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To Trinity
From Nancy
Date May 17, 2010
We've been running a live chat with the Zetas since Nov 12, 2005. First on the GLP radio and then a long and often contentious thread each week. Actually, typing is better for me as I have an instant transcript to put on the ZT website then, less work overall for me. You and the GLP setup allowed me to hold these chats, where otherwise it would have been impossible. Back in the old days, late 90's, we held IRC chats and those sent forth to disrupt me would kick me off the network and when I would try to get back on, someone else would be signed on as Nancy and chatting away. So had to stop. But the GLP warriors were strong enough that such a forum was possible, and making me a mod gave me all the firepower I needed to keep the thread clean. I ban away and release them the next morning, so the pages with relevant Q&A are clean for Sunday readers, and that's worked out well.

An old friend of mine, who has been with ZT as a fan since the very start in 1995, started a ning last August and though it took off slowly, by the holidays had attracted such a good group of people I was astonished. At that time, I was not linking to this ning from my site, so my assumption was that these good folk were somehow guided there. So I linked to Gerard's site and we quickly jumped to 400 members a couple months ago, now 1,100. Even months ago the number of unique visitors daily was around 6,000, with 40,000 for a week. It has proved to be a valuable place to gather data, like oops the Moon is not where it is supposed to be kind of stuff, though I still come to GLP daily for really breaking news and EXCELLENT analysis. So many bright people here.

Gerard has been pushing for months to get me to hold the chats on the ning, but having been burned on IRC I was leary of letting go of the GLP shield. But we have several mods over there and seem to be ahead of the onslaught of pill pushers, prostitutes, ZT naysayers, self promoting eogists, and Bible thumpers. Yes, we have a rule against religious sermons and only allow pole shift related prophecy from a religious source. So far, so good. I am considering moving my chats there, in a slightly different form. The older I get, the more being up on Saturday night past my bed time, typing away, gets tedious. Other than proving that I can do ZT on the spot, doing it live is also not that relevant either. I think the point has been made. So I am thinking of a weekly Q&A where questions are gathered and I pick only the worthy, and just post the answers once a week. The ning has so many ZT savvy people, that if a Q is just ignorant, the questioner gets pointed to the relevant ZT right off. As the Earth changes pick up and newcomers arrive, especially frightened, anxious newcomers, I find we are doing ZT 101 all the time. No quality time for the really good questions, thus.

This has several benefits for me. The idiot questions will be addressed by others so I don't have to address them. I can pre-write the answers and just post once a week. I can go to bed Saturday night with the chickens again (though I understand GLP chat could be held earlier too.) It is primarily the ability to take advantage of ZT savvy people there at the ning to do a lot of the work for me that is the appeal. Many who came to the ning thought we would be discussing the most recent GLP chat results in any case, as it is a forum where ZT fans can discuss without the japping dogs that are set upon me. This puts it all in one place, and that type of post-analysis will occur in friendly quarters.

I hope you are not upset by this decision. You have given me a platform that allowed the chats to HAPPEN, where otherwise they would not have been possible. For this, I am eternally grateful. Bless you, Trinity, and may you continue to fare well.
From Trinity
To Nancy
Date May 17, 2010
Nope not upset at all Nancy
You do what you are guided to do..
You will always have a place here should you choose to use it...
However and whenever you wish..
I'm happy to help the cause anyway I can