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Shift 2003 Chat on Nov 16, 2002

Session Start: Sat Nov 16 14:18:02 2002
(PegasiTristan) Wow, they cancelled that?
(Endeavour3d) They have already stated that every volcano will erupt, the difference here is that the Caldera is a Super Volcano, thousands of times more destructive than any volcano on Earth
(Endeavour3d) I think alot of people would like to know if it will blow
(NancyL) Queen, I saw your composed Q's but because we got new images from Steve the night of the 11th, and have been working on them (in addition to regular job and all) I didn't even read them.
(NancyL) Queen, am relying upon YOU to feed me the proper Q's, one by one, if this is OK.
(QueenVee) NANCY: no problem
(Endeavour3d) Steve is back from his vacation? That is good, I hope we see the new images soon
(NancyL) Announcement, these new images are links from Team page at ../teams/tteam342.htm
(Inkpen) Kewl
(NancyL) Planet X moved, is brighter, spot on where it should be per Z's, and all this is no fooling!
(Ogmios) Much bigger than in Oct pics?
(QueenVee) ANNOUNCEMENT: Nancy's ZetaTalk session will begin in about 15 minutes. Once the session begins, moderation will be on for the duration. Therefore, if you have any questions, comments, you must message them to the Moderator, QueenVee, who will forward the relevant/appropriate ones to Nancy.
(Rick) Pomme where u from?
(Cmel) Cannuck ?
(Inkpen) Eloheem, sorry
(QueenVee) Quebecois?
(Cmel) Optonline is Canadian right ?
(NancyL) Endeavor, the new images are UP, on that page I ref'd.
(PommeDeTerre) NJ
(Rick) Ok, name sounded cajun
(NancyL) Not so much discernably bigger, but brigher. Shows up in every frame, where before only in a frame or two but making it thru to the Summary, which means is was on every frame just not bright.
(Virindi) 0.o
(HBO) QueenVee, last nights Art bell show dealt with increased military activity all over the US, based on FBI new announcement of "Spectacular" terrorist probable attacks. Wondering if this is beginning of Bush's move to initiate martial law?
(NancyL) This time, on every frame! And the red light bending has the red persona UP and to the right, in accordance with the passage of a month, moving close to the winter solstice.
(Rick) Beleive so, HBO
(Virindi) Yah I see
(QueenVee) ANNOUNCEMENT: Nancy's ZetaTalk session will begin in 10 minutes. Once the session begins, moderation mode will be on for the duration. Therefore, if you have any questions, comments, you must message them to the Moderator, QueenVee, who will forward the relevant/appropriate ones to Nancy.
(Inkpen) Wow sure is filling up here :)
(Xenshin) What is Bush trying to accompish by imposing martial law and limiting people's civil liberties?
(Cmel) HBO or maybe just sabrerattling/excercise
(Endeavour3d) A foundation world domination
(Endeavour3d) A foundation FOR world domination I should say
(Eloheem) I quit my job, im getting ready for the shift, money is running out already for my family, but it wont be much different after the shift
(Cmel) Perhaps 3d
(Rick) What world
(Bailey) Greetings, full room today :o)
(Cosmic`) Eloheem, you quit your job?
(Eloheem) Yes
(Xenshin) Heh probably
(Eloheem) I need to get ready for the sohift
(NancyL) I worked from 4 AM to just a few minutes ago on the Nov 11 images, and JWilliam was up all night Thursday night, literally.
(Cosmic`) What do u need to do for the shift?
(Inkpen) Hi justlistening
(Eloheem) Build a basement, get grain, etc.
(NancyL) Queen, can you give me the bunch, yes, private? I see you're up there private message. Thanks/
(Eloheem) Everything that zetatalk says
(Eloheem) The zetas know
(Inkpen) Ah oh...dont try to open a fts page without a fts viewer :)
(Bailey) Nancy, thanks for all your efforts, I am usualy up by 4 am too,
(QueenVee) ANNOUNCEMENT: Nancy's ZetaTalk session will begin in 5 minutes. Once the session begins, moderation mode will be on for the duration. Therefore, if you have any questions, comments, you must message them to the Moderator, QueenVee, who will forward the relevant/appropriate ones to Nancy.
(Inkpen) Crikie
(Cosmic`) What's the point in being in a basement?
(Eloheem) We'll be protected from the tornados
(Eloheem) And from people trying to steal our food
(Eloheem) They will be the ones eating worms, not us
(Cmel) You'll be out of the way of flying debris
(Cmel) :)
(Inkpen) High in protien
(Virindi) So what the world is going to end next year?
(NancyL) I'm ready to start anytime Queen is ready ...
(Eloheem) Yes, the zetas said
(Rick) Dont forget weapons
(Virindi) So hows it gonna end?
(DawnnaLee) I just found out AND DIDNT DO ANYTHING...AM I TOO LATE?
(NancyL) Note, we by agreement are NOT going to address silly Q's, like "is the world going to end", as this is already in ZetaTalk 101, all you need to do is READ before attending, etc.
(Eloheem) DawnnaLee you are doomed
(DawnnaLee) GOD SAVES
(Cmel) I you are DL, then I am to :)
(Rick) World not gonna end
(Virindi) ...
(Eloheem) Its gonna end as we know it
(Bailey) People are more apt to go stir crazy and shoot there family and friends rather than confronted with an intruder
(Rick) This epoch
(Cmel) And I found out about this in 98
(NancyL) I'm going to start. 1st Q posted is:
(NancyL) Q1: Many human contactees involved in the hybrid program also report being shown visions of future earth cataclysms and memories of receiving some kind of training from zetas for the future. Do such contactees have a specific role to play in the aftertime, involving hybrids or otherwise?
(Jimben) Just me and my hyberspace engine.~
(NancyL) ZT: Contactees, during the current lifetime, whether contacted years ago or recently as a result of giving The Call because of current Earth Changes and general anxiety over this, are informed of the coming cataclysms.
(NancyL) ZT: We, the Zetas, believe in empowering humans with the truth, no matter how horrific, allowing the contactee to sort out what they want to do about this.
(NancyL) ZT: Many alien visitors are less blunt, and explain the future as a time of change, of movement toward a better world.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, not ALL contactees are given the full picture, but are aware of changes pending.
(NancyL) ZT: Many contactees recall receiving instructions, on where to go, how to operate machinery, or instruction that they have difficulty retrieving for some reason, are blocking.
(NancyL) ZT: It is the Contactee, in all cases, who volunteers for a role, and if deemed suitable for this role, this is explored further.
(NancyL) ZT: Under no circumstances are contactees put in charge of other humans, by ourselves or other visitors assisting in the Transformation.
(NancyL) ZT: Any assumption of this is an ego trip by the contactee.
(NancyL) ZT: Contactees may have decided to help their neighbors, as guides, or help with the injured, in easing their pain and anxiety, or to help inform people in the last days.
(NancyL) ZT: Much of what they determine to be a good role for themselves generates anxiety, and thus is suppressed until it need to dealt with.
(NancyL) ZT: This is a type of timed release, where the contactee is in cooperation with blocking and isolating the information in their subconscious.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, as it is so very individual, and varies by individual, just what the role or roles are cannot really be addressed.
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(NancyL) I can also handle the second Q quickly, as it does not require ZT.
(NancyL) Q2: Can the Zetas comment on how and to what extent the brighter appearance of Mars in August 2003, predicted by Jean Meeus ( will be used by the ruling elite to dismiss the appearance of Planet X in the sky? And how will the appearance of the two planets in the sky be differentiated?
(NancyL) Position in the sky, it the key.
(NancyL) The Zetas are extremely specific as to where to sight Planet X, and I'm sure it and Mars are nowhere near the same spot in the sky.
(NancyL) So, 1. check the RA and Dec or just the general area of the sky, with the graphics and info provided in ZT and the Team page on Sightings.
(NancyL) 2. a second differentiator is that Planet X will be SO much larger and brighter in the 7 weeks before the shift, and Mars could not possibly be that large unless it has left its orbit.
(NancyL) This is, frankly, just another one of many attempt to get the common man confused, like called every new rock out there "Planet X".
(NancyL) Also, Q3 is easy, no new ZT required:
(NancyL) Q3: Can an estimate be provided for lines of latitude drawn through groups of two selected cities throughout the world as it is now, that are estimated to parallel the new equator so it could be used for guesstimations of temperature after things settle down? It will be understood that it will be a broad strokes estimate and not a prediction of the shape of things to come.
(QueenVee) FOLLOWUP QUESTION FROM FAXIT: How can we reconnect with the mission we planned for ourselves before coming to earth and play the role we planned for ourselves?
(NancyL) Indeed, if you look at the New Geo page (../poleshft/p10.htm) or the Pole Shift TEAM page (../teams/tteam01.htm) you can guestimate your latitude.
(NancyL) Add to this the new westerly winds, whether these winds will go over water or land to see how deserts may form (also see the Deserts page in ZT Pole Shift)
(NancyL) Then assume the Earth NO COLDER than today, which is what the Z's have said.
(NancyL) And you will have your new climate :-)
(NancyL) ZT to Faxit: Your mission does not require re-connecting, as it is within YOU. YOU hold this, as well as information on all conferrences or presentations you have been given.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, in seeking your personal mission, seek this within yourself!
(NancyL) ZT: If this is blocked, it is because YOU chose to be blocked. Do not bother Nancy with insistance that she tell you what is in your own subconscious!
Session Close: Sat Nov 16 14:47:40 2002

Session Start: Sat Nov 16 14:48:13 2002
(NancyL) Sorry folks, I think I did that to myself, killing an unwanted message.
#poleshiftdiscussion Cannot send to channel
(NancyL) OK, so I missed any followup Q's, beyond Faxit.
(QueenVee) Sorry about that nancy
(QueenVee) Everyone can talk now
(NancyL) And I lost Queens list of Q's.
(NancyL) Queen, could you post on the log here, as they all seem to be good Q's.
(NancyL) I think we covered the first 3.
(QueenVee) NANCY: I'll message you the rest....
(NancyL) In case it was lost, the Faxit answer was that this is all within his own subconscious, in HIS control to access or block as he wishes.
(NancyL) Q4: There have been reports of people hearing unexplained "sonic booms" in some areas of the U.S., as per a recent news report about a boom in Central Florida ( What is causing these noises, and are they related to the "Kokomo Hum" that is being heard in cities around the world? (
(NancyL) By the way, I heard from a contractor who worked on the Kokomo stuff, and he confirmed that underground bunkers were constructed. I took this guy to be legit.
(NancyL) ZT: Booms and flashes have been on the increase for several years now, getting in the press a couple year back.
(NancyL) ZT: Booms as we explained at that time are due to heaving of the earth, such that an air pressure drop is experienced in one place, a rush TO this place from the sides.
(NancyL) ZT: This is what causes thunder claps, where lighning creates super-heated air, a temporary void, and the air on the sides comes together with a clap.
(NancyL) ZT: These heaving earth syndroms can be experienced over land, or over water, but have the same cause.
(NancyL) ZT: Flashes are escaping methane, which lies in pools everywhere from trapped rotting material from prior pole shifts.
(NancyL) ZT: This hisses upward, lighting from some cause or other, and is a flash of light.
(NancyL) ZT: Since earth movements are now increasing, more instantaneous, more violent, than prior years, booms and flashes can be expected to be on the rise too.
(NancyL) End ZT followup:
(QueenVee) Everyone can talk now
(QueenVee) NANCY: Steve asks Is the catastrophic effects of the poleshift pretty much set or could they still vary ?
(PegasiTristan) Q: Can we expect devastation such as Tunguska from said methane escapes?
(Cmel) Nice Q Pegasi
(NancyL) ZT to Steve: We are increasingly asked this question by the desperate, who hope this was all an exercise in New Age communications.
(NancyL) ZT: Do you expect the Sun not to rise tomorrow, or the Moon to appear sometime during the 24 hour period?
(NancyL) ZT: The arrival of the 12th Planet/Planet X, is a predictable, normal, astrophysical event in your part of the Universe.
(NancyL) ZT: Like cancer and lightning strikes and meterors falling from the sky, such matters that are normal to your world may not be pleasant, but you live with them today.
(NancyL) ZT: Prior pole shifts were not averted, despite the agony and wishes of those contemplating the inbound red dragon in the sky.
(NancyL) ZT: Is childhood cancer cured today, because it is a horrific thing to contemplate?
(NancyL) ZT: Is death following an accidental injury to a person in the prime of their life, someone whom the family depends upon and who does not WISH to die, averted?
(NancyL) ZT: In like manner, just because this is horrific, does not mean that special circumstances prevail.
(NancyL) ZT: Your life on this Earth is for YOU to learn how to help your fellow man, to stretch into the opportunity.
(NancyL) ZT: In this regard, the pole shift affords all humans an opportunity they can either 1. avoid, or 2. accept.
(NancyL) ZT: NONE will be spared being offered this opportunity. And thus, the clarification of a persons orientation will be acutely established.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup:
(QueenVee) Everyone can talk
(Shaman464) When will it be visable to telescopes
(Eloheem) When will be able to see PX on telescopes?
(DrGreen) It should be visible now, depends on scope.
(QueenVee) ANNOUNCEMENT: Okay, we tried strict moderation during follow-up questions, but that just proved too onerous and not conducive to spontaneity. So please be advised it will not be used in future.
(NancyL) ZT to Pegasi: Tunguska was an exception as the tundra of Siberia was LUSH prior to being frozen, and thus a great deal of rotting grasslands were trapped.
(Obany) Shaman464: that is not a real question for this channel ... Eloheem the same thing counts for you
(Eloheem) Obany: why not?
(NancyL) ZT: You can expect, in future, that the frozen Amazon basis will afford such explosions.
(IdolHarobed) :)
(NancyL) End ZT to Pegasi.
(Eloheem) Obany: isnt that on what all of this is based?
(QueenVee) Eloheem: next time you will be booted.
(Obany) Eloheem: this is for pole shift and questions related to the aftertime .. there is another channel where other questions can be asked, but not in this channel
(NancyL) Eloheem, Steve Havas is renting a 11.8" scope, which is amateur size. I'm not sure about smaller amateur scopes at this time.
(QueenVee) NANCY: Has everyone on earth already make a pre-birth decision as to whether they will survive the shift or not?
(Cmel) Although the Amazon basin will be hundreds of years in generating so much gas
(NancyL) OK, onto Q4 then ...
(Inkpen) Wow you can rent them?
(NancyL) Q4: What has caused the abnormally low tides and drop is sea level recently reported in Australia? (
(NancyL) ZT: Lately, over the past couple months, there have been usually severe storms striking the UK, higher winds than expected.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, in the US, which share the northern hemisphere, atypical cold followed by temps so warm all went out in short sleeves even in the north, although it was technically winter.
(NancyL) ZT: This cause a series of tornadoes to roar across the US, in a belt from south to north, out of season and extreme even IN season.
(NancyL) ZT: Going into the last few months before the shift, the weather will not simply continue as it has over the past few years, with unseasonable temps and droughts and deluges unexplanable by the weatherman.
(NancyL) ZT: It will get MORE so, more extreme, more out of season, more violent.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that the weather, and hurricanes, will not get more violent than man has experienced in the past.
(NancyL) ZT: This is due to a braking mechanism that the atmosphere itself imposes, air masses only able to move so fast when pushing against other air masses and the like.
(NancyL) ZT: However, this is not to say that if you only anticipate tornodoes in a certain season, that they will not come OUT of season, or in countries not yet experiencing tornadoes.
(NancyL) ZT: This is not to say that hurricanes will not develop SUDDENLY, rather than track across the seas and be predictible.
(NancyL) ZT: This is not to say that snow storms will not drop several feet of snow where snow has never fallen, or that those areas reliant upon snow for their tourist season in winter find the spring flowers there instead.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, tides that are related to storms such as hurricanes can be expected along coastlines.
(NancyL) ZT: Storm surge, where water several feet higher than normal surges inland, will be experienced EVEN WITHOUT a hurricane known in the area.
(NancyL) ZT: The hurricane, suddenly forming and dissipating just as suddenly, may leave its only mark in this way.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, if a storm surge developed out at sea, water in the nearby areas may drop in level, temporarily.
(NancyL) ZT: Expect the unexpected, increasingly, as the shift approaches.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(QueenVee) NANCY: when you say, the weather will not get more violent that man has experienced in the past, do you mean no more violent than during previous poleshifts, or no more so than in "normal" periods?
(HBO) NancyL: Roughly, how long will it take for the lower lying inlands (below 600SL) to become flooded following PS?
(Gyflex) Will coastal areas now below sea level be under water permanently months before the shift?
(QueenVee) Everyone can talk now
(NancyL) QUEEN, they mean by this, not in the memory of man. In fact, prior pole shifts did not have hurricanes worse, etc, than experienced today.
(DrGreen) Nancy, will the Netherlands be flooded soon? Should we get out of here before 1st of May?
(NancyL) Its a matter not of degree, but of frequency and location, that will astonish man.
(Twice) Yep intresting ...for Obany maybe also...
(Endeavour3d) 1st of May? more like the 1st of March
(NancyL) HBO, within 2 years after the shift, and I suppose one could use a lineal measure on that, fairly much.
(QueenVee) ANNOUNCEMENT: Please note that the next ZetaTalk Session in this room (next Saturday) will deal with specific questions on your region of the world. So please email such questions to me at this week.
(NancyL) The old poles go under the Equatorial sun, which though behind clouds is still warming things.
(DrGreen) Thanks queen.
(LadyInRedSmoking) Ty Queen
(NancyL) The water in the oceans is getting heated by the heaved and heated ground under the oceans, so warms from the bottom up.
(Mansur) Nancy, does zetans have any monetary system? If so, what is their currency called?
(Obany) Well some weeks ago there was a very rough storm in Europe, England, Netherlands, Germany. For what I just read in the answer we can expect more of that ...
(Obany) Mansur: NOT related
(Eloheem) Why do the zetas need time to answer other parts of the world questions? They need to check up on some enciclopedia?
(IdolHarobed) Great, Queen! Need to know about Brazil. :)
(NancyL) So the ice melts pretty quickly, and the water heats up, and all this is pushed upward right after the shift by the surface itself having been heated an buckling, etc. so don't WAIT, get in your boat.
(QueenVee) Mansur: not related; please do not persist in asking such questions
(Inkpen) Mansur...why would they need money?
(DrGreen) Yes Oobany, I was wondering if I should start moving, or wait for the red star.
(Endeavour3d) They don't have currency, the only reason we have money is because of greed
(QueenVee) Eloheem: this is your last warning
(Mansur) Sure is relevant. Wnat to buy a ZetaBurger after the poleshift
(NancyL) ZT to Gyflex: It was news when it was first observed, but went into coverup mode quickly.
(Obany) Well doubt that waiting until the red star is a good thing to do .. better move before that time I think
(NancyL) ZT: The oceans are rising, and the poles melting, and islands in the Pacific disappearing under the seas.
(NancyL) ZT: Will the trend continue, and how MUCH will coastal cities be affected?
(NancyL) ZT: Even without storm surges hitting a coastal city, they will be inundated on occasion and to a certain extent before the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: This will be first noticed when the sewers back up, and then when the beaches disappear.
(NancyL) ZT: And then when normal tide and wave action simply takes out coastline housing.
(NancyL) ZT: Wetlands along the coast will become salty, and then inland bays.
(NancyL) ZT: In that increasing earthquake will be taking cities down, earth movement imploding cities, at these times, this will scarsely be the biggest concern.
(NancyL) End ZT to Gyflex.
(QueenVee) Follow-up questions?
(Gyflex) Thank you
(Spanky) I heard that there are spots (like your writeup about Edmonton) where some cities will partly survive
(QueenVee) Spanky: Please note that the next ZetaTalk Session in this room (next Saturday) will deal with specific questions on your region of the world. So please email such questions to me at this week.
(NancyL) ZT to DrGreen: The Netherlands, or other areas maintained by dikes, are risky at all time, but especially during times when earth movement and rising seas will simlutaneiously put pressure on the dikes.
(NancyL) ZT: You will have to move anyway, eventually, and it is YOUR choise whether you stay to find you bed afloat and all being washed out to sea or leave early.
(NancyL) End ZT to DrGreen.
(QueenVee) Follow up
(Obany) I can agree with that also in fact, not a realy save country
(DrGreen) Thank you. It's difficult. I'm still not sure enough, although every bone in my body tells me otherwise.
(NancyL) Spanky, most cities have brick and mortal, which is wrecked by quakes of Richter 9. VERY few structures will stand.
(Cmel) Neither is Denmark
(DrGreen) Obany has the same problems I guess.
(NancyL) Q5: An article appeared in the Boston Globe recently, deriding Nancy, ZetaTalk, and the possibility of a poleshift. Could an article like this, appearing in a mainstream newspaper, actually help to pique the public's interest in the poleshift, even though its intent is to debunk? (
(NancyL) Short answer, YES! :-)
(Endeavour3d) I read that in the Globe
(Cmel) QV?
(QueenVee) Yes?
(DrGreen) I would say that's good news yes.
(NancyL) I thought that myself, the dopes. People keep posting on sci.astro saying "if someone is a crazy, you just walk past, don't stand there and argue" :-)
(Obany) Well moving before this things will occur is important... before it will get worse
(NancyL) Q6: NASA recently announced that it was spending $15,000 to produce and distribute a publication meant to prove that the U.S. moon landing actually happened and that photos and film of the landing were not faked. Why did NASA decide to take this dramatic step at this particular time, to counter a conspiracy theory that has been around for 30 years?
(DrGreen) And that's a good point. This will boost interest I guess, people wondering why this article appeared.
(LadyInRedSmoking) Im not moving
(LadyInRedSmoking) Will stay with my family
(NancyL) Q6 More: And why did they cancel the project within days of announcing it? (,2763,834416,00.html)
(Endeavour3d) I'm interested as to why people always try to debunk things, even if they seem very possible, why do people do such things? I feel it is because they are afraid of the unknown
(NancyL) ZT: NASA of late has been dealing with its many failures, its inability to get a space station operational in time to stage escapess to Mars, and the months upon months of delays getting any shuttles up at all.
(NancyL) ZT: Wanting to be a player, perhaps be viewed as important by the elite with money and bunkers and guns, they hope to be influential in the public eye.
(NancyL) ZT: They have for years denied the public direct Hubble images, been caught endlessly air brushing out UFO's, and are suspected all around the world of a conspriacy regarding the Moon landing itself.
(NancyL) ZT: Well of course they went to the Moon, and landed, but they ALSO filmed footage on Earth to fill in, as they could not trust their own men to avoid blurting out the truth.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, covered with the lint of decades of lies and deception, and the increasing pool of specific information on just WHEN and HOW they have lied, they come forth declaring themselves clean.
(NancyL) ZT: Why did they announced new information regarding the Moon landing, and then withdraw?
(NancyL) ZT: There was a final rehearsal, and all the many glitches that would only INFLAME the conspiracy theoriest were discovered.
(NancyL) ZT: This pig is too dirty to EVER clean up, and the less they say, the better, was the decision.
(NancyL) End ZT.
(NancyL) Its the end of the hour, folks, and I must have a break between sessions. Bye until next week!
Session Close: Sat Nov 16 15:34:06 2002