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ZetaTalk: Point of No Return
written August 21, 2003

At what point will the public stop believing anything the establishment floats to explain what they have been observing for months. Having started with a lie, and continued with a lie, it becomes ever more difficult to confess and explain. Thus, the preferred method is to continue lying, and hope for the best. Factors balancing toward the continued lie are:

  1. Planet X may simply pass by without causing a pole shift, thus no need to explain, ever. In fact, as the retrograde orbit of Planet X seems to be moving it outside of the spot between the Earth and Sun where havoc would presumably occur, this has increasingly been the argument used by those who would continue the lie.

  2. If a pole shift happens, then survivors would have so much to deal with that they would not remember being lied to, but would rather be thrilled to find establishment survival so they could slip into the familiar mode of being workers for the new kings. This presumes a comfortable survival of the elite, so that the possession of things would replace the possession of worthless money, and the familiar cycles could start again. Anyone remembering the circumstances and questioning prior lies would be promptly killed, history rewritten, and thus in future it would all appear so very easy to live with, for the present liars.

  3. Any confession would involve explaining so many lies that the public is likely to have zero respect, and distrust any statement by the establishment. Thus, there is great reluctance to even start the process of being honest.

Factors balancing toward confessing and coming true with the public are:

  1. There may be a prolonged time when it is obvious to the public that something is wrong, and whether it is called Planet X or an asteroid swarm or an errant Mars matters little. Something must be said or the public will feel, rightfully so, that leadership is utterly lacking and turn away from establishment leadership, at which point the establishment has the problem they feared in the first place.

  2. The longer they wait, the more difficult to explain the delay, and the more suspicion engendered. What explanation would be floated to explain a delay? They didn’t know? They weren’t sure what it was? They wanted to ensure everyone’s safety before they announced? Nothing they can say will excuse a delay, so the sooner the better.

  3. Any arm of the establishment, whether regulatory agencies, military units, media and communications, or the all important collection of taxes in some form to support the establishment, requires the cooperation of the masses supposedly serviced by the establishment. A disillusioned populace will not be a cooperative populace, before or after the pole shift.

Has this point of no return been reached? Long past, though the establishment is still talking about it as though it were an option, a future issue, and the public like sheep unaware and waiting to be herded in whatever direction the arrogant establishment chooses for them. They assume a level of awareness in the general public to be less than a dog or crow or wild boar would have, to be brain dead and not thinking at all outside of the canned explanations in the news and entertainment arranged for them on TV. They presume no ability in the common man to sense danger, to sense an utter lack of attention in the news or by the government to what they sense is of immense importance, and thus they already have been informed of the cover-up by this step alone! The Sun extremely bright, red dust drifting down, the weather erratic without end, a trembling earth and devastated economy worldwide with no plan whatsoever beyond the obvious plan of giving no attention to these geological issues whatsoever. This says, loud and clear, that:

  1. the establishment knows, and is deliberately choosing not to talk about it

  2. the establishment is not talking about it because the taxpayer and average citizen is not included in any plans for safety or care.

  3. since the establishment knows, they are presumably arranging to take care of themselves

  4. the lack of concern for economic problems but extreme emphasis on invading and controlling oil producing nations shows this establishment plan to be international, a broad reach plan

  5. if the establishment is trashing the existing infrastructure, allowing bankruptcy and unemployment to continue unabated, they expect what is coming to be even more devastating

  6. if it is going to be that severe, and no warning is being given to the common man, then the establishment is no better than a common murderer, and should be treated accordingly.

Thus, if the establishment fears the common man will no longer deem them to be the leadership, they need worry no longer. This point has been reached. It hardly need be said that after the pole shift, when the current establishment straggles forth and expects to be greeted warmly, that they will get an entirely different response. They may as well all board a shuttle and attempt to head for Mars, as life on this Earth for them in the future will be no better. Doomed in either case.