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ZetaTalk: Empathy by Proxy
written Jan 7, 2005

Was Bush scared or did he need time to hide some information or what was he doing by not responding right away with at least a statement after the Tidal Waves hit? I was very suspicious. [and from another] We now have Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr. all claiming to be wanting to help the tsunami victims. Can the Zetas tell us what is behind what I think is a facade? [and from another] Does the effort to enlist the support of Clinton and Bush Sr. to help raise funds for disaster relief mean that they are knowing accessories to the cover-up? The hypocrisy, Bush Jr. only donates $10,000.

Public appearances are most often planned, and in the case of a carefully orchestrated Puppet regime, very carefully planned. What phrase is to be used to cover what might otherwise be an embarrassing revelation. If the War in Iraq is obviously not about helping the Iraqi people, who are being burned by Agent Orange and bombed to dust and gunned down in the streets, innocent or not, then one uses references to the coming planned election, bringing freedom and democracy, repeatedly, to cover the raw hand of greed reaching over the oil fields of Iraq. If the 2004 elections were so fraught with voter fraud that even a casual glance would reveal this, central tabulating machines designed to allow vote totals adjusted at will and computer voting without a paper trail to contradict the results, all designed and constructed by Republican allies, then one refers to the victory and the political capitol won. Double speak, said with a straight face and a firm tone. What happens when the conductors of this orchestrated double speak, the spin doctors, are not available when the forces of nature call a sudden press conference.

Unlike Clinton, who is capable of empathy and can speak from the heart extemporaneously, Bush is so shallow that any extemporaneous appearance would reveal this. The usual array of snappy phrases designed to give the appearance of a strong man full of resolve, do not apply - ‘bring em on’, ‘keep America safe’, ‘bringing Democracy to the world’, and ‘Bin Laden, dead or alive’ simply does not apply to situations requiring empathy. Thus, incapable, he was stymied. The holiday month of December saw the Cabinet and staff in all directions, Cheney not seen or heard from for over a month, and the last thing expected a natural disaster suddenly thrust into the public eye. Thus, for four days, the President who would lead the world was unheard from, too busy cutting brush and riding a dirt bike, proffering only a mere 15 million dollars and this by proxy, not personally. Clinton had already been heard from, so was commandeered to stand next to the Bush family, empathy by proxy. We have stated that the cover-up will unravel quickly when natural disasters start to strike, as these are always unplanned, take the cover-up artists by surprise, and reveal the true nature of those putting forth a facade of concern for the common man. This was one such example.