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Live ZetaTalk Chat on May 10, 2003

Session Start: Sat May 10 16:52:21 2003
(Sundar) Do we see all users in the window?
(DraganR) Chat is so crowded , because is the last one.
(RelaxU) how can we know that is Nancy?
(NancyL) My nick is being used.
(Suportive) Hi Nancy, Texas still Loves you and the Zetas!!! And down here we are preparing as the Zetas have said.
(BLC) 250!!
(JDBerg) Nancy, is it really you?
(Satterwiz) Scroll bar's shrinking like crazy!!
(Toby) More losers this week than last... hmmm
(NancyL) I will be changing the log to say NancyL, etc.
(Ericle28) Obany is that her
(Hamurabi) very interesting... anyone who disagrees is kicked..very 'democratic'
(Obany) Yes this is the real Nancy
(BobS) Texas blows
(Kickass) suportive what part of texas
(Ericle28) ok
(RelaxU) ok, that seem to be Nancy
(DraganR) Nancy probably ghost nick on the server
(NachoKing) Back
(NancyL) I think I've gone through all the steps, with this new nick.
(Davidz) what is ZT2?
(Davidz) what kind of channel?
(Obany) debunker room
(Stony1) the super-secret-NASA-disinfo-channel
(Davidz) ok
(LiteBeing) ZT2 is a debunker channel
(KeyBoarDz) the nick...
(Neoca) Davisz: A zoo...
(NachoKing) Is this the real Nancy?
(Hamurabi) oh..
(NancyL) I have a number of signs and several Q's, so am planning to start promptly on the hour, and not put up with any nonsense.
(Cogenitor) doesn't sound very secret to me now! :-)
(NancyL) Any scripts repeating Q's endlessly will have ONLY one Q in the log allowed.
(RelaxU) that doesnt FEEL like Nancy!!
(Kickass) naaaaa it does not sound like Nancy..
(KeyBoarDz) don't know about that nick...
(Lord099) did Nancy come
(Obany) this is Nancy
(Hamurabi) Nancy : convince me you are right
(Obany) this is the real Nancy
(NancyL) All free advertisement of web site will not necessarily be allowed either, if they operate illegally and spam and spread viruses under the ZetaTalk name, etc.
(NachoKing) Oh, that's good then
(Sundar) I have a question to NancyL: do you stick to 15th May poleshift date?
(Lance9) Don't worry; she is the real NancyL.
(CyberVViz) brr
(Hilarion) zetatalk2 is fun :)
(Cogenitor) Q for Nancy: why will you not be on Coast to Coast next week? What happened?
(Matan) Nancy how come you don't channel enteties, as other contactees do, but only aliens ??
(NancyL) And any references to NancyLied, short for NancyLieder my registered name, will be deleted also.
(GuMMo) when will the session start?
(Dim) Maybe we should start kicking early today?
(Corona) i beat they will
(Kickass) it already started..
(TeapotD) hey guys and gals
(GuMMo) since when?
(Dim) Not enough kickass.
(KeyBoarDz) people will talk...
(Kickass) 1 hour ago...
(NancyL) What is the command to change nick?
(NachoKing) Nancy: Do you believe this brown dwarf is the fabled Nibiru of the Sumerian tablets?
(LiteBeing) a new attendence record!
(Web0) ALT + F4 new nickname
(ParasiteV) . /nick newnick
(Foolish) /nick
(EmmaYa) What day the pole shift?
(Ericle28) that worx :)
(Corona) i vote, keep the nick. its so you
(Hamurabi) Nancy : will the poleshit occur on May 15?
(ZooSpecim) N
(ImpetusN) Whatabout NancyL
(Pwl) So this started an hour ago?
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: Phil of Bad Astronomy is going onto C2C next Tues 5/13 but I have NOT been invited. This was after Noory challenged him on the air in my presence to debate me, and I accepted unequivacably.
(NachoKing) No, the Earth's rotation will become slower
(Neoca) or just Lieder
(Hamurabi) poleshift that is
(Kickass) why don't they kick the fake nick on the other forum?
(RTR1) Nancy, why wouldn't astronomers come out now with info, because if PX is true, what difference is their job or reputation anymore?
(Philbmp) call Norry and tell him u want on to argur him
(Ericle28) hmmm weird
(NancyL) Phil then put on his web site that he WOULD debate me, and came into the chat the next day Sat 4/26 and asserted he would, though I was predicting he would CHICKEN OUT, which it now appears he has.
(NancyL) Also, NASA put up a page hurriedly on May 5 supporting Phil and blasting me! Would not list my web site, but listed his.
(NancyL) So, Phil CHICKENED OUT and ran to DADDY NASA whinning, apparently.
(NancyL) Not man enough to face a woman, that's Phil.
(NancyL) OK, I am now NancyL
(NancyL) Please +m me and I will do the SIGNS
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1: Homeland Security MOBILIZES on May 10th
(NancyL) Who believes that rotation stoppage and a pole shift are around the corner? Tom Ridge of Homeland Security! Announced on May 4 2003, but supposedly planned since June 2001, Operation TOPOFF will start today, May 12th, involving 100 agencies, and last into the following week.
(MikeO) Nancy it's already +m
(NancyL) "Huge Homeland Security Drill Planned ... This is the scenario: At noon in Seattle, a hidden bomb explodes ... The next day and some 2,000 miles to the east, people complaining of flu-like symptoms begin to trickle into hospitals in the Chicago area."
(NancyL) "These fictional events are set to unfold over five days beginning May 12 in what federal officials say will be the largest homeland security exercise in U.S. history. Dubbed TOPOFF 2 ... involve more than 100 federal, state and local agencies, the American Red Cross and Canadian government agencies. ... About 8,500 people will take part in this exercise, including officials in the District, Maryland and Virginia... "
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #2: Old Man of the Mountain COLLAPSE
(NancyL) "Granite stone face carved by nature into the White Mountains of New Hampshire millions of years ago collapsed into a massive pile of rubble yesterday. ... The soaring stone face, which began to be carved by nature, high in the White Mountains, millions of years ago, has collapsed into a massive pile of rubble."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #3: Japanese CULT Cataclysms May 15th
(NancyL) "Panawave was reportedly formed in the late 1970s and has an official membership of around 3,000 ...The group claims that electromagnetic waves are causing catastrophic environmental destruction, including a rise in temperature. The damages caused by the waves will ultimately result in the end of the earth, ..."
(NancyL) "Cult members believe a massive earthquake will occur on May 15, destroying humanity. It claims the domes in Oizumi can withstand any natural disaster."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #4: NASA Article Blasts Nancy Lieder/May 15th
(NancyL) "Niburu and Other Nonsense: Article Posted: May 05, 2003. The wild stories about an approaching planet or comet are false! ... also there have been no unusual levels of earthquakes ... try Google searches on 'Niburu' or 'Nancy Leider'."
(NancyL) "If you want the real story on Nibiru or Planet X, check out the following website"
(NancyL) End of SIGNS
(DragonRa) Nancy, can you please ask if the PX will be visible by 15 to all by necked eye non-stop in day time?
(Flagship1) Nancy: Will you continue or be willing to offer the extraterrestrials your willingness to help out in event that those of which you have contacted turn out to be incorrect or not legitimate Zetas?
(Farmy) What about Tamachan?
(ImpetusN) Phil Phil run up the hill, the water is comming, and drown u will...
(GWilra) to +Zetas: please address the subject of the best way to handle mass deaths given local customs vs necessity.
(Obbooh) lol@Phil
(Ericle28) oh ya, i almost 4got that fake-attack excercise thing
(Philbmp) me?
(LiteBeing) NancyHere: look at this
(Obbooh) nope
(NancyL) I have a quick Q for the group. Clock watchers, have you noticed any increase from the average 1sec/day setback done to atomic clocks (when compared to manual clocks) lately?
(Philbmp) ok good
(CSmith) No
(Obany) that one is fake
(Farmy) no
(Shaman464) No
(Ilsundal) No.
(Malakai) no
(NachoKing) Nancy: Nancy: Do you believe this brown dwarf is the fabled Nibiru of the Sumerian tablets?
(Kickass) no
(CSmith) I've noticed absolutely no change
(ZodZ) Any comment from the ZETAS on the picture of the MIDDAY sun from the UK
(Ilsundal) Have you?
(WhiteD) Nancy L ) Question for the Zeta's : What can the zetas say about "The giants that once walked the earth"?
(DragonRa) yes 10 min
(Kickass) Nancy you don;'t sound like NANCY
(Ericle28) no
(Hilarion) yes 3 weeks
(ZetaCurio) YES, Nancy!
(EarthGrl) Nancy, thanks, could you tell us if travel will be difficult onc the red dust starts due to difficulties for car engines (like with volcanic dust) or bcause of people panicking?
(Khat) no change
(Hamurabi) she will not answer
(Obany) WhiteD: check zetatalk there is info about that ...
(DonMB) Nancy, please note there have been 298 tornados in one week
(Pwl) Someone asked what about Tamachan, i second this
(Samsara20) Yes, we have:
(Hosrod) Sunrises very red
(StormE) why cant i see it
(TwwOz) NancyL : Actually my manual hardware is lagging... but that's what manual hardware does - it fails.
(ZetaCurio) several seconds done this Friday
(NancyL) I'll move along to Q1 now. Please +m me again
(Corona) whoa. so far out there
(NancyL) Q1: What the sudden announcement on May 4 of TOPOFF exercises and NASA support for Phil of Bad Astronomy site? At the same time, Nancy Lieder given a lot of press!
(CyberVViz) NancyL, i watched, but our radio clocks in Europe are the same as the uncontrolled one, sorry...
(NancyL) ZT: The past week has been a week of events, some natural, some political.
(NancyL) ZT: Weather and quakes extremes have increased to the extent that they have become undeniable, to any not brain dead.
(NancyL) ZT: As we predicted, droughts and deluges, and lineal increase in quakes to the extent that they would be more than subliminal trembers but NOTICED, has occurred.
(NancyL) ZT: At the same time, the unaided eye sightings occurred on schedule, as well as the Second Sun sightings, all registered on photos for the public unable to get clear skies or a solid view to see.
(NancyL) ZT: Nancy has, within the US, been given broad coverage recently, on C2C and Gentile, on local radio stations, and beyond the interviews word of mouth is like wild fire on the issue.
(NancyL) ZT: As we have repeatedly stated, when ZetaTalk has SUCCESS, the push back increases to meet this success, a reason for allowing Nancy to stumble on occasion on minor issues like the Beatles, and to be so broke as to be assumed unable to function by the arrogant rich who consider her a prime threat.
(NancyL) ZT: The issue came up last Saturday in chat as to whether the White House took credence in the May 15 to June 1 time frame for serious rotation stoppage and pole shift to occur, and our answer was that they did NOT.
(NancyL) ZT: So what changed, this past week, that 1. a May 4 announcement of the TOPOFF exercises, mobilizing 100 agencies nationwide and into Canada, and 2. a May 5 NASA web site article listing Nancy Lieder by NAME as well as Nibiru, debunking the issue of a passage soon.
(NancyL) ZT: If one wanted to debunk, why not leave her name out of it, as undoubedly the readership would locate the ZetaTalk web site in Internet searches.
(NancyL) ZT: Is this Good Cop/Bad Cop on the issues, both denying the truth while putting the spot light on the prime spokesperson, Nancy?
(NancyL) ZT: YES! And what has occurred that this situation was quickly scrambled forth?
(NancyL) ZT: It has often been presented that human astrophysics simply does not consider the SPEED of approach of Planet X that we have always asserted is possible, and that an orbit such as we have described from the start would occur.
(NancyL) ZT: Yes, NASA and JPL located the brown dwarf in 1983, estimated its size and distance, and then fell to holding their beath, as they viewed ANY approach as outside of their lifetimes.
(NancyL) ZT: Up until 1995, it was virtually in place, dithering at the midpoint.
(NancyL) ZT: When it began to move, the uptick was slow at first, then increasing in the last year or so to ZOOM into the outer edges of the solar system.
(NancyL) ZT: This was much ridiculed on sci.astro, as the rule is that any object approaching a solar system at that speed would reach what humans call escape velocity, and never return.
(NancyL) ZT: Since this was purported by the ancients and geological evidence to be a repeater, they assumed such a speed would NOT occur, but it did.
(NancyL) ZT: When the speed was noted, the ORBIT was then clung to as a hope that a close passage would not occur, as human astrophysics does NOT consider the Repulsion Force to exist as we have described it.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they computed a straight line through the solar system, FAR afield from a close passage to the Earth, and went about grabbing the oil fields in the MidEast and other such more pressing issues.
(NancyL) ZT: Recently, they have lost visibility, losing probes such as the Pioneer and distracted by the loss of the Columbia.
(NancyL) ZT: Other probes also were lost, unknown to the public.
(NancyL) ZT: When the dust of distraction cleared and fresh astronauts were placed on the Space Station, they set about triangulating again to examine the orbit of Planet X.
(NancyL) ZT: To their horror, its orbit was assuming what WE have always asserted!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the sudden adjustment to a possible May 15, or shortly thereafter, occurrence of severe panic in the populace was done.
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, if we have been RIGHT about the orbit and the speed, then we might be RIGHT about the date!
(NancyL) ZT: What adjustments were to be made, then, in an arrogant group of elite who assumed they had months to secure the MidEast oil fields, to arrange to blow up bridges so the underclass in large cities would drown or die in quake and not escape, and to block roads thoughout the nations in this conspiricy to rule the world as kings afterwards so that only DESIREABLE workers survived to be enslaved.
(NancyL) ZT: Should they call Martial Law, in order to enforce blockades?
(NancyL) ZT: This would be problematic IF our date proved wrong, as Martial Law cannot be sustained for long in countries not used to these restrictions.
(NancyL) ZT: Should they fake terrorism attacks, as they planned to do on the aniversary of 911, or plant evidence as they hoped to do prior to the invasion of Iraq?
(NancyL) ZT: This has been so consistently symied, by ourselves and others working with the Council of Worlds, that they feared failure, another embarrassment like the faked nuclear material memos provided to the UN prior to the Iraq invasion.
(NancyL) ZT: What was left? An exercise, to mobilize the agencies, the troops, and broad enough in scope and time that ANY city finding roads blocked or troops about could be placated by the announcment that this was only part of the exercise.
(NancyL) ZT: After all, exercises MUST contain some unknowns, or the agencies to be exercises are not exercised!
(NancyL) ZT: They are not simply walking through a script, the actors are to be given SURPRISES, and thus they might have to go to LA to break up a terrorism cell, or Miami.
(NancyL) ZT: If no other clue that the Earth changes we have been predicting since 1995 are TRUE, the timing of these exercises is a LOUD announcement that they are considered true by NASA and the White House.
(NancyL) ZT: So, given that, why is Nancy suddenly being given publicity, albeit negative publicity?
(NancyL) ZT: As we have stated in the past, repeatedly, ZetaTalk is the SINGLE source of a positive message about how to survive, and live afterwards.
(NancyL) ZT: Other sites have been attempted, and only resulted in people clutching to each other, small group formation.
(NancyL) ZT: ZetaTalk has, under the democratic hand of Nancy and those who have worked with her on Troubled Times, developed a set of survival guides, including Energy, Food, Shelter, and Health needs, that the public can consume quickly and research readily.
(NancyL) ZT: Nancy has never failed to mention HOW one can survive, the simple steps, and where to go for the information, on her interviews, and acts as an information officer for the site on email, pointing to the TOPICS the anxious correspondent needs to find.
(NancyL) ZT: Put yourself in the shoes of the White House, in shock that the date might be SOON, and not sure how the mobilization and control of the populace might play out.
(NancyL) ZT: How to dampen panic? Give them solutions! And thus, we have Nancy in the wings!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(ZooSpecim) Will this be the last ZetaTalk? How many more?
(Sundar) Question to Nancy/zeta: In predictions earlier you had mentioned that NASA will announce some kind of planet but will not reveal full details - but looks like the plan is to keep everyone ignorant throughout - is this right?
(Flagship1) Nancy: Assuming that Planet X does not come are you still predicting extraterrestrial colonization on planet Earth via a hybrid race? If so or not how can you be sure this has not started alredy?
(DonMB) Nancy, will you ask the Zetas where Planet X is at this time (relative to Earth)?
(EarthGrl) Nancy, will the red dust make travel difficult because of the dust affecting engines or because people will panic and clog roads?
(DragonRa) Nancy, can you please ask if rotation will STOP on 15,16 or 17 in the morning @ 9 am (New York) time ?
(GWilra) Q for the +Zetas: Please address the best way to handle mass deaths given local attitudes/customs vs necessity.
(Torbj) RED moon on the 15:th?
(DocX) Originally designed for a 21-month mission, Pioneer 10 lasted more than 30 years
(RTR1) Nancy, Why haven't your astronomer friends been able to get a clear picture yet of PX?
(Lascar) Nancy, There are around 6billion people in the world and of them only about 300million US citizens. Why do the Zetas spend so much of the little time they have to talk with the public addressing US politics?
(Jubi) Lo Nancy: can you pet zetas for me?:*)
(Matan) nancy how come you don't channel entities, as other contactees do, but only aliens ?? usually people are working in co-oporation with both as do the entities and the aliens themself...
(Azac) Question: Many are just waiting to see PX before heading for a safe place, is there any possibility of seing it clearly before the 15th?
(LiteBeing) WOW! over 300 ppl!
(J8Dedwolf) umm
(BrazilM) Nancy, that W. Post link is broken. Can you confirm it?
(CSmith) Nancy: If you've seen PX 3 seperate times then why weren't you ever able to take a picture of it?
(Farmy) NancyHere: the Panawave group believes that Tamachan the seal will save the planet from PX, according to this article thoughts?
(Steve12) Nancy, does the Zeta promise of a more precice date as May 15 approaches still hold?
(Sefi) Nancy do the zetas see a possible IRC chat next week?
(Kickass) Why don't the ZETAS come in FORMATION to WARN The World?
(Ilsundal) Nancy, why do you spend more time on handling credibility issues, than you do on presenting actual material? And no, this isn't flame bait, it just seems very childish at times.
(JDBerg) Nancy, how about a sign that everyone can see?
(ExML) What of the Antarans?
(NancyL) Folks, the date is STILL shortly after May 15 for rotation stoppage, with the shift occuring before June 1.
(PoleShift) Nancy, Nancy, Nancy.... such many demands!!! give her a break people
(Dariakus) NancyL - And what, exactly, shall you do should the prediction you have made not pan out?
(Smrtypts) QUESTION: Are those that are being visited by the Zetas in an unconcious state being trained to perform specific post-shift tasks, or just being prepared mentally for the "horrors" that will ensue?
(CSmith) Nancy: After May 15th passes what will your new end-all date be?
(NancyL) NO exact date will be given as this will allow the White House to bomb bridges and trap innocents in LA or wherever.
(Zzellda) Nancy, what say the zetas of late?
(Philbmp) what about the RED CROSS?
(NancyL) Please do understand that someone besides YOU counts, matters, and needs this consideration.
(Dariakus) NancyL - That is atrocious.
(Iceywolf) NancyL: Can I ask zetas an icelandic question? Shouldn't they understand me
(PelikanF) Nancy, the planet is coming from the south and was always felt to be in the southern sky. in sunset we saw second sun in South West. BUT, picture from Greece by SOTO shows second sun in North East!How could it be seen in south once and in north another time?
(Cogenitor) is the website by David Morrison
(Dariakus) Why would the White House want to trap innocents in LA?
(Melin) Nancy will you broadcast on SW and if so what Freq.?
(JWilliam) NASA release
(Endeavour) Nancy, are the Zetas purposly keeping a level of doubt in relation to the lack of appearance of Planet X in the daytime and night time sky?
(BrazilM) Nancy, was that article in Washington Post on May 4th?
(NancyL) Redrick, the URL was in the SIGNS but I will give it again:
(CyberVViz) Q- How much time between rotation stoppage and passage?
(CSmith) Nancy: Please allow Iceywolf to ask his questions in his language
(Rabalder) PelikanF: Ever hear of Photoshop?
(Ojaway) brave Nancy..
(Spheres) My five PC's clock were +5 min ahead in the beginning of april. Now only 10s...
(Obany) Melin: you will know when that time comes, if you are talking about live zetatalk after the shift
(Flagship1) Nancy: Assuming that Planet X does not come are you still predicting extraterrestrial. colonization on planet Earth via a hybrid race? If so or not how can you be sure this has not started alredy?
(Malakai) A computer clock cannot keep time
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Should people forget about next Saturdays IRC session and relocate NOW fast??
(Tynan) Nancy, I think the ? about reaching out to OTHER COUNTRIES was a selfLESS question, why haven't the Zetas
(HenryK) How come Steve Havas, who supposedly photographed PX (thru his telescope) months ago, can't do so now, when it's supposed to be so close ?
(Iceywolf) It is
(CSmith) Iceywolf: Ask a question and let's see
(Iceywolf) [22:38] * Resolved to
(Cogenitor) PSIBrain: it's NASA ames, a research center
(Ojaway) Nostra says also May 15..the theatre will go down
(Ilsundal) The NASA site is a hoax.
(GingerAle) Nancy: Why don't you have sightings pouring in from the Southern Hemisphere, since the PX coordinates are still visible there in the evening sky?
(Iceywolf) It is a NASA website
(Melin) yes and I will listen then thanks
(Iceywolf) Ilsundal: Explain teh DNS then
(PSIBrain) oops ok
(Iceywolf) People /DNS the IP before whining :)
(Philbmp) good question Ginger
(NancyL) The CIA's hand was in spreading AIDS, and they tinkered with Ebola. The elite want to sculp mankind, and reduce the demands of the hungry after the shift, so intend to murdern millions, hundreds of millions.
(Numbic1) For how long will the "Council of Worlds" quarantine remain in effect, following current events?
(NachoKing) I'm from NZ, I have seen no Planet X. I'm not saying that it doesn't exist or anything, however
(EarthGrl) why will the government bothr to control the masses - won't they just head to their bunkers and let the "slaves" die?
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the next sign for people to truly know and wake up... the 3 days of dawn, dusk, light, or dark depending on where they are at... and if that should be the time to MOVE!
(Iceywolf) NancyL: But can zetas answer my question here in Icelandic
(Durandal) Q for Z's I have noticed extremely electric storms. Will there be alot of lighting durning the shift. and afterwards with less atmosphere will there be more or less lightning?
(dBug) PSIBRain : you are wrong !!! its a NASA a route
(GeminiY) good question Earth420
(PSIBrain) i kniow
(Interbo2) Nancy/zetas: How do you suggest that NASA couldn't figure out the arrival date for THEMSELVES?
(PSIBrain) its no fake
(ExML) ZT: what do you make of Sheldan Nidle's Galactic Federation stuff?
(CyberVViz) tacert site
(NancyL) They planned to poison with chemtrails, block escape to safety, and would gun down any they do NOT want as slaves if these starving approach their enclaves.
(JWilliam) Matan: your Q is in log, do not need to repeat.
(CyberVViz) dig site
(ZooSpecim) NancyHere Do the Zeta's have anything to say in what might be the last ZetaTalk? Any last words?
(CSmith) NancyL: Will you please allow Iceywolf to ask his questions is Icelandic
(Redrick) dbug is right. da site iz valid
(Lactu) the galactic fed eXisits
(PSIBrain) Nancy, WHY should goverment want to kill its own people???
(Hosrod) Are the Zetas involved with the crystal skulls? If so, how?
(NancyL) These are NOT nice folks, in charge.
(Sefi) Nancy do we see rotation stoppage within the next seven days?
(Iceywolf) The Iraqi thing is wrong, the soldiers are being sent home now (away from safe zone) any idea?
(Jubi) Why CIA?
(HenryK) Who here, has seen Planet X ?
(NachoKing) It might be a Splinter Cell
(Lactu) there is no such thing as a polar shift
(NachoKing) I haven't
(Iceywolf) PSIBrain: We need to lower population
(RogueLead) i have a photograph of PlanetX
(Cogenitor) NANCY: if we are now gettign so close to the poleshift, cannot we get a more accurate time for when it will happen? It should get easier to know as it approaches, shouldn't it?
(Philbmp) they would be powerless without its own people
(Lactu) the garbo has been around since 83
(Shaman464) not i
(Iceywolf) and avoid panic
(NancyL) To the extent that the Internet is functioning, we will have a chat next Saturday. This leads to Q2. Please +m me again, thanks.
(Matan) lets face it - No ONE here sew Planet X
(NancyL) Q2: Sequence of Events: Do you have an estimate when electricity and phones will go out? Should people stay in their trenches until the stars start to move again, or the Sun? Should they stay longer, if possible?
(NancyL) ZT: ZetaTalk is a vast web site, and though well organized due to time constraints those recently learning of the coming changes are desperate to get a SHORT LIST of what to expect and what to do.
(NancyL) ZT: In the week or so leading up to rotation stoppage, what can be expected is a continuation of today, extreme weather, quakes in bursts globally, and a gradual slowing of rotation such that clocks never seem to be synched up anymore.
(NancyL) ZT: Then the day or days before rotation stoppage will increase this slowdown such that minutes, then hours, then a total stop will occur.
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, you will have but two days notice, and the first of those days doubtful as it will involve MINUTES, not seconds, and clocks being off already this will be a confused point.
(NancyL) ZT: It is the day when the Sun sets hours later than expected that should be the trumpet in the skies, the flashing red light, the announcment you have been waiting for that NOW is the moment to drop all and rush to your safe location.
(NancyL) ZT: Up until rotation stops, the crust of the Earth is under stress but dealing with it as before, with increased quakes and weird weather and melting poles, but only a slight increase day to day in these matters.
(NancyL) ZT: When rotation stops, the core is trying to turn, the crust locked in place by the approaching Planet X grip on the strong magneticized Atlantic Rift, and dramatic changes occur.
(NancyL) ZT: The Earth moans, and the stretch along the Atlantic will snap bridges, tear electric and phone lines, and derail trains.
(NancyL) ZT: THIS is where imploding buildings will occur, as the underlying infrastructure will move, collapsing the buildings overhead.
(NancyL) ZT: In areas of compression, where mountain building is occurring or along the Pacific Rim, volcanic activity will greatly increase,
(NancyL) ZT: A stopped rotation will affect the atmosphere, in that wind current will be more EXTREME, moving cold air primarily to warm places, which can result in more tornado activity in those areas affected.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, ocean currents will move differently, cold water rushing more rapidly to those warm areas, and swirling.
(NancyL) ZT: This will create more hurrican or typhoon type activity in those areas affected.
(NancyL) ZT: Given all this, the populace will be greatly distracted, and might MISS the next sign to watch for, which is the dusting with red dust that turns rivers and lakes blood red and bitter.
(NancyL) ZT: This dusting is followed by hail, and stronger quakes as at this point the shift is only days or hours away.
(NancyL) ZT: For those not able to see the sky, to gauge motion of the crust during the hour of the shift by a movement of the Sun or Moon or stars, they should at this point be IN their trenches, virtually living there.
(NancyL) ZT: Obviously, as the shift takes place over an hour, and it is the STOP of the crustal slide where the huge quakes occur, one can leave to relieve themselves or stretch, but certainly sleeping should be done in the trenches.
(NancyL) ZT: At the start of the shift, there is a STRONG clue that crustal shift has started, and this is the uptick in wind.
(NancyL) ZT: As the crust moves, the atmosphere resists, and THIS causes hurricane force winds globally.
(NancyL) ZT: Where the wind was stronger than usual during rotation stoppage, this will be unique in that it will come FROM the direction the crust is moving.
(NancyL) ZT: For North America, for instance, the crust will be moving NW, and the hurrican winds comes FROM that direction.
(NancyL) ZT: To those confused about direction, take a globe, take our Scripted Drama steps so nicely diagramed and linked from the Pole Shift section of ZetaTalk, and rotate the globe accordingly.
(NancyL) ZT: There will also be a jiggling in the Earth, a sense of motion, jerking, that will be consistent with crustal movement during this hour of the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: The hurrican force winds persist for an hour or more after the shift, as the atmosphere adjusts.
(NancyL) ZT: Except as a caution to watch for falling structures around you, broken glass, fearful animals that might attack if they feel they are blocked, there is NO reason not to emerge from your trenches.
(NancyL) ZT: It is over, and picking up the pieces and comforting the injured and devastated can start.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(Roym7) The May 15th lunar eclipse matter? Many will be watching it.
(ZooSpecim) Nancy: First the red dust then the rotation stoppage or, will we get the red dust durring the stoppage?
(Debe) NL, is the closest distance to earth during passage still expected to be 14 million miles?
(Jan1) Nancy, will travel by car be difficult when the rotation stops?
(Neoca) Q: Is the US gov. planning another staged terrorist event on US soil soon, to justify implantation of martial law?
(Interbo2) Nancy: What on Earth makes you think that NASA couldn't figure out the arrival date of an approaching planet without YOUR help??
(Earth420) Thank you Nancy and Zs... very much...
(Apohi) are we talking 3-5 days or 5-7 days of stop rotation?
(PelikanF) what will hapen to the US armada in the Gulf and what will happen to GI Joe in Iraq?
(Mattan) if i'm in Israel what should i do ? will surely perish ?
(Tcards) Nancy: are the zetas saying then that if you`re not quite in your trench when the shift starts, you won`t be knocked off your feet and so will have time to get there before the danger really starts?
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Should the public forget about attending next Saturdays IRC session and relocate NOW, fast??
(Flagship1) NancyHere: Will you continue or be willing to offer the extraterrestrials your willingness to help further the Lightworker / Starseed projects in the event that those of which you have contacted turn out to be incorrect or not legitimate Zetas?
(Ooceantree) PS within 14d period between Moon Eclipse and partial sun eclipe - pure chance?
(Smrtypts) QUESTION: Are those that are being visited by the Zetas in an unconcious state being trained to perform specific post-shift tasks, or just being prepared mentally for the "horrors" that will ensue?
(GingerAle) Nancy: Why don't you have sightings pouring in from the Southern Hemisphere, since the PX coordinates are still visible there in the evening sky?
(Sefi) Nancy, Will ROTATION STOPPAGE most likely occur within this coming week or the week after that?
(Dariakus) Nancy, how do you answer the critics who say you are just utterly fucking nuts?
(Endeavour) Nancy, are the Zetas purposly keeping a level of doubt in relation to the lack of appearance of Planet X in the daytime and night time sky?
(GeminiY) How can one gauge motion of the crust by movement of the sun or moon or stars, and even if you are saying what I think you are saying, by the time you gauge it, it is too late, or is the movement of the crust gradual in the beginningof the poleshift?
(l0pth) omg give me a break
(Jubi) Does Zetas have big eyes?:*)
(NewBrazil) Nancy, can you confirm the link to the W. Pos article on TOPOFF exercises?
(DennisI) Nancy, what do you think of the following statement by James Mccanney "if Planet X is tucked up under the current view of the southern hemisphere then we may never see it coming " from his web site:
(Syam) So, it in interesting to know THAT 15th of May is the Appearance Day of Narasinghadeva, Avatar of Lord's Anger! Let's pray for God, as millions do at this date.
(RTR1) Will MONEY mean anything afterwards? Should we have cash on hand?
(NancyL) The Zetas have said that rotation stoppage takes about a week, and rotation restarts in a day or so after the shift.
(Engelo) NancyL: can i have Zeta poster on my wall?
(PSIBrain) Nancy, will this be your ultimate last IRC session?
(Vandlou) who WILL PUT up an early log????
(Cogenitor) Nancy, why was transit of Mercury last week not affected at all by Planet X?
(Schmerz) Later, senile old lady
(Sefi) Nancy, Will ROTATION STOPPAGE most likely occur within this coming week or the week after that?
(Obnoxious) He's leading the attack from planet X !! I seen it in The Enquirer !!
(Weather) thanks Nancy its been a plessure you have done a good job
(Torbj) RED moon on the 15:th?
(LiteBeing) NancyL: how deep should my trench be?
(Kickass) Can the ZETAS Show up in a CROSS formation before the Shift as a SIGN to the WORLD?
(Wiseblood) What's the excuse if this does not happen next week?
(NancyL) TOPOFF link, again, is
(Weather) hope to see you next week god willing
(FooBah) he was obnoxious ...
(GuMMo) Nancy are u still sticking to your story and has anything changed? will it still occur May 15-June1 is there anything new? sorry i just got home...
(NancyL) Folks, we are about to have a thunderstorm here, and it is the hour.
(HappiGirl) yall are gonna feel like shit a year from now
(Ooceantree) The approximate local hour of the shift could eventually be calculated upon the lasting day-night map
(Ooceantree) but if it slows down for hours it cannot
(NewBrazil) Nancy, sorry, but this link is broken
(NancyL) I lost a PC to lighting via the phone lines, and a power strip to another strike, tall trees around here.
(Dariakus) May Tamachan save you.
(Shaman464) wow 2 Q's Nancy that has to be a record for the carpest session ever!!!!!
(FooBah) why, Happigirl? and why are you so happy?
(GeminiY) Nancy 'will poleshift, i.e. crustshift be gradual at first
(Farmy) Hail Tamachan
(NachoKing) Nancy, can you answer my question
(Obany) so what about those who feel they have a job todo. I mean those who have been in the core group of Troubled Times etc. Those who care for the chats and mailinglists. Those people?
(NancyL) SO I'm going to sign off and unplug the darn phone line.
(dBug) Nancy there is a chance of not seeing PX before rotation stoppage ???
(Flagship1) NancyL: What kind of programs do your normally watch on television in a given day? What are your favorite shows, news programs, or talk shows?
(Dariakus) NancyL - Leave it unplugged, please
(ZetaCurio) Thanks Nancy, hope we have another session!
(l0pth) LMAO
(NachoKing) Nancy: Do you really believe that Planet X is Nibiru?
(Dariakus) Forever.
(NancyL) Bye! Thanks opes again! Next week if God and the Internet is willing, etc!
(Numbic1) good luck everybody
Session Close: Sat May 10 17:59:27 2003