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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Mar 8, 2003

Session Start: Sat Mar 08 15:59:24 2003
(JestrBob) Rid, Do the math.
(Sadam5) thanks
(AGreenspn) Of course, for some it is common sense
(Piloxy) Could anybody tell me when Nancy's live chanelling happens?
(MichaelCu) don't eat the shoe... that hard foot on the snail
(Ekim) you can go without water for 3 days, won't last more than a couple of hours without shelter in bad weather
(JestrBob) Stop the curst and then acellerate it to 12,00mph
(Rid) Jestrbob, its been covered and makes sense the way it is explained.
(Stoic) piloxy... watch closely... soon, soon
(JestrBob) and stop it a second time.
(Earth420) Nancy starts when she gets here...
(MichaelCu) earthworm will wear your teeth done in a short time
(Lightspee) Be the Light with You!
(Endy3d) why do people insist on debunking? Why can't they just get the f*&^ out
(JestrBob) Then acellerate it to normal rotation speed.
(JestrBob) The math says everything will be melted.
(Endy3d) earthworms are like rubber bands
(NancyL) I have 3 SIGNs and will post, being careful not to flood so Ralf will not spank me ...
(MichaelCu) snails with a good dipping sause
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #2
(JestrBob) What air we have will be converted to plasma
(NancyL) While flying back to Houston from Rio de Janero [late Feb], I believe that I was able to see the Nibiru Complex w/10 power binoculars. It appeared as a very diffuse area that looked very dimly backlit. We were out over the Amazon Basin.. The atmosphere was very clear above us. The other two pilots I was flying with were also able to see it with the binoculars.
(MichaelCu) crickets also taste like nuts
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #3
(ZetaWoLF) man im gonna really miss fast food in the aftertime
(NancyL) A drug-resistant superbug that spreads by skin contact is infecting thousands of people across the US and may now have reached Europe. The MRSA bacterium, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, can be resistant to many antibiotics. It has long been a serious problem in hospitals and nursing homes, where it infects the wounds of patients weakened by disease or injury.
(NancyL) But it now appears that a new strain is emerging that spreads through skin contact and can even infect healthy people. The infections usually appear as sores that resemble insect bites. If not treated properly, nasty abscesses and boils can develop, requiring repeated courses of antibiotics and even surgery. If it reaches the lungs or bloodstream, MRSA can cause pneumonia or septicaemia, which can be deadly.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1
(Lightspee) Be the Light with You, Nancy!
(Neoca) MichaelCu fried crickets are yummy
(NancyL) I thought I'd tell you an intersting thing my mother told me after she came back from the doctor. She said he the doctor) was late for his appointment because he had to buy supplies to stock up as mandated by OSHA.
(NancyL) The reason was for disaster preparedness, with earthquakes particularly noted. Kansas isn't noted for seismic ativity (poleshif aside) so this was very odd.
(Zombryo) :-)
(NancyL) Further investigation revealed this was the first time, being this year, that it was being done. Also
(NancyL) documentation on this was classified, meaning that the doctor couldn't show it to the general public
(MichaelCu) Neoca... very yummy!
(ZetaWoLF) interesting nick choice for the real Nancy
(Wantonace) what about bees?
(MichaelCu) only eat the honey
(Wantonace) hear they taste good in chocolate?
(NancyL) I am looking for an Agenda, but have one Q already from JWilliam on WHY the Mar 6 had such a perfect superimposition of the Orion Nebula over the stars at the coordinates (mind you, without the Orino stars which are intense!)
(NancyL) And this includes MY question on how the stars could be omitted, but I gather from a Q of IMO to Arnie, the scope manager, this is possible to get the nebula without the stars as a ghost image left on the CCD camera.
(NancyL) Also, Naji reports that a new user was on JUST ahead of him, had been on, on and off, the hours ahead, name of Patrick but he did not get the last name.
(NancyL) Naji, however, does not think foul play, only chance (ghosts happen if the reset does not take place or complete).
(NancyL) However, JWilliam and I are highly suspicious. You can see all the info, conversations, etc. at re Mar 6, 2003.
(NancyL) ZT: Unable to influence the public, except briefly last summer, and finding they have LOST the battle to keep amateurs and astronomers world wide from checking the ZetaTalk site for recent images, the debunkers resorted to outright fraud.
(NancyL) ZT: Their influence, depending heavily on notaries like Jim Scotti, had obviously fallen flat, and the intense flooding of postings full of insults were simply being ignored.
(NancyL) ZT: The accusation of pixel defects to account for objects showing up on ALL frames, even when the camera was being moved to focus on different areas of the sky, showed lack of creativity on the part of the debunkers.
(NancyL) ZT: The argument that asteroids were being imaged lasted not more than days, as asteroid presence can be determined readily by checking into the Minor Planet Center site, and the many moons evident on the images were simply not registered asteroids!
(NancyL) ZT: What to do, to buy time, as the debunking masters were demanding!
(NancyL) ZT: The plan, running steadily since mid-summer 2002, to flood the sci.astro Usenet with adolescent and insulting comments on every thread related to either Nancy or ZetaTalk or the Planet X imaging, had back fired, created a suspicion in the public that something was THERE, to account for all the attention.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the debunking master huddled with his team, and tried to come up with a NEW plan.
(NancyL) ZT: Meanwhile, they were instructed NOT to post incessently on sci.astro, but to wait for futher instructions, thus the relative quite on that Usenet of late.
(NancyL) ZT: As the Planet X complex was due to be visible, unaided, to the eye by early April, they had to anticipate its appearance and create a rumor debunking this, was now the plan.
(NancyL) ZT: A nebula, as the dust cloud and swirls of moons are NOW being described as more visible than the Planet X corpus itself, was the debunking tool of choice.
(NancyL) ZT: As has been noted both by conversations with the Arnie Rent-a-Scope owner and Naji, who is a technical wiz, someone rented the scope AHEAD of the infamous Mar 6, 2003 imaging session where a nebula was superimposed on the image Naji took.
(NancyL) ZT: As has also been noted by Naji, Arnie's site is not designed to thwart hackers, assuming a decent crowd of amateurs intent on collecting their images, not subterfuge.
(NancyL) ZT: The server can be hacked, has copies of recent images, and users, and Arnies instant message, assumed private, can be tapped as easily as a phone line.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, those perpetrating this fraud KNEW when Naji was planning to use the scope, and were ready going into the Mar 7, 2003 coordinate date as it had been noted that the team took images close to the coordinate dates, recently.
(NancyL) ZT: Image ghosts, caused by a failure of the equipment to reset the CCD camera, can be created in MORE than one way, they can direct one image to superimpose on another.
(NancyL) ZT: What was the accusation against NASA, recently, that a student had superimposed a closeup of the comet NEAT V1 over the image of the Sun?
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, as Arnie stated in his correspondence, someone had RECENTLY taken an image of the Orion nebula, which can be imaged such that star light is filtered out, but the nebula itself is enhanced.
(NancyL) ZT: This image was retained on the server, as a digitized image, same binning as the team uses.
(NancyL) ZT: When Naji, as a specified and KNOWN account, used the scope, the software was programmed, by a hacker, to superimpose the nebula.
(NancyL) ZT: Then the program directing this activity self deleted!
(NancyL) ZT: What this group did NOT expect was that Naji would plunge in the next two nights and take a barage of images, for Mar 7 and Mar 8.
(NancyL) ZT: These are solid images, showing the Moons no longer simply as Avis recognized new objects barely visible, but OBVIOUS, in their great numbers.
(NancyL) ZT: Again, evidence of the inbound nature of the Planet X complex.
(NancyL) ZT: Since our statements cannot be proved, nor disproved, we expect them to meet with ridicule by the debunking crowd.
(NancyL) ZT: However, it is clear that this team has NEVER doctored images, and is struggling with the technical aspects, a long learning curve on the need for Flats and Bias images, and the need for moving the camera about during a session so as to eliminate any spots on the camera lens itself.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, to those watching this drama, they see NOT fraud on the part of the team, but a deliberate discrediting attempt, all the more reason to take the team seriously, and the debunking crowd for what it IS!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, and looking for next Q!
(BrianC) Should Steve Havas, JWilliam or Naji still use the Arnie Rent-a-Scope company to get there pictures? Where should we go to get our images now?
(Hiya) Nancy, why didn't the zetas tell you all this before you posted about the image?
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Earlier this week seven new minor moons of Jupiter were reported to have been discovered. They are asteroid sized and in a retrograde orbit. Were these moons captured from debris brushed ahead by PX,
(Jeremy32) like an asteroid like object discovered orbiting Earth last year?
(Damon`) Question: now that Px is zooming closer, could the Zetas give us a more precise date when Px will be visible in the night sky shortly before naked-eye visibility?
(MikeO) Apparently Phil Plait of is also a major player in the debunking effort. A shameless individual.
(JWilliam) ThanX Nancy, March 6 shows solid evidence, even with the double exposure.
(Domicile) Q: Would other nations, privy to PX, use the issue as leverage against Bush.
(Evo) Nancy, can the zetas comment on if the website is a hoax?
(ZooSpecim) my name was cut down to 9 letters as well
(Beyond) If the Zetas are saying many moons are visible, then PX should be more than obvious, as it's 100~200 pixels TIMES each pixel a moon makes. I don't see any object that size in any of the pics.
(NancyL) BrianC, yes, as this is an excellent working relationship, and is unlikely to be repeated, the problem, etc.
(Serbeo) witch side of the earth will get hit the large dibris from PX
(BrianC) thx Nancy
(Odd`) If ZT is so concerned with pure images, why do you use a SUMMATIVE combining of the multi-exposures which INCREASES noise and distortion, rather than an average combine, which eliminates them and is the whole reason for taking multiple exposures in the first place?
(NancyL) Hiya, because the team gained ground by being attacked in this manner, and even John Oliver (read the TEAM page with his correspondence) smells a rat!
(Obany) Naji: you are doing such a good job ...
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on Martial Law, if plans are in process now?
(JWilliam) Odd: to see things better
(NancyL) John Oliver is IMO of the past, was asked to go into sci.astro and debunk, but is NOT a debunker per se, and now smells a rat himself!
(NancyL) MikeO, may he drown in Boston.
(Hiya) Who is John Oliver?
(Hiya) Oh
(Damon`) Question: now that Px is zooming closer, could the Zetas give us a more precise date when Px will be visible in the night sky shortly before naked-eye visibility?
(ZooSpecim) was about to ask that as well :)
(Ricky2772) 3 weeks prior naked eyes, we see the moons but not PX..... where's the catch?!?
(Hiya) Huh? You have called him a liar, hiding, etc.
(NancyL) Domicile, I don't understand your Q.
(SilkAway) Interesting that sci.astro attempted to find the problem, while the Zeta team just made accusations
(Redrick) Nancy: it is a good idea to use natural cave as shelter? The cave is more than 200 000 years old so I think it should be safe. What do you think about this please?
(Oceantree) I synced my watch on Mar1 now it is 4 secs ahead
(Obany) Hiya: so who knows he changed his stance a bit
(Witchery1) Nancy, is Stonehenge (England) a safe loc?
(Neoca) Nancy I think I've seen it too with binoculars
(Obany) Redrick: caves are not a good solution for waht i know
(Odd`) JWilliam: it will only make the images LESS accurate, and so it doesn't help to see anything better - instead it just creates lots of false objects from the static that aren't actually there (quite convenient if you're trying to show an object that isn't there)
(Neoca) A reddish fuzzy object
(NancyL) Beyond, the Z's have explained WHY Px corpus is not as visible as the Moons, its close hugging dust cloud creates a diffusion of light, Moons individually do NOT have that close hugging cloud.
(Beyond) The formula for the area of a circle is 'pi times radius squared. The radius in this case would be 8, so would come to right at 200.
(Neoca) below Aldebaran
(NancyL) Earth, no change in current Martial Law plans, per the Z's.
(Ricky2772) so, can anybody EXPLAIN why the moons are visible and the huge PX is not?!?
(Earth420) Maybe the Zs comment on the added monies spent to the states in the name of National Security for law enforcement?
(JWilliam) Odd: the process involves review of individual frames and Sum. I see a lot more than I would on a washed out median. Especially on reflected light.
(SilkAway) Yes Ricky, many can explain that
(NancyL) Ricky, you will see the COMPLEX, all, dull reddish blur in the sky.
(RichardP) yeah you Odd
(MichaelCu) if you only knew how to process an image Dell
(NancyL) By the way, I did put up a page with locations, dates, time, for rising in the East and setting in the WEST during April.
(Earth420) Errrr
(SilkFan) isn't the proper method to use a median processes?
(SilkAway) J William, didn't you clkaim that a median was needed, when you stole my image off my website?
(Swanny) has anyone mentioned the pictures?
(SilkFan) Howe many other images have you processed and where can those images be viewed?
(BrianC) I don't think so Swanny.
(Obany) SilkFan: please if you want to discuss with JWilliam then don't do that here
(DavidS) I saw those pictures , thats weird
(JWilliam) Silk : No I didn't
(MikeO) Can the Zetas fill us in on some of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering going on now at the United Nations?
(SilkAway) umm, yes you did
(Earth420) Man, debunkers in again... got the order, now dolla dolla bill ya all
(Obany) use /msg .......
(Lato) I would like to hear a coment on, real or fraud?
(JWilliam) Silk: Show me
(Samsara20) Any zeta comment on the validity of the website, claiming to have photos supporting evidence of a cataclysmic world flood?
(SilkAway) read the web page Dell, you wrote it
(DavidS) im not sure myself.
(Stoic) Images will not matter as time passes, and PX becomes
(SilkFan) JWilliam what other images have you processed?
(SilkAway) yopu always sat "show me", until you're shown
(NancyL) Odd, if you want something even funnier than my NancyL nick being used and NancyLieder replacing that, its what was on the Mar 8 section of TEAM page for a bit.
(Obany) JWilliam please use /msg silk-away
(Hiya) I remember JWiliam saying that PX showed up on a median long ago.
(Hiya) Then never again.
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on people publically demonstrating once Planet X is visible in daylight to get the message out?
(NancyL) Obany pointed out, instead of Set of Images I had Set of Imates :-)
(JWilliam) thanX obany
(SilkAway) Yep Hiya, and claimed that a median was needed to see planet X
(BrianC) Nancy can Zetas comment on which supposedly released photos of a secret Arc being built in Australia?
(JP) I have a Meade telescope - does anyone know which filter will bring the red complex? I know they have red and blue and other filters to better spot nebulae
(DemonSeed) BianC
(Hiya) Obany, I want to hear what JWlliam has to say about this.
(Jeremy32) Earth420: That's an interesting scenario
(Beyond) Nancy... Q PX travels SATURN'S ORBITAL DIAMETER in 3 months. May 15th is LESS than 3 months away, so is PX less than that distance from our Sun NOW? Because if it IS, it'd be closer than Uranus.
(Obany) if they want to they can do that in private having that discussion
(MichaelCu) At least I gave the team that much that it was an honest mistakes on their part knowing their lack of experience in processing images
(JWilliam) Hiya: Provide the link
(Evo) I would like to hear zetatalk on
(Javaj) Yeah me too
(WestCoas) Nancy: your nick can only have 9 characters in this chat room
(DavidS) me too
(NancyL) Lato, your web site is considered a fraud until proven otherwise. That said, what is there?
(BBZ) can the zetas comment on how the Bush administration is responding to the current events.
(Hiya) Look at Silk's pages, JWilliam.
(Lato) hehehe
(Obany) Evo: you have to provide Nancy with some info at first, has to look at the site etc
(JWilliam) Hiya: I don't write Silks pages. Show me the link to my alledged statement.
(SilkFan) and Nancy's Zetatalk site is still a fraud
(NancyL) Hiya, per may Trends page the medians showed the Px complex all along, yes.
(Earth420) Possible question for Zs in reagrd to people becoming so enraged by current situations, would a revolution have any possibility of coming about to get Bush out?
(Obany) and i don't think that Nancy has much time on their hand
(Lascar) Id like a comment on 8march pictures also
(NancyL) JP, filter FOR red. Looking for a good Q not imaging related, etc.
(Hiya) Nancy, I don't recall medians being used except for one of Silk's.
(Endy3d) I have a Q about the soul Nancy
(NancyL) BB, I will take your Q on Bush admin, only because there are so many related Q's re that, etc.
(NancyL) Q: can the zetas comment on how the Bush administration is responding to the current events.
(Torbj) the American troops of the American land.... is there a plan to come back and "colect" surviviours as "workmanship"?
(Hiya) I see that sums are used.
(JWilliam) Hiya: One of MC's earlier
(IceWind) Nancy... am i correct in assuming that PX will be visible in the night time sky to the naked eye by the last week of March
(Obany) Lascar: Nancy has to look at them first, the ZetaTalk session doesn't last for hours but only one hour ... ok that is if you want to have a reaction
(Lato) I don't have a web site...
(Stoic) Neoca....would like to try your binoculars..
(NancyL) ZT: Those closely watching the current events, in particular the faces of those associated with the Bush Administration, have noted depression, lack of humor, and resignation.
(Swanny) Any comments about giant ARK2 photos released yesterday, supposedly sight is in Australia
(Serbeo) what side of the earth will get hit with large dibris
(Obany) Swanny: as i said Nancy has to look at them first
(NancyL) ZT: What is going on, behind closed doors, that the war with Iraq is the dominant theme despite all other screamingly important issues such as the economy and N. Korea and the weather extremes.
(NancyL) ZT: There are those that suspect that the Iraq issue is only a distraction from the economy, as a country at war almost invariably firms up behind the leader, at least temporarily.
(NancyL) ZT: Others suspect that Bush is using the war with Iraq to get control of the oil fields, the better to become billionairs in later days, rather than mere millionairs.
(NancyL) ZT: And there are those that suspect the war with Iraq is merely being used as a distraction for the failure to capture Bin Laden.
(NancyL) ZT: And yet others suspect that Bush is running a religious crusade, or perahps a personal vendeta against Saddam as he targeted the daddy Bush at one point in the past.
(NancyL) ZT: None of these are the TRUE issues on why the intensity and grimness prevail, and what the real worries are.
(NancyL) ZT: We have mentioned that the Bush crowd, who are NOT run by George W. by any means but by strong hands behind the scenes not known to the public, intends to be KINGS in the Aftertime, after the coming earth changes have passed, by controlling the oil fields with the powerful US Military, and invading whatever country remains resistant with this military arm, which is spread all over the globe at present.
(NancyL) ZT: They underestimate the coming pole shift, which will negate their plans utterly, but they listen not to US, the STO Zetas, but to others who are misleading them.
(NancyL) ZT: The current George W. Bush is, as we have stated, is a weak person, mentored by his father for this reason, and chosen by the strong arms behind the current President for this reason - he can be manipulated.
(NancyL) ZT: However, as the President, he issues orders, and thus regardless of their illogic, he is rigid when HIS commanders are rigid, and the confusion is passed down the line.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus you see an increasingly depressed Powell, addressing the UN with increasingly irrelevant statements on why a war is necessary at this time.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus you see the Stock Market, around the world, plunging and oil prices sky rocketing, with a deaf ear turned to the Republican contributors the the Bush campaign.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus you see Bush coming forth with great timidity for a press conference, scared, with a controlled agenda during the conference where few were allowed to pose their questions to him.
(NancyL) ZT: They are caught, these puppets, these underlings, with only Bush himself truly getting the overview of what is to be done, the underlings given only orders, no explanation.
(NancyL) ZT: None of them are happy, but as with the Space Program, they will push forward until disaster after disaster occurs, increasingly resigning, increasingly voicing contradictory statemenets, and increasingly looking depressed and distressed.
(NancyL) ZT: The ONLY way to understand this crowd is to see the iron grip on the current President, chosen for his weakness, shoved into office by voter fraud arranged by packing the Supreme Court in prior years.
(NancyL) ZT: Any other logic fails.
(NancyL) End ZT on this issue.
(Neoca) But Nancy it doesn't make any sense as the US fleet will be devastated by the poleshift. Supply lines to ground forces will be interrupted. Could the zetas comment please.
(BrianC) Who is the most influential person on George W.? Who would they Zetas say are the guys at the top of this pyramid of power?
(BC) some good points there Nancy....
(BBZ) thanks NL/Zetas
(RichardP) Nancy/Zeta's Question: was Bush Snrs failure to conquer Iraq the 1st time a laid out plan to enable the present administration to go back in under the pretext of mopping up so to speak to mask the fact of the inbound and thereby also set themselves up for control in the aftertime?
(MikeO) The Phil Donahue Show was just cancelled on the American television network MSNBC, apparently because of low ratings. Other people say he actually had the HIGHEST ratings on the network. Did the elite cancel Phil Donahue because he invited open discussion about issues such as an Iraq war?
(Endy3d) I wish people would stop asking redundant questions about Bush, over and over again
(NancyL) Beyond, the Distance Table has the distances, please check.
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on other goals beside oil in Iraq, ie, possible stargate or kaballah?
(MikeO) Endy, it's appropriate, because no American president has ever been a bigger asshole than George W. Bush.
(JP) excellent and true reasoning - rational and unpolitical. Thanks Nancy/Zetas. It is what will all know to be
(NancyL) Neoca, as the Z's stated, the Bush controllers listen to the STS aliens, who LIE, and like to create as much devastation as possible, hopelessness in humans, disappointment, as this creates a better harvest for them.
(Locomotio) What is the level of awareness of a potential PX or poleshift at the top levels of govt in US and world?
(RichardP) note how the March 17th Px at Pluto rotation matches the UK/US time to go into Iraq date
(Torbj) when the American troops is off the American land.... is there a plan to come back and "collect" surviviours as "workmanship"?
(NancyL) BrianC, they said you would not reconize the names, so no point.
(Endy3d) look, we already know how stupid Bush is and he's a puppet blah blah blah, I would rather not waste time on those stupid questions and actually ask questions that can help people
(Obany) and this is related to the transformation etc, and because they also want to rule after the Pole shift etc.
(NancyL) Richard, I have NO doubt that the Sr. Bush left Saddam in power so this could occur.
(Obany) so Endy3d: then what do you want to ask about ?
(Evo^) Nancy, in the near future please take the time to go over this website -
(Endy3d) we already know they wont and will die, so why waste time asking about it?
(NancyL) He also CREATED Saddam, sending him the anthrax and 5 billion bucks, etc.
(Stoic) What with any free will keeps the Bush Regime beholden to the STS aliens?
(Neoca) Nancy, I guess I don't understand the frame of mind of them
(Endy3d) I've got a question to ask that I bet no one has ever asked about
(NancyL) All a matter of history but not often reported on the news.
(Redrick) is PLANET X artificial or natural object ?
(RichardP) fire away Endy3
(Obany) Redrick: natural
(Neoca) Don't these peolple have common sense?
(Endy3d) what pisses me off even more is that they don't read!
(JP) It is helping poeple to inform them of the reality of what is happening somewhere out there someone is reading this and preparing. It is truth . the election was stole from you and me and all Americansn
(NancyL) Earth, no stargate or kaballah in Iraq, sorry.
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on any country getting closer to telling of PX?
(Ianz) NancyL. Q,, Zetas comments on surviving the shift, sitting seatbelted in a car or SUV. More comfortable than a trench.
(NancyL) Locomotion, they are aware, but disbelieve the STO Zetas who create ZetaTalk. They are being told 1. go underground and only lately have become suspicious of that, 2. no flooding in Houston, etc.
(Endy3d) I'm going to ask my question before the session is over
(Obany) lot of curious folks here
(NancyL) The aliens they listened to LIED, were STS, as these folks are STS, and gave the Call to them, etc.
(Ricky2772) Redrick: artificial planetoid
(Damon`) no its not artificial
(SteveZ) Nancy, do the Zetas see Bush starting his war next week despite the rest of the world's (UN"S) opinion?
(Endy3d) it's not artificial wtf are you taling about?
(JWilliam) Ianz: make sure the gas gauge reads empty and park in a gulley ;o)
(NancyL) Torbj, I also note that troups NOT on American soil is an advantage to this crowd, because 1. they will be dependent on the ships, planes to take them home,
(Obany) Ricky2772: please don't give him wrong info ... it's a real planet not artifiial
(Piloxy) Nancy, what tell the Zetas about predictions of Kryon on the pole shift issue?
(MikeAus) it is a brown dwarf... natural
(Endy3d) Nancy, I have a question about the soul if you'll take it
(NancyL) 2. they will be forced to be stationed in foreign lands, cannot object,
(JP) The war starts March 18
(AGreenspn) Since the current MJ12 is STO, what are they doing regarding infroming the public about what is to occur?
(RudyJoe) Nancy: Tell us more about how the elite Bush controllers are going to reincarnate as sqids on a far away water world.
(NancyL) 3. they cannot try a coup in the US, overcome the current administration.
(Obany) people come here for zetatalk and not to hear it from others what Planet X is and will do
(Obany) AGreenspan: you mean the new MJ12
(Rid) Nancy can the Zeta tel us whether we can expect to have spiritual teachers come forth in the aftertime?
(NancyL) It has been the plan all along to put troups in places unfamiliar to them, ie UN troups in US bases, as was reported few years back.
(CyberVViz) Q- can You explain the contradiction of the location of the poles and the aftertime with the information of Ruth Montgomery by her Spirits from Heaven ?
(AGreenspn) I said current MJ12, what's not clear?
(MikeO) IF that war starts March 18, that's interesting, because that's about the same date PX enters the solar system.
(Locomotio) So they fear a coup attempt?
(Obany) okay okay AGreenspn
(MichaelCu) Nancy, didn't you say martial law was to be declared here in the US? How can that occur without the troops?
(NancyL) Also, I heard from someone in North Carolina that reserves called up are asked if they would shoot US citizens if given the order!
(Earth420) Can th Zs comment on people actually having encounters of the "3rd kind and what some may prepare for?
(NancyL) Then send NOT in their home state, but elsewhere, in other states!
(Obany) Rid: i am sure that there will be teachers
(NancyL) Very sick!
(Obany) but not as you expect i think
(lmao43) hearsay
(Earth420) Or Martial Law with the Wackennuts...
(Locomotio) Yes, the STS will have a great harvest Thanks :(
(Redrick) Well, if sitting in a car will be enough to survive the shift... so how is possible you estimate about 60%-70% from population as victims of Pole Shift?
(Rid) Thank you Obany.
(NancyL) AGreen, the New MJ12 (STO) is probably working behind the scenes, NOT something that can be countered by the media control, strong arm tactics, etc.
(Earth420) like Wackenhut, roadblocks already
(Obany) Rid: keep in mind this is what i said, you know
(JP) like only 20 percent of the world has a car for one
(AGreenspn) Also.. it would be nice, to enlighten us as to what the Z's would have expected our leaders course of action to be given the almost incomprehensible disaster that is to occur.
(Endy3d) the majority of the population will die after the shift, read the website, geez
(NancyL) By the way, all, I had a GREAT 30 min interview 7:00 AM in LA on KROQ yesterday, Friday Mar 6th!
(Rid) I understand Obany, thanks.
(RichardP) Redrick: there is a difference to sitting in a car on a highway to sitting in a car in a gully
(Torbj) mmm... a good thing though... when a persona is in the corner facing himself.... he/she sparsks
(NancyL) Cyber, ZT does NOT absolutely coincide with other prophets, and this has been addressed before.
(Obany) zetatalk stated that a lot of the people that will die, will die after the pole shift ... not during
(JP) enlighten yourself we would has hoped for preparing in a prudent and realistic manner
(Torbj) that goes for soldiers also
(RedEye) what Q's did u answer Nancy ?
(NancyL) ZetaTalk, however, proves to be true in their predictions, so take your clue from that.
(CyberVViz) Yes, but they adress Ruth Montgomery as valid channel :-)
(BrianC) Nancy, where do the Zetas suggest we go to for personal advice?
(Evo) Nancy, in the near future please take the time to go over this website -
(Dr4l10n) NancyL: actually Kevin and Bean from KROQ spent most of the morning making fun of you and your claims all morning. i was in my car at 8:30AM and kept hearing them over and over.
(AGreenspn) How JP..
(Endy3d) Nancy, can souls bond physically with each other, as in sexually? Can they mate? Or is mating only able to be performed in an incarnated state?
(TheBadAst) is that KROQ interview archived anywhere? I would like to hear it.
(NancyL) Red, the Z's have stated that most of the die off will NOT be from drowning, injury, but starvation and most particularly depression, allowing illness to take one, etc. afterwards.
(Ianz) Yes, a car only protects during the hour of the shift, in a safe location too
(RedEye) yeah
(NancyL) A car in India will still have drown folks inside it, THINK!
(Ojabun) can't discuss anything serious with Nancy
(Redrick) Please so do I understand it good: To survive the pole shift will be "easy" and the "hard time" for us will be the Aftertime??
(Ojabun) like getting the world entlighted with the unification answer
(BrianC) Nancy will your interview on KROQ be available to listen to?
(NancyL) Cyber, and Scallion is valid, but he says a Blue Star will come and save mankind, NOT true say the Zetas.
(JP) all speculation Green, just better thats all too late now we adore over the top thinking in these sates and the Republicats got in office that way we have to pay for that and we will
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on if contactees will start having more visitations, in need to prepare for roles?
(MichaelCu) Kevin and Bean played with her for 30 minutes, joking and insulting her
(DemonSeed) NancyL: will magnetic north line itself with true north?
(NancyL) TheBad, they don't audio stream, and unless someone recorded it, no tape. They switched the hour to be earlier too, at the last minute, so I suspect NO recording.
(3j) are there JPG or BMPs of the last images
(Dr4l10n) yea they did
(BrianC) Nancy, can Zetas say who is the most valid channeler of spiritual advice?
(AGreenspn) Which is why I directed my Q. to the Z. JP
(Obany) DemonSeed: for what i read, no
(NancyL) Dr41, maybe so, but the 30 minutes was excellent!
(Endy3d) Nancy, did you get my Quesiton?
(TheBadAst) oh well.
(JP) and the ansers have continually been given previously Green
(Walt2525) Nancy, can the Zetas comment on whether there is a country or group planning to use a nuclear weapon against us - since our actions are so illogical
(NancyL) Red, nothing is easy, if you survive, it does not get better, lets put it that way.
(AGreenspn) Where?
(RichardP) Earth420: just prepare .... things will follow from there
(Ojabun) Scallion didn't say that... he says the blue star comes there as counter of the spirit time
(Rid) How much danger are we in from North Korea?
(RedEye) yep
(NancyL) MichC, wrong! They gave an excellent overview of the PS, and had done their home work.
(JP) here and in the zetalogs and on
(AGreenspn) Not individually, on leadership basis.. enlighten me
(MikeO) Per ZT, North Korea poses no threat. All bark and no bite.
(Redrick) Please How long will the Pole Shift event take? I mean the main event when the tectonics plates will be moving into the new locations? a hour or a day??
(MichaelCu) Nancy, they called you a kook to your face on the air!
(AGreenspn) The links, fellow.
(Rid) Thanks Mike.
(TheBadAst) MichaelC: can you be m ore specific? What did they say? Did they ever agree with Ms. Lieder?
(NancyL) Demon, re Mag North, the Z's have stated that THIS time they expect Geologic and Magnetic N/S to be closer, yes.
(Torbj) have to go!.... but take this if you can.... The Nazi fled to the U.S....but Mr. Hitler fled to Sweden!
(JP) you do the work kiddo
(NancyL) Re KROQ, many radio stations treat the PS and ZT jokingly, and I kid around with them, as this is the ONLY way they can deal with the issues.
(Jeremy32) Rerick: The pole shift lasts about an hour, with the massive quakes occuring toward the end of that period
(AGreenspn) Right.. vanish from hence you came
(Obany) MichaelCu and the TheBadAst if you 2 want to talk do it in a private discussion
(Endy3d) NancyL, can souls bond physically with each other, as in sexually? Can they mate? Or is mating only able to be performed in an incarnated state?
(Redrick) thanks
(MichaelCu) You don't know how close you came to speaking to me Nancy!
(NancyL) Nevertheless, the KROQ this time and last time were 180 different!
(Stoic) Can Zetas suggest philosophical, social answers to encourage those knowledgeable about poleshift to
(TheBadAst) Obany, there is much crosstalk here. Why single us out?
(BrianC) Nancy, as the Earth moves into a location behind the sun from where PX is coming in from won't that inhibit PX viewing?
(Endy3d) I hate doing that, I wish we could send our questions to her without pissing her off
(Lebrasse2) Nanvy, how come no food shortages? shops still FULL, will this be the case right up to the end ?
(Stoic) covince their family members to get to safety?
(JP) didn't go anywhere still here dude now get readin hence enlightenment enjoy! over and out
(NancyL) MichaelC, so?
(Earth420) Lebrasse, UN showed water supply short, and millions are starving... good enough for me
(NancyL) Endy3d, souls do not have sex and procreate that way, no :-)
(Rlf) load bxmenu.bx
(MichaelCu) Nancy... So? The general attitude of the DJ's and the listerners was of disbelief
(MikeO) As KROQ demonstrates, the driving force behind radio personalities is to ***appear cool at all times***.
(LiquidJe) ppl are always starving
(MikeO) . . . at the expense of personal integrity.
(Ojabun) should i buy a wetsuit?
(Endy3d) I didn't say procreate Nancy, I said to they bond
(lmao43) Hey Nancy, if the evil NASA debunkers sabotaged this last image, how do we know that they never did it before?
(Hiya) Nancy, is PX ever going to be visible at night naked eye?
(lmao43) seeing as how you stated yourself hat yopu have no proof
(NancyL) LeB, why do you supposed that N.Korea is lobbing missles and running up fighter jets? Because they want US FOOD
(Obany) okay please, ask some good questions ......
(AGreenspn) Without the data, JP your chatta don't mattah
(CyberVViz) Q - The Sumerians (PlanetX information) counted a cycle of zodiac 10 bigger as the cycle of the Atlantiers/Egypt culture Isn't there the catch between 2003/2012 ?
(DemonSeed) NancyL: a while back, the nearest galactic system exploded and blew this planet and all other planets out of their normal orbital paths by 5.5 degrees tilt, and brought it 56,000 miles nearer to the sun. earth is getting a direct bombardment of ultra violet rays from the sun, plus radiation and nuclear dust from the explosion
(NancyL) Why do you suppose the US does not simply send them some from the vast stores they supposedly have? Because the stores are virtually EMPTY, and you are not being told this!
(Obany) the pole shift is only a few months from now
(NancyL) Endy, they don't need sex to bond.
(Endy3d) Nancy, what about higher order souls? I would think they would love each other too, isn't it possible for them to... join? For a lack of a better word?
(Earth420) yes... and we will remember these chats, Obany!
(Endy3d) ok then, thanks
(Hiya) Nancy, is PX ever going to be visible at night naked eye?
(lmao43) Planety of food in the stores I go to
(Redrick) what will be more dangerous in the PoleShift event: The earthquake or The debris from Planet X ?
(JP) without welfare you gotta work! matta that! read the can't do it for you and yes chatta dont matta its just chatta
(Obany) Hiya: check zetatalk, yes in a few weeks from now
(SteveZ) Nancy, will Bush attack despite a UN resolution against?
(RedEye) read the previous logs Hiya
(Hiya) Thats
(AGreenspn) God help you.
(Hiya) daytime
(NancyL) Hiya, please check the table I did from SkyMap data, re WHEN and WHERE it will be visible in April.
(Hiya) What about night?
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the good other types of alien entites at this time who are helping us to avoid the WW3 scenerio? What else we could do to support?
(Lightspee) Hi Queen!
(Obany) Hya: a little earlier that also has beeen answered .
(Hiya) OK
(JP) all the time dude
(Incognit0) Nancy- when will earthquakes and other signs no longer be linear? April, when Px reaches Saturn?
(TheBadAst) I thought it was naked eye visible last year? That's what it said on zetatalk.
(NancyL) Basically, I found Orion/Taurus rising in the SE about 8-10 AM, and setting in the SW around 9-11 PM or so.
(AGreenspn) ask Him to provide the links
(lmao43) Yes, and when will satelittes and cable TV/phone/radio start failing?
(DemonSeed) from 1988, eleven years for the Solar, the sun knocked out of its normal orbital path to a new orbital parth in line with the plants
(DemonSeed) planets
(JP) He did!
(Okidok) what about the Signs of the time #2??
(NancyL) I plotted for Paris, Capetown, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, Sydney, and Osaka.
(DemonSeed) therefore there is going to be 21 planets
(NancyL) It rises earlier as the month goes on, and sets earlier, by about a 2 hour difference from Mar 31 to Apr 28.
(Earth420) My interent and phones have been messing up!
(NancyL) Steve, my personal feeling is that the Bush admin has already stated their plans to attach on Mar 17, yes.
(BrianC) Nancy can the Z
(Earth420) And my sis workks at a supermarket, they are downsizing the food, no big quantites to sell of things...
(DemonSeed) one part of earth will never see the moon
(LiquidJe) i get a sense something catastrophic happening this month, do the zetasa confer?
(NancyL) And it would appear they can win, and it also appears they mean to invade Turkey too! Else why not move those ships?
(BrianC) Nancy can the Zetas say when clocks will be 1 sec/day slow?
(RedEye) yeah, alot of ppl have had 2 change their nicks it seems
(lmao43) When will Bush and Cheney dosappear and go underground?
(NancyL) However, I don't think, from what the Z's said, that it will all go as planned.
(lmao43) after the war in Iraq?
(Damon`) i hope they get buried in their enclaves
(NancyL) Remember when they said the Space Program, trying to nuke Planet X or get to Mars, would not succeed?
(Lightspee) Brianc: good Q
(Witchery1) Damon, do you know what an enclave is?
(AGreenspn) You're either just playing games, or not very smart..why don't you check the logs, and see if you can answer some of my past still unanswered Q. JP, what do you say,eh?
(Rid) Nancy, have the Zeta et all been stiring up trouble for the American troops in Kwait?
(NancyL) Then we had the problems for months with cracks in the gear, then the Shuttle UP again.
(NancyL) Everyone asked the Z's why it went up when they said the gloves had come off.
(Redrick) What will be more dangerous in the PoleShift event: The earthquake or The debris falling from Planet X ?
(RedEye) will their be an uptick in weather irregularities when PX enters our solar system ?
(Lightspee) Bryanc: but the clocks are ahead...
(DemonSeed) Bush evil Cheney evil
(NancyL) The answer was that sometimes allowing a success, then a devastation, gets the message across better.
(MikeAus) Nancy a freak dust-storm, with 80mph winds, just disrupted U.S troops and logisitics
(lmao43) in other words, never anything solid - typical for ZetaTalk
(NancyL) And then the Columbia was torn apart, spewed all over the US states, with the public picking up pieces and an independent board peeking at it all.
(JP) pay me dude cant do the look up for you maybe your not very smart eh?
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Did you read about those newly discovered moons of Jupiter? Captured from disrupted equlibrium perhaps?
(Damon`) would the zetas comment on the truthfulness of the pilots' account on seeing Px with their binoculars?
(NancyL) They wanted what the Columbia was doing SECRET. SO much better this way than to just prevent a takeoff.
(Earth420) War is awful! PEACE PEOPLE PEACE
(NancyL) So, the Council will do what is most devastating, I suspect, to this crowd.
(AGreenspn) It's ok, pal even He can't answer them apparently.
(Earth420) We cannot have this war! Nothing but death! No success....
(JP) ok
(Stoic) Would Zetas suggest philosophical mindset to encourage 'knowers' to convinced appropriate OTHERS to come to safety?
(Piloxy) part
(Locomotio) Just don't see anything positive coming out of this war, for anyone.
(NancyL) MikeAus, when did this dust storm happen? 80 MPH winds. Just now?
(MichaelCu) the other night
(MikeAus) yes, last 2-3 days
(SteveZ) Great answer, thanks Nancy
(NancyL) Jeremey, no re the moons of Jupiter, probably just truly newly discovered :-)
(Torbj) im back...
(Hiya) Nancy, why is PX still so dim?
(MikeAus) blew away tents etc, stopped vehicle movement :)
(NancyL) Stoic, no, this is your personal struggle, by which YOU grow spiritually!
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Thanks, just thought I'd check :)
(Hiya) Why is imaging so difficult?
(Obany) Hiya in due time you will be able to see it with our own bare eyes
(LiquidJe) mate we had rain the last few days, dust storms???
(AGreenspn) Blix reported the discovery of 8 R- 400 type biological bombs in Iraq. Z. claimed Iraq did not have any, can they clarify?
(Hiya) I asked Nancy.
(JWilliam) Hiya/Howmo: cause it didn't pay its light bill ;o)
(NancyL) MikeAus, nothing reported on the US news!
(Torbj) Can/will the zetas comment on Hitler fleeing to Sweden.... as in WHY??
(Stoic) Qué sera sera... whatever will be will be..
(Stoic) oh thanks Nancy
(MichaelCu) the dust storm was reported
(Hiya) Only a joke for an answer, JWilliam?
(StevenB) We all need to think "change" now, this is one way to push us into the 4th density and avoid the cataclysim.
(NancyL) Hiya, because it is not a SUN, not a STAR, please check over the Trends pages, and the careful pixel analysis JWilliam has done, this is WHY he did it, etc.
(MikeAus) no, I only heard about it on an alternative news site
(Ekim) It was on CNN's website
(Swanny) Rolf! check me out I am trying to PM you
(Hiya) Nancy, you said it was magnitude 11.
(NancyL) It is appropriate in SIZE to what it should be, to BRIGHTNESS to what it should be.
(Obany) StevenB: sorry to say, but that won't work
(Rlf) how
(Ojabun) do zeta's say same as others,that earth will have 1000 years paradice.. and than the final end,and mankind goes off into space?
(CyberVViz) Q - Please comment my question related to the 10 years difference as a Sumerain Solar Cycle is LONGER as the Egypt/Our Cycle related to 2003-2012
(LiquidJe) dust storms were a while back not in the last couple of days
(3j) Hitler is in Sweden?!!
(NancyL) Humans state that anything going to pass Earth in 3 months should be nearby, but humans are WRONG about orbits, dummies.
(Rlf) sorry but the help is as cryptic
(MichaelCu) dummies?
(RudyJoe) Nancy, Thanks for another interesting session.
(NancyL) Humans state that a brown dward must be several times Jupiter size, HUGE, a burning gas giant, but they are WRONG.
(lmao43) Nancy, the March 7 images show the circled spots as magnitude 20 or fainter, same as over a year ago
(Beyond) PX is supposedly moving faster now than it will as it traverses Saturn's orbit
(lmao43) any idea why they're still so faint?
(NancyL) They were wrong about the Flat Earth couple hunred yeas ago, and are wrong about MOST of what they think NOW.
(Ranier) URL of the storm news pls
(Swanny) Rolf: double click on my nick in index column
(Ojabun) this earthflip isn't natural is it,it's doom because we werent strong enough to free ourselves from the earth it's density
(NancyL) Hiya, the folks looking at it from observatory scopes in early 2001 found it to be that, yes.
(Obany) Ojabun: stop with that nonsense please
(3j) what is the next Q?
(Rlf) I am using a terminal windows
(Ojabun) 1000 years paradice is nothing
(MikeAus) Nancy: a large green meteor was seen recently, too You probably already know that tho.
(NancyL) What this or that cameras records is NOT what another camera or equipment might record, and the eye records something different yet.
(Obany) Nancy i just banned Hiya... the one known as Homwo Yadaa etc
(Ojabun) should been eternal
(lmao43) no Nancy, magnitude is magnitude, comparative on the images to over 150 known stars
(lmao43) the spots are at less than magnitude 20
(NancyL) Cyber, since each pole shift results in a different "day" the ancient solar cycles may have been different, yes.
(Swanny) ok, sorry everyone
(Damon`) aah the ever present Yaaada
(CyberVViz) thx
(Obany) Ojabun: stop with that nonsense please, on how we could prevent it, and that humanity isn't enlightned enough
(JP) can I see it tonight with a meade 70mm etx 70 at 124x
(RedEye) Imao, it is not a star
(lmao43) lol JP, not at magnitude 20
(NancyL) Lmao, you are NOT just seeing Px, you are looking at the moon swirls, the range of the dust cloud.
(JWilliam) Lmao43: Then we are agreed that the "spots" are on the images at the coordinates given/
(JP) oh rats IM
(Obany) sigh ban evasion
(lmao43) Redeye, makes no difference, even if it was a basketball
(Ojabun) Nancy: can i speak you privet?
(RedEye) yeah right
(NancyL) Please go look at the Dec 28th HUGE SPLOTCH link from and tell me what that is!
(lmao43) thety're equivalent to the background, yes J William
(lmao43) Background is at mag 20 as well
(Swanny) Nancy: the Zetas talk about awakenings etc, can they comment along the lines of Ojabun's nonsense?
(NancyL) Moon swirls, overlaid, looks like a melanoma on the image. NOT Px corpus at all, which was someplace else in the image at that time.
(Beyond) wouldn't the dust cloud be behind PX, because it's moving so fast
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on any plans to arrest people who are pro for knowledge of Planet X?
(Walt2525) Nancy, will the Z's comment on when we will see the first imploding city in the US
(lmao43) so, you've circled spots that are part of the background
(JWilliam) They are above background. Else how would we see them?
(Ojabun) my nonsense?.. seams only i got reality
(lmao43) no, they are not J William
(NancyL) JP, I'd go LOOK, what can you lose?
(Obany) Ojabun: i don't think that Nancy has time for that ... yeah sure ... you only get reality doh
(lmao43) You have to increase the background above the threshold to see them
(Beyond) JWilliam, do you agree that PX should be 200 times the size of PX's smallest moons?
(Ojabun) noone seams to have time to discuss entlghtment
(lmao43) as is the case with almost all the images
(NancyL) Beyond, well, the dust cloud is LARGER than Px. JWilliam has plotted its size from pixel brightness, so is seen on either side, etc.
(Okidok) somebody said; do not trust any images on internett,it could be fixed in photoshop
(Obany) why don't you people ask some serious questions ?????
(lmao43) pixel brightness is irrelevant
(Dave7) 122 of us
(Obany) well then create #enlightment or so and discuss it overe there ...
(lmao43) has no relation to magnitude
(NancyL) Earth, I suspect NO arrest whatsoever will be done, as this would give credence to the theory!
(Torbj) the head of UN, Annan is married to a Swedish woman.... Ann Annan
(Damon`) Question: now that Px is zooming closer, could the Zetas give us a more precise date when Px will be visible in the night sky shortly before naked-eye visibility?
(Beyond) we leave the serious questions for you Obany
(Dave7) humanity has a chance
(JWilliam) Beyond: I'll have a better idea of moon size in about 2 months.
(Rich0) Obany: why don't you just msg the questions you'd like us to ask
(MichaelCu) you don't have two months Dell
(Sirgrim) hi
(lmao43) lol 2 months
(AGreenspn) Good Okidok..someone also said "a picture is worth a 1000 words"..though nowadays its worth less than an empty PhotoShop box. Tell them.
(Jeremy32) hi Sirgrim
(Obany) Rich0: can't you come up with those questions yourslef
(NancyL) Damon, this depends, visibility in early April, etc. on sky conditions where you live, how familiar you are with the stars and where to look, etc.
(Sirgrim) how are you Jeremy
(Rich0) not ones you'd like apparently
(Jeremy32) Sirgrim: fine thanks
(Beyond) JWilliam.. guess you don't believe then
(Sirgrim) good
(Locomotio) I think JWm was joking...
(NancyL) You are supposed to check in and look at the images, going into that date, and get familiar by looking at the sky with what you see in the images are brighter stars, and get oriented.
(N18) Q: Was there any assasination attempts on Bush's life that was not reported?
(lmao43) I think J William was serious
(NancyL) Don't start looking on Mar 31 as a dummy, uneducated, in other words. Get FAMILLIAR with the sky.
(Earth420) Maybe Zs comment on public protesting in regard to getting PX out there... Is shaving heads etc to get into the media, even if we are freaks, small sacrifice to pay to get it out?
(lmao43) The stars in the images are not visible by naked eye Nancy
(MichaelCu) someone also needs to learn how to process images properly
(JWilliam) Beyond: right now we are imaging light intensity of objects. Has more to do with reflectivity than physical size.
(RudyJoe) Nancy, ask the ZTs if they have any final comments for this session that they'd like to make before logging off.
(Beyond) were you serious JWilliam?
(lmao43) most aren't visible in a telescope
(CyberVViz) I wonder, IF the PlanetX will be maybe ahead 2 weeks You will still ask questions about Bushy
(NancyL) Guess I'll finally have to go out and locate Orion, never have, etc., never looked at the sky at all except to note the stars are out or cloudly, etc.
(Samsara20) Q: The Z's have mentioned that at the time of the shift, the 'lift' will remove those from harm. Will this process occur at any time before the shift, and does it require a STO soul giving the call in order to be rescued? Any more details about this operation?
(Beyond) ok, but don't forget that PX is self-illuminated
(Stoic) Creeping anxiety and sneaky panic attacks... anyone sense these occasionally re this stuff these days?
(Beyond) and should be out in front of all the dust
(NancyL) Earth, you'll not get into the news over Px at all. ONLY the garbage about NEAT V1 and all, as the media is controlled.
(Damon`) Beyond: whos said so?
(AGreenspn) Not only will they ask, you can bet they will eagerly embraced, Cyber.
(lmao43) Maybe the dust is pushed in front, and the moons swirl behind
(AGreenspn) Be..
(Rich0) shouldn't it be more dependent on size than reflectivity
(MichaelCu) why isn't the dust cloud swirling behind PX like the moons Nancy?
(JWilliam) Beyond: I agree PX is out front. You asked about moons.
(Beyond) Damon.. about what?
(NancyL) However, they may give media coverage toward the end, if too many people get wind of it and the elite want to direct folks elsewhere for survival info.
(Sirgrim) NancyL: what about people stuck in jail during the time of the shift, any advice for tem
(lmao43) so, why is the "dust cloud" obscuring it JWilliam?
(NancyL) In other words, they will say "don't bother me, I'm stocking my bunkers, go ask Nancy".
(Torbj) smile..... Lockerbie... Annan.....
(Damon`) is the dust trailing behind? i think its hugging Px
(LiquidJe) yeh y is it u can image the moons but not the planet itself?
(MikeAus) well, well.....if it isn't Michael "cut the throats of sleeping survivors" Cunningham
(Beyond) JWilliam, well I was commenting on PX's size as well
(lmao43) keep asking yourself that question, and you'll finally realize why
(NancyL) Damon, there is hugging dust, and trailing dust :-).
(JWilliam) lmao: Image is of reflected light around PX which increases background level close to PX. In that sense obscuring.
(AGreenspn) So what's with this 8 R -400 bombs, N.?
(N18) Q: Were there any assasination attempts on Bush's life that were not reported? So not to alarm the public?
(NancyL) I supose it depends upon the composition of the dust.
(Dave7) Orion is three stars close together in line, can't miss em. Follow to right, somewhere between them and north star is bright.
(Earth420) Can th Zs comment on the severeity and seriousness of "visitations" and when we will learn of the plans?
(NancyL) Like atmosphere, there is lower atmosphere, and upper atmosphere, etc.
(lmao43) incorrect J William, thats not proper photometry
(MichaelCu) huggin dust and trailing dust? PLease explain!
(lmao43) pixels can't be compared to other pixels
(NancyL) AGree, what are you referring to 8 R -400 bombs, N.
(RudyJoe) What about all the gold dust in PX's atmosphere?
(lmao43) you have to compare to known objects
(Earth420) Thank you Nancy/Zs... I know I always throw out whatever to see what hits!
(Ranier) is the dust toxic?
(Rich0) JW: you'd still should have a brighter background sport for the planet then
(lmao43) BTW J WIlliam, how do you know there's dust around it?
(Lightspee) Rainer: if you eat that dust, most definitely
(lmao43) Are you looking for dust?
(Damon`) Lightspee go check the images
(lmao43) or are uyou actually analyzing the images?
(Neoca) JWilliam Are you a professionnal astronomer?
(CyberVViz) Some saw apearing a sulfer, yellow glow (making the ground afterwards good) in their visions instead of a redish...
(MichaelCu) Nancy, would the ZT's care to comment on the hugging dust and trailing dust?
(Ranier) Lightspee: what if u inhale it?
(NancyL) Dave7, I am telling folks to go to their libary or local sky club and find out what Orion and Taurus look like, the least they can do!
(Mugada) will we have to defend ourselfs from the STS alliens
(AGreenspn) must have missed my Q . - Blix reported Iraq had 8 R400 biological bombs, but the Z. said Iraq didn't have any biological weapons, so if this could be clarified, please. Thanks.
(CyberVViz) So maybe the sulfer comes first :-)
(JWilliam) Rich: general background around PX tends to be higher than other areas of Image.
(JP) averted vision helps with viewing
(MichaelCu) Neoca... Dell is not an astronomer
(N18) Another Q: Will PX tail look like this:
(lmao43) incorrect procedure JWIlliam
(N18) 6
(NancyL) AGreen, I listened on Tuesday, and he was talking about OLD bombs that had been destroyed per orders of UN.
(Lightspee) Rainer: use some cloth ahead of your face as filter, that helps.
(N18) 6
(N18) 6
(Rich0) thank you lmao
(NancyL) They contained anthrax, and were blown up in a spot then considered too dangerous to inspect.
(Ranier) lols
(Beyond) JWilliam, wouldn't an object 200 times the size of a moon be seen somehow? if nothing else but block out anything behind it?
(JWilliam) Neoca: I am an image processor and analyst. Not an astronomer.
(NancyL) Now 10 years later, they can go in, and are going so, digging, and find bomb frangments.
(lmao43) Naji, why move the telescope during image aquisition?
(Neoca) k
(MichaelCu) Dell, you not even that
(NancyL) They will be assembing the frangments to see how many bombs were blown up, to back Iraq statements that the DID this in the past.
(AGreenspn) I see.. ty.. let me go check on that.
(Dave7) Orion - The big dipper. three central stars Point to right towards north star, Tauras is between the them.
(NancyL) This to counter Bush endless accusation that they are hiding something, but no one can find this something, etc.
(NancyL) MichC nor are YOU.
(BrianC) Nancy, so in about a 2 weeks we will be able to see PX in the night time sky with only our eyes right?
(lmao43) J Wlliam, where can we see some of your digital image work?
(Damon`) orion is the big dipper??
(Jeremy32) Dave7: Orion is not the big dipper
(lmao43) lol
(Locomotio) To find Orion: Locate Big Dipper, the two stars on right of cup point to Polaris, take 90 degree Right turn from Polaris to find Orion, Taurus.
(Neoca) PX being the size of Uranus should be seen now with binocs?
(JP) Orion is far from the big dipper
(NancyL) MichC has foot in mouth repeatedly, claims to be an expert, but is not.
(JWilliam) Beyond: PX is seen on the images, as is PX Red and a number of moons on March 6 7 8 as well as in previous images.
(MichaelCu) Nancy, tell us about the hugging dust as opposed to the trailing dust
(lmao43) Incorrect JWilliam. No planet is visible on those images
(Stoic) Neoca.. i` like to try your binocs
(lmao43) nothing moving between images
(NancyL) Neo, it is NOT yet the size of Uranus, nor is it reflecting sunlight yet, my understanding. Soon, though.
(Beyond) JW, is PX a lot bigger than the moons?
(Mugada) it is in oz
(NancyL) Um, can folks see Uranus with bioncs?
(MichaelCu) yes they can
(Neoca) Not apparent size but actual size
(lmao43) If you bend over Nancy
(JWilliam) lmao: your assertions of incorrect are your opinion. Keep it and I will keep mine. As well as providing my rendered documentation and analysis.
(Earth420) Imao ERRRR
(Neoca) 4X earth= Uranus size
(ZooSpecim) this astronomy talk is becoming more and more irrelavant, only 3 weeks before we see it, or don't see it with the naked eye.
(NancyL) What was unconfirmed sighted by 10x binocs would be the entire COMPLEX, moon swirls, dust cloud, larger than Px, but the reflected red light comes from Px.
(lmao43) no J WIlliam, they are not. They're the opinions of amateur astronomers, one of which you are not
(MichaelCu) so we can now see it in binoculars Nancy?
(Earth420) I think the debunkers dont want other question to take up our time. THEN WAIT, SEE IT LATER!
(Torbj) near boarder of Scotland u have: North of Hetton LeHole--- Whashington... west of Whasington---Annan... norht of Annan--- Lockerbie...
(lmao43) How do 10x binoiculars manage to see a mag 20 object?
(NancyL) MichC, I don't know, frankly, but the report seemed sincere.
(Ranier) oops sorry
(JWilliam) lmao: you continue to assert. Provide link to YOUR rendered images and email and we will talk.
(Neoca) My binocs X15
(MichaelCu) then someone should check it out Nancy
(Rich0) well that's a good standard
(lmao43) JWilliam you know where my images are
(Earth420) Yeah, NASA putting out something to debunk earths slowing rotation...
(JWilliam) lmao: I do?
(lmao43) And you've refrused to talk with me
(NancyL) Imao, well, why does one have to squint and have faith to see M31, which is supposedly a Mag 3.7 or some such!
(Sirgrim) what do the Z's say on your report?
(MichaelCu) yes, what do the ZT's say about the binocular report?
(Rich0) extended object
(lmao43) in Fact J WIlliam, you ignore my questions to you
(Stoic) X15 !
(lmao43) because you have no answer for your ineptness in image processing
(NancyL) Yes! For those of you not aware, there is great SLOWING info, news, on both the team and topic pages.
(Torbj) u alllso have New York in that aeria..... as well as places named WatchHill and BattleHill
(JP) averted vision helps and dark adjusted eyes also more magnification doesnt mean more light gathering sometimes binocs are better
(IceWind) will we be able to see PX by the end of this month in the night time sky?
(JWilliam) lmao: I have responded to all Emails I have received on this matter.
(lmao43) How big is M31 Nancy?
(NancyL) You can find these links from the What New of TT
(Sirgrim) full moon on Aprl 1st not going to happen correct
(lmao43) You lie JWilliam
(Rich0) lmao43: where are your images?
(lmao43) Imao43 is SarahMc
(NancyL) Bottom line, woman in France who uses multiple methods but on clocks alone (compared 3 manual to an atomic) 1se/day slowing these days.
(Beyond) Nancy I read the slowing pages, you may wnat to check into them as 6 of 13 links give an error 404
(Obany) Sirgrim: this is going to happen ... so don't play with us
(lmao43) will probably get booted now
(JWilliam) lmao: and what Email have you sent?
(Rid) Get rid of lmao.
(Sirgrim) im just trying to get my warning signs right
(Sirgrim) since i can't see it with my telescope or in these images
(Damon`) Imao, the tribe has spoken
(Beyond) one second per day, but has that gotten any more or less over the past months?
(NancyL) Mike Lob, who throws out data and goes at it mathematically finds 1/3 that rate, but 1 se each 3 days, but I think he may be referring to an overall trend since 1998.
(lmao43) Private messages JWilliam, you 've ignored me consistently since November
(BrianC) My watch used to run faster than the atomic clocks only a few weeks ago, now it runs slower.
(NancyL) Another report from Hungary on clock checking a group has done, manual against atomic, finds data closer to the woman in France.
(CyberVViz) my clocks are running equal, the manual and the atomic For 3 weeks, sorry.
(Rid) Thanks Obany.
(Sirgrim) most clocks are guaratted up to 1 second per day, are you sure you're not measuring normal clock failure
(Owego) typical Obany
(Owego) your paranoia follows you everywehere
(NancyL) Now ANYONE can do this! Well, just about anyone. Need an atomic clock (this checks in by radio and lets the Navy update it, automatically, periodcially) and manual clocks.
(JP) I just know the Naval Obs time tables for sunset and sunrise are off and ever more so
(NancyL) The atomic clock will, on its check in date, JUMP forward those seconds, but the manual do not!
(CyberVViz) Maybe we can compare the Navy atomic clocks and the foreign Atomic clocks :-)
(Beyond) I have been doing it Nancy, for 7 months now. I've said the results.
(NancyL) And the lumar phases are definitely going off, should be obvious to all soon.
(Owego) JWilliam, hows it feel to be protected by Obany?
(Sirgrim) CyberVViz: where you think the foreign clocks go to get the time?
(Owego) like a woman?
(JP) I have an NIST driven clock as I live 5 miles away from Boulder NIST
(CyberVViz) not always the Navy, dummy
(Stoic) what about comparing time on computer to digital clock.?
(Zod2) My wife cyle has gone off phase!!!!!
(Rich0) you do realize that comparing two clocks does not imply anything about the earth's rotation
(NancyL) Sirgrim, but the manual clocks are now ROUTINELY too fast! In ALL countries, by ALL running these tests.
(LiquidJe) lols
(WhoKnows) lolol
(Sirgrim) JP: my watch is running off the boulder time server right now too hehe
(LiquidJe) funny people
(NancyL) Some kind of manual clock/watch disease?
(RichardP) Nancy: thanks for all your hard work and patience
(RichardP) time to go
(Obany) there is no need to protect JWilliam ... he is handling it quiet fine
(BrianC) Stoic: Internal computer clocks seem to be less accurate than wrist watches.
(CyberVViz) some people just think the US is the whole world, jeez
(Sirgrim) i thought manual clocks were losing time
(NancyL) I've personally noted this on my PCs which always kept precise time. Now about 15 min slower than years ago.
(JWilliam) Owego: I find it interesting that Howmo and Silk have both been in attack mode today. Also Sarah Mc has not private chatted with me over the last 4 months. Only the annoying Howmo has done so.
(LiquidJe) when will we all die?
(Tizza) oh no!! my watch has a virus!!
(Beyond) the question about comparing time is 'is it changing??'
(NancyL) Er, I meant FAST.
(Obany) JWilliam: Owego left the channel
(WhoKnows) time constantly changes
(JP) cool watch dude sir
(Sirgrim) k
(WhoKnows) its not a static moment
(Endy3d) not to debunk Nancy or anything, just a bit of information. Manual clocks are typically off by 1/1000th of a second, digital watches are off by hundreds of thousandths of a second
(Beyond) if it stays the same amount off, then radio-guided time is NOT being adjusted
(LiquidJe) i can communicate with ghosts
(Earth420) Thank you Nancy/ Zs... good session. ;)
(NancyL) If I said losing, I meant fast. The earth is slowing, so it takes LONGER for 2:00 to arrive, but the manual clocks say 2:01 and the atomic says 2:00, like that.
(JP) Endy NIST atomic driven clocks are not off at all
(Stoic) BrianC.. clock differences... is official time tampered.. are computer clocks official time
(LiquidJe) i can communicate with ghosts
(LiquidJe) like i can with aliens
(CyberVViz) yes,but that's not 1sec/day If Navy is debunking, their clock should difference the international ones
(Ojabun) Nancy: can i speak to you privet,seriously about the unification answer?
(BrianC) Stoic:
(Endy3d) no offence, but the NIST cesium clocks are controlled by the government
(BrianC) your computers clock is updated only if you let it be.
(MichaelCu) problem with atom clocks is they're driven by celsium atom vibrations, not the earth's rotation
(NancyL) Endy, but "off" should be off either direction, no? Run these tests for a week, on several of your manual clocks, against an atomic, and come back next week, educated!
(CyberVViz) and with computers there is lag time
(Lightspee) Cyber: all the atomic clocks are linked on the world...
(Obany) Ojabun: why do you still want to have that attention from Nnacy ?
(CyberVViz) No, Atomics clocks get their time from different centra where they measure it !
(MichaelCu) manual clocks are not acceptable to run such tests
(Beyond) my computer's clock changes with processor demand time, so I don't trust it for a MINUTE
(NancyL) Cyber, the Navy is the clockmaster of the world, there are FEW big piggy atomic clocks, and like the major observatories, controlled.
(Oceantree) I checked with TV Videotext i works
(Sirgrim) found some diagrams for a solar sundial the other day, would be great for the test
(Endy3d) I know what you mean Nancy, I was just saying that Manual clocks are inaccurate for extended periods of time
(WhoKnows) I think you should have some Pakistan gold and just kick back
(Tizza) Endy : maybe so but my clocks still show a 12 minute difference... not mili-secs
(Torbj) Dont forget to DANCE!!!
(NancyL) Folks get killed, in obvious ways, and the message gets to those folks, who are chosen in any case for the job because they are not rebels.
(Beyond) WhoKnows, you friends with Unibonger? lol
(Rid) Nancy, how long before the time difference is no longer negligible?
(CyberVViz) yes, i agree, so there time should be different as the Atomic clock in other centers, like Uccle - Belgium, Amsterdam - Holland, etc.
(WhoKnows) lolol
(Endy3d) it does not matter anyway, precise timing will not be much of an issue post-shift, most people didn't even use watches 100+ years ago
(Lightspee) Using more clocks was accuruate for years and they have the SAME difference. That is a kinda scientifical measuring...
(Endy3d) a wind up watch will work fine
(WhoKnows) Beyond well we have met many many times in astral projection
(NancyL) Sirgrim, yes! Sundials, as sunset and sunrise should also vary, but not greatly until the last day! Rotation stops, etc.
(WhoKnows) hahah
(Unibonger) never met him/her
(Sirgrim) i think the full moon not showing up on time will be more of a hint of what's coming than watching seconds
(NancyL) Well, I'm going to log off, say bye bye, and get the log up on the web. Got to work early tomorrow!
(JP) that will be errie
(Beyond) yea and about time.. who says the Navy or whoever is really adjusting time at all?
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspiring great ZetaTalk!
(Chatter26) get an education, zetaretards..
(Unibonger) but sounds like my kind of person
(Beyond) even if the Earth WERE slowing
(DemonSeed) lol
(NancyL) Thanks to our loyal cops, keeping order and answering inane questions when I am busy trying to find the relevant questions!
(NancyL) Bye! Next week! Bye!
(Endy3d) thanks for answering my Q btw
Session Close: Sat Mar 08 17:48:04 2003