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Connecticut Explosions
July 21, 2004

Hartford Power Outage could last up to 32 Hours
CL&P says it could take anywhere between 18 and 32 hours to repair the damage that has knocked out power to a portion of downtown Hartford. Radanovich told News Channel 8 that they are first trying to make the area safe, then they will fix the problem, and finally they will try to determine what caused the underground fire. The outages are centered around the central business district of the city where an underground fire destroyed some feeders. CL&P have crews on the scene trying to determine the cause of the outages and the extent of the damage. Radanovich told News Channel 8 that they are calling in all available crews that specialize in underground repair to fix the damage. Right now there is no estimate on how long it will take to get the power back on in Hartford. Extra fire and police crews have been called in to patrol the area of the outage, which spans a couple blocks around Bushnell Park.