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ZetaTalk: Terrorism?
written July 11, 2004

Officials: Bin Laden Guiding Plots Against US, Ridge: Terrorists' Aim is to Influence Presidential Vote [Jul 8] A plot to carry out a large-scale terror attack against the United States in the near future is being directed by Osama bin Laden and other top al Qaeda members, senior intelligence officials said Thursday. Bin Laden and his top lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahiri, are overseeing the attack plans from their remote hideouts somewhere along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, according to senior intelligence officials. Arrests of terror suspects in Europe and the Middle East resulted in the new warning, said Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. Another senior intelligence official said authorities are concerned about polling places being targeted during the elections, and they are trying to come up with a protection plan.

Conspiracy buffs have for years pointed out that FEMA was postured to become the means by which the New World Order would impose Martial Law in the US, a series of Executive Orders having been signed over the years. Staffed by political appointees, and designed to negate the democratic processes such as Congress and the Courts during a crisis, FEMA would direct all activities with a stroke of the President’s pen. The hang-up is, of course, getting FEMA to give the country back, as it becomes the de facto Executive branch, and thus a threatened leadership such as the Bush Administration would not take this route.

On the ropes over the Iraq war and lack of the purported WMD, oil buddies such as Ken Lay of Enron finally indicted after years of delay, Cheney emerging under investigation for Halliburton war profiteering, and incompetence in responding to the 911 emergency exposed via Moore’s block buster documentary film, and exposed as anything but promoting democracy during the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, this group fears the collective sigh of relieve over any change in leadership, and thus would not casually relinquish control. Planet X, arriving during the Clinton era, might have found FEMA engaged as the emergency management as Clinton was truly concerned about the people, emotionally engaged. Planet X arriving during a time when Gore, the elected President, might have been in office would likewise have found FEMA being used, as well as a more open education process about potential cataclysms, as Gore is honest as well as concerned. But under Bush, complete control approaching a dictatorship is the model desired, and thus Homeland Security, answerable only to the President as a Cabinet position, and the Patriot Act, emerged.

Enter the Puppet Masters, annoyed lately with their US Puppets in the Bush Administration as they are reluctant to assume their newly assigned role of scapegoat. The oil grab in the Middle East gone sour, poorly managed? The fault lies with the Bush Administration. Martial Law in the US unable to be imposed without firm dates on when Planet X will begin twirling and halting the Earth’s rotation? The Planet X cover-up lies with NASA, responsible ultimately to the President, once again. Selection of the best workers into work camps and extermination of the rest by shelter-in-place directives in locations scheduled to be poisoned or to drown, no longer possible without a firm date? The failure to educate the populace on what is coming, so that strong survival communities emerge, the worker base of the future, lies again with the inept Bush Administration. None of this has anything to do with terrorism, so certain to be the trigger for Martial Law as terror attacks could be incited or arranged. FEMA, not implicated in the scandals that have pummeled the Bush Administration emerges during natural disasters, where Homeland Security does not.

Homeland Security evolved as the replacement for FEMA, with all the agencies and state and local cooperation still assigned to FEMA in an emergency now tied to Homeland Security. They are thus competitive. Informed that educating the populace on the likelihood of Planet X is to begin, with this education process moving toward open discussions on timing and events much like the daily weather and Stock Market reports the public receives, Homeland Security became insecure. What will their role be? Displaced. Negated. Irrelevant. Pit bulls defend their turf, and Homeland Security will not go down easy. As fireballs explode and thud to Earth, seen over wide ranging territory, several states or provinces wide, and as Planet X inches closer to the Earth, heading toward the Earth’s orbit in its trajectory, Homeland Security has stepped up their warnings and rhetoric. Are there substantial threats, more than the usual chatter, to justify the media coverage and warnings? No. Why would terrorists seek to disrupt an election where the Bush Administration is likely to lose? This is something they would desire, not want to prevent. This assertion alone, by Homeland Security, proves the warnings and projections ludicrous.

Approaching Debris in the Tail of Planet X