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ZetaTalk: Public Perception
written Aug 12, 2004

Still waiting for the deciding thing that will rock the people into believing. Right now, there are too many things happening that are and are not reported and people do not pay attention. They do not connect the dots because of the lack of good, impartial, reporting. How soon can we see proof-positive?

We have mentioned in the past that the public is already Uneasy, the governments finding themselves unable, due to their fear of panic, to be open about the approaching brown dwarf anticipated to make a lurching passage throwing the Earth into chaos, and likewise unable to deny it as they cannot explain the increasingly evident Earth changes such as irregular weather and signs in the skies. Thus, unable to admit or deny, they chose to ignore. Nothing has changed in the posture of the establishment since this statement was made by ourselves in February 2002, but the Earth changes and signs in the skies to be ignored have certainly increased, and the public perception that a cover-up is in place, that something horrific may be pending, is endemic.

Where in the past explaining the weather, the number of records being broken worldwide on a daily basis, gripping droughts and deluges and a jet stream switching about, has had no explainable reason, this has moved to an extreme situation. At the current date, those in the eastern N. American continent are wondering if the movie Day After Tomorrow might have some truth and another ice age is about to descend upon them, while in Japan and Alaska heat records are being broken. Weather reports are straight faced in all this, with no explanation for these extremes. Global Warming, a degree overall, does not suffice.
Where in the past suppressing awareness of earthquake increases was done by dumbing down the Richters and omitting quakes not occurring in populated areas, this has lately risen to the extreme of denying large quakes in populated areas even when they are published in the press. The cover-up is obvious, with the cover-up artists at the USGS needing to assemble on Monday, after a weekend, to decide what will and will not be included and what Richter to assign before the supposedly automatically updated quake databases are allowed to flood with data. What reason for withholding data from the monitors, unless the data is to be massaged? Global Warming does not logically apply, and no alternate excuse is even proffered.
Where in the past, signs in the sky such as a Second Sun rising or setting or an intense blinding sun were explained as atmospheric conditions, and any red dust ascribed to the Sahara or other desert dust blown about, this has now moved to new issues such as fireballs booming across the sky and thudding to ground, worldwide. As with most new phenomena, this was at first reported openly but quickly suppressed in the news, but the inbound debris will only increase. At first ascribed to normal and anticipated meteor showers, these fireballs are far outside of that, in timing and in size, and receive no explanation from official sources.
Unexpected, during the cover-up, was the halting of Earth in her orbit last December and the subsequent Orbit irregularities. The Moon, in particular, at times wildly off orbit and rising and setting so outside of human memory that even casual sky observers take note, has had no explanation for this switching about. The Sun has risen too far to the North, such that the dawning sunlight enters north facing windows, an impossibility, and high overhead in an arc dramatically outside of what planetarium programs announce is to be expected. Armed with specific data on their observations, the public finds when making inquiries that stonewalling occurs, or the caller is told they are mistaken or ignorant.
Melting Poles
Where in the past, the rising seas were announced to be a fraction of an inch, and polar or glacier melt not unexpected in light of Global Warming, the melt has become so rapid and extreme that the mere degree or two in increased warmth simply does not cover the issue. Whole glaciers have disappeared, hunks of polar ice dropped into the sea, and islands in the Pacific submerged. The response to this increase is less reporting, with the issue pushed to minor scientific journals and back channels on the TV. No explanation is given, and those in the public following this issue are stunned. Meanwhile, the supposed cause of Global Warming, human emissions, is ignored by the major powers, increasingly, a clear disconnect.

If the public was uneasy going into 2002, re these matters, what is their state of mind today? The progression is first to notice that something seems amiss, from personal observations or overhearing discussions, and casting about for explanations. Second to test the explanations given against what has been observed, finding them at first adequate but increasingly under question. Third to aggressively bring the subject up for discussion at parties or among peers, debating the issues and moving to demand an explanation that will address the discrepancies from the authorities. Fourth when stonewalled, determining that something is deeply amiss, and actively seeking other explanations for the phenomena observed. Fifth, stumbling, often via the Internet but also because of vast prophecy in every culture and country that addresses the current times and the cataclysmic changes to come, upon descriptions of these times and the cause, a passing rogue planet, that does explain the phenomena.

Thus, an uneasy public migrates, on an individual basis and then in groups, to an angry public convinced they are being lied to by the authorities. This is the current setting.

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I heard you this morning on KROQ, and immediatly went to see your web site. I think that it's very impressive, I love it. It contains all the information that I've been studying for the past 3 years. And, honestly, I feel reassured to see that I'm not the only one that believes in this here in the USA. I moved here from Montreal, Canada a year ago, where my friends and I just talk about all of this all the time, and we reach out to people and open their eyes, but here in L.A. on my own, it's kind of hard to do. I've meet very few people who are aware of all this, but they are afraid to talk about it. I've been called crazy thousands of times, but I don't care.