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Lou Gentile Show
Oct 14, 2003

I have received permission from Lou Gentile to share this file with the public, until his archieve is up and running. The file can be downloaded (15megs). Its been recompressed to make it smaller. Its 2hr 9 minutes long.

The showed taped for the 1st 2.5 hours, and then there was a break of 25 minutes (or so) and then resume. There is a section on there where Nancy was doing zetatalk on "slowing rotation", and then it suddently jumped to another section of "zetatalk"..which was related to something totally different. Therefore the answer will sound inconsistent. This is not a fault of Nancy/Zetas. Its just that the recording resume in the middle of another section.
There was a lady who called up and insisted that Nancy gave dates of 2002 during her interview on (now called I have all those shows, and I can only recall Nancy having given dates of MAY 2003 (or shortly thereafter). The caller was insistent that she (Nancy) gave 2002. From the recordings I have (which stems from 1998 up to 2000), there has been no mention of 2002.


New ZetaTalk during the session was transcribed and is available on the What's New page. In addition to the Jeff Rense Sighings radio shows, posting on the Usenets was done even prior to the Spring 1997 sci.astro debates. A search of Google will show that 2003 was always the date. The original logs from ISCNI, the online AOL chat group where ZetaTalk was born, likewise bear out 2003 as the date from the very start.

10/14/2003 Lou Gentile Show
10/14/2003 Whomping Sounds
10/14/2003 Slowing Determination


The Lou10/14 link mentioned during the broadcast is available as a link from this page.