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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Nov 2, 2002

Session Start: Sat Nov 02 15:45:34 2002
(3j) I mean Holland - Sweden, what kind of change is that asides from colder climes
(Jurian) I refuse to set foot in the us
(3j) Your silly
(Inkpen) Id move to Holland in a second... never the states
(3j) What if some big network company offered you 500,000 USD a year
(Nancy) I'm not an hour early, am I? Daylight savings time clicked in last Sunday. We ARE 15 min to the hour, right?
(Jurian) Nope
(Lebrasse) Thats harsh Jurian, I been to the US and its really cool over there, nice people, crap president only
(Jurian) No way I'm going to the us [3j], never :p
(Obany) Yes
(Inkpen) 1 hour off I think
(Obany) No no
(Nancy) I have a VERY light agenda coming in, just one Q, so will be collecting.
(Obany) You are on time
(Jurian) Depends on how you look at it really
(Nancy) Inkpen, I'm an hour early?
(Jurian) We all moved at the same time, so in a way, nothing should have changed
(CyberVVizz) Yes a question about after the PS should be nice
(Inkpen) No never mind... I got confused
(ZooSpecimen) Yes 1 hour ealy
(Jurian) But a lot of people are expecting a change
(Nancy) Cyber, be more specific?
(Jurian) So like.. I suppose it doesn't matter either way :p
(Inkpen) Really. Now im lost
(CyberVVizz) Sometimes it's so boring to follow politics
(Samsara2003) Hello Nancy. Might ZT be able to address the question posed by some ET researchers that the Star of Bethlehem was a UFO?
(Comper) Good one. Declined?
(Samsara2003) Some 12th planet reserachers thought it might have been Nibiru...
(Nancy) Sam, your Q on Star of Bethlehem accepted as Q2
(Samsara2003) Thanks, Zetas / Nancy! :)
(Comper) Not for the zetans ...but is the moon inside totally coold off?
(Domicile) Q: What season will the northern hemispere be in after the shift? Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.
(Serbeo) helow all I was wondering if the united states will have a double winter one pre-shift ,then one post-shift
(ZooSpecimen) I would like to know more about what kind of help/team-work we might expect from the Zeta's for the 1st few weeks after the PS
(Nancy) Sam, not the right time for Nibiru, at ALL, and no other signs of a passage as was true during the Jewish Exodus.
(FullMoon) Nancy: ? for Zetas/ Will the HAARP project be allowed to become activated as the US's newest weapon system?
(Starstalker) Nancy: Could the Zetas discuss whether the freak weather and high winds of late in Europe have been caused by a lowering of the Jetstream caused by solar influences?
(Samsara2003) Nancy: yes, of course... I agree, silly claim...
(CyberVVizz) Well, one of those questions is if zeta's are aware of Angels, Archangels and Teachers, another is one like their interests in interaction with humans
(Nancy) Domicile's Q on seasons directly after the shift accepted as Q3
(Domicile) Thanks
(Samsara2003) Sitchin says 400 A.d...Andrew Lloyd speculates on red cirris about the same time...
(Inkpen) When is the best time to plant seeds? Before or after the shift?
(Comper) Had Px a sort of boom with the earth in formal years?
(Nancy) Serbo, yes, a good Q on the seasons, confusion, etc.
(Bo-Zack) Hi Nancy how are you?; I am taking Astronomy at York University in Toronto, Canada where the observatory is open publicly every wed. I have stated your coordinates to my professor, but of course his "scientific heirarchial" nature tends to disagree with me, and we sparked up an interesting debate. My question is:
(Tied2) Nancy can the Z's tell use just how much light will be available to grow with after PS ?
(Omwoh) Bo-zack: did you look for PX?
(Bo-Zack) Of course, in my question I will state it :D
(Nancy) Zoo, this help depends upon your orientation, etc. Expect NO help if a STS or undecided, but help if a STO.
(ETN) Go on bozo Bo-Zack
(3j) Nancy: whats going on with the lack of pictures from the sightings team? whats going on with Px picturing?
(Nancy) FullMoon, HAARP does not exist, fake project used as an explanation of tunneling underground, etc.
(Samsara2003) Another question: CAn the zetas elaberate on what sort of changes will occur spiritually to the population as the transformation progresses after tthe shfit - and what the mechanism of this change is and the specific effects that it have on the minds of people / increased telepathy, etc...
(Nomis) Why Steve have no new images??
(CyberVVizz) Mmm
(Nancy) StarStalk, jet stream did not lower, and sun not causing our weather, this is already in ZT in Pole Shift section top as excuses.
(Inkpen) Nancy: when is the best time to plant seeds? Before or after the shift?
(Comper) Where will the hybrids walk? In Holland?
(Nancy) Sitchin and Lloyd are wrong. Period.
(Pegasi71) What's going on with the new MJ12, are they still around?
(Jurian) Comper: uh, seeing as Holland will be under sea level, I'd say.. not in Holland at all
(Torbj) They swim!
(Comper) Swimming perhaps.. poor hybrids
(TheUser) Heh!
(CyberVVizz) 12(Jurian12): you can use your discs as boot ;-)
(Nancy) Inkpen, not before, and not right after either. I suggest saving seeds, then after it is all over and you've established a season ahead, trial with only a few. Grow to seed, NOT to eat, before eating the crops.
(Jurian) CyberVVizz: hehe :p
(ETN) Somes peoples say the hybrids can breath under water because they are prepare for an eventual flooding or disaster...
(Nancy) Bo-Zack, I'm looking for your Q :-)
(Tied2) Nancy Can you tell us, just how much light to grow with we will have after PS and will it be the same world wide?
(Nancy) Tied2, dawn to dust no daylight sunlight if in volcanic ash path. OCCASIONAL ray of direct sunlight if not.
(Nancy) 3J, Steve Havas took a much deserved vacation with his girl friend and her family, 3 weeks, scuba diving, etc.
(TheUser) Better start saving on that wind-mill generator...
(Nancy) THAT is why no pics. So YOU get your lazy butt out and GET some. My response to all who ask.
(ZooSpecimen) Lol
(Inkpen) Lol
(Inkpen) I need a tellescpope :)
(ETN) Lol
(Comper) Lol
(Nancy) Sam, spiritual change is individual, so Q declined. No change from pre-shift, actually.
(CyberVVizz) How do Hybrids cope with their emotions :-)
(Tied2) Nancy the water that will devide the US as a result of rising oceans, Will that be fresh water, salt water or brackish?
(Crispexi) CyberVVizz how do YOU cope with your emotions?
(Inkpen) Oceans are salt water
(CyberVVizz) He he, perfect most of the time and yours ?
(MikeAus) Q for ZT: how many people have been hurt in the 7.7 richter quake in Indonesia? Tsunamis?
(Comper) Did you painted a hybrid actually NancyL?
(Crispexi) I have to take substances to cope with mine lol
(Nancy) Nomis, no new images because Steve is making love in the sun with his girlfriend for last 3 weeks. Have YOU gotten any images? Paid your $$ out? Stayed up all night? No? Why NOT you lazy bum!
(Bo-Zack) I apologize for the volume of my msg :P, when will PX be visible? I know so far, I seem to see nothing, and I have seen the images on your site, but I have failed to photograph a similar one, with PX in it. Will my Nov 6 Quest bring me a closer possibility of a find?
(Inkpen) Lol
(CyberVVizz) Emotions are a female force :-) I wonder ...
(QueenVee) Nancy: Can you please send me a confirmation today about tomorrow? Thanks.
(Crispexi) Damn thats making me horny
(Nancy) ETN, the people who say hybrids can breath under water have no accuracy track record, I'll wager.
(Omwoh) Bo-Zack: you didn't see anything?
(Bo-Zack) No :(
(Omwoh) Proper coords?
(Nancy) Inkpen, Steve paid his own $$$ out to rent one, and stayed up all night. How bout YOU?
(MichaelCunningham) Bo-Zack) 6 inches is kinda small
(Bo-Zack) But I am a true believer :D Of course
(Inkpen) Hm?
(Deja) Nancy: Is NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) really in the works? The bill is reported to change the monetary system worldwide to one backed by precious metals and forgive credit card debts and mortgages during the change over.
(TheUser) Yeah... coords would be nice... for January.
(MikeAus) NEWS: Just been a 7.7 Richter Quake in word from 60,000 people
(Orion) When does Nancy's talk start?
(Nomis) Nancy The wheater is to BAD in Germany!!!:)
(Nancy) Tied2, if access to the ocean, then salt water, else fresh as in the world today.
(Nancy) Some marshes are brackish, because they mingle both waters, my understanding.
(Omwoh) Bo-Zack: why no see?
(Inkpen) Did I say something about Steve Havass?
(MikeAus) NEWS: Richter 6 quake causing a volcanic eruption in Pakistan
(CyberVVizz) Emotions in harmony can lead the consciousness with a calm mind to higher subtile perceptions
(Bo-Zack) RA 4.400057 Dec 12.13215 Nov 6, 2002 - RA 4h 24m 0.21s, correct?
(Comper) What do the zetans say when the last IRC session can be hold?
(Nancy) MikeAus, 7.7 in Indonesia? Didn't hear about it, but the news reports the stix, no?
(MichaelCunningham) Bo-Zack) 6 inches has a limiting magnitude of 11.5 visual
(Obany) It was also bad last week sunday, with the storm that was almost a hurricane
(MikeAus) I think it just happened Nancy
(Omwoh) Bo-Zack: did Nancy answer your Q?
(ETN) MikeAus: Australian peoples are saying 7.7 but Indonesian peoples are saying 5.4
(MikeAus) It's on Jeff Renses's site
(Bo-Zack) I'll give her time, I am not one to push and force forth
(Tizza) Nancy :
(Samsara2003) Q: Just something I'm curious about - is the technology of teleportation possible?
(Comper) Yep it was almost a hurricane..
(Nancy) Bo-Zack, that images are being taken shows you that you are NOT viewing correctly or not at the right spot or whatever. Others are seeing it, so the problem is yours.
(Orion) I am new to this room. Is this the Zeta talk with Nancy?
(MikeAus) the 5.4 was an aftershock
(Crispexi) Orion yes :)
(Obany) Orion yes it is
(Bo-Zack) Ok thank you =\
(Orion) Thank you.
(CyberVVizz) Sam I think you expand it, you put it on a carrier beam, you project and you crimp it again
(ETN) Samsara2003: no but they have been able to make some experience with it this summer.. probably in 5-10 years will be
(CyberVVizz) ;-),
(Nancy) Bo-Zack, did you filter FOR red? Did you look AT the coordinates for a white persona, 1/3 the size of Uranus? Etc.
(Orion) We can ask Questions then?
(Omwoh) Bo-Zack: You buy that?
(Nancy) Bo-Zack, I'm eager for next/new images too, to see the increase in brightness, etc.
(MikeAus) Nancy: perhaps you could ask the Zetas if those 60,000 people are Ok... They are cut off
(Comper) You said the inner core of the moon is not liquid? How does it look like then?
(MichaelCunningham) Bo-Zack, Havas object is supposedly around 20 magnitude... way to faint for a 6 inch scope
(Omwoh) How would you get a white object when filtering for red?
(Inkpen) What kind of telescope would I need to properly search for Planet X?
(Nancy) Others besides Steve are scheduling image taking, but I only announce when the deed is done and images in hand, etc.
(ETN) Orion: yes its the time to ask for questions
(TheUser) About the moon... I saw few pics from the dark side showing vegetation... cool, no?
(MichaelCunningham) You'll need CCD equipment to get that faint
(Nancy) QueenVee, I did not yet check my email, can you restate here and I'll confirm! I work until 5:30 Central Time, but after that, I'm YOURS.
(Comper) There is no L !!!
(TheUser) Just go to an observatory...
(Omwoh) Havas got images off $20,000 worth of equipment.
(Torbj) Yser... who took those pics?
(Bo-Zack) I agree, I look forward for the November 6 Coordinates, I will try to post my images (if at all satisfactory)
(CyberVVizz) Jules Vernes
(TheUser) The Apollo program
(Nancy) Deja, I can't imagine the money changers of the world going along with something like you describe, NESARA.
(TheUser) It was in a book called 'We discovered alien bases on the moon'
(QueenVee) Nancy: So you can make it at 5:30 Central Time (23:30 UTC)?
(Nancy) Orion, I will start now ...
(ETN) (TheUser) Do you have any link for vegetation on the dark side of the moon
(Bo-Zack) I did not have a chance for excessive filtering, since the professors in charge are the ones to control everything, and such a curious student as myself, only caused frustration
(TheUser) Good read... lots of pictures showing lots of structures... Hominoids?
(Obany) !notalk
(Orion) Nancy....I am all ears. :)
(Nancy) ETN, Australia would lie on quake size, like USGS, being an ultra-right buddy of the US, etc. I believe the rest of the world on quake size and frequency.
(ETN) Yeah me too
(Nancy) Bo-Zack, your scope may be too small. Steve's had a Mag limit of 14.7, was a 11.8" scope, but I'm not sure.
(Inkpen) Sounds prisey
(MichaelCunningham) That's a visual limit, not CCD limit
(Nancy) Sam, I've been teleported, so yes.
(Inkpen) Cool
(ETN) Wow
(ZooSpecimen) :)
(Bo-Zack) I think so as well, thank you, my apologies, I am btw an amateur, and I am sorry if I strike you as the only one unable to see it, but I wanna look for myself =\
(Samsara2003) Interesting... heard S-4 has a tele-device in it that goes from Nevada to Pinegap, Australia... I think the Z's can't talk about it due to restrictions with MJ-12
(CyberVVizz) I hope they didn't shrik you to much ;-),
(Bo-Zack) But the York U Observatory is supposedly for the professionals
(QueenVee) NANCY: 5:30PM tomorrow or would 6PM be better?
(Nancy) Queen, I need to drive home first! Can you make it 6:00 my time? Central Time.
(Samsara2003) This comes from Robert O. Dean...
(MichaelCunningham) Don't feel bad Bo-Zack, I haven't seen it either
(QueenVee) Nancy: OK. GREAT.
(Bizzow) S-4?
(ETN) Michael: whats your scope?
(MichaelCunningham) 10 inch
(Nancy) OK, we're after the hour, I'll start with Q1.
(Samsara2003) S-4 (the facility a little ways away from the groom lake base, i.e area 51)
(MichaelCunningham) With CCD equipment
(Nancy) Got SO MANY Q's on this issue, decided to address it.
(Nancy) 1. Tiny Hominoid. Sure does look odd.
(Nancy) I took a look and it sure looks like a cat fetus, as the page speculates, and NO DNA tests were done, so the bit about an alien hominoid is silly, frankly.
(Nancy) Thus, the Zetas response, which will NOT be about this origin but about why the silly stories abound :-)
(Nancy) ZT: The story of EBE, at Roswell, plays like a child's bed time story to mankind, eager to embrace the alien presence they sense is present, but denied to them by their governments who have a palpable coverup in place.
(Nancy) ZT: The Brazilian Roswell story in recent years shows the eagerness of the populace to embrace the alien presence, children leading the way by caring for the injured aliens they discovered on their path home.
(Nancy) ZT: Sightings of lights in the sky, UFO's, are cold comfort for those who sense that these visitors mean mankind no harm.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, at the slightest excuse, all manner of rumors of sightings are taken as evidence of aliens among the populace.
(Nancy) ZT: NO alien bodies, except those recovered at Roswell and the Brazilian Roswell, which were deliberate, are in the hands of man.
(Nancy) ZT: However, soon enough live visitors will be at their doors, walking in the mist, and delivering help when life seems grim and hope gone.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, the embrace is going two ways, in the heart!
(Nancy) End ZT Followup?
(Longint) Mist or midst?
(Inkpen) Nancy: was there ever an EBE named j-rod?
(TheUser) What about the
(Nancy) Mist, as the Aftertime will have a low atmosphere, clouds low to the ground, and continuous drizzle, so mist, fog.
(Longint) Ok
(TheUser) Was it really a star child?
(HighLandrer) Why must the aliens wait until after the shift?
(ZooSpecimen) About how soon should we start expecting to see the zeta's (for STO's)
(HighLandrer) To walk in our midst
(Nancy) Inkpen, aliens in the STO don't have names, so doubt it. EBE was an assigned name, not HIS name.
(Tied2) Nancy what changes after PS to allow Visitors to help the population after the PS and not before?
(Inkpen) k
(Obany) Highlander: because then mankind will be open to it.. It's in Zetatalk
(ZooSpecimen) I'm open to visiters now :(
(Nancy) TheUser, no comment on what OTHERS say (StarChildrenProject) unless 1. they predict 2. they have an accuracy track record.
(Orion) Zeta's inplant?
(TheUser) Fair enough...
(Bizzow) Nancy, will STS aliens ALSO be walking the earth after the PS?
(TerrorDactyl) We have had earth tremors here in manchester, and 100mph winds in the last few weeks, any comment as this is unusual for the UK
(CyberVVizz) Some do not predict but are living in the now
(Nancy) HighLandrer, this is explain in the Transformation section. Because, no anxiety level increase. In Aftertime, folks are already bashed into not caring, etc.
(Domicile) Will the Zeta's allow someone to photograph them and post to world?
(Samsara2003) Just an unrelated question I'm throwing out there: Is the red comet depicted on NASA's PDS Logo no coincidence/accident? see:
(Comper) Is there a disc under the Sfinx??????
(Nancy) Zoo, you should NOT expect anything. As an STO, just get busy caring for others and things will fall into place.
(HighLandrer) Thank You Nancy!
(Nancy) Expecting means you're being a child, frankly.
(ZooSpecimen) Woohoo!
(Orion) Nancy, zeta's inplant?
(ZooSpecimen) I love it when things fall in place :)))
(Nancy) Terror, re the weather, the Z's said TODAYs extremes would continue, all over the world, more erratic, more extreme, unexpected weather, and I suspect MUCH worse increasingly as Spring appraoches, yes.
(Torbj) If you are detached, everything that happens is like 'falling in place'
(Obany) Nancy: had a storm here that almost was a hurricane last week sunday
(Comper) Yep
(TerrorDactyl) Scallion said that Etna and Vesuvius errupting would be the start - well Etna errupted this week along with quakes in Italy - any zeta comment?
(Nancy) Orion, YES they implant their contactees! Please read the Visitation section!
(Nancy) Onto Q2, now ...
(Nancy) Terror, don't these Italian volcanoes erupt all the time, more or less?
(ETN) Obany: thats just a start, next year we will see them very frequently until the PS arrived
(Nancy) 1. Might ZT be able to address the question posed by some ET researchers that the Star of Bethlehem was a UFO?
(Nancy) ZT: The birth of Jesus was, as was his birth, a guided occasion.
(Nancy) ZT: It was not by accident that what is commonly called the 3 Wise Men arrived at the humble stable where his mother was recovering from birth, the only accomdation they could secure.
(Nancy) ZT: How likely would it be that such humble parents would come to the attention of Kings, coming to what they sensed from afar was an occasion?
(Nancy) ZT: Did Joseph and Mary issue Birth Announcements?
(Nancy) ZT: Did Joseph and Mary carry social weight, such that not delivering a gift would be a social slight?
(Nancy) ZT: If the Kings were simply following tradition in their society, they would arrive at tens of thousands of houses, with newly delivered babies, and never find the child Jesus.
(Nancy) ZT: Was it a star that guilded them? In that stars can be seen from all directions, with slight variation in direction in a given small country just as Jerusalem, this would not be a clear guide.
(Nancy) ZT: The star was BRIGHTER than the rest, and allowed the Kings to move with the road ways, and not lose their direction.
(Nancy) ZT: They were, thus, not looking UP, but forward.
(Nancy) ZT: The same influences that clued the Kings into the birth of someone special, someone meant to influence the world, guided them to the spot of his birth.
(Nancy) ZT: This was, as suspected, NOT a star, but a bright object in the sky under alien visitor control, which was positioned to act as a leading light TO the stable.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, it moved, to appear at the same level in the sky, always pulling them in the right direction.
(Nancy) ZT: And when they had found the city, the star remained stationary! Not moving during the night! Not at all what one expects from a star.
(Nancy) ZT: The 3 Wise Men, Kings, were the right stuff as far as orientation, and were in the habit of giving the Call to visitors in the Service-to-Other.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, they had all learned, independently, of the pending birth, and begged to be in attendance and assistance in some way.
(Nancy) End ZT followup?
(HighLandrer) How was Jesus able to walk on water? Turn water into wine.. and feed the multitudes with a few loaves of bread and a few fish?
(Longint) Will the same mechanism be used when guiding STO survivors to safe places will be needed?
(BC) The wise men arrived well after the birth of Jesus, that is why Herods order to kill the male babies under 2 years of age.
(TerrorDactyl) The question is why were they guided at all, what good is it to deliver Gold, Frankincence and Myrhh, when the child surely needed to keep a low profile - away from Herod.
(CyberVVizz) Do you known the distinction between dialog and diarree? When You have diarree You can't turn around and around
(CyberVVizz) Whas it an UFO or not :-)
(Nancy) Terror, I don't belive it was this visit which put Jesus in danger, was it? It BECAME a story afterwards.
(BC) It was a star conjunction...
(CyberVVizz) They were astronomers
(Nancy) Highlander, this is all in the Myths section, where this writeup is going, so go read.
(Inkpen) Wouldn't other have seen the star and made a journey to the general location?
(Samsara2003) Is the biblical story of the Angels who spoke announcing the birth of Jesus also then a literal tale...?
(Nancy) Longint, I doubt it, as in a clouded sky, such a light would be followed by ALL, even the STS. Not at all practical.
(TerrorDactyl) Jst wondered why they were guided there
(Orion) Nancy, do you think Jesus is ALIVE AND WELL? MAYBE ON A MOTHERSHIP?
(Bizzow) Lol!
(Nancy) Cyber, a UFO or some such guided object, yes.
(Coruscant) Nancy, how many kilometres does PlanetX pass in his complete orbit around the sun and its star?
(CyberVVizz) :-) thx, more specific a Nordic one
(Samsara2003) Coruscant... oh boy... RTFM
(Nancy) Samsara, sounds like it yes.
(ETN) Nancy: they found what they think is the rest of Jesus brothers (James), it currently in a museum in Toronto, I want to know if its true?
(IdolHarobed) I think Jesus is now in spirit form.
(Nancy) Orion, this is also in ZT somewhere, he's reincarnated many many times on other worlds doing the same kind of stuff he did here.
(Obany) Orion: I doubt that his name matters anymore, zetatalk says that he was from a higher density. If he was from 5th .. Then he won't be on a motherhip
(Comper) Is there a disc under the Sfinx??????
(Obany) IdolHarobed: being of light
(Tizza) Nancy : do the Z's put their "chip" in contacts at the back of the neck?
(Orion) OH REALLY?
(CyberVVizz) 7th
(Samsara2003) Wow...amazing...thank you Nancy/zetas
(Redeye) CB communicates with Jesus in Cosmic Voyage
(Bizzow) Nancy, of how many densities are the Z's aware of?
(Obany) !kick Comper don't ask questions that are not related
(Nancy) Coruscant, please do the math re Px. 9 Sun-Pluto distances in the middle, then goes PAST the Sun and then turns around, etc. All in the Science section.
(Coruscant) Do Z's want to control us?
(IdolHarobed) Exactly, since he is a pure spirit and don't need to reincarnate anymore. Exept in the case of a mission.
(Orion) Well, I was taken up to meet him is a ship.
(Nancy) Tizza, Like in X-Files? No, not at the back of the neck, to my knowledge, and I have them.
(Bizzow) Do Z's want to *ulp* eat us? Like soak in a pool of our organs?
(TheUser) Yeah! And the mission will come soon, right?
(AD9) Jesus communicated to Helen Schuckman a Columbia psycologist the Course in Miracles, from 1965 to 1972. Check it out.
(Tizza) Thanx :)
(Coruscant) Thanks:)
(Torbj) Yur underarm
(CyberVVizz) Spalding told he was in the Himalaya's during 1900 in astral form
(Nancy) Bizzow, I'm not even addressing silly Qs like yours.
(ZooSpecimen) Why was Jesus born at that particular place at that particular time?
(Nancy) AD9, or so she says, Helen, that is ...
(HighLandrer) Many will come forth in 'his name' AD9 :o)
(TheUser) Yup!
(Nancy) Zoo, this, re timing of Jesus and Mohammad and Budah birth, is already in ZT in the myths section.
(TerrorDactyl) Is there a holy spirit?
(ZooSpecimen) Oops Ok sorry
(Samsara2003) Can the Zetas talk about how the legend of Jesus's life is different than reality?
(Nancy) Terror, there are many spirits, and many are very STO, is this what you mean?
(ZooSpecimen) I should know that :(
(Orion) Nancy...can you tell me what the Zeta's look like?
(HighLandrer) Will Jesus return before the pole shift?
(Free99) Nancy, can you ask the Zetas about NESARA?
(TerrorDactyl) Well, I refer to the 'holy trinity', father, son and holy ghost etc?
(CyberVVizz) How do Zeta's cope with masters like Jesus, Joseph, the Baptist, Morya and Kuthumi, are they aware off ?
(Nancy) Orion, have you read the Zeta Types page in Worlds? I drew a picture.
(Orion) No....tell me how please?
(Nancy) OK, onto Q3 ...
(Nancy) 1. What season will the northern hemispere be in after the shift? Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.
(Nancy) ZT: The shift will find the seasons already in disarray.
(Nancy) ZT: The weathers in the months leading up to the shift will be a continuation, but in a more extreme way, of the current weather irregularities.
(Nancy) ZT: Winters have been interrupted with warm spells that have caused crops to sprout and bud, then freeze again when winter returns.
(Nancy) ZT: Summers have been too wet, with more rain in heavier deluges do the crops drown, then followed by dry spells that bake whatever manages to grow.
(Nancy) ZT: Plants struggle along, with these mixed signals, in general not DYING so much as failing to produce the produce the farmers had anticipated.
(Nancy) ZT: Animals likewise are confused, mating seasons off schedule and flight patterns of birds such that they get off their paths.
(Nancy) ZT: Ocean life is arriving in latitudes not usual, the local life often dying or moving on, but this does not so much spell DEATH in the species as some decimation.
(Nancy) ZT: However, at the shift, these changes will become extreme, so that vegetation and animal life, in the skies and seas, WILL become decimated to the point that many will become extinct.
(Nancy) ZT: Such devastation occurred to the hardy Mammoth, which found itself in the Arctic, and could not find its way back in time to survive.
(Nancy) ZT: What will human survivors find, at the shift?
(Nancy) ZT: Where extreme cold is descending, the answer is obvious. The Bulge of Brazil will freeze, snow steadily falling, and NO vegetation or animal life indiginous to the area will survive.
(Nancy) ZT: Areas not tropical, along the Equator, which move into temperate zones, will experience shock.
(Nancy) ZT: Where the temperature change is not severe emough to kill the species, the plants and in particular the animal life will migrate toward the warmth.
(Nancy) ZT: Likewise, where temperate species find themselves in tropical areas, they simply do BETTER along the edges of the temperate zone, and migrate by virtue of surviving there, propagating there.
(Nancy) ZT: Oceans and winds carry seeds, and oceans carry fish to zones more in keeping with their biology, and thus are great disseminators.
(Nancy) ZT: Most of the world will be wetter, under continuous drizzle, so deserts will not descend as much as the opposite, mold and lack of sunlight affecting the vegetation, and lack of food weakening the animal life.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, human survivors should anticipate the shock of season change in accordance with their PRE postion and anticipated POST postion.
(Nancy) ZT: Crops already in the ground may produce is the Aftertime climate is close enough to what they expect, and polination has already occurred.
(Nancy) ZT: However, this should not be counted on, as the number of variables is higher than man allows for.
(Nancy) ZT: Most crops will sicken and fail to produce, regardless of man's expectations.
(Nancy) ZT: The guidelines for Aftertime planning should be:
(Nancy) ZT: 1. wait until after the shift to start new gardens
(Nancy) 2. plant a test gardens, and ONLY when you can grow seed from the plants should you plant for food.
(Nancy) ZT: If you can't produce seed, the plants too sickly to mature or the insects not viable to pollinate, then you will eventually waste all your seed.
(Nancy) ZT: 3. flocks and herds can be observed, and managed accordingly.
(Nancy) ZT: Chickens will eat bugs, relish them, and ducks and geese nibble on plants along the waters edge.
(Nancy) ZT: If this survive, and propagate, then lean in this direction in your plans.
(Nancy) ZT: 4. anticipate gardens and crops OUTSIDE of what is usual for your area, in a wider range, so that disappointments in plants that fail to thrive in the new climate can be replaced with surprises.
(Nancy) ZT: There are variables mankind does not normally consider that will be affecting life after the shift, such that an assumed plant or animal life would falter and simply die off, and others flurish.
(Nancy) ZT: These variables have been in the past, in your ancestors, when they migrated to new lands, but are not usually passed down to offspring.
(Nancy) ZT: An immigrant to a new land would bring seed, perhaps even a pair of prized live stock, and find even with the lattitude and seasons similar to the home land, all dies.
(Nancy) ZT: Local fauna and flora, bacteria, rodents, affects the immigrants, though often unseen by the humans with high hopes.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, the failure is a disappointment but the reasons for failure not grasped.
(Nancy) ZT: In like manner, because of factors like acidity of rain, weather shock in insects or even bacteria in the soil, even plants and animals familiar to an area may surcome, and die off.
(Nancy) ZT: Opportunistic germs today are affecting the biology of the world, such that pre=-existing illness it causing animal life to sicken.
(Nancy) ZT: Germs are migrating, infecting in areas not usual, and the immune systems of the affected lowered by the weather extremes and roiling eminations from the Earth's core.
(Nancy) ZT: Thus, in addition to the PREDICTABLE climate you will shift INTO, you should anticipate failure in restarting your gardens and herds and flocks.
(Nancy) ZT: The best plan is a BROAD plan, so that a failure does not devastate.
(Nancy) End ZT, followup?
(Longint) Where will the new NORTHERN Pole be? Over India or over South America?
(Serbeo) Will the northeast United States restart back one season?
(TerrorDactyl) The Earth is on a 23 degree tilted axis which gives us seasons. I know the crust will rotate but will the passing of Px change the axis tilt in any way? Thus leading to seasonal changes 20,30 50 years from now?
(Omwoh) Nancy: Why is PX not visible in the common man's scopes, as promised?
(HighLandrer) Is there any way we can help (perhaps ahead of time?), save any of the plant / animal species from extinction?
(QueenVee) Wow, spectacular
(Samsara2003) What, in the Zeta opinion, will be the single most reliable source of food in the aftertime?
(ZooSpecimen) Wow! hows the fingers Nancy?
(Merlin) Nancy: can you paint light bulbs with a high temp paint like blue??? Something I wanted to try for growing crops? To improve light used in the aftertime.
(Tizza) Nancy : but in the years post Pole Shift their will be a much bigger volume of water to attempt to find fish in wouldnt this make it nearly impossible to catch fish?
(Salvador) Orion, go to in your web browser
(Nancy) Long, the NP is off the Bulge of Brazil, the SP over India. In ZT in the Pole Shift section since 1995.
(Lebrasse) Nancy, Z's have been emphasising crop failures for past 5 years, but with 6 months to go food is still plentiful. Shops here in UK are bursting with produce !?! when WILL food start to run down in shops ?
(Nancy) Omwoh, Steve Havas was using an amateur scope, 11.8", Mag 14,7 capability, so it IS visible to amateurs.
(Torbj) Root´s like potatoes and carrots and other undergroundies is worth a try!
(Omwoh) I can't afford $20,000 worth of equipment, Nancy.
(Nancy) Highlander, I suspect you'll not even save yourself well, so no, let the species fall as they will.
(QueenVee) ANNOUNCEMENT: Nancy will be doing a special ZetaTalk session tomorrow (Sunday) in the #poleshiftdiscussion channel at 6pm (Central Time) and 00:00 (UTC). Participants must enter the channel before the session starts, after which the room will be closed to latecomers. Private message me your email address if you require further info, or wish to be on the mailing list for future sessions.
(QueenVee) Nancy's session tomorrow will concentrate on preparation for the poleshift and the aftertime. If you wish Nancy to consider questions in advance, please email them to me at
(Zetapal) Excellent question Terror
(TerrorDactyl) How do you light fires or grow anything with a permanent cloud cover, permanent drizzle and no sunlight. everything will die
(Obany) QueenVee: not now please
(Tied2) lmao
(Nancy) Highlander, I think having as much NATURAL areas, where nature flourishes, not allowing rain forests cut down, etc., helps.
(Obany) Not during the session.
(Obany) You know the rules
(QueenVee) Obany: I'm done
(Merlin28) Nancy after shift pole we go to 4 dimension is astral plane ?
(Orion) Thanks
(Tizza) Torbj : Z's have already warned against that, bugs and that will eat root crops while we sleep (I believe was the way it was termed)
(TerrorDactyl) Any comment on the axial tilt please?
(Karen) Queenvee......what time?
(Coruscant) Do we have the ability of Telekinesis?
(Nancy) Omwoh, then rent it, as Steve did, my understanding.
(Orion) I am going to just sprout my seeds.... they grow in dark too.
(CyberVVizz) The elite club is starting
(Free99) Merlin, we are in 4th dimension... its the fifth that will be astral
(Orion) And keep for years
(Crispexi) We're in the 3rd dimension
(Nancy) Terror, its a challenge, yes, indoor gardening has been under discussion in TT since the early days.
(Inkpen) Free... u sure?
(Crispexi) 4th dimension would be like a hypercube
(Bo-Zack) I thought we were in the 3rd density
(Monk) 4rd density
(Free99) Yes... i have done a lot of research in this area
(Crispexi) Free99 you're thinking in other terms, time is not a dimension
(Nancy) QueenVee is announcing that we will have a special session in another channel (what is that again, Queen?) tomorrow night, later aft in the US, Sunday.
(Crispexi) Well its easier to say 4th dimension is time but this is something completley different
(Inkpen) Cooooollllll
(Nancy) This will be handled differently than this open public forum, my understanding.
(Guest25) Why did you kick him?
(Omwoh) If equipment is up for rent, it is not 'amateur'.
(Free99) We are losing time right now, even the US military admits this
(QueenVee) Nancy: would you like me to post that again?
(TerrorDactyl) You are mixing up density with dimension - they are 2 seperate things
(Nancy) It will require a polite audience, and serious questions, or some such.
(Tied2) lmao
(Inkpen) Whats the #?
(Merlin28) Desity is dimension!
(Free99) What was 12 hours is now less than 8 hours of time
(CyberVVizz) If we are in 4th, why are there so many vibrating below the 4th ?
(Orion) Nancy, do the Zeta's ever take a implant out?
(Omwoh) Why was I kicked?
(QueenVee) At nancy's request, here is the announcement again:
(Guest25) Because you asked questions
(Torbj) Potatoes give fruit even when little sun....
(Tizza) Nancy : that is Monday here in Aust... imagine most will be at work here
(QueenVee) ANNOUNCEMENT: Nancy will be doing a special ZetaTalk session tomorrow (Sunday) in the #poleshiftdiscussion channel at 6pm (Central Time) and 00:00 (UTC). Participants must enter the channel before the session starts, after which the room will be closed to latecomers. Private message me your email address if you require further info, or wish to be on the mailing list for future sessions.
(Guest25) It's not allowed in cults
(Obany) Because Howmo, you want to turn this into the sci.astro channel again
(TerrorDactyl) Thats cos they are underground anyway
(Angelic) Is this spamnight tonight?
(Guest25) Who turned sci.astro into cult crap?
(IdolHarobed) QueenVee: Will this special session be published in ZT afterwards?
(Free99) Life in the universe exists from 16 cycles per second to 80,000 cycles per sec, so there are many dimensions
(Guest25) Yeah, way to go
(Ummite) Nancy in the medieval time the peoples was thinking that earth was flat is this equal 2nd density for 2 dimension and today the people know that earth is spherical is this equal 3rd density for 3 dimension
(Redeye) Read the site 4 these density Q's, its all there
(Nancy) Idol, yes, I'll post the logs of both sessions, will be a link from the ZetaLogs page as these sessions are, and collect new ZT as it is worthy, etc.
(Bo-Zack) Well density is defined by mass per unit volume no?
(Omwoh) I only said that no common man can afford the equipment used to 'image' PX.
(TerrorDactyl) Ummite, your perception has nothing to do with your physical density
(TheUser) We are in 3rd density!
(Merlin28) Yes
(Obany) Density is a metaphysical term
(Nancy) Well folks, the hour is up and I'll bid you all good night.
(ZooSpecimen) In this case
(CyberVVizz) Yes, Bo, density is not the same as dimension, and density is a metaphysical term, and we are not in the 4th, period
(Obany) The density zetatalk talks about can be spiritual and physcial
(Pegasi71) Thank you, Nancy
(Ummite) Terror I dont thinkso
(Nancy) Queen, I'll check my email for instructions from you as to how to JOIN, etc.
(Orion) Good night and thanks
(Inkpen) Nite'
(ZooSpecimen) A very good ZT session!
(Free99) We will all vibrate higher and into the 5th dimension whether we are ready for it or not
(CyberVVizz) Free99, yes, in your dreams
(Nancy) Thant you all for attending and inspiring great ZetaTalk! I collected the agenda on the fly tonight.
(Angelic) I'll be there QueenVee
Session Close: Sat Nov 02 17:16:42 2002