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Hazlewood Integrity

From: planetx2003 <>
Subject: X 100% confirmed by computer Hubble link
Date: 07 Jun 2002 14:55:58 GMT
Message-ID: <>

100% confirmed by computer Hubble link

The triple doctorate, who I phoned back the first time and said "he 
had seen Planet X with his own eyes and it is 100% confirmed," is 
going to have to forgive me.  He asked me not to devulge his name and 
I did not.  I did let it be known that he had 3 doctorates.  This, 
I'm sure, made it very easy for the disinfo-crew to identify who 
leaked the info out about the meeting, 5-23-2002 at the Boston 
Science Museum just outside of Boston, where all 24 people got to 
view Planet X.  The second time I talked with him he sounded a little 
nervous as he tried to pass a piece of disinfomation to me about the 
date of Planet X being a few months later than all my research 
suggests.  I surmise that the disinfo crew had a talk with him, after 
our first conversation, and , directed him to call me back. He calmed 
down after a few minutes on the phone after he understood that I 
wasn't swallowing the disinformation about the date of passage being 
a few months later.  He also mentioned that he knew the telephone was 
being tapped.  At one point he let slip out that everyone got to view 
Planet X on a computer screen that was linked to Hubble.  I then made 
a quick confirming comment to him about that, because he had not let 
me know that during the first phone call.  He then asked me not to 
devulge that information once I pointed that out.  I said I would not 
and haven't until now.  The doctor will just have to forgive me for 
doing so.  I've been watching people on the e-groups, the last few 
days,  impeach my account of these conversations and even go so far 
as to take a few pot-shots at zetatalk coordinates because of this 
new confirmation.  The doctor did thank me for saving his life by me 
writing my book.  I guess he'll have to forgive me for going against 
his wishes by letting people know that he let slip out, during our 
longer 2nd phone call, that it was a computer sceen with a Hubble 
link that allowed all to view Planet X during that hush-hush 
meeting.  Although, I've let others know privately by phone that this 
was the case this is the first time I've done so openly on the 
internet.  This is just too significant a piece of confirming 
information to keep to myself, even though I'm breaking a promise by 
letting it out.   

Take Care
Mark H

From:       John Doe <>
Subject:    Re: X 100% confirmed by computer Hubble link
Message-ID: <>
Date:       Fri, 07 Jun 2002 19:35:18 GMT

On Fri, 07 Jun 2002 20:45:59 +0200, Stig Bull <> wrote:
> Magnus Nyborg wrote:
>> Hubble is _never_ directed anywhere as close to the Sun as you imply, as
>> there is an imminent danger of destruction due to the intense light and
>> heat. This means that you, Mr. Mark Hazelwood, are again lying. It will be
>> a pleasure to aid anyone suing the pants off of you when your scam has
>> been proven 'a scam'...
> The person who wrote that used a host, meaning he/she/it/they are 
> most likely from some Scandinavian country...

LOL... No, someone from scandinavia posted it, Hazelwood wrote it
alright, i stumbled on it
at this site i just love those exotic
American conspiracy theorists sites, we don't have much of that up
here in Scandinavia. :-))