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WakeUpUSA (Part 2)
November 10, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made has been inserted.
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

CALLER: [Are you getting rich from peddling this message?]

NANCY: Oh, no. Actually, I’m bankrupt from it. I put together a book which never hit the best seller list and put down $10,000 and got back about $1,200 from that so far, and maintain a web site at my own expense and have since 1995. I devote so much time to it that my work suffered. I had a good paying job on the West Coast, pretty close to 6 figures and quit that to come to Wisconsin and walk my own talk and retire early. I’m sitting in a house that’s currently at 58° in the warm room because of the cost of oil. It’s the opposite. I’ve poured my heart and soul and every dime I have into it, walking my own talk and trying to get this message out to people. So anyone who says I’m making money at it isn’t putting it together.

USA: [Calls stacked up, phones and talk lines jammed.]

NANCY: Good, that’s what I hear every time I’m on the radio, phone lines jammed.

CALLER: [You misled people about the date. 2nd puppy killer call.]

NANCY: Actually, the advice given was when you’re sure the pole shift is imminent, and that means rotation is slowing to a stop, or slowing down, one of those sure signs. In ZetaTalk, they gave a date of ‘shortly after May 15, 2003’, and more specific dates of May 20-27 to fool the United States government into thinking that this was the case because the planet was zooming in very rapidly and it slowed to a screeching halt near the Sun. But the Earth could not see that because it was behind the Sun, where this planet came in from the direction of Orion. This was to force the United States government and other hands around the world to play their hands too soon, as in going into Iraq prematurely. They rushed into Iraq because they felt it was around the corner, and they were going into Iraq not for terrorism but for oil. Which many people understand. The 2 biggest oil fields are in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. And it deteriorated then and fell apart. Homeland Security also played their hand at that time. They went to level Orange on May 20th because we said on live radio on the 16th that the 20th would be the start when rotation would slow to a stop. And they had Operation TOPOFF running into May 15th, 100 different agencies in Canada and the US at peak readiness in exercises, but basically they went to full emergency alert because the Zetas said ‘shortly after May 15th’.

This showed they took ZetaTalk seriously. They were aware that Planet X was in our inner solar system, this passing body causing our core to swirl and heat up the crust, but are not telling you. And they did this on purpose to cause the establishment to trip and fall on their face and spill their beans, which they did. Other than that, they have been almost 100% accurate, with a remarkable accuracy track record which any research of the website will show you and which is the reason for the popularity. So, they didn’t say, ‘go out and euthanize your pets’. They said you should be aware that after the pole shift there will be starvation. And if you’re staying with your pet, you will be either eating it or watching it starve, unless you’re the type of person who will feed your pet while your neighbor’s children starve. And they said ‘when you are sure that the pole shift is imminent’. Given that they were asked this question, they gave practical advice. And I think it’s really silly that we’re spending more time on this.

CALLER: [What is the date of the Jewish Exodus?]

NANCY: Sure, and here’s ZetaTalk.

It is estimated by humans to be 1628 before Christ but they’re not sure, and the reason for this is that record keeping went to heck. The Egyptians kept remarkable records. They had census, they collected grain into the common store, into the King’s storehouse. But as with all passage, the great cities of China, the Mayan and Incan people, where did they go? The pole shift causes such disruption, and people begin migrating just to find someplace where things are better, where it’s not constantly drizzling, or where vegetation seems to be growing happily and the possibility of crops is there. The last thing they worry about is keeping records, so that human records do not exist to point when the Jewish Exodus occurred, and the pole shift. We have stated that the passage happens every 3,657 years on average, give or take a little, depending upon what this planet encounters as it moves back and forth between the Sun and a second foci which is a dark unlit sun, the binary twin of your Sun. So it’s not exact to the day. Were we to give you the exact date of the Jewish Exodus, when the passage happened, the Earth stopped rotating, as Joshua said, the Sun stood still in the sky for more than a day and he won his battle, we would be pinpointing when this pole shift can happen, potentially, and we have said that we will not do this, we will not give you a date. We said this in 2001, in November of 2001, that we would not give a date, and the reason for this is those who would impose Martial Law, entrap hundreds of millions in cities, coastal cities and let them drown, form work camps with those that they select out, poison those that they do not want to have to feed, they would do that if they had a date and were firm on this date. And until we are in a position to be sure that this would not be done to the common man, we will not come forward with a date.

And that’s the end of ZetaTalk.

CALLER: [Ed Dames says that massive die off will occur from blasts from the Sun. True?]

NANCY: Here’s ZetaTalk.

Our question to those who listen to Ed Dames is why should you believe him? What is his accuracy track record? We understand that he is just prating what his remote viewers see and this moves around like a snake on the water. So at first he said, going into 2000, that he did not see such a thing as Planet X and now he’s all of a sudden in the Planet X camp saying he just didn’t want to see it before but now he sees it. He is not right about the force of hurricane force winds. We have said they will be no greater than hurricanes today, that you experience, because the brake on this is the Earth’s atmosphere itself. How fast can air move? We have said that the Sun is placid and really doesn’t care about the passage of Planet X which is passing the Sun. You will see more solar flares, CME’s, but this is surface, as though a breeze were running across water. The Sun is just reflecting disturbance in particle flows caused by the presence of Planet X. Nothing like what Ed Dames has described will occur.

And this is the end of ZetaTalk.

CALLER: [Are souls incarnating during this time for the cataclysms, with a purpose.]

NANCY: Here’s the Zetas on that.

Many many souls have come here, from elsewhere, during this transformative time, are around you as disembodied spirits, are assuming the role of a walk-in when a soul becomes too distraught at the many changes and anxieties being presented at this time. Most Earthlings who formed as souls, sparked and formed as souls on Earth and reincarnated ever since on Earth are recycled pretty rapidly into another incarnation. But I think your question is more pertinent to the roles that they plan to play, the type of life and life situation that they’re in, with the cataclysmic and transformative times in mind, and the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Of course, the Spirit Guides are aware of what is coming. If they feel the greatest learning experience would be in a situation where all the neighbors would be in great distress and this person is about to make great progress, sacrificing their own welfare and reaching out to others and perhaps would become a hero of sorts, they’re not going to put them on a mountain top, secure, they’re going to put them in a coastal area where boats need to be cobbled together quickly and drowning children rescued. So yes, the Spirit Guides are trying to help the reincarnating spirits be in the right position to learn the most from these cataclysms.

And this is the end of ZetaTalk.

CALLER: [What about the court case against you in Idaho, and another regarding a money scam.]

NANCY: Yeah, and the defendant would be the first to hear and I’ve heard nothing. And this kind of talk has been going on for about a year and a half or more, ever since May 15, 2003, and I’ve heard nothing. If you’re being investigated or being sued you’re a defendant and certainly I would know about that. There was an issue, I think, where some people went into a national forest and setup camp grounds and they weren’t supposed to be doing this and they claimed it was because May 15, 2003 was about to affect them. There was also people in Japan, who were saying unless you’re in a concrete dome like Monolithic Domes, those are the only people that will survive, there was a group. And actually, this just points to ZetaTalk’s fame. And nothing has come of that because quite frankly, you listen to the weatherman and he says it’s going to rain and you take an umbrella and it doesn’t rain, you don’t sue him. You use your own judgment. Anybody that would go into court and say ‘she said this and we took it this way so therefore she’s responsible’ would be laughed out of court. A person has to have some control over the person’s life. If I were managing your money. If I were an adult and you were a minor, maybe there’s a chance that I would be responsible for something, but as one adult saying ‘this is what the Zetas are saying’, and another adult saying ‘this is what I’m going to do’. What you do with your life is your business. And certainly, the court system apparently looks upon it that way and its just another type of harassment. You have to consider that this might be just a complete scam, along the lines of Nancy Lieder the puppy killer just to discredit ZetaTalk. I could tell you dozens of such scams. Another one where ‘she’s getting rich’. This is absolutely not true, never was, but it’s still floating around out there. End of my rant.

CALLER: [Shame on your for scaring people with this story, all fiction, have you no remorse?]

NANCY: You’re presuming that it’s fiction, and it’s not. Everything that I relay I sincerely believe and have personally experienced to a great extent. I myself have made changes in my life. I moved from a very well paying job on the West Coast, where I was a project manager in the computer field, worked at that level, to the Midwest and I’m out here with the cows and the chickens in an old house, gardening and learning about herbal meds and the like, and walk my own talk. Now, if you’re going to warn people about something, it’s their choice what they do with this information. I’m not speaking to children, whom I’m dictating to. I’m presenting facts, and my website is filled with facts. Photographs of this passing planet which is now moving pretty close to the Sun, and global shuddering that happens at the times when the Atlantic Rift is either facing the Sun and this planet or in opposition, off of the USGS web site. Increase in earthquakes, increase in volcanic activity, increase in the weather irregularities. In 1995 the Zetas gave the way the weather would behave going into this time and it has tracked out exactly as they predicted. Nobody else was speaking to these issues in 1995.

We gave the facts, and ZetaTalk has consistently said, ‘we give you the information, what you do with this is your choice’. Which is no different from anybody else relaying factual information from any other source. So if people chose, because the weatherman says it’s going to rain, to go and sit in a tree and catch pneumonia, I’m afraid that’s their problem. So that’s my statement. So do I have remorse? I think you should have remorse for suggesting that it’s not true. You don’t know that. And the facts speak to the opposite, that it is true. What about all the little children that are going to be left in the lurch by their parents who have gone mad or panic’d and run off because the Earth changes have suddenly come upon them and they had no clue that this was coming. It is better for people to be informed, and to be able to form their own opinions, and when things start to change say ‘I think I heard about this and I know what to do’, and to bundle their children with love and go to safety, than to be taken by surprise, which is apparently what you’re suggesting.

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