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June Figure 8

The wobble was being reported as more extreme, the violence of the lurch causing jet stream loops and increasingly bizarre weather. Compare to May trends.

El Paso
June 1
Sunrise 6:04 AM Azi 90
[Skymap expects Azi 74] SOUTH 16 and EARLY.
Noon 12:40 PM Sun was 15° East and 15° South of dome
[Skymap expects Azi 110 Alt 69] SOUTH.
June 29
Sunrise 6:05 Azi 60. A lot of red prior to dawn.
[Skymap expects an hour later, as has consistently been reported from El Paso re Sunrise, Azi 62.] EARLY

Jun 18
Sundown 7:10 PM Azi 281 Alt 21
[Skymap expects Azi 291 Alt 13] SOUTH 10, HIGH 8 and LATE