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London Gas Leak
Oct 6, 2004

Gas leak causes Mass Evacuation, London
A major gas leak led to the evacuation of more than 100 residents from two blocks of flats in Battersea. Up to 125 people had to leave their homes last Wednesday, while gas officials and fire crews dealt with the leak at Pennethorne House, Ingrave Street.Emergency services were called just after noon to attend the scene. An exclusion zone was set up by fire crews as officials from supplier Transco traced the leak and began repairs. Residents from Penge House were also evacuated. A London Fire Brigade spokesman said the incident was caused by a broken gas main under the building. A spokesman for the gas company said: "Following an investigation of the area, the gas riser, which supplies gas to the building, was found to be leaking and it was necessary to isolate the gas pipe to stop the leak. "The situation was carefully managed and kept under control." Children at schools in the area were kept at school until their parents or guardians could collect them. This is the second serious incident of its kind in the last two months and it is not yet known whether the two leaks are connected. A spokesman for Wandsworth Council said: "If there is some kind of endemic problem it needs to be sorted out as soon as possible." Transco officials confirmed gas supplies were restored last Friday afternoon.