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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Feb 08, 2003

Session Start: Sat Feb 08 14:16:06 2003
(QueenVee) what's the link?
(STOic) try again Shaman...
(JFull) Q' re U.S, in Orange alert- will Bush use a fake terrist event to justify this alert?
(Bailey) it is a bit of history about who owns the USA
(NancyL) Hello all, I literally JUST walked in the door after a 2 day road trip and need to go wash dirt off my hands. BRB
(Karmie) JFull -good question
(STOic) amazing..
(Bailey) lol Nancy, we understand
(WonderBoy) Collecting worms?
(Shaman464) Queen may i resend the Q?
(WonderBoy) I've got a good worm farm going, it's ard though.
(PegasiTristan) I'll resend mine too
(PegasiTristan) Question: Can the Z's talk more about this subject? ../call/c42.htm Anything else to watch out for etc..
(STOic) Wonder... very good
(Obany) hi NancyL we are having some problems, the funnet servers as well as some people over here are under attack
(JFull) I would rather say she was quishing Worms
(NancyL) I went on a GrayHound bus several states away to pick up our disabled '73 VW Bug which had an electrical problem on a road trip some family member took.
(STOic) We need good questions
(NancyL) Drove back, runs GREAT, and touched base with all the poor and flosam of humanity that ride on the GrayHound.
(PegasiTristan) I took a greyhound cross country once... not fun
(Me) Q: What happens to the 2/3 of ea
(Sahir) Need some ?s - I got a few
(STOic) yes
(Bailey) oh dear, been there done that too
(NancyL) I spend much of the trip back in tears, thinking about what is coming for them, and in the main what GREAT FOLKS these poor folks are!
(WonderBoy) Obany - the servers are under attack?
(Zod) Nancy: How was the radio broadcast. we in Europe have not heard it yet
(PegasiTristan) again? grrr
(NancyL) The first to be helpful to others, to offer a helping hand, to give up a seat, to make allowances, etc.
(Bailey) I hear ya Nancy
(Me) Q: What happens to the 2/3 of Earth's people who are neither reincarnating souls nor Star Children ?
(Mugada) Q, will the world crop failings cause food prices to rise in the next three months
(NancyL) Only a couple a-holes, unlike the #zetatalk chats where they flock so as to disrupt the flow of truth and information.
(STOic) maybe we could get an idea if Bush will stand by his citizenry
(NancyL) MOST people are not that bad.
(Zod) Question for Nancy: Could one person use a Pendulum to determine a safe location for themself, or to determine if water is SAFE to drink. How does Pendulum dowsing work ?
(whisper) Bush is going to Canada in May
(Nightbird) STO, don't think that will happen
(WonderBoy) What is going to happen after Bush mentioned N. Korea on TV, they seem to be angered at that and are making threats. WW3 coming?
(STOic) yeah.. early May..
(NancyL) Zod, on Mon the 4th, had 2 broadcasts.
(Nightbird) I have often wondered if that is why they allow so many illigal Mexcians in... so they have more slaves in the sftertime
(NancyL) 1st 2 hours in the Ozarks, was great!
(Earth420) I know Nancy, I missed the KROQ, so mad !!
(Zod) Nancy.. do you know anyone who recorded them ???
(NancyL) 2nd 15 min in LA, an introduction but on their MOST used FM radio, KROQ, and this went OK too.
(Nightbird) Nancy, are there logs of your radio show?
(Gemini) my first question since worms will be our staple, and since birds eat them whole, uncooked, and unprepared in any way, can we humans do likewise
(Shenamea2) Zod, water will be contaminated with lead... read zetatalk
(NancyL) They kept mentioning my web site, and I kept mentioning the ZT accuracy and the pole shift and time frame were mentioned repeatedly.
(Earth420) Good deal...
(NancyL) So, it was good in that regard.
(STOic) yes Nightbird, there are logs
(NancyL) Neither of these was taped nor will they be streaming.
(Nightbird) Great, STO do you know where?
(Bailey) anyone have a link for growing spiralina?
(NancyL) Gemini, YOU must research if eating worms uncooked is safe (I think yes), as YOU must take responsibility for your Aftertime situation.
(STOic) logs of these sessions are in Zetatalk site..under what's new button, and further in IRC sessions
(Earth420) Gemini, great with mustard!
(QueenAway) NANCY: I and this channel have been under a persistent hacker attack yesterday and today, so i will probably not be here to moderate. I ask that you please NOT hold a session in here if i am not allowed to moderate. Texas will announce that it is cancelled, and i will talk to you via email later.
(NancyL) Bailey, TT has an Algae TOPIC, in Food section.
(Nightbird) Ok, thank you STO.... been catching up on what I missed.. haven't gotten there yet
(Bailey) ty
(Hummer) QueenVee let see how it goes before we give up
(Bailey) woops we just lost Queen
(STOic) a lot to read, Nightbird
(Obany) and else we should come up with a better way ... as right now it's a huge mess
(NancyL) OK Queen, guess the inbound big red complex is getting them nervous!
(Nightbird) no doubt, STO
(Earth420) No! Oh man....
(Obany) so maybe today we should do this in a different manner
(NancyL) I will also watch for YOU, Queen-Away, and if you disappear, I will quit
(STOic) yes Obany.. we'll miss Queen
(NancyL) Queen, who is Texas in the name list?
(Hummer) Nancy we are also happy to chat
(Zod) I think Queen has gone!!
(Shaman464) FromTexas
(Nightbird) Nancy, FromTexas
(Shenamea2) So will there be a session today?
(Zod) Cam't Obany do the moderating ???
(Sahir) Nancy - good to see you. I keep popping in and out due to kiddie watch
(Ogmios) QueenAway
(WonderBoy) So if QueenVee gets knocked offline, Nancy, you'll stop the session and leave?
(Bailey) is QueenAway our QqueenV?
(Shenamea2) ok
(STOic) I am pleased to be here too, there to be a session soon, then?
(NancyL) We are a couple minutes from the 2:30, but if Queen is not here, or FromTexas, then the session is canceled, yes. No log, etc.
(Spankey) Nancy ever heard of a dude called John Hutchison, who did some experiments with gravity?
(WonderBoy) But there are other moderators here, such as Obany...
(STOic) come back QueenVee
(Bailey) now we lost QueenAway
(Zod) Nancy, who is KICKING queen off the channel. Is it the GOV ???
(Tekk) Nancy how about just letting the Zetas lecture for the hour. They don't need any help.
(Shenamea2) yea but maybe they can't make the logs
(Me) Gppd
(Mugada) Question, will food prices go up due to world shortage
(STOic) Tekk.. there is an idea..
(Hummer) cant we just use moderation mode?
(Me) Good idea, Tekk.
(Tekk) thanks
(IaNZ) Ist Q do the zetas think we should continue with the chat??
(Bailey) we should honor Queens request
(Shenamea2) lol
(Zod) Nancy... time is short, and these session are VERY IMPORTANT TO US. Do what you can to stay with US
(Obany) it just doesn't work like this ...we only have to hope that this won't happen next week
(NancyL) Zod, not sure. Obany, are YOU here?
(Obany) i am here yes
(STOic) Bailey.. perhaps you are right
(Humvee) ok i opped myself
(WonderBoy) QueenVee appears to be taking over, I'm starting to not like the situation. We want you in charge, Nancy.
(Shaman464) no we should do as Bailey said and honor what Queen said!
(NancyL) Obany, I see that Queen is missing, and FromTexas too, but someone had an idea to dedicate the session to whatever the Zetas want to say.
(Ogmios) Queen not even connected to net
(Mike-O) Obany and FromTexas is here. Maybe we can continue. I think Queen would want us to.
(STOic) yes Tekk had that idea
(Tekk) yea give the Zs the floor... anything they want to say
(NancyL) Well, since ZetaTalk is an answer to the Call, this must be SOME human's Call, and since we would have the session utterly moderated, it would have to be mine, solely.
(Nightbird) Queen asked us not to
(Spankey) and no repeating stuff for ZT newbies
(ScoobyAfk) actually Queen DIDNT want to continue
(Spankey) Nancy ever heard of a dude called John Hutchison, who did some experiments with gravity?
(NancyL) FromTexas is here!
(Ralf) actually
(Ralf) i just got pounded
(FromTexas) yes
(Humvee) this is still a forum - lets use it even if in lecture
(Shenamea2) Yeah!
(Bailey) Queen started this room so we had a place to chat without all the debunkers, why shouldn't she take over?
(NancyL) Does someone have a Q list, Queens normal list?
(WonderBoy) Obany is a good moderator, he hasn't needed QueenVee before and doesn't now. She's taking over and calling the shots.
(Zod) Question for Nancy: Could one person use a Pendulum to determine a safe location for themself, or to determine if water is SAFE to drink. How does Pendulum dowsing work ?
(Ralf) i have a list of people i'm going to allow in here
(Humvee) the logs will be posted for all to read - why would they not
(Ralf) because i just took a rather expensive hit
(NancyL) FromTexas, do YOU have the list of Q's?
(Ralf) my entire network was down
(Obany) this was never my channel, WonderBoy ... this is Queens ..
(Ralf) due to activities of this channel.
(JubJub963) ask about the plagiarized British Iraq dossier ... cut and paste from 12 years ago
(JFull) I'm loging
(WonderBoy) I understand Obany, but this is about moderating and I know you can do the job well.
(Nightbird) I hate for the hackers to ruin it for everyone... but think we should honor Queen's request..
(Ralf) he's not a hacker
(NancyL) FromTexas?
(FromTexas) yes NancyL
(NancyL) Queen!
(Humvee) wb
(NancyL) We are ready to go!
(ScoobyAfk) we are also moderated right now
(NancyL) Ready for Q1, and I have but 1 SIGNS today ...
(NancyL) Will post quickly.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1: The Vatican at Mt Graham Observatory
(NancyL) From the CounterPunch website: ""We waited for a night when the moon was obscured by clouds. It sounded like a silly plan here in the heart of the Arizona desert, ... We were going to see the scopes."
(FromTexas) We have no questions and QV has indicated she would prefer not to have a session
(NancyL) "The mountain was under lockdown. Armed guards, rented by the University of Arizona, blocked passage up the new road and patrolled the alpine forest on the crest of Mount Graham. Only certified astronomers and construction workers were permitted entry. And university donors. And Vatican priests."
(NancyL) End SIGNS of the TIMES
(NancyL) Ready to start, Queen.
(FromTexas) so NancyL if you have others things you would like comment on do so
(NancyL) FromTexas, I'm done with Nancy commenting, and the Zetas don't unless it is in an answer to the Call, which ZT is!
(NancyL) I am a bit out on the news these past couple days, but did catch CNN this morning.
(NancyL) Queen is busy moderating (read kick) this room :-)
(FromTexas) Sorry as Queen has indicated she doesn't want a session here in her absence
(NancyL) I was reminded how worthy very poor and disadvantaged folk are, on my GrayHound bus ride.
(NancyL) I spent my trip back frequently weeping for them, as they will be the LAST to learn of the coming earth changes, and often bared from leaving their ghetos because the Bush thugs (read the conscripted Military) will point their guns at them and refuse them road access.
(NancyL) Queen, Q1?
(NancyL) I FULLY expect that LA will have such a lock down, or an attempt at this, at least.
(ScoobyAfk) NancyL: see private msg
(QueenAway) MY APOLOGIES NANCY. But i respectfully ask that you NOT hold a session in my channel today. Next week we will have a secure room for the session, and things will be back to normal.
(NancyL) NYC perhaps also.
(NancyL) I note they have NOT found a reason (outside of alien 'pulling apart' of the Shuttle) for the recent disaster.
(Obany) it might be an idea to move to #zetatalk now if we want to to contneue with this
(Humvee) ibid
(NancyL) San Francisco caught 'lightning' around the Shuttle as it passed overhead, and the heat started from the outside.
(FromTexas) Yes please do that Obany
(NancyL) NASA has also stated that the foam et al was NOT the cause of it, could not have been, etc.
(NancyL) Also noted on the news another building imploded, or exploded, in RI.
(FromTexas) NancyL will you go with Obany to #zetatalk
(GalacticExplorer) Obany don't think that going to zetatalk will be a good idea
(Obany) NancyL: queen is basicly saying that she don't want a session over here ... today
Session Close: Sat Feb 08 14:41:23 2003