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ZetaTalk: Credibility Issues
written July 5, 2003

We have predicted that as the Planet X complex made its presence known to the common man, in ways that the establishment could not refute, that cracks in the cover-up would emerge. What has been put in place to prevent the general public from knowing about the rapid approach of Planet X?

In all of this, numerous people outside of the tight circle who formerly knew about Planet X were involved. How would they not? Radio and TV announcers, newspaper editors, and scientists at Universities or on the government payroll would be asked questions, and needed to know what topics were to be suppressed, what pat answers were to be given, so the number of individuals involved in the cover-up grew. As with the meeting in France of government heads, reportedly to talk about Iraq and mend fences, where the word given to these heads of state was that there was a presence in the solar system, expected to float away, and at all costs the mission was to reduce panic, these new enlistees into the cover-up were told this was all for the public good. Nothing bad will happen. It will go away. Panic will bring financial and social structures down, trammel children, open the door to unmitigated looting, and it is a matter of national security, world security, to participate in the cover-up. This was the status quo until a few days ago.