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Shift 2003 Chat on Nov 9, 2002

Session Start: Sat Nov 09 14:16:49 2002
(Orion) Am I IN Zeta chat?
(Ojabun) What we gonna ask Nancy?
(Ojabun) Oeps,she just joined
(Zetapal) Cmel 4 U :
(JambaAFK) Ask if the Bible is accurate
(Nancy) Hello all! I was busy this morning analyzing quakes, and put some NEW stuff on the web from Quake Patterns.
(Cmel) thx ZP
(Nancy) Bottom line, we have moved beyond Domino quakes, where one plate pushes another, into pre-shift patterns of same, more dramatic and immediate.
(Nancy) This is on the Quake Patterns TOPIC as Pre-Shift link ../theword/tworx483.htm with graphic.
(Ojabun) It's all down the southern line isn't it... quakes and eruptions at once since October
(Nancy) Also, someone from New Zealand send me a UN Report which says it all re Shortages, link from the Shortages TOPIC ../theword/tworx484.htm
(Ojabun) Scared shit outta me.. seams the last cycle has begon
(Nancy) They INDEED have experienced, world wide, shortages and depleation of supplies, and lost the battle against starvation.
(Nancy) All this is by way of appolgizing for not picking up any new Q's from QueenVee this morning, in case she forwarded any.
(QueenVee) Nancy: the underreporting of quakes by the USGS lately has been amazing
(Torbj) Are you talking earthqakes?
(QueenVee) Nancy: nope, no new questions
(Ojabun) Old news..ppl been dying of starvation for centuries
(Me) Hi. This is my first time ever using a chatroom.
(Ojabun) Though these earthquakes show an pattern
(QueenVee) NANCY: before you arrived, we were discussing how great it would be if we couldhave a zetatalk session in here devoted to asking questions about conditions in people's specific regions, ones not already answered in the "Safe Locations" document; what do you think about that?
(Nancy) Starvation is not news, that there have been worldwide crop failure and depleation of stores has NOT been reported, big picture, though occurring as the Z's predicted.
(Starstalker) Hi me, welcome aboard mIRC
(Nancy) QueenVee, do you think we should start with last weeks Q's, or how do you propose to proceed?
(Orion) YES..PLEASE.
(QueenVee) Nancy: no need to post your answers, because they have been announced....
(Zetapal) Cmel - another good thread on Quakes follow it on that board:
(QueenVee) Perhaps followup questions to the answers?
(QueenVee) Unless the group disagrees?
(Nancy) Queen, safe locations discussion is not a problem, OK.
(3j) Well they are on the webpage.
(Omwoh) Quake stats, grouped by magnitude:
(3j) So go on to something new
(Cmel) ZP, I'm in the process of joining so plz hold back
(Franci66) Queen , I assume my Q about gloom / Hybrids not accepted?
(Orion) If we asked a question how do we pick up the post or anwser?
(Nancy) Queen, good thinking, yes, any followup to last weeks Q's.
(QueenVee) Franci: go ahead and ask Nancy now
(Omwoh) Those charts show quakes down.
(QueenVee) i'm going to put moderator mode on for a second
(QueenVee) EVERYONE: if anyone has NOT seen the questions submitted to her last week, and subsequently answered by her, they can be found on the following page: ../index/z01nov03.htm
(Nancy) Orion, I intend to web the log from this session as well as the other IRC weekly sessions, so you can pick it up there ...
(QueenVee) This is your opportunity to ask follow-up questions to those answers.
(QueenVee) Everyone can talk now
(Orion) For a volcano to go off does there have to be an Eathquake first???
(Nancy) Orion, there is some relationship between quakes and volcanoes, but not one-to-one.
(Ojabun) I think I know how earth relates to mankinds condition
(Nancy) Some volcanoes ooze all the time, other subject to plate movement and explode. It depends, I guess.
(Orion) Thank u
(Omwoh) Earthquake stats seem to be open to interpretation. Not clear that quakes are up.
(Orion) Can you tell me about MT Shasta, CA. Please?
(Jubjub963) What charts are you looking at omwoh, the first chart on the page u mentioned shows 100 deep quakes in the 70's per year, and now about 300
(Omwoh) Will look
(Starstalker) Nancy, if it is kosher to ask, how safe will the Ouchita Mountains of SE Oklahoma be during/after the poleshift?
(FullMoon) So we need to be pretty much ready to live without electricity and fuel after the shift?
(Samsara2003) Nancy, can you say anything about the general latitude/temperature changes of our region (Wisconsin) relative to present temperature
(Nancy) Omwoh, they are WAY up! Check the additions to the Quake TOPIC.
(Nancy) In 2001 there were, during Sep/Oct: 3 Quakes 7+ Avg 7.17, 22 Quakes 6+ Ave 6.36, 227 Quakes 5+
(Omwoh) It shows approx 150 in the 70's increasing to 500 in '98, now down to the 300's.
(Nancy) In 2002 there were, during Sep/Oct: 4 Quakes 7+ Ave 7.65, 42 Quakes 6+ Ave 6.36, 244 Quakes 5+
(Cmel) Nice
(Omwoh) Nancy, it depends on which chart you look at.
(Nancy) Double the number of 6+ quakes, and more 7+. And this is in spite of underreporting, withholding info.
(Cmel) Or should I say bad
(Omwoh) You are only taking a one month window?
(Omwoh) Two month?
(Omwoh) Why so narrow?
(Ojabun) October seams some border
(Nancy) Mt. Shasta is in northern Cal, high, but subject to rock and roll like the rest of the West Coast. What is it that you want to know that is not already covered?
(Ojabun) Of cycle
(Cmel) Is mt. Shasta making trouble?
(Nancy) In short, for Safe Locations, since Europe and North American are about beaten to death and covered, I'd like to know what is NOT addressed by the Safe Locations writeups ../info/tinfo242.htm
(Ojabun) I setted my standards,either I get enlighted... or will die, I wont go flee
(Orion) I feel like I need to be there.... it's calling me and saying.... SAFE. Is it safe?
(Nancy) I use this means via email, push back and make the person asking, for a well covered loc, what is NOT addressed.
(Nancy) Then they first read the info already there, and don't come back.
(QueenVee) Nancy: excellent approach
(Nancy) I'm also trying to find, via this, what is truely MISSING.
(QueenVee) Nancy: we were just discussing that earlier; how we can make your questions to you much more specific, and therefore valuable
(Cmel) What should ppl in Greenland do ? (just an example)
(Nancy) Mt. Shasta is a mountain, so like all other ranges along West Coast, what is different that you are asking? Mystical? Sacred? Or what?
(JFull) Nancy:Energy from man made in Wind, water, or pedal power needs to be in 12 volt and battery storage for now is what we have to depend on then? Re: Q5
(MaxDevlin) Just a bit of info from the Mid West. The USGS are issuing local warnings here in Indianapolis, about the New Madried Fault. They are expecting major action soon on the fault and warning local law enforcement to update their Earthquake disasster plans.
(Cmel) Well Mt. Shasta is a former vulcano
(Nancy) For instance, I recently added Niagra Fall to the North American stuff, because whether or not this would open up, and what this would mean for St. Lawrence Seaway folk, was not clear. So, added.
(Me) I am second person wishing to know about N. Wisc. future climate.
(Nancy) Cmel, define "making trouble". In what regard? About to blow?
(QueenVee) Nancy: We'll make next week's session one on regional questions, and have a regular session about that now and then; hopefully it will help fill in the gaps...
(Omwoh) Jubjub; Did you look at those quake charts some more?
(Ojabun) Let me find one real human
(Cmel) Thats my question is it ??
(Nancy) Orion, no place is safe, frankly.
(Jubjub963) Yah Omwoh, the charts do show varied results
(Jubjub963) Some up some down
(Franci66) Nancy earlier I had posted a Q about Gloom and ways to reduce it and possible help by Zeta/Hybrids to STO communities.....
(Omwoh) That's what I thought, Jub.
(Jubjub963) But generally, mildly up
(L421) Thx for the update, Max, did they say what kind of action?
(JWilliam) Jfull: Consider DC to AC converters as well for some equipment
(Nancy) Greenland? read the writeup on Greenland, to begin with. What is MISSING from that writeup?
(Orion) Where do we take kids if we need to be in charge of hundrends... How much foor in needed??
(Cmel) Sorry, missed that part
(Orion) Sorry... How much food is needed?
(Ojabun) I don't understand this talk about doom, should be talking about getting entighted... to prefend doom
(Nancy) JFull's Q re 21V. Since there were Q's on energy last week, not addressed as asking about free energy, give aways, or crystals, should be addressed this week.
(QueenVee) Nancy: Franci was asking earlier if the zetas would be able to advise us on how to reduce the volcanic gloom after the shift; I advised that I didn't think they could give us that technological information -- is that right?
(Nancy) ENERGY: What can mankind expect, and not expect, during the years following the shift.
(JFull) Yes
(MaxDevlin) L421: no but we had 5.5 near Evansville, Indiana in June. "There were NO aftershocks" which should have been expected. The USGS believes New Madried is building up for the big one. The last time it happened. (in the 1800s) it changed the course of the Ohio and Miussippi Rivers to there present course.
(Nancy) Franci66, no one is going to reduce the gloom, this is a natural occurence.
(Samsara2003) Max: Incidently, Scallion predicted a devestating earthquake at New Madrid in the near future
(Nancy) Orion, kids should lay in trenches for the shift, same as adults. Afterwards? Living in tents, in the main, I think.
(Holger) I have a question on your Hoagland article ../awaken/a124.htm . that story you are writing there is not true.
(QueenVee) Holger: please ask a specific question
(Orion) Nancy, what is Main?
(Nancy) Ojabun, enlightenment won't avoid gloom, just as it doensn't avoid rain or snow today.
(MaxDevlin) The warning was run on local television here in Indy.
(Holger) How came, that aliens did not knew, that the picture Hoagland presented as leaked beside the peer-review queue, was a fake?
(Holger) Is Hoagland that good, that he even can frame zetas?
(QueenVee) Holger: how do you know it's a fake?
(Nancy) QueenVee, we can't change the weather NOW, and humans won't be given any way to do this after the shift, no.
(Holger) As I was particpant in the publication with Richard himself
(L421) Max, I am in Louisville and also we have some kind of USGS facility here, but I don't know what its for
(Nancy) Queen, if you want to start, I'll start with that Energy Q, yes.
(Ojabun) Well,you hold back your Px nancy... wait untill I enlighted world
(Nancy) ENERGY: What can mankind expect after the shift, in handouts, or self gen'd energy.
(QueenVee) No questions during zetatalk. followup questions will be allowed afterwards
(Nancy) ZT: Modern man is much dependent upon electricity, though only having arrived there within the last hundred years or so.
(Nancy) ZT: In primitive countries, communities work hard during the day, sleep at dusk, rise at dawn, and have little need of lights except for the occasional lamp or campfire.
(Nancy) ZT: In pre-industrial days, this was likewise the mode, even the interiors of castles and palaces lit only by lamps, and then dimly.
(Nancy) ZT: Modern man expects labor saving devices, entertainment, communication with the world, all at the press of a button.
(Nancy) ZT: Modern man will have to do a mega-mindshift after the shift if he thinks this will continue, as his life will be LESS than communities a century ago, for the following reasons:
(Nancy) ZT: 1. Where in the past, sunlight even on gloomy days could be anticipated, after the shift for most parts of the world the light available will seem like going from dawn to dusk, skipping the mid-daylight entirely.
(Nancy) ZT: 2. Oils and materials to burn, for light, will be scarce or water soaked, what with continuous drizzle in much of the world, so fires will be a treasured occurence from carefully dried materials.
(Nancy) ZT: 3. Batteries and generators will wear out within months, after continuous use by the desperate, with the shock of what has descended only coming late to these, not avoided.
(Nancy) ZT: 4. Petro fuels, or fuels from vegetation such as corn or wood gas, will run out without the means to pump, refine, or grow in the gloom.
(Nancy) ZT: 5. The lack of parts for mechanical repair, lack of skills in those isolated, and lack of success with crops, will doom all plans for fuels to be burned in the Aftertime.
(Nancy) ZT: 6. Skills to build generators collecting power from wind and water will be spotty, and the missing link theory applied endlessly such that a single link, like battery storage, dooms the plans.
(Nancy) ZT: 7. Hopes at being rescued, that benign space brothers will arrive, or high tech communities of hybrids, is held close by those NOT fully STO such that they would not qualify, as the truly STO are not thinking of rescue, but of those needing to be rescued.
(Nancy) ZT: In light of all this, what can mankind expect?
(Nancy) ZT: Nancy has been practicing, walking about her hour for months now, in the dark such that she must grope to steady herself, and use touch, not sight, as a guide.
(Nancy) ZT: Lights are used ONLY when absolutely necessary.
(Nancy) ZT: Practice this, and see how LITTLE you need light to walk through your day!
(Nancy) ZT: Story telling, group singing, eating and washing, enjoying the sounds and smells of the evening, NONE of this requires more than light enough to make out dim shapes.
(Nancy) ZT: Those who are used to electric lights, and in groups where the lack of this has plunged the group into depression, have avenues to generate this.
(Nancy) ZT: Exercise is one of the great depression lifters, and racks of old bicycles, with the complainers pumping away, is not only a means of generating lights during the session, it is a group activity!
(Nancy) ZT: Group therapy, thus, becomes an exercise session where the 12V batteries are replenished.
(Nancy) ZT: And perhaps the children would like to put on a play, practiced in the dark when they are put to bed and should be sleeping, whispered plans to surprise the adults.
(Nancy) ZT: The bike gen's can provide a flood light for their stage!
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, it is not so much a loss, as a challenge, an opportunity to be resourceful, as ALL of life is.
(Nancy) End ZT Followup?
(JFull) You mean WalMart will not be open--- HeHe, But I get the Picture. Thanks Zeta
(QueenVee) Great reply, Nancy. Thanks.
(Franci66) Survivors can get used to low light, but good crops can't
(Orion) Nancy, what is STO?
(Obany) And if you ask questions, then make it a serious question...
(QueenVee) Orion: that is not related
(Obany) Orion: service to others
(Nancy) Franci66, this could be another Q, to low light crops etc.
(Casper) Service to otthers
(CP) Shouldnt we practice swimming? :*
(Ojabun) She talking about lights..but that only a worry for those with a 30 year storage of food
(Nancy) I know there are many who are planning various windmills and the like, but I think for the AVERAGE group actually succeeding on this is iffy.
(Ojabun) I don't care, I just wanna hit the infinitve sealing before it all
(JambaAFK) What do the zetas think?
(CP) Shouldn't we select who is to survive
(inquiry) I have night vision goggles that run off AA batteries .... five years now with the same batteries.... sure make seeing in the dark easier
(QueenVee) Nancy: how many years before alternative sources of energy will be discovered and put into use?
(Mary) In primitive countries, there was sunshine to augment the lack of electrictiy, most of us will die without artificial light to raise food, the ground poisoned so no food will grow, even the worms may be gone (-: how then to survive?
(Casper) Is there any other form of powers source besides electricity?
(MaxDevlin) Q: I'm an anthropologist by training. I would like to know what religious or spiritualist beliefs will be practiced by the survivers as a whole. Will they be worshipping the Zeta or other races as "Gods" such as was seen in the Cargo Cults of Pacific?
(Nancy) Inquiry, good suggestion!
(Obany) Some even would start with nothing, no windmills etc... Just the basic stuff
(Ojabun) I rather die
(QueenVee) Capser: yes, there is windpower, waterpower...
(Nancy) ZT to Queen: mankind today longs for free energy, and constantly talks about this.
(Ojabun) You know, since a hundred years ago... the plague has returned
(Nancy) ZT: Consider that AFTER the shift the tools needed for discovery of ANY new energy form will be hopelessly reduced.
(Ojabun) Shows that society has losts it's validnes to exist
(Cmel) Max I agree
(CP) Things adapt
(Casper) No I mean other types of power unkown to humans
(Nancy) ZT: Mankinds new energy will arrive in HIS lifetime if he is solidly STO and is in a group controlled by those in this orientation.
(Ojabun) Was on radio...they found the black plague on a dude in New York
(Obany) Please keep chatter at a minimum when the answer is given at the time of the follow up question
(Nancy) ZT: Then he will find he has high tech neighbors, or gifts, and life becomes VERY full of alternative energy sources.
(CP) Did u ever try to adapt your eyes to the light? If there's never lighter light there's nothing to worry about
(Nancy) ZT: If he is not solidly STO or in this environment, then he will live out his life in gloom, happily if he has learned to adapt without resentment, or sullenly.
(Nancy) ZT: This is nothing new for mankind, who lives on all parts of the globe, including the gloomy Artic, happily, having learned to adapt.
(Nancy) ZT: And those sullen at having a comfort or toy removed are not new to mankind, or to life on this Earth.
(Nancy) End ZT to Queen.
(QueenVee) Everyone can talk now
(CP) Ppl are not happy, and practical change wont change that
(QueenVee) Please ask only relevant questions, keep unrealted comments to a minimum
(CP) No one will be happy to adapt to light change
(Nancy) MaxD, your Q not related to energy, and Gods are promoted by mankind to meed THEIR needs, so in the hands of man, etc.
(Casper) If I can help someone why hold back because of other factors that are out of that persons control?
(Samsara2003) What is the best way to help maintain a sense of hope among survivors for those familiar with the ZT message?
(Nancy) Casper, I didnt understand your Q.
(Casper) STO 100 percent or nothing
(Nancy) Samsara, this is such a personal thing! TODAY you have those worries in your life, in some regard. NO guideline can be given to meet ALL of mankind, every relationship, etc.
(CP) Nancy most ppl aren't happy
(MaxDevlin) So here is mankind groping along in the darkness. An who brings in the new Light? Sounds veguely like the Spanish landing on the shores of South America to the Inca. saying I am God returned. We all know what happened to the Inca and Aztecs, and Maya after that enlightenment... No disrespect meant btw.
(Nancy) I think sense of humor we have or do not have, and the harder the life, often the harder the laughter!
(QueenVee) Casper: ZetaTalk does not say you cannot help someone who is not 100% STO
(QueenVee) Nancy: very true
(CP) But your guideline is shallow, it encourages ppl to be shallow instead of growing
(Nancy) Casper, unfortunately, you and I cannot force a STO determination. Only the individual, and must be sincere!
(comper) :-)
(Casper) The Zetas have technology but also chooses to hold back for the good of all!!
(Nancy) Max, this is a Tranformation time, and humans are not waiting for the gloom to meet galactic visitors either! Course, mostly that happens at night NOW, anyway :-)
(QueenVee) Hehe
(Nancy) CP, what guildeline is shallow?
(Ojabun) What do the zeta's think of ethics?
(CP) Nancy:your guideline, which is merely practical, when all that is needed is to grow in awareness to prepare for anything
(Nancy) Casper, you must read the Rules section. This is YOUR opportunity to help your fellow man. Please explain HOW you are doing that? Just complaining?
(JambaJuice) Amen, CP
(MaxDevlin) I hope they have a "Prime Directive" or we are doomed. :)
(Casper) I am just a man nothing of super power just a man
(Sahir) May we ask a ? yet?
(Nancy) Oja, if you read ZetaTalk, it is full of their ethics.
(Nancy) CP, that's what ZT is, empowering ppl with knowledge, information, in the fact of massive coverups.
(Spanky) The vulcans were probably based on the Zetas.
(Casper) The call we send them out but whats the picking order?
(Ojabun) May already... to short time to entlight world, it aind what Nostradamus promised
(Franci66) Nancy, Are you saying that Strong STO communities do have really nothing to worry about Aftertime life conditions (even the gloom problem will be solved for them)?
(Orion) Sorry nancy, but what is ppl?
(Samsara2003) Spanky: This occured to me as well. :)
(Nancy) Max, doomed? Death is not the end, and I don't think of these times as doomed. I'm too BUSY helping others? Try this, you might learn to like it.
(Obany) Ppl=people
(Whitelightshadow) nancy... i had a vision about a "projector" of some there information regarding something like that
(3j) Ppl is people
(MaxDevlin) A little off topic but one last question if I may. To whom are crop warning message directed that appeared in the Crop formations this year in England?
(Nancy) Franci, strongly STO MAY get high tech, if no chance of takeover by STS.
(Nancy) Queen, I want to address the Q about crops in the Aftertime, just WHAT can folks expect to be eating, etc, in the remaining 15 min, etc.
(QueenVee) Great, nancy
(Sahir) Can you talk about fish as well?
(Nancy) CROPS IN THE GLOOM: What will mankind be eating?
(Nancy) ZT: In many parts of the world, diet is restricted to what the community can grow for themselves, or catch, or kill in the forests or grasslands.
(Nancy) ZT: There may be berries in the summer, but not in winter, fresh vegetables in the summer, in season, but only dried roots in the winter, essentially dydrated for preservation.
(Nancy) ZT: Meat may arrive only occasionally, after a successful hunt, and be cause for celebration.
(Nancy) ZT: Where the community is close to fishing, rivers or lakes or perhaps the seashore, a steady diet of fish can be expected in some manner.
(Nancy) ZT: Modern man has grown accustomed to the super market, where fresh produce from around the world is in abundance, available.
(Nancy) ZT: If not fresh, he has come to expect frozen foods of great variety, or dried, so that his diet is without seasons and can span the world.
(Nancy) ZT: Bored with simply doing away with the seasons, modern man experiments with recipes from different cultures - Mexican, Chines, Italian, Indian.
(Nancy) ZT: What will this modern man find he has to EAT, after the shift, when the super markets are looted and no new distributions on the way?
(Nancy) ZT: We will address this by population type, as the results vary:
(Nancy) ZT: 1. Those in the cities, who have lost of never had experience with gardening and herdskeeping, or fishing in the wild which requires skill, will have the rudest shock.
(Nancy) ZT: First, they will be isolated in their cities by the destruction around them, such that they cannot easily travel to the country side.
(Nancy) ZT: Second, food will run OUT in the cities, such that the starving survivors look about them, and even at each other, hungrily.
(Nancy) ZT: Most will starve, getting weaker and sicker until death overtakes them. Those who give in to the urge to canbalize will soon die also, simply because the food source will run out.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, growing food in the cities is not a valid subject, as such an activity won't exist.
(Nancy) ZT: 2. Those in the suburbs, who have land about them and are perhaps conjoining the countryside, will at first depleat their personal stores, the local food markets, and then begin roaming into the countryside.
(Nancy) ZT: The family pets will get killed and roasted, and that fat so much desired to be shed will be used just to keep the body going for many months.
(Nancy) ZT: Eventually, suburban families will need to learn to forage, turning over logs in the woods to look for grubs and worms, and attempting to fish in streams or rivers.
(Nancy) ZT: Catching small mammals such as rats, which eat just about anything, will also be a food source children may catch, in their desperation, and may even eat raw if the parents are dulled by madness.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, survival in the suburbs, or growing food, will become a foraging practice by those able.
(Nancy) ZT: 3. Those in the country, who farm, or are familiar with gardening and hunting practices, will take a different tack from the start.
(Nancy) ZT: The farmer with cattle will soon find that his cattle are getting thin, staggering about from hunger, and will eat the herd to thin it out.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, the farmers in the area will finally conclude that CERTAIN animals are more useful than others, in the Aftertime.
(Nancy) ZT: Chickens eat bugs, forage for themselves, and come home to lay their eggs if given a safe and private roost.
(Nancy) ZT: Ducks likewise eat whatever grows in or around ponds, which will be numerous in the drizzle, and don't require a dry spot to roost.
(Nancy) ZT: Goats, which eat anything, and pigs which root in the ground for whatever might be edible, can likewise be kept within limits if the surrounding country can sustain them.
(Nancy) ZT: SOME vegetation will stuggle along, weeds which are hardy, and plants that grow in the gloom or dim light normally.
(Nancy) ZT: If the group had not researched and anticipated this environment, but find themselves without seed or seedlings for dim light gardens, then they will be chewing on weeds for an alternative to grubs and whatever they can catch to roast over a small evening fire.
(Nancy) ZT: Farmers are naturally resourceful, being at the lower rungs of the ladder in all supposedly civilized cultures, and will adapt.
(Nancy) ZT: If a particular weed grows well, proves to be edible, the farmer will HUSBAND this, grow it, protect it from wildlife, and sell it.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, growing food in the country is possible, depending upon the adapatibility of the farmers in the area.
(Nancy) End ZT followup?
(Franci66) What foods can be grown in Scandinavian countries next year after PS (changing from cold climate to equatorial climate) and in Europe in general? So I will save those specific seeds that can be used
(CP) Nancy: I had contact with the "ZT" myself, and they wanted me to give you a message. they told me you wouldn't listen at first, and since I been talkin to u a few times it might be about time you did now.
(Mary) Excellent information! Thank you!!!!
(JWilliam) Very well developed explanations. Farmers Rule! ;o) Thank you.
(Oddzilla) What about using an aquaponic culture system to provide fresh fish and produce?
(MaxDevlin) Environmental studies state that we have already exhausted the oceans of fish stocks and those that remain are highly poisioned with mercury. So the survivers will be suffering from mercury poisoning? If they are lucky to catch any fish at all? Chronic Wasting Away Dieases in Wild Game such as Deer and Elk today infact... Umm uncle Bills thigh meat is starting to look like mighty good eats to me.. :P'
(PolePosition) My doggy feels uneasy now
(Nancy) Scandinavia has low light, so some native things may grow. I'd research and collect! Have you not DONE this? Scurvey grass in Scottland, great for Vitamin C and low light, I think!
(Nancy) Get busy!!
(Nancy) CP, grow up.
(Spanky) Nancy should you also to mention get as far from the mountains (volcanic gloom) as possible. look at weather/climate patterns
(Orion) Nancy, may I ask you what you have done to prepare for yourself and others?
(Nancy) ZT to Oddz: Fish will flourish in the oceans, so survival communities on coastlines should relay upon this are a first resource.
(Orion) And is it wise to lean fasting for weeks at a time?
(Nancy) ZT: Those communities may TIRE of fish, so experiment with seaweed recipes for variety, and go inland to trade with other communities who will value dried or preserved fish.
(Nancy) ZT: Inland, fish in the native ponds and riverways will likewise survive, but not in numbers greater than the environment can sustain.
(Nancy) ZT: What do these fish eat? Algae, duck weed, bugs that live on slime in the waterways.
(Nancy) ZT: All this is dependent somewhat on sunlight, as the BASE is vegetation in the waterways.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, native fish may actually be in reduced numbers if in gloomly areas, and be considered a prize when caught.
(Nancy) ZT: For those farmers turning to aquaculture, where plants can be grown in human sewage, and then fed to the fish or livestock, this will prove to be a renewable resource that adds to the food banks.
(Nancy) ZT: Here again, the key is light, as to turn sewage into food, one needs plants that require at least SOME l ight.
(Nancy) ZT: Earthworms can eat sewage, and rotting material, but this is not a voluminous production, so should not be expected to feed a community from their own sewage.
(Nancy) End ZT to Oddz.
(TerrorDactyl1) Nancy is it possible you are right about Px, but wrong about the date - any evidence for the date?
(Casper) Will there be no light for long periods of time?
(Cmel) Nice Q
(Orion) Nancy, should we be thinking a lot about sprouts which grow in the dark?
(Starstalker) Low light, drizzle loving, native Spring plants here in Oklahoma which are edible are... Lambs Quarters, dandelion, dock, watercress, native aliums (onions and garlic),and sorrels. Those are just a few that I am familiar with and have eaten myself... I'm sure there are many others.
(Nancy) Spanky, indeed, chosing your location, if that is POSSIBLE for you, is step #1.
(Leebay) Is the concept of "split reality" as taught on Operation Terra website a valid representation of what will happen before and after the poleshift.
(JWilliam) Your points make a lot of sense, just as in the old days, trade will develop between coast and interior peoples,and items from one zone find their way to another as trade goods.
(Bailey) One way to catch fish is to cast a line from one side of the creek to the other with lots of hooks bated clear across the stream on the one line and left over night
(Nancy) Terror, ZT has not been wrong about anything, and the current sightings, quake increase, etc. only adds to that.
(PolePosition) Is the year 1992 a sign... 11 years sun flip?
(Me) In the new, warmer climate in U.S., how much of the country will still have snow to contend with? (Much precip. means much snow.)
(Oddzilla) Weren't ZT wrong about the elections?
(TerrorDactyl1) You are right about quakes, weather and volcanos that is true
(Nancy) I myself am planning for the shift, and getting along without dental floss, and wearing out my old clothes, and .. fortunately, I like going barefoot.
(Bailey) Lol nancy
(Cmel) Nice
(Nancy) Orion, if you have SEEDS, the last thing I'd do is sprout them to eat as sprouts. This is just NOT a practical solution!
(Cmel) I myself like to eat less
(Spanky) Arent grasses indigestible?
(Nancy) Plant them! You'll have so many failures in gardening as it is. What are you going to say in a year or so, oh, sorry, I ate the garden seeds?
(Cmel) I'm training in that area
(Mike-O) Nancy, you didn't tell us how things turned out with your sister.
(Nancy) Leebay, no comment on what others say. Do they predict? Aer they accurate?
(Cmel) Thats personal, and shouldn't be addressed
(Bailey) Spanky, you can bye grass juicers, but that is a bit of fiber wast
(Leebay) Thanks Nancy, we'll soon see, at least some of us will
(Oddzilla) Weren't ZT wrong about the elections?
(Nancy) Pole, check the ZT Accuracy for Solar Reversals accuracy. Sun does NOT flip, ever, mankind wrong about this.
(Orion) Nancy, please... how much seed should we prepare for.... one year, two?
(Torbj) Good practise, Cmel..... try to recognise the hungerfeeling.... and start to enyoy it.... itīs not dangerous
(Franci66) Nancy, today low light crops are usually grown in cold nordic climates. But what happens when a cold low light area becomes equatorial? Can one grow same crops when temperature has increased significantly?
(Nancy) Queen and all, I must attend my regular Sat chat in 15 min, and need a break. Forgive me, I'm signing off! Will log this on the web for all to read, etc.
(Nancy) Bye
(PolePosition) Oh
Session Close: Sat Nov 09 15:43:32 2002