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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Oct 5, 2002

Session Start: Sat Oct 05 16:29:45 2002
(TerrorDactyl) Is Obany male or female?
(SinthBaron) Pron is good fer the soul
(CyberVVizz) Don't change You chick, sweety
(Jurian) Obany: one more rule.. don't change the topic 100 times in a row :p
(Loitus) Heh
(NancyL) Hello all. Anyone not heard the news about Steve's Fri Oct 4th Imaging?
(Loitus) Jurian: I noticed that too
(Cmel) I change my chick very often
(Loitus) ;)
(BushJr) Don't be changing your chick... no wife swapping here please.
(Monk) ../teams/rogue/shavas4.htm
(Loitus) ;)
(SinthBaron) I like shaved people
(TerrorDactyl) Bugger all people here tonight
(HBO) NancyL: news to me, fill me in please
(Michaellss) Ya know nancy you and zetas are on my mind 24/7...:)
(Samsara2003) Haven't hear news...
(Torbj) No!
(Loitus) Yes!
(RudyJoe) The Democratic National Committee exposed Bush's bias against working class folks and the retired elderly...
(Obany) Yes I read it, and steve was in #troubled_times yesterday and discussed about it, and I take it serious as not to be noise unlike some others are still saying
(NancyL) HBO, all said on the TEAM pages at ../teams/tteam342.htm
(Jurian) Michaellss: don't you sleep?
(Michaellss) Kinda
(HBO) Thx
(TerrorDactyl) Is it another vague picture with a random pixel circled?
(Loitus) Hehe
(Stphrz) A bunch of unidentified spots eh?
(NancyL) Bottom line, it is visible, both as white light and red light object, and has MOVED as expected, according to Z Coordinates given earlier!
(Stphrz) Proof enough for me
(NancyL) Steve is pumped.
(SinthBaron) Hey Nance, I want the zeta's opinions on this:
(SinthBaron) I will send you a box of chocolates if you do
(TerrorDactyl) Whos the lucky guy?
(SinthBaron) :-)
(ChiefSimi) Hello Nancy! Any agenda tonight?
(Kimbrian) Good site Sam...thanks
(CyberVVizz) No, for some it's an interstellar mothership
(Loitus) Mmm mothership
(NancyL) Teror, you are either ignorant or have not been reading what has been said. Please don't come here dumb and expect to be tolerated forever.
(Loitus) Yah! Don't be DUMB! duh
(Loitus) ;)
(TerrorDactyl) I am not dumb
(Michaellss) Everyone on earth will prob witness all this differently
(3j) Hope I didnt miss anything
(PGill) Are the new pics on ZT yet?
(Loitus) You did
(CyberVVizz) Well, I readed somewhere it's New Jeruzalem are something :-)
(Loitus) I readed it too
(3j) Like what
(NancyL) J. William Dell, who WORKS at this instead of just lazing around throwing ignorant statements like many here, has analyzed the new images with software that identified noise vs REAL objects and concurs with Steve.
(Loitus) 3J: I lied..
(NancyL) This is all on the TEAM page for those who want the truth, vs comfortable arrogant positions of denial.
(Loitus) Wow +68 peeps nice
(TerrorDactyl) Who is William Dell?
(3j) I see 32
(NancyL) Chief, I will post the Agenda early for the early birds.
(3j) So 36 quiet
(Jurian) 3j: you don't see 'em all :p
(Ogmios) The truth is out there..on your backyard
(NancyL) By the way, I will increasingly get less tolerate of silly or already answered questions. You will simply get ignored.
(Ogmios) :)
(CyberVVizz) What I readed too, a huge telescope they made, by connecting several radarstations together, adn they can look more closer to universe as Hubble
(ChiefSimi) Good idea, thanks
(NancyL) Jan's Q from last week, missed:
(NancyL) 1. What can we expect from our currently silent debunkers (Tholen et al) on the current imaging? What are they cookin' up for us?
(BushJr) Velvet (Sarah) is here...
(Loitus) Instead of INTOLERANT
(3j) 72 total
(NancyL) And 1. here from Steve last week, missed:
(NancyL) LIGHT
(NancyL) 1. Can the position of the moon affect the bending of the light from PX?
(Loitus) Heh
(NancyL) 2. The Zetans have said red light is bent by gravity. If white light is made up of particles of light of all colors, then why don't all the stars around planet X show up as two images - one red and one white? Or if light particles of different colors are shifted different amounts by gravity then why don't we see a rainbow of star images?
(NancyL) 3. With red light bending, are we seeing" the red spectrum image of" Planet X in different locations in the different 2 minute pictures In frame 4-R specifically, have we captured the red light shifting within this one picture? (which has created what looks like a moving object on the exposure)
(TerrorDactyl) How do you know that it isn't just a passing comet/asteroid/meteor etc?
(Loitus) Terror: The zetas say so!
(NancyL) An accepted Q but I now see the Z's already answered it on sci.astro, quoted in the mail, so will not be addressed here unless there is time.
(Loitus) Duh
(NancyL) 4. The Photon as light particle:
(NancyL) ZT: Light is not composed of a singular particle, but dozens of particles, thereby accounting for much of what humans call strange behavior of light.
(NancyL) Wayne: Absuolute balony. There is only one particle/wave, the photon.
(NancyL) ZT: Well Wayne, perhaps you'd like to explain WHAT it is that is wavelengthing about out there. WHAT has frequency? WHAT is moving up and down in a regular fashion? Something you haven't been able to register as yet, other than to record the motion, as the WHAT is too tiny.
(3j) Kinda weird to see a moving object exactly where predicted, and then just say 'oh its just a comet'
(Michaellss) Hehe
(HBO) NancyL: last night's Art Bell show featured Ed Dames, remote viewer... at the end of the show A Bell asked him what he thought of PX.. he said it was definitely coming, and soon, in front of the plant life micro-organism devastion he was seeing
(NancyL) ZT: Nevertheless, just because you can't hold it in your hand and gaze at it, this doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Would you think ourselves logical if we referred to you as sweaty, stinky, and hulking but refused to say you were a THING?
(NancyL) ZT: Nonsense, would say you, we have Waynesmell and Waynedrip and Wayneshadow, but everyone knows there is no Waynething! get real!
(Loitus) Hmm
(Loitus) Yup
(3j) Heh
(NancyL) HBO, Yes, Ed Dames who claimed another object was following Hale-Bopp and would cause crop problems in Africa, not so, and strikes out regularly, has now become the new ZT.
(Drfist) It's going be debunkers like Loitus for awhile
(Loitus) ;)
(NancyL) I supposed he did NOT give ZT credit for this, so Art can have that creep Hazlewood on again.
(Loitus) I'm no debunker!
(Loitus) Lol
(TerrorDactyl) Serious question Nancy - how do you know that the circled object is not a asteroid or comet passing by?
(Ogmios) You have some creative to say then..
(CyberVVizz) Can we post questions ?
(Loitus) But, still has a sense of humor
(Loitus) Doh
(Obany) And of course, there are those who even say what's on the new pictures is just noise .. well my feelings, hunces are saying it ain't, that it's real.
(NancyL) This is the Q I'm going to take first, before the Planet X Q's and Light Q's and sci.astro stuff.
(NancyL) 675 FOOT RISE
(NancyL) 1. Scientists have estimated an increased rise of 200 feet, worldwide, for melting of Antartica and Greenland combined. Water increases in volumn .014 per C of degree increase.
(NancyL) Considering that 0C is freezing, and assuming the ocean averages to be 5C, then to rise to the surface temp of 28C at the equator is a computed increase in volumn.
(NancyL) Assuming 5 degrees * 5 ft = 25 ft of additional rise, the common result is 200 ft of rise because of melting, + 200 + 25 ft of rise because of heating from 0 up to 40 degrees. 200 + 200 + 25 = 475 ft. It is less, than 675 ft.
(N) Are there some country flags ...who point to Px?
(HBO) NancyL: no, no credit to anyone, Bell just said "a lot of peoply, etc"
(NancyL) 200 + 200 + 25 = 475 ft. It is less than 675 ft.
(Stphrz) Hm
(CyberVVizz) 225 meters
(CyberVVizz) Euh
(Loitus) Heh
(CyberVVitch) Too quick huh :-p
(CyberVVizz) 225 times my ... :-)
(Drfist) Well more ice and snow then is in the artic regions will melt
(N) The red cross symbol..was that made ...from an early Px approach?
(NancyL) Terror, how would YOU determine an asteroid or comet passing by. This is a test to see if you have READ and THINK. Serious response by me, to you.
(SinthBaron) Heh, you said Ed Dames
(CyberVVitch) Lol
(TerrorDactyl) I don't know, I am asking you, you are the one making the claims
(Obany) Monoxyde: you know no nickfloods etc
(NancyL) N, interesting thought re Red Cross symbol, but as it is recent, probably not.
(SinthBaron) I've already got my discount tickets
(CyberVVizz) ienie pienie wienie kienie
(Loitus) Sinth: Share! Serious response by me, to you.
(CyberVVitch) :-D
(Stphrz) Facinating
(Monoxyde) NancyL have there been any sightings as of lately? A picture maybe?
(Loitus) Mono: yup
(Loitus) Obany has the link
(Loitus) Post it dang it!
(Monoxyde) Obany I'm not nick flooding.
(Monoxyde) Don't assume anything Obany.
(NancyL) Terror, you are the one asking silly Q's! Movement shows UP on these images. Asteroid and comet are moving TOO fast. Px motion is evident over days, but not minutes.
(SinthBaron) Kiss my ass, I need the other seat for my mre's, baygen radio, gold, and CCrane LED flashlight
(NancyL) Duh! Terror does not read or think.
(Loitus) Heh
(Obany) ../teams/tteam342.htm
(Loitus) Nancy: Exactly. Serious response by me, to you.
(Cmel) NancyL what do you think about the movie "Fire in the sky" ?
(Monoxyde) Any PX pictures besides on ?
(Loitus) Mono: No. Serious response by me, to you.
(3j) Is there a real agenda today or is this a session of Nancy insults the world
(NancyL) Mono, please do check the TEAM page, and if you don't know where this is, you should know.
(Loitus) 3J: No agenda. Serious response by me, to you.
(Obany) Cmel: that's already answer in zetatalk ...
(Cmel) Yes I know Obany
(Torbj) It was an enormous "fire in the skie" up here 2 weeks ago!
(Torbj) Beautiful!!
(Cmel) But not a personal thought
(CyberVVizz) I suggest we start now to shout to each other so we are calm to listen further
(Loitus) :(
(Monoxyde) I'm not going to say anything about the website, everyone knows what I think about that.
(N) And what about "is-rael" (rael movement)?
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy what is your problem, I have not insulted you and yet you persist in throwing personal insults at me
(Jurian) Loitus: behave, or leave
(NancyL) Cmel, new rule by me, if that has already BEEN answered in ZT, then the Q won't even be addressed. This is your answer! Why do you think the search engine is there, and the web site there!!!
(3j) Torbj, fire in the sky was a movie:
(Loitus) Aight.
(Gears) I don't know why you all listen to Nancy. I turned down teh zetas because I told them I would not be responsible for duping the entire human race into becoming complacent docile food for demonic aliens
(Ralf) Loitus: I know you don't need another vacation, keep it zipped.
(NancyL) 3J, #zetatalk is now #insults.
(CyberVVizz) Be a cookie?
(Monoxyde) Ralf !
(Obany) N: know your history and you see that the name Isreal has nothing to do with that Rael cult
(Monoxyde) Ii'm a douche bag!
(Michaellss) Demons oh geez
(Loitus) Ralf: I heard Obany.. no need for an echo
(Loitus) ;)
(Loitus) And I am complying happily
(3j) Lol!
(sanjuro) Haha
(NancyL) Terror, idiot Q's that take up time and space are an insult. WHY do you think I spend all the time I do, and others, carefully examining and writing results? So you don't BOTHER to read?
(NancyL) YOU are insulting in your actions.
(SinthBaron) Where can I get 55 gal drums of astroglide?
(Kimbrian) And people wonder why things go to hell in this world...doh
(Michaellss) Lol
(Kimbrian) :)
(Loitus) Ouch
(Gears) Look at how she calls people idiots
(Jurian) People.. if you haven't got anything usefull to say, shut up already
(Obany) And please people keep the discussion in #troubled_times during the session there is no place and time for it... only for the answers and follow up questions
(TerrorDactyl) You just posted the link to it 5 MINS AGO - how do you expect people to read it that damn quick???
(Michaellss) Nancy you are so patient, you rock
(3j) Or join #poleshiftdiscussion
(CyberVVizz) I still suggest we shout now for 5 minutes so we are all released from our deepest emotions, and afterwards we listen very calm :-)
(Loitus) 3J: That can get you klined. ;) Doh
(Ralf) There are two senior staff members in here and we have no problem removing users that aren't contributing.
(SinthBaron) Hey, its not 3 o clock yet... dont kick me
(NancyL) Gears. go to the gate and get your money back, so sorry that you did not get your money's worth! We have a full refund policy!
(Gears) Ralf: HEIL!!
(Ralf) Pplease allow Nancy to continue uninterrupted.
(Loitus) Just do +m
(CyberVVizz) grauw, riffle , sniffle
(Loitus) This really should just be a text manifesto
(Obany) I agree Ralf
(NancyL) Gears, Oh, you didn't PAY? Right, so you can leave without complaint. Please do so, as your insults and adolescent comments won't be tolerated.
(3j) NancyL, why are the zetas waiting to transport the hybrids here on earth for after the shift when 90% of humans are dead? Why not do it now?
(Amed) Do you think the commentary along with the kick and ban is necessary?
(Loitus) Jurian: lol
(Amed) A swift motion to silence them seems enough
(TerrorDactyl) Why have IRC if you can't pass comment - just send out a weekly email for christs sake if you dont want debate
(NancyL) This is not the kiddy hour, the place where those whom no one pays attention to can GET attention, etc. Go start your own chat so no one can come.
(Gears) I think Jesus would respond in a much more disarming way than Nancy
(CyberVVizz) Nancy, shall other alien races not fight back ?
(SinthBaron) It ages nicely after 20 years, like good wine and cheese
(Gears) Which is what I always ask myself "what would Jesus do"
(SinthBaron) Oops, sorry, wrong window
(Jeremy) Amed: It's a mandatory parameter of the kick command
(3j) Jesus would open another urn of wine
(Amed) Jeremy, yes, but are long-winded responses?
(Jurian) Ugh, and doing as Jesus did is a good thing? Look what it got him
(CyberVVizz) Battlecruiser 'The revenge of the cross'
(3j) And break some more bread with tasty fish sauce
(Jurian) He got his ass nailed to a cross. Good message, wrong audience
(PGill) Nancy, you are great to put up with all this! I dont know what I'd do in your shoes!
(Michaellss) Man did that not Jesus
(Loitus) Just go +m jeez it'll save you IRCops a lot of energy
(NancyL) 3J, please read Transformation, Density, Awakening, in short THIS IS ANSWERED IN ZT ALREADY!
(TerrorDactyl) You cant nail Nancy to a cross, she would beat the shit outta the Roman soldier
(Gears) Jurian: what would jack T chick say!
(ZooSpecimen) Woohoo1
(3j) NancyL I did! it doesnt answer that simple question!!
(Phoenix) Question: Can the Z's comment on the explosion over the Mediterranean in early June? Was this a meteor as explained by US authorities?
(Obany) The whole point is that the zetatalk IRC session should take place withouth disruptions . people don't join in to hear insults etc, they are here for the session
(Loitus) Obany: Shouldn't it be +m then?
(Amed) NancyL: can you ask the zetas why I might have the strange affinity towards certain times? (2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 etc) I always jerk my head aroudn to stare at the clock and see repeating digits..
(Amed) NancyL: Im sure they know what Im talking about
(3j) Amed, you're not alone
(Stphrz) Eh?
(Michaellss) Nope
(CyberVVizz) Moderated, I think so, no ?
(Jurian) Loitus: no, INTELLIGENT questions are welcome
(Samsara2003) So Nancy, what do the Z's have to say about the recent sniper shootings. Who done it? NWO, Terrorists, crazies?
(Jurian) Ynrelated shit is not
(Loitus) Jurian: ahh.. ok
(Torbj) I have a Q to the Zetas...Is the atmosphere somehow "more compressed" now... it seems to me that all the sounds are getting louder in my environment... (highways etc.)
(Loitus) Jurian: since you are the rule maker ;
(Loitus) )
(Monk) Amed: I used to see 9:11 on the clock alot too
(Cmel) NancyL a question for you and the Zetas, when does PX become more than a dot on a picture in the amature-scope ????
(Jurian) If you don't believe in all this, FINE, go away. Either way, next year it'll all be clear
(Gears) Holy crap it's 2:53!!
(Cmel) 23:53
(3j) 2 + 5 +3 = 10 !!!
(Gears) 3j: 2 + 3 = 5 !!!
(MikeO) In combination with the explosion over the Mediterranian, perhaps the Zetas can comment on this week's huge fireball near Irkutsk, Siberia. Apparently it was a whopper.
(NancyL) Samsara, sniper and more folks going crazy with all the changes in the world, will not be the last. No large conspiracy.
(JWilliam) Nancy: One thing I have picked up on the Oct 4 2002 images, I find quite remarkable
(Amed) 3j: It doesnt happen to you as often as it happens to me, therefore you have to trivialize it in a childish way
(Gears) The sum is twice the middle digit
(3j) Gears 10 /2 = 5 !
(Gears) Yeah!
(3j) Omg!
(MikeAus) Big green meteors over Oz, too
(Charles57) NancyL: did you notice that chase/Morgan Stanley has lost almost 60% of its business
(JWilliam) Using Animation shop I created a time-lapse sequence to better identify PX
(3j) Amed: im just joking
(Cmel) 3j knows his arithmetic
(NancyL) CMEL, check all the distance pages, the math describing this, and figure it out for yourself. Rapid approach, I gather.
(Obany) JWilliam: and what did you find out?
(JWilliam) Over at the bright reference star a cometary object is seen
(Cmel) Oh ok NL
(JWilliam) On the right side on frame 5
(JWilliam) On frame 6 we see the cometary object enter the Star glow approx. HORIZONTAL and within that frame begin to exit
(Cmel) But thx anyway
(3j) Amed: in fact I started checking as a thing had with siblings many years ago
(Gears) If I take a bunch of valium and drink vodka and put a plastic bag on my head can I go live on planet X?
(3j) Whenver the clock was all same digit first one to say it was winner
(NancyL) Charles, interesting comment about Morgan Stanley, etc. No had not noticed.
(JWilliam) In the frames 7,8,9,10 the Comet exits DOWNWARD
(JWilliam) A big example of light bending on a set of pictures taken looking for a light-bending planet;) What timing!!
(Kimbrian) I saw a green meteor 3 months back, coming in from north....the first green one I ever saw
(Torbj) I have a Q to the Zetas...Is the atmosphere somehow "more compressed" now... it seems to me that all the sounds are getting louder in my environment...(highways etc.)
(Cmel) Wasn't MS partly situated in WTC?
(NancyL) JWilliam of interest to Terror who asks how one can tell the difference between asteroid, comet, Px.
(MichaelCunningham) Wait until Nov. 19th and you'll see a whole bunch of green meteors
(Cmel) Comet has a tail
(Phoenix) I saw a hugely bright meteor, coming in very low to horizon.
(Velvet) Leonids, can't wait
(NancyL) Torbj, Q declined as this is most likely subjective. You're under stress, perhaps?
(Kimbrian) Thanks Michael
(JWilliam) :)
(Jurian) MichaelCunningham: hmm, cool, what time? :D
(Cmel) Px is noneexistant (I hope)
(Torbj) No!
(NancyL) CMEL, yes, MS per the Z was a target of the attack.
(Torbj) But thx!
(Gears) Subjective?
(MichaelCunningham) Two peaks
(Gears) The Q of "is the atmosphere more compressed"
(MichaelCunningham) Second one at 2:30 AM PST
(Amed) NancyL: how long have you been able to leave your body at will?
(Cmel) Yes I remembered correctly
(Gears) Could be answered yes or no
(SteveH) How far to the right of the reference star is it in frame 6 JWD?
(Gears) With an optional detailed explanation
(NancyL) Amed, Q declined as personal and not relevant.
(MikeAus) Our local TV news said the green metetor was "rocket debris"
(Mmt) Were the brakes loosened on 911 like in Chernobyl?
(JWilliam) It is just entering glow area , the summary doesn't pick up this action, the time lapse and individual plates do.
(Amed) NancyL: are the red/blue twinkling stars I see following me and my friend on certain occasions Plaedians?
(Cmel) Wha' only 45
(NancyL) The hour approaches. Q1 will be about 675 WATER RISE. A Russian translator presented arguments to me, Nancy, which seemed reasonable.
(Cmel) In tha channel now
(Michaellss) Rocket debris, so there gonna release 2000 more within 10 years good plan
(Kimbrian) the Zeta's use small footballsized orange light emitting vehicles?
(Michaellss) :(
(CyberVVizz) Blue blue
(N) O
(Velvet) Lol, pick a picture, any picture
(SteveH) I'll look closer later
(MikeAus) Was a lie Michaelss
(NancyL) He stated that assuming oceans at 5C (water freezes at 0C right?) and I noted surface in Carribean is 28C now, after the summer season.
(Michaellss) Yup
(NancyL) Humans have stated that were Antartica and Greenland to melt, 200 foot rise in sea level world wide.
(Stphrz) Ocean water does not freeze at 0 degrees C
(JWilliam) Steve: I use the Cadet Calibration program to load the pics & darks then Dr. Orkano preset program to enhance (Spanish Astronomer)
(Stphrz) Earn some high school chemistry :P
(NancyL) Zetas have stated that rise to 675 feet is due to ocean floor heating, underwater volcanoes, deep rifts broken open and the like, heating the water.
(Velvet) JWilliams, how long jave you been an astronomer?
(Cmel) So SteveH did you see anything significant in relation to the supposed planet x in the pictures that was recently released ??
(Ummite) SteveH can you send me te coordinate of Px
(Ummite) In pv
(NancyL) El Nino is just that, Indonesia volcanoes heating the water, which drifts across Pacific and causes climate change in Americas.
(MichaelCunningham) LOL!
(Starstalker) moderators, can we begin moderating?
(Jeremy) Ready when you are Nancy to set modertation on
(ZooSpecimen) When will these mass sightings start?
(Velvet) JWilliams?
(Obany) MichaelC: if you are here to insult LEAVE
(NancyL) ZT: But the math presented by this Russian translator was that volumn only increases .014% per C rise in temp, so it does not compute.
(NancyL) Zetas stated in email that he should consider his average temp not right, as poles have ice cold water that drives into the deep ocean rifts, so ocean bottoms are close to freezing, etc.
(NancyL) Even considering that, his computations (math dumb I could not validate) on average depth of ocean, etc. came short of 675 feet.
(NancyL) 675 FOOT RISE
(NancyL) So, ZT response to HOW to compute all this, etc.
(NancyL) ZT: The oceans of the world are mostly a vaste unexplored territory to man, who cannot drop to their depths else be crushed, nor explore them at length when descending at all.
(NancyL) ZT: The depth of rifts is calculated by radar, and the temperatures estimated by probes.
(NancyL) ZT: What can be assumed is that the water is not FREEZING, else would form into ice and rise to the top.
(NancyL) ZT: But water can be at the freezing temperature, and not freeze, if kept in motion, as flowing rivers in the cold of winter give evidence.
(NancyL) ZT: In computing the rise in the seas to 675 feet, more than the melting of Antartic and Greenland ice is presumed, as this rise has been computed by man to be only 200 feet.
(NancyL) ZT: Since the water flowing from the pole is cold, and would drop and run along the deep ocean rifts, this would bring those rifts to the freezing point, cold water falling below warn.
(NancyL) ZT: How high does that cold water rise? Human statistics measure the temperature at various depths, so this is a known statistic.
(NancyL) ZT: What is the volumn of water in the DEEP rifts, vs water at more shallow depths? This is also statistically evident, as the oceans have been mapped by radar.
(NancyL) ZT: Nevertheless, in considering that the temperature worldwide, at all depths, might rise to the level of the surface waters at the Equator, the math does not compute.
(NancyL) ZT: What is missing from this equation is swelling of land masses, land surface under the water, as odd as this concept might sound.
(NancyL) ZT: Metal is know to expand when heated, but the concept of hot mud being LARGER in volumn than cold mud has not been considered, as it has never been a concern of man's.
(NancyL) ZT: Heat is particles in motion, and they bump atoms about so that expansion is the result.
(NancyL) ZT: ALL land surface will be heated due to the swirling of the core, the heat to the extent that it can escape into the land surface doing so.
(NancyL) ZT: The result? This surface will expand, crevases opening, flaky layers of rock separating, and buckling occuring that creates spaces in the interior of rock.
(NancyL) ZT: Under the oceans, this equates to a HIGHER ocean bottom, with the water needing to go someplace, and as the bottom is moving UP, the sea level can only go UP also.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, where this cannot be computed by man, being a missing dynamic in his statistics, this is the explanation for why our 675 foot rise does not compute given the known factors - water volumn and increase per degree of heat rise.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(MikeAus) Well explained-thanks
(Mmt) What time will it take ?
(ZooSpecimen) When will it be safe to return to the coasts after the PS?
(Drfist) Typical underestimation of factors not known or considered by man
(Redeye) Well, Im not gonna argue with that.......
(Phoenix) Q: What of Cayce's predicted changes to N. Europe's weather, "as in the twinkling of an eye". How does that correspond with increasing land mass temps?
(BushJr) Is Barbara Streisand a Star Child?
(Thunderoc) Lol
(NancyL) Zoo, what coasts, the old coast or the new?
(NancyL) Two year period before the rise is fully in effect, per the Z's
(ZooSpecimen) New
(Obany) BushJr: gee .... you know that's not related, sapphire
(RudyJoe) If the surface of the earth expands then its circumference would be larger than it is presently. If this happens then the water would have more room to spread out, and not necessarily rise?
(NancyL) Phoenix, this is ZetaTalk, not CayceTalk.
(Amed) Q: How do you Zeta Reticuli rate the Dove Reports ( How accurate on they?
(ZooSpecimen) I want to go fishing after PS
(Jurian) So buy a fishing rod
(Stphrz) RudyJoe: zing!
(Velvet) Lol
(MikeAus) Will be hard to fish with coasts in motion
(NancyL) Rudy, the ocean bottoms are CLOSER to the core, thus they are lower, so they heat MORE.
(MikeO) Zoo: You'll HAVE to go fishing after the PS, to supplement your diet of bugs.
(Stphrz) Ocean water does not freeze at 0 degrees C even if it is totally motionless
(Velvet) Only the oceans Rudy, nothing else :o)
(NancyL) Amed, to get an answer, as you know, you must report 1. predictions, 2 accuracy, else no comment from the Z's on Dove Reports.
(ZooSpecimen) It will take a while for the oceans to settle
(NancyL) OK, going onto Q2, which I am taking to be the LIGHT issues, red light, white light, X light, etc.
(RudyJoe) Yes, and if they expand, the circumference of the earth would also expand... leaving more room for water to spread out instead of rising.
(NancyL) LIGHT
(NancyL) 1. Can the position of the moon affect the bending of the light from PX?
(NancyL) ZT: Light being imaged from Planet X is not subject to light pollution from the Sun, when taken well before dawn, even when the Moon is full.
(NancyL) ZT: Moon light, where strong enough to reflect BACK to Earth so that man can walk paths without a beacon light in his hands, nonetheless is not reflecting OUT to affect objects in space.
(NancyL) ZT: Does this Moon light affect a camera, such that dim objects might be blurred by Moon light?
(NancyL) ZT: No, as it is diffuse in the camera, affected perhaps only 5% of the available light from other objects in space.
(NancyL) ZT: Unless an object is at the threshold of visibility, to be affected by that 5% into not registering at all, it would not be affected by a full Moon.
(NancyL) End ZT to this portion, going on to next portion ...
(NancyL) 2. The Zetans have said red light is bent by gravity. If white light is made up of particles of light of all colors, then why don't all the stars around planet X show up as two images - one red and one white? Or if light particles of different colors are shifted different amounts by gravity then why don't we see a rainbow of star images?
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that there are MANY more particles of light than man is aware of, and light spectrums likewise he is unaware of.
(NancyL) ZT: Man sees but few colors, our eyes able to see dozens more, and our equipment atuned to wider spectrums likewise.
(NancyL) ZT: Planet X is registering in two places on human CCD camera images of late - a red object BENT and a white light object at the coordiantes we have given.
(NancyL) ZT: Why is this not the case for all objects, that they might appear in two places, and how long will this phenomena occur for the inbound Planet X?
(NancyL) ZT: Planet X, as we have stated from the beginning, is a red light spectrum object, due to the iron ore dust swirl surrounding it.
(NancyL) ZT: Light eminating from it MUST bounce through the dust swirl, and in the manner of light particles, emerges from the swirl colored to red from the influence of the iron ore.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we are NOT talking about the average object in space, nor are we talking about the composition of light that must travel a LONG way through space!
(NancyL) ZT: Planet X is relatively close, and thus the red light, bent, is still available upon reaching Earth. Red light from a distant object would be lost, BEFORE reachingEarth.
(NancyL) ZT: Until Planet X reaches the edge of the solar system, the orbit of Pluto or thereabouts, it will continue to present TWO objects, both increasingly large and bright as the months pass.
(NancyL) ZT: It is when the distance is such that LITTLE bending occurs that they will blend, become one object, a gradual progression of becoming closer and closer in images and scopes.
(NancyL) End ZT to this portion, and will break for followup Q's.
(Milord) Question to Zetas: last saturday and this saturday at night about 22:00 o clock many ppl saw an luminous flying objects above Israel (west side) above Tulkarem. The objects hanged up in the air and didn't move. Some times one object apears from nowhere, and other disappear. Was it an UFO? and what they did above Tulkarem?
(Ummite) NancyL: is the zeta travel like the serie slider on TV?
(SteveH) Can the Zeta's comment on the new Oct 04 images, what they show and how they compare to the Sept 21 images with regards to movement etc.?
(PGill) Nancy, at what time will PX reach our solar system?
(BobS) At what speed is PX currently moving?
(Jeremy) Nancy: Can the Zetas explain how gravity bends red light in the context of particle flow?
(Obany) Milord: personal related question won't get answered
(Velvet) Will the Zetas explain why carbon stars, light uears away, appear red and don't move?
(Milord) 4,12:0,12(
(RudyJoe) Here we have become privy to the alien mind, and have also had the opportunity now to look through alien eyes to see a spectrum unknown to mankind. What more wonderous tides of alien insights are yet to flow into our sphere of consciousness to amaze and inspire us?
(LinusBC) If the red light from Planet X, being close, is not lost, then why is the red light from a star such as Betelguese not lost on the way...being so much farther away?
(Walt2525) Do the Zetas still think that Bush will not attack Iraq?
(Thunderoc) Off topic a bit ~ was the hurricane that hit Louisiana this last week, a case of intervention?..(It was a class 4, and almost a five, then suddenly became a class 1 just before it hit shore. )
(ChiefSimi) Then the Annunaki don't see stars when they look upon the sky because of the red dust? In fact, what do they see?
(Seb13) What is the China attitude about the pole shift?
(Amed) Q to ZT: How accurate are the dove reports? (
(NancyL) Milord, UFO sightings will continue, and per the Z's (to me) this was a sighting, yes.
(GovernmentAgentMJ12) There is no Px
(Milord) Thanks Nancy
(Milord) 4,12:0,12)
(Ummite) NancyL: is the zeta travel like the serie slider on TV?
(NancyL) ZT to SteveH: Movement is obvious, and will be documented by you and your coworkers in this effort accordingly.
(NancyL) ZT: We commend you on your efforts, on your courage, and stamina, and dedication to this effort in spite of personal losses that you complain little about.
(SteveH) :-)
(Ummite) Lol
(DraganR) Zeta and the others aliens today = angels, mother Mary, etc. etc in past times
(NancyL) ZT: You are a shining example of STO behavior, and were all to have your level of concern about your fellow man, and putting your personal concerns aside, there would be little suffering on Earth.
(Amed) DraganR: as well as negative phenomena that you don't mention
(NancyL) End ZT to Steve, and I quite agree. Anything we can do to help with your "personal losses"?
(GCubed) Steve gets a bent red star.
(Obany) I agree with what the Zetas are saying about SteveH, he is doing a good job
(SteveH) No, I'm good!
(Ummite) Clap clap clap clap in his hand
(BobS) Wow. Then I'm curious..why is there so much movement if the coords change so little?
(Michaellss) Hhug to SteveH
(NancyL) Re PX speed and arrival times, please DO check the TOPIC at ../theword/tword032.htm and compute this yourself or just READ.
(Karen) {{{{{{{{thankyou steve}}}}}}}}}}
(SteveH) I blush hehe
(ChiefSimi) Bravo, Steve
(NancyL) ZT to Velvet: Red Stars appear red NOT because of the same red light frequency arriving from Px, but different spectrum frequencies.
(Velvet) Red is red
(Ummite) NancyL: is the zeta travel like the serie slider on TV?
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, there is red light, and red light, and red light. Mankind NOT understanding the full spectrum or behaviour.
(NancyL) End ZT to Velvet.
(Obany) Ummite: irrelavant
(Velvet) Figures
(Ummite) Ok sorry
(Ummite) Hehe
(NancyL) Same applies to LinusBC Q;
(Elite) As you can see, this is nothing but a cult. disagree, and you'll get banned.
(LinusBC) Ya...I got that..thanks Nancy
(Elite) Get an education
(Michaellss) Come on now
(NancyL) Thunder, no intervention re hurricane, just poor weather predictions as usual. Man does not know how to compute, anymore.
(LadyInRed) :)
(Thunderoc) Ahh ok thanks Nancy! :o)
(Seb13) c'est quoi les sujet ce soir je capte rien comme d'hab
(Elite) Real cult in action
(Stphrz) Bonjour Seb13
(NancyL) ZT to Chief: Planet X, looking OUT, sees what streams through, and this is fair to the arrival of the light. OUTBOUND light is affected more greatly.
(Torbj) Petit chou!
(QueenVee) QUESTION: Should Americans be wary of the mass smallpox vaccination planned by the government?
(Stphrz) YES!
(Zetapal) Good ques
(Obany) Queenvee: look at the topic etc, you know how it works :) that's not a follow up question
(ChiefSimi) Must be fascinating
(Walt2525) Any more clues from the Zetas on how long before the financial collapse
(Stphrz) Because the government is evil and is always conspiring to harm the public
(DraganR) SteveH is an angel incarnated in human body.
(NancyL) Bobs, movement of Planet X is dependent upon 1. location of view, 2. time of view, too, though this was pretty much the same 9/21 to 10/04.
(Obany) Walt2525: that's no follow u question
(Obany) Up
(BobS) I don't know if this Q is valid or not...but why does Px move so much on the pics of the coordinates change so little?
(NancyL) But according to Steve and J William, the movement WAS as expected, etc.
(BobS) Okay...thanks
(Velvet) Are they qualified to understand astronomical data?
(NancyL) Queen, I think vacination is something I personally would not accept.
(MichaelCunningham) Good point
(Stphrz) Ha!
(Seb13) le p. shift est certain ya que la date qui me chagrine un peu mais bon en 1995 elle me paraissait plausible
(3j) Espcially when small pox vaccine results in 1 out of 5 people being sick and risk of death
(Obany) And well I think even more people have saw it, not everyone speaks out I think
(RudyJoe) Have they seen enough movement to be able to plot the orbital trajectory... and if so does it conform to what the ZTs have predicted?
(Obany) Seb13: English please
(Jurian) Seb13: try English?
(NancyL) Walt, the economic collapse will be steady, dropping in plunges then halting, and no telling what day a plunge will occur in.
(Ummite) Moi aussi c,est la date
(Ogmios) Why is there two spots what then become one spot, Px and moons?
(Jurian) Leave it to the French to talk french in an English channel
(3j) Je crois ben que la date est un peut trop proche non
(Obany) Ummite: the same thing counts for you, English
(MichaelCunningham) What of Hava's and Williams astronomical qualifications?
(QueenVee) Jurian: that was uncalled for
(Jurian) Hey, everyone should speak French eh?
(3j) Or Dutch ?
(NancyL) SO much interlinked - companies reporting bad profits, bad picture, layoffs, indictments, and most importantly now, selloffs.
(Moloko) Zetas don't understand French?
(Velvet) I'd prefer Hungarian myself
(Kramark) A planet moving towards us would be closer than its image
(Ummite) Come on Obany for the time I can talk my own language whit another person plz
(Jurian) Moloko: zeta's might, Nancy probably doesn't
(NancyL) ZT to Walt: Control of the Stock Market is under the control of money managers more than is understood.
(Torbj) Du la crow, Unmite?
(Ummite) What
(Kramark) The sun is 8 minutes away
(Ummite) It is not clear
(Stphrz) Yes the money managers like to screw themselves
(Jurian) Ummite: no, you can't, not during these sessions.
(3j) Vous savez q'apres le p s que le francais va disparaitre
(Jurian) Outside the session, fine
(NancyL) ZT: Where is it assumed that the PUBLIC controls stock selloffs, as they can supposedly request that their brokers sell or buy, MOST stock is in the hands of money managers who cannot have this bidding done by the public.
(Obany) Use /msg nickname message
(Velvet) Lol, aren;t they losing money too?
(3j) nickname No such nick !!!!!!!!!!!
(NancyL) ZT: 401K funds, for instance, are seldom given the right to demand buy or sell, with only a portion of the control given to the holder.
(Amed) Q to ZT: did anyone reincarnate here soley for the purpose of the shift? This is quite the event, isnt it?
(QueenVee) Jurian: you must be joking. you let people say the grossest, foulest things in this channel, and you're on someone's case for speaking French to another French person?
(Obany) Uuh fill in hte person there that you want to talk to
(Stphrz) So the money managers are causeing the stock market to fall and are making themselves lose money!
(Velvet) ;o)
(Stphrz) Brillian plan
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, money managers, under the hand of elite, who hire them and can fire them, are told NOT to sell, even with bad indicators, or even to BUY when the indicators would say otherwise.
(Jeremy) QueenVee: Jurian often kicks people for using foul language...
(Jurian) QueenVee: personal chatter shouldn't take place here anyway, specially not in a different language
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the market is still artificially upheld, but panic will eventually take over.
(Seb13) Qui ve se casser en suede avec moi l'an prochain?
(ZooSpecimen) Drop the attitude please Jurian
(Cmel) Ping Okidok
(Jurian) ZooSpecimen: can't, comes with the job
(NancyL) ZT: What would case the panic? Money managers who do NOT have a profit stream to maintain their staff, their payroll, will eventually override the requests from above, and SELL.
(NancyL) ZT: The need to simply survive, to meet payroll, and greed, the desire to have a quarterly profit bonus delivered, will cause individual actions that bump into each other, causing what we will call a plunge.
(NancyL) ZT: Since this is so much in the hand of man, we cannot predict days, nor do we consider this a priority as MONEY is not where your concerns should be.
(NancyL) ZT: Not being materialists, but concerned about the suffering of the innocents of the world, we think this a misplaced focus!
(NancyL) End ZT to Walt.
(Stphrz) Yeah, stock market drops 6 weeks in a row. Real effective those money managers are at propping it up!
(GCubed) Q to Z: I know that the gloom after Px varies with location. If we are in a good location is growing food outdoors possible? Or should we rely on worms? Sorry if this is answered in TT.
(RudyJoe) Money is pretty much irrelevant to the dead and dying.
(N) The Sfinx stuff ..already handled?
(motai) Unfortunately the stock market has to be so short term
(Walt2525) Thank you. Will the dollar be worthless? Will this happen before midterm elections? I ask to know how we have to move.
(Velvet) So, send all your money to me
(Stphrz) k
(NancyL) I have a last portion of the LIGHT Q, from JWilliam ...
(NancyL) LIGHT
(NancyL) 3. With red light bending, are we seeing" the red spectrum image of" Planet X in different locations in the different 2 minute pictures In frame 4-R specifically, have we captured the red light shifting within this one picture? (which has created what looks like a moving object on the exposure)
(Obany) N: not related now you know how it wors
(Kramark) The zetas are not mentioning that things are closer than they seem
(NancyL) ZT: Planet X is appearing in only one spot on the images, and what is commonly termed white light appearing at the coordiantes spot given.
(NancyL) ZT: However, there can be ghosts, caused by reflection, that can appear NEAR an object.
(NancyL) ZT: This is a complex subject related to atmosphere, camera function, and even Moon bounce, so we decline to expand upon it.
(NancyL) ZT: Suffice it to say that you should look for the STRONGEST red object in accordance with what is expected in coordinates motion, and in relation to the white light object, and in accordance with lattitude and time of exposure, etc.
(NancyL) ZT: Consider any ghosts you pick up to be that.
(NancyL) End ZT to JWilliam.
(JWilliam) Thanks ;)
(BarkingMonkey) How far away is Px now?
(RudyJoe) Are you sure your planet_x is not just Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer coming back from delivering Christmas presents to the Martians?
(Okidok) Hei på deg cmel
(Velvet) What does Planet X refelct off of?
(NancyL) Barking, read the TOPIC re distance at ../theword/tword032.htm and educate yourself. Its all there already!
(Velvet) To make these "ghosts"?
(MichaelCunningham) What are Hava's and Williams astronomical qualifications?
(Stphrz) Hm hm
(BarkingMonkey) Are there other alien ships in convoy with Px?
(Matt) Lol
(NancyL) Cunningham, they are not paid disinfor artists, which puts them WAY above YOU, by the way.
(Jurian) Convoy with a planet
(Jurian) Now there's an interesting idea
(MichaelCunningham) That wasn't the question Nancy
(MikeO) Cunningham will be asking about astronomical qualifications right up 'til rotation stoppage.
(NancyL) Cunnignham yelled "fraud" when Pierre presented the Jan 19,2001 CCD images, even before he had a look at them :-)
(QueenVee) Good one, mike
(Velvet) Please answer the question, I'd like to know too
(NancyL) Such is Cunningham's open mind.
(SteveH) MC, my qualifications are what I've said on sci.astro etc so you decide
(NancyL) Well, he does not have a mind, he is TOLD what to say and think, and does so like a good little boy!
(MichaelCunningham) What are they Steve?
(Velvet) So, none Steve?
(QueenVee) MichaelCunningham: What are your qualifications to ask an objective question in this channel?
(Drfist) Qualifications does not make one a seeker of truth
(SteveH) Diploma in mechanical engineering
(MichaelCunningham) I'm an observer just like you QueenVe
(LadyInRed) LOL@QV
(Reticuli) Thanks steve
(Redeye) Drfist : indeed
(MichaelCunningham) Nancy...
(NancyL) Steve and Pierre and JWilliam do more than give opinions, they present their analysis, steps they take, etc, and original CCD FITS files.
(Stphrz) You don't need qualifications to ask questions but you sure as hell need them to answer
(MichaelCunningham) What are their qualifications?
(Velvet) Qualifications allow you to analyze the data properly
(NancyL) Cunningham spouts his opinions and is proven wrong repeatedly on even those, but keeps spouting!
(JWilliam) MC & Velvet you know what is on those pictures. What you are doing is wrong for your friends family and community!!
(Jeremy) Experience is just as valuable as qualifications
(Velvet) That didn't answer the question
(Obany) Just because SteveH is not an astronmer... doesn't make him less then you Michael Cunningham ... as you like to insult people on sci.astro
(MichaelCunningham) I see... no answer forth coming
(NancyL) OK, have one last Q from Jan last week, which I missed on followup.
(Reticuli) Good point jeremy
(NancyL) 1. What can we expect from our currently silent debunkers (Tholen et al) on the current imaging? What are they cookin' up for us?
(NancyL) ZT: At present, the actions of disinfo artists are to insult and claim loudly that nothing is there.
(NancyL) ZT: There is fact is no organized plan beyond this, as it was know that at some point an object, moving, WOULD be known worldwide and watched, and the silence of NASA and the Hubble on this matter rather obvious.
(NancyL) ZT: Nonetheless, we expect silence to be the plan, as announcing that SOMETHING is there would be to give ZT credit and prestige.
(NancyL) ZT: When it become large enough to be seen by the eye, without scopes, we expect an explanation akin to a red comet, red dust, outgassing, a brilliant display.
(NancyL) ZT: The course of this supposed comet will be such that no damage will occur to Earth, of course, as comets are seen as brilliant and have tails.
(NancyL) ZT: But since much time may pass between this current plan in place and the execution of the plan, and since this is in the hands of man, all could change.
(NancyL) End ZT to Jan on this matter.
(NancyL) Ah, I see the hour just turned!
(MichaelCunningham) Nancy, should we consider the image sources are from only those people who follow your beliefs? What about independent sources?
(QueenVee) QUESTION: There have been a number of recent mainstream articles and television programs discussing the possibility of an asteroid hitting the earth and even Planet X (see What does this indicate?
(NancyL) Cunningham may not even be a man, nor a Cunningham.
(Velvet) Huh?
(Torbj) You must have "qualifications" to feel!
(Obany) From sources like you MichaelC.. sure
(Zetapal) Great job today Nancy thx
(NancyL) We do know he has an agenda, as is well documented in tt-watch.
(MichaelCunningham) We can get no answers here... only insults
(Velvet) Lol, and tt-watch has no agenda?
(ZooSpecimen) What qualifications are necessary?
(Obany) Well and Ccunningham well also insults on sci.astro
(Thunderoc) What is the latest time one should think about getting out of Dodge... so to speak.. where travel will not be hampered by weather and / or poliical disruptions?
(Matt) So it would seem MC
(Zetapal) And cudos to the admins
(Samsara2003) Q: Any talk about government making Alien presense known to distract the population or anyother distractors?
(MikeO) I see the moon and sun rise and set, and I don't have qualifications.
(Velvet) No answers on sci.astro either
(MichaelCunningham) Tthis isn't sci.astro Obany
(Obany) Well I check your postings on sci.astro .. and well you insult
(NancyL) I think we should try to do CunninghamRead. See which way he jumps, and from this gather what his handlers might be planning as an approach to public awareness.
(Velvet) Post and run on sci.astro
(NancyL) Lately Cunningham has been quit, even absent, now he comes forward challenging others qualifications!
(MichaelCunningham) Been busy Nancy
(Velvet) Honest question - and never answered
(NancyL) So, his orders, insult and question the qualifications of those who put up original CCD's et al!
(MichaelCunningham) No time for you
(LadyInRed) Thank you Nancy/Zeta's :)
(QueenVee) Dishonest question, therefore not answered
(Walt2525) Are there any good souls in the Gov who will or plan to warn us?
(Velvet) So, what ARE their qualifications?
(N) Is it possible to make a sort of sensible CCD camera? (to see the human aura by software..or so)
(NancyL) Cunningham has been challened FROM THE BEGINNING to provide images, and has never done so!
(Jeremy) MC: How many attempts have you made to sight PX since Sep 15?
(Obany) N: Not related
(MichaelCunningham) Jeremy, about 15 times
(Velvet) That's because you told him you wouldn't accept them Nancy
(QueenVee) MC: where are your pics?
(MichaelCunningham) QueenVee, in my computer
(QueenVee) MC: are we just supposed to take your words for it?
(Michaellss) Wonder if Vaticans observatory has pics of PX?
(Velvet) Why should he take images when you specifically stated they would be faked?
(NancyL) Also, Open Minded continues to hide, as he is SO confident that he is right in claiming that nothing is there than he stands behind it, anonymous utterly, no one knowing his state, his city, his occupation, his name certainly NOR his qualification!
(MichaelCunningham) Where they shall stay until Nancy claims her planet is visible
(Dalton) MC has said that he'd provide pictures when Nancy says Px will be evident with his equipment. She has yet to do so
(Torbj) You can look at the aura just by "looking behind" the subjects aura... simple.... but you´ll need practise abit
(NancyL) But Cunningham we can expect to hear from for awhile, as he now has a new assignement and is spending his money, etc.
(Velvet) I just love the way Nancy attacks when she can't answer honestly
(LadyInRed) What are people seeing when the say they see a planet by the sun during sunsets and sunrises?
(MikeO) Cunningham just got caught with his pants down again. The pics are "in his computer."
(Reticuli) MC, I would like to see your photos, if there is nothing there then what do you have to hide
(MichaelCunningham) Fact is Hava's and Williams have no astronomical qualifications
(NancyL) Velvet, does not MC have a web site where these images could be put? He should spend some of his "side pay" on this.
(Jurian) MC: please put your pants back on? :)
(Velvet) Absolutely none
(MichaelCunningham) Jurian... LOL!
(Jurian) The thought of people IRC'ing naked is disturbing! :p
(Velvet) Why should he Nancy?
(Jeremy) Lol
(SteveH) Many discoveries are made by amateurs all over the world and what are their qualifications?
(Ogmios) Hehe Jurian :)
(Velvet) It's not his job to prove, it's yours
(QueenVee) Velvet: because it would give some credibility to his claims
(Obany) MichaelCunningham: and that makes you well better then they are?
(MichaelCunningham) Not until you say the planet is visible Nancy
(Velvet) Steve, you are NOT an amateur
(Ogmios) How many dont have clothes on now ;)
(CyberVVitch) Ego ego ego
(SteveH) Most just have an interest in astronomy and learn on their own
(NancyL) Velvet, are you Lace, and Silk of former sessions? Sarah Mac feeling sexy?
(Velvet) You paid someone to get the images
(Torbj) If they had... they probably would be "follovers"...
(Jurian) Ogmios: that'd be interesting zetatalk :D
(MichaelCunningham) Obany, 40 years of observing makes it so
(Obany) Yes, SarahMC
(Ogmios) :)
(Reticuli) Amatuer astromers have as much right to take photos and engage in debate as pros
(Kindred_Soul) The sky is falling, the sky is falling !!
(Velvet) Yes Nancy, hard to handle me isn't it?
(JWilliam) 30 pieces of silver to sell out the human race
(GCubed) MCunningham, have you posted your own images on the Web?
(Kimbrian) Thanks for now
(Velvet) Not with Nancy Reticuli
(MikeO) Thank you, Nancy, for an informative session, and hats off to Havas.
(Reticuli) Once agian it appears that the debunkers attack the messenger to distract people from the message
(SteveH) Velvet, I'm amateur all the way. No professional astonomy qualifications
(Velvet) All I see is Nancy attacking
(MichaelCunningham) My images will NOT be posted for public viewing until Nancy commits to PX being visible
(Velvet) We're just asking questions, which she won't answer
(ChiefSimi) Ok MichaelC, but why?
(Michaellss) Yes thnx Nancy and all others who help
(Reticuli) If MC had photos that showed there was nothing there then he would post those, without then he is just engaged in character assaination
(Velvet) As Michael has stated months ago, I might add
(NancyL) Velvet, all contributions on TEAM are not paid, but volunteer. Open Minded (whoever he is) and Cunningham most certainly have an agenda as does Sarah Mac, but I think Sarah is not being paid, just jerked around.
(Karen) Thanks Nancy and Z's catch you next week
(MichaelCunningham) Nancy has stated my images are suspect
(Velvet) Can you prove I'm being paid Babcy?
(Velvet) Nancy
(Cmel) Mmmm jerk around
(Obany) Velvet: as it would serve no purpose...
(Reticuli) MC, so what? Let the public decide
(MichaelCunningham) Which is why I find images from Havas suspect
(Velvet) Or just a hollow accusation?
(NancyL) SteveH, MANY thanks to you and JWilliam for your invaluable contributions, Jan too, for hanging in there on sci.astro.
(SteveH) Np
(Velvet) Ahh, accuse and run Nancy?
(JWilliam) Regards
(Velvet) Hiding?
(NancyL) Many thanks to Jurian and Obany and Jeremy for being great cops.
(Torbj) Hug to you Nancy!
(Cmel) MC do you have any pics, and if so, what do they show
(Michaellss) Hug to all
(Walt2525) Are there any government higher ups who are trying to warn us (or want to warn us) of planet x?
(NancyL) Thanks as always to attendees for attending and inspiring great ZT.
(Ogmios) MC is I am open minded? Same person eh?
(Jeremy) Bye Nancy
(MichaelCunningham) Jan will look foolish come next year
(SteveH) Thanks Nancy and Z's for the session
(Salvador) Thank you Nancy and Zetas
(Domicile) Thanks Nancy, Steve, Jan, JW and all!
(Velvet) Run away Nancy
(NancyL) I will see you all, or those who return, next week!
(Obany) MC I can quote even more from you from sci.astro ... insulting etc....
(Cmel) Thx 4 being here NL
(MichaelCunningham) My images show nothing there
(Cmel) And ZT
(PGill) Bye and thanks for putting up with all this! keep up the good work
(Velvet) As do mine Michael
(Obany) Velvet: gee, it's no running away ...
(Reticuli) Why not post them MC?
(NancyL) Look to your scopes in the wee hours! Look for yourselves!
(Velvet) As do Steves
(NancyL) Bye bye!
Session Close: Sat Oct 05 18:09:26 2002