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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Mar 15, 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 15 15:46:38 2003
(ZetaWolf) I hope I can beat Diablo 2 on hell lvl before PX shows up
(MikeO) If I remember right, last week saw at least 127 during the main chat.
(ZetaWolf) not much else to do around here
(NancyL) I logged in but don't see myself op'd, so will go do it again.
(KarenSue) I installed more memory in my PC and went to download the FITS files and was confused as to which one to choose any one can help?
(Asx) the big day is soon
(CM) maybe you forgot to name youself before
(ZetaWolf) takes a min to op sometimes
(ZetaCurio) choose the latest ones
(Asx) give it time Nancy
(MichaelCu) KarenSue: dl them all
(Orion9) Karen, be patient and wait a few weeks!
(Redrick) ...and this Aren't India, Bangladesh and Australia that parts of earth that will be much destroyed by PX ? I'm right?
(KarenSue) oh yes!! :)
(QueenVee) Redrick: why on earth do you think this belongs on my site????
(Gyflex) will Px enter our solar system on march 17; will earth changes intensify from yhis date?
(NancyL) Finally got it right ..
(ZetaWolf) I got a great view at parents house of orion and some binoculars and im gonna start looking
(Vandlou) bought Isacc Asimov's book Nemesis- written '89 same plot as now!-Was he a contactee and are his books helping others??
(Icarus) Redrick: yep, those areas will, for the most part, go underwater
(RichardW) Redrick: is that to do with the cricket? Funny how things work out
(Redrick) well that phenomenas appeared only in Australia, India, Bangladesh...
(CM) now now
(NancyL) Redrick, yes, utterly, quickly going under the waves.
(eXceed) it has begun...
(Dave7) Samara: Movie is taking long time to download, but i've seen first few seconds. Bit scary.
(KarenSue) was the announcement about an "evaporating" planet part of expaining away PX?
(NancyL) Gyflex, JWilliam and I checked the Table of Distances, and it is due to be at Saturn's orbit on Apr 3rd, so will surely be reflecting sunlight then.
(NancyL) Yes, outer planets before then.
(ZetaWolf) can or will we see it beforehand?
(ZetaCurio) can the Z's comment on the anxiety levels now that PX is about to enter the solar system next Monday
(Icewolf) NancyL: May I know why there's so many people Today?
(ZetaWolf) like Pluto orbit?
(Vandlou) NancyL are other contactees we may have heard of also helping out and can we check them out via you now citing them?
(CM^) sorry
(NancyL) Karensue, I missed the announcement about an evaporating planet. What?
(Redrick) Queenvee: I know you looking for science only proofs... but there are other forces at work too... not all can be explained by our science
(ZetaCurio) that and the war have everyone jumpy
(RichardW) might be the last chance to chat between us Nancy
(QueenVee) Redrick: what has that story have to do with PX?
(KarenSue) It was on Queen's webpage about a press release concerning an evaporating planet
(NancyL) Zeacurio, MOST people do not know about Px, they know about weather, increasing illness, economic depression worldwide, increasing starvation, etc.
(Kzzz) hoho
(NancyL) They are distracted, that I have noticed.
(Vandlou) has the CORE movie been released yet
(QueenVee) KarenSue: WHAAAA?
(ZetaCurio) indeed, thanks Nancy!
(Lynxy) NancyL, when is your birthday :)
(Icarus) Vand: it comes out in the 28th
(Orion9) no, March 28th
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the Suns solar storm connection to our phone and satellite, internet troubles?
(NancyL) Ice, not sure why the increase in folks.
(Redrick) I think that some kind of warning for people of India and Australia... well just my idea anyway...
(QueenVee) KarenSue: not on my site....
(KarenSue) Ok then it was on yahoo news.... I read both failthfully so could of messed that up
(Lynxy) NancyL, when is your birthday :)
(Steve4) Hi Nancy, could chemtrails be used to obscure the view of PX as it nears?
(NancyL) Vand, there are NO substitutes for ZetaTalk, no.
(ZetaCurio) Pluto on Monday!
(Ohio) hi
(Lynxy) i need only month and date
(Icewolf) NancyL: Weird :)
(ZetaCurio) Maybe we should wear Red for PX instead of Green on St Pattys day
(NancyL) Vand, I have seen the Core movie advertised at Mar 28 on TV here.
(Icarus) Can the Zetas comment on whether or not the Cassiopeans represent a valid channel?
(Obany) Lunxy: don't ask those kind of questions please ... are serving no purpose
(Orion9) no substitute, that's a chef song from south park
(Icewolf) Obany: They do serve purpose in astrology
(Lynxy) Obanym i have my reasons
(Vandlou) I am figuring out that i got dissed by an exNASA amateur astronomer, went to visit his 10" scope and it was dis-asembled
(Ohio) Is May 15th still the date?
(Earth420) Gots ta get your hair did, I guess :)
(NancyL) You know, they stated in the blurbs, 4 months to do something about it, and it was due to come out in January, right?
(NancyL) Think about THAT coincidence :-)
(Obany) Icarus: well i have been there and well to me it sounds like some disinfo site ... disinfo
(NancyL) Steve4, chemtrails are only to poison the populace, sicken them, not effective in obscuring a big fire dragon in the sky, no.
(Icarus) can the Zetas comment on
(KarenSue) So no one here saw that article telling of "evaporating planet"? I will definately hunt it up.
(Steve4) thanks
(Vandlou) Read ZT but - what else about how emotions of even people who do not know about X will be affected now and soon! noticiing upheavals in my and others lives
(Ohio) Nancy is May 15th still the date givin by the zeta's?
(Icarus) Obany: i agree
(NancyL) Yes, accept no substitutes for ZetaTalk :-)
(Torbj) As i have been noticed about the sunspots "dipping" towards the lower right (from our wiev) on pics taken from earth, and by myself watching them... is this due to "dragging" of any incomming object?
(Orion9) iv'e heard of evaporating water
(Icarus) i sounds like a lot of bull
(RichardW) Nancy can the zeta's say how much is known within the UN about Px please
(Redrick) can Zetas explains if Bush is Human or Reptilian?
(Icewolf) NancyL: When you have a time, i got one non-ZT-related question in PM. thanks :)
(Icarus) Red: they say he's human
(MikeO) Karen, there definitely was an article to that effect in the last couple days, but I didn't read it.
(KarenSue) The article stated it was "first of its kind"
(Obany) Redricj: he is a human .. there are no shapeshifters
(Orionboy) i have seen it Karen
(NancyL) Ohio, shortly after May 15, 2003 has been clarified since we are close to include "not later than June 1"
(Ohio) Nancy how did the latest images of PX look?
(Ohio) thank you Nancy:)
(ZetaCurio) weak
(Vandlou) What physiologic diff's will occur in our bodies due to EM changes?
(NancyL) This is because many asked if "later than" meant August, or whatever, and folks were wanting to take their vacation and it was only 2 weeks, or whatever.
(NancyL) So, for those wanting to take vacation, schedule this, May 7 for 2 weeks is a very good bet!
(DemonSeed) or whatever?
(DemonSeed) sounds vague
(Sotos) Nancy: Does Bush wait for PX to show up to start the distruction war?
(Steve4) Do the Zetas bush starting the war starting next week?
(Domicile) Karen, here's a story on the evaporating planet
(MmH) any more pictures of PX this weekend?
(RichardW) just booked my vacation on Friday.... dovetails nicely
(NancyL) Vand, this about how folks will react has been covered extensively in ZT already, NO change in that!
(JoeBeets) distraction war
(Ohio) but it might be a good idea if I take vacation May 15th through June 1st
(NancyL) Read in the PoleShift section.
(Earth420) Yeah, and go get your hair did...
(ZetaCurio) too late then Ohio
(Vandlou) Vacation: those STO always get a disadvantage here - they never LEAVE WORK
(Neoca) On May 16th there's a total eclipse of the moon
(KarenSue) Thankyou I couldn't believe it and thought it was an excuse (disinfo)
(Ohio) I work in a warehouse and dont want it to colaspe on me
(NancyL) The Sun is unaffected by the approaching Px.
(Ekim) Nancy: could rotation stopage occur before the 15?
(Earth420) Does the sun have affect on internet, phones?
(Torbj) A q for thr Zetas: i have been noticed about the sunspots "dipping" towards the lower right(from our wiev) on pics taken from earth, and by myself watching this due to "dragging" of any incomming object?
(Icarus) Ekim: according to ZT it will stop a week prior
(NancyL) Ohio, good imaged were taken on Mar 7, 8, 9 and are available to be downloaded.
(Redrick) can Zetas explains who build the moon bases? Are that remains of some old lost human civilization that reached the moon before us or did extraterestrials build the moon bases?
(Obany) Earth420: for what i know no ...
(CM) well Nancy nothing is totally unaffected :)
(Gyflex) the Stock Market in USA sank very rapidly this week then bounced right back up; any zeta comments on this?
(Ohio) thank you Nancy
(Owego) Torb, sunspots move towards the poles after the solar max
(QueenVee) Redrick: that is already answered in ZT
(KarenSue) I was up watching the moon last night and observed a few meteores all in same place (with telescope couldnt see with naked eye)
(Icewolf) What's the site about NancyL, pic of her etc?
(Woofferbr) Redrick, Thats in the site...
(Earth420) BRB
(Torbj) ohh...something else then! Thx!
(KarenSue) 2am-3am
(Ekim) But does the 15th date apply to stoppage or shift?
(MmH) Nancy.. anymore pictures to come this weekend?
(CM) Nancy is it not so that everything is relative ??
(Redrick) can someone give me exactlink... i am sorry but looks like i missed it
(Vandlou) Emotions - I thought ZT alks about emotions of those who know - and infected with overall tension in air too maybe nevermind if thats the case
(NancyL) They show Px complex moves along the coordinate path each day! I did an animation of Steve's Close Look GIFs and found the "steady state" object, assumed to be Px White as the Moon swirls form and unform continually to be blotches, splotches.
(Torbj) Owego...explain that to me!
(EarthvsMa) wouldnt the earth stop rotation, when the Px comes?
(NancyL) This is all on the web. Tracking ABSOLUTELY per the Zeta coordinates.
(CM) Nancy is it not so that everything is relative ??
(Owego) sunspots occur near the equator during solar max, and they slowly move towards the poles afterwards
(Owego) coronal holes, just the opposite
(RichardW) I think this is going to be a tiring session today
(QueenVee) EarthvsMa: yes, ZT indicates that the earth stops rotation as PX passes
(NancyL) Elim, yes, rotation could stop before the 15th. The Zetas have always said "you should be IN your safe place BY May 15".
(Torbj) NASA dont show that...but earth taken picīs and wieveng by myself see diferent
(Dave7) Nancy: the Australian prime Miniture Howard got pelted with eggs in South Australia on Friday. We are all very proud.
(Owego) Torb, look up "butterfly pattern"
(ChiefSimi) Question: at wich date (at the first time) will planet-x be visible during daytime, for those who cannot see it (because of the Earth psition) ?
(Obany) please keep in mind that this a zetatalk session : look at the topic
(CM) Owego I gather that is proved by observation
(Owego) Yes
(NancyL) Red, Q about the Moon cities of past declined. Curio only at this time. Already covered.
(Owego) over many decades
(CM) ok Owego
(Torbj) no....i know what i see here on ground....and see picīs delivered by NASA
(NancyL) EarthvsMa, go read Pole Shift section of ZT re stop rotation, click on link by that name, in fact, go READ!
(RichardW) Nancy/Zeta's Question: does the UN know about inbound PX ?
(QueenVee) Dave: Ozzies Rock!
(NancyL) Dave7 I heard about the egg bit in AU, and again, anti-war demos world wide.
(Tizza) :):)
(EarthvsMa) sorry, Queen already answered, thanks
(Ohio) Nancy will cars still run after the shift?
(Vandlou) The Incas talk about a tear in the fabric of time - Could Zetas comment about metaphysical aspects or 4+dimensional aspects of pole shift and gravity alterations to occur
(Icarus) Ohio, where will you get gas?
(Icewolf) Ohio: Of course :)
(CM) hahaha
(Icewolf) Gas equals Iraq
(Longint) Q: Given that Nancy can get in contact with the Zetas almost at any time, why the Zetas can't warn Nancy if Nancy makes a mistake? This is NOT a skeptical question AT ALL, we would just really like to get an answer onto these issues which has never been answered up to the present. From THE ZETAS. Pleeeeeeease..... Thank you.
(Ohio) very good
(Icarus) it's gonna run out
(Longint) It seems like Nancy would shame if she gets declined but this does not need to be like that at all!! However if she doesn't tell us what's the issue and how this all works between her and the 4. density beings, than we are lost in confusion.
(ZetaCurio) check the site Ohio, all this answered
(Icarus) i hope cars don't run after the shift
(NancyL) Chief, very early April, and it is visible rising with the Sun in SE (starting before noon anyway) until very late evening setting in the SW during April.
(Hubblebub) Ohio, I think the problem will be how to find a functioning gas-station after the shift
(Earth420) Can the Zs PLEASE comment on Earths magnetism being the source of our satellite problems, and not the sun?
(ZetaCurio) or a road
(NancyL) Ohio, NO gas, broken roads, downed bridges, so cars? NO
(Icarus) cars suck
(MmH) Nancy.. anymore pictures to come this weekend???
(Icarus) dirty and slow
(Dave7) I've never seen so many people so united AGAINST the treats of MASS SLAUGHTER in Iraq.
(CM) Icewolf : Khazahkstan equals oil, Afghanistan equals pipeline
(NancyL) Long, I am a separate entity, and make my OWN mistakes, as has already been covered in ZT many times.
(mikeaus) amen to that Dave
(Vandlou) will smaller observatories be open to shifting scopes to check out coordinates ?
(Gyflex) Will the countries bordering the Atlantic ocean first feel the effects of Px first? are these countries what you referred to previously as facing the Atlantic stretch?
(Ohio) Nancy will anyone be taken up with the passage of PX?
(Longint) yea but why don't they say you you make a mistake?
(NancyL) OK, I'm going to post the SIGNS of the TIMES. Want to gather an Agenda today, but no Qs posted so far are up to standard, etc.
(Icarus) Ohio: STO people will
(RichardW) Ohio: yes its taken up all my time LOL
(QueenVee) Ohio: answered in ZT section called THE LIFT
(ChiefSimi) Question: what is the lowest speed, what Planet-X is able to attain at its "dithering point"?
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1: Quakes Reporting Lapses
(Ohio) thank u
(Damon) the zetas said that Texas will go uner water before Px, could they give a more precise date?
(Icarus) i won't be one of those
(DemonSeed) whats an up to standard questoin then
(NancyL) "These earthquake sites have not been updated since March 6. If you check the seismographic stations there is evidence of something that occured on March 9 (possibly on March 8 also, but that data has scrolled off). I have been monitoring the earthquake sites [NEIC, etc] for 3 years, and this is the first time that they have not been updated."
(NancyL) "Last month there was some sort of change, and ALL previous earthquake sites are now routed thru Earthquake Central. The IRIS site is interesting because it performs a headlines search, and there are articles about 'unexplained booms, sounds coming from the earth, and shaking that isn't earthquake related'."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #2: Hawaii [NASA] Looking for Solar System Objects
(NancyL) "Hawaii Tribune-Herald, Mar 2, 2003: Astronomers atop Mauna Kea expect to begin using the world's largest camera this week, - more than 100 times more powerful than some of the best digital cameras on the market. A pixel is the smallest possible ele-ment of an image."
(NancyL) "The highest-reso-lution camera currently in operation; atop Mauna Kea has a resolution of about 300 million pixels, officials with the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy said in October."
(NancyL) "Several months ago, experts from the IfA found a previously unknown Moon orbiting Jupiter, bringing the giant's total to 40 moons. Last May, the same team found 11 other moons. Still 11 more moons were discovered orbiting Jupiter in January 2001."
(NancyL) "A few weeks ago, using the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope on Mauna Kea and another telescope in Chile, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics announced another discovery. Three new moons were found around Neptune."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #3: NASA Admits Slowing Rotation
(NancyL) Changes in the Earth's Rotation are in the Wind, Mar 4, 2003
(Lightspee) Be the Light with You!
(NancyL) "Because of Earth's dynamic climate, winds and atmospheric pressure systems experience constant change. These fluctuations may affect how our planet rotates on its axis, according to NASA-funded research that used wind and satellite data."
(NancyL) "NASA's Earth Science Enterprise (ESE) mission is to understand the Earth system and its response to natural and human-induced changes for better prediction of climate, weather and natural hazards, such as atmospheric changes or El Niņo events that may have contributed to the affect on Earth's rotation."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #4: Market Crashes
(NancyL) By March, 2003 CNN reported that the Nasdaq was at its highest in March 2000 at 5048, but had fallen to 1/4 of its value.
(NancyL) Europe Crashes, Mar 12, 2003
(NancyL) "Earlier in the day, Paris stocks had plummeted to levels a little over one third what they were at their September 2000 peak. And Germany is now in the grips of a market downturn worse than it suffered in the Great Depression, calculations at investment bank Merrill Lynch have revealed. ..."
(NancyL) "The fall in Germany's Dax index has seen it, for much of Wednesday, below the 2,200 mark which Merrill Lynch analysts believe marks the current bear market as worse than that of the 1930s' Great Depression."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #5: Zeta Fans
(NancyL) "I noted young woman on TV game show Survivor in the Amazon wearing a 'TRUST ZETAS' tee shirt. Really."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #6:
(NancyL) Son of Hubble: Last Great Observatory Set for Launch,, Mar 11, 2003
(NancyL) "NASA's plans to send up the fourth and last so-called Great Observatory this spring. The Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF), as it is currently called, is expected to help fill some gaps in astronomy knowledge left by the other telescopes in the program, the Hubble Space Telescope, the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory."
(NancyL) End SIGNS of the Times
(Damon) i saw that too on survivor
(Vandlou) can we get insight re how many days/weeks before shift economy goes down so cash and credit cards are diff to travel with? or in human hands?
(Ipen) i want a zeta shirt
(RichardW) TRUST ZETA'S ..... COOL!!!!!!!!
(Lebrasse) Nancy, who are the puppeteers of Bush and Blair? (Rothschild, Rockerfeller, Zionists et al?) although Z's say we wont recognise names we can do searches on the net! ;-)
(MmH) i
(Redeye01) wow
(Steve4) Do the Zetas Bush starting the war starting next week?
(Longint) Nancy can I get a ZT on my Q??? I think this is the MAIN REASON why ZT is so uneffective! (Earth420) Can the Zs please comment on Earths magnetism, in regard to satellite problems, and not the Sun? (Icewolf) zeta.tool.Trust (oceantree) zetaism... (Icewolf) java:D
(NancyL) Vand, consider your money worthless and buy something of worth NOW.
(Jeremy32) Nancy: The Zetas say that Moon halos are caused by increased volcanic dust in the atmosphere. Does that invalidate the exsiting human explanation that says halos are due to refraction of light by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere?
(MmH) Nancy... anymore pictures to come this weekend?
(NancyL) Zetas will not advise folks on finances, they work without money in their STO society.
(EarthvsMa) so if the zetas, are planning to land here later, how are they sure they will get along with the 10% who survived
(Aerith) Nancy, shoould we be dumping all stocks and 401K's, savings etc now?
(Curen) NANCY: Stonehenge ... do you agree...that it are aura read doors?
(NancyL) Lebrasse, this has been asked repeated, the puppet handlers, and the answer remains "you would not reconize the names" so NO to that Q.
(Vandlou) I would like to hear how EM and shift affect human energy fields and emotions even if answer is above our science pls
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on Earths magnetism as the source of our satellite problems, and not on the Suns activity? As they are thinking it is the Suns activity...
(Orion9) Q: When will the compression start to affect the westcoast or pacific areas approximately?
(Hubblebub) Aerith, I think the zetas said something about stocks should have been dumped some year ago already
(Ohio) Nancy do u believe that the revalations in the Bible coinside with PX?
(NancyL) Earth, it is NOT the Sun that is causeing Satellite problems, the Sun remains unaffected by Px approach.
(Damon) the zetas said that texas will go under water before Px, could they give a more precise date?
(Icewolf) Obany: be careful with your bans, whole ISPs :)
(Aerith) So none of should have any savings at this point?
(Asx) Texas is going under?
(NancyL) Jeremey, halos likely have a number of reasons.
(Earth420) What is causing satellite problems? Thank you Nancy ;)
(Dan33C) Which book describes how the zeta's society functions?
(QueenVee) NancyL: could the zetas comment on the ongoing "silent earthquake" happening in BC?
(Asx) tell us more of Texus sinking please
(Icarus) Earth420: i think that's already covered on the ZT site
(ZetaCurio) wait to see the PX before dumping cash, etc.. with your OWN EYES
(NancyL) Q on EMF and magnetic shift affect on humans, posed by Vand, accepted as Q1.
(NancyL) Going to starts ZT now (please +m)
(NancyL) ZT: Humans note how sensitive their electronic devices are to magnetic pulse, electric surge, and imagine horror during the shift to their tender bodies.
(NancyL) ZT: After all, are nerve impluses not goverened by electricity to some degree?
(NancyL) ZT: Do sparks not numb the body part affected? Does electrocution not kill?
(NancyL) ZT: The base misunderstanding here is the degree to which the crust shields life on the crust from the magnetic field of Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated this already, in ZetaTalk, during early discussions on the extent the magnetic fields reach out into space.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that humans think their magnetic field limited, as the crust shields them from the true force of the field.
(NancyL) ZT: The field reaches OUT into space, flowing from one pole, wrapping around to the other pole, ignoring the crust surface in between.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the field is EXTENSIVE out in space, far reaching, as is the Sun's field.
(NancyL) ZT: The crust, having been affected by many pole shifts with hardening magma pointing in all directions, buffers this.
(NancyL) ZT: What evidence do worried humans have that magnetic pulse affects their body?
(NancyL) ZT: It is true that recent studies have determined that humans residing under high tension lines have an increased incidence of cancer.
(NancyL) ZT: There are MANY reasons for this, other than the magnetic field that might be generated in the area, but let us just point out the differences between a high tension line, or being electrocuted, and being a body experiencing an EMP.
(NancyL) ZT: Do you expect that the Earth will crackle with electricity to the extent that your body is when aside a current like a high tension line carries?
(NancyL) ZT: This would be akin to being near a lighting stike, which seldom happens, and does indeed leave its mark on humans where the lighting passes through the body to some degree.
(NancyL) ZT: Man does not HAVE large magnets, outside of an electrical field!
(NancyL) ZT: They have small compases, small magnets, and HUGE electro magnetic generators.
(NancyL) ZT: Here you have the electric current flowing, confusing the issue.
(NancyL) ZT: During the pole shift, there will be a STRONG movement of the magnetic poles of the Earth, but this will not affect humans on Earth anymore than a human standing on the magentic north and south poles TODAY is affected.
(NancyL) ZT: It is the giant magnet that is the CORE that cares, not humans on the crust.
(NancyL) ZT: To the extend that a magnet inside human technology, or data, or sensitive instruments, receives a pulse, it will of course affect that technology just as as data or magnetic components can be ruined when inspected before boarding a plane.
(NancyL) ZT: Here again, we point out the difference between humans and magnetic technology!
(NancyL) ZT: Do humans die when passing in front of inspection devices at the airport? No!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, protect your equipment, your data, if obsessed, but worry not about yourselves.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(Neoca) Humans working at the south pole bases have a much higher incidence of cancer too.It is a well known fact that magnetism is stronger at the poles: hence Auroras.
(CM) how long will it take for the Earths magnetic field, to stabilize in the aftertime in years (approx.), or how long before the field can be used in practical navigation (approx.) ?
(Woofferbr) What's EMP?
(Lyraa) electromagnetic pulse
(Icarus) electromagnect pulse
(Damon) electromagnetic pulse?
(StevenB) Nancy , Surly many billions of good souls will make the call to STO's in order to prevent the Earth's destruction , won't they ?
(Dave7) Neck support braces all round. Crash helmets and humans in foam sandwiches on the menu.
(Vandlou) can a STO be a STO if attached so strongly to an STO that they will conflict with others to protect those in their group - is it ok to conflict as long as your competitor is STS?
(NancyL) Obany, what is that command again to ignore? I have a nusance.
(Woofferbr) Thanks.
(Risbo) Hi!
(Torbj) A Q:... this MOAB bomb.... was that a coverup for something else... like a "big one" on other side of globe? or to cover for a blast sent out to meet any incoming planet?
(Domicile) Q: Can Zeta's provide any input on the topic of severe pain management w/o prescription drugs?
(Serbeo) will microwave oven work as a faraday cage?
(Obany) /ignore (nickname) (DemonSeed) /ignore nickname (JimWa) Nancy: While this may have been covered earlier, it might be very helpful, particularly for the newer observers of this forum, if the Zetas could give us a technical explanation regarding how Planet X and its associated moons/dust will go from virtually invisible to naked-eye visible in the matter of just a 2-3 weeks. This is important because so many of us are relying on this transition to make-up our minds about what and when to
(NancyL) SteveB, are they saving the starving stick children in Africa today? Why is YOUR live more important than theirs?
(EeeG) Nancy...anymore pictures to come this weekend?
(CM) ah Mother Of All Bombs
(NancyL) In other words, NO you will not be rescued by space parents, YOU are to rescue the starving children, etc. and grow up!
(Vandlou) good Q domicile
(ChiefSimi) Question: what is the lowest speed, what Planet-X is able to attain at its "dithering point"?
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the drilling being done in Earth? That could cause an increase in seismic activity?
(StevenB) The people who can help Africia do help, perhaps not enough, but some are helped.
(Intrusion) The small fish is always eaten by the bigger of evolution
(Orionboy) Q for Zetas: Do they have knowledge or contact for Andromedian civilization and the meaning of the symbol that is two mirrored greek letters E
(Serbeo) will microwave ovens work as a Faraday Cage?
(CM) how long will it take for the earths magnetic field, to stabilize in the aftertime in years (approx.), or how long before the field can be used in practical navigation (approx.)?
(Hubblebub) Nanzy, The Zetas have stated the atmosphere will be lighter and include more dust after the shift. While this maybe will be easily tolerated by someone helathy, how bad will the air be to breathe for persons having various respiratory problems?
(EeeG) will zeta comment on pictures of PX
(Obany) Hubblebub: has been explained
(Neoca) Chief At each extreme point of it's sling orbit speed equals 0
(dBug) Hi Nancy, can you/Z's comment about the new viruses, like that one Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS - pneumonia?
(NancyL) Chief, a virtual standstill, and does it matter?
(Vandlou) The Incas said there will be a tear in the fabric of time. And implied one must be able to manuever this. How does time relate to the shift?"
(NancyL) Earth, lots of excuses for quakes, like HAARP and whatever, but the quake increase is cause by approach of Px, period.
(Torbj) A Q:... this MOAB bomb.... was that a coverup for something else... like a "big one" on other side of globe? or to cover for a blast sent out to meet any incoming planet?
(Risbo) Q: Who's at the origin of the murder of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindic?
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on lacking from USGS, SOHO, coverup, patch up and loss of data?
(Intrusion) I personaly would like to see what will be said after the set date of the pole shifts is to occur
(Dan33C) Where can we read about the zeta society and how it functions?
(Intrusion) lol
(NancyL) Orion, STO Zetas not into symbols which are undoubtedly fake anyway, somebodies story.
(ChiefSimi) how the things are at the moment, heh .. not much
(Hubblebub) Obany, ... not from the standpoint of a non-healthy person, or has it?
(Obany) Keep your questions relevant please.
(NancyL) Q2 will answer Hubblebub re air quality, good Q!
(CM) yes
(NancyL) Moderators, please +m me.
(EeeG) p
(Asx) naked eye view time yet?
(NancyL) ZT: The shift will present many with preexisting health problems with challenges.
(NancyL) ZT: At the same time, many will find their health improved, and be surprised by this.
(NancyL) ZT: MOST diseases have a psycholgical basis, a connection, as has often been born out by studies.
(NancyL) ZT: Cancer, one of the prime killers, has such a strong psychological basis that it can literally be cured by the affected person simply deciding they want to LIVE rather than DIE.
(NancyL) ZT: Miraculous reversals, on the verge of death from cancer, are associated with the affected person making decisions to rid themselves of some burden, express their feelings, or make dramatic changes in their live.
(NancyL) ZT: Doctors repeatedly state they are astonished that some humans they literally pronounce dead, survive, by the will to live alone.
(NancyL) ZT: Others, expected to make a quick recovery, wilt and die.
(NancyL) ZT: The immune system is HUGELY affected by the humans outlook, with depression bringing this down to the extent that the slightest illness can get a grip and take the person out!
(NancyL) ZT: This is one reason for the increasing illness we have predicted at the start of ZetaTalk to be a symtom of the approaching pole shift, which is now so evident that people are astronished at the extent this is affecting cruise ships and the like.
(NancyL) ZT: There are, of course, many illnesses that take a toll on the body, damage the body, and no matter HOW hale the person might be later, HOW optimistic and enthused, the body simply is not able.
(NancyL) ZT: Many examples are quick to anyone's mind. Those with kidney diseases needing dialysis; those with Type 1 Diabetes needing insulin replacement;
(NancyL) ZT: those with such severe emphasyma that they cannot live without oxygen direct to the lungs;
(NancyL) ZT: those with a continuing need for blood thinners, or blood pressure reducers, as the stress of the shift and a lack of medication will create an instant emergency for these individuals.
(NancyL) ZT: What we have stated is that life should be viewed as life was 100 years ago, in industrialized countries, or as it is today in 3rd World countries.
(NancyL) ZT: Many people are alive today, who would have died quickly in those times.
(NancyL) ZT: Often death is viewed as a horror to be avoided, fought, but when it is clearly inevitable, or the person in pain, is welcomed.
(NancyL) ZT: Do those at the bedside of a very aged person, perhaps 100 years old, unable to move about and scarsely able to understand where they are, have regrets?
(NancyL) ZT: They say their goodbys, hold hands and weep a bit, treat the last days when family may gather as a type of family reunion, and nothing much more is made of this as it is EXPECTED that the end will occur.
(NancyL) ZT: 100 years ago, in pre-industrial or pre-modern times, when surgery was rare, transplants unheard of, vacinations not yet invented, and such items as insullin and bottled oxygen not available, MANY situations resulted in the same mind set.
(NancyL) ZT: A child with apendicitis died, and the anxious parents were in fact relieved when pain no longer wracked the child.
(NancyL) ZT: A broken limb resulting in infection and sepsis created a crisis and everyone knew the outcome, and all said their goodbyes without hestiation.
(NancyL) ZT: It is only TODAY, with antibiotics and replacements therapy, that the ASSUMPTION is otherwise!
(NancyL) ZT: This is an issue of an attitude, as death is NOT the end, and the same calm that accompanies a goodby to an oldster at the end of a century of living should be in place for many illnesses and injuries.
(NancyL) ZT: In fact, modern medicine often INCREASES the pain a patient experiences, by prolonging the illness in favor of collecting insurance and pandering to any relative of the patient who demands that life goes on.
(NancyL) ZT: Nature is not that unkind.
(NancyL) ZT: Clearly, there will be many injuries as a result of the pole shift.
(NancyL) ZT: Clearly, there will be many who go insane because they were not warned, and are feeling confused and abandoned.
(NancyL) ZT: Clearly, those without medication or supports they need for life itself will die, quickly.
(NancyL) ZT: Clearly, many will be depressed and allow simple illnesses to overtake them.
(NancyL) ZT: The answer here is to point to the positive side of the changes, not to be anxious about what is happening to the person as YOUR anxiety will have a negative effect on the patient, and to accept what comes as what nature brings or what the person has decided for themselves.
(NancyL) ZT: Beyond this, there are health affects from living in the wrong place.
(NancyL) ZT: If downwind from a volcano, the ash will affect breathing and water quality, as well as the chance for any vegetation in the diet.
(NancyL) ZT: The answer to THIS, is to MOVE.
(NancyL) ZT: If in an area subject to flooding, such that the feet are always wet, the body never dry, and one finds oneself wading through sewage, then MOVE.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that the atmosphere will be stripped away such that the clouds will be LOW for some years.
(NancyL) ZT: This equates, to some degree, to less air to breath in high places.
(NancyL) ZT: However, this is also offset by the rise in sea level, as this will PUSH the remaining atmosphere UP, thus recreating what most humans are familiar with.
(NancyL) ZT: Few will be in the high mountain tops during the shift, such that they would be affected, in any case, by a drop in air pressure or oxygen availability.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter :-)
(CM) how should we deal with the pain of untimely death, meaning seing people being murdered in cold blood ??
(Dan33C) How can we find out more about the zetan society? and how it functions?
(Neoca) Nancy: People with severe health problems, what should they do after the poleshift?
(StevenB) Nancy are we still 89% STS or is it better in the past 3 months ? The people who support war must be the STS. The STO's don't want war.
(Gyflex) how will persons who suffer from asthma fare after the shift? air quality will be poor!
(STOboutso) nai
(Dave7) Thankyou Zeta people. (Be PRESENT in the NOW and focus on the POSITIVE.)
(Woofferbr) Gov. Q: A lot of times, zetas claim that the ellite in Russia, England, Australia and USA are united, and know about the coming pole shift. So why is Russia (and France) against the war on Iraq? Don't they have a common agenda?
(EeeG) Nancy... will the zeta comment on latest images of PX?
(Locomotio) Q: How can the survivors best deal with the unburied dead?
(MikeO) Very practical advice from the Zetas regarding post-shift life.
(Hubblebub) Thankyou Nanzy
(Franci66) Nancy. Life after PS will not be as it was 100 years ago, it will be MUCH worse, (gloom, pollution in air, water, ground, drizzle, earthquakes, volcanoes, no decent crops), these problems didn't exist at all 100 years ago...
(NancyL) CM, how do you death with murder now? What is the difference?
(Vandlou) Nancy can we get you a fast typer to dictate to?
(EeeG) Nancy... any more pictures of PX this weekend?
(Earth420) I think well be in 4th density before 100 years
(NancyL) Noeca, depends upon the illness. Some should simply prepare to die, if they will be without something they NEED, like insulin.
(CM) people murdering each other for scraps of food for example
(Apateones) p
(Malakies) hmmm
(Earth420) CM, protect yourself...
(Dave7) 144 people here, in the NOW.
(NancyL) Woof, no common agenda with Russian and France and US. US wants to be their ruler! Take them over! And they know this.
(Zombryo) 145
(Earth420) Dave7, yes :)
(Icewolf) 147
(Neoca) Nancy: is suicide alright?
(CM) yes but if your a bystander
(AGreenspn) Thus, being that conditions will be quite challenging, and visibility poor, by what method, should one navigate to a safer place?
(CM) then what ?
(Earth420) CM, what will you do?
(NancyL) They want the US in US lands, NAmerica, NOT in the lap of Russia or France, etc.
(CM) an that was my Q
(Apateones) I have seen something strange at our lab
(Hubblebub) Zetas has said suicide is ok
(Earth420) CM, you are human!
(CM) yes .. you ?
(Malakies) I suggest full nuclear strike on Planet X and then i suggest you all go and live you life in reality and some mumbo jumbo
(Vandlou) Isaac Asimov wrote Nemesis in 89 same plot as Px. And Inside the Atom. Contactee?
(Striker) LeoNae: It was their choice... (EeeG) Obany i keep repeat myself because no pictures will show anything about PX.... why all the sudden that we cannot get pictures anymore.? (Woofferbr) NancyL, Thanks. (Icewolf) Malakies: Excatly :) (NancyL) AGreen, if you are going to be moving, navigating, I'd get some good maps, star maps if on water and take into consideration the New Geo map, and figure it out! (Richard) Malakies : your a clown
(Earth420) Fight, and protect yourself dude! Think on it.... when it is happening.! Just stand there? Want someone to hold your hand?
(CM) I suggest you leave Malakies
(Lightspee) Malakies: nukes are zapped before reaching PlanetX
(StevenB) Nancy are we still 89% STS or is it better in the past 3 months ?
(Neoca) Malakies: your insulting
(NancyL) AGreen, assume a compass confused for years, assume rivers may change course.
(Apateones) Icewolf-: hehe
(Malakies) or go about you work and family and smoke some gunja on the side...
(Icewolf) According to a Russian scientist, the aliens will avoid PlanetX from coming near earth.
(Icewolf) who claims to be in contact with aliens..
(Obany) StevenB: i don't think that Zetatalk said that it's 89% STS Now
(CM^) and Neoca leave
(Apateones) I suggest to move our planet towards Planet X and crash upon them
(AGreenspn) Thank you.. but that's the problem.. I was talking about post PS navigation as related to the Z's comments.
(CM) and Icewolf
(NancyL) Hubble, they said suicide in their culture is not resisted, as it is the PERSONS right to chose, but they also said suicide to avoid the pole shift is selfish, as those of you who KNOW should remain alive to help others, not avoid the responsibility.
(Humvee) Nancyl: stars might be obscured for a period of time also
(Vandlou) Is a STO an STO if conflicting with others to protect their group? Only if in conflict withSTS ? i guess it depends...
(Neoca) CM:?
(StevenB) yes 89% STS unless it's improved ......
(Icewolf) why kick him twice?
(Bouche) what is a STS personne?
(CM) oh sorry read wrong
(CM) my bad
(Icewolf) What Malakies said, makes much sense
(Locomotio) Q: How high is 'too high' in the mountains during shift?
(Icewolf) we could nuke the PlanetX
(Lato) does ZT have a comment on
(Obany) StevenB: well you didn't read that right ....
(Neoca) CM: OK
(Cybervviz) so karma :-)
(NancyL) Eee, the TEAM pages ARE pictures of PX, you dope! If you are looking for something to sear your eyes out, you have not computed the appropriate size and appearance, of the smoldering brown dwarf only 4 times the diamter of Earth.
(Richard) Icewolf: this has already been answered
(Redrick) STS are NASA missions or not?
(Richard) don't be DUMB
(Icewolf) Richard: So let's do it :
(Torbj) where the birds dont fly!
(Vandlou) Will STOs be in conflicts that could push them into STS status? or is that too metaphysical?
(Apateones) I agree with Icewolf
(Icewolf) Glad :)
(NancyL) AGreen, yes, me too, post PS. Compasses shit, maps WILL be of help.
(StevenB) If you know different fill me in, what is the STS amount currently ?
(Bouche) hey plz tell me what are STS and STO..
(Apateones) I suggest we nuke Px
(Icewolf) As you can see, what Malakies said, makes much sense
(Richard) Dumb and Dumber . Ssshhh
(Damon) Richard: lol
(VonSpark) Q: what's the deal with SETI coming out with a 3/18 date for their new thing? Just a smokescreen against PX coming into the solar system? The "proposed war date" as well, on March 18?
(canBear) Icewolf nuking won't work the planet is too big for Earth nukes
(Neoca) Redrick: STS are Service-to-self or Shuttle transport system
(Woofferbr) STS are Service to Self STO are Service to Other
(JasMartel) I suggest we nuke USA
(Bouche) ok thx
(Obany) Bouche: check the Orientation section of zetatalk .. STO are Service to Others STS are Service to Self
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment more on the appearance of PX as a "cluster" and that its not the Beehive Cluster and Jupiter?
(Lombo243) i suggest we move Earth out of the way ))
(NancyL) If you took the New Geo map, the Melting Ice Caps map, then you will reconize your landmarks even years later, in relationship to the rising and setting sun, the Star, etc.
(ToPernis) So i suppose we all support a Nuclear Strike on this Planet X
(Samsara20) Q: The zetas have mentioned that the "lift" will occur during the shift to prevent those souls important to the transformation from dying. For those groups participating in this operation, does this assist potentially involve ...
(Vandlou) Nancy L you are sounding frazzled can we get yu a fast typer?
(Samsara20) moving individuals from one area of the Earth - across vast distances in those areas where survival will be highly improbable. Will a call being given to move a person OUT from an area that will become uninhabitable potentially be honored?
(NancyL) Red, NASA and CIA are STS controlled, yes.
(Lato) does ZT have a comment on ?
(NancyL) VonSpark, SETI is a ruse anyway, for sure :-)
(Jeremy32) Interesting question Samsara2003
(Striker) read the disclaimer :DDD
(Apateones) NancyL: what about the rest of the world ?
(Icewolf) Lato: Repeating won't help you, it just got me banned :)
(Ranier) Lato: read the disclaimer pls
(AGreenspn) Ok N. - I just don't see with the geophysical changes how maps will be of anything than very limited help, compasses will probably not be accurate, and star visibility non existant.
(NancyL) ToP, no nuking of Px, this is why the Columbia Shuttle was torn apart in the skies!
(Evo) Lato: Zetas won't comment on that
(VonSpark) thanks.... Seth Shostack (sp?) does piss me off, with his condenscending ways.
(NancyL) FOLKS, a full moon this coming week!
(Icewolf) NancyL: Eh?
(JimWa) Anything happening?
(Vandlou) Off schedule tho?
(NancyL) Last time I noted it seemd the day AFTER the date had the moon fuller than the assigned date.
(ToPernis) so Nancy the shuttle was a retaliation of these so calles Zetas ?
(VonSpark) full moon came too damn early.
(Icewolf) NancyL: Please explain
(Lato) thankyou
(NancyL) Now, I have a question to ask! When they show a full moon in the Calendar, do they mean the NIGHT of that day, or the NIGHT before?
(Icewolf) Columbia shuttle was torn apart cause no nuking of PX??
(Icewolf) This makes no sense
(Berten) night before
(Vandlou) Look up in a libraries old Almanac?
(Richard) Icewolf: read previous zetatalk. You know wher the zetatalk site is?
(Earth420) IceWolf... no success...
(Dave7) Southern Hemisphere people only, Aldebaran is BELOW the belt of Orion, so look in a 10 to 11 o'clock direction from Aldebaran.
(Icewolf) Richard: Why is she telling us this then
(Aerith) N18, some particular reason why you're pinging me?
(Asx) a nuke no way no how could move a planet even NASA would know that seems you do not Nancy
(Ranier) Nancy please expound no nuking of Px, this is why the Columbia Shuttle was torn apart in the skies!
(canBear) Hi Nancy it means between midnights
(NancyL) As I was typing this, I realized there is probably a place where one can go and get the exact HOUR the moon is supposed to be full, dumb me!
(VonSpark) Icewolf: read previous chat logs for more info on this.
(Neoca) There is going to be a total eclipse of the moon on May 16th
(MichaelCu) Nancy, full moon is described by UT time
(Icewolf) About something already been asked, answered
(Icewolf) VonSpark: Why is she talking about it then
(Vandlou) yes
(Icewolf) IF it's already been answered
(KarenSue) I would think the night of the day because it is mentioned on news casts as to what the moon phase is at least here it is.
(Cybervviz) NancyL, i think there are ephemeris and formula's either to calculate it
(Obany) Icewolf-: check
(VonSpark) in response to another's question Icewolf.
(NancyL) AGreen, then consider this an adventure, like Columbus sailing off, and be high spirited about it!
(Icewolf) VonSpark: She could tell him to read right?
(Asx) nuke Mount Everest with our stongist nuke and the mountin will still be there
(Asx) let alone a planet
(Obany) whehehehehehehhe
(Eee) lol
(Vandlou) someon gets banned
(Obany) funny
(StevenB) Icewolf , Don't harm PX they have no control on what is happening. Plus the mass is to great to Nuke.
(CM) haha
(Woofferbr) Strange.
(Ranier) ban pls
(AGreenspn) Actually I am! Just wanted to see if the Z. had any insight to add ..
(Eee) haha
(Dave7) JAS your an idiot
(Neoca) VonSpark: Lol
(EarthvsMa) boring
(Vandlou) YOU GUYS Asimov wrote Nemesis same plot read it i am now
(Damon) is Jas french? hehe joke :)
(Obany) he left, with a read error ... Dave7
(Web0) So, when's Armageddon!?
(ToPernis) StevenB we do have something of greater than nukes, because it never has been mentioned it doesnt mean it doesnt exist
(Asx) so Nancy tell us again about why the shutle blew up your nuke story does not fly
(Woofferbr) Vandlou, can i find it in the net?
(NancyL) AGreen, we in Troubled Times, in the Info section, have a TOPIC called BEARINGS, excellent stuff!
(ToPernis) interesting question (Asx)
(NancyL) Perhaps if you visited, you would pick up some ideas.
(AGreenspn) Ah, thanks, will do !
(Dave7) Thanks Obany
(Aerith) Is there some reason why OPs are pinging my machine?
(Vandlou) Can Zetas name any other authors who pointed out this Px knowledge beforehand..Asimov hello
(Icewolf) Aerith: To check the lg
(Cybervviz) BTW a 450x telescope costs around $400, amazing, i gues You can see it with that equipment?
(Icewolf) lag
(Neoca) NancyL: excellent info on TT
(ToPernis) lol
(Locomotio) vandlou: Asimov rocks ;)
(Asx) Nancy we do not have nukes that can blow up planets funny the ZT did not know this?
(Woofferbr) Vandlou can i find it (Asimov Nemesis) in the net?
(Neoca) NancyL: espeecially survival stuff
(NancyL) For those asking ZT 101 Q's about Columbia Shuttle, STO and STS, and the like, go read the ZetaTalk site OR back through the What's New of ZT to find the subject, recent ZT.
(Obany) well Aerith i am not pinging you
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the increase in seismic activity, really Earth or is there drilling?
(Stoic) ZetTalk is straight talk, telling it straight and others are doing likewise,so, besidesof 6-pro postured metioned in Sources2003, looking for them, who are they u and what are they saying?
(Lyraa) that page not found, NancyL
(dBug) Nancy, when are you thinking of leaving to your safe location ?
(Franci66) Nancy can ZT explain better how exactly will the temporary Lift for STO occur? Will they be relocated to safe areas, otherwise it'd have no much sense....
(Lyraa) i think it's
(InSoM420) that's the right link
(Icewolf) NancyL: where is your safe location
(NancyL) WHERE TO LOOK I also did up a simple page from SkyMap data, have it on the TEAM page as a link up top.
(ToPernis) NancyL do you realize that ESA is near you ?
(Vandlou) right
(VonSpark) Asx: its not that we HAVE the power to do so, its that the arrogance envelope was pushed too far, and our gov't, USA, at least, got slapped.
(VonSpark) at least, in theory.
(Web0) So, when's Armageddon!?
(Icewolf) Web0: Probably soon :)
(NancyL) I took 6 cities, both southern and northern hemisphere, when the Orion/Taurus cusp will be rising and when setting, times.
(Asx) please Von even NASA knows that would not work
(Neoca) Eee: Lol
(Web0) Icewolf-: In what month then (MikeO) Temporary lift, ie rapture, is fully explained on ZT. (NancyL) For Paris, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, Sydney, Osaka, and Capetown. (Apateones) I am in contact with the Bvooks they will take care of Px before it reaches earth (Icewolf) Web0: More like, years :)
(Vandlou) wanted more philosophical stuff on STOs making decisions that are hard morality-wise
(Asx) nukes do not blow up big planets you not even need a PHd to know this
(Web0) hahahha
(Web0) so its delayed
(Web0) rofl
(Icewolf) Web0: Poleshift will happen in around 30years
(NancyL) It rises about 9-10-11 AM in SE and is in the Sun more or less.
(StevenB) Nancy , do the Zeta's like humans ? It seems they get no respect.
(Icewolf) Web0: according to scientists
(ToPernis) yeah okay, we peasant humans dont have the ability to protect ourselves, well i suppose we should just bend over and let them just come on over.... give me a break!!!!!.
(NancyL) It sets about 9-10-11 PM in the SW so will be in the dark then.
(Icewolf) Web0: No need to worry now :D
(Web0) Doesnt the scientists say that the poleshift wont cause any damage on other things than electronics?
(NancyL) For early April, I would think evening, after it is dark will be best!
(Icewolf) Web0: I'm not quiet sure :)
(Icewolf) But poleshift wont really be an Armageddon
(Vandlou) What is the name of the 2 stars fairly bright near Px
(Icewolf) Armageddon is when 100% humans die I guess
(JPo) Out here in Colorado the Orion and PX complex will be setting at dusk befoer I can see PX during th night oh rats
(Eee) I thought it was late March?
(Web0) I thought that too
(NancyL) Also, familiarize yourself with the appearance of this complex, the many moons, the size of the dust cloud, at the TEAM pages.
(Icewolf) Web0: If you believe Nancy, then its happening in May
(CM) are you sure Ice
(ToPernis) lol
(Web0) great
(Icewolf) CM: I'm pretty sure.
(CM) 100%
(ZooSpecim) do the zeta's want to talk about anything? a some questions we may have missed?
(NancyL) I also updated my attempt to explain WHAT it is you are looking for, seeing these past 6 months in images, on the Stampede page.
(CM) I cant remember if it was that much
(Icewolf) Are there any reasons why u guys aren't releasign the latest photos?
(Web0) NancyL: Doesnt the scientists say that the poleshift wont cause any damage on other things than electronics? (Lombo243) what is it? (Dave7) Debug: no where is safe, just safer. Your call when to move. (Earth420) cluster like a galaxy or nebula... not one red dot... is my belief...
(Aerith) Nancy, why would looking at the images help, most of those stars arent evcen visible in telescopes
(Aerith) good telescopes, I might add
(NancyL) Zoo, the hour is up and I am about to go. Come earlier and pose your good Q's :-)
(Eee) right Aerith... nothing is there
(Damon) will you please ban those disruptors
(dBug) Dave7: I know, Iīm asking when Nancy will move, just that.
(ZooSpecim) ok
(MikeO) Icewolf, how about asking NASA why THEY don't release the latest photos.
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspiring great ZT!
(Icewolf) MikeO: I'm asking Nancy not NASA.
(LanceQu) really gets the truth into you!
(Web0) you'Ļre ignoring my qusetion NancyL
(Cruithne) NancyL the full moon time'date can be found here for April 2003 Moonsearthview/pacalc.html
(NancyL) Thanks to our hard working cops, who always have a struggle.
(Asx) it sure does Lance
(Locomotio) Thanks, Nancy and Zs.
(NancyL) Bye!
Session Close: Sat Mar 15 17:15:12 2003