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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Nov 23, 2002

Session Start: Sat Nov 23 15:57:55 2002
(PegasiTristan) heh, chem's starting in my neighborhood right now :(
(Orion) sorry to hear that peg
(ZetaCurious) peg, I saw several a few days ago here in NC, chemtrails in X patterns
(ZetaCurious) all over the skys...
(JWilliam) was there any o's ;o)
(PegasiTristan) Yeah, the x is ground zero
(LadyInRed) a few months ago they were making circles over our town ...2 planes
(ZetaCurious) large x patterns
(LadyInRed) i got a picture
(PegasiTristan) Afetr you have witnesses a few series being laid, you start to recogize how they do their patterns
(FullMoon) ZetaCurious/ yeah, we saw a bunch over Smoky Mt National Park
(LadyInRed) one night i saw trails in the moonlight
(Starstalker) We had chemtrails here 3 days ago....large grid pattern that spread and merged into confluent low clouds. Now I have a sore throat and aches.
(Butch) i've read where this is being used to use the atmosphere as some kind of "conductor"...
(PegasiTristan) Lady: Sento my website? I'll post it
(Orion) yeah, sometimes they spray at night too
(ZetaCurious) full, maybe saw same ones
(TerrorDactyl) my wife's cooking creates chemtrails
(ZetaCurious) very large and quite obvious
(LadyInRed) k Tristan will do that
(PegasiTristan) :)
(Orion) isn't the session suppose to start now?
(PegasiTristan) I have given up calling the airpots...they say people are imaging things, that there are no chemtrails in the sky.. I say "Look up!" They just ignore it
(ZetaCurious) i did too until lately... they are all over the place
(LadyInRed) yeah right :(
(Cmel) thx Okidok
(Blindfaith) must be part of the conspiracy, huh?
(JWilliam) You have a wierd government down there in the old US of A. Spraying people following the law of force. Shoot first and NO questions.
(Butch) that's because ignorance is bliss, PegasiTristan
(NancyL) I was asked by several folks about the Turkey UFO sighting.
(Grimbot) Welcome and g'day to you Nancy and the Zetas!
(ZetaCurious) hello NancyL
(PegasiTristan) JWilliam: makes me ashamed to be an American
(Redeye) lol @ grimbot
(NancyL) GrimBot, always so polite!
(Okidok) Hi Nancy what about this Norway ufo sighting
(Redeye) yes
(Orion) i am more afraid of my government than terrorists :)
(Bailey) me too Orion
(NancyL) and Norway too, increasing sightings.
(Earlene) Our skies have been covered for a very long time. It is never clear anymore until it gets really cold. I think they are trying to keep it cold, among other things, so people won't notice the warming.
(Butch) governments are the terrorist...:/
(JWilliam) Hey Bailey Lady and Pegasi: Come on up to BC when your its slowing, lots of room up here.
(Orion) yep
(Obany) Hello NancyL, think today there will be some questions about the sightings
(Okidok) take a look at this video Nancy
(NancyL) I don't think lights in the sky are all the rage these days, when our globe is so under distress and ALL lives will soon never be the same, but will address this.
(PegasiTristan) :)
(LadyInRed) we have had beautiful blue skies for weeks now
(LadyInRed) strange
(Karen) Great show last night on sci-fi about Roswell and new evidence
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that mass sightings, in accordance with the readiness of the populace in any area, will increasingly occur.
(LadyInRed) yes saw that Karen
(NancyL) ZT: Where most of these sightings do NOT get into the press, they nevertheless occur and ready the larger pool of humanity that is receptive to an open awareness of man not being alone in the universe, and the presence of alien visitors.
(NancyL) ZT: Famous, of course, are the Mexico mass sighting during the Eclipse, and the mass sighting that occurred in Arizona, where a large mothership was viewed by most of the state.
(NancyL) ZT: Recently, in late 2002, some areas are being reported where earlier they were hotbeds of sightings but NOT reported widely.
(NancyL) ZT: An example is the mass sighting, by pilots and so numerous and from various areas that no flip explanation could be given for what was seen, ...
(NancyL) ZT: was reported in Turkey. Lights moving at right angles, going UP and reversing, are not a meteor or another plane, especially when reported by pilots who KNOW how planes behave.
(NancyL) ZT: The tail reported was to exemplify, for all watching, just what DIRECTION the object was moving, as UFO's do not have an exhaust, but did so deliberately this time.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, there are spots in Norway and Southern California where sightings happen so often as to be local folklore, not at all disturbing to the residents.
(NancyL) ZT: What is little known is that the red deserts of Australia are frequent spots, as the local farmers as well as Aboriginies are accepting.
(NancyL) ZT: And the vast regions of China, where NO news issues forth due to the repressive regime there, have light shows frequently, and missing time those evenings much the talk in the fields the next day among those who take this as a source of pride, their involvement in these mass visits.
(NancyL) ZT: In South America, Brazil, especially since what we have termed the Brazilian Roswell, is a hotbed in spots of sightings, and missing time.
(NancyL) ZT: When this occurs TOGETHER, there is an unmistakable correlation in the human mind, in that the sightings and sleepy mornings the next day, and the sense that they have been a party to a visit, enmass, is strong.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the light shows, in the consciousness of those viewing it, opens the door to discussions about whether one is sleepy, slept well, had an odd dream, or whatever.
(NancyL) ZT: In the fields, the coffee shops, the local laundry, this is the talk.
(NancyL) ZT: And thus the Awakening proceeds!
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Northwoods) a question for the Zetas Please. At the time of the shift, and the major earth movements, how much soil liquification is likely to happen? I live on top of the Wolf River Batholith, and is thought to be very stable, but as I understand it all rules, when such forces are in play , are shot out the window.
(IdolHarobed) NancyL: This is true when you said Brazil has lots of sightings. As I spoted many when I travel countryside. These sightings are common to farmers.
(Orion) do the zetas ever abduct starchildren?
(NancyL) I recall such in Milwaukee, during my decades there with young children, etc.
(Torbj) Hessdalen...
(Pato) Nancy : will Prestige oil tanks resist to the high pressure in deeps of ocean ?
(Torbj) Nancy...can the zetas say anything about the FACT that Nato is *eating Russia piece by piece* only Sweden and Finland left on this side now...
(Jeremy) Nancy: What so the Zetas have to say about this incident in Turkey where a UFO reportedly destroyed a meteor?
(NancyL) We saw a lightning cloud (lightning UP, not down) and another occasion, bright lights (red green white) zipping into and out of a cloud, in a circular motion.
(PegasiTristan) When you have personal sightings for weeks on end, then nothing for weeks, then restarts.... what is the reason for this?
(NancyL) Inquiry to the local police on this, which was seen by all neighbors, got an answer from Chicago that this was all "satellites"
(Miguel) IdolHarobed: which countryside are you talking about?
(NancyL) This was my first experience with the "official" explanation for UFO sightings.
(Alex) NancyL, exists intelligent life in px?
(IdolHarobed) Miguel: Espirito Santo
(NancyL) Satellites move straight, are high, are white streaks, not circular, etc.
(NancyL) But it was "swamp gas" no matter what :-)
(Jeremy) Alex: Yes the Anunnaki, the giant hominoids inhabit PX
(Miguel) Idol: thanks
(Pato) Nancy : will Prestige oil tanks resist to the high pressure in deeps of ocean ?
(Mansur) Nancy, how hot is it on the surface of PX?
(Xenshin) Can the Zeta's comment on the mystery behind the suppossed 13 Native American crystal skulls? Is there any truth to their holdings of keys and information to future earth changes and humankind's destiny?
(Xenshin) Check out this link -
(NancyL) Orion, Star Children engagements are in the Rules section. Answer, abductions are NOT what happen anyway (humans give the Call) and Star Children are in an engagement kind of things.
(Alex) Jeremy, they are bad?
(IdolHarobed) Miguel: Chapada Diamantina is a good place too.
(NancyL) Jeremey, this was a show, and perhaps the "meteor" was just for show.
(Jeremy) Alex: I never met one actually ( ;)) but they are not as STO as mankind is as far as I know
(NancyL) Alex, this is in ZT already, read Worlds section.
(NancyL) Pato, not for long, not during the shift.
(NancyL) Mansur, that's answered already, READ.
(Mansur) Nancy, is it not too hot for anyone to survive on PX?
(Alex) ok
(Torbj) Nancy...can the zetas say anything about the FACT that Nato is *eating Russia piece by piece* only Sweden and Finland left on this side now...
(AGreenspan) Why would highly STS entities find third density environment too restrictive thus favor fourth, while others of same orientation prefer the opposite? - Thank you.
(Samsara2003) Can the Zetas say if Tom Bearden at really has access to zero-point energy technology?
(SteveH) Is it an open agenda today?
(NancyL) Xenshin, who SAYS there are 13 skulls, etc? No comment on rumor, etc.
(TomB) Do the zetas have any comments on the show Abduction Diaries?
(BP) i never hear anyone talk about being in a basement/cellar during the pole shift. will they be crushed, or what?
(IdolHarobed) Miguel: Drive by any far road at night an at least one strange light you'll see.
(Obany) SteveH: kinda
(AGreenspan) Crystal skulls are not rumors, but fact.
(PegasiTristan) Q: When you have personal sightings for weeks on end, then nothing for weeks, then restarts.... what is the reason for this?
(Miguel) Idol: thanks, i will try and see
(NancyL) Torbj, why is there concern over NATO? What is the issue? Even Russia is a member now!
(SteveH) PegasiTristan, they probably got bored of showing themselves!
(Bailey) lol Steve
(Cmel) No Russia is NOT a member NancyL
(NancyL) AGreen, both STO and STS come acalling to 3rd Density worlds, so no difference.
(Northwoods) NancyL.. I have read that the after time is to be constent drizzle, for how long? and will that rain be able to be used for drinking?
(Serbeo) do to glume during post-shift how much on average will the temperature drop world wide
(AGreenspan) You misundersand my question(s).
(NancyL) For STO, it is like a peace corps, but for STS, they are probably only here because their masters send them forth, or they get an opportunity to be sadistic bullies.
(Ptomais) what do the zetas think of Alex Collier, 'letters from Andromeda'
(Obany) Ptomais: already have been adresssed
(Orion) does Alex Collier predict :)
(Torbj) Why is Bush and his colored friend so eager about this....*anyone a enemy to Lituenia... is an enemy to the U.S...
(Xenshin) it is supposedly a legend by native americans in from the Mayan jungles...
(Mansur) Nancy, can you clear up this for me. Is PX a brown dwarf or a rocky planet?
(NancyL) Z's have said that STS do NOT return to 3rd Density during these duty calls, as they F... up so much they merge themselves during density swithcing, like the movie The Fly.
(ZooSpecimen) woohoo
(SteveH) Can the Zeta's comment on which candidates are correct for the Nov 16 images or are they waiting for more analysis?
(Torbj) They are all here now.....
(Omwoh) Nancy, why is there no "11th magnitude or greater" object in your images?
(NancyL) But STO do move back to 4th Density, being more skilled, which they find more comfortable.
(Jeremy) Mansur: PX is 4 times bigger than earth and is a water planet. Check ZT for more info..
(Omwoh) September 28th: NancyL: If Px was considered Mag 11 in early 2001, then it would most likely be more than that (er, less, brighter, etc) now.
(NancyL) So, I don't know where you're getting your info from, AGreen.
(AGreenspan) Read own sessions!
(NancyL) CMel, oh really? But Putin was at the recent meeting, no?
(IdolHarobed) NancyL: Do you/Zetas know Ramatis? If so, are his predictions correct?
(Cmel) He was a guest
(Pato) Whats Px gravity force ?
(AGreenspan) In the meantime...
(Mansur) Jeremy: why on earth does she call it a smoldering brown dwarf then?
(NancyL) ZT to NorthWoods: Drizzle occurs most certainly during the months following the shift, and thereafter depending upon location.
(NancyL) ZT: The atmosphere is low, clouds low, as the atmosphere was stripped away during the shift and must rebuild.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, clouds being LOW, is like continuous fog, and fog settles out in the form of rain, or drizzle, upon any slight temperature change.
(NancyL) ZT: If the land is downwind from a large water source, like a lake or ocean, then CERTAINLY there will be fog, and drizzle, until the atmosphere rebuild.
(NancyL) ZT: If the land is high, inland, away from air passing over water and then over land where there are temperature changes, then NO drizzle, and perhaps even dry air.
(NancyL) ZT: This water CAN be used for drinking, and harvesting the fog is a recommended way of gaining drinking water.
(NancyL) ZT: Fog harvests are done by placing material that causes comdensation, which then drips DOWN the material, perhaps a sheet, into buckets.
(NancyL) ZT: The atmosphere is expected to rebuild over a 50 year period, but the clouds LIFT during that time such that they are NOT close to the ground more than 5 years, and thus one can compute the drizzle period accordingly.
(NancyL) End ZT to NorthWoods.
(MikeO) It's been a few years since the Zetas addressed the issue of Soul Mates. Can the Zetas expand upon how we know when we're with one, how to better determine our responsibilities to each other, and how to DELIVER upon these responsibilities and pre-birth agreements?
(BobS) Good Q and A
(Jeremy) Mansur: Regarding your last Q: Because PX has an explosive process in its core that supplies the planet with heat, and a dim light. The Brown Dwarf description is an analogy
(SteveH) Drink the fog, thankyou ZT!
(Torbj) Rumania.... among 7 other east sities welkomend in to Nato to day.... people waved American flags on the streets..... Bush had a tear in his eye.... looked nice and wet...
(NancyL) Omwoh, you one of those official folks in there to engage attendees in private chats? You've been reported upon so often.
(NancyL) Concerted efforts are SO easy to identify!
(EcclesP) Why does fog NOT contain volcanic contaminants?
(Serbeo) due to glume how much will world wide average tempature drop
(Bailey) good question Mike
(NancyL) There was the one last spring, wherein I was supposed to give up putting my, and other, sci.astro postings on my web site.
(Blindfaith) He had a good question Nancy, why attack him?
(Omwoh) You are paranoid, Nancy.
(NancyL) The trashing of sci.astro was supposed to discourage readers, who just went to my web site to see the gist.
(Omwoh) Pleas answer my question about your missing planet.
(JWilliam) Howmo be careful ;o)
(Mansur) Thanks Jeremy
(Cmel) look in the mirror once more
(Blindfaith) Why no mag 11 object in th eimages?
(NancyL) Then, I started getting email from several folks, ALL complaining of the same thing, a fill-in-the-blanks email about having any of their statements (public on the Usenets), in my web site!
(Blindfaith) especially since the Zetas verfied a mag 11 sighting a year and a half ago
(NancyL) It was pretty clear that they had ALL been sent an email form, to fill in and send to ME!
(IdolHarobed) EcclesP: Fog forms like destiled water condenses in the destilatro, almost pure water.
(Endeavour3d) I am joining the Astronimical Society of Kansas City and I will have access to a 30" telescope and a CCD camera, I told JWilliam in an Email that I will hopefully be sending pictures to him sometime later next month
(JWilliam) great ;o)
(Redeye) thats good news Endev
(SteveH) that fog answer solves my distilling water concerns
(NancyL) MikeO, no soul mate Q. This is individual, and you will KNOW. I have some personal stories I could share. ... There is, simply no DOUBT.
(Jeremy) Endeavour3d: Well done, let's hope you have clear skies
(JWilliam) will pass around to team
(Cmel) good luck on your quest Endeavour3d
(Endeavour3d) it's in Louisburg Kansas, 40 miles or so KCK, should have great skies
(NancyL) Blindfaith, you're another one. Were you not here for the last chat? Mag 2.0? Mag 11 was the sighting in 2001, per reports.
(Toni) wouldn't fog have vocanic ash still in it, so still needs purification?
(Obany) How's the transformation progressing, any more sings that we could notice ?
(Torbj) 6900 mm optics here now.... just have to learn where the skie are placed...
(NancyL) What the camera records, and the eye sees, are NOT the same.
(IdolHarobed) SteveH: But destilled water does not have the essential minerals needed to maintain health.
(Cmel) I'll cross my fingers for you
(Howmo) Then why is it not brighter now, as you said it should be?
(JWilliam) Human eye or Zeta?
(Jeremy) Endeavour3d: Yeah and you have plenty of sky to view in the rural mid-west
(Endeavour3d) hehe
(JWilliam) Howmo it IS brighter!
(SteveH) IdolHarobed - but distilled water will not poison you!
(Jurian) tsk tsk Howmo, ban evasion is bad
(Gwilra) what kind of substances will electrostaticly enhance the fog condensation process?
(Howmo) Brighter than 11th mag?
(NancyL) Endeav, we had a GOOD result from Naji, and are regularly hearing from folks in other countries also.
(Howmo) That
(EcclesP) Toni: I think that IdolHarobed is betting that fog will have less than 15ppm lead.
(Howmo) That's whay Nancy said it should be now.
(Cmel) Obany look Howmo
(NancyL) YES, take your images, and hopefully we will have time to examine!
(Lebrasse2) Nancy, will GSM be effected soon, affecting plane flights etc ?
(NancyL) I think many sources will be forthcoming.
(Howmo) September 28th: NancyL: If Px was considered Mag 11 in early 2001, then it would most likely be more than that (er, less, brighter, etc) now.
(IdolHarobed) SteveH: Yes, yes. I said that just to not rely only on destilled water.
(Jeremy) NancyL: Can you reveal please where Naji viewed the PX coordinates i.e. the country?
(Redeye) Howmo, youre shit is so boring
(NancyL) Toni, yes, but less ash than the ground water! We are all drinking poison today, but in small degrees, I gather.
(SteveH) I guess you could have some sips of regular water now and then if you feel you're lacking in minerals...
(BoZack) all he does is repeat one phrase...
(Toni) thanks Nancy
(LadyInRed) we can always distill the water
(Cmel) yes zack
(NancyL) Homo, back again and this time NOT in disguise. Have you NOT looked over the imaging? The pixel analysis? It IS brighter!
(Cmel) NL howmo "left" hehe
(Howmo) Brighter than what?
(Obany) How's the transformation progressing, any more sings that we could notice ?
(BobS) Nancy - are FITS files for Naji's pics forthcoming?
(Northwoods) NancyL. I know the Zetas have answered several times the Chemtrail issue, I have one question though. If the CT's are to thin out the population, to avoid masses of undisirables. would not the obsuration that is going on NOW delay the sighting , with the naked eye. of PX?
(Endeavour3d) I'm planning on being able to use the telescope, the observatory only charged $25 annually a person to be a member, and member benefits includes personal use of the telescope. Do I believe in coinidence? Hell no :-)
(SteveH) Jeremy, Nanji used the same scope I used in Arizon
(NancyL) JWilliams has shown that 1. it is showing up in ALL frames now, not just a few and in the Sum, and 2. pixtel count of brightness shows a steady increase!
(JWilliam) Catching fog water should be very easy to set up and is a passive system. Would meet many needs, plus small sistillers for drinking.
(NancyL) Now, I have a Q for the debunkers: Howmo, IMO, Sarah, whomever.
(NancyL) HOW do we come find you and call YOU to account when this all comes about?
(LadyInRed) lol
(NancyL) Who ARE you? Where do you live, and work?
(Silk) Obany kicked him Nancy
(LadyInRed) good question Nancy!
(Redeye) haha
(NancyL) If you're not afraid of being WRONG, so SURE you are right, then why hide?
(NancyL) We have only Sarah and MC et al's statements as to whom they are.
(Silk) why do you go on and on when he's gone?
(JWilliam) Your here Silk
(NancyL) The Internet allows SO many to hide, and be gone in the night.
(Obany) Silk just joined in... Silk is SarahMC
(Serbeo) how much will average world wide tempature drop post-shift?will we all be in a winter environment
(NancyL) If you are SURE that I am wrong, are SURE that the public should not LOOK, then why are you anonymous?
(Jeremy) SteveH: So this Arizona observatory has an array of amateur scopes then? You used a different scope to the Mewlon, right?
(Omwoh) Nancy was addressing me, Obany. I can't answer her?
(NancyL) Steve Havas. J. William Dell. Nancy Lieder. And the debunkers anonymous!
(PegasiTristan) Micheal Cunningham keeps saying he has done his stuff on the new images... when I ask him for his analysis on paper he ignores and says his "peers" have done so... Peers equal IMO I gather
(JWilliam) persistent little shit ;o)
(SteveH) no, I used the same scope although there are other scopes available
(BoZack) Prior to the shift, as humanity looks above, will there be absolute certainty of the causes, or will skepticism still be present?
(NancyL) Tells you something. THEY know they are wrong, and are afraid!
(Jurian) that should take care of the Howmo
(NancyL) Watch them crawl under rocks, and disappear, when the thing is really bright in the skies.
(Silk) I'll be the first to admit I was wrong if that happens
(Silk) But I doubt it very much Nancy
(AGreenspan) Forget them , will you, could you please relate to questions?
(BoZack) my question to THEM is, if you are so certain that Nancy is wrong, why waste your time here... go on... live your materialistic lives, and enjoy!
(NancyL) ZT to Obany re Transformation:
(Jeremy) SteveH: I want to go to an observatory here but we rarely get a clear sky in England, at least so far this autumn
(Endeavour3d) I wish crawling under rocks provided protection from floods and earthquakes
(NancyL) ZT: The Transformation proceeds apace, but is understated for several reasons.
(NancyL) ZT: 1. if the choices are made based upon orientation, then the focus is NOT on action, and true change, but on posturing.
(NancyL) ZT: How often have you heard someone SAY they are STO, or have decided to become STO.
(NancyL) ZT: This is not a conscious choice, but the characteristics are clear enough in writeups, so posturing can occur.
(NancyL) ZT: It is deemed better to have the actions of the Transformation out of sight, below the horizon, so that humans can act according to their TRUE orientation.
(NancyL) ZT: 2. Bait and switch is in plan to a great degree, among those who would foil the STS in their gambits.
(NancyL) ZT: If the THINK they have won, a country, a city, a political group, then they relax and gloat.
(NancyL) ZT: Behind the scenes, it is otherwise.
(NancyL) ZT: And likewise, there may be a false scuffle where NO such battle reigns.
(NancyL) ZT: This draws the STS in that direction, away from where the true battle is waged.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, what is on the surface, in the open for humans to observe, is NOT indicative of the true state of affairs.
(NancyL) ZT: Suffice it to say that the Transformation not only proceeds apace, but is doing better than expected, here on planet Earth!
(NancyL) End ZT to Obany.
(BobS) So if its not a conscious choice, are we fooling ourselves by trying to be nice to other and helpful in time of need?
(Gwilra) what is the mechanism that allows the transition to 4th D. when collective consciousness reaches 89%?
(Ptomais) What can the Zetas tell us about the Gizeh Intelligence
(Torbj) Wisualise Jer.... a clear sky.... and you will get it!!
(Obany) Thank for the answer :)
(Bailey) wow that was kool thanks Nancy/ZT
(Lebrasse) Nancy, will the GPS satellite system start failing soon, affecting commercial airline flights ?
(Jeremy) Torbj: Thought control.. an idea!
(JWilliam) Jeremy: Re: Telescope and Camera images: Naji pics from same setup as Nov 11 SHavas. Different camera than Sept 21 Oct 4 and 11 Same scope all round..
(IdolHarobed) BobS: ZT meant that you are STO by your actions not by just saying so.
(MikeO) Can the Zetas give an example of how the transformation is proceeding "better than expected"?
(Redeye) Lebrasse, thats been happening on and off for a while now
(Torbj) it works....!!
(NancyL) BobS, surface politeness is NOT STO, it is true caring, and in particular sacrificing yourself in some way for others.
(Jeremy) JWD: Ah, thanks, I see the picture now
(JWilliam) The transformation ahead of pace is GOOD news!!
(BobS) ah... got it. Thanks
(NancyL) For instance, the STO often works behind the scenes, does not require strokes or rewards, and often is not even KNOWN for what they do for others.
(Torbj) i cleared the skies last week when the Leonids flew bye!
(NancyL) I can point to a few examples: Helena, our nonprofit Secretary, is blind since birth.
(Endeavour3d) JW, what is the biggest scope the Watch team are using? Globally I mean?
(Obany) hush now
(NancyL) We didn't even know this for several months. She mentioned on TT mailing lists wondering if something or other was worth "brailing out" printing out, and I though for a long time that she was a librarian, and would do this for the blind.
(NancyL) Now, guess who did the Survival Booklet, which is the gist of literally thousands of pages on TT, and the links to other sites not all that clear either.
(NancyL) She listened to them all with her speak synthesizer, and had to figure out when the leap into hyperspace had occurred and she had arrived at some OTHER web site we link to (we do this hundreds of places in TT).
(Ptomais) Is there anything the Zetas could say about the Gizeh Intelligence
(NancyL) Then she distilled this into simple text, and had this reviewed by a group.
(NancyL) I mean, she LIVED this, for almost a year, hardly doing anything else except breathing.
(NancyL) How many of you have seen her in here crowing about that?
(NancyL) And she's not all that polite either, suffers fools badly, etc.
(NancyL) But BOY, is she STO!
(NancyL) Gwilra re switch to 4th, the MECHANICS should not be your concern. Like counting angels on head of pin. Are you READY for the shift?
(NancyL) Specifically, what are YOU planning on doing to help the many orphans that will be injured, starving, crying?
(NancyL) Got no anwer? You're not paying attention to what you SHOULD be at this time!
(BobS) I see that a lot in STO... gruff exterior, quick to venom, but deep down a heart of gold!
(Bailey) Bailey gives big hug and thanks to Helena
(AGreenspan) A remarkable story indeed.
(Gwilra) working on it, and willing too
(Orion) do the zetas advocate the use of weapons to defend oneself?
(Jeremy) You can also be polite AND STO, let not forget about that
(JWilliam) Endeavour3D: 11.8 or 12" from Arnies so far. We have had correspondence with a 16" a 10" and others, no pics yet, many no camera!.
(BobS) :)
(N18) Q: The zeta stated that STS aliens use computers to find out who is giving STS calls. How do STS manage to communicate with humans if they are visible in 3rd density? In other words, who humans talk to when they talk to "themselves"?
(NancyL) Ptomais, re Gizeh, who SAYS there is such a thing? Our rule, since start of 2002, is to require 1. they predict, 2 they have an accuracy trackrecord.
(Endeavour3d) I think about the horrors afterward, especially about children, I am only one person, I cannot care for thousands or millions of children and people, I want to but I am only one
(LiquidJelly) re the 4th density cross over do the zetas have a rough guess when this might occur?
(JWilliam) Care for your Family Friends and Community
(NancyL) In other words, does whoever SAYS this intelligence exists, 1. and 2., else they should be considered hot air as how else would you KNOW they are anything but that?
(Guest) what?
(Endeavour3d) the scenario you said Nancy about a lone child standing and crying over their loved ones, no one to take care of them, there will be many, I cannot take them all, fuck me for not being able to
(Redeye) 100 years after shift i think Liquid
(NancyL) Orion, re weapons, they advocate FIRST a low profile, but obviously, if in spite of all, you are accosted, whatever.
(AGreenspan) It is not about being polite - a social slant - its about sefl respect - ignoring valid questions, insulting others etc. are not self respectful actions.
(Obany) it's not that STO is that they are always nice and friendly. It's described in Zetatalk also for what i know. that they can be gruff also for what i read
(Bailey) you can Endeavor to do your best :o)
(NancyL) Especially if you are accosted and there are small children, pregnant women, old and crippled men, etc needing defending.
(Endeavour3d) my best isn't good enough
(NancyL) I myself would not hesitate to take out a bully a sadist.
(Endeavour3d) god damnit! I don't want to get all depressed again *thinks about something else*
(NancyL) If it is what they were going to DO to the little ones, they have it coming to them by Karma.
(Torbj) Regarding weapon do not forget that YOU are a good weapon..... when not in panic or afraid..
(JWilliam) give it your all! and it WILL be good enough.
(NancyL) But, I don't walk down dark alleys, if you see my meaning.
(Endeavour3d) Jesus Christ, I can't even think about killing a spider on my wall or a fly, I have to pick the thing up and carry it outside, I cannot dare to imagine what will happen to me when I see human suffering on a mass scale
(Samsara2003) Let's not forget that this is all but a single time. Many wanderers here are simply doing a planetary mission. In the grander scheme of the cosmos, this isn't really a big deal - if you think of it that way.
(NancyL) Endeav, I just ask this of those that ask silly Q's, as I too cannot take care of them all. BUT if someone is focusing on the silly, distracting themselves, then they need this reminder.
(PegasiTristan) End: hehe, I do that with bugs too
(Mansur) Me too. I love spiders :)
(LadyInRed) well if your family is in peril from someone, wouldnt you defend them ?
(Obany) But karma can also occur to good peopl for what i know, it's not only the bad that have problems with i think. For what i read about karma
(Z) can also occur to good peopl for what i know, it's not only the bad that have problems with i think. for what i read about karma has neutral karma
(Endeavour3d) silly? huh?
(Bailey) Nancy, i have a lot of questions about unthiasia, will you adress this issue
(Endeavour3d) did I ask somehting silly?
(Bailey) uthinasia, mercy killing
(NancyL) Endeav, yes, we have several ladybugs wintering over in our house. They arrive at the dinner table and I feed them!
(ZooSpecimen) just try to help one
(NancyL) They are actually a good bug, and cute besides.
(Jsteve) will there be a dirty bomb in NY city?
(Endeavour3d) ......ook
(Torbj) being detached... is the greatest "weapon" there is...
(Sparta) When You have two healthy people to help, shall you help the sick in those times?, no, it will be like Sparta
(Endeavour3d) what I mean, is that I cannot take needless suffering, I wish I had a replicator
(ZooSpecimen) and if you find you can help another ... go for it
(NancyL) Bailey, obviously, due to those who would throw Heavens Gate about, the Zetas nor I are about to give instructions!
(Endeavour3d) feed everyone and treat everyone with injuries but NOOOOOooooo
(Bailey) I understand
(JWilliam) End3D: You worry about tomorrow, Do your best today ;o) You will rise to the occasions that arrive.
(Endeavour3d) bah, Zetas will do what they can I assume
(Torbj) Sparta...dont think....follow you "stomach"
(NancyL) This issue was addressed several sessions BACK, where they stated, in all honesty, that anyone thinking about suicide is being SELFISH.
(Sparta) yes, they will use the human parts for intersection :-),
(NancyL) Reason: YOU know about the shift, and what to do, and others do not, therefore will need YOU, afterwards.
(IdolHarobed) Alex: Miguel: I must go. Have a good evening!
(Bailey) that is differnt that helping the dieing
(Alex) nao so muito bom no ingles nao
(Alex) hehehe
(Endeavour3d) I wouldn't dare kill myself, thinking it is different but it would be selfish indeed, I have to help people, I am not going to put my needs first, nor my wants
(Alex) q se disse?
(NancyL) Also, very recently, they pointed out that injury and death and illness are nothing NEW to mankind, for Pete's sake, and it happens everyday and has daily through the centuries!
(Obany) NancyL: and you are gith, there are still those who compare zetata, troubled times with Heavens Gate .. even talking about things like koolaid and the like ...
(NancyL) So, what is DIFFERENT about the shift?
(LadyInRed) i think you mean someone dying and in great pain, right Bailey?
(IdolHarobed) Tenho que ir. Tenha uma boa noite.
(Z) nothing is probably true...
(Miguel) by Idol
(NancyL) Choices are the same, remedies the same, so why ASK!
(N18) Q: The zeta stated that STS aliens use computers to find out who is giving STS calls. How do STS manage to communicate with humans if they are visible in 3rd density? In other words, who humans talk to when they talk to "themselves"?
(Mansur) What is KoolAid?
(Endeavour3d) so what if it happens everyday! That doesn't change the fact that it is needless and wrong, suffering is not needed to learn and evolve for every soul
(NancyL) Endeav: the Z's years ago did a writeup on this. Nothing that a First Aid medic does not know. Leave the broken bone and wash the chemical burn first, etc.
(N) what do the zetas have to say about Ufo's shutting down missile silos?
(Obany) Mansur: it's what those suicide cults drink or so to kill themself ... orange juice mixed with poison or so
(Bailey) uthinasia is much differnt than suicide, it is faced with the issue of is it ok to assist in the death process to ease a long time of suffering in pain with enevidable death
(Zetapal) N18 - hmm - you've broached an interesting area previously unadressed, well done.
(NancyL) Leave those that are hopelessly dying with a kind explanation and tend to those who can be saved, etc.
(Mansur) Ok, thanks
(Endeavour3d) I'm going on a rant, I'm sorry, I still despise pain in others
(Wjr123) Will we soon see opression because of this homeland security bill?
(NancyL) N18, having never been in communication with STS aliens, I don't know and frankly don't care.
(Torbj) whatever your brain says..... or your "ego" the body desides for you... allways... so DETACH my friends.... the feeling will move you to your place
(Jeremy) N18: They scan the brainwaves of humans giving the STS call
(NancyL) Maybe they use symbols, as the Z's have said that STO do NOT use written language or symbols. Maybe body language, etc.
(Torbj) the key.... DO NOT BE AFRAID!!
(Toni) End: take at least a red cross course, do your best, as for bugs, you'll be eating them soon enough :) Seriously, there'll be so much to do, you'll overcome the horror
(N) anybody hear William McDonald on ArtBell last night?... was interesting
(Merlin) N18 is a script
(PegasiTristan) so is Z
(N18) Do they use telepathy?
(JWilliam) ??
(Wjr123) What is the true mission of this shuttle that they keep trying to launch?
(Zetapal) hm
(NancyL) N18, if STS are talking to other STS, or humans who are feeling STS, then maybe telepathy is not so uncomfortable. They just don't like empathy thoughts.
(Jeremy) invasion of the bots
(Wjr123) I think they are gonna go to PX
(Alex) Z time
(Z) somebody said time was Sat Nov 23 16:05:47 2002
(Obany) NancyL: and you are so right about that, "N18, having never been in communication with STS aliens, I don't know and frankly don't care"
(Alex) Miguel, tu tem religiao?
(Endeavour3d) bugs don't bother me, all the "hard living" doesn't bother me, what bothers me is that I fear for those in pain
(Silk) about One hour from now
(NancyL) Bailey, what is DIFFERENT about the shift than 1. after a quake in Turkey, 2. after a mass pileup on the freeway, 3 when your aunt is dying from cancer, etc.
(JWilliam) Z time
(Z) well, time is Sat Nov 23 16:06:40 2002
(JWilliam) cute ;o)
(NancyL) NO DIFFERENCE! If you say modern medicine, then think Third World, in jungles of Africa, what do THEY do? Or times past.
(Wjr123) earthquakes have been awful lately
(LadyInRed) gonna get worse too
(Wjr123) I used to not believe the zetas, but I remember a ZT session where they said it would get worse...
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENTL Nancy and Zetas on Art Bell (George Noory) on Monday night 11/25 (actually Tues wee hours).
(Wjr123) and then it did
(Endeavour3d) they died from the Black Death and Smallpox and even a staph infection. I will not let anyone die from such pathetic things, I swear to God on this
(NancyL) Planet X the topic, I gather.
(Wjr123) How do you submit a question?
(Endeavour3d) I swear to god, people will live by my hands and not die, I'm going to buy every med book in existance
(LadyInRed) how can you stop it Endevour?
(Mansur) Nancy, will you show up on Rense any more?
(Wjr123) I want to know what the cause of this stomach virus on all these disney boats...
(Endeavour3d) I don't know, god will help me
(NancyL) Wjrt23, true mission of the shuttle? They were trying to get Star Wars operational, a Space Station up, Mars colonlized, but all that seems to be running out of time.
(AGreenspan) You may want to find out this time if calls will be screened or not, eh?
(Jsteve) 1 Disney boat
(NancyL) Perhaps they just can't admit failure.
(Wjr123) they dont have much time left do they...
(LadyInRed) you are a nice person
(JWilliam) End3D: Get as many thru this as possible. Rebuilt society on an STO format. That is the task.
(Tied2) Endeavour3d were all impressed OK?
(Orion) can the zetas say if any famous people (i.e.- actors) know about the pole shift? And if so, will they come foward?
(NancyL) Wjr, by email, but if there is no accepted agenda, then I gather it on the fly, here.
(Ptomais) acors :)
(Wjr123) I think that this taken thing on sci fi is just a big set up
(Wjr123) that thing has the most publicity of any TV show I've seen in a long time
(SteveH) Orion, the rock band Tool is aware of the poleshift
(Endeavour3d) what is that supposed to mean Tied2?
(Wjr123) trying to make zetas look bad
(Orion) really?
(Jeremy) Orion: interesting question, that is, if the elite includes any Hollywood figures
(Endeavour3d) I will try JW
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: there were additional images taken, by Naji, new member of the TEAM on the eve of Nov 15 (morning of 16th).
(SteveH) yes, they talk about it all the time on their website
(LadyInRed) would like to have you in my camp Endevour
(NancyL) Px SPOT ON where it should be for White Persona and Red trailing in proper direction.
(Silk) and no mag 11 objects visible, again
(NancyL) Also, Px seems to be larger as well as brighter but this is still under analysis.
(SteveH) they even said they aer considering not making any new CDs as most of the worlds population will be dead by next year
(JWilliam) who's eyes Human or Zeta ;o)
(NancyL) We also have several folks who are seriously planning to image and seem to have the skills and equipment.
(Silk) thats funnt JWD :o)
(Orion) my little saw tool last wednesday live in San Diego, his fave band
(N) is TOOL really aware? did they make some announcment or something
(Orion) brother
(NancyL) Steve and JWilliam and I and Naji are trying to figure out who to handle the flood tide :-)
(Wjr123) what will happen to those that die during the shift, even the good STO people
(NancyL) But I'm sure we'll manage.
(Endeavour3d) I am probably quite aways from you LadyinRed, I live in Kansas City, but I have my own camp, acutally, a very large community, very enclosed and safe, lots of friendies. Perhaps we can help each other during aftertime?
(Wjr123) and what happens if STS people survive the shift
(Endeavour3d) Nancy, I don't have skills lol
(Redeye) can the z's tell us what stance Blair is taking, he seems to really be backing Bush strongly.
(Wjr123) will the STS people get new bodies too?
(Wjr123) that would really be bad if some robber had telepathic powers
(LadyInRed) aww thanks E...but will stay with my elderly mother and husband
(Redeye) and France the opposite
(N) i dont think Bush could handle Planet X
(Merlin) really Endeavour?
(Pato) STS mean ?
(NancyL) Silk, no Mag 11 objects? Humm, because it was YOU and MC who stated that the scope Steve was using was good down to 14.7 Mag.
(NancyL) Mag 11 is BRIGHTER!
(Endeavour3d) what Merlin?
(Silk) Visual magnitude Nancy
(JWilliam) We will manage the flood, its getting easier to find, but sure has a lot of debris around it ;o)
(Silk) not CCD
(NancyL) Was not that SAO star at least a Mag 11?
(Wjr123) STS means service to self
(Merlin) you have a large camp?
(Endeavour3d) Lady, I mean we can help each other with trading or getting electricity, etc
(Silk) Yes, much brighter than your dots
(Endeavour3d) if you don't live too far
(SteveH) N, yes they are aware. Check out their website
(LadyInRed) that will be good
(Silk) that you claim are mag 11
(NancyL) And Steve noted that there were existing stars on the DSS which did NOT show on the image, which is taken more quickly etc less time for image.
(Orion) can zetas say what the next big will be that something is very wrong :)
(LadyInRed) if we are still here lol
(LadyInRed) im in Texas
(NancyL) So, Px is MORE VISIBLE than existing DSS stars, now!
(Silk) no
(Wjr123) where is it on the TOOL site?
(NancyL) But Silk is going to invite you all to her house, to share her supplies, when the panic starts, right Silk?
(SteveH) also new images are much higher resolution so much cleaner images
(Silk) hell no
(LadyInRed) lol
(Endeavour3d) Merlin, it's actually an old housing community, about 500+, we are buying a house there, it's surrounding a lake pretty far in the sticks (middle of nowhere) alot of good people there, they wave everytime you drive by lol
(NancyL) Could you give us your address, so folks will know where to come, when it turns out you are WRONG, and running and hiding?
(Orion) can i watch the lesbianism Silk :)
(Cmel) SteveH what are you by trade ?
(Silk) You have all my info Nancy
(SteveH) although less sensitive setting than previous images and less exposure time (16 min)
(JWilliam) Got room in the bunker for all of us Silk?
(Zetapal) you guys can come to my house
(PegasiTristan) Silk: Where is YOUR analysis and written documentaion on the newest images?
(Jeremy) Nancy: Are the mobile phone failures in cities likely to occur next year i.e. just a couple of months before the shift?
(Silk) Nope JWD, I'll get the M1 out if people start showng up
(Merlin) hmmm interesting
(Endeavour3d) if we are supposed to meet Lady, god will help us find each other
(Endeavour3d) I wish your family well
(Orion) two months before the shift i think
(Sparta) :-))
(NancyL) Silk, the self appointed expert on astronomy, who does NOT have a web site and NEVER provided an image. We don't even know, for SURE, whom she is!
(JWilliam) Glad I'm in Canada, you Americans get pretty nutty under pressure ;o)
(Silk) that';s funnt Nancy
(Merlin) so who is in charge?
(Cmel) heh
(SteveH) Cmel, mechanical engineer technologist by trade but haven't done that for some years. Currently working as a community support care worker for persons with special needs
(Silk) after you demanded I state all my info on sci.astro, which I did
(QueenVee) Silk: if you really believe the poleshift isn't going to happen, and you really want to HELP -- why not organize all these people and get them to promise to give their food stocks to the poor in the event PX is a hoax?
(NancyL) Jeremey, where did this come from that mobile phones, cell phones, are going to conk out because the Z's said that satellites would increasingly fail?
(LadyInRed) lol@jwilliam
(Sparta) she is the mystery women
(Zetapal) all you have to do is give me the nick you used in here and you're in
(NancyL) TO THE DEGREE that they depend upon satellites, they will be affected.
(Jeremy) NancyL: I'll find it for you.. wait a moment please
(SteveH) also spent some time racing pro-motocross hehe
(Wjr123) will we see a hostage situation in the middle east if the weapons inspectors find anything?
(Cmel) nice :), there is the knowledgebase you need to work to scopes :)
(Endeavour3d) Merlin, I'm not so sure, but considering I am most likely the only one that knows of ZetaTalk, I might be able to help the people who are the leaders there coordinate efforts in preparing
(NancyL) Re the satellite failure, they said there were MORE up than admitted, but they ALL would begin to have problems, such that email would be delayed and bounce for the wait at times.
(Endeavour3d) I am not a leader myself though, I don't have the personality
(Jsteve) is there an agenda today?
(Silk) Wasn;t that predicted for this year Nancy?
(Jurian) uhm, email doesn't go over satellites
(Obany) Jsteve: you are well late .... the session is like almost finished
(LadyInRed) have been doing that already lately
(NancyL) I know that GPS uses satellites, and maybe air planes will have problems.
(Beta) Nancy - any info on when city-destroying quakes start?
(SteveH) the telescope used for mine and N's images also had some satellite problems the other week for days
(JWilliam) Satellite Insurance is skyrocketing right now due to failure and screwup
(Monoxyde) nice question Beta
(Silk) My GPS has been working just fine, thank you :o)
(Jsteve) late?
(Monoxyde) 18:16:30
(NancyL) Media, like TV, will have problems, but it is INCREASING problems, not utter failure one day.
(Monoxyde) i thought it start 6pm EST
(anaerobic) Much US military will prob be in Middle East during May 03. Is that area safe during shift? Can Zs comment?
(Torbj) Jurian... its not only by cable...
(Endeavour3d) JWD, what is the largest telescope you Watchers use?
(NancyL) If I am wrong, and the Z's said cell phones would be dead on day soon, then I'd like to know where this was said.
(Jurian) Torbj: the major backbones are
(Endeavour3d) just the 12"?
(Wjr123) When can we expect more "terrorist attacks" byt "islamic terrorists"
(Silk) 18" here
(Cmel) you know JWilliam, how you'r in the sattelite business ?
(SteveH) I have also noticed TV reception going out more frequently
(JWilliam) End3D: 12 "
(Orion) can zetas comment on when the general populace will wake up and realize something is wrong?
(Jurian) satellite connections are not suitable for high-speed IP links
(LadyInRed) sure has Steve
(Silk) FWD, you have a 12" scope?
(JWilliam) Cmel: ran across the report in business news. I'm in business ;o)
(Obany) Monoxyde: Daylight savings time has ended
(Redeye) same here Steve H
(Cmel) heh
(Monoxyde) so its 5pm i suppose
(NancyL) Sillk, name the place and do the quote for that statement. To my knowledge, NOT.
(Endeavour3d) ok, I guess the 30" will give a much improved picture :)
(Wjr123) everyone I know is kinda spooked with all the strange happenings lately, earthquakes and cable interruptions...
(Torbj) you know.... to Finland you have alot of internet by satelite....
(JWilliam) end3d: in spades !!!
(Silk) what statement Nancy?
(LadyInRed) volcanos
(Endeavour3d) lol
(Wjr123) and increase in UFO sightings
(NancyL) JWilliam, yes, and I've heard from folks in other countries re the internet access problems, but not definite enough to be quantified.
(Serbeo) can ZT's comment on terrorists having nucks in US
(Bailey) me too Steve, especialy CSpan and History channel
(Wjr123) and volcanos like you said Lady...
(Jsteve) guess i will have to wait til monday for the log
(Jsteve) lol
(NancyL) Might be from many causes, at present.
(Serbeo) nukes
(Jurian) Torbj: not for backbone links
(LadyInRed) there were 19 volvanos spewimng and smoking worldwide in one day alone
(Wjr123) Nancy, will there be any more "Terrorist Attacks" ?
(Jurian) sure, for companies and users, there's plenty of satellite links
(JWilliam) we are starting to get more noise on my dish up here almost constant TV has slight snow.
(Cmel) are u sure about that Torbj, I allways encountered a nice connection, when connecting to
(Wjr123) If I was Bush I would nuke LA and then have martial law
(Jsteve) figures first yime in 3 weeks i can be here live and.....I am late
(NancyL) Interesting that the quake statistics thing finally flushed out. USGS caught not only under reporting, reduced Richter, but DROPPING them.
(Wjr123) stupid government...
(Jurian) you will know when you are connected over a satellite link, by the high latency, trust me :p
(QueenVee) Nancy: i was deeply shocked by the USGS
(LadyInRed) yes they are having so many they dont post
(SteveH) that's brutal but shows something big is up
(NancyL) Someone sent me a web site where they said that after the Alaska 7.9 the USGS suddenly dropped 900 quakes from their database, for that week.
(Torbj) still in Sweden Jur?
(NancyL) Seems hard to believe.
(Jeremy) Nancy: From 'Cellular telephones will be useless, and due to their popularity in certain cities this will not be taken lightly'
(Jurian) Torbj: yep, and still using the satellite link
(Silk) hmmmm
(Wjr123) I remember 2 weeks ago I watched the news ticker and I must have seen 10 different earthquakes go by
(Endeavour3d)'s servers will most likely freeze up when 2 red dots appear in the sky. One Mars, and one 4 times bigger and with a tail
(Redeye) Nancy, we have a sinking land problem over here in UK again
(NancyL) Jeremy, I'm going to that page ... be right back.
(Beta) "During the months before the passage...."
(Orion) cannot play games with satellite connection, too much lag :(
(JWilliam) Jeremy: wait til April
(Redeye) was in news
(Silk) Jeremy, wan't that predicted for 2002 also?
(Bailey) will the gov attempt massive uthinasia due to the pole shift?
(Jurian) Orion: yeah, 800ms or more, absolutely useless for high-speed links
(NancyL) Written in 1995, and it says "During the months before the passage of the 12th Planet there will be an almost total interference with radio and television transmission, unless supported by cable of some sort. Cellular telephones will be useless, and due to their popularity in certain cities this will not be taken lightly. "
(LadyInRed) i wouldnt put it past them Bailey
(Wjr123) Nancy: Can the Zetas please comment on whether we will have any more "terrorist attacks" in the coming final months?
(JWilliam) Bailey: Chemtrails?
(Silk) well 6 months away
(Jsteve) Nancy, Do the ZT's say anything about a dirty bomb in NYC?
(Endeavour3d) there won't be any point Bailey, the shift itself will kill millions
(Bailey) vaccines?
(NancyL) So, it says 'months' and this could be Feb-Apr, and also says "almost totally useless" not suddenly NOT work at all.
(Jeremy) Nancy: Right, so that relates to my previous Q: when can we expect the cell phone failures.. next year?
(Lebrasse2) Why are the zetas so quiet tonight - they must be sitting with their arms crossed bored! :-p
(ZooSpecimen) lol
(NancyL) I would take that to mean that this will be a gradual increase in problems. Already, when one gets a call from someone on a cell phone, they increasingly drop or get static.
(Wjr123) Can the zetas please tell us who will win the super bowl?
(Silk) lol LeBrasse
(Wjr123) just kidding on that one
(Orion) I cannot think of any good questions :)
(Endeavour3d) I don't think we had much of an agenda, Nancy has been taking Q's for most of the session
(NancyL) Cell phone users are moving to land lines for important calls, more than a few minutes, I've noted.
(Cmel) Question : do the zetas have anything to say about all the missing russian suitcase-bombs (nuclear)???
(Silk) My cell phone ha been working better over the last 2 years
(Silk) not worse
(Obany) Lebrasse2: becasue some questions have been answered so
(Mansur) Grow up Wjr!
(JWilliam) Lebrass: I think they've been busy looking over images ;o)
(Wjr123) :-)
(Silk) JWilliam, that hard to find?
(Endeavour3d) maybe it's because they are building more relay towers Silk and your phone has newer technology? :P
(JWilliam) what ?
(Jeremy) Has anybody here noticed any interference on their mobile (cell) phones? I dob't own one myself
(Silk) Must be Endeavor
(Cmel) no
(LadyInRed) yea
(JWilliam) Silk: no just humans not listening ;o)
(NancyL) Try to put the quakes and weather on a scale, as the big bugger moved TOWARD us rapidly. You think todays weather will be next Spring too? You think the quakes today will be the same level next Spring?
(LadyInRed) strange calls
(Redeye) yep
(SteveH) Jeremy, I've noticed worse reception on my cell phone since the attena broke off!
(NancyL) Life is going to be very interesting, increasingly.
(LadyInRed) had one lady say it was her phone dialing itself
(ZooSpecimen) how soon will the Great Lakes be good for fishing after PS
(Jeremy) SteveH: That doesn't help ;p
(SteveH) hehe
(Wjr123) When we start seeing 12.0 on the ricter scale I'm gonna say OMG the ZETAS ARE RIGHT!
(Jurian) SteveH: haha, wont be too long before you burn it out then :p
(Endeavour3d) Silk, I hope you are preparing, I'm not saying sell your house and move underground, just preparing. I have plans to goto college next year, to get a decent job and buy a car, but I am also planning for this pole shift. I'm not going to burn my bridges because of it
(SteveH) Jurian, is that what will happen?
(Silk) Hardly Endeavor, I have no need to prepare
(NancyL) Zoo, the Great Lakes are OK for fishing now, the fish most likely NOT dying during the quake. At least, if they get "dashed" by the quake, they don't hurt themselves.
(LadyInRed) all it will take is a 9 wjr
(NancyL) Water is a cushion, no?
(Endeavour3d) I hope for your sake and the sake of the world you are right
(ZooSpecimen) ok thx nancy
(Silk) I think you can rest assured Endeavor
(Jurian) SteveH: without an antenna, a transmitter will not be happy, and in time, it'll most likely die
(BobS) One thing I have noticed of late is that the stock market is UP for the 7th straight week. Either the z's are off about the market falling to 25% of its value or its going to be a SUDDEN crash!
(Jurian) at least, as far as I know :p
(SteveH) :(
(Silk) called SWR Steve
(LiquidJelly) to the zetas after the pole shift is the day gonna be longer or shorter than usuall? when the earth changes its direction rotation
(Silk) burn out those finals without an antenna
(Jsteve) how does one get a Q answered?
(Endeavour3d) you ask
(Endeavour3d) :P
(Wjr123) Yes bobS, I thought we were gonna see a market crash...
(NancyL) Silk, can you put yourself PERSONALLY behind your "assurances"? Will you provide your supplies and housing to those you misled?
(JWilliam) Debunkers can plug their ears, close their eyes , and keep repeating, It won't Happen , It won't happen!
(Wjr123) where is it?
(Jurian) no antenna means that most of the signal has nowhere to go but back into the transmitter, which obviously wont like that much
(Jsteve) 3 times i did and nothing
(Cmel) Question : do the zetas have anything to say about all the missing russian suitcase-bombs (nuclear)???
(NancyL) Or are you pulling an Open Minded and remaining anonymous, your say so only, on who you are etc.
(AGreenspan) JSteve:Ask about Hollywood, the Beatles, or Bush..
(Silk) What supplies Nancy, you mean my weeks worth of groceries?
(Silk) Sure, I'll bet a weeks worth of groceries
(Jeremy) BobS: Good point, the stock market has rebounded somewhat, but perhaps its more fragile than it appeats
(Jsteve) i know all about them
(QueenVee) Jsteve: you are participating in a lottery process here. if you are aserious about having a question answered, you should submit it to NANCY a few days in advance of her zetatalk sessions
(NancyL) We know Steve Havas, and J. William Dell, but we don't REALLY know Silk, except that she claims to be an expert and makes "assurances".
(Wjr123) Where can I email a question to?
(NancyL) City? Last Name? Address? Employer?
(Torbj) what you must all think is your own death.... think about that... and the fear that keeps you prissoned to a "system" is are detached...
(Silk) Nancy, you have everything you need to know about me on sci.astro
(Endeavour3d) QueenVee, that's if he wants it on the Agenda
(Silk) You demanded it
(JWilliam) Nancy get me the goods on Silk and I'll get it checked out ;o)
(Obany) Wjr123: check the zetatalk site, choose IRC sessions info is on that page
(Wjr123) ok thanx
(Sparta) Well at least we known the attacking nature of some women
(PegasiTristan) Silks is Laura McDonald, no doubt
(Wjr123) how long do these session usually last?
(Silk) Seems like a witch hunt here - lol
(Endeavour3d) Zeta's have probably "logged off" and are going about their business
(AGreenspan) Its why she says not who she is that counts
(Obany) JWilliam: Silk is SarahMC
(QueenVee) yeah, all those women out there making war right now
(NancyL) Silk, you lie! Repeat it here if it is so public, which is it NOT.
(Wjr123) this is my 1st one
(Obany) Silk is SarahMC
(JWilliam) Name city workplace
(NancyL) Open Minded, the leader of the amateurs, or so he wanted, is still a man of mystery.
(Wjr123) lol
(Silk) all archived on Google Nancy, and you know it
(PegasiTristan) Manhattan, I thik
(Silk) lol Jurian
(NancyL) If SO right, SO sure, then he should be PROUD to be out in the open!.
(Endeavour3d) We found a witch! May we burn her?
(Sparta) yes, she does not like witches because they confirm her story with Spirits
(Silk) he?
(Sparta) they are not so easy manipulated by mental discussions
(Silk) she Nancy, she
(NancyL) He hides because he does not want to be located by the angry crowd who he misled for so long, or tried to.
(NancyL) He KNOWS he is wrong, as does Silk.
(Wjr123) Question: Were the norse right in their descriptions of Ragnarok (the end of the world)?
(Endeavour3d) her "S" key is broken
(NancyL) Yes, I think she's in here talking out the side of her mouth because the banking and Wall Streeters are smarting over the dropping stock market.
(Silk) Is that where that name came from Wjr?
(Endeavour3d) Nancy, is it too late to ask secondary questions? Have the Zetas discontinued the session?
(Jsteve) dropping stock market?
(NancyL) They want to see their portfolio UP as long as possible, and maybe she is quite duped by them, doing a favor.
(Wjr123) ya, more than we know is based on mythology
(JWilliam) Propped up stock market, dropping main street ;o)
(NancyL) The STS crowd uses people a lot, puts out the dupes to take the hits when it comes down.
(Silk) lol, I wish I had a portfolio
(Bailey) I wish I knew what to do, how to help, I just don't know which way to turn
(SteveH) most public companies stock has tanked big time
(QueenVee) Wjr123: correction, mythology is based on more than we know
(Obany) Endeavour3d: well Nanncy is still here, and if the Zetas want to adress a question well then you know how it works
(NancyL) Endarv, what is your Q and then I should go, yes the hour is up.
(Wjr123) good point Vee...
(SteveH) 80% plus decline for many
(Sparta) i still wonder why zetans have choosen such aggressive telepathic being
(Endeavour3d) yeah but they reserve an hour a week, that must mean either Nancy is busy or they are, and I can imagine how busy they must be
(Wjr123) I believe more of that is true than we are willing to accept
(Wjr123) mythology that is
(QueenVee) Sparta: what would be the advantage of a passive telepathic being?
(Sparta) a half truth is not a full
(NancyL) Endeav, what is your Q?
(Jsteve) I have one
(Sparta) with the term 'agressive' i define interaction of the ego
(NancyL) One more Q!
(Wombat) l
(Beta) Nancy- city-destroying quakes when?? (roughly)
(Orion) his question is, will Brad Pitt grow another sexy beard :)
(QueenVee) Sparta: and you have failed to answer my question
(Jsteve) what do the zetas say about a dirty bomb in NYC
(NancyL) Beta beat the bunch, ZT to Beta:
(Endeavour3d) Nancy, there are strange happenings going on in a Utah ranch
(Endeavour3d) crap
(Endeavour3d) I was looking up the report, bugger *slaps self*
(NancyL) ZT: We have predicted imploding cities will occur, in line with derailing trains where tracks recently tested are found skewed.
(Torbj) hmm...i hear a dog BARK.... MUST LOG OFF... I love you all!!
(QueenVee) Edeavour: just ask it
(Cmel) later
(NancyL) ZT: Cities have several stories under them, where electrical wires and plumbing run, so as to keep this from the streets above.
(NancyL) ZT: It is NOT just those cables and pipes burried in roadways, but the deep basements of skyscrapers that we are addressing.
(NancyL) ZT: The Earth, in areas where it is being stretch, like the entire eastern portion of North American and western portion of Europe, will find the ground adjusting.
(NancyL) ZT: What does it take to break a supporting structure, causing the mass to come down?
(NancyL) ZT: And if the mass drops, the buildings where this plumbing when UP into are finding a tug DOWN where they were least designed to expect this.
(NancyL) ZT: This weakens the infrasturcture of the building, and IT then starts to implode and plumit.
(NancyL) ZT: As in earthquakes, building affect their neightbors, and fire starts and spreads.
(NancyL) ZT: The question was WHEN would this start, and WHERE? We are not allowed to pinpoint the city or estimated date, just as we are not allowed to do so with earthquakes.
(NancyL) ZT: However, we can say THIS, that anyone living in stretch zones should expect this to happen AT ANY MOMENT, as the trail derailment has shown that earth movements of this kind, a SEPARATING of support, has started.
(NancyL) ZT: Many cities are rooted in rock, but this also can SHIFT, one side down, the other tilted up, and THIS alone would cause adjustments in the cities above.
(NancyL) ZT: On cities in compression zones, or slip-slide, the results is similar, but accompanies quakes.
(NancyL) ZT: This, city disasters along with quakes is called earthquake damage. Our Imploding buildings prediction will not be called as correct until such matters happen OUTSIDE of quake accompanyment.
(NancyL) End ZT on this, and goodnight!
(Loitus) word
(JWilliam) next week hey End3D ;o)
(Endeavour3d) well, sorry I took so long to type, I will ask next week then
(Bailey) I wish I had some decent people to work with and not trying to do this all alone with no sense of direction or home, the serious ones should work harder at working together
(Endeavour3d) I was in the middle of typing when Beta jumped in, but his question had more importance
(Beta) sorry Endeav..
(Endeavour3d) no, don't be, mine was minor
(NancyL) Thank you all for coming, we had a light agenda, but it was kind of a threashold day, with Naji's images and all, and there is more good news I'm not yet sharing!
(Loitus) yawn
(Mad_Hatter) Thanks Nancy...goodnight all..
(NancyL) Bye bye!
Session Close: Sat Nov 23 17:42:50 2002