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ZetaTalk: Cover-up Consternation
written July 6, 2004

After last May, the bottom fell out and it has been a struggle for all of us in keeping our focus. Come last Christmas, the Zetas stated that by the holidays, no doubt would remain that things are as they say and the pole shift is soon. Yes, things happened and are continuing but without the one definite piece of evidence, I can not convince anyone. I canít take not knowing an approximate date anymore. Enough crop circles, squares, diagrams, answers that hint, etc! We need something concrete.

There have been several points where ZetaTalk, by withholding information, caused consternation in the cover-up. These in addition to the White Lie regarding the approximate date of the shift. We have stated that all date related information within ZetaTalk proper was keyed to the May 15, 2003 date, so that items such as the speed of Planet X passing through the solar system, moving from one side of Saturnís orbit to the other in 3 short months, were included in the White Lie. This was necessary because going into May 15, 2003 the establishment was blinded, Planet X behind the Sun and how fast its speed was reducing was not known. Thus they erred in concluding May 15, 2003 a real possibility and moved, for instance, into invading Iraq early, the worldwide oil grab now a disaster and in tatters. Thus they revealed that Homeland Security, by calling Operation TOPOFF and going to level Orange alert, was aware of the approach of Planet X. Where the White Lie caused the planned shafting of the worlds populations to prematurely ejaculate, information withheld caused erectile dysfunction.

The first piece of information withheld, which we knew but said nothing about in the vast ZetaTalk repository, was orbit halting. Where Homeland Security went to level Orange shortly after May 15, 2003, they did so only one time later, on Dec 21, 2003, when the Earth was approaching the point where Planet X was entering the inner solar system from Orion. An imminent passage was expected, but did not occur because the Earth halted in her orbit, astonishing human astronomers aware of this drama, an astronomical feat not in their repertoire. This demonstrated, once again, for those watching and aware, that Homeland Security was aware of Planet X. The second piece of information withheld was that the Earth would tilt toward the Sun and lean toward Planet X, due to Planet X aligning with the magnetic flow lines emanating from the Sun. In all of the ZetaTalk repository, the passage was always presented as a simple transit where both Planet X and the Earth would stay aligned with the Sun, magnetically. The third piece of information withheld was the amount of time it would take this massive planetary magnet to punch through the Ecliptic, passing so close to the Sun as it does where particle flows returning to the Sun at the Ecliptic are most crowded. This lack of information did several things to tear down the cover-up. As they had not expected this, they were unprepared with cover-up stories, and the silence over these phenomena in the media was deafening. It created:

  1. a delay, where none was expected, exhausting the cover-up artists

  2. constellations askew, increasingly out of synch with the seasons and at an odd angle

  3. tilt and lean in the Earth, where the Sun was too far North and with a high arc

  4. and because of the Earth tilt and lean, the Moon face oddly viewed, and the Moon often off orbit

It is often said of confrontation, that whoever blinks first loses, and the last man standing wins. Where the long wait has exhausted individual parties prepared for a pole shift over a year ago, it has devastated the cover-up. What does this mean, for the common man?

  1. the cover-up is cracking, with serious plans being developed to inform the public about the presence of an interloper in the inner solar system

  2. this announcement includes, per force, discussion of survival plans the common man can employ, as to avoid and reduce panic such discussions are deemed necessary

  3. plans to trap the populace in major cities such as New York, Boston, Philly, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Mexico City, Rio, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and Paris by blocking travel and poisoning hundreds of millions were shelved as timing was critical to success.

Where this battle to have the populace informed, so the common man has the same information the elite have had access to lo these many decades, is being won, this pressure on the cover-up cannot slacken. Any date information, or any clue as to what is coming next and the time frame for this, would re-institute plans to enslave and murder hundreds of millions. One should consider that it is not death that is the great dread here, but life lived afterwards should such plans be instituted. Vicious torture to enforce cooperation with slavery, maimed survivors and in particular orphans trapped in cities and subject to the crush of collapsing buildings and exploding industrial complexes or suffering the after effects of poisons that did not kill but left agony in its wake. These horrors can be avoided, or become a reality, based on the certainty the establishment has on what is to come next, and when. For individuals weary of the wait, and longing for closure, and at the point of frustration such that it represents a suppressed shriek, this is the lesser evil. Trust us, we know what is in the minds of those who have perpetuated the cover-up, and it is a hell survivors should be spared.