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Date:	 Sun, 28 Apr 2002 10:29:51 -0500
Article: <> 
Subject: IMO's Images have Upped the Ante for Nancy and Company

In Article <> RT wrote:
> But what of the others?  Mark Hazelwood ..  has 
> anyone aside from myself picked up a telephone to 
> speak with Mr. Hazelwood?  I have done so twice 
> and on both occasions he was more interested in 
> selling me his book then in offering any credible
> evidence.  I am not a supporter of Nancy but even 
> I have to ask; what are these two people doing on 
> the same page?  Hazelwood's book is a blatant rip 
> off of ZetaTalk and it should be obvious that he is 
> in it for the money. 

On this we agree.  Please DO read my warning about giving Hazelwood
money. He was kicked out of the Troubled Times discussion groups
promptly, over two years ago, for blatantly soliciting money, and from a
description of his private e-mail discussions, sounds more like a money
launderer than anything. Good luck FINDING any money given to him for
establishing a safe place and stocking it with goods - its likely to
have been moved through off-shore accounts and GONE without a trace.