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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Mar 9, 2002

Session Start: Sat Mar 09 15:37:36 2002
(NancyL) I'm here, just sent the Agenda to Jurian and Gerard.
(Gerard) Some days ago I found a link when I searched on zetatalk 2003. a link from the Herald Sun a Australian newspaper that mentioned zetatalk
(NancyL) I have a light agenda of accepted questions, and want to impose a BIG one of mine.
(NancyL) The issue I want to get answered, and hope to use this crowd to fine tune, is survival sites and general panic in the public, when it arises.
(NancyL) For instance, ZetaTalk give the advice of self-reliance, or with friends and family, KNOWN folks.
(NancyL) But those with few survial skills will look around and decide to send the likes of Hazelwood $$ and get shafted as they are left with nothing while he escapes into off-shore inveestments and the like.
(NancyL) So, what is the answer here? We can't prevent folks from being taken advantage of, but ...
(Sirgrim) Good good
(HBO2) Nancy: what do you think about the "timely" reworking of cameras on Hubble, stronger camera with infra-raed capability?
(NancyL) Gerard, I read that Aussie article. This MEANS something big, I think, kind of a test of getting the blunt of the ZT message out there and tossing US the ball.
(Merlinjr) Hi Nancy will answer me question I write for you?
(NancyL) It ended with sending folks to the ZT site for "what to do".
(Sirgrim) Planet X was discussed on Art Bell last night with major Ed Dames the remote viewer, he says it is coming and Sitchen was right, so interest is evermore increasing
(Josaway) Nancy, I don't know if I'm the right person to say this, but I, Jurian, IQx and S7L are working on a betterement of tt's website
(Samsara2001) Sigrim: Is that show archived?
(Tizza) Was glad to see that article
(Sirgrim) Samsara2001: yea, but there's a 6$ a month fee to access it
(FirstChild) Planet X is coming? Where was it seen?
(S7L) I'm acting in role of consultant who don't dirty his hands though
(NancyL) HBO2, more serious looking at PX, and not fooling that many on sci.astro.
(NancyL) Merl, yes, you're on the Agenda.
(HBO2) Pretty obvious, I thought
(Merlinjr) Ok ;)
(Josaway) Our plans are just finished in outline, and just made the first proposal for the frontpage etc
(Samsara2001) HBO2? When?
(Gerard) I discovered a url from the Herakd Sun :,5478,3864813%255E11869,
(Gerard) 00.html
(HBO2) Early coming of El Nino pretty lame excuse for weather, too
(Superzod) I HAVE THE ARTBELL SHOW with Ed dames. Can DCC if it works
(NancyL) Joshaway, good :-), many hands must be involved and I must do ZT.
(Josaway) That doesn't mean they will go through ofcourse, it's just plans basically, although with some detail now
(Gerard) Nancy just mentioned that in fact... about that article
(Torbj) If Iīm a "goodhearted" one...and want to help the helpless ones...then I should really let them, who I want to "help" take advantage of me..let them "roule" me.....
(Josaway) *EXACTLY* :-)))
(S7L) Torbj: wrong.
(S7L) By being doormat for someone else, you are not helping anyone.
(Torbj) Get to speak...
(Jos) This new site will point heavily towards where ZT itself talks about survival, and add to that human information of all kinds
(Jurian) NancyL: exactly. Once we are ready, I propose we completely separate ZT and TT, so you can focus on ZT, and let others worry about TT
(Jos) Menu driven, and focussing on survival right from the start, and taking into account ppl need basics first&fast..
(NancyL) I think the Art Bell thing is leaning to a ZT presence. Eventually he's going to look silly not having noticed or addressed ZT, which said it FIRST, as the world knows.
(Sirgrim) Agreed
(Jos) There is a file about these plans, and a first tmp.html for a frontpage, just completed minutes ago actually
(NancyL) Unless the US listening audience is not alert as the rest of the world is, to ZT, etc.
(Superzod) True
(Torbj) As a doormat you ROULE!
(HBO2) Samsara: when Hubble? Completed work yesterday
(NancyL) Jurian, all sounds good.
(Matt) Bell often claims "heard it here first" when it's been around for a while so will be no prob for him...
(Sirgrim) Didn't they put a brand new infared camera on the Hubble?
(NancyL) Jos, lovely :-)
(Jos) Perhaps it's an idea to remove TT from the ZT domain, and have ZT pure and clean right away
(Canuck) Is the new site up yet?
(Jos) Even if bandwith can't take it, if it can't, then it will be fixed
(Jurian) Canuck: nothing usable yet
(Jos) At least it'll be out of Nancy's way
(HBO2) Sirgrim: yes
(FirstChild) I'm sorry to interrupt, but have preservation methods been discussed here yet?
(NancyL) Matt, well, those folks finding ZT home page, as all ARE, will find the "shame on Art Bell for helping Hazelwood scam" etc and the history.
(Jurian) We're just starting it, there is no actual content yet
(Canuck) Will it be a link from TT or ZT?
(Jos) I'm glad you like it!
(NancyL) Is Art to claim he was, um, unaware?
(Matt) True
(Samsara2001) Any discussion /w Zeta's today about my question last week - regarding anomolous orbital speed of PX?
(Canuck) FirstChild...look at the Hub
(Jos) I would even suggest taking the link to TT down right now, and restore it once Nancy is /happy/ with the quality of the new site
(NancyL) FirstChild, yes, on TT topics. Food storage, etc.
(Jos) This also will generally speed up the new site btw
(S7L) We hope to get the basic survival things presented in about 10-20 minutes, and then extend on this. We find that the tt web experience is too unfocused
(FirstChild) NancyL: how about longer periods? Culture, science, etc.
(NancyL) Samsara, yes, you're on the Agenda.
(Gerard) Jos: nah .... not now ... .. and so ..
(NancyL) Jos, within a month the new links will be in place :-), soon enough.
(Samsara2001) Great
(Torbj) Anyone run into "old friendīs or schoolmates" lately?
(Jos) Nancy, what links if I may ask ?
(NancyL) Jos, you CANNOT just have folks not know WHERE to look for WHAT to do, as then I get the e-mail, etc.
(S7L) Torbj: yahoo ads suck
(Jos) Nancy, there is always google, and even ZT
(Matt) Lol S7L
(Torbj) 7..Iīm not in yahoo
(Samsara2001) As the time of the supposed shift approaches - is there a plan in place to get like-minded individuals from TT togeather?
(NancyL) Jos, the links under discussion, reworking TT info or whatever.
(Jos) There is always bookstores, and survival guides and ppl who know these things
(NancyL) Samsara, NO. Not a survival group.
(S7L) Torbj: well your question indicated you'd been reading on
(Jos) Alright, we'll just work on it then and hope it will be soon
(Gerard) Samsara: it's not advertised and so ..
(Jos) Well, I hope so at least
(NancyL) Jos, I'd actually like to see a list of good links, as some TT member and others have good sites.
(Canuck) Jos..still need to have basics in one place!
(Merlinjr) Nancy for suscribe for you for have a star in head or implant?
(Torbj) Iīm asking this because itīs happening to me....
(FirstChild) I advise a plan to spread the culture and the knowledge of current humanity
(Jos) We'll implement a completely new structure, and incorporate the TT data that is of good enough quality into it along with other links to sites (I hope)
(S7L) Torbj: ok.
(NancyL) This way, it is not a "cult" thing. Could link from ZT home page to a page of suggested good sites for self help or whatever.
(Tizza) Sounds like a good idea Jos
(NancyL) Merl, I have implants, yes.
(Torbj) Open up!
(NancyL) I went to do sci.astro updates this morning, and found the place had been heavily under discussion.
(Merlinjr) No I read for save me exemple is have implant for locating is true?
(Jos) Good point you bring up: having this TT site point to the sometimes very ludicrous disinfo (like IQ's site), this increases the honesty of the new TT site, but do you like that
(Jos) It's an interesting point
(Jos) I'm not too sure either way btw, but it might be a show on unpartiality
(S7L) Jos: faking honesty, eh? :)
(NancyL) Threads such as whether the pole shift would exist without ZT, answer - no!
(Jos) Not really, it is honest isn't it :)
(Jos) I mean linking to sites like that are debunking *you* specifically
(S7L) NancyL: you mean pole shift would not exist if there was no zetatalk? I guess you meant the other way around
(NancyL) Threads such as PX Debate, where Sarah Mc was put down by instructions to go "take a hit", (smoke?) and it was kind of funny.
(Jos) That increases credibility, as "it's there" and "look for yourself as to what to believe"
(NancyL) Basically, saw a lot of new folks posting.
(FirstChild) S7L: I think she meant accusing Zetatalk for the whole thing. You know how people in panic work like.
(Jos) I refer to IQ's site here btw, he does it, and I kindof like it too.
(NancyL) Everyone responds to Sarah Mc as a religious nut, though she never says that, sensing this, I suspect, prbably a heavy Catholic.
(Gerard) Indeed Nancy, I heard about it for some years ago. What Nancy means I think the zetatalk informs the people about it
(Superzod) Nancy! any more radio shows comming up ?
(S7L) FirstChild: well, theoretically yes. Of course, people believe strongly (it seems) into things like "my beliefs and thoughts shape the reality so if I think thing Y, Y will happen"
(S7L) And then they are afraid of their own thoughts
(Jos) Nancy, do you agree with whatever we're going to do with TT?
(Jos) Obviously, changes can always be made ...
(NancyL) SuperZod, just some discussion with a guy Hazelwood was trying to get to do a DVD on HIM, wanted him to raise $$ for him, the jerk.
(Torbj) Hmmm...Catholicīs.....wonder what they gonna think about the internet game Im trying to finnish....
(Torbj) 7...Finnish...
(NancyL) The tone seemed that Hazelwood is dying, I suspect the CIA crowd let him drift once done with him.
(FirstChild) S7L: yes, I have also seen that happen. What has to be emphasized then is that with your thoughts you cannot shape such large events as this one
(NancyL) The AU article referred to him as a co-conpiratorialist, not an author or visionary.
(Merlinjr) Nancy Hazelwood is trouble maker?
(FirstChild) S7L: surely they don't mean they move PX with their thoughts, do thay?
(S7L) FirstChild: no, it's rather more sensible to emphasize that universe doesn't work that way
(NancyL) Quoting Hazelwood as saying only about 10% of mankind would survive, as though this were HIS conclusion, lifted it from ZT, of course.
(S7L) I have so far bothered to point that did people in the past also imagine a planet X so that they got a pole shift
(FirstChild) S7L: Very truee.
(FirstChild) Who is Hazelwood (excuse me)?
(AlbertoR) As I read in a channeling book, 10% will survive
(FirstChild) Alberto_R: many people say many things.
(FirstChild) Many people talk for fun.
(Matt) Yeah we imagine it every 3657 years lol
(Jos) Alright Nancy, looks like we're in bisnis :) {with site}
(S7L) Hassleweed is just a certain unpleasant money-making person.
(Jos) Great.
(Jos) Very good
(Tizza) Matt : hehe
(NancyL) Re Hazelwood questions, read link from ZT home page, "the truth about Planet X : 2003".
(FirstChild) Something like the Nibiruan Council, then.
(Gerard) That article, is just the start I think ...more media attention and so?
(FirstChild) If you've ever come across them.
(S7L) Because there are some really absurd claims like "Nibiru is messenger of our galactic consciousness awareness" etc general fake channeling blah blah
(Canuck) Hi tris
(NancyL) Gerard, yes, I see these first major news articles to be tests. Including the Hazelwood on Art Bell and now Dames, tests.
(S7L) You begin to spot this type of "channelling" really fast because whatever you read, it tends to make no sense at all.
(FirstChild) I don't know why people like to make money out of coming cataclysms.
(NancyL) If the public does not run screaming in the streets, then more.
(Jubjub963) Is there a link to the Aussie article?
(Jos) New mailinglist: tt-unmoderated, feel free to use, no-one is banned and no posts will be moderated out
(Torbj) 7....Nibiru is doing something to your are here!!
(NancyL) For instance, the Kanya interview was with the people of color, in the main, who will be MOST a threat to the Bush Admin crowd.
(NancyL) No running and screaming in the streets, afterwards.
(S7L) Jos: we as the posse have also been designing another mailing list for this type of purpose
(S7L) Torbj: but that wasn't what I was talking about
(NancyL) Now Australia, which is governed by the ultra-right in the main, and due to go 2/3 under the waves.
(Torbj) It is!
(NancyL) This is all test.
(NancyL) To see how ZT answers and handles the panic and demands.
(FirstChild) Why should Australia go... ah never mind.
(NancyL) Then they open the floodgates.
(S7L) Jos: it's not been public, but you of course hear it indirectly from today's #tt chat
(Tizza) What do you mean "ultra-right" in the main Nancy?
(FirstChild) There have been at least 20 maps of 2003 Earth Changes, all totally different. Don't tell me they are all true.
(Jos) 7l, I don't follow
(VonSpark) I just wonder what Art's reason was for mentioning PX in the first place, after poo-pooing it . I was at work, and just perplexed by it..just stood there a second!
(S7L) Jos: we have basically been moving to the point "it's a good idea so we'll implement it" and are discussing details now, rather than just discussing "should we do it or not"
(NancyL) OK, I'll start with the agenda and save the last half for that important Q of mine, as this relates to dealing with the panic'd public.
(S7L) Jos: so tt might also have an "official" unmoderated channel for discussion.
(NancyL) 1. I asked the question during last week's (march 2) IRC session for the Zeta's to further expand on the enormous and incredible acceleration of PX that contradicts human assumptions. Though the answer that there is NO speed limit in space may be true, the nature of this acceleration based on all human observations:
(NancyL) a) contradicts the statements that purport px to be moving at its alleged speed.
(NancyL) b) nor would it seem that even the new gravity theories the Zetan's have introduced including the repulsive force of gravity would be adequate to explain the motion of this heavenly body.
(Torbj) Hug to you, Nancy
(Jos) I see, so the posse will start an unmoderated list?
(NancyL) ZT: Where we have repeatedly answered questions about the speed with which Planet X will approach and pass through the solar system, this continues to boggle the readership.
(Jos) Well, you got one already: tt-unmoderated ...
(NancyL) ZT: During the time Planet X is dithering, at mid-point, barely moving between its two foci, it is essentially standing still.
(NancyL) ZT: When it moves sufficiently past the mid-point to be closer to one foci than the other, it starts to increase speed.
(NancyL) ZT: This happens slowly at first, but each inch it moves TOWARD one foci and AWAY from another frees it to move in the direction it is moving, more rapildly.
(Merlinjr) When you talk about pagan Nancy ?
(S7L) Merlinjr: later. Wait.
(Bip-Bip) Later, Merlin.
(Torbj) Close it merlin
(NancyL) ZT: The result of this is that in the dozen or so years prior to a passage, Planet X speeds up from almost a standstill to a zoom, toward the foci it is approaching.
(NancyL) ZT: It has, at this point, ONLY an attraction, as the Repulsion Force is not invoked.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine the Earth without atmosphere, and a rock some miles overhead.
(Fokus) How fast will PX be moving within a week of when it is suppose to pass?
(NancyL) ZT: What is the speed limit on this rock as it plumets? There is NO limit in space, only that which mankind assumes.
(Fokus) The limit would be at least the speed of light
(NancyL) ZT: During math discussions on sci.astro, it has been distilled that the speed of Planet X is some 4 times the speed of light during its most rapid approach.
(Cybervviz) So what parameters are not right with the formula of E=mc2 ?
(Samsara2001) I thought they proposed it was 1% the speed of light...~1800 m/s
(NancyL) ZT: Why is it assumed that light is the FASTEST thing in the universe, re travel? Man thinks this because it is something he can measure.
(Jurian) Heh, the idea is quite funny really :)
(FirstChild) She has a point there
(NancyL) ZT: He is aware of such a small percentage of matter and energy about him that to say that he comprehends 1% of what the universe is composed of would be an overstatement.
(NancyL) ZT: Our space travel, in 4th density and even 3rd density, is faster than light, and we do not melt.
(Flipper) Thought should be the fastest thing in the universe. Thought is energy
(NancyL) ZT: Man does not understand, so we cannot give him satisfaction in our explanations.
(Jos) Very nice, I always was puzzled why they would say that, light being the fastest..
(Fokus) Am I allowd to comment or do I have to wait?
(Gerard) No chatter during the answer ..... just wait until after it.
(Gerard) Fokus: wait
(NancyL) ZT: Suffice it to say that our explanation is CORRECT, and Planet X travels rapidly into our midst, thense the Repulsion Force is invoked, thense it floats past between the Earth and Sun.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(S7L) Nancy, planet X moves at speed around 100 times the established escape velocity from solar system. How come Sun can stop it at all? It should just speed away, never to return.
(Fokus) Traveling at the speed of light has nothing to do with melting
(Jos) What will be it's maximum velocity roughly
(VonSpark) Can the gravitation of PX hit us both as it comes into the system AND when it leaves? One or the other?
(Bip-Bip) 4 times the speed of light ? how can something that big travel that fast ?
(Torbj) Iīv wondered that too
(Canuck) Once past the sun, how can x be affected by Repulsion force?
(NancyL) S7L the Zetas have explained that after passing, it has BOTH its foci behind it, and then the gravity pull of this pulls it back.
(S7L) Bip-Bip: I think it was mis-statement. Someone already pointed out it was 1 % of speed of light
(Torbj) Why a return?
(Fokus) It is that E=MC^2 states that an object can only travel 99.9% of the speed of light because as you travel faster your mass
(S7L) Being 4 times is absurd, in my little opinion.
(Cybervviz) Q:My thought were if Your goes faster then light You be invisible so how can You be visible and faster as light ? Which parameters are not in count with E=mc? of Einstein, I will see zetamath, would prouve something to science, right here :-)
(NancyL) As Jos has argued with the dead heads on sci.astro, there is no escape velocity, in truth.
(NancyL) Only gravitational influences.
(S7L) NancyL: yes, but they do shouldn't be enough
(Samsara2001) I still don't understand how the lack of a speed limit = 1800 m/s - Is there any math that would help explain this?
(Jos) Yeah!
(S7L) They do = the two
(LinusBC) If PX is to be travelling several times light speed during final is it that Earth is supposed to be tidal locked for several days with PX? It should traverse 1 AU in less than 5 minutes.
(Jos) Hehe :)
(Bip-Bip) Heh, the zetas making mistakes like that ... bleh :P
(Fokus) An object traveling at the speed of light would have such a mass as to pull entire planets and in this case stars along with it
(Jos) Technically I argued that escape velocity and the law of gravity don't mix, this for the record here.
(NancyL) VonSpark, I don't understand your questions, it is not gravity that causes the pole shift, it is magnetism.
(FirstChild) NancyL: when does the slowing down start? If its speed approaches lightspeed, when does it start to slow down and for how long does it slow?
(Samsara2001) Px was never perported to moving anywhere the speed of light - I thought 1800 mi/s
(NancyL) Canuck, it does not go into the Sun because of RF, and it's momentum carries it beyond.
(S7L) Fokus: only mathematically. We are somewhat aware of relativistic science in this level, and know that it appears speed of light was a limitation.
(AlesS) According to laws of physics as I know time tends to go slower as speed increases; what is then the relation between speed and time if there are speeds greater than the light speed (time should stood still at the speed of light and actually reverse if travelling faster than light speed)?
(VonSpark) Got ya, Nancy.
(S7L) The basic statement according to zetas it's NOT. And you do the math.
(NancyL) Fokus ZT: Einstein spoke to mankind within the confines of their ability to digest at the time.
(Matt) Conventtional earth science obviously doesn't cut it
(NancyL) ZT: Great minds, visiting the primitive, lose the audience if they speak well beyond the capabilities to understand.
(Samsara2001) Question for Zetas: When should I start looking for this planet in my backyard with my own telescope.
(NancyL) ZT: His audience was in the main scientists, and they were able to barly comprehend what he was addressing as is.
(Jurian) Heh, and gain new audience, men in white suits, at the funnyfarm
(Fokus) The way you speak of the simplicity of modern science perplexis me
(NancyL) ZT: Now long after his death he is deemed a genius, and CORRECT on many matters. Should he have drifted further afield, he would have been dismissed utterly.
(SWB) Modern?
(NancyL) End ZT to Fokus.
(Gerard) Samsara: mid 2002, it's in zetatalk
(Samsara2001) I think I'm going to go camping with my Tasco and look for this thing....
(Samsara2001) This summer...
(NancyL) OK, Q2.
(NancyL) PAGAN
(NancyL) 1. How the zeta consider the pagan ones? The principle of the pagans is to help nature and humanity is this possible that we help you without the knowledge? I'm initiated green witchcraft the goal is healing and protect nature and help for growing plant and forest.
(Matt) I don't have a prob with earth science NOT being the pinnacle of knowledge on all things celestial ;)
(Cybervviz) MathYes, Fokus, human science is at moderate level, and we can completely understand why You can travel faster of light if we have the correct extensions to the formula of einstein e=mc2 or Zeta has to decline this formula entirely.
(Pythag) In one statement you say that PX will travel at 4x the speed of light and in another sentence you say that Einstein is, in the main correct. But Eistein found that NOTHING can go faster than light.
(NancyL) ZT: Paganism, or witchcraft as it is often called, is misunderstood by those who would suppress it.
(Fokus) It's not plausable and there is no fact to back that
(Samsara2001) Question for Zetatalk: How can I myself give the call if I wish?
(Fokus) You would have to bend at least the 1st 2nd and 3rd dimensions of space to make it plausable
(NancyL) ZT: As with simple and humanistic concepts such as the American Indian practice, such as adopting the offspring of early coupling not resulting in marriage, this is considered blasphemy by the religious elite.
(AlbertoR) Fokus, read something about Stephen Hawking
(AlbertoR) Theory
(Fokus) I did
(Fokus) I have read all his works
(AlbertoR) Good
(Fokus) And they all back my argument up
(Gerard) Guys, see topic
(NancyL) ZT: The American Indian practices allow a practical and humanistic arrangement that does not create a bastard child from the offspring of young love.
(Gerard) No chatter during the answer please
(AlbertoR) Ok
(NancyL) ZT: Christianity treats the innocent child as a bastard and punishes it.
(NancyL) ZT: Seeing God in nature is so prevanlent among mankind, who recognizes instinctively God's hand in nature, that it is universal and throughout mankinds history.
(NancyL) ZT: Yet the Christian church states that God is found in the church, and speaks only though the words of the elite who preach in what they term the house of God.
(VonSpark) I see what they're getting at here, and it couldn't be more correct. I'll shaddup now.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, those in touch with nature were burned at the stake in Christianity's history.
(Merlinjr) Nancy as zeta think about pagan ?
(Gerard) Merlinjr: wait a moment.
(Merlinjr) Ok
(NancyL) ZT: God created Nature, and the bonding that those aware of Nature's rthythms have with Nature are a bonding with God's rules and edicts.
(Torbj) The nature is your mirror....grab it!!!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we would advise that those who sense God in Nature are NOT amiss, nor should they be put off by the loud demands of those who would control their thoughts.
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(Cycles) So, anyone is capable of this "witchcraft", as it is called
(Longint) Can a human establish a direct connection with God?
(Cybervviz) Christianity is not the same as Catholisism, Protestantism or another cult derived from the Beliefs of the Old Christians, people with ego should call this an insult. There is no Chirstian Church. Only a church from a derived cult of Christos
(S7L) 32b, I think a human is a god, so your question is at least humorous from cosmic enough perspective
(Torbj) You ARE god!
(FirstChild) Very trues, Cybervvitch
(Jos) Does this mean that these religions are more inspired by selfish beings/STS aliens then by anything else
(Superzod) Is the book "Conversation with God" by Neal Donal Walsh accurate ???
(Merlinjr) Me I have a direct contact with my goddess and my god !
(NancyL) ZT to Longint: Each soul is in the hand of God, WITHIN God, to our way of thinking, and thus needs no intermediary.
(NancyL) ZT: We, the Zetas, do not impose schedules on when God will be present, or we should all gather and listen to someone interpret God's words and thoughts for us.
(NancyL) ZT: Each is left to his own communications, which needs NO other intermediary.
(NancyL) End ZT to Long.
(FirstChild) People who deny Nature and live for the material, what should they do?
(Canuck) They should get a life!
(Matt) Kiss their....
(Bob) Good question Superzod!!
(NancyL) Jos, yes, no accident that Sarah Mc, obviously driven by religion, hates ZT. Read ZT on the Reltious Elite. Hates them.
(FirstChild) Seriously.
(NancyL) They drew and quartered those who said the Earth was not Flat, for instance. Lovely church.
(VonSpark) Let Billy Graham be a good example.
(S7L) Though if you make that claim on Sarah, I'd assume she'll laugh at you and make more insults.
(NancyL) SuperZod, not a question on the agenda.
(Jos) Yeah, nice ppl, always doing good in the world ...
(Torbj) Earth isnt flat??
(Jubjub963) Hehe
(Matt) Lol
(NancyL) OK, onto the last Q, mine.
(LinusBC) Though it was thoughtful of the Catholic church to exonerate Galileo 400 after his death you must admit...oops, our bad
(Merlinjr) Help people is natural for pagan !
(Gerard) Hush now ...
(NancyL) 1. ZetaTalk states that self-help is the answer, and that folks should line up with friends and family, known individuals, not strangers.
(Cycles) What will the safest locations in New York be?
(NancyL) 2. ZT states that the public should not move to government sponsored sites, distrust groups that advertise as STO as they are probably not.
(Merlinjr) North of quebec ?
(Gerard) Cycles: not related ..... not related
(Gerard) Please quiet now
(NancyL) 3. for those who cannot see themselves and loved ones surviving, as they/friend/family have no skills, what to do?
(NancyL) 4. they will likely either sit and die, depressed, or more likely be victim to government plans and exterminateed or enslaved or ripped off, financially.
(NancyL) ZT: We have predicted that mankind in the main will go into the pole shift unaware.
(NancyL) ZT: Most of the world has no access to the media, or the internet, and relies on the senses of seers within their culture or their own intuition.
(Nomis) Ist hier vielleicht jemand aus Deutschland????
(S7L) Nomis: please, only english, and the question is somewhat inappropriate.
(Nomis) Ok Sorry
(Gerard) Nomis: I doubt so .. please wait ... no chatter during the asnwer please ..
(Merlinjr) Yes intuition !
(NancyL) ZT: As prophets have emerged over the years, warning of the coming earth changes, other cultures such as Africa have also been rich in their own folklore, though the West has been unaware of this.
(Starman) S7L you understand the language then :)
(Jurian) Heh, most Europeans probably do
(Bip-Bip) Yep
(NancyL) ZT: The indians of South American, the tribes of Borneo, the Australian Aborigines, all have their seers and prophets of old.
(NancyL) ZT: You are aware of the Hopi warnings, the Red Sky story, but this is just a small part of the underground lore among the American Indian.
(NancyL) ZT: This substance of Nancy's questions is what will those INFORMED do, if they themselves have no skills and opportunities.
(Merlinjr) Celtic culture also !
(NancyL) ZT: She is in this surmising that these individuals have the desire or capability to move, to act.
(Gerard) Merlinjr: quiet please ...
(NancyL) ZT: Most hearing at this time, or even in the recent past, about the coming changes are NOT planning any action at all.
(NancyL) ZT: As astonishing as this may seem, this is because of a predictable set of steps the thinking process goes through.
(NancyL) ZT: 1. the first thought is that action should be taken. This requires health, resources, and teammates.
(NancyL) ZT: Should the individuals have this, in youth, energy, the ability to travel, and others of like mind, they make plans.
(NancyL) ZT: Should the individual NOT have this, in that they are in poor health, old and tired, or blocked from travel due to finances or responsibilities, they move to the next step.
(NancyL) 2. the next thought is what to do in the event the warnings are true. For those trapped, by either inability to move or finances, the conslusion is either death or slow debility.
(NancyL) Should the individual be strong enought to consider the warnings affecting their immediate locale, and concluding that life would be horrendous afterwards, they subconsciously decide to allow death to overtake them and their loved ones.
(NancyL) ZT: This is no different than the decision that those beset with cancer or the final stages of a debilitating disease make, they go with the flow.
(NancyL) ZT: Should the individaul be weak, frightened at the thought, they move to step 3.
(NancyL) 3. the next step is denial, and this takes many forms.
(NancyL) ZT: Denial is usually loudly shouting down the offending message, or ignoring it.
(Nomis) "/who #zetatalk".de
(NancyL) ZT: In any case, it is put aside. Once put aside, the individal moves to the next step.
(Gerard) Nomis: not during the answer please ..
(NancyL) ZT: 4. distraction is the final and lingering step that those in denial take. Work, play, overeating, overexercising, or getting drunk or doppy.
(S7L) Nomis: no, / starts a command. I'll try explain
(NancyL) ZT: Taking up religions, deciding that saving the local song-birds is the MOST important thing that one could be involved in, whatever can consume the consciousness.
(Torbj) Like recording it?
(NancyL) ZT: Outside of these steps, there is the situation if an offshoot, which Nancy is concerned about, where quiet resignation to death is not taken, but a frantic running about after false promises.
(NancyL) ZT: This is unlikely to happen, in spite of the plans of the Hazelwood crowd who hoped to reap millions if not billions from the public due to their panic.
(NancyL) ZT: Those in step 1 who have funds will make their OWN plans, and if they have no funds, will be of no interest to the ilk of Hazelwood.
(NancyL) ZT: Those in step 2, who have decided that nothing much can be done and they must resign themselves to the inevitable, will not send Hazelwood funds.
(NancyL) ZT: Nor will they run into the arms of strangers. They will, if they have religion or poetry in their lives, rely on this heavily.
(NancyL) ZT: Music and poetry may have a renaissance, an upsurge, as adoption of orphans and the underprivileged.
(NancyL) ZT: Love may have a blooming going into the shift, as it ought, those with great love in their hearts responding to the realization that little else matters.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(NancyL) Heavy.
(NancyL) I'm weeping.
(Cybervviz) Our Souls live in eternity, so why to hassle to stay on this piece of dust. I will pull out my big seat to look at it, with my sun-glasses, and maybe our Guarding Angels will play tennis to protect us from the falling rocks, Divine Tennis is born...
(EW1) Do the zetas consider suicide a viable option for those unable?
(DavidS) Is it not STO decision not having any familymembers in a survival camp because they are not open to poleshift etc Or is it a wise decision?
(Gerard) What about those who wish to survive, but also have their family an friends whom they want to survive and can't move to a safe place soon enough and so ?
(NancyL) EW1, they state that those aware and strong should survive and help others unaware.
(S7L) I think I might belong to the love blooming into the shift stuff. Little else matters indeed.
(NancyL) But your life is your own to deal with, etc. In their culture, they don't belief others own you, etc.
(Cybervviz) S7L thinks right !
(Longint) How can the mind of those who feel themself attacked by the Zetas' opinions about the organised religions be cured?
(FirstChild) The universal language of Love
(Starman) Cybervviz thats the spirit
(NancyL) DavidS ZT: To those thinking of moving, leaving family behind, this is a decision that bears on the following
(Torbj) Itīs all you....your family is you.....
(Cybervviz) Yes yes, I am not from the States or UK :-) sorry...
(NancyL) ZT: If the family refuses to address the possibility of a shift, in spite of all the evidence, and the individual finds they would die WITH those in denail if not leaving them, then the answer is clear. Leave.
(FirstChild) Is there anything that us individuals can do right now?
(Tizza) Could the decision of suicide be concidered the final act of STS??
(Torbj) Feel!
(NancyL) ZT: If the individual finds they are leaving family that is aware, but unable to move, or children and the sick, then the issue resolves around whether they are needed to help OTHERS in the new camp, or more needed at home.
(Canuck) Some of these decisions will be very difficult!
(Merlinjr) Nancy north of province Quebec (Canada) is live or not I live here?
(NancyL) ZT: This puts the issue into saving oneSELF over caring for others, a common 3rd Density decision issue.
(NancyL) ZT: This decision is up to YOU to deal with.
(HBO2) Would not someone in Step 2 situation, unable to move on, but of STO orientation, have hope of re-incarnating to a hybrid entity and thereby be of more help to future 3rd/4th density Earth?
(NancyL) ZT: If the individual is taking others, children and others unable to live on their own, with them, and this is a strong portion of their reason for moving, then the answer is clear. Move.
(Gerard) And it can be a difficult decision, if a family members is of poor healtf for example etc.. who first ...
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, where strongly driven by STO desires, this should sort out easily, but where a desire to save the self only, or heavily mixed in this direction, it is a 3rd Density orientation decision of which we cannot be part.
(NancyL) ZT: It is YOUR decision. End ZT to David S
(Jan) Nancy, excellent info!
(DavidS) Very good answer, Nancy L
(Jurian) Gerard: this probably sounds nasty, but I suppose, bring the healthy ones first, their survival chances are higher anyway
(Tizza) Very good :)
(EW1) Will the post-PS population be a higher %STO?
(Torbj) Use your stomach!
(DavidS) Since I do not feel my earth family is my right family I am not surprised - have met people who are more in my soulfamily than my earthfamily..
(Nomis) Will we see this Planet really next year?
(DavidS) It was a kind of personal and general question...
(NancyL) The issue of suicide is utterly personal, and obviously ZT is not advising TO do this.
(Jan) Nancy, would it be appropriate to comment on the misconception that STO should be everybody's servant?
(Jan) Ref the TT discussions on this issue
(NancyL) Its like advising who to marry or what life work to take up. Not a ZT decision, it is YOUR decision.
(Cybervviz) Suicide puts a soul into not comfortable regions of Astral planes
(Tizza) Understand :)
(Gerard) Well it's sound nasty indeed ... and I am not like that ... even those of poor health are important ... right ... Thinking about others ain't a bad thing.
(Canuck) Right..suicide means coming back and learning the lessons again
(Jos) Perhaps he was thinking of *you* :) (just a thought)
(FirstChild) We need to preserve our humanity, and prevent falling to barbarism. There are chances for that.
(FirstChild) Aren't there?
(NancyL) Jan ZT: Our words about STO are often interpreted by those looking for rescue as a life line, meaning that we, the Zetas, and Nancy or anyone taking our words seriously should give up all and rescue them.
(S7L) Jan: it's not necessarily a misconception, only we should talk about what "service" is.
(Jurian) Gerard: I know they're equally important, but I'd choose young kids over elder people every time, and healthy people over very sick ones
(Tizza) Lol jos
(Torbj) that!
(Samsara2001) Can ZT comment on whether or not Ann Rand's philosophy of objectivism can be correlated to the moral argument supporting STS orientation?
(NancyL) ZT: This is the same argument used on those running soup kitchens or administering welfare funding - give us whatever we want, as you MUST else you are not doing your duty.
(Cybervviz) .. and learning You may not do it, because You can't kill Life :-) But what bothers me, seems that Bill Hates will have much more chances to survive and to take steps as rather the people vibration on a higher frequence and who are often not integrated into economic world due to its low vibration :-)
(S7L) Samsara2001: it's easier to answer the question if we knew what the heck is Ann Rand's philosophy
(EW1) Will guns be an important part of survival?
(Gerard) I was making a comment here, that there are peoole who value their family etc... When there are family members who have problems with health etc
(Merlinjr) Gaia is immortal ! :)
(S7L) Tthank you
(Jurian) Guns are lame
(NancyL) ZT: Of course, this is a twisted interpreation, as the soup kitchen is handing out sustenance to those starving, not serving meals at their demand, and the welfare office on a budget with rules.
(FirstChild) EW1: guns are an important part of shooting each other...
(Cybervviz) I am immortal :-) And You all too :-))
(Jurian) Cybervviz: just your soul is :p
(FirstChild) Cybervviz: we still have our Paths, ourselves and our Planet to think of
(Cybervviz) That's me !
(Jan) Thanks! - Any suggestions how best to get people to understand the concept?
(Jurian) Yep :)
(Nomis) Believe the ZETAS in Good?
(Torbj) Soupkitchen is warm....
(NancyL) ZT: So why the loud clammer? These individuals seek to seek ZT and TT or whatever group trying to get the message out BOGGLED in demands and chores, thus ineffective.
(Torbj) A good, place for a lot of people
(Torbj) Like some places after the shift
(NancyL) ZT: A second motive is based on a sense that the curent human administration system, the governments of the worlds, are already puling back and seeking self-protection vs taking care of the citizenry.
(Starman) Ceybervviz there is more to life than being immortal
(NancyL) ZT: They sense the Transformation in effect, and are trying to line up in the NEW welfare lines.
(NancyL) End ZT to Jan.
(S7L) Jan: there is talk about "living the question". The question is 'how did I act if love was present in this moment'.
(S7L) This is a simple principle that could be used to illustrate the mood of the STO, I might hazard
(Elizagirl67) Where does the Australian govt stand re pole shift, are they aware, and are many Australian citizens aware of the shift
(S7L) Many things tie together as one, and this is one possible route
(Cybervviz) I suggest zeta's give us the plans of an antimatter canon so we can blow the whole stuff back to mama... (as karmic compesation what they did to us :-))
(NancyL) Gerard, I personally relate. I have ill and well family, family in denial and those just refusing to talk about it, etc.
(Merlinjr) Nancy the animal cat is talk with zeta ? or all animal ?
(Samsara2001) Nancy -would the Zeta's care to comment on what they think of objectivism - if familiar with this philosphy
(Jurian) Dont we all have family who are in denial? :/
(Samsara2001) What is morality in the Zetan is humanity immoral?
(NancyL) My sister's response was, when she finally decided to connect and DEAL with it, "if a pole shift is going to happen, they why would anyone want to live".
(FirstChild) Good night, it was nice to have met you
(S7L) Samsara2001: it has a lot of sense. I just read the basic principles, and couldn't see anything fundamentally wrong.
(Jan) Nancy, do the Zetas have any suggestions for how to counter the STO demands (ref the TT discussions etc.)?
(NancyL) Well, she's sick, and not given to doing a LOT for humanity in general.
(Torbj) Be "warm" to people you met or interact with....and you will find yourselves handing out "soup" to people after the shift...
(Samsara2001) What is the closed approximation to morality that human concepts have come up with
(Jurian) Nancy: that's how my parents feel as well, "if it happens, what's the point in being alive?"
(NancyL) The answer is, of course, "because others would need you".
(Jurian) That hurts to hear :/
(Samsara2001) ..according to Reticululin philosophy
(NancyL) Not something she wanted to hear.
(NancyL) My husband is planning to die on the west coast, drown, admits that.
(SteveH) Ouch
(Madmax) By summer, PX will be visible to amateurs? Will some astronomers be willing to talk more openly then?
(Tizza) You seem to have dealt with that fact Nancy
(Jurian) In a way, so is my family, they refuse to leave Holland, thus, they will become fish food :/
(NancyL) Madmax, anyone's speculation as to what will emerge during this year.
(Butchswife) Same with my family Jurian
(Starman) Jurian ummmm well I am in Amsterdam ....
(Jurian) There is NO way that they will survive if they dont leave, but I cannot, and will not force them to leave, it must be their choice
(Samsara2001) Can anyone on this site really appreciate the scope of what is about to happen should it really occur?
(Jos) Nancy, do you have a feeling as to why travel might become dificult in central/western europe
(Butchswife) Most of mine will die on east coast...but they know about shift
(Cybervviz) Yes, there are some star commanders here with transporters :-)
(Matt) Anyone have their family throw Y2K in their face when they mentioned Px? :(
(Jurian) Starman: heh, get the hell out of Holland, the whole place will be under water :/
(Butchswife) Mother has cancer and says when its her time she will go
(S7L) Samsara2001: I find extreme difficulty relating to what happens in the entire world. However, I can draft what I could do. I do this to best of my ability.
(NancyL) Jos, it could happen (hands of man) that travel in US restricted. I forsee travel permits required, etc.
(Samsara2001) Nancy - any chance I might be able to live with the zetan's or Nibuirans?
(Starman) Im in my raft now....
(Tizza) Matt : yes constantly
(Gerard) Of course it's their choice ... but it's not only about families in denial but also about families that have their problems and so ...
(NancyL) I don't know Europe that well.
(S7L) It seems like I'm still going to go too unprepared to the shift, but I frankly think it's not possible to prepare enough.
(Jan) Jurian, leave them a life line, i.e. a way they can come after if & when they understand what is going to happen. If they don't come, then that's their choices
(Samsara2001) I prefer that to a world that looks like something out of Terminator II
(Jos) It would be very weird for Europe I think
(Zetapal) Samsara -I have loved Ayan Rands work and if you'd like to discuss with me then later after ZT
(Jos) To have travel permits
(Cybervviz) I thought Lieder was a german name ?
(Jurian) Jan: yeah, they're welcome to come over
(Jurian) Most of them, that is
(NancyL) Look to Australia, there are reports of immigration camps where AU holds them, the inmates sewed the childrens lips closed in hunger strikes.
(S7L) Samsara2001: the Nibiruans shall not live on Earth, at least, so I think that question indicates confusion.
(Jurian) Some part of my family is definitely NOT welcome, STS bastards
(Torbj) The world is going to be as you can imagine it!
(NancyL) So AU is restricting travel, already.
(Gerard) There are some people who will live with the Hybrids.. people who are "strongly" STO
(Samsara2001) I was asking if I could arrange to work with the Zetan's or Niburians directly...
(Torbj) Itīs all within you!
(Torbj) Dont be scared!
(Tizza) Good thought Jan , this is what Im thinking
(Jos) So, the idea is basically, don't take any chances
(S7L) Samsara2001: you can arrange this from good deeds to others. Start today :-)
(NancyL) ZetaPal, re talking about other writers, prophets, channels, etc. they must PREDICT and be accuract to get on the list.
(Jos) Don't wait until dec 2002 if you can move in the summer or even before
(NancyL) Else we're the book report session, etc.
(Tizza) Nancy : yes it is painful to watch everyday on the media :(
(Gerard) Samsara: the Niburians won't land on earth ... there will be hybrids, and hybrids communities. And Zetas living on earth It's all in zetatalk
(Samsara2001) My work is strongly STS - I am making a career change involving STO very soon...
(S7L) Samsara, how is your work STS?
(NancyL) Samsara, the Nibiruians are just 3rd Density, like us, contrary to the blurb put out by J. Starr.
(Matt) Indeed
(Torbj) Listen to your own "song"..and sing it!
(NancyL) Samsara, as I say to others daily, you don't need ME to contact the Z's, just give the Call, etc.
(Jurian) Aren't most organizations? all in it for the money, doing whatever it takes to get more money, who cares if people die.. really screwed up :/
(Samsara2001) It's a corporate office - everyone is there to earn money - I am beginning work as a therapist to help children with autism
(Jurian) Samsara2001: cool, good step!! :-)
(Samsara2001) The CALL concept is still very unclear to me...does it involve candles and a oige board? I don't understand it
(Cybervviz) I still would see a shocking new formula of E-mc2
(NancyL) Going to sign off, and thanks for your help in resolving my Q to the Z's. Will put up all the new ZT on What's New tomorrow, for 3/15, etc.
(NancyL) Bye bye!
Session Close: Sat Mar 09 17:12:42 2002