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ZetaTalk: Hoaxes
written Aug 5, 2004

Characteristic of the recent hoaxes, all of which have appeared in Wiltshire county in the UK is their preference for straight, rather than curved, lines, and inclusion of mazes. No legitimate diagrams to date have included a maze, anathema to the intent of the circle makers which seek to educate, not confuse, mankind, yet hoaxes almost prefer them as a maze has straight lines. Hoaxes also tend to be small in size, or in locations distant from public view. Hoaxes lack the characteristics of legitimate circles which are crop bend at the growth nodes, not broken, and crop laid in different directions overlaying each other, and precision in line and curve. What is to be learned from the hoax circles? They take the symbolism of legitimate circles and distort them, not unlike the disinformation distortion given our words. Legitimate circles do not include faces, as in a prior year hoax of the face of a Zeta or Art Bell, not mazes interpreted to be binary or other code. Hoaxes hope to grab public attention by such gimmicks, and when revealed as hoaxes, cast aspersions on all circles. Legitimate circles have a resonance with other legitimate circles, like the cadences of a symphony, all building upon one another.

In addition to laying down original hoaxes, the hoaxers employed in Wiltshire county in the UK have been assigned the task of ruining legitimate designs. Where Golden Hill was taken to be manmade, because the hoax team was seen emerging from its location, this is a legitimate circle. The team left because it did not lend itself well to sabotage. Note the Similarity to circles following in Beacon Hill and Westbury. A key indicator of sabotage is change after the creation date. Legitimate circle makers have no reason to delay, and their trademark is to create intricate circle over a broad area almost within seconds. Their design is in the computer, and it takes but the release of a switch to start the sequence, whereas hoaxes take time. An example of a sabotage is Silbury, where the hoaxers hoped to enhance their reputation by claiming this large circle. Here the sabotage resorts to lines and mazes. Contrast this with the belated change to Tan Hill, where the original makers returned after aerial photos had been taken of their intended message to create a contrast to the hoaxers. See the difference?

Silbury : Aug 2, 2004

Tan Hill : July 28, 2004

Golden Hill : July 26, 2004