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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Mar 22, 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 22 15:42:23 2003
(Jeremy32) This PX candidate star I saw is naked eye visible, and has a firey colour viewed through binocs and cannot be brought into focus sharply compared to other stars..
(MichaelCu) South is sout, any way you look at it
(3j) NancyL: Q for zetas ... is Saddam Dead?
(JWilliam) I would like to thank whoever made the website "makeugohmm/where to look". A very Professinal job!
(Zod2) Greeting Nancy, Welcome and hopefully you stay longer tonight
(Sefi) whats the URL JWilliam?
(ZetaWoLF) NancyL" Q for zetas .... can they comment on the earthshaking event that occured on march 17th recorded all over the world on seismographs
(NancyL) Hello all! I have a number of SIGNS to share, and Q1 re the Iraq War (didn't the Zetas predict, say ... etc)
(NancyL) Jeremy! You SAW it!
(NancyL) I also have reports from others.
(Ashwah2) lol
(ZooSpecim) whats the full URL JWilliam?
(Woofferbr) Hello everyboady...
(InSoM420) Shaman also said he saw it
(JWilliam) Zoo:
(Sefi) thanks
(ZooSpecim) ty
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Maybe, but it has a fire colour to it rather than red, but it stands out from the other stars through binoculars
(Earth420) and me Nancy ;) like a cluster, fuzzy
(Blippy) Jeremy32: I have seen the same complex...been watching for a couple days...
(MichaelCu) are you sure he didn't see Aldebaran?
(Ashwah2) Most likely
(Sefi) Aldebaran isnt fuzzy
(Ashwah2) It is depending on the conditions
(3j) if PX is going to be under the V then Alderbaran is not Px :P
(Earth420) well, like a nebula, galaxy fuzzy dude
(Tizza) JWilliam : perhaps that is Islanders site?
(InSoM420) JeremyL was it a little lower than Orions belt and to the right of it? Alderbaran is at a 45 degree angle from the belt to the right
(GingerAle) Sefi: depends on how low on the horizon it is.
(MichaelCu) it will be if you have eye problems or cheap binoculars
(NancyL) Q2 is Saddam dead accepted.Saddam is obviously NOT dead, despite the arrogant claims of the US (they also claimed Bin Laden was dead)
(JWilliam) Tizza: Its well done and a good addition to available information.
(ZooSpecim) wow that is a very good site JWilliam
(Lightspee) Be the Light with you!
(3j) ugh
(InSoM420) OMFG
(Asx) wow
(SavAway) wow
(Aphax) what the...
(Sefi) gosh
(Asx) wtf is that?
(Earth420) wo
(MichaelCu) Nancy, here's a Q for the Zetas... Who will win in Iraq?
(GingerAle) zounds
(3j) its a flood
(KarenSue) what was that website for where to look?
(Lombo243) looks like a hacker attack
(Xeres) FLOOD debunkers
(InSoM420) Yeah.. it stopped though
(NancyL) Jeremy! Were you looking at the spot? I'm SO envious, as we have fog cover here now and I must wait.
(KarenSue) Does it break down in to states?
(Jeremy32) I used 20x80 Helios stellar binoculars to view it.. might look again later tonight
(MichaelCu) lots of problems on the undernet today
(ZooSpecim) what caused that?
(Earth420) alot of people....
(Spanky) are you the real Nancy or some troll??
(3j) its still going on
(3j) +i the chan
(CyberVViz) brr
(Lombo243) set a limit
(Asx) are we under atack?
(Earth420) ok, whats up?
(NancyL) MichaelC, who was noted in tt-watch for saying the weather was 'normal' :-) Still saying that, I think.
(SavAway) Obany +i the channel
(ZooSpecim) random names
(MichaelCu) someone is screwing with the chat today
(Yy0ink) ya set limit on chan please
(MikeO) A lot of fake names here, apparently.
(Ath) there was 20000 ppl marching against war in Helsinki today. city of 500k ppl. quite impressing
(InSoM420) Spammers... they were doign this to Poleshiftdiscussion yesterday!
(3j) well these ops here are very slow or busy chatting elsewhere
(Lombo243) Obany do at least once the right thign and set a limit
(Tizza) ah well.... the numbers looks good :)
(Ftaqq) screw you MikeO!
(CyberVViz) cyclone storm
(Tcards) elo
(Tcards) busy tonight
(Earth420) no way... dude
(3j) it wont stop ..
(Sefi) just great
(GingerAle) geez... how childish is this.
(NanZeta) make it invite only
(MichaelCu) would be wise to set a limit Obany
(SavAway) No, just an attack :S
(NanZeta) make it invite only
(Ftaqq) screw you InSoM420!
(BrainJFK) +m ???
(Spanky) the dude has the same IP.
(NancyL) MikeC, that is Q1 more or less, and it will NOT go as the US expects.
(MattD30) who ever is doing this isn't very intelligent
(NanZeta) Obany make it invite only
(Serbeo) they don't have anything better to do than interupt us?
(MichaelCu) it's an attack
(3j) uh oh someone is mad at InSoM420
(ZetaWoLF) NancyL, Q for zetas .... can they comment on the earthshaking event that occured on march 17th recorded all over the world on seismographs
(CyberVViz) sysop, kick everyone now and invite
(MichaelCu) thanks Nancy, I think your answer will prove interesting to say the least
(Serbeo) childish
(NanZeta) its an attack
(NancyL) Spanky, I'm the real NancyL and am an op, you will note.
(Strker) WTF?!
(MeR) lNews now saying 200,000 protesters in NYC.
(MikeO) As we can see, there's an intentional flood of fake participants.
(MmichaellS) brb.. installing stuff for celestia...
(ZooSpecim) they all comming from same server?
(SavAway) Nancy, will ZT expand more on the Safe Locations in areas like the UK, or areas that haven't been covered that much?
(InSoM420) Should we ban?
(Jeremy32) Sorry for the slow reaction there, was a bit taken aback!
(Woofferbr) Hey, don't b
(MichaelCu) you should set a limit on the chat
(InSoM420) k. im doing it
(MichaelCu) and then start kicking the fakes
(Spanky) +b *
(Sefi) thats still too many
(ZetaWoLF) wow what a log this will be
(MattD30) hey, the memory isn't going to drop too much is it?
(GingerAle) Michael: won't they just come back (up to the limit)?
(InSoM420) shold I set lower than the number right now?
(NancyL) ZetaWolf, REALLY, 3/17? And what quake site are you quoting?
(InSoM420) or will that kick em?
(InSoM420) The .gov site for it
(Yy0ink) InSoM420 yeah make it 160
(CyberVViz) sysop, +L ?
(Strker) InSoM420: don't set a limit now!!
(ZetaWoLF) Nancy it was in my email tt-watch and it had a link to seismographs around teh world
(Woofferbr) Why not?
(Strker) then nobody can join!
(MichaelCu) no unless it's an automated attacked which I don't think it is
(3j) it doesnt matter the channel is already +i no one can join
(Redrick) its very easy how to kick the attackers... set a bot that will do CTCP VERSION everyone and kick ban everybody who reply [VERSION reply]: Linux
(ZetaWoLF) all of them showing massive activity as if the whole Earth was jostled
(CyberVViz) sysop, second option, everyone leaves and You put invite modus
(Yy0ink) cos i haven't seen it get over 128 people in here
(Yy0ink) you gotta get rid of the clones though
(Spanky) it has occured to me that everyone that has visited Zetatalk has an FBI file
(NancyL) I'm going to share my SIGNS of the TIMES now, as they are many and pretty interesting.
(Martian2) Nancy sez: 'The Zetas *will not allow an attack on Iraq*'
(Martian2) Nancy sez: 'The Zetas *will not allow an attack on Iraq*'
(CyberVViz) :-),
(Aphax) sheesh, don't kick me. o.o
(Tcards) Spanky
(NancyL) Martian2, NOT. Quote please (you lie)
(Tcards) me as well?
(Martian2) sorry for the duplicate post.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1: Siberian METEOR
(NancyL) Pravda 2003-03-18
(NancyL) "The falling of the meteorite is still mysterious. Scientists say that it might weigh 60 tons. People learned of the Vitimsky meteorite only a week after it fell down 700 kilometers off the Siberian city of Irkutsk. The bright polar streamer in the sky made people think that the woods were shining with radiation."
(NancyL) "Rumors about the mysterious glow above the Siberian forest could be read in almost every local newspaper for a month after that. According to the information from Canadian scientists, it was the largest event of the kind that occurred above the land in the year 2002."
(Zod2) Please leave the ZOD names. They are ME
(NancyL) "Eyewitnesses said they saw very interesting and unusual things. People said that lamps (lights) turned on in their houses for several seconds, although there was absolutely no electric power that night. This means that the Vitimsky meteorite can be categorized as an electrophone one."
(NancyL) "Its flight generated a very powerful, albeit alternating, electric field in the atmosphere. The falling of the Vitimsky meteorite posed a lot of questions. First of all, all space monitoring means of the world failed to detect a huge meteorite that was rushing towards planet Earth."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #2: Slowing Rotation CONFIRMED
(NancyL) "I started a few weeks ago my observations to try and determine if we were gaining time as alleged. Results: Comparing a high precision, multi jewel, 8 day, manual clock designed for Russian nuclear submarines against a radio 'sync' battery clock that adjusts to the governments atomic clock(s), we are absolutely gaining time daily, it is easy to measure and observe."
(InSoM420) crap.. I think I'm getting packets..
(NancyL) "A close friend whom works for a very large evironmental consultant company, has reluctently stated this week that they can no longer keep their flow meters in sync with the atomic clock as required, they are perplexed."
(Lombo243) they will disconnect atuomaticly i think
(NancyL) "My home telephone voicemail clock which is maintained by my local phone company (Sprint) and which I signed up for a few years ago is now off 10 full minutes. And also, the nearby competing phone company's (Cinn. Bell) internal phone voicemail clock is off by 7 minutes, per my discussion with one of their System Analyst."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #3: Slowing Rotation COVERUP
(NancyL) "From a British website news page: "Never set your watch again! Does anyone really know what time it is? Well, the U.S. Government wants to, so they created the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a component of the U.S. Department of Commerce."
(NancyL) "The Time and Frequency Division, located in Boulder, Colorado, maintains the F-1 Fountain Atomic Clock, the nation's standard of time. This clock neither gains nor loses a second over a one million year period. This clock is used to create an international time scale, which NIST distributes through its radio stations."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #4: Planet X in BIBLE Groups
(NancyL) "At 6:00pm CST, a Christian evangelist on WVCY, public television in Milwaukee, WI on the program 'The Bible & Science' mentioned 'a planet coming around here isn't what causes the great flood'. "
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #5: Planet X in BRAZIL
(NancyL) "A speech on Hercolubus (Planet X) will happen soon in my university, and a book will be presented Amazing how this subject would be wide openly spoken to the public."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #6: Planet X in Amateur SCOPES
(NancyL) "I have just last night with my Telescope have been able to see Planet X, last night was the first break in the winter cloud cover in my area in the time period in which I could see PX with my telescope, and what I saw nearly made me fanit, I saw it, thank you for all help with the pole shift and the after time."
(NancyL) Regarding the LIE stated earlier by Martian2 "Nancy sez: 'The Zetas *will not allow an attack on Iraq*'"
(NancyL) This is often done, to misquote ZT in a flood and hope I or Obany or Jeremy or others do not jump in to correct, so the log hold disinfo.
Session Close: Sat Mar 22 15:58:11 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 22 16:01:21 2003
(SavAway) Yep
(Ohio) what did Nancy say?
(Serbeo) hay hay
(Strker) Lombo243: not really... just a bad defence
(Lightspee) Some stupid kids...
(Rrid) Hello Nancy, I think we won.
(NancyL) Hi, did everyone get the SIGNS of the TIMES? I think they went out.
(ZooSpecim) how did all those names get purged?
(WarDevil) just mute the damn room and let NancyL talk
(MickyD) yep, they are still infiltrating...
(SavAway) Yes
(CyberVViz) stt for a while
(MichaelCu) do it again Nancy
(GingerAle) Nancy: we missed your reply to Martian2
(Karios) Good day to you Nancy
(MichaelCu) here they come again
(MickyD) yep, here they come again...
(Ranier) welcome back
(Ohio) Is Planet-x still suppose to come by 15th?
(NancyL) Re the statement that Martian2 made that the Zetas stated 'no Iraq invasion will be allowed' or some such.
(Spanky) Zetas? you mean the aliens or her sorority sisters?
(Sefi) oh theyre here again
(3j) are the Zetas going to elaborate on Q2?
(Redrick) well just do ctcp version for every onjoin and kickban everyone who do a Linux reply instantlly...
(Lombo243) PAY attention the attack starts agin
(NancyL) This is often done, to misquote ZT and en mass or in a flood and hope it stands in confusion and a busy Nancy and Obany and Jeremey, not get corrected immediately.
(Tcards) what the hell is going on tonight?
(MikeO) Nancy, it looks like we got about halfway through Signs of the Times.
(MickyD) we are under attack!
(NancyL) I anticipated this disinfo (stated in quotes as though this was done), and challenged him to dig up the quote.
(Ohio) is Planet-x still suppose to whip by us may 15th?
(Ranier) make this invite only!!!
(NancyL) I will repeat the SIGN, folks. Let me conclude this rant.
(JammerJp) after May 15
(NancyL) Here's what the Zetas ACTUALLY said:
(Redrick) the ops are too lame :(
(NancyL) On 02/01/03 Zetatalk chat session, the Zetas said (towards the Bush administration) ZT: You will NOT be allowed to invade Iraq as expected, to succeed, and your secret plans, your smug deals with allies, will FAIL!'
(NancyL) Key points here are 'as expected' and 'to succeed'. As with the Columbia Shuttle, which lofted after months of mechanical problems in both the shuttle and launching equipment, after Mar's probe snags, where the successful LAUNCH was deemed a 'huh?' regarding the Zeta warning.
(NancyL) Now they have less than 15% of the debris recovered, the rest spread over several states, an independent investigation, and oops! Can't continue the space program to escape to Mars or nuke Px! Did the Zetas state that an Iraq invasion would not be allowed? Never. To quote from the Goverment section of ZT.
(NancyL) Sep 7, 2002 Iraq Invasion
(NancyL) 'Because the months leading up to the pole shift are viewed as an opportunity to establish global control, a type of global dictatorship, and those tight at the top of the Bush Administration greedy and arrogant enough to believe they can achieve this. What would such a global dictatorship entail, and what steps would be required to achieve this? Military Might, An Excuse, War Lord Rights, Population Sculpting'
(NancyL) Please note that this is the Bush PLAN for the invasion, as perceived by the Zetas.
(NancyL) Sep 7, 2002 Stumble
(NancyL) 'Will this plan succeed? Hardly. ... What changes will occur to upset the plan? Economic Collapse, Geological Changes, Breaking Ranks, Timely Expose'
(NancyL) Outlining the blocks to the Bush Administration plans for success in world DICTATORSHIP. Timely exposes occurred re the US/Brit forged info on nuclear material into Iraq. Economic collapse continues with nothing but bad news economically worldwide.
(NancyL) Sep 21, 2002 Inspections
(NancyL) 'As this is still in the hands of man, it could run in many directions, but we expect the economic issues to delay any actual confrontation. ... Thus, we predict that Iraq, and inspections, will win this game of chess'.
(NancyL) Note HANDS OF MAN statement, qualifying their prediction, as it is a 'game of chess' among men.
(NancyL) Oct 12, 2002 Congressional Approval
(NancyL) 'Now, what is to be expected, from all of this? War with Iraq? A White House cowboy going forth like a shot once approved by the Senate? It should be remembered that the White House has it within their power to attack Iraq, giving excuses later, only after weeks have passed. They could generate evidence, and have been desperately trying to do this for months ..'
(NancyL) Note the clear statement that the Bush Administration can legally proceed.
(NancyL) Feb 1, 2003 Firm Determination
(NancyL) 'We have stated, when asked about Iraq war mongering by the Bush Administration, that several factors would stand in the way of such an invasion. ... At this point, what is to be expected? We anticipate, given the deaf ear that the Bush Administration presents to all arguments against an invasion, that they will proceed. This does not mean success.'
(NancyL) Now, all that said, what can be expected to block the Bush Administration from succeeding 'as expected'. Clearly, the Council of Worlds is not going to lay out their plans here in the chat. I will point out, however, that
(NancyL) 1. a satellite controlled cruise missile missed Iraq altogether and went several hundred miles further East into Iran (oops),
(NancyL) 2. choppers are going down in NY state during training killing the crew, in southern Iraq killing their crews, and last report tow Brittish choppers crashed into each other,
(NancyL) 3. rather than US forces claiming the big northern oil fields, it appears the Turks will be there first, which Rummy stated was 'not helpful'.
(NancyL) This answers Q1 which was about whether the Zetas said an invasion would not be allowed. They said (per the quotes) that world domination would not succeed, and an Iraq Invasion would not go as expected for the US.
(NancyL) OK, as I'm not disconnected and we seem stable, I will repeat the SIGNS of the TIMES and then go into predictions about the war, and if Saddam is dead, etc.
Session Close: Sat Mar 22 16:09:10 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 22 16:18:53 2003
(Ranier) wb
(Sefi) weebee Nancy
(InSoM4202) Yoink? the two guys? explain in the PM
(Ranier) wb Nancy!!
(Serbeo) cool
(KarenSue) Why go thru all the bother for false
(Yy0ink) k
(InSoM4202) WB
(Tizza) wb Nancy
Session Close: Sat Mar 22 16:20:59 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 22 16:29:12 2003
(Asx) i want to hear from the ZT!!!
(NancyLied) Here I am :-)
Session Close: Sat Mar 22 16:34:24 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 22 17:25:05 2003
(Ranier) wb
(Tcards) yo Nancy
(Ranier) wb Nancy L!
(LastTry) i missed $100.00 ... i did not go to work....
(NancyL) Quick before I'm disconnected. If anyone has a fair log of the hour, please send it to me.
(MmichaellS) i tried to join said i needed to be invited, didnt know how so missed
(NancyL) Q3: what the heck just happened and why the attacks?
(Valizhere) fair log it was weird
(Sefi) weebee Nancy
(Lombo243) a fair log?
(NancyL) ZT: This is a desperate attempt to fatigue the group, as ZetaTalk accuracy has become SO pronounced that the debunkers have been told to try anything, something, just DO it.
(NancyL) ZT: Of course, the attacks come too LATE, as ZetaTalk is already internationally famous, known, and such attacks only server to prove the truth of the message.
(NancyL) ZT: Many have wondered why we allowed Nancy to 'stumble', make errors, and we explained this as a means of placating the enemy, as they thought her weakened and irrelevant.
(NancyL) ZT: But at the same time, the strength of the overall ZetaTalk message was such that it spread like a wildfire throughout the world.
(Masisoar) Guards, lets hold this fort together!
(NancyL) ZT: Via the Internet, by word of mouth, and the ZetaTalk fan club just kept expanding.
(NancyL) ZT: It would appear suddenly as a mention in a Australian magazine, in a German magazine, in a Russian rumor rag.
(NancyL) ZT: It would by an attempt to discredit it, appear in US news articles.
(NancyL) ZT: Many wondered why the fervor, for a false message!
(NancyL) ZT: The latest was NASA itself, in trying to associate ZetaTalk with the NEAT V1 comment as a false rumor.
(NancyL) ZT: Of course, it was the NASA lacky Mitch Battros of Earth Changes TV who started the rumor, but he was exempt from NASA's scorn.
(NancyL) ZT: Of course, it was the NASA web site itself that had a false image on its pages for a day or so, but they excused themselves likewise.
(NancyL) ZT: The cat is OUT of the bag!
(NancyL) ZT: Slowing rotation is so pronounced that even those not aware of the prediction are noticing their clocks minutes slow, on a regular basis, from 'official' time.
(NancyL) ZT: Quakes have increased to the extent that they are occurring, to a noticeable level, where quakes do NOT occur.
(NancyL) ZT: Citizens informed discretely to be prepared for disasters such as quakes or flood TALK, as the weather is so extreme that they sense this is NOT related to terrorism or normal alerts during saber rattling by this country or that.
(NancyL) ZT: The economy, worldwide, can no longer be disguised by ANY, as it has reached the point where corporations can no longer function, and bankruptcies, layoffs, closures, are on the increase after having been the ONLY message economically in point of fact for a year.
(NancyL) ZT: How is it that the US Stock Market is pretending a rally, when the rest of the world's markets are at 1/4 to /13 of their worth?
(NancyL) ZT: If one examines what it takes to maintain a FALSE level for a stock, one sees that few hands can control the PRICE, and the price is what determines the market level.
(NancyL) ZT: Orders to sell are suppressed and forbidden, orders to buy any stock offered are given, and the stock appears to be in DEMAND, falsely.
(NancyL) ZT: This is a known, and illegal, maneuver, but the fox is watching the hen house these days.
(NancyL) ZT: Companies that attempt to disguise their falling value may buy and sell from THEMSELVES repeatedly, to maintain the price, an illegal act.
(NancyL) ZT: All this is rushing around frantically in an attempt to prevent the inevitable.
(NancyL) ZT: The inbound Planet X is now increasingly sighted by those looking, and is so dramatic a sight when first sighted by those who have been told by the OFFICIALS that nothing is THERE, that this message will spread like wildfire too!
(NancyL) ZT: And what are the offficals to do? Deny that something is there, where ZetaTalk pointed SINCE 1995, to a hair of a degree from where it is appearing NOW?
(NancyL) ZT: Do they not realize that the Path diagram has been OUT there since early 1997?
(NancyL) ZT: Do they not realize that the ZetaTalk message, the site, has been SO popular that the WORLD has been talking about it for YEARS?
(NancyL) ZT: Do they think that a message proven SO correct, that it predicted the current weather where no other source did, predicted the current increase in quakes when no other source did,
(NancyL) ZT: predicted the increasing illness that is so dramatically expressing around the world when no other source did,
(NancyL) ZT: and predicted the EXACT SPOT where this inbound complex could be found, at the SIZE and DISTANCE it would appear as,
(NancyL) ZT: and 5+ years before it arrived at the 3/3/2003 spot predicted WHERE it would be found would not be noticed?
(NancyL) ZT: Is this accuracy or WHAT?
(NancyL) ZT: Now, to add to the fame of ZetaTalk, it gets IRC attacks!
(NancyL) ZT: Good, this just proves the importance of the message, and how much the elite FEARS it being noticed.
(NancyL) ZT: Too late! They just CONFIRMED for all those folks about to go out with binoculars, or their unaided eye, and look to the SW in the evening sky, and see for themselves, that it is a TRUE message.
(NancyL) ZT: So, once again, the debunking team shot themselves in the foot!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(Jeremy32) Nancy: With less than a week until estimated naked eye visibility begins, can the Zetas please confirm if PX has arrived in the solar system i.e. within Plutos orbit?
(JoeTTnew) Obany.. how do i ask a question?
(ZooSpecim) When i see Px with my naked eye, i shall place ads in newspapers( classifieds ) 'Whats that in the sky!,'.
(MattD30) suckers, why don't you debunkers just give up? The message you tried to block got through anyways and whoever you answer to will eventually cut you loose...
(Berdwin) how can zetas in 4th density see us in 3rd if their density scene it totally different?
(Samsara20) Can the Zeta's state approximately the current distance of the PX complex in relation to the planets at this point?
(Sefi) can the zetas tell where NIbiru currently is? (which planet it is closest to)
(NancyL) I'm going to post the ZT on Iraq as I'm not sure if anyone got it, got disconnected a dozen times, what a horror, could NOT get email, etc.
(Karios) Nancy, what is the Zeta's plan for the earth and us as Planet X nears and arrives? Meaning what will they do in light of the destruction?
(NancyL) Jeremey, YES, the Table of Distance or whatever link from TEAM is reasonably accurate.
(NancyL) JWilliam presumed (rightly I think) that it is reflecting sunlight, or about to, and this is the reason for the visibility.
(NancyL) Sefi, go to the TEAM page
(NancyL) Take the links Path to see where to look, Coordinates for exact X/Y at any given date.
(NancyL) Take links Distance (or Table of Distance or Distance Guide) to see what orbit it is near (relative to Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn,etc.)
(Jeremy32) I've wondered what distance PX is away from the Sun when it begins to reflect sunlight
(NancyL) Going to post those Zeta comments re Iraq now, given to me on 3/19 as I was anxious and knew there would be so many Q's re this.
(NancyL) "There will be no terrorist attacks, nor will the war progress to the point where a regime change occurs. Matters are escalating, quakes and weather and illness all ganging up on the war mongers, though this is NOT coming forth in the news. How would it be that a base in California was afflicted a month ago, and again in the SE, but NO illness is affecting troups crowded into Kuwait?"
(NancyL) "Likewise the heat has come sooner than expected, the dust storms more violent and continuing. What we are saying is that the US public is being told a quick war will result in success, but the utter opposite will be the case. Mechanical failure, human error compounding human error, and accidents that will silence the cry for support for war utterly."
(NancyL) For those who missed it, I posed early on in the session a series of quotes proving that ZT did NOT say that no invasion of Iraq would be allowed by the Council.
(NancyL) They said "hands of man" in the same paragraph where they indicated it was THEIR (Zeta) best guess at that point in time that all the factors to delay or prevent an invasion would STOP it from occurring.
(NancyL) Otherwise, they stated all the factors, solely.
(NancyL) The Zetas would seem to be saying that 1. Saddam is not dead and is unlikely to become so, or his family deposed.
(NancyL) 2. where invasion occurred, it is unlikely to succeed where the US will have world domination, control of the oil fields.
(NancyL) 3. mechanical problems, and weather, will be the MOST likely means the Council uses to prevent their world domination and success in this war.
(NancyL) OK, I will shut up now and get Q's from the long suffering audience :-)
(Evo^) NancyL, George Noory recently mentioned he was planning to have you on a show together with Mark Hazelwood and some others, have you been asked about this and do you know the date? - and sorry for that accidental CTRL+V a little back :/
(Hubblebub) So are the helicopter crashes something the Council had to do with?
(Tcards) Nancy - can the zetas comment on how fast the flood tide that will hit the shores after the shift will move, how long it will be between each slosh of the flood tide (ie before the flood tide changes direction) and also after the shift what will the rate of sea level rise be as the poles melt. Will they rise at a steady rate or faster to begin with as surface area of ice at the poles will be greater to begin with?
(Woofferbr) Mechanical failure... This IS indeed happening. Most of the soldiers killed till now died this way...
(Ipen) Nancy: "Will the Zetas expand on Safe Locations in countries that have not been given great detail yet? e.g. For England it only states how London will be affected"
(Berdwin) how can zetas in 4th density see us in 3rd if their density scene it totally different?
(JWilliam) Now THAT is a bold statement by the Zeta! Re: no regime change.
(RegWa) any comment on reports the ocean has turned green off shore of Iraq due to some form of attack?
(NancyL) Evo, no, and I'd NOT appear with Hazelwood, would refuse.
(ZooSpecim) NancyL Do the Zeta's feel there are some questions that we have missed/ should have asked? Could they please go throuth some of them with us next week ?
(Cruithne) do u mean no terroist attacks in us?
(NancyL) If that was the case, I'd pin Hazelwood down to his misstatements, and it would be so embarrassing for him that HE'd refuse to be on with ME.
(SomeoneEl) where will the staged terrorist attack happen?
(DonMB) Nancy, Why no current images?
(GingerAle) Nancy: forgive my ignorance, but if the atomic clock is based on radioactive decay, what does it have to do with Earth's rotation?
(NancyL) Hubbble, how about that missiles, satellites guided, that missed the COUNTRY altogether and went into Iran.
(NancyL) SEVERAL of them! Wow!
(WarDevil) heh Gignerale i was thinkin the same think
(Ipen) Ginger ale... it doesnt... its used a a measerment of time
(NancyL) And Brits had their choppers going into each other!
(Hubblebub) Yes, Heard about that one too
(Karios) Nancy, do the Zeta's have any specific plans in light of the destruction Planet X will cause?
(NancyL) Tcards, re flood tide, it will be pretty fast, I think as it is not the WATER that is on the move, but the crust underneath!
(NancyL) Quick ZT on that!
(NancyL) ZT: Where the waters of the oceans and great lakes RESIST moving with the crust, to a great extent it DOES.
(Ipen) and time is relative to the position the Earth is in
(Stacked) You'd say that Zetas did these ?
(Sefi) GingerAle and the 15inch refractor owner wArDevil: bedfellows? :)
(dBug) Hi Nancy, is Px right now inside solar system, is it confirmed by ZT?
(Dios) WHY OH WHY was this channel set to invite only??
(Ipen) +m!
(GingerAle) Sefi: I should be so lucky as to have a 15" refractor... but that would cost many thousands of dollars... I have a reflector.
(NancyL) ZT: However, the press of a body of water if far stronger than the press of water clinging, gravitywise, to a disappearing Moon.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, there is MORE pressure to move inland in a flood tide, and due to the bulk of water pressing, the water will move FASTER than a normal tide.
(NancyL) ZT: A normal tide takes 12 hours in, 12 hours out, but the pole shift tide will roll in within a few hours.
(NancyL) ZT: The sloshing BACK will telescope this, but the additional sloshing that occurs until the water settles into its bowl will take increasingly longer.
(NancyL) ZT: It is a confused mix of factors affecting the tidal flow.
(NancyL) ZT: The Moon does not stop its affect on the tides.
(NancyL) ZT: Water from compressed bowls such as the Pacific will attempt to equalize for days, creating flows where they would not be expected.
(NancyL) ZT: The temperature will be mixed, with cold water forcing under warm in unexpected places, creating sworls that move the water AROUND rather than in a direction.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we would advise those having to deal with flood tides to read our Safe Locations information carefully, re their location.
(NancyL) ZT: Read the Pole Shift section regarding water movement carefully.
(NancyL) ZT: Have discussions with others on the hypothetical movement of water affecting the group.
(NancyL) ZT: After a bit, the many factors will fall into place, and you will be able to predict just when it is safe to return to your coastline.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(NancyL) Ipen, I am trying to keep a balance in the Safe Locations doc, so it does NOT get huge and unwieldy.
(NancyL) For instance, if a city is in a desert state, other cities already mentioned, they WHY is it necessary to expound?
(NancyL) Example: Tucson, when Arizon is already covered, Phoenix covered, Mexico desert covered, New Mexico hill covered, etc.
(NancyL) What is DIFFERENT for Tucson? Nothing. So I declined.
(NancyL) Africa, China, many part of Russia, South America are NOT yet addressed, and these I treat differently.
(Strker) Err... NancyL: it's 6 hours in, 6 hours out, 6 hours in 6 hours out...
(Strker) the tide...
(Karios) What will the affect of PX have on the moon? If anything, will the changes have any permanent affect on earth?
(Sefi) GingerAle: well wArDevil says he has a 15 inch refractor in his backyard, he gave me the specs... only that i found the specs belonging to a 15inch Newtonian ;)
(CyberVViz) Q: how far would the waves enter the shore (approx.)
(NancyL) If you feel that something is MISSING in the Safe Location doc, present this to me in that fashion.
(NancyL) I ask this anyway, saying "what is MISSING"
(NancyL) Ipen, what is MISSING from Safe Location re the UK that is needed?
(NancyL) Panic stricken people will NOT read what is already there, will not THINK.
(NancyL) If you say their town will be under water, they say "yes, but what about the houses on my street"!
(NancyL) That's a fact, they just want to ask about their spot.
(NancyL) This is why I want to keep the doc small enough that it can be passed about, printed, downloaded, and not TOO much detail about someone's home town, etc.
(NancyL) Strker, OK, then I will fix that ZT as I was not on the page re that, Nancy error, thanks!
(WarDevil) ?
(JoeTTnew) test
(MattD30) Can we expect a time frame for any intervention or help from the zetas after the shift? Or should we just count on ourselves?
(WarDevil) whats wrong with me having a scope u jeolous?
(JoeTTnew) why don't the zetas tell this message to the masses,...
(Tcards) how does hig ground affect a flood tide if it pushes over it?
(Samsara20) When will the Zetas declare the HOUR OF THE SHIFT?
(Sefi) yes im jealous of your great big refractor :)
(WarDevil) i'm sorry i do not see PX... believe me if i did i would not be in here... i find this very interesting
(Tcards) how much of it`s power does it lose
(Martian2) The zetas said they would prevent an attack on Iraq. Zeta Less than 100% correct, huh?
(Hubblebub) Nancy, have the knowledge of the forthcoming poleshift leaked from the inner circle to power to other nations in the world during the past months. If so, witch nations are CURRENTLY aware of the poleshift happening very soon?
(ZooSpecim) how do the zeta's see the economy at this point?
(Obany) Martian2: sigh that is not what they said
(Dios) Nancy - what do you and/or the zetas think of IMOpenMinded revealing his identity - a ploy?
(Tcards) tidal bore obviously haqppens
(JWilliam) Wardevil: post your fits images.
(GingerAle) Sefi: I think you misunderstood. It must be a reflector, not a refractor.
(Vandlou) can we have names/catalog #s of bright stars as many as possible to look at when average observers are borrowing in time on amateur astromers' scopes Going to be hard to distiguish away already known and catalogued stars!
(DonMB) Nancy, When are more current images to be posted?
(Tcards) but what happens to the land behind the high ground that it pushes over
(NancyL) Karios, the Zetas have stated Sun does not care about PX whatsoever, and Moon hugs the Earth and ignores Px also.
(NancyL) Matt, re being rescued by the Zetas.
(NancyL) Do NOT expect this, as 1. you may not qualify not being STO, etc., 2. you may qualify but others in the group pollute the STO so that help will not be given,
(NancyL) 3. you may have expectations that are unreasonable (high tech living) for what the Council will allow or the visitors can sustain given their work load.
(NancyL) 4. your locale may be polluted by STS or mixed (immature) orientation such that no help can be given.
Session Close: Sat Mar 22 18:11:34 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 22 18:13:55 2003
(Sefi) weebee NancyL
(Tcards) not just the rotation stoppage
(Ipen) yay!
(canBear) if you wait until the see the bullet coming at you - ducking may not be fast enough
(Woofferbr) canBear, It's not overload, I got quick answers from almost every site I tried so far...
(RegWa) Nancy ZT, will nuks be set off in the US soon?
(ZooSpecim) but at least you know its comming
(islander) lol
(Woofferbr) Sefi, I'll take a look in the site... And I'll see if I can translate it.
(GingerAle) Nancy: you need to authenticate with X before you join the channel.
(Ranier) weevee Nancyl
(Lightspee) Wb Nancy!!!
(ZooSpecim) wb NancyL
(Berdwin) what is weevee
(Sefi) thanks Wooff
(Obany) ah
(JWilliam) ;o)
(Ipen) yay!
(Zod3) good news Obany ?
(Sefi) weevee is welcome back
(NancyL) OK, I was at
(RegWa) Nancy ZT, will nuks be set off in the US and how soon??
(NancyL) 5. your locale may be anxious about the alien presence, so help would violate the Element of Doubt rule.
(NancyL) For all these reason, you should NOT expect ANY help, thus, any you get will be a pleasant surprise!
(Strker) Reg-wa: if that will happen then Iraq is history
(NancyL) I myself am in that mode, THINK like this, etc.
(Dios) nukes
(dBug) Nancy, is Px right now inside solar system? is it confirmed by ZT?
(Masisoar) Nancy, this might be a little off for a question but do the Zetas know what ever happened to Amilia Airheart? ;)
(NancyL) OK, as I lost the outstanding Q's can you folks repeat?
(Yy0ink) heh good one Masi :P
(BrianC) Nancy will Kitchener Ontario go under water?
(Ipen) dBug:
(NancyL) dBug, YES, it is in the solar system, but check that new Distance guide for which orbit (distance out) it is at.
(canBear) Brianc - read the Safe Location most like not
(NancyL) I think it was to be at Saturn's orbit on 3/17
(Alliya) pls forgive me because i'm new but i read something about camps... like a camp in Topeka... are these camps to help people or concentration camps for the elite? Or basically are there 'safe' spots that actually won't be safe
(RegWa) Nancy zt, will our nuks be set off in the US and how soon?
(dBug) thx Nancy.
(AGreenspn) Outstanding Q's, eh? You must really be in good mood
(NancyL) This is, I agree with JWilliam's hunch, the REASON it is becoming visible to folks, it is reflecting sunlight.
(Sefi) Nancy i think its to be on Saturns orbit by April 3 per distance table
(Obany) there where some questions earlier on
(canBear) RegWa - only if you keep on like that
(NancyL) Mas, this is kind of a silly Q, don't you think?
(Owego) So, the next set of images should be without a doubt, correct?
(Woofferbr) Hey, dBug, aren't you having any trouble to access outside sites?
(Woofferbr) In fact, is not the only site I can't access... I can't access any site outsite Brazil... Strange, If I'm connected to this channel...
(Sefi) would 20x50 power binoculars be sufficient in sighting right now?
(JWilliam) The dust cloud/moons reflecting sunlight/Px light combination more than Px proper.
(NancyL) Brian, re Kitchener Ontario 1. what is its elevation, 2. what has the Safe Locations writeups said about the general area it is in.
(GingerAle) Sefi: yes, it 'would'
(N18) Woofferbr: You have a DNS server problem
(Masisoar) Yes Nancy :-) Just curious though, like I said, a little off beat
(canBear) Wooferbr - that depends on the hub the signal is going through - IRC is different code
(NancyL) 3. what is MISSING from that Safe Location info that you require?
(MikeO) Nancy, there was an earlier question about what really happened seismologically on March 17, if anything.
(Woofferbr) N18, No, i can't access via IP.
(Obany) Yes, there was some kind of seismic event or so
(Sefi) not jst March 17, 11th also
(Woofferbr) canBear, Don't think so.
(canBear) Nancy in the safe location are some contradiction about the great lakes area and the Seaway in relation to the future sealevels
(NancyL) Alliya, I'd NOT go to ANY camp, not offered by the government or groups. Reasons ...
(DonMB) Nancy, When will the images be updated?
(Woofferbr) Anyway, I'll check it out with the ISP.
(JeremyOut) nick Jeremy
(N18) Woofferbr: I could access both ways
(Woofferbr) N18, Thanks...
(Owego) works here
(BrianC) Nancy it's elevation is 300 ft and it is 50 miles.
(Obany) wb Jeremy
(canBear) Wooferbr it could be a limitation at your ISP server - temporarily
(NancyL) 1. governents are NOT wanting to help the desperate, they want a die off in the population, especially among those who have their hand out and WANT help (aged, poor, sick)
(Woofferbr) canBear, May be.
(Jeremy32) hello Obany
(NancyL) 2. groups that advertise for others or say they are STO are looking for YOU to help THEM, or to scan you.
(NoseDog) What question does that answer?
(GingerAle) Nancy: survival of the fittest, eh?
(Martian2) If PX is visible at daytime after April 1, 2003, how can it be invisible at night before that date?
(Ipen) +m
(Alliya) thank you Nancy
(Jeremy32) Nancy, the Zetas said that PX is daytime visible when at the orbit of Saturn, so that would be just a week away roughly
(NancyL) Can you immagine WHO is going to those camps? People who have no clue how to help themselves, people who want to make demands on others, etc.
(canBear) BrianC I'm on lake Ontario the lake is 200 feet above see - teh lands along rtge Seaway are to go up a bit
(JoeTTnew) Nancy, Why dont the Zetas tell it all to the massas...
(RegWa) canBear, the real threat of retaliation conserns me, why is it wrong to ask?
(NancyL) A good hearted person setting out in that environment will be taken advantage of, or find the group so overburdened that it will not succeed.
(Masisoar) Camp Hell ?
(BillN) Nancy is May 15th-June 1st still the timeframe for PX to pass us?
(Martian2) The world ends between May 15 and June 1, yet no one can see this imaginary Planet X?
(MikeO) Joe, that will happen as soon as the masses are ready for the Zetas.
(NancyL) Family groups, small groups, folks you KNOW, not advertised or government camps, heavens NO.
(Obany) JoeTTNEW: the site is there for all
(JoeTTnew) Aren't we ready yet?
(NancyL) GingerAle, not survival of the fittest, per the Z's but survival of the STO
(canBear) RegWa - this would be taking the responsibility off you - such must be prevented
(BillN) Nancy at what date will we be able to see PX with the naked eye?
(NancyL) The reason? STO help each other, are true team mates, and thus BETTER the chances for the group.
(MikeO) Joe, we'll know we're ready when we're contacted.
(NancyL) canBear, yes 200 feet above sea level along the Sea Way means you may get wet feet during the shift, but eventually be under water.
(Asx) May15 is pretty soon
(BillN) yes it is
(Sefi) May15 or shortly thereafter
(BillN) but when will we see it with the naked eye?
(JoeTTnew) and the contact will be before or after Px passing?
(Sefi) next week i suppose
(BillN) Is it next weekend?
(ZooSpecim) Do the zeta's feel there are some questions we have missed and should be asking ? Can you tell us, or will the CoW only let them answer questions that we have asked
(NancyL) The Seaway gets a bounce up, but not to the 675 feet the oceans will rise.
(BillN) cool
(canBear) Martian2 - maybe nukes could do a similar thing ... .if Bush pushs too much buttons
(GingerAle) Are there no governments on Earth with an STO orientation?
(Owego) March 26, naked eye in daytime
(dBug) its 3/26..
(NancyL) Bill and others perpetually asking about the date, NO change.
(BillN) thats Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sefi) Nancy, will islands in southeast asia disappear among rising waters well before the shift itself, during rotation stoppage?
(NancyL) Per the Zetas, you should be AT your safe locations BY May 15, not waiting.
(BillN) thank you Nancy:)
(Ipen) Gingerale...thats almost an oximoron STO govt? heeh
(JWilliam) Martian2: Read 7 weeks before passage/ sometime between march 24 and April 11
(NancyL) By that date 1. you will have seen the inbound complex in the sky for weeks.
(NancyL) 2. quakes will be racking cities that never planned for them.
(Karios) is the date to see naked eye on 3/26 or from 3/26- given date?
(Jeremy32) Owego: Yes, 26th March is 7 weeks (49 days) prior to 15th May
(canBear) in a dream here a woman saw the waters of lake Ontario will rise by about 50 to 60 feet
(Ranier) NancyL: im really looking forward for this to get media attention...
(Rrid) Did General Tommy Frankas Have anything to do with foiling Bushes plans Nancy?
(RegWa) canBear, I am taking resposability by asking the question and bringing to mind the posibiliy getting away from those locations for more reason that one
(Sefi) international media attention u mean, Ranier?
(NancyL) 3. communications via satellite will be SO bad that email will be getting lost, phone conversations full of noise, TV reception poopy, etc.
(Ranier) right, Sefi
(Owego) J William, why the three week buffer zone?
(NancyL) So, in this situation, what the heck are you WAITING for?
(NancyL) Go to a SAFE PLACE!
(JoeTTnew) When will the Zetas Conctact occur?
(BillN) One more question will we need binoculars too see PX on Wednesday?
(Ranier) so that people (other than us) we be aware of all these.. and maybe media can research further...
(Sefi) cable reception in my area has been poor these past few weeks
(canBear) well from another dream a nuke exlosion from a flying object in the south of Syracuse NY area
(Berdwin) we can only be sure when we see Px
(NancyL) Bill, Jeremey got an eye full with binocs already. Have you tried this? Do it!
(Ranier) and force NASA to react abt this matter publicly
(NancyL) Sefi, no, per the islands, but the shift will take them out horribly.
(NancyL) The rising sea level happens within 2 years after the shift.
(BillN) so i can see PX tonight with binoculars?
(Owego) Can, best leave thos vineyards alone
(NancyL) The islands are riddled with volcanoes, which are increasingly exploding.
(Sefi) NASA will react in the most obvious way Ranier - not give it any credit at all
(Asx) if we see X
(Obany) BillN yes for what i know yes
(canBear) ReaWa simple get away from obvious targets like New York Los Angeles etc
(NancyL) But the real disaster happens AT the hour of the shift, when the plates smash into each other, and that poor part of the world (liek Central America) gets ground up.
(Karios) Is there any relation of Mars' closest passing and Planet X??
(JWilliam) Owego:
(Asx) does Iraq know about X? if they had someting to show mybe they could stop the war or did we blow up all there scopes?
(BillN) Nancy im in Cleveland so what direction would I look?
(NancyL) Rrid, Franks looks to be fully in the Bush camp, so I don't think he's a secret good guy, no.
(Ipen) Bill find a star char online and look for Orion and Taurus
(Rrid) Oh well.
(Ipen) one sec
(GingerAle) Karios: the close 'passing' of Mars will not be until August 27th.
(NancyL) Sefi, so many folks are losing email, increasingly, NO bounce message but just did not get thru.
(BillN) thank u
(ZooSpecim) i can find the Orion belt in the sky... i know that much
(canBear) Franks let the cat out of the bag todaty in his last answer admitting the warplan is solid sine they had A YEAR to prepare
(BillN) has anyone else seen Planet-X with binoculars yet??
(NancyL) Karios, Mars passes like that regularly.
(Sefi) fourmilab is a good site
(DonMB) Nancy, When will the images be updated?
(Sefi) i use it to plot the coordinates
(GingerAle) Zoo: look for a bright orange star (Aldeberan) halfway between the belt and the Pleiades. Then go 6 degrees southwest from Aldeberan.
(NancyL) The Earth's geography tells us that cataclysms happen every 3,600 years or so, NOT the period that Mar's being a tad closer entails.
(JoeTTnew) Nancy, will be world be able to see the Z.s before PX passsing..
(ZooSpecim) thank you LiquidJe and Ipen
(NancyL) Bill, I have a page on the TEAM section, April 2003 is it called (link to it) and it explains when it becomes visible in the SE and when it sets in the SW for 6 cities around the globe.
(Berdwin) can we see the Zetas after you have died?
(AGreenspn) So have you spotted it GingerAle?
(ZooSpecim) thx GingerAle
(GingerAle) that would be about 3 fingers width held at arms length.
(BillN) Thank u Nancy
(NancyL) Bottom line, in April it will be in the SE around 9, 10, 11 AM close to where the sun is in the SE.
(BrianC) Nancy Waterloo Ontario is at an elevation of over 300 ft but it is only 50 miles away from the Great Lakes so will it be high enough to not get flooded.
(GingerAle) Agreen: not yet.
(NancyL) Then, it sets after sundown, around 9, 10, 11 PM in the SW.
(AGreenspn) So how come others claime they have?
(NancyL) So, I think the BEST time to see it in early April is in the eveing, after dark, in the SW.
(Owego) good question
(Ranier) wb 15" refractor owner!
(BillN) Thank u Nancy
(canBear) Brian the rule of thumb is in the Safe Locations- I guess you are safe
(NancyL) Need a clear sky, not light polluted (be away from the cities), and look for something reddish, and diffuse, dim.
(BillN) will it be as big as the Moon in early April Nancy?
(Owego) dim?
(NancyL) Jeremey is away, or I'd ask him how BIG this way. He SAW it! I'm so envious as we have fog here and you can hardly see the tree tops lately.
(Owego) If it's visible in daytime, why dim at night?
(Berdwin) How big will PX get in comparison to the moon?
(Obany) Jeremy you there?
(Zod3) Jermmey is back
(BillN) good question Berdwin
(canBear) BrianC the seaway opens and Niagara breaks so the water won't go to Kitchener
(MeR) easier to find using stars to locate
(NancyL) Joe, sightings of alien bodies is related to 1. the readiness of the locale to receive this (no anxiety can be generated),
(NancyL) so, depends, is your answer.
(Stoic) BrianC... is there a valley up to waterloo? In two tears might be under... might..
(Jeremy32) Obany: affirmative
(ZooSpecim) Kitchener , Ontario?
(BillN) I will be going to Niagara Falls the weekend be4 the poleshift
(Obany) okay there is the J man :P
(Obany) Hi Jeremy32
(BillN) I will be going with friends
(NancyL) Brian, sounds like Waterloo will do OK during the shift, but gotta move before the big melt forces you into a boat!
(Yy0ink) NancyL didn't you say earlier that you saw it?
(BillN) and im gonna go to casino Niagara
(Zod3) NancyL said: Jeremey is away, or I'd ask him how BIG this way. He SAW it! I'm so envious as we have fog here and you can hardly see the tree tops lately.
(NancyL) I think the houseboat concept is ideal, frankly, very appealing!
(Jeremy32) I may have sighted Aldebaran so I'm going to look again tomorrow night, clear skies permitting
(Dios) I have a houseboat
(NancyL) Build a houseboat, follow the coastline as the big melt happens, fishing, and moving if you don't like your neighbors.
(NancyL) Just pull up anchor!
(Sefi) wont a houseboat get crushed by roaring waters?
(NancyL) You will have time to build a houseboat from all the junk that the hurricane force winds blow about.
(Stoic) A Houseboat!
(NancyL) Have plants in pots on the deck! Be rocked to sleep by the gentle waves each night! Sound very appealing to me.
(GingerAle) Jeremy: there's a chart that will show you where to look at
(Yy0ink) NancyL , didn't you mention earlier that you saw Px?
(NancyL) Jeremy, can you tell us how BIG the Px complex was in your binocs?
(AGreenspn) You certainly have a sense of humor..
(Sefi) it was Jeremy who saw it i think
(JoeTTnew) Nancy, Just answer yes or No... Will everyone be contacted by the zetas...?
(Obany) well Jeremy just stated that he might saw a star, and not PX
(Yy0ink) Sefi I know but earlier when at the start Nancy said something about seeing it and nearly fainting heh
(Obany) Albederan
(NancyL) OK, we'll wait for your report. By then, hopefully, I will have a report also.
(Jeremy32) No, I may have sighted Aldebaran, as it wasn't really that reddish as PX ought to be
(Sefi) i think it was from someone who emailed her, re signs of the times?
(orionboy) can someone give me the url of the date/time sighting table for Paris page?
(Berdwin) is it possible that the zetas can be talking to me in response to my questions?
(NancyL) Now, for those wondering what Aldbaran LOOKS like, the existing Star Charts HAVE this position and relative size!
(Jeremy32) Thanks for the URL GingerAle
(Berdwin) sometimes I think they do
(NancyL) Thus, get oriented, do comparisons, find the EXISTING large stars or whatever, and look in the location for something NEW.
(Jeremy32) I've got great big 20x80 binocs and their a job to hold steady
(GingerAle) Orionboy: same for Paris as anywhere else... the coordinates are on the celestial grid.
(NancyL) Well, I plan to also bring up SkyMap and put an X where the coordinates are for the dates on my April 2003 page, getting to that next.
(GingerAle) Jeremy: you can't hand hold 20x80s... you need a tripod.
(Obany) well i will try tommorow nite .also ...20X binocs here
(Masisoar) So Nancy, if we start interacting with Zeta/hybrid communites, we could learn some of their culture? Music etc :-)
(Sefi) me too, good thing i have a mount for them... hehe
(NancyL) For those who do not have SkyMap, but the Path page has RA and Dec so you can compute, estiamte, yourself.
(canBear) the best binoculars to use by hand are 10x50
(Jeremy32) GingerAle: Yeah I know, and the tripod I have is not sturdy enough
(Dios) I have 50x200's
(NancyL) There are 60 minutes in a RA, and 60 minutes in a Dec.
(GingerAle) has a sky map to make it easy for you.
(ZooSpecim) i will go out and get some 20x binocs tomorrow!!!
(Jeremy32) Must say, I like looking at Jupiter and the Galilean moons..
(RegWa) a scope may work too
(NancyL) But there are several steps 1. take the coordinates, 2. convert to RA and Dec hours and minutes and seconds from decimal, 3. locate on the chart, 4. compare to existing star chart, 5. go look.
(canBear) Zoo they are very hard to hold steady enough - then get a tripod too
(ZooSpecim) u see them w/ 20x Jeremy32?
(GingerAle) make an right triangle with Aldeberan and the Pleiades... with the bottm leg of the triangle going toward Orion about 3 finger widths from Aldeberan.
(Sefi) jupiter is spectacularly big even for binocs isnt it? same wit Saturn too :)
(Dios) Nancy - if after the poleshift survivors are approached by alien beings, how are we to know who are Zetas and who are from other alien races - perhaps un-nice ones?
(Owego) Jeremy, you must be able to just make out Saturn's rings as well
(RegWa) rifle scope
(Jeremy32) Zoo: Yes you can see the Galilean moons (four of them) with a good pair of binoculars
(NancyL) There was someone stating to me, I think honestly confused or else the direction of one of our charts is upside down, that Orion/Taurus are UP or Down depending upon if you are northern or southern hemisphere.
(ZooSpecim) woohoo i should have had binocs long ago!
(Jeremy32) Owego: yeah I think so
(NancyL) Now, this is obviously not so, as a boat crossing he Equator would not have the sky suddenly flip!
(Owego) at least see an oblong shape to it
(NoseDog) Half is in northem hemisphere, other half in southern.
(NoseDog) From what I recall.
(Ranier) will the ZT talk again?
(NancyL) But, may cameras take images that are upside down and backwards, and even on our TEAM pages we presented comparison star charts from DSS or NEAT that were not aligned so as to be comparible to each other.
(NancyL) We stated, this needs to be reversed, when this was so, but what a confusion!
(NancyL) GingerAle! What lovely instructions! The 3 finger thing! Thanks!
(GingerAle) 4h10.7m: 11deg23.8m
(NancyL) Dios, there are about 1,000 alien life forms here helping with the Transformation, and it is the ORIENTATION of the creature that matters, STO or STS.
(GingerAle) Those are the coordinates converted to RA and DEC from the decimal.
(NancyL) You sense the orientation (read the Orientation section for their halmarks)
(DonMB) Nancy, When will the images be updated?
(ZooSpecim) only 1000??!! no wonder there
(ZooSpecim) rso busy
(Vn) one guy from Israel channels zetas and he told that you are not being in control anymore Nancy. he told that poleshift will occur later this year. He said you were not making anything up but you are not controlling yourself anymore or something
(AGreenspn) ..Just remember that people have different length hands, and finger width..but overall each finger equals 2 degrees..a good rule of thumb (hehe).
(NancyL) Life forms can be slimy toads, fuzzy cat people, amphibious octopus, etc.
(NancyL) Bottom line, don't panic at the form, have your feelers out re the orientation.
(Obany) vn: Gil Weinstein sigh .... that guy is a wierdo
(Vn) yeah that guy
(Owego) nice pun A Greenspan :)
(Sefi) how will a slightly big person deal with the fingers thing? hehe
(NoseDog) Feelers? I'm not an insect.
(Woofferbr) Good bye everybody...
(canBear) Vn the poleshift happens after May - according to other predictions in mid August - during the WWIII
(ZooSpecim) will we have a chance to thank you NancyL in the aftertime?
(Ipen) Nosedog use your insight
(Woofferbr) Thanks Nancy.
(NancyL) Vn, he channels the Zetas?. Humm does he have ANY track record at ALL? I'm sure not.
(NancyL) MANY false claims this way, as the Zetas warned in 1995.
(GingerAle) Sefi: it pretty much works... close enough for our purposes, since there are no bright stars in the area.
(JoeTTnew) Nancy. How Can i Conctact a ZETA... I am serious...
(ZooSpecim) give the Call
(Obany) JoeTTnew: check zetatalk, there is the call
(canBear) Nancy correct me but the Zs did not give the exat poleshift day?
(NancyL) canBear, NO not August, Hazelwood floated this disinfo line months ago. He will have you dead!
(Vn) Gil Weinstein said late autumn or so
(NancyL) This did NOT come from ZT, it came from Hazelwood during the time he was also stating 1. that NASA held a star party in Boston, invited a doctor (MD) to peek at Px with the Hubble.
(GingerAle) Nancy: why would Hazelwood want us dead?
(NancyL) Now, during this time, Px was in the Sun and the Hubble never points there as it would burn out the mirrors, per sci.astro crowd.
(RegWa) she did not say wanted
(Sefi) Hazlewood would want your money
(NancyL) 2. lately, that Px is coming in from Sagitarius, along with McCanny, but of course they have zero proof.
(GingerAle) ummm... actually, it would burn out the CCD cameras... not the mirrors... but your point is taken.
(BrianC) Thank You Nancy, canBear and Stoic. I will get a book with instructions on building boats and do some fishin'
(NancyL) 3. that it will not happen after all in 2003! After stating all over the place (trying to become the spokesperson for 2003) that it WOULD!
(Stoic) BrianC... you're welcome
(NancyL) In other words, ask Hazelwood and McCanney what the story of the week is :-)
(canBear) BrianC I'm in the same situation ...
(NancyL) Joe, read the Call section of ZT
(Owego) The story of the week is that McCanney is asking for donations for a vacation to New Zealand
(Stoic) canBear... same here
(NancyL) canBear, yes, correct, the Zetas did not give the precise PS date or time.
(Sefi) Owego: really? lol
(Owego) yes
(CyberVViz) there exists tents which can float on rivers
(Owego) to do 'research'
(NancyL) Vn, Gil Weinstein is just blowing hot air, is NOT a valid channel or certainly not from any truthful aliens.
(GingerAle) Owego: hey... you can't see Reticulum from the northern hemisphere... so why not.
(NancyL) Ginger, Hazelwood is a controlled person. WHO was he before the Blindsided book (info he lifted from ZT almost entirely)
(Owego) lol, true GingerAle
(NancyL) He is a failed person, a loser, who was selected because his father KNOWS Art Bell.
(Zod3) Quote ... fool
(Obany) right ... it was a quote
(Zod3) opps.. sorry about fool bit :)
(NancyL) In fact, during the interview with Art I had last June, Art wanted to be sure I did not insult Hazelwood, and in this private phone chat just before the interview, ...
(NancyL) kept referring to Mark Hazelwood as LEE Hazelwood.
(NancyL) I learned later that LEE is Mark's father, a musician, and Art is friends with Nancy Sinatra, etc. and knows Lee personally.
(NancyL) In Art's mind, Mark and Lee are all mixed together.
(RegWa) Nancy, any comment you can make on nuks?
(GingerAle) There are many things mixed up in Art's mind... *hehehe*
(NancyL) Now, those that wanted Hazelwood to be a spokesperson for the 2003 issue, to push me aside in the media, did NOT want the truth out.
(NancyL) They wanted to discredit me, twist the message, and mislead the public.
(AGreenspn) I'm not sure at all that this Hazelwood fellow is anything even after "Blindsided"..
(NancyL) 1st they had to give Mark credibility, so he copies the ZT message in 2000 and claimed it as his own!
(BrianC) What a bum!
(NancyL) Of course, ZT was out there in 1995, all over the Usenets, etc., well known, so this was a bit hard to pull off.
(Owego) everyone knows the Hazlewood story
(NancyL) 2nd, he wanted to associate me and the TT groups with $$ scamming issues.
(Sefi) yep Hazlewood and his money-making scams
(NancyL) Hazelwood (as the links on my home page state) was expelled from the TT mailing lists for soliciting into pyramid schemes.
(GingerAle) Nancy: I understand why he want's to make you look less credible, but why does he want us dead?
(NancyL) Later, in 2001-2002 the attempt to discredit ZT and TT and the nonprofit for money scams was tried, but since I had distanced myself so early and vehemently, and TT expelled him for these reasons, it did not work.
(Stoic) GingerAle... he is like Scrooge..'to decrease the surplus population'.
(NancyL) 3rd, with Hazelwood repeately mentioned and promoted by Art Bell and the CIA backers who floated this scam, the message started to MOVE, shift.
(NancyL) He stated it would come LATER, would be sighted in Sagitarius, etc.
(JoeTTnew) Nancy, so by reading your site I understand that the only way you can talk to zetas is by telepathy?
(N18) GingerALe:
(NancyL) False statements, to mislead. Now, the CIA most often has as a front person someone they are SURE they can control.
(NancyL) They like folks who have a criminal background, are fearful, perhaps a cocain habit they are having a problem feeding, or who can be blackmailed or bought.
(Berdwin) Nancy.. when you receive messages from zetas, is it in English?
(GingerAle) thanks N18
(NancyL) For sure, they want to be able to discredit the person when the time comes.
(Masisoar) no
(ZooSpecim) C'on u guys forget about this Hazelwood idiot, the human race is about to drop to its knee's and will die in 100 years....what are the do's and dont's when dating a hybrid?
(Masisoar) Berd, they give her an imagine I believe and she interprets it
(Obany) Berdwin: check zetatalk the info is there
(NancyL) An example of this is the Hale-Bopp issue of the Shramek object following HB, or so Shramek stated.
(Sefi) can the zetas tell us who specifically is behind the IRC attacks?
(DemonSeed) it's Krlll! hehe
(NancyL) This was not there, and after he went public with this, he was uttelry trashed by the CIA who had put him up to this and provided him with an image (doctored by David Tholen group, a NASA associate, as I recall)
(NoseDog) Take that as a no?
(NancyL) This is the CIA mode, put some flaky person, like Mitch Battros who is just dying for the stage, UP there, have them float a rediculous line, then trash them.
(NancyL) So, since Hazelwood can be relied upon to float whatever will get him some attention or money, will get a threat off his back, or whatever, ...
(GingerAle) Even though he knows that money will be worthless in a post PS world?
(NancyL) those who WANT to prevent panic until it is too late, or who WANT a large portion of the populace to die off so the food stocks will go further, can use Hazelwood for disinformation that will KILL you.
(NancyL) That's what I meant, Ginger.
(WarDevil) question.... I dont know but here goes... since Planet X is dense and has a strong gravational pull and magnetic field wouldnt it be bombarted with meteors when it goes thru the OORT cloud?
(ZooSpecim) greedy ppl don't think straight
(NancyL) Joe, you didn't read the site. The Call section states you WISH it and they hear you, then you get the visit, and YOU don't have to be telepathic to have this happen.
(orionboy) There is a zeta page with a table with dates/times for 5 or 6 major cities of Px sightings. That is the URL i cant find
(Sefi) here it is
(orionboy) thnx alot
(NancyL) Sefi, the group attacking is certainly associated with the Bush Administration, the wealthy (banking industry and rich families)
(Sefi) no problem
(JoeTTnew) Nancy. I have been WISHING to be contacted for almost 10 years ... so far no contact yet...
(NancyL) The same group that wants to secure the Iraq oil fields for themselves.
(RegWa) Nancy, can you make any comment on nuks?
(NancyL) The rich who don't want the Stock Market to fall so their net worth is out the door.
(DonMB) Nancy, When will the images be updated?
(Yy0ink) how hard do you have to wish it and make them hear you
(NancyL) WarDevil, you assume an Oort Cloud exists.
(Obany) JoeTTNEW: contact is recored in your subconsciousness so if you had contact you have to recall, by self hypnosis or meditation and the like
(BillD) Nancy who do u think the U.S. will go after, after Iraq?
(NancyL) Man is SO wrong about SO many things it is impossible to even start.
(WarDevil) Hrmm... i assume?
(NancyL) Oort Cloud is already in the Science section.
(WarDevil) haha ok..
(ZooSpecim) BrianC, read pivate msg click tab flashing up top.
(BillD) Nancy will the US fall after the shift?
(NancyL) Folks, it has been 3 hours, and even though the appointed hour was virtually lost, for many it is very late and I tire.
(GingerAle) Nancy: the Stock Market already fell... and my wealth already went out the door... *sigh*
(Zod3) See you during thr week (please)
(NancyL) I think we made up for the attacks, and will have a very healthy log to present!
(MikeO) Nancy, we still got in a full session.
(Sefi) thank you for enduring Nancy!
(DonMB) When will images be posted?
(NancyL) I wish to say good night, and thank you all for hanging in there.
(NancyL) I can't thank my op team here enough! They are angels cloaked in IRC technologywizardry!
(NancyL) Thank you all for hanging in there, and hope next week is a bit better!
(MeR) Thanks very much for staying late.
(Zod3) Nacl see you tomorrrow?
(NorgeRund) Q: Will the local types of fish change much in the ocean after PS? (Will we in Norway suddenly have tropic fish)
(Zod3) Horray for the IRC Cops
(Lightspee) Thanks Nancy, and keep up the good work!
(Sefi) thanks again
(Owego) Yes, nect week should be visible to everyone in daytime!
(NancyL) Bye! Love to you all and buy SEEDS and TENTS and baby chickens (I jsut did!)
(DonMB) Thank you Nancy
Session Close: Sat Mar 22 19:11:06 2003