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Hazlewood Get-Rick-Quick Schemes

From: "markh" <>
Date: Tue Nov 14, 2000 5:43 pm
Subject: Planet X - EBIZ

Please be very careful with this email. I'm writing a book that I'm giving away that everyone should read if you want to quickly understand the Planet X issue. Plus everyone needs money NOW to get ready for the aftertimes!

Maximum $38,000 a week for all when you reach max $5000 a day spends. It is an absolute Godsend. This is not for the very wealthy. Everyone is doubling their money every 3 days (Sundays excluded). If you don't have the $20 to start go to the chat site.


Everyone that truly needs the money to get started is being funded into EBIZ with no money! Go to the chat site and ask to get on Ruffles fund list if you need it. She will get your free e-gold account funded with $20 within 2 days. She's funded hundreds of needy people. Do it now!!!!


I've a book that I'm writing titled; Planet X, Death Star 2003, Where Will You Be?

If you'd like an email copy in it's current form send an email with "book" in the subject to There are no hard copies and I'm not selling it now, just giving it away for free. Understand it is in a rough draft format.

There are 15,000-20,000 people doing this world wide at this time. **I get no referal compensation for telling you this.** I've found $heaven$ on earth. For 3 weeks straight they've been paying every 3 days like clockwork. Every 3 days they double your money!!!!

This is a LONG TERM PROGRAM. You need an e-gold account. Go to e-gold to set one up if you don't have one. It's free and takes five minutes. To fund your e-gold with a Visa card go to

Go to EBIZ ventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you've no money people will help you on the chat site. Just post your e-gold number and ask Ruffles for help and get on the list a total of $20 to start. This 24 hr chat site is an awesome place to hang out and ask questions about the program. A great honorable group of people. EBIZ reps are always there for questions.

Good Day! Mark H

Listen to what others are saying about EBIZ!!!!

Good Day, List Members, If you have an E-Gold account with $20, spend it HERE> Tom Shaw

For All E-Biz Ventures FANS!

I have compiled various facts and interesting items from a few hours in the E-Biz Chatrooms this week to help you with this interesting program. Here we go!


I commenced with E-Biz on Oct 28th and with money doubling every 3 days, I have achieved quite a gain in a short time from a modest start. Everyone is being paid either on time on day 3, or up to a few hours late into day 4. This is a remarkable record of performance considering their amazing growth in such a short time. It is possible to earn a profit of up to US$5,483 per day, 7 days per week.


1) 5 Principals commenced operations on October 21, 2000.

2) Licensed in Oklahoma and reporting all income of both the company and its US Resident members, via 1099.

3) Membership reached 4,500 on Saturday Nov 5th; 15,000 last weekend; and almost 20,000 as of today.

4) NO RECRUITING is allowed. There are no Referral Fees paid. Spamming will cause you to be terminated. You may only invite friends and associates to participate, if you wish, but there is no reward for doing so. I urge everyone to keep this low key and only invite people you know VERY well to participate.

WEBSITES: E-Biz Ventures Website:

E-Biz Members Only Site:


CHATROOMS: E-Biz Members Only Chatroom:

Open Chatroom:



Username/Password Retrieval: Go to

E-Biz Ventures Support:

There is a link "I Did Not Get Paid". Copy and paste the history of the disputed Spend and email to



1) You must be 18 years of age, have an Egold account and join E-Biz Ventures as a Member. Upon submitting your Member Application, you are transferred automatically to a 1099 Application Form. (Each Member may have only ONE Egold account in use in the program).

2) Only Individuals may join. No companies, trusts, IBC's, LP's, etc.

3) 1099 Form:

a) If You are a US Resident - complete with name, address, phone, email and SS#. E-Biz will submit a 1099 annually, and all income (profit) will be taxable as "Other Income".

b) If you are a NON-US Resident - complete with name, address, phone, email and in the SS# field, insert your phone number. You will receive an email stating that the information will be for their data base only. (For those Non-US Residents with multiple members living in the same household with the same phone number, put an A, B, C at the end of the phone number in the SS# field, to create a unique identifier for each member in the program.)


1) There are individual E-Biz Egold accounts for each different $amount. You can deposit $20's; $50's; or Combo $375's. Go to the Website and follow all the instructions for how to Spend to correct Egold accounts and what goes into the MEMO field of each Spend. It is important to get these correct.

2) When Spending to buy a Combo at Egold #194632 you can ONLY purchase ONE COMBO at a time. No multiples.

3) TIP: Buy Combos as a first choice, as they pay out more than double. ($375 pays out $800 - $12 Fee =$788.) Next buy $20's, because they are the first payouts each day.


1) E-Biz operates on a 6 day week, 1:00 pm EST to 1:00 am EST with no payouts on Sundays. However, members may still SPEND 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Spends on both Sundays and Mondays are paid out on Thursdays, a "double payday". E-Biz is also closed on holidays, however once again you can Spend on a holiday, which leads to another "double payday". If Monday is a holiday, that would force Tuesday to be a "double payday" for both previous Thursday and Friday Spends.

2) Fees are deducted from all payouts.

Payout Fee Schedule:
Payouts up to $99 = $2 Fee deducted from payout
Payouts $100-$199 = $4 Fee deducted from payout
Payouts $200 ++ = $6 Fee deducted from payout
Combos $800 = $12 Fee deducted from payout

3) A very helpful Excel Spreadsheet to keep track of your Spends and Payouts. Go to:


1) They are launching something to be called TOUCHDOWN. (The E-Biz Ventures program features football terms, such as "Kick-Off" for the $20's; "1st N Ten" for the $50's; "3rd N Goal" for the $Combos)

2) Planning overseas operations into next year, and 24 hour round the clock transaction processing


Big Recommendation on this one!!!!

Ebiz Ventures, doubles your money, They have been paying like clockwork every 3 days for about a month now. It's so unbelieveable, This is TRIPLE A rated


Has been paying out as promised for several weeks now. This program has been put together by several members from our group. I expect their program to be with us for a good while.