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Hazlewood Disinformation

Nancy Lieder Fraud=NASA PX Patsy, 
by Mark Hazlewood, January 2003. 
For those who are die-hard Nancy Lieder fans it's now time to wake up 
from this child-like-state-of-acceptance of who Nancy claims to be 
and realize why the PTB created her. Nancy was created by the powers- 
that-be as a patsy for the Planet X subject. This is someone that 
the disinfo crew can ridicule and say that is where all the Planet X 
information is coming from; an elderly lady who speaks with aliens. 

The PTB knew there would be many credible leaks at this time in 
regards to Planet X so they needed to create their own negative focus 
for Planet X that was not credible. This whole Nancy Lieder fraud 
has been ongoing since 1995! They wanted to be able to take it to 
its natural conclusion and ridicule her when Planet X didn't show up 
during her stated time frame and say "See Planet X is all nonsense 
and that crazy Nancy lady is where it all steams from." 

1. Since posting this original message that James McCanney sent me 
   about the so-called pximages from Steve Havas being fed to Nancy 
   Lieder being given to Nancy from NASA. (The ptb-disinfo-crew-NASA-CIA- 
   Nancy Lieder have already written to me asking which images James 
   looked at with the NASA server codes so they can clean-up their act 
   and so that the codes won't accidently come up again for anyone 
   else. I'm sorry, but the cat has feathers in it's mouth. We know 
   where the bird is. (thank you James McC for these last 2 lines) 

2. There is no Planet X at the coordinates being given out. For 4 
   months straight these fake coordinates have been used to fraudulently 
   persuade the public that Nancy is using inside information given to 
   her exclusively by aliens known as zetas or greys. Nobody else is 
   seeing anything there at these coordinate what-so-ever! If there 
   were something to it hundreds of others across the globe would have 
   created their own images and posted them independently on the 
   internet. Nancy said there are hundreds of people imaging PX using 
   her NASA given coordinates but are scared to post what they find for 
   fear of being ridiculed like she is. Scared people on the internet? 
   Are you kidding? With the disclosure of real coordinates and images 
   millions of lives could be saved. Humanitarian people across the 
   globe certainly wouldn't be scared to help their fellow man like this. 

Mark Hazelwood´s comment about PX sightings
From the GodLikeProductions Message Board, April 14, 2003

Fabricated Images and sightings of PX

If you´re paying attention to any of the amateur sightings of Planet X that are ending up at zetatalk and the prep2003 egroups, you´re paying attention to CIA/NSA/NASA lies.

Please do not be concerned.

You are watching the last stages of a disinformation campaign to denounce Planet X when it doesn´t pass in spring 2003.

There are no credible images or serious amateur astronomers that are seeing anything at this time.

Rest assured that this campaign will backfire on the ones creating it.
The powers-that-be are tipping their hat to the reality of Planet X by putting so much effort in creating these images/fabrications and next will be saying it was all nonsense with no science to back it up when PX doesn´t pass in the spring.

They created the spring 2003 date and knew full well it was wrong to cover up what they know about Planet X being inbound! Wrap your mind around this logic and you´ll see that the gov´t-hired-disinfo-crew will shortly be giving some of the best evidence of PX´s existence to date when they follow through with this plan. There would be no reason to create this campaign to discredit PX unless Planet X was absolutely real and and inbound currently.

I do not know when Planet X will arrive except to say that it´s inbound now and not yet being viewed by serious amateur astronomers.

Mark H

From the PUFOIN web site, interviews about Planet X in January, 2004.

In January of 2004, PUFOIN hosted a Question and Answer Session with 5 self-proclaimed experts on Planet X. We polled both advocates and oppositionists. Of the 5 who participated, only one advocate withdrew during the process; Mark Hazelwood. After being asked to counter some comments from an oppositionist, Mr. Hazelwood immediately labeled PUFOIN as a disinformation web site rather than present solid evidence to counter the statements of the oppositionist. We also polled Nancy Lieder of Zeta Talk who supports the Planet X assertions. Nancy is a self-proclaimed Emissary for an alien race known as Zeta. Nancy's website offers a great deal of intriguing concepts, which make for interesting reading. Nancy also manages Troubled Times. This website offers information on the changing Earth environment and suggested preparation for these Earth changes. While it has always been the position of the PUFOIN editorial staff to relay researched and truthful information to our viewers, we can not confirm or deny the existence of an inbound space object such as Planet X. Ultimately, you (the viewer) are responsible for forming your own conclusions based on the evidence offered by the various researchers who support or debunk the existence.

The PUFOIN staff finds the Planet X debate of a continued viable interest to the viewers. We've followed up with Nancy Lieder and asked her some tough questions with a decidedly anti-PX approach. As always, Nancy answered with enthusiasm and openness seldom found with other researchers who are asked the devils advocate type questions. We'd like to thank Nancy for taking the time to be a part of our follow up Q&A. Whether you support the findings of Nancy or not, you can't discount her humble and cooperative approach when asked tough questions. Not once has Nancy become defensive or belligerent. It should be noted that our experience has demonstrated that those with alternative views tend to be quick to denounce their opponents as debunkers.

And as of May, 2005, the attack resumed! No explanation for the long absense of these attacks, or the resumption, except that the hits on the ZetaTalk web site indicate that ZetaTalk has quadrupled in popularity since 2003 and Mark Hazelwood's web site has flat lined. Note he will not allow his newsletter recipients to find the ZetaTalk web site, as he never gives the link or even the full name.

This message is from Mark Hazelwood author of Blindsided, Delicate Earth, etc...See: **** who is in agreement with Prof James McCanney, See:*** <>* ** that Planet X is behind the sun and coming up from the direction of the south pole where it is very difficult to observe. Their position is that all the current earthchanges, solar activity, and atmospheric changes on all the planets in the solar system are being affected by the periodic passing of this object approx. every 3600 years based on legends, artifacts and archaeological interpretations of various ancient sites.*

There are several egroups that discuss PX and related subjects that are of course filled with disinfo agents weaving their blend of lies and truth as they've been hired to do so. I'd simply like them to get on with their work of creating new disinformation because the occasional object in front of the sun being PX bs has run it's course and is obviously a lie. They continue to spread this lie and push the date 2012 for a PX flyby.

For those paying attention the two pieces of disinfo contradict each other time wise. If the object in front of the sun being PX were true it would be here much sooner than their too late 2012 date they now push. Their first disinfo date of 2003 (which I fell for when largely green to the whole disinfo crew situation) was too early of course.

Below is a little research sent to me about the latest disinformation being put out by zt. Thanks goes out to Berry Ball for forwarding this to me. The conclusion is they are all 'normal planetary objects in front of or around the sun.' Again NASA/PTB created zt to lie to the public about Planet X and to put the entire extra-solar-object-catastrophism subject matter in the realm of the unbelievable because they know it is true and are afraid the public might find out, which would significantly lessen their power over the public.

If you goto zetatk for information sooner or later you are going to find yourself embarrassed at what you may have started to believe once you've found out you've been had. By putting this combo of PX lies and truth out there in this manner with zt (along with many other people and websites they have) they are in essence hiding the truth from the public. Silence about this subject matter over their controlled mass media has been their most effective tool. The vast majority of websites and people out there discussing PX are put there by the ptb to create doubt while hooking you in with some level of truth or good information.

I'm not suggesting you only goto McCanney, myself, and Sherwood Ensey for your PX-extra-solar-object-information. First, because I know there are other honest people out there giving their truth/research/insider info as best they know. Plus, the disinformation artists and websites themselves sometimes give great individual nuggets of information that can be pulled from the bs and then used by those with discerning eyes.

The last most significant point is there would be no reason to set up, pay for, and coordinate this huge disinformation campaign unless there WAS SOMETHING MOST DEFINITELY COMING SOON TO HIDE. Using this info as a kind of structure or blueprint for your research you may want to study everything and everyone and help with the awakening in your own way if you are so inclined.

Take Care

Mark H