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Live ZetaTalk Chat on May 17, 2003

Session Start: Sat May 17 16:20:49 2003
(Rich45aut) well if they are in nursing homes man go see em before it hits
(QueenVee) just testing
(Rich45aut) now man that wont do any good mobil
(Mlistman) Mobil: if there is nothing you can do... then there is nothing you can do...
(DKPowers) why are people so stuck on the May 15th?
(Philbmp) and? u are worried about PX?
(Endeavour) wazza peeps
(Philbmp) the only prob i have is visibilty
(Mobil) I'm worried but prepared for my wife and kid
(Rich45aut) But do try to go see em Mobil for your own good
(Stphrz) Mobil: if you are sure, yes
(Philbmp) if its as large and as close as they claim, why cant we see it
(Rich45aut) yes that is your #1 priorty mobil
(ZetaLover) *BOW* Hi queen Nancy *BOW* Hail our queen
(VVizz) Mobil, don't worry there is eternal life, confirmed and accurate
(Mobil) Thanks everyone
(Woogles) hmm confirmed?
(GingerAle) DKPowers: Because we have been told for 8 years that we are to judge ZetaTalk by the accuracy of its message/predicitions.
(VVizz) if planetX is real, eternal life should be too, no ?
(Jurian) NancyL: is ok, we know its you :-)
(Rich45aut) Mobil
(Asx) great questions Ginger and Phil
(DKPowers) sure but it was never said that "PS WILL happen in 15th"
(Rich45aut) God be with you and yours :)
(TheDude) That's quite a leap in logic Vvizz
(ZetaCurio) just happy you have another session with us! Q
(Striker) NancyL: You are 40 mins early...
(Endeavour) QV, I see you got the bot up and running, good job
(DKPowers) 15th is a good day cause its in the middle of the month
(Asx) the 15th was not set in stone
(QueenVee) Endeavour: actually, Jurian looked after that
(SteveH) excellent show last night Nancy
(DKPowers) you cant go TOO wrong with 15th if PS is to happen...
(Lamburt) what does the bot do?
(Endeavour) I see
(Edward234) anyone have a link to the show archive?
(Asx) Nancy some have been saying this is the last time you will be on this chat is this true?
(Impetus) I have not been able to access the Lou site since the 1st hour of your show...
(NancyL) My plan is to read into the log as the SIGNS replacement the May 15th ACTUAL ZT that was read over the Lou Gentile live radio last night.
(ZetaCurio) Asx, duh?
(QueenVee) Striker: would you like us to send her home?
(Jurian) the bot keeps the user limit in usable range, and gives some regular ops op
(NancyL) This way the log can reflect this, as Gentile streaming archieves are late.
(Jurian) other that that, it'll be gone in a week
(Jurian) when this is all over, either way :)
(QueenVee) Lamburt: it reads your every private thought
(Suportive) Hi Nancy we love you in Texas
(Striker) Queenwee: Please... be my guest
(Asx) someone had a link for the Lou show
(Philbmp) Nancy, i missed that show, do u still think PX is gonna pass by before June 1st?
(QueenVee) okay, Nancy, let me know when you want moderation mode on
(Birdfarte) Obany: I am back
(Zackx) pollshift is May 27th
(Mobil)'ers/ link to last nights show
(NancyL) I also plan to hold this hours discussion to the PS date and rotation stoppage date/times, as a DAY is meridian to meridian and thus there is kind of a worst case, best case as to the HOUR, so would like help in computing this from the attendees.
(Tamachan) the owner of the #zetatalk channel, Ralf, registered the channel as a favor to ZETATALK BELIEVERS who were too clueless to do it themselves. Ralf never ever believed in zeta talk, but gladly tolerated their presence on what was HIS channel. After seeing childish and totalitarian behaviour from his "management" he decided to bring-on entirely new management who will be more open to all sides of the story.
(Tamachan) Everyone is welcome on #zetatalk, believers and non-believers alike, all sides of the stories will be heard, random silliness will often be welcome. The new management is partly comprised of people who have expertise in fields related to matters at hand, very much unlike the old management.
(TheDude) yo
(DKPowers) yes
(NancyL) I think when I said May 20 was late sunset and May 21 stoppage I was counting 7, not 5.9 (6) days back.
(Debe) is PX still to pass by earth at a distance of 14 million miles?
(Timski) I am now DISCONNECTED from FunNet
(TheDude) Anyone know where to get a recording of Nancy's show on Lou Gentilly last night?
(Edward234) thx Mobil
(DKPowers) go for the split ones
(DipSeT) o
(Rich45aut) LOL so why did Fluffy ban me ?
(Kalentka) Nancy: i just want to know one thing please , have you heard of TEMPLIS or the order of light
(Impetus) Hope it does not stop on the 21st, I'm out in the islands then lol
(NancyL) May 27 (6) May 26 (5) May 25 (4) May 24 (3) May 23 (2) May 21 (1 and date rotation STOPS) May 20 slowdown. RIGHT?
(DKPowers) I don't have the full 1st part
(Mobil) Dude:'ers/ Last nights show
(NancyL) Maybe I did get it right after all. Exhuasted here.
(Maxemilln) Nancy - I heard the LG show - great - BTW the Book of Revelations does say that the moon will become red like blood when the 6th seal is opened.
(Overmanz) Nancy, please comment on the recent Operation Planet X in Iraq
(SteveH) Nancy, the 21st falls within 5.9 days back from the 27th
(Zackx) so.. what date is rotation stopage??
(Samsara) Nancy: Here's what I calculated:
(ZetaCurio) 20th, 21st who will care if it happens!
(SteveH) I think it is right Nancy
(VVizz) Nancy, if you say a date of the poleshift, you say the chart of planets either. So maybe some planets will block some effects...
(Samsara) This is based on Kamchatka time zone - earliest possible time
(NancyL) OverManz, PX op in Iraq taken as Q2 if there is time but the hour is for the detail of the shift released last night.
(WantonAce) time for a long vacation've been working to hard
(ZetaCurio) Samsara, you have the shift too soon after rotation stoppage
(PostF) how many hours will the slowdown take from start to stop?
(Yashar37) all in one day, wow
(ZetaCurio) 3 1/2 days???!!!!
(HapyBuddy) Nancy: Phil Plaits said the supposed aliens that you are in contact with are inept when it comes to to physics and he is quoted saying something like "i wouldnt want those aliens operating a tri cycle never mind a spaceship" Just wondering your thoughts, thanks.
(Philbmp) How can we say this is right with no evidence, but belief which are personal feelings?
(Nancy) Samsara... did you change this page today ?
(Overmanz) Q2?
(SteveH) The say early dawn on the West Coast on rotation stoppage so that should occur on the morning of May 21 I think
(Suportive) Nancy what will you be doing in the aftertime
(Overmanz) thanks Nancy
(IBelieve) Nancy, wouldn't the US and Indonesian gov'ts be able to use the exact poleshift date against their people?
(Zackx) so rotation stopage is May 21st? ok
(Mohd) is Nancy Lieder is here?
(Zackx) yes..
(SteveH) Tuesday night should be a very late sunset
(Jessika) I heard the planet Earth letting me know she was very tired.. how is she about all of this?
(Jurian) damn.. 200+ people! :)
(Lebrasse) Nancy, please ask Zetas to clarify the day that we have a late sunset
(Jurian) its busy :)
(Dimension) Is Nancy here? Is anybody able to see PX?
(Rich45aut) so most of the us will be in day Steve correct?
(Dimension) What have I missed guys???
(Patiently) everybody here believes it... the rule is believe or leave (or you will be shown the door)
(IBelieve) i thought the zetas didn't want to reveal the exact date
(Mobil) Mlistman:thanks
(SteveH) VVizz, that is just where the crust is attracted to PX because of increased magnetism in the atlantic rift area
(TobyR) Chill out folks
(BillW) The zetas revelaed the date because the threat of keeping people locked down in the cities is over
(ZetaCurio) ya, everyone take a deep breath
(DrCadds) limit
(IBelieve) Nancy, what time (Eastern) will rotation stop on the 21st?
(SteveH) Rich45aut, I think N America will be in early dawn, more early on the west coast
(VVizz) In the Atlantic Rift there is Atlantis and that shall rise, so how should it be like that?
(QueenVee) Nancy: not sure what you mean....
(BillW) Nancy: When will the Lift take place?
(Mohd) Nancy, is Kuala Lumpur is still safe?
(Wazup) what I wonder about is if the earth suddenly stops, well, it's rotating at 1000 miles per hour to START with, and sheesh, even a 100 mile an hour stoppage of something as small as a car causes u and everything else to go thru the windshield and die, so at 1000 miles an hour, what's the point of finding a safe place to start with?
(Rich45aut) ok thanks Steve
(Lebrasse) Nancy, please ask Zetas to clarify the day that we have a late sunset
(Suportive) Nancy how many aliens/grays will be joining us here on Earth in the Aftertime
(SteveH) Wazup, the slowdown happens over a couple days so would be very gradual
(PostF) Nancy how many hours will the rotation take from start to its stop?
(BillW) Nancy:Will The Lift take place Be4 the shift?
(ZetaCurio) Lift?
(NancyL) I'm going to post the May 15 ACTUAL ZT for the group here, even though it is not the hour. This was at the start of the Gentile show last night. May 15 was NOT the day of the shift, ever.
(DKPowers) nope
(Zackx) so May 21st is the day of rotation stopage for sure?
(Suportive) Nancy what is the best way to overcome the shock of meeting a zeta the first time
(Mohd) time is short
(BillW) Dip she always said shortly after May 15th
(Philbmp) Nancy: I'm open to the possibilty of a PX passing by, but theres absolutly no evidence of one passing anytime soon. How can u make these claims with no evidence?
(NancyL) ACTUAL ZT: The comet will be visible to the eye for approximately 7.3 weeks, certainly no less than 43 days, prior to the great gravitational and magnetic disruption we have described. All will be aware of it, though most will discount its presence.
(NancyL) from ZetaTalk: Time Frame (1995)
(SteveH) DipSeT, the date has always been shortly after May 15th
(BrazilV) Nancy will not be at #zetatalk?
(BillW) Nancy:When will the lift occur?
(NancyL) ACTUAL ZT: The date of May 15th has often been referred to as an early date, to some degree. This is early to some degree, the number of days or weeks not specified. Anyone who has severed their life elsewhere and is in a safe place by May 15th will not find this distressing, or have any regrets.
(IBelieve) does anyone know what time (eastern) rotation will stop?
(MaxP) I've seen no comets...
(Yashar37) comet?
(NancyL) from ZetaTalk: Hour of the Shift (Nov 2001)
(NancyL) ACTUAL ZT: Thus, you have Planet X in the news, under every subject but the inbound planet that will pass on May 15, 2003 or shortly thereafter.
(NancyL) from ZetaTalk: Solar Flares (Jun 2002)
(NancyL) ACTUAL ZT: We have stated that Planet X will be visible in the daytime sky, 7 weeks before passage. Given that we have stated that passage is shortly after May 15, 2003, as at this time those wanting to survive should be at their safe locations, this is putting the visibility into the last week of March at the earliest.
(NancyL) from ZetaTalk: April 2003 9 (Jan 2003)
(NancyL) END ACTUAL ZT on May 15th
(QueenVee) Nancy: do you still want moderation mode on?
(NancyL) So ZT stated, always, that this date was a tad early, NOT the actual date, and any insistence by debunkers that May 15 was the date is a disinfo attempt to keep innocents from being away for another few days. Such is there orientation toward service to others.
(NancyL) Queen, I'd like open discussion on the dates, times instead, thanks!
(MST3K) c'mon let us talk
(Zackx) lol
(MST3K) woo-hoo
(Mark444) I think that this PS could happen.It seems that the zetas mix the truth with lies to divert attention away from those that would use the info to their advantage.Everything must be deniable
(MaxP) It's in the news? It's visible?
(Mohd) we are in the hurry, tell the exact
(QueenVee) okay, everyone is free to discuss
(DipSeT) Nancy : why did u giv wrong date of MAY 15 ?? waz it a cover UP??
(PostF) why cant we see Planet X yet??
(Flagship1) Hmm...
(DipSeT) o m sorry
(Dimension) Who can see PX then???
(ZetaCurio) true Mark
(GingerAle) Nancy: How do you explain this ACTUAL ZT: These worries are more IMMEDIATE, so until the very weeks before the shift, when the reddish complex is so HUGE that it cannot be missed even if one is not prone to looking at the sky, that any thought will be given to it by the average human struggling with many worries, on Earth.
(Mobil) What is the lift?
(BrazilV) Is Nancy going to #zetatalk channel?
(Philbmp) have u actually seen it Nancy?
(Ojaway) what the use if you're not allowed to discuss entlightment
(Starbit) The PS will happen when it happens!
(VVizz) Q I picked up : can someone please tell me why the eclipse was from south to north, and the return was east to west? no-one seems to have an answer to this. also total lunar eclipse´s is only supposed to last up to 7 minutes and last night was closer to 20 minutes? why? can you please help with a good answer.
(DipSeT) why DIDn't ZETAS give EXACT DATE? b4 ?
(IBelieve) let's forget May 15 people
(BillW) ask Nancy
(NancyL) My main point that I feel needs clarification is the meridian, or perhaps I'm not using the right word, as does 27th mean for the Swiss, or for China?
(ZetaCurio) Ginger, Zeta disinfo to throw off authorities?
(IBelieve) let's just see if May 27th is the correct date
(Endeavour) what about the fact that it can't be seen when you look? I don't trust the pictures since most of them are either sun dogs or lens flares
(SteveH) BillW, the lift occurs during the shift but any who recieve it will be unaware of the assist
(MST3K) Nancy: Why only now have the Zetas decided to give exact dates (May 21, 27)?
(DKPowers) Q for Zetas: Can the Zetas say anything about the Live seismic graphs gone wild a while ago and the wierd readings from Wake Island, Pacific?
(Philbmp) you cannot make claim that planet X is there if you yourslef have not seen it
(GeoC) I have but one Q: Where is PX?
(ZooSpecim) if PX was plainly visable to all a month ago, there would be mass panic by now
(MaxP) I spent an hour today looking at the CLEAR BLUE SKY at my farm and saw no anomalies, there's nothing up there but the sun, yet we're to be passed by it in less than a week?
(Ojaway) all info is crap... my bones tell me more
(BillW) The Lift will take people away be4 the PX comes
(Ren33) GingerAle: Beautiful day, isn't it? :)
(SteveH) maybe the were thinking UTC time?
(Eightball) question overload!
(Taiki) Hey Nancy, could you ask the Z's what kind of particles exhibit enough gravitational force to push a space vessel through a wormhole?
(Serpa) Nancy if PX doesnt come will u still trust the zetas
(Lamburt) Maxp: You where looking in the wrong place..
(ZetaCurio) as PX locks onto Atlantic ridge, perhaps is UTC or Greenwich based time
(Wazup) hmmmm...
(Mohd) let Nancy talks!
(DipSeT) Nancy...why zetas r giving EXACT DATE this time.. not b4??
(Hawker) I was expecting much more chaos being this close to the time of rotation stoppage Nancy. Everything seems very normal still.
(StellaArt) earlier nancy said : " the inbound planet that will pass on May 15, 2003 or shortly thereafter." , but now she's saying that it won't be 15th.
(NancyL) By the way, I saw it today coming home, about 3:00 PM in the daytime sky. Diffuse orange circle larger than the sun, below the sun toward the horizon to the west.
(Sefi) Nancy, what made u decide to announce the dates? :)
(dBug) we have a date now ??
(Dimension) Everthing seems COMPLETELY normal!
(MaxP) Lamburt: I was not, there is nothing where it is supposed to be...
(EmmaYa) Nancy...what is the Dogon tribe in Mali doing now?
(Zackx) So for SURE rotation stopage is may 21st 2003?
(Hawker) Yes, it sure does.
(Lamburt) MaxP: it is not where it is "supposed" to be...
(MaxP) It is NOT in the news in any form, there have been no credible sightings...
(Katynda) Nancy, why u can see it and no one else??
(Kalentka) question for the zetas : what's the relationship between you and the Annunaki
(NancyL) Zetacurio, I will ask the Z's to clarify as we had an East Coast audience last night, so I suspect this was May 27th for THEM.
(Latimer) So - setting some time before the sun then?
(Yashar37) larger?
(Dimension) I can't see PX
(PostF) shouldnt everyone on earth have seen it then?
(NancyL) If the Ops will +m me, I will address this.
(ZooSpecim) we'll get alot of that tonight
(Jurian) sad people
(NancyL) ZT: Since we were precise about the dates, even the number of hours for rotation stoppage (5.9 days), we have no problem with being precise on the meaning of the PS date as May 27.
(Wazup) is that when the rotation is completely stopped or when it starts stopping, the date given, I mean
(MaxP) If it doesn't shift will you have another session?
(NancyL) ZT: Let us use the rotation STOPPAGE point as a key point, as this also has a known location - the Atlantic Rift.
(NancyL) ZT: This lasts for 5.9 days, the shift to happen at the END of that 5.9 days.
(NancyL) ZT: If the shift occurs on May 27, and rotation stoppage is for a 5.9 days lenght of time, then count back 5.9 days to find the DAY when rotation stops.
(NancyL) ZT: Since rotation stoppage happens when the Atlantic Rift is fixed facing the approaching Planet X, we know that the end point of the time line should be May 27th for the Atlantic Rift as it is WHEN ROTATION STOPS.
(NancyL) ZT: This is a key point as there is a day of slowing, the slowdown to stoppage happening WITHIN A DAY as we have stated.
(NancyL) ZT: So on May 21st, 5.9 days before the shift, the Atlantic Rift is positioned facing the approaching Planet X, which is coming up toward the Earth from beneath the Sun and a tad to the right as seen from Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: Given that rotation stoppage took less than a day to happen, the slowdown started on May 20, but assume for the sake of simplicity that it took exactly 24 hours to slowdown, the equates to a 36 hour period since the last time the Atlantic Rift was positioned facing Planet X!
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, the Atlantic Rift is positioned on the farthest side of the Earth from the face presented to Planet X when that DAY of rotation slowdown occurs, the day taking 24 hours for a 12 hour turn of the globe.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, you actually have the slowdown starting on the 19th, but almost imerceptibly.
(NancyL) ZT: Then on the 20th, when the Atlantic Rift is positioned facing Planet X, it LINGERS there, creating the late sundown we stated will be observed.
(NancyL) ZT: The lingering will cause a later sunset for Europe, Africa, and an even later sunset for the Americas, but for Asia where it is already night, this will not be noticed, nor Australia and Japan.
(NancyL) ZT: The slowdown at this point is such that the Atlantic Rift is not only LINGERING facing Planet X, is resists moving on to the extent that the Earth is already in a slower rotation when it does manage to pull the Atlantic Rift away and move it to the dark side of the Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus slowed, it provides for those parts of the globe that missed a late sunset with a late SUNRISE!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus slowed, it also comes into the day represented by May 21 with a rotation that lacks momentum, and thus THIS time when it lingers, it cannot excape the linger.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, when we describe May 20 as a DAY, this is a slow day, taking longer than 24 hours, and should be computed as such.
(NancyL) ZT: Rotation has slowed, so that the sunset is some hours late, the sunrise hours late for others, and the 1/4 of a day that it takes the Atlantic Rift to come into the grip of Planet X, facing Planet X, to the point where it faces it squarly, is slightly longer than 6 hours, as this must include rotation coming to a halt!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter and open for Q's on this matter.
(NancyL) Thanks Ops.
(Wokkel) so Thursday rotation will stop.. ok noted.
(Empower) l
(Mattan) Nancy plz can you ask the zetas where's the safest place in Israel ?
(Vincent) Are you going to be doing another KROQ interview this week?
(VVizz) FollowUP: If PX grips the Atlantic Rift by his magnetism, shouldn't the see not be attracted either, so neither Europe, neither USA East side shall be flooded, principle of the moons tides !
(Mohd) is Singapore safe?
(Samsara) Can the Zetas say what timezone this may best be calculated for? GMT? mid-Atlantic Rift time?
(520) Intelligent Question: Why was the Planet X effects arrival moved from May 15 to May 20-21? I know your last appearance on Coast to Coast you said it would stop May 15. There has been conflicting reports of May 15 or June 1. What makes you so confident about May 20 for stoppage now?
(MaxP) Why isn't it in the news, in any way, as ZT predicted?
(canBear) Nancy, what is so special about the Atlantic Rift- it seems targeted, as weird as this may sound, have the Zetas any useful explanation for that, what makes this Rift the connection point.
(Ladeda) which side of the Earth will be stuck in darkness for the week?
(Gza) when did she start?
(BrazilV) Nancy, are these information going to ZetaTalk web site?
(Mobil) Nancy: Has the government put any pressure on you as we move closer to the PS?
(Justerico) So Nancy, will the sun be up when i get up on the 21st (7 AM)
(Empower) wow, so a long sunset in ROME :-)
(Drkstarba) So exactly when will all my stuff fly into the west wall of my house?
(JoshEH) For such an advanced race of Aliens couldn't they get in their ships, come to our solar system, and save the earth? or do they just like to see unlogical people panic and what have you. For such an advanced Alien race, why can't they spell right? I notice the zetas tend to miss spell alot, or maybe that's just you?? wouldn't they have picked someone smarter to send their message through.
(Apohi) Now that the date is confirmed should we expect any action by the Bush crowd in the news or are they still dreaming about some future date?
(Yashar37) Where is this Atlantic Rift?
(dBug) why all those dates NOW?
(Eine) exit
(Draglion) Singapore? forget it
(DipSeT) Nancy...why zetas r giving EXACT DATE this time.. not last time???
(JoshEH) Did you ever stop to consider that maybe if these Aliens from Zeta were realling talking to Nancy, maybe they aren't telling her a bit of truth but just making a joke out of her, so we would have a good laugh, I could just imagine them there, probably rolling around on the ground laughing at Nancy and her followers
(Rredeye01) blimey, thank god i came into this channel
(Ladeda) lol
(DeadPeopl) When the total standstill comes, which side will be lit and which side will be in darkness?
(Vincent) Whoa, that was like 20 questions at once
(Wokkel) Ajax SUCKS
(Vincent1) o
(DRoss) why are there no signs whatsoever tht Planet X is coming in 4 days?
(GeminiK) good question about the Atlantic Rift, whats so special about it?
(Terabite) Rotation stoppage and the sun's slowing down? Sounds like a lunar eclipse to me - and that is at the 24th....
(Yo9) so Americans will notice sunset shift, but Asians, wil not notice sunrise shift... ??
(canBear) the Atlantic is sunside
(Oceantree) is it recommended to be outside of buildings at the hour?
(Mobil) Nancy can you explain the earthquake readings from Wake Island in the Pacific
(MaxP) Why isn't it in the news, in any way, as ZT predicted?
(Philbmp) Nancy what doe the Atlantic Rift have to do with anything?
(BobS) or will it lock on at say high noon rift time... 10AM'ish in the morning
(Draglion) even the highest peak of Singapore is dangerous I think get a ticket to go to the North of Thailand maybe
(NancyL) Can you +m me and I will take the valid Q's one at a time, thanks!
(Philbmp) Atlantic
(Fido77) Nancy/ZT: After the pole shift, how will the earth start rotating again?
(Mlistman) Dead
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the slowing rotation, peoples reactions... and maybe a heads up on any dangers ahead... things to look out on? Thanks... :)
(Ladeda) which side of the earth will be stuck in darkness for the week?
(VVizz) What's so special, in occult science there is the crystal pyramid from Atlantis in the Bermuda Triangle. Shall it be activated, and triggered... shall Atlantis be looted by aliens ?
(Impetus) Will the stoppage create large waves and huricanes?
(Yo9) Nancy, if nothing happends, will you be there next week ?
(NancyL) Impetus asks about the sea heaping up during rotation stoppage, as ancient texts report.
(520) +m
(Samsara) Can the Zetas say what timezone this may best be calculated for? GMT? mid-Atlantic Rift time?
(ParlousA) Jesus people GO READ THE DAMN WEBSITE
(Mobil) Nancy when the earth starts re-rotating will it rotate in the same direction?
(Yashar37) Where is this Atlantic Rift?
(Viscid2) Nancy: How are the Zetas going to protect themselves from the Poleshift (Since they're here on earth as you said)
(Endeavour) uhh, in the middle of the Atlantic?
(Gza) Nancy whats the safest place on Earth to be?
(QueenVee) I'm putting moderation mode on to give Nancy a chance to answer the questions posed.
(NancyL) ZT to Impetus: This heaping does occur, creating larger waves at sea and noticeably larger peaks in waves in small bodies of water, but only during passage, the time of passage.
(NancyL) ZT: Water in the oceans will flow to the poles during stoppage, the coastlines bordering the Atlantic such as the SE of the US and western Brittish Ils will not notice their gradual pull down by 150 feet below sea level, thus, but should include this loss of sea level in their computations for safety
(NancyL) End ZT to Impetus going to next valid followup, please remain +m
(NancyL) ZT to Samsara: calculate the time line we have given from placement at the Atlantic Rift, whatever time zone that represents.
(NancyL) End ZT to Samsara, remain +m please thanks.
(NancyL) ZT to Empower: the delay in sunset, sunrise, in the day before rotation stoppage is given as a guide approximately 2.43 hours late.
(NancyL) ZT: This can be given as 2-3 hours late in general, as sunset is not crisp for most, the sun above the horizon, the horizon not a clean line if trees and hills are present, but the number of hours is significant enough that there should be no doubt.
(NancyL) End ZT to Empower, please remain +m thanks.
(NancyL) ZT to dBug: as explained on Gentile last evening, but repeated here as many will not be able to hear this streaming audio, we have given the dates out because the US and Indonesian governments can no longer succeed with their plans.
(NancyL) ZT: We had held the date close, to put these goverments in the same position the common man they planned to murder are in, so that rotation stoppage would happen SUDDENLY and prevent a smooth blocading of the city dwellers.
(NancyL) ZT: As Nancy has been able to be interviewed in the US, the message of these plans replayed around the world, cooperation by the military or locale police in such blocades are unlikely to happen.
(NancyL) ZT: Given such orders, they would object, refuse, allow escape, as they know the TRUE adgenda.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the number of people injured by withholding the date outnumbered the number that would be murdered, the balance scale tipped.
(NancyL) End ZT to dBug, please remain +m thanks.
(NancyL) ZT to Earth420: What will happen during the week of rotation stoppage was addressed on the Gentile hour, but we will repeat it here, etc.
(NancyL) ZT: Since the wild weather that has been increasing since 1995 is caused by a combination of undersea volcanoes in Indonesia, warming the Pacific such that warmer waters move against the coastlines of the Americas, and the melting poles and glaciers plunge cold water UNDER this, creating swirling in the oceans beyond normal, we can expect this to increase during rotation stoppage.
(NancyL) ZT: Add to this that the atmosphere is not getting is regular cooling or warming during rotation, is not EVEN, and thus air masses will tend to rush more to equalize themselves.
(NancyL) ZT: This will spawn more episodes such as the week of 400+ tornadoes in the US.
(NancyL) ZT: The air masses that caused these tornadoes were following the wild swings they assumed over the Pacific, and this pattern will only become more pronounced during rotation stoppage.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, the oceans will be swirling, whirlpools developing that will take down large ships at sea, and even placid waters along coastlines presenting more danger than usual.
(NancyL) End ZT to Earth, but keep me +m until I check for more Q's, thanks.
(QueenVee) will do, nancy
(QueenVee) moderation mode will be on until Nancy catches up on the questions asked earlier
(NancyL) More to Earth re peoples reactions...
(NancyL) ZT: This also was addressed last evening, but will be repeated.
(NancyL) ZT: Gentile asked what the difference in the public KNOWING about the coming cataclysms or being kept in the dark would be.
(NancyL) ZT: The elite, those in power who KNOW about this, in the uS, Russia, Japan, Australia, and Brittain, wish to keep the common man in doubt as long as possible.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus the common man will go to his job, pay bills, respect police, fear the court system, and stay predictable.
(NancyL) ZT: Should an announcement by the government that a pole shift of the magnitude we have described would likely OCCUR be made, quite a different scenario would ensue.
(NancyL) ZT: Most workers would fail to go to their jobs, and thus security of businesses would be vulnerable, distribution of goods unpredictable as it would in essence stop.
(NancyL) ZT: Looting would start, with wealthy enclaves looted by such an overrun of mobs that security could not contain them.
(NancyL) ZT: This would leave the wealthy to face mobs continually coming at them, long after the goods have run out, and left to face the rage of the mobs who find there is nothing left to loot.
(NancyL) ZT: The police, security services, would not be respected as enforceble, and would likely simply join the looting.
(NancyL) ZT: The military, seeing they are being assigned to form cordons around places such as the White House, with no discussion whatsoever about how their families are to be cared for during the shift, would slip away, going AWOL, leaving spots in the denfences unguarded.
(NancyL) ZT: This is what the wealthy FEAR, the powerful in government FEAR, and thus the absolutely silence up until the end, no warning to the public.
(NancyL) ZT: The flip side of this coin is that the LARGER population, who would not loot, would be informed, would have a change to prepare, move to safety, and not be hysterical in front of their small children when the time comes.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, overall, it is more loving, more considerate, to INFORM, but those in charge of the coverup care not for this.
(NancyL) End ZT to Earth and I think I've covered all valid Q's, so no more +m needed thanks!
(520) Why was the Planet X effects arrival moved from May 15 to May 20-21? I know your last appearance on Coast to Coast you said it would stop May 15. There has been conflicting reports of May 15 or June 1. What makes you so confident about May 20 for stoppage now? What evidence is making your new decision of those dates now?
(Tau87) Nancy, you have stated repeatedly that you have not seriously considered that you might be wrong, one reason being because all the "evidence" is overwhelmingly in support of your theory. However you have gathered only "evidence" which seems (superficially at least) to support your theory. You have a mountain of irrelevant data which proves nothing. My opinion only - thou obviously you are charismatic enough so that many like myself will still
(Jandersen) Nancy, most my vet won't euthanize puppies on request. How did you kill yours?
(KarenSue) Nancy will you please repeat all other new information from Gentile show?
(BobS) Are the zetas waiting for the rotation stoppage to "take our breath away" regarding Iraq?
(Tau87) Now, you have gone out on the final limb in setting the exact date to expect significant rotation delay causing the sun to set late. My question for you, Nancy, is this: If the sun does not set late on the 20th will you admit that you were wrong about Planet X, Zetas, etc? A yes or no will suffice. Thank you.
(Pithor) Linking PX to this alien crazyness is a sure way to get the public to this anything to do with PX is nuts
(BrazilV) Nancy, are these information going to ZetaTalk web site tomorrow? I mean, not only this log, maybe in What's New or a new front page link.
(Drkstarba) Nancy, approximately when will we begin to experience the elevated wind speeds?
(Bob1) Nancy: What is the critical height of elevation, that anyone living in the North East section of the United States...should be at to be safe from tidal waves ?
(Karmie) Nancy: What about the volcanoes in the US?.... when will Mammoth blow?
(dBug) ok, thx ZT!
(LiteBeing) Q" for the Zeta's, "how can a person tell if someone is in the STS or the STO orientation"?
(DocX) Nancy can you tell me why the Poles are going to shit... What made them so scared? Takes alot to scare the shit out of a Pole. The French must be going crazy. Oh and by the way.. Did I tell you that you are full of SHIT!
(ZooSpecim) when will the lift start for those few?
(Mobil) Nancy: Is there the possiblity for a nuclear war by the elite to take advantage of the changes over their enemies?
(Weather) NANCY Iam at 700 feet in Alaska is that going to high enuf to survive the high water mark or should I try to get higher
(Avian) Nancy: What will become of you?
(Yo9) Nancy : I would like to be abducted by Zeta (just to see them and talk to them, not to escape PS), can you ask it to them. Tell them that I will be afraid, but I won't hurt them.
(Jessika) After the shift, when is the help from our brothers and sisters from the other planets will come, or the one from the ones in the middle of this planet?
(Fido77) What power/dynamic will cause the earth to START rotation again AFTER the pole shift?
(Gza) g
(Pithor) Nancy, how much did NASA pay you to discredit the whole issue of Planet X. I saw that your PX sightings "amature photos" came directly from a NASA observatory!!
(Earth420) Thank you much Nancy/Zs... thanks again... :)
(Mary1) Nancy, speak more about the WINDS, before, during and after please.
(ZooSpecim) lol
(Clairvoya) lol
(Vandlou) NL: if ppl have to work to last minute, when is last day possible for a road trip to safe loc considering bad weather or police action (if u can predict that one) [Anyone in Florida, message me NOW pls, eh.]
(Pithor) Nancy, your just there so that the whole world can laugh at the PX issue once nothing happens. Then when something big comes around nobody is going to believe in Planet X anymore. Nancy, you're busted... you're the biggest disinformation agents of them all
(NancyL) Brazil, I will have this info on the web site as a log tomorrow, and shortly on all mirror sites too.
(QueenVee) moderation mode will be on while nancy has a chance to respond to the questions posed
(NancyL) Drk, high winds happen when the crust starts to MOVE, the atmosphere not, in other words, the hour of the shift!
(NancyL) This is confused by more irregular weather during the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, I realize.
(NancyL) Brazil, it is also my plan to replace the C2CDebate spot with a PS Date link with the new ZT from this chat, edited, cleaned up, easy to access.
(NancyL) Fido and those worried about rotation restarting, rotation happens driven by the core of the Earth, which is not homogenious,and parts attracted to this or that in the Universe, pulls and pushes.
(NancyL) Rotation link in the Science section.
(NancyL) OK, I've caught up, no +m needed now, more Q's :-) thanks!
(Vandlou) 2 sore thumb mercenary lookin dudes were joking around in the Feed Store i was in, asked goofy Q's, bought baby chickens (like I was) without buying chick food and followed me awhile. Is there much monitoring going on at this LATE HOUR???
(Samsara) - New countdown clocks based on 5.9 days of stoppage over mid-atlantic ridge Timezone (GMT -2:00)
(Salvador) Nancy, is it known what at side of the earth will be night or day at the moment of pole shift?
(Ty) Hi Nancy... Im in Vancouver, BC, CANADA... I noticed that one of your websites was called "zetabc", i was wondering if your in BC, and if so, what do you think of the crazy weather we have had the past few days?? sun, hale, snow, rain, crazy thunderstorms... etc... how safe is this area?
(Y2KaOK) Good Evening Nancy, I am the leader of a Multi National corperation In Australia and would like to make an offer to you to stop your ranting about Planet X, You dont understand that we are doing the public a service, Your small amount of followers will not survive the shift we have seen to that, IP addresses can be traced, we do know where you all live and where your hideouts are, your only choice is accept my offer, Please return m
(Weather) YOUR DOING A GOOD JOB NANCY KEEP THE FATH never giveup never surrender (g.q)
(Nearly) What's the government's plan for those in prisons now?
(ErikH) Nancy: Any chance that you could compile all ZetaTalk to a zip-file for us to download now? I would love to print all of it on paper...
(Avian) Nancy: What will become of you?
(NancyL) It is also my plan to attend more chats during this coming week, tomorrow Sunday at this hour, and Tuesday, and hopefully more days too.
(Bob1) Nancy: What is the critical height of elevation, that anyone living in the North East section of the United States...should be at to be safe from tidal waves ?
(Avian) Nancy: What will become of you?
(Weather) Iam at 700 feet in palmer alaska is that high enuf
(Gza) Nancy whats the safest place on Earth to be?..
(Yo9) I would like to remember my abduction also
(Hyakutake) chat on May 24
(Samsara) 3 days 7 hours 47 minutes until rotation stoppage
(Ladeda) what side of the planet will be left in darkness for a week? is our house a safe place to be for the shift?? basement perhaps??
(Edoeimai) I'll just wait... but I need a really good reason to trust Zetas...
(DipSeT) Nancy.. u ever thought bouy..may b JINS,evil spirits (GHOSTS) hav possesed u ??? n using u to play around with u.. ?? hav u ever thought bout that???
(Ptomais) Z's: Can we expect climate changes during the shift DUE TO METHANE GASS breaking free from under the ocean/ice? Once in the atmosphere this methane will cause tremendous climate changes.
(QueenVee) moderation mode will be on while Nancy has a chance to catch up on quetions posed.
(NancyL) For those asking about elevation, safe. 100 miles inland and 200 feet up general guide.
(SteveH) 520, stop repeating question please, the date has always been sometime shortly after May 15 not specified exactly until last night
(NancyL) For Great Lakes etc 50 miles inlands and 100 feet above water level.
(NancyL) Please DO download the Adobe PDF on Safe Locations and print and share with friends, or take the TOPIC where you can just link to the locations you are interested in.
(NancyL) or similar for mirror sites.
(NancyL) ZT to Ptomais re Methane Gas: Methane is in pockets in FEW places, primarily in places north where the surface has been frozen.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, is not a concern for the world at large, though occasional release will cause a flash, as has been occurring since 1995 and noted in the news.
(NancyL) End ZT to Ptomais.
(NancyL) I'm caught up, thanks, no +m needed.
(MaxP) Nancy: Why isn't PX in the news in any way as ZT predicted?
(Justerico) Good evening Nancy, how much food and supplies do I really need to have on hand for the shift and after in order to survive?
(Debe) NL, is the passage still to be 14 million miles from earth?
(ZooSpecim) Are the Zeta's satisfied with thier project 'Zetatalk'. Are the results what they expected? what are the results?
(Philbmp) Nancy: what does the Atlantic Rift have to do with px? Please answer i would like to know
(520) Thanks for answering my question last night on Lou Gentile about how far inland to be during this. Let me ask this then instead of my last question, How close will Planet X get to Earth and why will it effect Earth's normal workings?
(PelikanZ) how ca
(NancyL) Re Iraq and the breath from the body thing, it has not happened yet!
(Nodeer) everywhere's a safe place...
(canBear) yashar - the Atlqntic Rift is under water in the middle of the atlantic
(Hellsbell) Nancy how can we help you financially?
(canBear) Ty read Vancouver Sun from Novemebr 1987
(QueenVee) moderation mode will be on until Nancy can catch up
(NancyL) I will as usual clean up multiple script postings from the log, leaving a single entry in.
(PeaceCall) !kick setatxion
(Impetus) All my problems will be washed away haha, I live next to the Atlantic ocean.. jeje
(Adri) will you come back Nancy if nothing happens or are you going to jet it?
(NancyL) I noted on Gentile last night that on Apr 29 I went to the live seismo site and checked their database for Apr 29.
(Yo9) I want to see Zeta by myself, can you ask them to do visit me ?
(Terabite) NancyHere: will there be any winds in the aftertime?
(Karmie) Nancy: what about the US volcanos - when will Mammoth blow?
(Ren33) She'll come back, with a changed story.
(Tcards) Nancy: can the Zetas state whether the Penines in the UK will experience tidal bore?
(Vandlou) is NEIC accurate?
(Henstock) what effect will this have on Atlantic Canada, as it is in the area of the East Coast?
(DipSeT) Nancy.. u ever feel ZETAS r lying to use
(NancyL) Found 9 quakes over 5+ Richter and reported to May 2 chat as a SIGN. I actually dropped about 2-3 5+ quakes for each taken to keep it clean, so really about 25-35 quakes.
(NancyL) NEIC database shows only 4 FOUR! quakes over 5+ Richter for that date! This is how they underreport! No wonder the live seismo site was taken down and is now reporting very odd data.
(NancyL) Probably the seismo is connected to a jiggling toy connected to a PC or some such :-)
(NancyL) Karmie, some big effect like Mammoth, and imploding buildings in the stretch zone, will occur during the week of rotation stoppage.
(NancyL) The core wants to keep moving, the crust resists as the Atlantic Rift is locked, the earth moans, so stress is HUGE!
(NancyL) Lauea, you should research what a Richter 9 can do, and hurricane force winds.
(NancyL) I looked in a book I have, Peace of Mind in Earthquake Country produced in Cal after the 7.9 quake in 1989 for San Francisco.
(NancyL) This has lots of pics of what side or verticle trusts, lands slides, etc do to buildings.
(NancyL) Apparently the 1906 was over 8+ and buildings on rock stood.
(NancyL) They received a single jolt, not jiggling.
(NancyL) But there will be HURRICANE WINDS also during this hour, giving the following scenarios.
(NancyL) 1. first we have winds, up to 150 or so max, 2. then with the winds not stopping we have a Richter 9 jolt, moving the structures INTO the winds, in this direction,
(NancyL) 3. this jolt will through many structures off their foundations, their pinnings, so the wind can push them BACK and catch on snags.
(NancyL) 4. the structures, belly to the wind at this point, will be rolled end over end, potentially, for the next hour until the winds subside.
(NancyL) So, it is the bad combo of winds and quakes that creates a situation of danger. If you hide in your basement, consider what I've described.
(NancyL) Outside your structure, in a low trench, avoid the possibility of the house falling on you, shattered in some way.
(NancyL) I think I caught up with the Q's, thanks ops, no need for +m now.
(Ty) Hi Nancy... According to the Zetas, is it accurate to say that you hugely resemble the elderly mom off the TV sitcom "Roseanne"? Did you play the role as the elderly mom on "Roseanne"?? If so, how has your acting career effected your ability to channel data from the zetas?? [end ty talk]
(520) Nancy: Will you be making any other appearances on talk shows or chats after tonight before the rotation stoppage? If yes, what shows or chat?
(canBear) Nancy, what is so special about the Atlantic Rift that it lingers at PX approach?
(Nearly) Is the government planning to eliminate those people in prisons as rumored?
(Edoeimai) IF the PS happens, then why should we trust the Zetas and not some other race?
(Seeker) So is there ANYONE here willing to take the time to help out a fellow "I WANT TO BELIEVE"
(Ptomais) Can the Z's comment on the Japanese sect proclaiming the 'end of the world' due to an 'invisible planet', scheduled first for May 15, now for May 22? Their source?
(Vincent) Are you going to be doing another KROQ interview this week, Nancy?
(Mobil) Nancy: will the Atlantic Rift effect the Gulf Stream current and will that effect weather patterns in the Northeast and England
(Impetus) Why can't the aliens reveal themself? whazz up with the secrecy now? no point!
(Neobond) Q: Which side of the earth will be left in darkness at rotation stoppage? America, Europe or both? (Taiki) Nancy: What do you mean by the Mid Atlantic Ridge is "locked?" (Ren33) Nancy, how will your story change when the 21st comes and goes without stoppage? They were lying to you all along? Better yet, "the Zetas decided to intervene and save us all at the last minute"! That's a good one.
(Justerico) Good evening Nancy. My question to you is exactly how much food and supplies should I have on hand for the week leading up to the shift and then after.I have myself, my wife, and our son to supply. DO i need food for days? Weeks? Months? Also, is the basement in my house going to be a safe locale (Im in columbus, Ohio)
(Rich45aut) Nancy: Will there be A Meca of sorts in North Americia where survivors could gather to help one another after the shift?
(Lightspee) How many% STO or STS or undecided people are on the Earth now? How can this influence the poleshift and the aftertime events, including the density switching?
(Vandlou) These shifts reoccur cyclically. How well did humans fare each successive time? how good were the warnings then pls? 10-Q
(Hellsbell) how can we help financially Nancy?
(Drkstarba) Nancy, I live NW of B-ham Ala., my child is scheduled for surgery on the morning of the 21st should be released on 22nd do I have time to do the surgery and get back home?
(Aldeb) Why do trust the Zetas?
(Apohi) What day will the moaning of the core begin if it can be predicted and will it be low Freq type moaning or very noticable to most?
(Neobond) Q: Why did Russia announce it "might not be a nation after the catestrophic events that will occur in 2003" only to retract that as if nothing happened?
(Huhjyf) lol
(Googly) good lord
(LiteBeing) Q" for the Zeta's, "how can a person tell if someone is in the STS or the STO orientation"?
(Milord) hrhr
(Vincent) Are you going to be doing another KROQ interview this week, Nancy?
(MichaelCu) When will martial law be declared Nancy?
(Supartom) bah
(Milord) hehe
(Avian) are you crazy?
(NancyL) I will be here tomorrow, this hour, and Tuesday May 19 also, this hour, my plan.
(QueenVee) moderation mode is on while nancy catches up on the questions posed
(QueenVee) wonderful
(NancyL) If chats are possible during the week, I will also try to attend.
(NancyL) However, I think rotation stoppage will put a stop to the chats, the internet, web hosting, in great measure.
(NancyL) No KROQ interview scheduled by Jay calls me suddenly so may happen.
(NancyL) Folks, people survived in the past. If they did not get drown, or struck down by hail, or die in a fire storm, or be in a stone structure that fell on them, they survived.
(NancyL) Afterwards, in gloomier days, few crops, they wandered looking for better places.
(NancyL) Starvation was high, illness high, but after a couple decades things improved and they tried to start over again, re civilization.
(NancyL) For those asking about long day, long night, this is in the pole shift section. The Atlantic Rift is facing the approaching Planet X, which is a bit to the south and right side of the Sun.
(NancyL) Thus, for the West Coast of US, barely dawn, for Europe, just past noon, etc.
(NancyL) In China, a long night, big time.
(QueenVee) NANCY: you said that you would be here tomorrow and Tuesday at this time; will this be for a formal zetatalk session, or an informal chat?
(NancyL) Those with resources wanting to help others should start thinking about the orphans IN THEIR AREA, the orphans that will be found wandering broken, abandoned, etc after the shift and probably well before as parents abandon them.
(NancyL) Put your heart and funds and efforts THERE, to be rewarded in Heaven, etc for your big hearts!
(NancyL) Mostly, children, little children, need to feel the adults around them have a plan, are calm.
(NancyL) They don't care that they don't have fancy clothing, etc., they want to see a plan in the eyes of the adults around them.
(NancyL) Give frightened childen tasks to do, and tell them, here's the plan! Along, of course, with a big hug frequently!
(NancyL) It is the hour, and I will return tomorrow this time! Thanks you ops for this last minute scramble, which worked!!
Session Close: Sat May 17 18:01:19 2003