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ZetaTalk: Pied Piper
written June 28, 2003

Given that the lack of a firm date has left the elite in the establishment unable to effect Martial Law, what measures are they planning during the agonizing wait? Increasing weather and quake related disasters, the looming presence of a Bright Object next to the Sun, the disconcerting arrival of Red Dust in the atmosphere, and blustering scientists unable to explain any of it satisfactorily, have pressed their plan to stonewall to the point of cracking. Had our Dates of May 15 or May 20 held, the public would simply have been dispensed with, the media shut down, and the elite smug about how they disinformed the public. Now that they are in the same boat as the common man, an agonizing wait, and the cracks in their stone wall, the lack of an adequate explanation, pressing them, they must muster forth an alternate plan. Short of telling the truth, an abomination to this establishment used to lying about almost everything to enhance their perch atop the common man, what can they say?

  1. trust your government, they will care for and protect you
  2. we didnít know
  3. we did the best we could
  4. hereís the plan

Where the wealthy elite in fact arrange via their wealth to install the politics they want in government, and where these governments only give lip service to the common man who pays for it all via taxes or other tribute, they will until the last minute insist that they, the Governments who have failed to alert mankind, be looked to for direction. Should you trust them? How likely is it that they did not know? They had, and withheld, Hubble images, SOHO images of the Sun, and information from probes sent forth regularly toward Planet X. The common man, who pays for this setup, is told only what the establishment wants them to know, not the truth. Will the common man, seeing a monstrous red and writhing glowing orb in the sky, seeing rotation slowing to a stop, believe that the US and Russia and their cronies did not know this was approaching? They hope you will! They hope you will act like the mindless drones they assume you to be! Now, hereís the plan!

  1. leave the coastal or river basin cities and move into government run camps
  2. allow self-appointed Pied Pipers to lead the masses
  3. ignore the source that predicted 2003, the inbound route, and the current earth changes
  4. assign the church or local do-gooders to manage the death camps, until death

Whom should you trust, when a limited amount of information is finally dribbled out to the common man. Government spokespersons? They will advise you to trust a government that has shown zero interest in informing the public, while clearly preparing to save the elite among them. They will advise you to move into government sponsored camps, run by the church and local agencies concerned about welfare, and leave the lot to drown or starve. They will most certainly avoid any source that advises otherwise, such as ourselves, the obvious source of truth in that we predicted the timing, the manner, and the outcome of the passage as did No Other. Should you trust the new Pied Pipers who will be placed before you as times get tense? Consider the source. Consider the lack of truth coming from these sources in the past. Consider who controls the media, and look at the cold hand of evil behind any such attempts.

"I used to work in Army Intelligence," a well dressed stranger told [Stan] Deyo at a bookstore near his home in Pueblo, Colorado. Among the man's revelations: Tsunamis will kill massive numbers of people in California in the aftermath of an earthquake or volcanic eruption sometime within the next 17 years.
Coast to Coast AM, June 26, 2003
Through the polarized windows, we saw this huge halo around the sun. ... The pictures are truly weirder than viewing the scene with the naked eye!! Is this a message of something to happen?
Coast to Coast AM, early June, 2003 news item
After a spacecraft offpoint maneuver late on the morning of June 18 confirmed that the high gain antenna (HGA) had in fact not moved more than a small amount (in comparison to the steps commanded) ... If we are unable to drive the antenna any further back toward the center of its E-W range, we will probably lose high-rate (i.e., scientific) telemetry this weekend or early next week. ... The HGA east-west angle is near the "sweet spot" that would allow maximum coverage ... With the help of the NASA Flight Dynamics Facility, we are also exploring the feasibility of changing the orbit in order to optimize the coverage period of the HGA.
SOHO Experiences High Gain Antenna Problem, June 18, Goddard Space Flight Center
[Major Ed] Dames was asked about a prediction he made in his last appearance on the show back in March when he said North Korea would stage a nuclear attack during the Iraq war. ... "Avian borne disease" which could lead to economic collapse was the nearest threat Dames saw coming, possibly as early as this summer. ... "I believe in my lifetime we're going to see a pole shift as catastrophic as the one off the coast of Cuba (structures resembling pyramids were found 2,000 ft. underwater)." Planet X "is a reality," and "does appear to be the cause of the wobble." Its passage will be signaled by "extreme weather events."
Coast to Coast AM, June 26, 2003