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Nov 3, 2002 Special Session

This session did not take place as anticipated due to a family emergency. However, the question that were to be posed to the Zetas were answered later, and are below. Future session will be planned.

1. The Zetas mentioned that there would be new forms of bacteria in areas that experience climate change, which may affect the ability to grown certain kinds of crops. Will such bacteria also cause humans in those areas to experience new forms of illness or physiological problems, or cause those will certain health problems to experience improvement? Will the shock of the poleshift cause chemical changes in people's bodies, for better or worse?

Zeta Response:
The effects of the shift on human illness will not be outside of what is experienced today, while traveling to foreign lands or moving to a different climate. The admonition not to drink the local water, or to eat the local fruit without washing it well, is an example. The human immune system adjusts, developing antibodies against new germs, so illness is a temporary, if unpleasant, situation. The shift will find germs, as well as animals and humans and plants, MIGRATING after the shift, and this situation has started in the years leading up to the shift. Thus, even if one remains in the home land, new germs will arrive, uninvited. The roiling core, which is increasing in activity in the years leading up to the shift, has little effect on animal and human life, despite the increase in albinism like the White Buffalo. The core, after all, roils all the time, under normal circumstances, so is nothing new. Those surviving the shift will find themselves experiencing more illness due to:
1. new germs being brought into the area
2. reduced immune systems due to depression
3. poor nutrition
In any case, the answer is to have a positive outlook, as this raises the immune system; eat a diet balanced in vitamins and minerals even if a high calorie diet is not possible; execise by taking action to improve the life of all in the community as taking action against problems and doing for others raising the morale, overall; and allowing the body to adjust to new germs by developing antibodies, a process that often requires the body to be sick for a period of time, but he fever and weakness are a normal part of the process. In time, this passes, so should be looked up on as temporary.


2. In the absence of conventional medical treatments, what kind of alternative healing methods should we be studying and learning now in preparation for the aftertime? Are there any ways to minimize the effects of a poor diet and help the body get as much energy and possible from small amounts of food?

Zeta Response:
Human nutrition, and alternative medicines such as herbs, is well enough understood by mankind that we can not provide any new insights. In general, eating a balanced diet and eating food raw where it does not carry disease provides the best nutrition. Small meals, eaten frequently, allows for better digestion. The starving body is more efficient at digestion than the overfed, which tends to dispense with a big meal as something to be rid of rather than processed. Humans who have been dictated to by their schools, medical profession, and salesmen for the food industry, have often turned OFF their natural sensors as to what to eat and how to treat their bodies. Small children, left to pick and chose what to eat from an aray of healthy foods, will invariably select a balanced diet over a period of days, and will chose those foods that HELP their particular metabolism or biology, even without having a medical degree or being directed to do so. If cold weather is approaching, foods that will put on a layer of fat are selected. In hot weather, a lighter diet of salads and fruits is more appealing. These natural signals, which go beyond diet and into health in general, should be LISTENED to. Go back to being a child, in listening to your body, which knows itself WELL!

3. What kind of techniques can we use to ease the pain and suffering of those injured and dying immediately after the poleshift, in the absence of conventional painkillers? Also, how can we best help those who expect to die in the shift (e.g. the elderly and disabled) to die a quick and painless death, to relieve their anxiety and fear beforehand? Is it recommended that such people be euthanized beforehand if they so request?

Zeta Response:
Contrary to what the religious elite conveys, death is not resisted by those in great and intractable pain, who know they will not recover. In fact, at this point, humans invariably beg to be allowed to die. They sense their family and the medical profession, hovering about the bed, are wanting them to stay on, to be with them, not to leave, perhaps reluctant to allow the passage as they will miss the one begging for death, cannot imagine life without that beloved person, hope for a miracle recovery, or simply cannot admit defeat. But in these matters, the decision to end ones life or the timing of this should be in the hands of the individual, NOT family or medical profession and certainly not in the hands of the religious elite who assume they can control sex, birth and death, and independent thinking as part and parcel of their power trip. Whose life is it, anyway? We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, do not believe in being dictatorial to one another, but rather in empowering each other with knowledge. Regardless of the obvious outcome, we struggle endlessly to assist the individual who wants to live to survive. Likewise, if an individual has determined to end their existence, we do not thwart their efforts.

In times past, or in primitive countries where the miracle of modern medicine whereby a body can be sustained in horrific pain long past the point where nature intended, death is not a mystery. Severe pain does not exist except after an injury, and where too great causes a mental backout. Women suffer the pain of childbirth, which is as great a pain as can be sustained without passing out, and this is not considered a dire problem by the establishment. Severe pain from injury results in the body passing out, going into shock, and dying if not treated. This is nature's answer to the situation. An injury that is minor results in pain when the affected part is moved, nature's way of forcing the injured to rest until healed. Internal injuries or those resulting in infection likewise procede, in nature, to loss of consciousness from internal bleeding or going septic, both resulting in death. Depression, in those who must live with being maimed or who cannot accept their situation, naturally results in death as the depressed person simply stops eating and drinking, a painless and quit end of allowed to proceed.


In addition to what the Zetas have stated, let me relay a personal experience. When I first went into my engagement with MJ12, they wanted to get off on the right foot, letting me know they were the boss, and proceded with a torture session re this. No permanent injuries, no marks, just pain and terror. Well, I don't intimidate, so we moved along to the next phase, but DURING this session I was smothered as a terror technique. This involved having a hand over my mouth and nose, so no breathing. I must say, it was painless. I sense that I was not to die, just black out, so just relaxed, so no anxiety. The body resists this, attempts to get air in by working the lungs HARD like bellows, faster and faster breathing. This was all an automatic response, like kicking when your knee is tapped, a reflex to the lack of oxygen or rise in carbon dioxide or whatever. Didn't last for more than a minute, no pain of any kind, and I black out. I came to about 10 minutes later, but that was because they then let my body breath, obviously. No permanent effects. Drowning, or smothering, is, then, a very painless and quick death. This is not advise, certainly not a directive, just a story I'm relaying.

4. What kind of techniques can we use to help survivors of the shift who suffer from shock afterwards, help them face the reality of their situation?

Zeta Response:
Shock, from a situation unexpected, exists in human society today. An individual in a car wreck, walking away from the car where other family members lie bloodied and dead, has suddenly been thrown into an unexpected horror. A town, where a tornado has descended with little warning, tossing not only neighbors and family about like litter but destroying a way of life, memories, and the continuation of a livelihood. A visit to the doctor results in the grim-faced announcement that a terminal illness has been discovered, perhaps more tests or a treatment can alter the prognosis, but one should prepare themselves and family for a possible untimely end. A spouse announces an intention to divorce, an employer the decision to close the business and relocate elsewhere - all can descent upon one without notice and are a shock from the unexpected and devastating. Nothing new, in human society.

The pole shife will bring about such shock, in great numbers, but with a difference. NONE will be spared, and ALL will be facing the same situation. Money will not put one into security, nor will hoarding goods change the odds, as the Aftertime will be a great leveler and goods will be shared by force, if not by free will. The recovery from shock takes two routes, depending upon the nature and resolve of the person affected, and this cannot be changed by others as it is a PERSONAL decision.
1. If the individual, after surveying the situation, determines that life should go on and the devastation not overwhelming, they seem to shake of their disbelieve and start talking about changes. This may be gone but that remains. They had been hoping to simplify their life, and now circumstances have arranged this. At least now they will be getting their exercise regularly, and that diet will not be resisted but assisted by circumstances. A sense of humor about the situation emerges, and they start sorting through rubbage and organizing activities.
2. If the individual, mentally computing the pros and cons of the situation which stitting in shock, determines that life after the shift will be too awful to contemplate, they will CONTINUE in shock. This is a clue to others about them that they have MADE a decision. Their creature comforts are gone, and not likely to be seen again. Their high social status is gone, others with greater talents and energy now commanding attention, and life as an underling simply not conceivable. For whatever reason, the person CONTINUING in shock, has decided NOT to make an adjustment, and attempting to force this will not bring satisfaction.

Those who have dependents, children or the injured or oldsters, but remain in shock and refuse to adjust or take action, should have their dependents removed from them. Let the person who insists on remaining in shock sit there, in shock, until death if this is their decision. Put your energies into the living, those who have CHOSEN life, instead.


1. The Zetas have indicated that there will be new sources of energy used by humans in the aftertime. Can they expand on that and give us some idea of what those new sources of energy might be, and how long after the aftertime they will be developed? Will the Zetas be helping humans develop such energy sources?

Here I defer to existing ZetaTalk. This is simply a perpetual battery, which cannot be opened to reveal the technology, a black box, which will be adjusted to the AC/DC or 12V or whatever being used by the survival community. Thus, this replaces the grid, the windmill, the water mill, or battery series, all of which can fail for a number of reasons. The communities getting this assistance will NOT be determined by the demanding hand put forth, as expectations, as this asssistance is to go to STO communities, those dominated and being directed by STO, where the STS or undecided among them have no chance of taking command or raiding the goods. In other words, if the batteries could fall into the wrong hands, they won't be delivered. If the community is in a position of being surrounded by STS gangs or leadership, or undecideds predominate and thus lead by their numbers, regardless of how worthy, no technology will be delivered.

The best approach here is to NOT assume such a gift is coming, but to focus on helping others and setting the social structure of the community such that it operates on STO principals. Then matters may take their course.

Existing ZetaTalk: Perpetual Power Pack

ENERGY SOURCES Technological Call
2. I am trying to develop a high efficiency, low power electric device to separate Hydrogen and Oxygen from water. I am presently using a electrolysis system in my van that works Just O.K. as it adds about 10% to my mileage. I want to produce enough to power the car without using any petroleum gasoline. There will be plenty of water after Pole Shift. Working with 12 volt systems a lot of amperage is required to extract HYDROGEN and OXYGEN gas from water. I have made a pulsed electric circuit, with no improvement. I believe that some sort of CRYSTAL COULD BE USED TO PRODUCE higher frequencies or A DEVICE that would provide a highly efficient power impute to gas produced ratio. The gas we call "Brown Gas", could be used for welding and steel fabricating, as well as fuel for internal combustion engines AND ELECTRIC GENERATORS. I would like to help design or produce these devises to be available to all STO's in our group before P/S.

Here I defer to the existing ZetaTalk on Technology Call (below). Because, during the Transformation, there is concern about technolgy falling in to STS hands, it simply is not given out unless these guarantees are in place. Almost without exception, in human society, STS can and do have access, so we are NOT given high tech assistance.

Existing ZetaTalk:
Technological Call