine that an undifferentiated panic, more to be feared than a controlled panic, is about to begin.
ZetaTalk: Trend Lines,
written Jun 11, 2005
Signs of the Times #1448 The latest Gallup polls find that 57% feel the war is not worth it, and nearly as many want the U.S. to start pulling out troops and not sending any more of them. There were numerous signs of editorial unrest in the past week. The Sun of Baltimore: 'the government that has botched so much of the war'. Minneapolis Star-Tribune: 'an unnecessary war based on contrived concerns. ... President Bush and those around him lied, and the rest of us let them.' Chicago Tribune: 'keeping American troops in Iraq amounts to fighting a fire with kerosene.' Seattle Post-Intelligencer: 'Bush insists on clinging to the thoroughly discredited notion that there was any connection between the old Iraqi regime -- no matter how lawless and brutal -- and the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.' [and from another source] The Voice of the White House [Jun 9] 'Two of my friends here tell me that in the middle of a small meeting last week, Bush suddenly stopped talking, his jaw dropped down and he began to stare at nothing. About the time his listeners were about to shout for a medic, he blinked, shook his head and began talking…about something not on the agenda. His dog was part of the mindless babble. We all pray that he does this live on CNN or better, FOX. George does not wear suits well being bowlegged and slightly humpbacked but he would look so wonderful in a straight jacket! On the 6 PM news at that!' [and from another source] I noticed that when Bush and Blair were meeting this past week, the TV stations did not broadcast it live, only clips later. And then when Bush had a press conference, they also did not broadcast it live. They showed Scott McClellan, talking about the issues, and then when Bush was scheduled to talk, they went back to their regularly scheduled programming. Very odd! Why not show Bush live? [Note: is Dubya's candle flickering? Is he disassembling? What next!]