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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Nov 30, 2002

Session Start: Sat Nov 30 15:54:38 2002
(NancyL) I have no agenda except a couple left over Q submitted by Queen.
(Endeavour3d) well then, may I ask a Q?
(Endeavour3d) it was from last time
(NancyL) One was re a supposed South American abduction, on the Rense site. Looked utterly faked, and they DON'T happen that way, with burned sheets and walls :-)
(NancyL) The other was curious, about a space station contractor found with a stolen laptop from NASA at home, jumping from a plane.
(NancyL) Endeav, what is your Q?
(JWilliam) with or without a parachute ?
(JWilliam) ;o)
(Jeremy) I have an interesting question, but really about survival camps in the Aftertime, which should have been asked on #poleshiftdiscussion
(NancyL) JWilliam, without a chute, claimed a suicide.
(Abk) Nancy, how about the stock market - still going up - what's up?
(LadyInRed) I think he was pushed
(Endeavour3d) I gotta find the question, it's in a text file
(MikeO) Can the Zetas provide context about what really happened this week in Kenya, where the tourist hotel was bombed and missiles were fired at a civilian airliner? What this a setup, designed to sway world opinion against Iraq - or in other words, 9/11 Part 2? And did it take a little alien intervention to prevent those missiles from striking the aircraft?
(NancyL) Jeremy, what is your Q?
(Duane) MikeO Ex Q
(TerrorDactyl) Here's a question for the zeta's: Will the weapons inspectors in Iraq find WOMD?
(Redeye) good Q mikeo
(NancyL) Abk, the crop shortages were underplayed in the media, until a very recent UN report showed just HOW accurate the Zeta predictions were.
(NancyL) And the quakes were underreported by the USGS but now the truth is out there too.
(Jeremy) Nancy: How likely will spies try to infiltrate survival communities in the Aftertime to learn where food and valuable items are kept? Obviously survivors have to be wary whom they admit into their camp..
(NancyL) Stock Market is artificially maintained, 1. public confidence is going down, but market up, 2. buz projections of profits going down, but market up, etc.
(Endeavour3d) on the Art Bell website, an article was posted about a small ranch in Utah I believe, where very strange things occur, weird animals appear and lights in the sky. Is this another ploy by STS beings to scare the public?
(NancyL) Few hands control this, and LITTLE in the hands of the little man, but eventually the truth will be out.,
(Stewart) what does STS stand for?
(Duane) Nancy, you said Months ago that a crash would happen any day now, where are we now?
(NancyL) I read a recent report in a finance mag, October I think, called "permabears" meaning a full bore and no stop bear market.
(Endeavour3d) Service to Self, people who have are self consious (sp?)
(Jeremy) Stewart: Service-To-Self, see ZetaTalk site for further info on this
(Obany) Could the Zetas tell us more about the cooperation between Service to Other Humans and the Hybrids in the aftertim?
(TerrorDactyl) what happened to the shoe that was gonna drop?
(Stewart) thanks
(NancyL) Where would it stop? 3000 on the DOW, which is what the stocks are really worth, per this article.
(MikeO) STS stands for "some people don't read ZetaTalk basics before asking questions"
(Jurian) TerrorDactyl: the dog ate it
(TerrorDactyl) lol
(NancyL) Seems kind of close to the 25% of 1999 prediction (DOW was about 12,000 then), I think.
(NancyL) Zetas RIGHT again!
(Duane) Nancy will a crash occur before January 2003?
(JWilliam) terror: It was my retirement fund that dropped along with everybody elses ;o)
(3j) worth 3000 'according' to an article...
(TerrorDactyl) are they ever wrong, apart from when they purposefully lie?
(Zetapal) lol
(Stewart) rotfl
(Obany) I will try to rephrase my questions. Could the Zetas tell us more about the cooperation between those who are Service to Others and the Hybrids in the aftertime ?
(JWilliam) I second Obany question.
(Obany) JWilliam: :)
(Bailey) Nancy, will you address the second passing of PX if any and what effects the second time around?
(NancyL) OK, the hour is here, so I will start. Will take quick Q on the South American faked abduction and Utah Q first, combined.
(Obany) Bailey: has been answered upon
(TerrorDactyl) Will Px move the orbit of the Earth twin?
(NancyL) FAKE OR ?
(NancyL) 1. Are the following photos from a recent alleged "abduction" in Brazil authentic, and if so, can the zetas comment on them:
(NancyL) 2. on the Art Bell website, an article was posted about a small ranch in Utah I believe, where very strange things occur, weird animals appear and lights in the sky. Is this another ploy by STS beings to scare the public?
(NancyL) ZT: The public is rapt an eager to hear about aliens, and the stage masters rise to the occasion!
(NancyL) ZT: Following the LEGITIMATE mass sightings in Mexico in 1991, during the Eclipse, there were faked sigthings reported and produced on video galore.
(NancyL) ZT: The reason? The locals, having had a tasted of well-heeled visitors to their area, staying at the local motels and restaurants and tipping well, wanted MORE.
(NancyL) ZT: So, as we reported years ago when asked about this, the majority of the follow-on sightings were simply faked.
(NancyL) ZT: The Brazilian Roswell, a LEGITIMATE report of live aliens injured and on the ground, seen by school children wandering home along a path through the woods, is being followed by faked abduction scenes.
(NancyL) ZT: The fakes are CLEAR, as there are burn marks in the shape of a body on the bed, on the wooden wall, enough such that the human involved would have body wide burns, life threatening in nature.
(NancyL) ZT: Not at all what contactees experience!
(NancyL) ZT: Another report, from the ranch areas where cattle mutilations formerly keep visitors coming and reports in the local papers, we now hear of similar sightings.
(NancyL) ZT: The body cannot be produced, the story told by word of mouth only, but those in the US west who hope to keep the interest up will keep it up as long as they DO get reporters coming around.
(NancyL) ZT: This is simply the human wish to keep a good thing going, attention, extra income, and is likely to follow in like manner the increase in legitimate sightings that will be occurring during the Awakening.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Bailey) some of that was funny, I knew ZT had a sense of humor, do they laugh out loud, ever whop and hollar up a lot of noise?
(YugoBoss) A French national TV channel recently spoke of the imminent close of a French "official" (few people knew its existence) UFO office, why do they want to close it?
(Stewart) how were the cattle mutilations carried out - apparently insissions were too precise a even for humans to carry out?
(TerrorDactyl) they cackle evilly
(Endeavour3d) if they want attention, then why do they not want people coming around? The people on that ranch get angry when snoopers come about
(Orion) Can the zeta's comment on the story about the U.S. jets being scrambled to intercept a mysterious contrail?
(Endeavour3d) this is the story
(Endeavour3d) thank you Orion
(TavliGal) am I able to ask a personal question such as: am I a contactee?
(Endeavour3d) that was my second question
(Endeavour3d) No
(NancyL) Yugo, the French went out over a year ago with an official report, COMETA I think, stating they KNEW aliens were here, the US govemt was in contact, and was lying to the world.
(Obany) TavliGal: no, no personal questions
(JoshuaFalken) I have got a telescope; I need EXACT coordinates to look for planetX on dec,1st, or dec,2nd. Where could I find them?
(NancyL) Why they changed their tune, who knows.
(TavliGal) oh well, had to try
(Bria) I like Orions question
(NancyL) Endeav, or they are acting :-).
(Stewart) slightly OT - what do you think about the British UFO files being released from the early 80s?
(TerrorDactyl) Tavligal, yes you were laying on the operating table next to me last tuesday evening on that UFO
(YugoBoss) yes I saw this report
(Endeavour3d) that could be true as well Nancy, just wondering
(Stewart) AND will they contain any zeta related material?
(TavliGal) oh is that what that was!
(Jeremy) JoshuaFalken: The next set of coorindates are for 6th December. Check Planet X sightings link on ZT homepage for info on that
(TerrorDactyl) lol
(NancyL) Tav, no, YOU are not as important as the populace at large. Only YOU think so, etc.
(TerrorDactyl) pot calls kettle black
(Zetapal) film at 11
(JoshuaFalken) I don't understand why coordinates are released only time by time: if PX is actually so near, we (you?) should be able to know its exact orbit, just like any other comet.
(NancyL) ZT to Stewart: Long withheld British files on real sightings experienced by thier miliary are suddenly forthcoming.
(NancyL) ZT: Why?
(TavliGal) darn I had visions of grandeur
(Fred) an internet webpage mentioned that there were approximately 1500 'alien' ships orbiting earth. can they all be divided into STO and STS categories? what are the galactical implications?
(Kaspars) hello, I`m new here. Have someone heard about Vissarion in Syberia? (excuse for bad english)
(YugoBoss) They said almost they can't aplain 10% of UFO sightings but finally the office will close, very strange
(NancyL) ZT: The Brits, in alliance with the US, are very busy these days, Blair trying to be a good buddy while taking intense heat from his lawmakers and public.
(NancyL) ZT: Bush trying to find reason for a war with Iraq, so their oil can be well in hand and Israel put in charge of Iraq AND Saudi oil prior to the shift, as planned.
(NancyL) ZT: Where publically waving and smiling, they are anything BUT happy behind the scenes, and they and their staff and increasingly igmoring relatively minor matters.
(NancyL) ZT: Like children who sneak out and raid the refrigerator when the parents are holding a party on the patio, one drinnk too many and loud conversation and music, those in their governments LONG wanting to reveal these matters to the public see their chance.
(NancyL) ZT: Look BEHIND these slips, the lack of oversight, to what must be going on in the smoke filled rooms of power!
(NancyL) ZT: What would be SO engrossing that they would overlook what was in such tight control just years ago?
(NancyL) End ZT to Stewart.
(Serbeo) can ZT's comment on comtrails reported on,that went across US
(Thunderoc) perhaps O/T, but will the stock market continue to rise until some major earthquake hits a large populated area in the USA , and then begin it's fall as suggested by zetatalk?
(NancyL) Kaspars, what is Vissarion?
(Bailey) good? Serb
(Kaspars) people are saying - Christ
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy, Blair is taken up with a Fire Fighter strike - not Px
(Jeremy) Thunderoc: I agree, that's a very plausible scenario
(NancyL) Ok, W2 ...
(NancyL) 1. Can the Zetas provide context about what really happened this week in Kenya, where the tourist hotel was bombed and missiles were fired at a civilian airliner? What this a setup, designed to sway world opinion against Iraq -- or in other words, 9/11 Part 2? And did it take a little alien intervention to prevent those missiles from striking the aircraft?
(JoshuaFalken) blabla
(NancyL) ZT: We months ago predicted, when the Bush Administration was suggesting to the world that Bin Laden was likely dead, or dealt a fatal blow, in the caves of Afghanistan, that Bin Laden was alive and would soon be heard from again, back to his old practices.
(NancyL) ZT: The recent new videos of Bin Laden show the first part of our prediction true, and Kenya the second.
(NancyL) ZT: Bin Laden's video made it CLEAR that the Bush pressure against Iraq, would result in terrorism against American intereste and allies abroad.
(NancyL) ZT: Kenya and the missile were that, both aimed at Israel.
(NancyL) ZT: The missile attack missed its mark simply because the aim was long range, and the skill required considerable.
(NancyL) ZT: TWA800 was taken down by such a missile, but skilled US Military, employed by those who would start Martial Law in the US early, were at the hands.
(NancyL) ZT: Will this change the Bush Administrations tenor on Iraq, the raw desire to gain control of Iraq oil and put Chenney in charge?
(NancyL) ZT: Since the weapons search is unlikely to turn up anything incriminating, unless it is PLANTED there, they must now change the rules.
(NancyL) ZT: If Iraq has been firing on British and US planes in the no-fly zone all along, this now has become a breach worthy of war on Iraq.
(NancyL) ZT: Did the Security Council say so? No, just Bush and Blair, trying to change the rules.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(YugoBoss) Al-Qaeda was not created by the Bush Administration but by the Clinton Administration...
(TerrorDactyl) so will we see more civilian airliners shot down by Islamic shoulder mounted heat-seekers soon??
(Lebrasse) Nancy, just WHAT is the hold Israel has over the US ??? why does the US fund and fight for them always ?
(Okidok) The experts told that this Bin laden video was a fake,the voice analysis conformed it
(Frank) There were only sound-tapes of Bin Laden, No video's; my ubderstanding
(JohnMeiii) no video, only audio
(Cmel) wasen't TWA800 hit by a heatseeking misile ?, as opposed to the kind of misile that was used in this situation ?? that "just" flew in a straight line !?
(Stewart) Iraq HAVE BEEN firing on British and US planes for years...
(JohnMeiii) missile missed cause the plane was too CLOSE, not enough time to lock on to heat.
(NancyL) ZT to Lebrasse: Israel and the US have been in bed for some time, for reasons other than stated by these two countries.
(Cmel) Yugo it was started by Bush sr.
(JoshuaFalken) TerrorDactyl, I'm back!!! ;-) If all these bullshits are true, why isn't NANCY able to answer a simple question like: "Where the hell is PX EXACTLY NOW?"??? :-)))
(YugoBoss) cmel: but extensively used but Clinton and Co.
(NancyL) ZT: The US is dependent upon oil from the Middle East, but finds the Muslim nations rejecting their advances.
(Cmel) yes
(JoshuaFalken) how long am I going to remain here? :)
(JoshuaFalken) 5
(Obany) !kick JoshuaFalken
(NancyL) ZT: The US has used the excuse of anti-communism to fight many battles NOT otherwise justified, when the raw desire behind the gun was weath for the elite.
(NancyL) ZT: The CIA has long been used to topple legitimate democracies and movements in Argentine, Australia, and Central America so that corporate interests would be more secure to do busienss as ususal.
(NancyL) ZT: The uS has been building Israel up, sending massive aid, far more than any other country, so have an ally in JUST such an effort as exists today.
(NancyL) ZT: Israel abuses the Palestinians to the point where they throw rocks, and then bombs their villages, children and aged and alike.
(NancyL) ZT: This enrages the Arabs, who then are deemed terrorists if they raise an eyebrow.
(NancyL) ZT: All this has behind it corporate greed, desire for oil, and none other.
(NancyL) End ZT to Lebrasse.
(Thunderoc) perhaps O/T, but will the stock market continue to rise until some major earthquake hits a large populated area in the usa , and then begin it's fall as suggested by zetatalk?
(Stewart) The CIA has been used to topple the Australia government -) Australia isn't a developing country like those others you mentioned...
(TerrorDactyl) you got shares or something Thunderoc?
(NancyL) Joshua, can you not find the Coordinates page? ../theword/tword03m.htm
(Dave7) Can the Zeta provide any further info for Australian survivors?
(Bailey) enough is enough, I am Sabbath messianic, God forgive me I agree
(NancyL) We had coordinates for Nov 25, did you go LOOK?
(Spanky) Stewart: they used the govenor general's power to refuse a Prime Minister
(Karen) thunder) Scallion predicts Jan '03 stock falls if not sooner
(AnAlien) "Coordinates will be updated when requests for these updates come in."
(Stewart) and which Prime-Minster did they refuse?
(AnAlien) Very funny!
(Spanky) Nancy: was Princess Diana a conspiracy/murder?
(NancyL) They are good through Dec 6th.
(Thunderoc) market should be going down as suggested... but goes up.. looking for a reason for it to go down with refferance to earlier cnversation RE: Earthquakes..
(Thunderoc) up
(AnAlien) Ok, tell me this: PX is too dark to be seen, isnt'it? ok, but...
(Spanky) like Wellstone/JFK jr. ?
(NancyL) Karen, thanks for the Stock Market news pre Scallion.
(Obany) !addtimedban An_Alien 1800 Bye
(NancyL) Want to make a couple announcements.
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: New link on the ZetaTalk home page just under the Zeta Face re Forgery.
(NancyL) There are three types referenced, with detail.
(NancyL) 1. Recent Usenet forgery of and Nancy Lieder, and obvious forgery but illegal none the less, and how to identify them (I did complain to the
(NancyL) 2. Recently became aware that has purchased zetatalk.ORG and zetatalk.NET, ilegal as zetatalk is TradeMark protected.
(NancyL) 3. An older page re virus spoofing, which makes it se
(NancyL) 3. An older page re virus spoofing, which makes it seem that email is COMING from the very popular address.
(Karen) Newsletter arrived today
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: Planet X now has a visible TAIL, in the images and pixel analysis
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: Just got the Safe Locations PDF and web links updated with the promised new locations writeups, sorry to be late.
(Queen-away) Great work, Nancy. Thanks.
(TerrorDactyl) it has a visible tail?
(Jeremy) Nancy: I thought that image showing the trail at the white light image spot was quite significant
(Spanky) the court set a precedent recently. people can put up and MTV can't claim copywright infringement.
(NancyL) OK, Q4 ...
(Karen) Nancy) Scallion also is admitting to a planet coming in but says it is Mars that will be messing with our gravitational forces
(NancyL) 1. Was the recent death of NASA aerospace engineer Russell Edward Filler truly a suicide, or a murder related to his knowledge about Planet X? (see
(TerrorDactyl) why not a tail at the red persona then?
(Redeye) this is not new terror
(NancyL) ZT: As we mentioned during the Fort Brag murder/suicide spate, the military are NOT pawns without emotions, and break when asked to do inhuman tasks.
(NancyL) ZT: As we mentioned during the NASA leaks of the Face on Mars, probe images put on the web prior to be doctored, which Hoagland secured, PROVING the coverup re Mars.
(NancyL) ZT: NASA employees, smarting from being barked at by arrogant emissaries from the White House and treated like servants rather than professionals, were having a pay-back.
(NancyL) ZT: There was a theft, as yet unrecovered, of some 400 laptops from a secure Pentagon war room, and surely this was not an outside job.
(NancyL) ZT: Because those laptops were not recovered, rules went out about frequent and close inventory checks.
(NancyL) ZT: Sensors installed, and the like, such that they could be located once used.
(NancyL) ZT: All this was to discourage employees, and up the track record on prosecution and recovery.
(NancyL) ZT: However, those working on the space station, as other NASA projects, see the TRUE intent of these efforts, not told to the public.
(NancyL) ZT: Only the elite, and wealthy, are to be housed, and escape, even the NASA employees and their families left behind like trash.
(NancyL) ZT: And beyond these plans, what horror UNANNOUNCED to the public lies there, that such secrecy is needed.
(NancyL) ZT: This contractor, unable to satisfy his curiosity, slipped away with a laptop, to better explore this in the seclusion of his home.
(NancyL) ZT: Caught, or sensing this was eminent, he committed suicide, knowing the worse was awaiting him.
(NancyL) ZT: Torture may be illegal in the US, in law enforcement, but the CIA has LONG fine tuned methods that leave no marks, yet are as unbearable in pain as broken bones and severed limbs.
(NancyL) ZT: This is no secret among those likely to become victimes, and thus the utter secrecy that prevails.
(NancyL) ZT: He was caught, frankly, in a horror of what must be coming for he and his family, and the horror of being caught with the laptop.
(NancyL) ZT: Where we are accused of INCREASING suicide by talking about the impending danger, the opposite is the case.
(NancyL) ZT: Those who know what is coming, and can mentally and emotionally prepare, are FAR less likely to take the easy way out that those who do NOT know, but suspect, a horror.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagination is worse than facts, and that's a fact.
(NancyL) End ZT on this issue, followup?
(Stewart) Karen who is Scallion - and do you have a URL for this person?
(TerrorDactyl) he commited suicide because windows XP gave a fucking protection fault AGAIN!!.. just a joke, don't boot me :-)
(Gwilra) sad...
(Kwandrie1) may those in CIA suffer full retribution in their karma
(Bria) they will
(NancyL) Terror, the red persona DOES have a tail. Did you check the site at all? The pixel analysis? Or do you just spout without doing your homework.
(EcclesP) Any chance of posting the contents of those laptop harddisks to or .net?
(Thunderoc) wish they had instant karma
(TerrorDactyl) I just spout
(Endeavour3d) no, may those in the CIA grow from this and learn, the ones who have died sacrificed themselves for their learning
(Orion9) good one terror :)
(Obany) keep your questions, related please
(YugoBoss) -) was (seems down now) this site the true Illuminati website?
(EcclesP) Might take down those sites pretty fast.
(Karen) BUT he doesn't post his predictions on the site just on his monthly newsletter
(Bria) Nancy that is just beyond words
(Spanky) does the new MJ12 still kill/torture people who spill the beans?
(NancyL) Eccle, is is a NASA/CIA front, which is likely!
(MikeO) Who is Scallion? That's like asking, 'Where is London'?
(Inkpen) has anyone heard of the may 5th website where a guy has negative photos that would 'change our view of the future'?
(Shaman464) how much of the pole shift does NASA now?
(LadyInRed) yes
(NancyL) Spanky, they never did. New MJ12 is the good guys.
(TerrorDactyl) London is in Scotland
(Inkpen) that guy was apparently being chased by suits
(Stewart) Mike, your sarastic aren't you.... ho ho hoooo
(Karen) Gordon-Michael Scallion Zeta's have talked about him
(Stewart) London is in Ontario
(NancyL) Shaman, many in NASA know.
(TavliGal) what is MJ12?
(Obany) NancyL: is a debunking site
(Spanky) nancy: was Princess Diana a conspiracy/murder? like Wellstone/JFK jr. ?
(Obany) TavliGal: check
(Endeavour3d) Majestic 12, play Deus Ex hehe
(Obany) spanky: NOT RELATED
(Guest25) boy you people are stupid.. why don't you get an education? maybe a life too?
(Endeavour3d) he joined for 2 seconds to tell us that?
(Redeye) lol
(NancyL) OK, one last Q5, from Jeremey.
(Karen) LOL
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy, I can't believe they are really called MJ12 - what do THEY call themselves
(NancyL) ZT: We have recommended from the start that survivor groups start with one's friends and family, known entities.
(NancyL) ZT: Even should you not particularly LIKE your relatives, and they dispise your friends, at least you have known entities about you.
(NancyL) ZT: We have advised against meeting on the internet, answering adds, posting one's qualification in a database, or similar trust-all schemes.
(NancyL) ZT: Those with skills are unlikely to NEED to post them and seek entry into another group, as almost everyone who knows them will be uttering invitations!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, those who advertise are likely the type of person to NEED support, in massive doses, both physical and emotional.
(NancyL) ZT: We have also advised, as has Nancy within Troubled Times, to keep a low profile, NOT advertise your site or your presence.
(NancyL) ZT: After the shift, those who have not lined up a relatively safe location, stocked away a few weeks food suppy or a tent or cot, will adapt.
(NancyL) ZT: Even those who HAVE prepared must find themselves at that level, as the unprepared, soon enough.
(NancyL) ZT: One cannot live as an island, well prepared and ignoring the neighbors, as the presence of a well stocked and electrified group SOON becomes known.
(NancyL) ZT: Would you turn your guns on your neighbors starving children?
(NancyL) ZT: We have predicted that government snoop methods, such as tracking small purchases or the whereabouts of those claiming to be contactees, will fail.
(NancyL) ZT: They will be ovewhelmed with tasks more immedaite and pressing, going into the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: We have recommended that supplies be stocked AWAY from the home of the purchase, and NO ONE talk of the survival site location.
(NancyL) ZT: If in spite of all these efforts, a group finds someone in their midst that is passing this information onto an establishment arm, what to do?
(NancyL) ZT: 1. should such a happenstance occur, first doubt it as the establishment has FAR more to worry about that a small group with few supplies.
(NancyL) ZT: If you can feed an army for a month, you may have a worry, but otherwise, they will ignore the tip!
(NancyL) ZT: 2 stay small, as this in itself is an insurance against attracting attention. Gangs looking to loot go to the RICH,which have immense stores, not the little guy.
(NancyL) ZT: Being small also allows a better likeihood that all memebers of the group are kNOWN, and the likelihood of a snitch in the group lessened.
(NancyL) ZT: 3. if all else fails and you feel you are under scrutiny, start over!
(NancyL) ZT: Ditch the supplies, which in any case should have been place in multiple places, unknown to any one individual.
(NancyL) ZT: 4. If you truly feel you are likely to be invaded and looted, then group after the shift in a place where NO supplies exist!
(NancyL) ZT: These typse of maneuvers will better your chances, and in fact reduce the liklihood of looting or takeover to almost nill.
(NancyL) End ZT on this issue followup?
(Bailey) wow
(JWilliam) thanx Nancy good advice
(Lightspeed) Just oe Q. What about stocking up medicines and bandages? How many? For months, or for years? This can be a critical problem.
(Fred) thanks Nancy and ZT. good job. take care!
(Domicile) good advice
(Shaman464) what is your views on guns in the aftertimes?
(Stewart) Fortunately, all this preparation will be of waste when nothing happens in the spring...
(LadyInRed) thank you Nancy/Zeta's
(Orfner) Nancy did I hear you say on Art Bell that you belong to the Flat Earth Society
(Inkpen) I cant believe it is illegal to stockpile in the US
(Kaspars) Many Vissarion followers had contacts with aliens too, they are saying, that its true about Px, but most of the people just are not ready to take right such information.
(NancyL) Lightspeed, you won't be able to stock up enough. This kind of info in any case is available in First Aid sites and books. Follow their advice.
(MikeO) Stewart, then what the frig are you doing on this chat?
(Lightspeed) Stewart: if nothig happens, you can make a good party, at least...
(AEI) NancyL: are firearms a good idea?
(Jeremy) I think many single people without families (or supportive ones) will be compelled to join survival groups consisting mainly of strangers to them, but then again life is about meeting new people, and having to trust somewhat
(NancyL) Modern hospitals will NOT return, unless in highly STO groups.
(NancyL) Which of course will be there because of interaction with aliens, etc.
(TheViking) Time to prepare to go back to "The Viking Era" :-\
(NancyL) Inkpen, it is NOT illegal to stockpile in the US, who said so?
(TerrorDactyl) we don't have modern hospitals here anyway :-)
(Orfner) Still not seeing PX... Point the ol scope at the sky and nothing new there just the same old stuff
(Obany) AEI: not adviced for what I know
(NancyL) Karpas, ah, THOSE Vissarions :-).
(Bailey) zeta do not claim to be god or try to eat us in this room, as a life long survialis I find it wonderfull to be an universalist oporating in love and light with many questions
(Kwandrie) during Y2K it was said that it was illegal to stockpile
(Inkpen) I heard that in a chat in poleshiftdiscussion from someone my mistake
(Kwandrie) in US
(NancyL) Jeremey, and they will ALL have nothing to begin with! :-)
(Spanky) will, the zetas/hybrids wait a while before helping humans in order to "thin out" the crowd/ give more souls for the hybrids
(Obany) Orfner: then try better it's there .. i am sure of that
(JWilliam) Orfner: take the lens cover off ;o)
(Inkpen) lol
(NancyL) Bailey, you haven't noticed any munching by zetas on legs in this room? Ah, we just haven't gotten to YOU yet! Just kidding.
(TerrorDactyl) is there much meat on a zeta? - just a thought
(LadyInRed) well if the gov, sees you stockpiling they WIll check you out
(Orfner) JWilliam well hello... the man who can not do any thing right is giving advise
(NancyL) Spanky, waiting for thinning out is not their mode, no.
(Franci66) Nancy, How will highly STO groups defend themselves?
(LadyInRed) theres more meat on a TerrorDactyl :)
(TerrorDactyl) lol
(JWilliam) Howmo/Orfner are we to expect Silk soon ;o)
(NancyL) Those groups qualifiying will get aid right away.
(Obany) !kick orfner ... try sci.astro
(LadyInRed) but Im sure it would be tuff:(
(NancyL) Well folks, long day, and I still don't have the new ZT up on the Z16 Preview page! I'm BEHIND, and going to try to catch up this week.
(Lebrasse) Thanks Nancy, you're a star!
(Okidok) this sounds like a Hollywood sci fi movie
(Obany) It was a good session ... thanks
(Jeremy) Nice session, Nancy thanks
(Me) Yes!
(Spanky) well 9/11 seemed like hollywood too.
(Stewart) well, that past the hour!
(QueenVee) Another good session, Nancy. much appreciated.
(NancyL) JWilliam and I got an email from Steve Havas late today that IMO is admitting that the Red Personna might be a faint star!
(Frank) The "THE AWAKENING" site has had a makeover, tnx to Jurian. Hope you'll enjoy it.
(Redeye) thanks !
(Dave7) Thankyou Nancy
(MikeO) Now Stewart is sending me private mail. It's always the losers who do that.
(Lightspeed) Thanks Nancy, and everyone, and Bye!
(Orfner) why don't you try sci.astro... you might learn something and not listen to nutty Nancy and the voices in her head... Nancy you did not answer question about Flat Earth Society
(NancyL) Of course, this does not show up on the NEAT or DSS, but Steve was stunned at the admission.
(Jeremy) Nancy: Woah, that is a revelation
(Lightspeed) Good Night!
(JWilliam) ;o)
(NancyL) Well, they have to say something besides "ain't there" or become irrelevant :-)
(Inkpen) hmmm
(Serbeo) wheres the good news
(Stewart) MikeO so what. I'm not being sarcastic to people's questions..
(QueenVee) NancyL: he might as well get used to it... there will be plenty more in the future....
(NancyL) Orfner is already irrelevant :-).
(Zetapal) Thanks Nancy, very colorful and informatie Zetatalk in Both sessions today. Thank you and Thank them :)
(Kwandrie) Nancy made a reference to FOS ....she is not part of it
(NancyL) Servbeo, check out the TEAM page ../teams/tteam342.htm
(TerrorDactyl) so if its a star it isnt Px... doh... so thats bad isnt it???
(Obany) Yes, was a good one.. A good session .. both of them
(Kwandrie) if you heard the interview you would know that
(NancyL) Well folks, I'm going, got work to catch up on, etc.
(Serbeo) thank you
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspiring great ZetaTalk.
(Inkpen) Px is sortof a star brown dwarf
(Pott) Later Nutty Nancy.
(Obany) TerrorDactyl: what ya doing here ?
(QueenVee) our pleasure nancy
(Obany) !kick pott
(Bailey) wow
(TerrorDactyl) reading
(Orfner) Bye NanZeta
(NancyL) And thanks to our good cops who work their fingers to the bone on the keyboard keeping the snarling debunkers and adolescents back behind the wire.
(MikeO) Thanks again, Nancy and the Z's. I usually don't get the answers I expect!
(NancyL) Bye all!
(Silk) lol
Session Close: Sat Nov 30 17:08:09 2002