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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Sep 28, 2002

Session Start: Sat Sep 28 16:42:07 2002
(PlanetX) We are not so stupid:)
(TerrorDactyl) Why would egyptologists want to cover up findings though?
(RiceCrispies) conspiracy
(NancyL) No Grimbot as yet. Hello all!
(Samsara2003) To protect their reputation, as all sciences do when established theory is challenged by irrefutable data
(Jonnie) existance of a more cosmic and extraterrestrial linked earth is not in the goverments of many countries favor
(RiceCrispies) High tech finds only for the gov and all the established scientists dont want to be embarassed
(ShadowCow) Because you tend to get laughed out of academic circles when you talk about LGM
(NancyL) I'm watching for Jan as I want to tell him he's done a very good job on sci.astro
(Jonnie) They would eventually have to admit what they know
(TerrorDactyl) So do you think that science is a rligion?
(EarthShield) The three pyramids at giza have to be the greatest wonder and mystery that exists on Earth today. We will eventually discover the real story.
(Zetapal) Terror its not a question necessarily of "covering up" findings but rather 'leading interpretations " of findings to certain conclusions
(ShadowCow) Science is a methodology for discovering the world around us.
(Obany) Okay some changes for during the session ... for those who didn't read the email yet
(Cmel) You think earth
(RiceCrispies) What email ob
(Cmel) What email
(TerrorDactyl) No email for me
(Obany) Okay I will expain it briefly
(Jonnie) Can someone send me an email, or do you have to be in TT?
(Cmel) Plz restate
(NancyL) I think Obany means the tt-new and tt-watch et al announcements.
(Jonnie) Ahh
(RiceCrispies) Probably
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy, we are discussing the pyramids again - have you heard about David Fellin and his 'cement' theory
(Ummite) Nancy I have seen on Discovery Channel a scientist that he talk about the mirror matter its an invisible matter what do you think about that
(PlanetX) Nancyl, is it true that humanity is changing now, I mean that the Humanity's DNA is changing by PLanetx?
(NancyL) I have a small agenda, re EMF Towers
(NancyL) Cement theory? No, why?
(Loitus) I like that EMF song "Unbelievable" ;)
(Obany) During the session the channel will be +m if you have a question use /msg to send the question to Jeremy or me ... if the question is good enough you will get a voice and will be able to ask it to Nancy ... then you will be devoiced again
(Okidok) The new images of the planetx is very much depending of a good imagination?
(Obany) If your question has been answered
(Jonnie) Planet, many aliens are helping DNA restructuring, read "the Power of 12"
(TerrorDactyl) Well he says he had an OOB and saw egyptians and ETs puring liquid rock into moulds to make the pyramid blocks
(Samsara2003) Nancy : perhaps if you have a small Agenda, the Z's could explain why they allowed 9-11 to occur, as consolidation of power by the Bush administration was obviously furthered by this event and not in agreement with the STO agenda
(RiceCrispies) Samsara excellent Q
(Jonnie) Loitus it is purely volentary.
(NancyL) Ummite, more theories without basis for the Zetas to address? Not an accepted Q.
(Jonnie) It cant be done without a soul permission
(Obany) During the session the channel will be +m if you have a question use /msg to send the question to Jeremy or me ... if the question is good enough you will get a voice and will be able to ask it to Nancy ... then you will be devoiced again if your follow up question has been answered
(ShadowCow) Better yet. Ask them if the intent is to let the powerful overextend so they fall easier :)
(S7L) Wow, that's a new level of cencorship for the zetatalk chats.
(Obany) No cencorhsip
(ArcTicWoLf) ..
(Jeremy) Don't worry S7L, we shall be fair
(Obany) No censorhip
(RichO) How is that not censorship?
(Obany) It got a to big of a mess
(TerrorDactyl) Can't we speak freely if we are sensible and courteous?
(NancyL) Okidok, the new REAL images show a definite object to the left of Star 4. If you have no eyes, as apparently you do not, then you must use your imagination.
(RiceCrispies) speak freely in #troubled_times or #poleshiftdiscussion
(EarthShield) 33 lbs. of weapons grade uranium have been intercepted in Turkey...likely headed for Iraq. So, Nancy, does Saddam posess the atom bomb?
(PlanetX) Because ZT says that the Humanity, when it enters in Fourth density, will have something like a password in their cells, that will chage the Humanity as a whole,we will be better than other civilisation, which were on the Earth before that, we will be the Sixth civilisation
(RichO) Or if you have not planet then you must use imagination?
(Obany) if the question is valid .. you will get a +v
(Loitus) Earth: Planted by the US to give an excuse form invasion
(NancyL) Terror, who cares then about this Fella's story. If 1. he does not predict, 2. has no accuracy trackrecord, then no comment from the Z's.
(Cmel) What is th ecsact format of /msg (the syntax)?
(TerrorDactyl) sci.astro say that the ringed object is just one of thousands that doesn't appear on the NASA photo
(Obany) /msg nicname message
(NancyL) If they find cement, then he has some accuracy, else not.
(Cmel) Ok
(Bailey) Hi and bye
(Cmel) So we send a message to you or who?
(NancyL) S7L, we miss Grimbot, NOT a new level of censorship, just trying to stop the silly chatter during an answer, as few are polite enough to allow the speaker to speak.
(NancyL) Jurian typed his fingers off last time ...
(3j) You dont need grimbot to make the channel +m / -m
(Jan) Nancy, IMO just tried to claim that Steve's object was a hot pixel, when in fact that was the object below the one pointed to as Planet X. Even excluding the image with the hot pixel, the new object is clearly visible using the right techniques.
(S7L) Right, but that's not exactly correct. This means that chatter even after answer is prohibted.
(3j) Got mirc? double click the window, and check the box.... how easy can that be
(S7L) But I suppose we'll all talk on #troubled_times then
(Mattxii) Zeta!: What causes schizophrenia?!
(Bailey) Why did gimbot go?
(NancyL) Terror, few are sensible and polite. Most just want to see their comments in print in the log.
(Nol) Hmm ...
(Mattxii) Zeta!: What causes schizophrenia?!
(Nol) No banning pls
(Bailey) I see
(Jurian) Nol: if you behave, we won't
(Jurian) If you start your shit again, you're out
(Cmel) So /msg Obany bla bla bla etc.
(Cmel) ?
(Bailey) Where do we file for exemtion :o)\
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy, some of the folks on sci.astro are saying that the dot you circled in the photo is just noise - and that it is one of many dots that does not appear on the NASA photo - could the ZT's please comment on this allegation
(Cmel) Or what ?
(3j) Cmel yes
(Cybervvizz) Claiming yourself Matt XII ?
(NancyL) Loitus, I agree, Bush has been desperately trying to get a real excuse for his war mongering.
(Jeremy) Cmel: or myself if you want
(Obany) Yes or /msg Jeremy bla bla bla ...
(Cmel) Ok
(Jan) Terror, that is incorrect. Check my latest postings to sci.astro for full details
(Loitus) Weird that after they finally tell us where in the image PX is suddenely, coincedentally there are new policies ;)
(TerrorDactyl) Ok Jan will do - URL please?
(Loitus) Hmm
(Mattxii) Cyber: maybe; but I want an answer from the greys
(NancyL) Terror, sci.astro crowd will deny when it is burning their eyes out in the sky. A distinct, round, object left of Star 4, NOT like "thousands" of others.
(Bailey) Does insurance give us exemption
(Cybervvizz) Don't you like blue ? :-)
(PlanetX) Bush will make a war with Iraq because of Chemical and biological poizons,for that.
(Jan) Terror, get the demo version of Maxim DL and see for yourself. All details in sci.astro postings
(PlanetX) Bush will not make a war for petrol
(NancyL) Matt, the Q about being psycho is already answered in ZT, Being Human section.
(TerrorDactyl) Ok Jan thx
(Jonnie) Nancy, can you briefly shed light on Arcturians, ie role or relationship between them and zetas?
(Bailey) These are inner trust laws
(Loitus) PX: Bush's pockets lie within the oil industry with oil running low here in the US he' desperate
(S7L) NancyL: I would like to say that it's still very different from your predictions
(NancyL) Go for it Juian :-). The gloves are off. NO other forum allows the kind of adolescent behavior that is attempted in this chat.
(Obany) During the session the channel will be +m if you have a question use /msg to send the question to Jeremy or me ... if the question is valid you will get a voice and will be able to ask it to Nancy ... then you will be devoiced again If your follow up question has been answered
(Bailey) Alliances
(S7L) I believe sci.astro will believe you when it begins to look like a magnitude 11 object with swirling moons and red dust cloud
(Jan) It's been real interesting to see how people on sci.astro does what they can to claim "nothing there" instead of wondering what it is.
(Stphrz) Hm
(HenryK) More Pix would confirm PlanetX isn't noise
(NancyL) Jan! I wanted to tell you that you're doing an EXCELLENT job on sci.astro.
(Piet) What does the zetas say about evolution?
(NancyL) I picked up a bunch of your posts to put on the web, sci.astro debates.
(3j) Yes more pics, why dont the sci.astro ppl take more pics?
(Bailey) Are we going to comepete with each other?
(RichO) Jan: It still doesn't match the predictions
(PlanetX) Its funny:), I mean that Americans, even Europeans already know other sorses of energy.
(O2) Even russia :P
(PlanetX) :)
(Jurian) Its sad that we can't use them tho
(Loitus) PX: But sadly the US government is owned by oil
(Crispexi) Yes, otherwise some people might not make millions a year like they do now
(Jonnie) Nancy, can you briefly shed light on Arcturians, ie role or relationship between them and zetas?
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy, it is still not visible with an amateur telescope though is it - you said it would be
(NancyL) S7L, if we get an image from the southern hemisphere, the red light bending will be different, THEN we can gage.
(Jan) S7L, as I have already posted, the images cannot tell what that object is yet. We will have to continue to track it and see differences in position and magnitude before firm, scientific conclusions can be drawn. However, isn't it interesting that is is where the Zeta's said it would be?
(Bailey) No one is making money now
(S7L) Then we can gage? Sorry, is gage 'look' ?
(Jurian) Someone should publish working schematics on the internet, with a list of parts, and how to build the device :D
(Jan) Nancy, thanks
(S7L) Jan: but it's not where zetas claimed it to be. Zetas give numbers that are sub-arcsecond in precision
(Samsara2003) Nancy : Will the Zetas be providing any assistance in the aftertime as far as providing technologies to be used for food production, besides the battery packs already promised?
(S7L) That's off by about 10 or so.
(RichO) Jan: No, it would be interesting if it was there and looked like Nancy said
(Cmel) t minus 4 and 45 Hehe
(S7L) And the red light bending is crap as far as I am concerned
(NancyL) Piet, have you read ZT in the Being Human section about Early Man et al? Please DO use the search engine, that's what its there for.
(S7L) You with astronomy equipment should look "red light" from Mars and see it doesn't bend.
(Jonnie) Nancy, can you briefly shed light on arcturians, ie role or relationship between them and zetas?
(Cmel) S7L it not something I learned in school
(Piet) How much will PX brightness increase in, say a month?
(TerrorDactyl) Well I have an amateur telescope and there is no way it is visible
(Jonnie) Sorry for being redundant =)
(Bailey) Even the basic humanitarian water has been cut off
(S7L) Cmel: it's also not something you can observe in the night sky
(Mattxii) Nancy, Thanks I found it. Ask greys this: Why are greys born with negative energy?
(Jonnie) Your sight does not mention them at all
(Cmel) Nah you think ..... :)
(NancyL) Jonnie, declined on Arcturians, as you are assuming they are REAL group, which they are not.
(Obany) During the session the channel will be +m if you have a question use /msg to send the question to Jeremy or me ... if the question is valid you will get a voice and will be able to ask it to Nancy ... then you will be devoiced again if your follow up question has been answered ... Discussion can take place in #troubled_times
(Zetapal) Boy some of you guys ask some dumbass questions . lol\
(Stphrz) Yeah yeah
(Jan) S7L, you may think what you like about the red light bending, but the position is pretty good if you take that into consideration, as the Zetas all the time have stated one should
(Zetapal) Rotfl
(Mikeaus) Lol zetapal
(NancyL) S7L, and the red light bending has ALWAYS been discussed, describing the exact way it would bend, why, etc.
(Cmel) Haha
(S7L) Jan: well, I just think it suonds suspicious.
(Zetapal) Lol
(PlanetX) Actually, Americans, Europens and Russia expect the sorse of petrol ot reach its limits, then they will use other "secret"energy. Its more cheaper for Rich countries to buy petrol from Arab countries, actually they take petrol for few money, but the war for Iraq is not about petrol:)
(S7L) NancyL: really? Well can you tell me *why* this is not observed for anything but Planet X?
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy, shouldn't it be bigger and brighter by now?
(NancyL) This spot, taken from Arizona (I put up a graphic to help the concept across) is way south, must cross over the Equator and much atmosphere.
(Samsara2003) Nancy : Is Lisette Larkins a valid channel? "Talking to Extraterrestrials"
(Stphrz) Translation: Practical questions will not be allowed
(JubJub963) Is steve here? Please filter for red in all future pics
(Jan) S7L, that's OK. Just keep with it and see how it changes or not, then you can draw your own conclusions.
(Cmel) Do the zetas have S.. ?
(NancyL) Thus, the light bends DOWN toward the gravity of Earth.
(Cybervvizz) Ex
(Cmel) Or are the asexual
(Piet) PX can be spotted by its increase in brightness, then bending light ought not to be an issue
(Mattxii) Have zetas told you whether those who talk to zetas suffer from Schizophrenia?
(Loitus) Seems suspicious
(S7L) Jan: well, we'll see how it behaves.
(Cybervvizz) With a fre emotions you can't do sex , I guess :-)
(Jonnie) Nancy, then ill restate, I'd like to know about the basic galactic relationships between the zetas, who they work well in combination with and for what purposes
(TerrorDactyl) Why is it no brighter now than it was in pictures from years ago?
(Cmel) Hehe mattxii
(NancyL) Then, because it comes up on the EAST, in Arizona, and light not directly south would bend toward the center of the Earth, having the greatest tug, there is a deviation in that direction.
(Obany) Loitus: cause last week it got to big of a mess that's why ...
(Nol) Hi , Nancy's the hour..hehe
(S7L) NancyL: but all light bends essentially the same way, so the star position moves. It's not because of gravity, but because of atmosphere that any bending occurs even
(Loitus) What is the defintion on a GOOD question?
(Cybervvizz) Bailey, don't jell
(Jurian) 95 people in here :)
(NancyL) JubJub, poor Steve, who never sleeps, has gotten that request from Jan and I etc.
(S7L) We have established with excellent precision that gravity bends all light the same way
(MikeO) A "good" question is one that gets accepted.
(Loitus) Heh
(TerrorDactyl) S7L gravity can bend light - look at a black hole as an example, where the escape velocity is greater than the speed of light
(S7L) The red light from planet x is not special, or shouldn't be, and thus light from stars shuold bend exactly same way.
(Lace) What's interesting is that ALL objects were elongated due to tracking errors, *except* "planet x"
(Cybervvizz) S7L, You can't deny red light is lower in freq as blue
(S7L) TerrorDactyl: yeah but you missed the point.
(Cmel) i would agree with S7L anytime, it's the atmosphere that bends
(NancyL) Its clear that what the Z's said in 1996 re filtering FOR red is important.
(S7L) Cybervvizz: I'm not denying that. Read more carefully what I said
(Piet) PX can be spotted by its increase in brightness, then bending light ought not to be an issue
(PlanetX) Actually I think that americans wants a war with Iraq, because they find petrol bases there very dangerous for coming disasters, and they want to stop Iraq's petrol station because they could be destroyed by coming pole shift
(PGill) Red light is the slowest, therefor bends the most
(NancyL) Jonnie, there are 1,000 life forms in 40 different groups, at present, round numbers, so Q declined as too complex.
(Cmel) Well the light is bend 0.5 degrees when you look just past the sun
(NancyL) Loitus, a good Q is one that the Z's accept.
(Cybervvizz) I think it is not harden proof in space
(Jan) S7L, let's leave the light bending issue as is and see how the object behaves in the future. According to the Zetas, this object emitts excluively in the red spectrum, which makes it different from other objects
(Jonnie) And there are no aliens anywhere near Arcturus?
(S7L) Jan: why? Mars also emits pretty much in the red spectrum.
(Lace) There's no object Jan
(S7L) Do we observe red light bending for Mars?
(Tizza) Were the bloody hell is "X" on those pics of Steve H's?
(NancyL) S7L, mankind has not established anything. The common man fully understands that at the MOMENT the sun comes up, it is way fat and broad.
(Samsara2003) Nancy : Can the Z's could explain why they allowed 9-11 to occur, as consolidation of power by the Bush administration was obviously furthered by this event and not in agreement with the STO agenda
(PlanetX) We dont have to drink milk, dont we?
(Jonnie) I find that hard to believe, from my personal experiences, but I digress
(Lace) If it was an "object" it would be elongated like all the other objects
(Loitus) So... if the Z's don't like a question then no recognition of it exists.. hmm sounds Facsist
(S7L) NancyL: but a man who can photograph the Sun knows it doesn't scale up at all
(NancyL) Likewise at the MOMENT it goes down. Despite the pompous pronouncements of the scientists elite.
(S7L) That's all incorrect because you have thought the visual illusion is the reality
(Jws2776) Nancy, I had a question regarding Disc technology during WWII. Did the Germans achieve this technology and were they able to further it in their speculated South American and Antartic bases?
(Jan) Nancy, will the Zetas accept this: What can we expect from our currently silent debunkers (Tholen et al) on the current imaging? What are they cookin' up for us?
(S7L) Anyone with camera and filter can check it for Sun, or just for Moon without filter
(Cmel) Oh no not the a-teens
(Cmel) Aaaarrrgrghhhh
(RichO) Jan: Do you read other posts, sci.astro has not been silent?
(TerrorDactyl) We just need a nice clear photo of it, then everyone will shut up
(Cmel) Phheww
(NancyL) Jan, I agree that the tracking of this object, and getting images from different hemispheres, etc. during different times of the night, etc., will help establish that it is moving according to the light bending explanation of the Z's.
(Cybervvizz) Light goes to mars and returns to earth, planetx lights should go straight forward, maybe...
(Loitus) I need to see a red cross in the sky before I believe
(Lace) How do you track noise Nancy?
(Cmel) Me too loitus
(Nol) Nancy ..its the hour ...hehe
(Jan) S7L, I have seen with my own eyes that the sun can be huge when at the horizon. However, it seems to differ with latitude, more so at the equator, and with weather condition.
(Kramark) What do the zetas say about Nepal and African politics?
(NancyL) S7L, WRONG, there was a posting on sci.astro by a man who DID get the spread of the sun on film.
(SteveH) Question for the Z's - can the position of the moon affect the bending of the light from PX?
(PlanetX) NancyL, Is it true that Bush wants to instal a laser base in the space to the end of 2002
(TerrorDactyl) Why don't the zeta's just give Nancy a nice clear photo to post on zetatalk, I mean that in all seriousness
(RichO) Jan: ie atmospheric conditions maybe?
(Cmel) It's beyond the hour according to my clock
(S7L) Jan: no. That's just visual illusion. Take two pictures of the Moon, say, one when it seems huge at horizon and one when it is high up in sky
(Lace) Yes, and it was the same size at the horizon as it was at 35║
(3j) Terrordactyl good point
(NancyL) Jws2776, no this is myth, probably based on their expectations as they were dealing with the STS aliens too, as early MJ12 was.
(Loitus) Terror: They haven't discovered the camera yet.. by some weird chance ..
(PlanetX) Thanks:)
(S7L) And then compare the sizes of the Moon on the two photographs. They are basically the same size, allowing for slight differences for distance.
(Obany) And as we all know it's almost the 3th of October and there are coordinates for that day ... So use your telescope or go to a observatory and check :
(TerrorDactyl) I would really like to hear a serious answer to that from Nancy
(Jan) RichO, only a few debunkers have been active, and mostly the hot-air empty barrels
(Cmel) 00:05
(3j) Ok you guys gona +m now
(Cmel) According to my atomic watch
(S7L) NancyL: Sun is also troublesome because there are mirage effects that can genuinely enlarge the actual camera-photographable size of the Sun
(PlanetX) Nancy, arent MJ12 tring to safe the World by forming a kind of shield around the Earth?
(Lace) What to coment on? There was nothing in the images from Arnie
(NancyL) Terror, when we get the "nice clean" photo everyone will NOT shut up, then they will be squacking to be rescued, and Jan and I will be the first people clung to by the babies who loudly shouted obsenities all along.
(Cmel) +m
(Jan) S7L, not so. I have no scientific explanation though, which is why I have never entered into such a discussion on sci.astro
(S7L) But without the Mirage, Sun actually shrinks close to horizon.
(Cybervvizzthinksthisnickisbigg) Hehe
(Lace) Correct S7
(NancyL) S7L the moon is NOT red, so no bending. Sun is a different matter.
(Cybervvizz) :-)
(Obany) As soon the session will start this channel will be on moderation
(Loitus) Babies? Just because they are questioning you and aren't just believers
(S7L) NancyL: neither is the Sun red. Sheesh.
(Lace) Moonlight is relected sunlight Nancy - guh
(Obany) During the session the channel will be +m if you have a question use /msg to send the question to Jeremy or me ... if the question is valid you will get a voice and will be able to ask it to Nancy ... then you will be devoiced again if your follow up question has been answered ... Discussion can take place in #troubled_times
(Loitus) OBEY - or be considered a baby
(S7L) Moon does take a brownish/reddish colour when close to horizon though
(S7L) So does Sun
(JWilliam) Go placidly amid the noise and haste, take a deep breath and move on ;)
(Lace) Lol Loitus
(S7L) But that has nothing to do whether the Moon or Sun *is* red.
(NancyL) Jan, I love your statistics on how many posts, ALL empty, they post :-).
(Cmel) Obany will you plz moderate now
(3j) Yes moderate
(RichO) NL: moon is white? Then it contains all light, that means by your logic we should see two moons?
(Loitus) Mmm moderate
(RichO) One red one blue?
(PlanetX) Do you know that I have magnetic pole
(Lace) All from ABC and a sock puppet
(Cmel) Haha
(Loitus) Planet: Can I have a lick?
(NancyL) Loitus, those who cannot think, cannot do research, and so "prove it" when the proof is staring at them, are the babies, yes.
(PlanetX) And I fill irritation around me
(Lace) 147 posts from Anonymous in 2 weeks
(NancyL) OK, I will start with the sole Q we have, and then I have one myself.
(Kramark) Can the zetas comment on African politics and Nepal?
(Loitus) Babies are cute...
(NancyL) 1. There are a group of people around the world using Orgone Generators and or Cloudbusters as they call them to break up the Chemtrails and also to neutralize the so called cell phone towers, which they think are really something along the lines of Martial Law transmitters ready to broadcast some very harmful frequencies to control the masses or even worse.
(NancyL) 2. I know these odd looking EMF? towers are popping up everywhere. My thoughts are that when it becomes obvious Planet X is really coming people might try to evacuate inland, and these towers could be used to stop them in their tracks, keeping the masses away from the governments "safe" areas and creating problems with masses of people.
(NancyL) 3. What are your thoughts on this subject? Are these Orgone Generators helping the world and or the fight against government control?
(NancyL) ZT: Uneasy about the many coverups they sense are in place, and the illogical behavior of major powers such as the US, the public sees conspiracy everywhere.
(NancyL) ZT: Should we list the coverups?
(NancyL) ZT: The alien presence, UFOs being sighted by pilots and masses of the populace at once, such as in Mexico City where these UFOs were caught on film by so many amateurs that it could not be denied.
(NancyL) ZT: Earth changes, where Global Warming is floated as the cause of melting poles and rising seas and erratic weather, yet the key polluter in the world, the US, is uninterested in reducing emissions.
(NancyL) ZT: Documented coverups such as the JFK assassination, where the ridiculous explanation of a single bullet floats out there today, the truth to remain under wraps for several decades yet to protect the guilty.
(NancyL) ZT: The Gulf War, where it was clear that US soldiers were sent out unprotected to become sick, innoculated then becoming sick, and high alarm in the US Military because of this.
(NancyL) ZT: The upshot of this unease is that the US public, at the least, suspect REASONS behind the coverups and tries to make sense of them in this context.
(NancyL) ZT: Denying the alien presence makes the MOST sense in the light of a rumor deliberately spread that the US made an alliance, to gain technology.
(NancyL) ZT: However, in that the US has yet to emerge with this technology, this is dying out.
(NancyL) ZT: What then is the reason? Increasingly the public, which has noted that no mass landing or assault by aliens has occured, thinks perhaps the government does not want the public to LEARN something that would change their loyalties.
(NancyL) ZT: Movies such as Signs, or ID4, where aliens capable of arriving wrapped in high tech are easily put down by humans willing to duke it out mano-a-alien, have added to this sense.
(NancyL) ZT: Clearly, the government is NOT keeping an evil alien presence away, so ergo the presence must be GOOD, as contactees report.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, point one against the elite governments, in this coverup.
(NancyL) ZT: Earth changes are putting companies into bankruptcy, employees out of work, and threatening the insurance industry with default.
(NancyL) ZT: Nighly news reports that all countries are suffering, and increasingly the truth about starvation and ruin in other countries leaks out.
(NancyL) ZT: The picture is grim, yet the elite governments chirp on as though the ONLY issue were starting a war with Iraq, a nonsensical emergency in the eye of the common man.
(NancyL) ZT: If earth changes, the melting poles and wild weather, are being ignored, then the government must KNOW something, so the logic goes.
(NancyL) ZT: This something, of course, is not being shared with the public, so, point two against the elite governments, in THIS coverup.
(NancyL) ZT: The Gulf War sickness was first denied utterly by the US Military, but due to reporting on this matter and persistence in the horrified Veterans caretakers, the lack of concern by the US Military became obvious.
(NancyL) ZT: The lack of caring STOOD OUT against the principles applied in all other wars or police actions, and thus when the suspicion, the correlation, to innoculations began to spread, a coverup and unrevealed REASON was suspected.
(NancyL) ZT: What would be the REASON that a government would casually send solidiers unprotected into areas suspected of germ warfare poisons, or handling radioactive materials?
(NancyL) ZT: And why the rush to innoculate, the INSISTENCE that all soldiers have this treatment, when the sickness followed so closely those innoculated, whether they had exposure in Iraq or not?
(NancyL) ZT: What REASON would the US Miliatry have for poisoning their own troups? What possible future lies ahead if they are concerned about being able to do this?
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, assuming a horrific future in which not only the US Military troups, but portions of the populace, would be poisoned to please the elite in control of the US Government, conspiracy theories abound.
(NancyL) ZT: Point three against the elite governments, in this coverup.
(NancyL) ZT: Yet another coverup noted by the public is the chemtrail issue, where literally millions of the public in major cities, not only in the US but lately in Indonesia and Canada, have noted these clear criss-cross patterns followed by illness.
(NancyL) ZT: Something of this magnitude, the illness alone, would normally hit the news, but the newscasters seem oblivious, despite being inundated by email and even being fimed with a backdrop of chemtrails behind them.
(NancyL) ZT: Why the silence? The public suspects, linking this to the innocuation suspicions, that this is yet another means of poisoning the public to aid the elite in mob control at some future horrific event.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, point four against the elite governments in this coverup.
(NancyL) ZTL And yet a fifth coverup, most evident in the US in the OKC bombing and TWA800 missile cause, are the attempts by the elite in government to CREATE a scenario where martial law could be called forth.
(NancyL) ZT: In a scenario where the world will be a good place in future, election or revolution held if these are denied, envisioned, the REASON for calling martial law forth is missing.
(NancyL) ZT: However, if a horrific future were around the corner, in line with the need for poisoning by innoculations and chemtrails, then mustering forth martial law NOW makes sence.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, point five against the elite governments in THIS coverup.
(NancyL) ZT: The public knows there was an additional LEG, in military garb, found in the OKC wreckage, with the other body parts missing, and that almost 300 individuals in New York City interviewed by the FBI BEFORE they could talk to each other, saw a missile rise from the ground and hit TWA800.
(NancyL) ZT: The governments answer? Ignore it.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, with no more evidence that Microwave towers, EMF towers, in place here and there about the landscape, we have yet another conspiracy theory emerging.
(NancyL) ZT: It has reached the point where the public LEAPS to the theory before they have a cause.
(NancyL) ZT: Cell phones, using satellites and booster towers for phone conversations on the air waves, are increasing massively, due to their convenience.
(NancyL) ZT: Does the public think that these cell phones, which are so sensitive to blockage from the towers that serve them that going under a bridge, behind a building, cuts out a conversation, do not need a strong INFRASTRUCTURE to support this deluge of conversations?
(NancyL) ZT: In an attempt to service the public, and sell their networks, these towers have proliferated.
(NancyL) ZT: That this is not a conspiracy theory deserving attention should be based on the RATIONALE of whether crowd control could be done via microwave.
(NancyL) ZT: Where it is true that babies have been murdered in microwaves, as human flesh can cook as well as potatoes, this is NOT an easy matter in the great outdoors.
(NancyL) ZT: One would have to BOMBARD the mob, with intense radiation, from all directions, for this to work.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, if EMF towers were placed every half mile, around LA, and every half mile within LA, then perhaps the public would have cause for alarm.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(NancyL) While I'm waiting for the followup Q's I will address my question. As the agenda was only that one Q.
(NancyL) In case Obany or Jeremy think I can see followup, not yet.
(Obany) Well it seems like they don't know how it works
(MikeO) Please ban Monoxyde
(NancyL) It occurred to me yesterday that WHITE light, not red, from Px would NOT be bend, as red.
(IdolHarobed) test
(CyberVVitch) Zzz
(Monoxyde) Will AFDB be enough to stop microwaves?
(Willshell) So we can use cell phones with reaonable safety?
(Torbj) Can I talk?
(Monoxyde) Cell phones are carcenogins!
(RichO) NancyL: white light is composed of all colors
(UkuzZzz) Dont the zetas have anything good to say about the U.S.?
(NancyL) So, if that WERE the case, and white light were coming from Px, would, perhaps that object seen by Jan, the third candidate, BE Px in white light, where the red light bent?
(Jurian) Yes, you can all talk, but PLEASE only say something if it is a relevant followup question, or a reply to Nancy's question..
(NancyL) I want to ask the Z's this.
(TerrorDactyl) Oops caps on
(Abk) NancyL: are there mind control technologies such as encouraging americans to overeat?
(Kramark) If, as the zetas show, Africa gains the most from the pole shift - why is there not much involvement in Africa from the Bush admistration?
(Jonnie) Nancy, the zetas have stated allready, do not trust your government, this is rather oppressive and depressive information the zetas have presented, what action do they suggest we take?
(Loitus) So.. the only thing on the agenda is cell phone towers!?!?! Nothing about the supposed PX sighting. ROTFLMFAO
(RichO) NancyL: Oh, you've got it now, just keep digging
(Loitus) ;)
(Jurian) Abk: sure, its called TV
(CyberVVitch) How to block microwaves?
(NancyL) Mon, what is AFDB? I, Nancy, need to be on the same page else we'll have another Beatles thingie.
(Jurian) CyberVVitch: go sit in a lead box?
(IdolHarobed) NancyL: You're right. Here, these towers proliferated since 1999.
(Cmel) Why is it that people from the US, seems to be more prone to see conspiracies everywhere, than the rest of the world ?
(Monoxyde) Alluminum foil deflecter beanies
(Mikeaus) Nancy: we've had large green meteors sighted in Australia in the last few days
(NancyL) Willshell, mankind has documented problems with this, so it is not entirely harmless, no.
(GovernmentAgent) CyberVVitch: tin foil hats..
(Loitus) Waste
(CyberVVitch) Thx
(Loitus) Can't type ;)
(Jonnie) Nancy, the zetas have stated allready, do not trust your government, this is rather oppressive and depressive information the zetas have presented, what action do they suggest we take?
(Jan) Loitus, the agenda is based on questions sent to Nancy before the chat. If you have a good Q concerning the sighting, maybe she will take it?
(NancyL) Teror, no cell phones, as no satellites, not power bosting towers, etc.
(Torbj) To Obany or Jurian... this new thing will only get people to get away from this channel...people do not want to be controlled!!
(Monoxyde) NancyL why do you keep making the date that we can see pX later and later? So you can just keep getting more people gullible and to buy your book?
(Loitus) Jan: No one on Earth asked about PX? Sure.
(Loitus) ;)
(SBaron) Oh my God, my c-phone isn't going to work anymore... anyone have any Nazi surplus cyanide?
(Jurian) Torbj: point taken :)
(Jurian) Hence the -m :p
(QueenVee) QUESTION FOR NANCY: Many of us have been noticing that the moon is quite high and visible in the sky later and later in the morning these days, sometimes into the afternoon. Is this a sign that the earth's rotation is slowing?
(Monoxyde) Stphrz i have 155 of them.
(NancyL) ZT to ABK: The lazy society, given TOO MUCH food in the US or any country enjoying abundance in the past, is NOT a conspiracy.
(Jurian) Keep the chatter related to the questions tho..
(Monoxyde) 15 stairs I meant.
(TerrorDactyl) You're right, that silencing +m thing will kill the chat room - lets all just stay sensible and things will go well
(NancyL) ZT: In fact, the governments would prefer the public lean and able, NOT prone to the many illnesses that obsity brings with it.
(Loitus) NancyL: Pehaps a little post about PX's sighting? Just maybe... ;p
(Loitus) Heh
(NancyL) End ZT to ABK.
(Skeleton) Question for Zetas: what advice do they give to prepare and take care of parapalegic and quadrapalegic people during and after the shift?
(RichO) QueenVee: you can't be serious?
(Tizza) Nancy : any comments on the "ozone hole is fixed" statements from Ozzy scientists?
(Jonnie) (Jonnie) Nancy, the zetas have stated allready, do not trust your government, this is rather oppressive and depressive information the zetas have presented, what action do they suggest we take?
(Bailey) Good bye to fat pigs
(NancyL) Jonnie, what action YOU take is up to YOU. YOU must decide.
(Loitus) PX anyone?
(Loitus) ;)
(Monoxyde) I wanna see PX....
(Monoxyde) But she keeps delaying when its visible.
(JWilliam) Ditto
(TerrorDactyl) Should we get a gun and attempt an assasination of the elite?
(Stphrz) Jonnie: it's time for violent revolution obviously
(Monoxyde) TerrorDactyl if you want to be in jail forever
(Monoxyde) Since there is probably no PX
(Orfner) Monoxyde... you need to buy a sci-fi comic book to see PX
(NancyL) Mono, the date has NOT CHANGED since 1995. It was size wise visible to amateur in mid-2002, but due to the misleading that Open Minded was set to do, we delayed giving coordinates.
(Johnmeiii) The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) has participated in this research since Project Pandora. In 1973, WRAIR discovered that externally-induced auditory input could be achieved by means of pulsed microwave audiograms, or analogs of spoken words' sounds. The effect on the receiving end is the (schizophrenic) sensation of "hearing voices" which are no part of the recipients' own thought processes.
(Jonnie) But what to do with this information? I can't see a reason for zetas to point out what is obvious, and conspiracy theroies in my opinion only get people off track
(Monoxyde) Orfner okay, I'll do that.
(Jan) Nancy, did you ask that question? (ref the 3rd candidate)?
(NancyL) Thus, Open Minded said LOOK, not there, at HIS coordinates, showing his hand :-).
(Orfner) Right blame IMO
(SBaron) I look up at the sky each night, but I still dont see Px.
(GovernmentAgent) Come on nancy
(Lace) His coordinates were the same as yours Nancy
(NancyL) Queen V, I also noticed the full moon seemed fuller the day AFTER the calendar, yes, and I've heard the farm folk out here talk about these matters too.
(Stphrz) Time to stop playing games
(Jeremy) Nancy: Can the zetas tell us when amateur scopes can see PX without the need for a red filter?
(JWilliam) Nancy: please answer your Q to the Z's
(GovernmentAgent) The game is over Nancy. There is no Px
(TerrorDactyl) You did say in this room that Px would be visible through an amateur telescope mid 2002, and that has just turned out to be incorrect
(NancyL) Skelton, there will be MANY deaths during the shift, and those in hospitals the first to go, I fear.
(Skeleton) Question for Zetas: If Planet X traverses through the solar system in three short monthes, can you give us what its equivalent brightness will be then compared to other planets that it will be traveling right past?
(EarthShield) NancyL: would you consider joining forces with Mark Hazlewood and collaborating on a book with him? If you could have a firm say in the content?
(Loitus) Governemt: Seems to be the case. With the avoidance of the subject.
(Skeleton) Ah
(Tizza) Nancy : any comments on the "ozone hole is fixed" statements from Ozzy scientists?
(SBaron) Will I die?
(NancyL) ZT to Tizza: the Ozone hole was never the ISSUE is was projected to be, with skin cancers paraded on the news as though NEW.
(Torbj) Could it be that the atmosphere is more "compressed" than before?
(NancyL) ZT: Everyone suddenly advised to wear sun screen, and the like.
(Loitus) Nancy: Will I ever beat Super Mario Sunshine?
(GovernmentAgent) Everyone who can understand basic physics, maths and astronomy knows that there is no Px
(Obany) Earthshield: just to get some info for you site ..if she would say yes ... geez .. Well I don't think she would say yes
(Obany) !kick loitus you know why
(NancyL) ZT: This was in keeping with the Global Warming excuse for weather changes, and now that this is clearly NOT the reason, the coverup is relaxing.
(Loitus) :(
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, scientists are allowed to report what they see, on occasion.
(EarthShield) Obany: wow, you just couldn't resist that. Hehe.
(NancyL) Terror, clearly, the red filter will be useful for the near future. Too soon to address that Q
(LadyInRed) Wish Nancy could have a room just to talk to beleivers!
(GovernmentAgent) A couple of months ago Nancy asked me if I'm going to be here in September when everyone can see the imaginary planet
(TerrorDactyl) But there are thousands of scientists world wide - they don't all have an FBI man on their shoulder telling them what to say - I just don't buy that
(Tizza) So there never really was a hole... certainly not to the extent they claimed anyway
(PGill) Me too lady :)
(GovernmentAgent) Well I'm here as I promised. where is your planet, Nancy?
(NancyL) OK, as Jan reminded me, I'm going to ask the Z's about the third candidate, and white light causing TWO PX potentially.
(Orfner) Still out there dithering I suspect
(Abk) Terror: the government gives out the grants only to those whose research they approve
(3j) Okay as Jan reminded you..
(Jeremy) Hush please
(Obany) Hush
(NancyL) ZT to Nancy: Nancy has noted that star light, light NOT composed in the main of red light, does not bend as red light does, evidence the sun setting and rising becoming HUGE for a moment.
(NancyL) ZT: Would Planet X emit light in other spectrums, to the degree that OTHER light might arrive in a different place, more direct, than the red light?
(NancyL) ZT: Indeed, this is a possibility, and on occasion WILL manifest on images, but as the red light will PREDOMINATE for some months, we prefer to point the public in this direction.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, on occasion TWO Planet X's will be imaged, or seen, confusion abounding.
(NancyL) ZT: We prefer to call the predominant, red light, candidate THE Planet X, for this reason.
(NancyL) ZT: And what was the third candidate, appearing in images taken by Steve Havas on 9/21/2002?
(NancyL) ZT: RIGHT at the coordinates, and round, and bright, and NOT on the comparison charts taken earlier, the NEAT, the ESO DSS, the NASA DSS?
(NancyL) ZT: Why of course, it was the ghost of Planet X, the white light, arriving JUST where expected, but much fainter than the predominant red light.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, for those who would say it did NOT appear at the coordinates ... it DID!.
(NancyL) End ZT to Nancy. :-)
(Loitus) ROFL!!! BS to the max.
(Orfner) I will kiss Nancy's ass on any main street she says and give her a week to draw a crowd if I can see PX in April as she states
(Serbs) Question to ZT? Will the firestorms mostly be near the equator
(Monoxyde) Crack Ho ?
(MikeO) PLEASE ban Monoxyde permanently.
(BobS) So does that mean there were 3 captured images of px???
(TerrorDactyl) Can you ask the ZT's why they can't just provide a clear phot?
(S7L) Nancy should look up what "white light" is sometime
(Lace) Is this "the other shoe" being dropped?
(NancyL) Serbs, the firestorms are MOSTLY near volcanoes, as the hot air passing over them creates the petrocarbons.
(SteveH) Can the position of the moon in the sky affect the bending of light from PX?
(Jan) Thanks, Nancy. It is true that the 3rd candidate was much fainter. It will be interesting to track both the white and the red "version" of Planet X!
(S7L) Combination of all the light of the spectrum. Thus, white light contains red light. They are not separate, discrete phenomena.
(Serbs) Thanks
(Obany) Terrordactil: almost the 3th of October know there are coordinates for that date so I could say check for yourself
(NancyL) But, as the wind will be whipping worldwide, these can travel in any direction, perhaps float UP and then DOWN from higher atmospheres, then light.
(Cmel) Lace the other shoe was dropped ages ago it seems?
(S7L) If this happened, you'd get also green image, and orange image, of PX, somewhere, forming an arc in the sky.
(RichO) Oh, it just gets better and better
(NancyL) So the whole world is advised to be safe from them, under a sod trench or a metal roof, etc.
(Skeleton) How could this be? Why dont we see ghost images of every other object we image ?
(Orfner) How would she know that SL7... the voices in her head are only as smart as she is
(BobS) Why is it that the Z's say a home telescope would suffice for viewing when cleary SteveH's shots with a much larger telescope barely show Px?
(S7L) Also, all real objects in the images were elongated, but current Steve's point is not. That still suggests it is noise, rather than real object.
(TerrorDactyl) Obany - I mean a clear image, 'taken' by the Zt's themselves from close range
(Loitus) This is a joke.
(Jeremy) Nancy: Many people have asked why PX appears as a small speck on the images, given its rapidly nearing distance to the solar system. Any comments from the Zetas?
(NancyL) Bobs, no, only 1 red (Steve's) and 1 white (Jan's at the exact spot)
(Lace) Mag 19.5 by comparrison
(Lace) Invisible in all but a 20" and larger scopes, on the best of nights
(SteveH) Bobs, the scope used for these images was only 11.8"
(NancyL) S7L, it is what we assume by white light, if it is ALL colors, but the red bends away, then whatever else is left.
(Lace) 12"
(NancyL) Please don't nit pick.
(Orfner) And only with zoom and mag nobs
(Obany) Terrordactyl: doh ... you won't get such a images... just check for yourself
(SteveH) It was "amateur" equipment
(S7L) NancyL: your red light is really mysterious stuff.
(Lace) Arnies Mewlon on a Paramount
(S7L) Why is this not hpapening with all the stars
(S7L) They are white too.
(BobS) Oh I see SteveH...thanks...and thanks Nancy!
(RichO) Yes, that would show it's all crap
(NancyL) S7L, does green light bend? A S7L theory, perhaps?
(Lace) Scope, $14,000, mount, $13,000, camera $6,000
(TerrorDactyl) Obany - I don't have a 10 foot reflector in my garden, amazingly enough
(S7L) Bah, I don't claim light bends at all due to Earth's gravity
(Longint) The stars also contain red, not? that why not bending?
(S7L) That is your claim
(Jan) Steve, nice work!
(NancyL) BobS, can you describe the SIZE of the scope that Steve was using?
(NancyL) I'm sincerrely interested.
(RichO) We just want you to be a little consistent with your theories
(Kramark) Your president doens't even know the diffrence between Texas and Tennesse
(Lace) 12" Tak Mewlon 300 on a Paramount
(S7L) And you claim "red light" behaves magically different from "white light". And that would be due to gravity.
(Obany) Terror: well check that one if you are in need of a observatory
(NancyL) He gave the numbers, and I asked this in email, but the poor man must be a walking zombie up in the wee hours and trying to maintain a life besides, no doubt.
(NancyL) I also suspect that viewing is BETTER than imaging.
(Loitus) Yippee
(Lace) Arnie Rosner's Tak
(NancyL) I base this on 2001 viewing was termed Mag 11, but 2002 imaging was termed Mag 20!
(PGill) S7L, red light is a longer wavelength than takes longer to get somewhere and therefor is more influenced by gravity!
(SteveH) I can go for days without sleep if need be :)
(S7L) PGill: false
(NancyL) Equipment, and the eye are two different recording devices!
(S7L) Red light travels at speed of c, jsut like white light (in vacuum)
(Lace) Nancy, even in Arinie's Tak, you can visibly see mag15
(PGill) Dont be ignorant
(S7L) And the solar system is overwhelmingly vacuum
(Obany) SteveH: you are doing a GOOD job there
(Lace) Can't*
(TerrorDactyl) Obany - Nancy said in this room that it would be visible in mid2002 with an amateur telescope - and that just isn't the case
(S7L) Hence, red light travels here at the same speed. At atmosphere, speed of light is diminsihed only very slightly
(NancyL) I'm waiting for VISUAL descriptions too, though imaging is SO much stronger proof for the disinfo artists.
(Lace) Limiting magnitude for that instrument is 14.7
(S7L) So your claim is baseless and refuted by existing knowledge, PGill.
(Jan) Nancy, if you can take a quick Q: WHat can we expect of explaining away on sci.astro when people like Tholen moves in?
(NancyL) Evidence Open Minded, who worked the images so not even existing STARS came through :-) in order to say "not there".
(BobS) SteveH and Jan - is the view in the telescope more telling than the images?
(Orfner) SL7 NanZeta and the rest of the fools don't have a clue about anything.... 2 digit IQ
(Lace) Nancy NO one can see a mag 19.5 speck in an amateur telescope, even Arnies
(NancyL) SteveH is either not human or getting a LOT of superhuman help these days :-)
(Obany) Terrordactyl: well why don't you check it out for youself then you know about the viewing specs and there are coordinates for next week
(NancyL) I suspect the latter.
(Lace) Jan has a 10" scope, whats it's limiting magnitude Jan?
(Jan) BobS, I doubt I could see it from my location yet (60oN, 10o horizon obstacles)
(CyberVVitch) S7L, we didn't harden the theory by practical experiment concerning the light bending stuff
(TerrorDactyl) Obany - its now October, well past mid 2002
(S7L) CyberVVitch: what theory?
(S7L) The practical experiment happens if you observe the stars
(SteveH) I was human the last time I checked hehe
(S7L) Nothing of this mysterious light bending occurs.
(NancyL) Am I right in understanding that the CCD camera that Steve is using is NOT in an observatory, right?
(NancyL) Thus, it is amateur equipment.
(Lace) It's in a private observatory
(Jan) Lace, I'm not certain, but with the new coating it should be able to go pretty low.
(Torbj) Can zeta┤s talk about this...the planets (moon) and sounds are more "clear" now than before....
(CyberVVitch) Red light is bending in universe likewise as another colour
(Stphrz) Jan: don't read the stuff on sci astro if you don't wan't to be confused or have your beliefs questioned
(SBaron) Is Px going to get rid of all those rodiculus $cientologists?
(S7L) (there is atmospheric refraction effects that cause stars to twinkle, yes. But that's *atmosphere*, not *gravity*)
(SteveH) That's right Nancy, not in an observatory
(Lace) $20,000 of amateur equipment
(NancyL) And it has often been said on sci.astro by the debunkers that amateurs possessed equipment SUPERIOR to observotories, or as good, etc.
(NancyL) SO, can't have it both ways!
(Lace) True Nancy, and NO ONE can see mag 19.5
(TerrorDactyl) Why can you have it both ways then?
(Lace) Only a CCD
(Jan) Stphrz, I do read and respond, and I am not the least confused, thank you.
(Lace) "Thus" planet X is NOT visible in amateur telescopes
(Orfner) I'll bet the twirling moons are confused
(RichO) You have to qualify which amateurs and which observatories
(NancyL) If Px was considered Mag 11 in early 2001, then it would most likely be more than that (er, less, brighter, etc) now.
(RichO) I know that some amateurs have better scopes then an obs near my home
(Lace) Nancy, you're "spot" is mag 19.5 at best
(Stphrz) Hm
(RichO) But those scopes are probably no where near Palomar or such
(NancyL) Not Mag 19.5 and I have stayed away from the Mag issue, you will note.
(JWilliam) So what was visible in the last photos taken sept 20 a "spot" or a planet?
(RichO) That's because you don't understand it
(Lace) Comparison to DSS images and known magnitudes, mag 19.5 or less
(JWilliam) Was it in the old photos?
(TerrorDactyl) If it was 7 months away then it would be as bright as jupiter by now
(SteveH) JWilliam, which spot?
(NancyL) JWilliam, Steve's is Px in red light, Jan's Px in white (or non-red) light.
(Lace) Brighter Terror
(MrroBot) Argh
(SteveH) And both those spots are not on NEAT or DSS
(Orfner) Both are noise
(NancyL) I updated the TEAM pages this aft with data collected by Jan and Steve and Pierre et al.
(Lace) Both noise
(Stphrz) Hm
(Jan) Orfner, not true. Analyze the images yourself instead of lame accusations
(TerrorDactyl) So how far out in miles is Px now Nancy please?
(CyberVVitch) Can you set a manual on the site to for the no-professional too, how to look ?
(NancyL) Pierre has an even BETTER red image showing Steve's Px, than the JPG produced by Jan. It's called a JPE
(Lace) You need a 20" telescope
(Lace) Or larger
(NancyL) SO bright and clear, the pinpoint.
(Lace) And not elongated like every other object in the image
(Orfner) They are noise... PX does not exist... When are you guys going to give it up
(NancyL) However, Pierre is expressing frustration that it did not appear at the coordinates.
(Jeremy) Terror: PX will be an estimated 19 billion miles away by early November according to the TT distance table
(NancyL) Perhaps hearing what was said tonight will perk him up.
(Jan) Nancy, maybe your convertion of the image to gif may have lost some of the image quality??
(Skeleton) I thought the zetas said that distance table is wrong
(RichO) Lace: Planet x was OBVIOUSLY tracking Steve's scope
(CyberVVitch) If you are not a sci.astro one or astronomer, you understand nothing about those files
(Lace) And it's still the same magnitiude that Nancy claimed in January
(Lace) Even dimmer now
(Stphrz) Hm
(Obany) So why don't you noise sayers, go to a observatory and check it out for yourself: check the viewing specs, there are coordinates... and then goto a observatory or use your telescope
(Lace) Lol Rich
(NancyL) Terror, the Z's have described the distance, relative to the human chart produced.
(Skeleton) What exactly are the magnitude of the objects that steve havas saw?
(Lace) Obany, I have. There's nothing there
(NancyL) It is moving faster, is closer, sooner, than the human chart.
(Lace) Steve claims mag 11
(NancyL) Then slows, when it arrives at the solar system edge.
(Orfner) Then it should be brighter
(Lace) Almost two years ago
(Loitus) Air brakes?
(Loitus) ;)
(NancyL) So YOU compute this, and I don't think the exact miles matter.
(Lace) Year and a half
(SteveH) Lace, I never claimed any magnitude
(Torbj) As I am free to I will! HUG to you Nancy! (Can you feel I'm shaved!)
(NancyL) What are you going to do, drive there and pay a visit?
(Loitus) Yup
(Lace) Best re-read what Nancy said, you said Steve
(TerrorDactyl) But it only has 7 months to travel 18 billion miles?
(Lace) yep Terror :o)
(Obany) Lace: you probably came from sci.astro or whatever ...... well then look better
(Lace) "Smokin"
(Orfner) They had better kick it in the ass
(Skeleton) It traverses the solar system in 3 of those monthes. How wide is the solar system from here to saturn ?
(TerrorDactyl) So wouldn't the life forms on it die, bearing in mind the massive velocity changes that planet experiences/
(SteveH) The sigthing at Lowell was described as magnitude 11
(NancyL) Jan, yes, but I did post your JPG untouched on another page. If you check them all, all the links, as I forget which page, but I DID note your request and was building another page, and used them there.
(Skeleton) That is why I wanted to ask the zetas what the comparitive magnitude will be compared to our solar system's planets and Planet x, during this 3 month period
(Lace) Nancy won't answer magnitude questions
(JWilliam) Lace: Do we have a new object or not? change subject to magnitude? Why?
(Lace) Leaves wiggle room, like benind red light
(Orfner) It will be black as it does not exist
(DraganR) NancyL, God bless you for your hard work and the massage.
(Lace) Bending*
(Lace) And now "white" light too
(RichO) Pretty soon Planet x will look just like the rainbow
(TerrorDactyl) Dragan - she gives you massages?
(RichO) Bent all over the sky
(Loitus) Damn
(Lace) No JWilliams, no new object
(SteveH) The zeta "ghost Px" explanation makes sense
(NancyL) Terror, you think velosity means death, but not so as the Z's explained in detail a few months ago.
(JWilliam) Sure looks like one to me.
(Lace) Noise
(DraganR) DT God gave Me masage, Nancy is for YOU
(TerrorDactyl) Change in velocity means death
(Obany) Lace who ever you are why don't you go to sci.astro ... instead of saying there is nothing
(Lace) Read it and understand
(CyberVVitch) Kwak kwak kwaak
(BobS) So how long until we can notice a diference in SIZE on .fits pics
(Obany) Lace: why don't you call yourself missnoise :P
(Lace) Because people want to know the truth Obany
(Loitus) Noise! Mmm
(JWilliam) So rather than denial, wouldn't it be prudent to wait for another pic before closing mind?
(Lace) You disagree with that?
(Obany) Lace: and sci.astro has the truth :P
(MikeO) Skeleton: The distance from one edge of Saturn's orbit to the other = the distance of the Sun to Saturn, times 2 ;-)
(Seax) Lace: and you are a distributor of truth?
(Lace) More than there was here tonight
(NancyL) People with closed minds only tighten the bolts when the truth comes in.
(Skeleton) Mike- that is not helping me
(3j) Well we will see the results from pics of the new coordinates
(RichO) What does that say about people with a few screws loose
(CyberVVitch) Fishwives :-)
(3j) If the noise has moved or not
(Lace) And people who lie make up new things to cover their tracks
(NancyL) Well folks, I tires, and will bid you forwell for the night.
(Jeremy) Nancy: Someone pointed out a while ago that asteroids heading toward the Sun from great distances don't pick up that phenomenal speed that PX does. Is there a possible reason for this?
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspiring great ZetaTalk.
(Lace) Think hard on new twists Nancy, you'll need them
(Obany) I am sure that more will come up, and soon even those debunkers will have a hard time explaining themself
(RichO) The thinking has hurt her brain cell
(Jan) Bye Nancy. Interesting chat tonight!
(3j) I hope not
(NancyL) Thank you Obany and Jurian and Jeremy for being good cops!
(Loitus) YAWN A WASTE 2 night...
(Mikeaus) Thanks Nancy
(Orfner) Bye NanZeta... have a nice time talking to your self
(NancyL) SteveH, don't forget to get your rest, we NEED YOU!
(MikeO) Yes, Loitus was a waste again tonight.
(NancyL) Bye!
Session Close: Sat Sep 28 18:16:23 2002