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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Jun 29, 2002

Session Start: Sat Jun 29 16:46:07 2002
(Willshell) Mystic try this simple test, walk out into the woods and have lunch on what you find, if you can't find lunch you fail the test :o)
(Karen) Right
(Starman) Obi-wan
(NancyL) I'm here, but barely.
(Starman) I understand...
(Starman) Nancy not feeling well?
(Torbj) Barely?
(NancyL) Had a hard drive failure Thursday afternoon. Cluster in Windows, and am still not all right.
(Karen) Nancy can you elaborate on barely?
(Starman) your hard drive shot?
(Obany) Okay let's hope you will make it trough the session Nancy
(NancyL) I think MORE than windows got whomped, as the thing I'm still having problems with is kernel32.dll which is in the /windows/system/ folder
(NancyL) Last loading of windows, I just did a complete replace, and that still didn't do it.
(Starman) Nancy..what version of windows is it?
(Torbj) If you dont do anything but chat in here you will be fine
(Torbj) Dont run any progs....
(NancyL) Had to reload some apps, but the ones NOT working still are the internet connection types.
(Cybervvizz) The vvizz of cyber ;-)
(NancyL) I'm running an antique machine, as I didn't want to disturb my "workhorse" by upgrades (since I have used it hours a day since 1995).
(Cmel) I'm having more or less the same problem ..
(NancyL) It has Win95, and I use all older apps but they are KISS method (Keep it Simple, Stupid) and work.
(Starman) Ummm...if its 95 or 98 can get away with a compete install..
(Cybervvizz) Win 95 has many bugs inside and is very insecure for internet
(NancyL) For instance, immune from the last Klez virus as my IE was version 4.0 :-)
(Cmel) He he
(Cybervvizz) Opera
(Cmel) Browser
(Cybervvizz) Never use IE
(NancyL) Starman, that's what I did, complete reload of Windows.
(Cybervvizz) And outlook stuff
(NancyL) I even tried to lift a kernel32.dll from another machine but then it wouldn't even boot up windows.
(Starman) NancyL I think your machine is possesed ;)
(Cmel) My machine needs a complete wipe ... reinstall
(NancyL) I had a CD-ROM but now the machine has lost it :-) so I have no idea.
(Cybervvizz) Nancy, did You check the bootblock of your harddisk?
(NancyL) So I can't reload apps that come on the CD
(Torbj) Older verions of "fdisk" can bug the clusters up on your disk, if you have run that?
(Starman) Nancy. Sounds like a bit of a problem. Best bet is to upgrade it to 98....
(NancyL) I'm on a laptop now. It overheats on the modem part so I have ice cubes on top of that.
(NancyL) Going to make typing without typos a challenge ...
(Starman) It will clear out all that 95 stuff and give you a more stable machine ...
(Cmel) Doesn't sound good ... with your laptop ... ?
(MysticWinds1) I read typo fluently Nancy. :) No probs here.
(Starman) Nancy...sounds like the equipmenmt you have needs an overhaul...
(NancyL) I don't think I have the memory on this machine for 98. My husband is going to build me yet another in Silicon Valley, his spare time, and when I have that plus this laptop, then I'll do surgery.
(Cybervvizz) I hope you have a zonelab firewall :-)
(NancyL) New hard drive, new CD-ROM. Maybe the lightning got to this after all, it was live during the strike.
(Starman) Maybe its a sign.
(LemoHead) Cant MJ12 finance another one for ya
(Starman) Let it rest in peace ;)
(Sirgrim) hi nancy, g'day to you and the zetas
(Cmel) But you're here after all
(NancyL) Starman, its a sign to get MORE computers operant. I didn't have my laptop operant for mail since California. Big fluster to get THAT done today.
(Torbj) Or have you poured wine in it, as I did with my former machine?
(Gretalife) I hope you don't lose your connection
(Starman) My computer is called lucy....
(Karen) Thank you for your perseverance Nancy
(NancyL) Have many backups, hard copy everything just in case of a total mechanical failure, offsite backups in case of fire. And pray a lot.
(Starman) Which explains alot :)
(NancyL) Lucy as in Early Woman?
(Cmel) NancyL I'm still trying to get a server up and running but I don't have the $$
(Cybervvizz) When you use microsoft stuff, you can try to install a version and when it turns very well, you can mirror completely the harddisk to one file with Norton Ghost. Saves a lot of time
(Sirgrim) Format c:; install openbsd; run smoothly
(Starman) No lucy as someone who organizes me ...:)
(Cybervvizz) Not on a laptop :-)
(CalneCrusader) Whats the questions tonight then?
(NancyL) Lemo, I walk the talk. Broke, living without AC, gave up a good paying job for yuck in cow country, but am safe place, etc.
(Starman) ...who organizes me....hehe...
(Sirgrim) I don't have power either nancy!
(Sirgrim) I just didn't pay the bill... but
(NancyL) I equate this to when my Van blew an engine and I needed to replace it. Old van, new engine.
(Sirgrim) Been a while, and I really don't care about not having it, got the internet here at work on the weekends, all I need.
(Starman) Sirgrim...that happened to me ....
(NancyL) I think not by accident nor the timing as now I don't need to worry about engine breakdown.
(Cmel) Don't ;-)
(Sirgrim) I just go camping when I'm not at work, so it's all good
(Starman) Nancy... so wha't do you think of this corporate stuff ...
(MysticWinds1) Hi butch :)
(Butch) Hello all
(NancyL) Also, had a crack in the windshield that I was loathe to fix, as no $$. So one day while the van was MOVING (i.e the insurance would pay) a branch broke off a tree and impaled the windshield.
(Starman) Big debt and all ...
(CalneCrusader) Nancy, I bet you are gonna talk about worldcom and Enron tonight
(Butch) Hi MysticWinds_1 :) Glad you made it.
(Willshell) Lol Nancy that is cool
(NancyL) Glass everywhere, but NONE on me! The Zetas said "you weren't even in the van".
(NancyL) And then there was the half-dead tree where the branch could fall on the cars partked on the street.
(Gretalife) Your van's not a windstar is it? Ours blew an engine too - twice
(Sirgrim) Are the zetas performing insurance fraud for ya now?
(Starman) Nancy...that kind of stuff happened in the Omen....
(NancyL) No time or $$ so I was letting this go, and during a windstorm, BLAM, the branch blew (opposite the wind direction, by the way) NOT on the cars, but into the yard.
(Cmel) Don't mind that setback NancyL
(NancyL) Well, I had to pay to get the fence fixed, but this was minor compared to a lost car or two.
(Sirgrim) I rolled my truck 5 times a couple months ago and walked away without scratches on both of us, was very fun
(NancyL) So, the Zetas do NOT want to have to worry about this "mechanical failure" when they are concerned about keeping me and ZetaTalk running. :-)
(Starman) Sounds like its a test :)
(NancyL) Going to cool down the modem now. BRB
(Starman) Ice ...
(Starman) Cubes
(MysticWinds1) :), Hehe
(mesecina) 0
(Starman) The modem must be on fire...
(CalneCrusader) Funny how they can travel across the galaxy but they cant keep a fucking van running ain't it?
(Sirgrim) Heh
(Cmel) So Torbj how are things going in your world?
(Starman) what kind of modem heats up... there's no moving parts...?
(Torbj) If modem heats up the amperes must be to high
(Starman) You can get a modem on a chip...
(Karen) What about temporary webtv
(Cybervvizz) I think CPU is getting warm, not modem
(Starman) It must be as big as a cupboard ;)
(CalneCrusader) No, modems are affected by psychic says so on the Microsoft site
(Torbj) Very good indeed.... spent the weekend celebrating the "midsummer" up in my new place in the woods!
(NancyL) I have not been on regular email for a couple days, but have accepted Mothman Prophecies as a Q.
(Gretalife) Why would someone who spends so much time on the computer have an old Win95 laptop and a modem rather than a high-speed connection?
(Sirgrim) Microsoft is affected by moron interference, so it's all good
(NancyL) What have I missed? Worldcom went under, Zetas RIGHT again!
(NancyL) They said "bigger than Enron"and it was several times larger.
(Cybervvizz) when you have only a heatsink, you need to put the laptop on a book or something
(Starman) Maybe Adelphi cable sucks
(SteveH) I just bought Mothman Proph. a few days ago hehe
(Wage) Xerox now too..
(Willshell) Could somone fill me in? What are tha Mothman Prophesies?
(NancyL) Good idea, I'll put a cube UNDER it too.
(Starman) Xerox is on its way...
(DavidS) I have seen Mothman Prophecies on DVD:-)
(Cmel) Later torbj i will tell about my midsummer ;-) if you want ;-)
(Sirgrim) Mmm water and electronics, that's a good idea
(Wage) 2 bill fraud at least
(Karen) Martha Stewart
(Sirgrim) Get some blue ice pack, or one of those things outta the cooler
(Starman) Hehe... make sure its in a bag nancy... hehe
(SteveH) It's about some wierd sightings etc. years ago in Virginia
(Torbj) Please, Cmel!
(Willshell) Lol there is a funny link on about a flock of CEOs running for the Mexican border
(NancyL) That's what I'm using, those things. NO drip, except condensation.
(Starman) Half man half moth
(DavidS) SteveH - yes and strange lights and reddish being
(Sirgrim) Worldcom sucks, I have to teach their techs frame relay every day
(Starman) Told them that a bridge was going to collapse
(Sirgrim) Howdy Steveh
(Cybervvizz) It sucks they didn't invest into my company
(DavidS) Starman, yes
(Cybervvizz) So I did a spell ;-)
(SteveH) Hi dee ho sirgrim
(Torbj) Whatever you do, don't put the modem in water....
(CalneCrusader) Whats the next company to screw up then?
(Wage) Take the case off blow a fan across it
(Sirgrim) QWest
(Sirgrim) Hehe
(Starman) Microsoft ;)
(Cybervvizz) Don't run with your laptop around the table to cool it!
(Cmel) Well Torbj ... hhhmmm my midsummer was being with my nearest family and having fun watching the big fire
(NancyL) Mothman is based on real life.
(Sirgrim) Just go driving and work with your laptop out the window
(Starman) Nancy... its a strange story though...
(CalneCrusader) Remember that TV prog Manimal...I thought she meant that :)
(NancyL) In West Virginia, as I recall (have the book) like a large bird-man took residence in the hills, flew about so folks could see.
(Cybervvizz) Benjiee jumpint to cool it ?
(Starman) Why would anyone warn someone that a brigde would crash
(Karen) Is the disappearance of Elizabeth Smart comparable to Chandra Levy incident? Political?
(Torbj) Did it burn in your surroundings?
(NancyL) And gave prophecy "feeling" warnings, I think, of catastrophies to come.
(Sirgrim) Haha
(Sirgrim) Roving Band Of US CEOs Spotted Miles From Mexican Border
(Sirgrim) Hahahahahahha
(Starman) And do so much build up over the proceding months...
(Cybervvizz) I presume zeta's will have warmer blood now :-)
(Cmel) No it was confined to the fireplace ;-)
(NancyL) The book is packed away, I went to look for it.
(Sirgrim) El Paso, Texas ( - Unwilling to wait for their eventual indictments, the 10,000 remaining CEOs of public U.S. companies made a break for it yesterday, heading for the Mexican border, plundering towns and villages along the way, and writing the entire rampage off as a marketing expense.
(Sirgrim) Hahahhahahahah
(Starman) Your packed?
(Cmel) You don't have a fire at mid summer? (Torbj)?
(Karen) Sounds like could be a best seller Sirgrim
(Torbj) Nice and still then, Cmel!
(NancyL) The Q is, if humans cannot SEE aliens, and many saw this, then what WAS it? Purpose?
(Willshell) Good Q
(CalneCrusader) A big pigeon?
(Starman) Yes my queston too. Maybe there was more to it that was released.
(Cybervvizz) Like those strange dessected animals in Argentina :-)
(NancyL) Karen, the little smart girl was abducted for sex, per the Zetas.
(Starman) Crop circles ...
(NancyL) Look to the parents and their wife swapping etc for the finger of blame.
(Cmel) NancyL if I see aliens do they float in the air?
(NancyL) Someone who thought "anything goes" took her. A fellow wife swapper.
(Starman) Not a nice thought...
(Karen) Oh :( thanks
(CalneCrusader) Whats wrong with wife swapping, if you saw my wife then you would want to swap her for another one too
(Torbj) Hmm...this weekend 5 of us saw something that I thought was a fox.... another person thought it was a funny looking bunny...
(Starman) Torbj...too many mushrooms?
(Cmel) Strange
(Torbj) No....
(Willshell) It was a funny bunny
(NancyL) I heard there were cattle mutilations in SA and chemtrail in Austria, as well as Canada.
(Starman) Torbj... no mushrooms?
(Starman) :)
(NancyL) Just the bad guys (human) practicing or doing their thing where they think it will work or they can get away with it.
(Torbj) No drugs at all.....
(SteveH) There hasn't been too many chemtrails in Vancouver over the last couple months
(NancyL) Have chemtrails dropped off dramatically in the US?
(Starman) Torbj... never mentioned drugs...:)
(Starman) I was concerned that you were preparing ;)
(Cmel) Starman do you have your legs on the ground? .... hehe
(Karen) I have been watching here in Ohio and I think they have dropped off.
(SteveH) When I drove down to California last summer I couldn't believe the amount of chemtrails I saw
(Starman) Cmel..sometimes :)
(Sirgrim) NancyL: chemtrails have almost stopped here, but I'm like 20 miles from the Colorado hayman fire
(Cmel) Hehe
(Sirgrim) Went about 200 miles east and there they were again.
(NancyL) Cmel, not all aliens float. Some slither :-)
(CalneCrusader) Why is it that with the world on the edge of detruction, there are only 40 people out of 6 billion interested?
(Cybervvizz) I think Mr bush has implanted an alien parasite into his back :-)
(Cmel) Ok , NancyL ;-)
(Sirgrim) I think Bush is an alien parasite
(Cybervvizz) :-))
(NancyL) Calne, they can read the log :-)
(Starman) Bush does what daddy tells him...
(CalneCrusader) ...but surely they would want to BE here to hear the news first hand.
(Sirgrim) 6 billion people have Saturday free, and internet access? Or even power at that? Cool.
(SteveH) CNN did a big Breaking News story on Bush's colonoscopy over the last couple days
(Cybervvizz) It sniffles
(NancyL) California worries the ultra right in Utah, as it has lots of minorities, LA especially, and they expect them ALL to thunder into Utah and demand to be fed.
(Cmel) I want bush ..... he he
(Starman) They were looking for a pretzel
(Starman) Suspected terrorist biscuit
(Sirgrim) Lol
(CalneCrusader) Sirgrim , there are at least 100 million people that fit into your criteria yes
(NancyL) Calne, and not wait a day? And deal with all the adolescent insults?
(Torbj) Fun this...WHO now tell the European´s to get vaccin´s against the outbreak of *dont know the name* in Italy....
(Zetapal) ... and the gangs all here...hi guys...
(Sirgrim) SteveH: yea, he had that this morning, and transfered power to Cheney during it, for 2 hours
(Sirgrim) 3rd time in history haha.
(Sirgrim) Just cause he was doped up, I'd hate to see him on coke
(SteveH) The amount of chemtrails I saw in California was ten times anything what I've seen up here...
(Mmt) What are chemtrails?
(Cmel) Torbj I like you'r back ..
(SteveH) Mmt, do a web search and you'll see
(Torbj) Cmel?
(NancyL) SteveH, it was in Cal that I personally confirmed chemtrails. They did Santa Cruz, and a young woman I worked with drove into the valley from there.
(Torbj) My back is hairy...
(Cmel) I haven't seen for a few weeks ..
(NancyL) I asked her as she was sick with flu symptoms for a LONG time. Did she walk her dog?
(CalneCrusader) Nancy, how many hits does zetatalk get?
(Starman) Torbj... mushrooms and a King Kong video...
(NancyL) She did daily, on the beach, and her neighbors who did NOT walk the beach had NOT gotten sick!
(Starman) :)
(Torbj) Ohh... got you cmel....
(NancyL) Calne, didn't you ask this last week? I answered then.
(CalneCrusader) No I didn't
(SteveH) I worked outside all last summer and I could feel my body get run down after a few days of heavy spraying. Noticed lots of people getting sick
(Cmel) Missed u ;-)
(NancyL) OK, I'm open for questions from the group. Next 5 minutes I'll collect, then at the end again if there is time.
(NancyL) And burning Q's for the Agenda?
(Starman) Nancy... smallpox... is it coming back?
(SteveH) Hmmm...
(Jeremy) Nancy, I would be grateful if ZT could consider this question, even if for next week. Are aliens in 4th density obliged to answer The Call as part of their day to day existence? In other words is it a compulsory job, or duty of them, and is answering The Call the main activity they do?
(Torbj) Thx, cmel...*hug*
(Willshell) Nancy is there any non Zeta source of info regarding the 2003 time frame?
(Cmel) U are allways a colourfull touch to the ZT
(NancyL) Starman, in the hands of man, per last weeks.
(Starman) Torbj Cmel..this is a family channel :)
(NancyL) Jeremey, no obligation, they VOLUNTEER.
(Sirgrim) Well they don't answer my calls
(Cmel) Yep I want it to be ;-)
(Sirgrim) So screw dat
(AGreenspan) There is Willshell
(NancyL) Willshell, only ZetaTalk.
(Starman) Nancy... yes... is something that has been resurrected for a purpose.
(Torbj) Huf to you, Staris!
(Willshell) Ok thanks Nancy
(NancyL) Sirgirm, are you SURE?
(Starman) Torbj :)
(AGreenspan) That is incorrect N.
(Sirgrim) Pretty damn sure
(Sirgrim) Think they wanna help someone wif a soul
(Jeremy) NancyL: Oh right, so when the descendants of the pole shift survivors enter 4th density in the future, they will not be be forced to answer The Call then..
(Mmt) Q proposal: What is the cause of human mutilations in brazil?
(NancyL) Starman, Zetas have said that smallpox (in Terror Tactics in Govmt section) is from Russian, as only they and US have it.
(SteveH) Question for ZT: can survivors of the PS expect to be able to collect and eat wild algae's from lakes and ponds or is the chance of getting a toxic or poisonus algae too great unless special testing can be done?
(Starman) Nancy. thanks :)
(NancyL) Also, recent Pakistan outbreak is Russian, as warning to dumb and arrogant Bush.
(Starman) It makes sense
(CalneCrusader) Why does TT site say that from 2000 onwards there will be serious food shortages..i.e. growing your own food necessary. The EU have so many food mountains they are dumping it in the whats the story.
(Gretalife) Why do the ancient sites line up to solstices etc if there have been many pole shifts in the past resulting in movement of land masses?
(NancyL) Jeremy, heavens no!
(NancyL) MMT, any human mutilations are done by human, as aliens CANNOT. Just STS humans and aliens working together.
(Starman) Nancy you know anything about the 9 Stargates
(Jeremy) NancyL: But I guess that most aliens in STO 4th density are only happy to answer The Call...
(Cmel) So Nancy what is the agenda for today?
(NancyL) Cattle mutilations in US were that type of arrangement.
(NancyL) Calne, there are, you keep asking like there aren't.
(Handlanger) Q #1: are the amount of chemtrails over the US compareable with those over central Europe (didnt make a research on that)?
(Mmt) Thanks
(CalneCrusader) There are no food shortages in the UK and Europe thats for sure
(NancyL) I got an email from Autralian, saying ZetaTalk SO right. Food prices have skyrocked there.
(Cybervvizz) In Europe too
(Cybervvizz) Euro stuff
(Gretalife) No food shortages in Canada either
(CalneCrusader) There are NOT food shortages in Europe, I know I live here.
(Starman) Nancy you know anything about the 9 Stargates?
(NancyL) Greta, they do NOT line up. I went out on web looking for this Pyramid stuff, and found NO exact alignment whatsoever!
(Cybervvizz) Well go to the fish market :-)
(SteveH) Calne, grain crops are experiencing extreme difficulties this year in N. America
(NancyL) Actual reports, just "sort of" at best. This is an exageration and easy to remember.
(Cybervvizz) And buy some cheap fish
(Handlanger) Cybervvizz: yep, but it is likely the same? I mean weekly, monthly, or more sporadic?
(NancyL) Check it out!
(Cmel) Foodprices haven't skyrocketed here in EU, but they have risen
(Obany) Some people just don't take notice of it , that crops got more expensive
(Obany) Cmel: indeed
(Gretalife) Not just the pyramids - Stonehenge lines up with solstices and equinoxes
(Willshell) For crop shortages see
(NancyL) Food prices are high here too, bread about double.
(Karen) I just heard yesterday that US wheat has been affected seriously.
(CalneCrusader) I agree that fish is short, but farmers have been told to stop growing so many crops because it is just going to waste - there are quotas and fines in place because of over production
(AGreenspan) That is incorrect SteveH... I suggest the ONLY reliable source: the Futures Markets.
(Cybervvizz) We consider to farm in better places
(NancyL) Greta, SOME part of it does, for instance? If folks are looking for SOMETHING mathematical, they will find it.
(Sirgrim) I read somewhere today about a couple thousand people leaving their houses cause the food shortages are so bad.
(Sirgrim) Can't find where I read the article quite yet, but I will
(NancyL) Just look at Hoagland for that. Everything is down to his math.
(SteveH) In Canada also crops are not doing well.
(Cmel) I've heard about alot of drought in US ... is that true?
(NancyL) Calne believes anything his government tell him, GOOD little boy he is.
(Sirgrim) Found it
(CalneCrusader) Fish is running out - I will give you that... but not crops.
(Handlanger) Q #2: hm, any nice digicam shots of zetas available? Maybe a nice "homestory" :-) *g (must ask that as gfx-artist)
(Jeremy) Nancy, I expect the Zetas will comment on WorldCom tonight. I wondered if they had suggested sometime ago that another scnadal would follow Enron shortly.
(Willshell) Crops all around the world are suffering, no doubt there
(Karen) Yes drought in midwestern and west US
(Gretalife) I'm in Ontario, Canada and we're having an excellent crop year so far - couldn't be better
(Sirgrim) How's that for ya
(Karen) San Diego severe
(CalneCrusader) NANCY, I go to supermarkets I buy food, I am not a govt lackey ok
(NancyL) Hand, no photos yet.
(AGreenspan) Prove it willshell.
(SteveH) Alberta, severe drought...
(Willshell) Drought in Australia, China, north and south America.
(Domicile) U.S. Drought Monitor
(Willshell) Drought in africa
(Starman) We are all slaves to the government... we pay taxes
(Gretalife) Good point about Hoagland, N.
(Bob) Does anyone know what happened to IMO's IQX website?
(NancyL) Bob, what happened? Is it gone?
(Handlanger) N: Ok, so I have to fake 'em myself... (thx)
(NancyL) IQX hosts stuff a short while, then not.
(Bob) Been down for about a week.
(CalneCrusader) There is more food in the world now than at any other time in the past
(Karen) I heard that we can look at paying taxes as our tuition for attending earth school
(Willshell) Calne: source on that please?
(NancyL) Well, that's been going around. :-) I'm on a laptop with an overheading modem here. Typos when I must type around the ice cubes.
(Obany) He hasn't been in #trouble_times too now for a while... IQX that is ...
(NancyL) Had a hard drive fault couple days ago. PANIC time, and big lesson. Always have several computers ready to go ...
(Starman) Keep those ice cubes moving Nancy :)
(Gretalife) That would be Ok Karen if our taxes helped the earth, but they do quite the opposite
(Cybervvizz) Maybe You can direct the flow of a hairdryer on it ?
(Karen) Nancy have you tried webtv as a backup?
(Bob) Wonder what's going on...
(CalneCrusader) Willshell, you ever heard of intensive farming methods, pesticides and high yield crops from GM methods?
(Bob) VERY dry here in midwest... driest June ever with no rain in sight
(SteveH) Question for ZT: do the zeta's reccomend to absolutely distill ones water before drinking to avoid metal poisoning etc. or can one maintain health with regular water filtration methods?
(Cmel) I have a laptop too ... and that's not working completely too.
(Willshell) Calne: yes
(Sirgrim) Most countries don't WANT the GM crops, so they are being dumped
(NancyL) Karen, I would if more computers weren't a distinct possibility. We got parts, and my husband is VERY handy. Puts them together.
(Obany) Karen: a lot of things can't be done with webtv for what I read
(HBO) Karen: Webtv has no processor, so you can't download IRC
(Tizza) Gday all
(Sirgrim) HBO: webTV has built in IRC, if the IRC server is capable of serving you
(Karen) Gretalife, Sadly we don't get to control "where" they spend what we give them but its the thought that counts I guess.
(CalneCrusader) There are a lot of problems with GM crops here too
(Jeremy) Morning tizza
(Cmel) Gday tizza
(Starman) I remember the old days when a PC had its own room...
(NancyL) OK the hour is here, no? I'm going to start with the first (and only) accepted Q, about Mothman Prophecies.
(HBO) Sirgrim: thx, didn't know that.
(Zetapal) Nancy has "the other shoe" fallen yet and/or can you give any more of a characterization as to the nature of this big event?
(Cmel) Quiet
(Starman) Nancy ... I had a question about the 9 Stargates?
(Obany) Okay folks hush now
(HBO) Sirgrim: do you know if I-phone also has built in?
(NancyL) ZT: This true story has fascinated those who have learned of it, and thus it has made its way to Hollywood.
(Starman) Shuushh
(Sirgrim) Don't think so
(NancyL) ZT: What was this large bird-man, seen swooping over the mountain country, and what what its purpose?
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that Vampires, Dragons, and the recent Chupas are NOT intelligent aliens, but more akin to dog packs controlled by STS aliens.
(NancyL) ZT: They are brought to Earth to terrify humans, as fear pushes those inclined toward the STS orientation more in that direction.
(NancyL) ZT: Fearful humans tend to think MORE for themselves, ignorning empathy for others, and thus are pushed into training for entry into the STS ranks, or so these STS aliens hope!
(NancyL) ZT: As dog packs, they are allowed to encounter, terrify, and even kill humans should the humans basically give up and submit.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, there are stories of dragons consuming virgins, and vampires biting to death victims virtually drained of blood.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, the Chupas could do more than just attack small farm animals, should they encounter NO resistance, which has not happened, the opposite happening.
(NancyL) ZT: So, were the Mothmen NOT men at all, but bird creatures?
(NancyL) ZT: Indeed they were, and short lived, as they did not aclimate well to the Apalachina mountains where they were installed.
(NancyL) ZT: Dead, they were retrieved by their masters, as leaving bones about would lessen their impact when the brain cavity was discovered to be infintesimal.
(NancyL) ZT: And why the sense of doom, of a warning given, by those who sighted these large bird creatures floating overhead?
(NancyL) ZT: This was the general vibes in the area, a sense that something unexplained was upon them, something even the church had no explanation for, and this in the Bible Belt.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, this TRUE story has many interpretations, and more yet to come, as the movie is about to emerge in the theatres!
(NancyL) End ZT Followup? Ice cube time ...
(CalneCrusader) Are there any such creatures in the UK, as many unidentified creatures have been spotted here roaming heath and moorland.. the beast of Bodmin Moor is an example.
(Handlanger) Q ZT: is there a possible (political) change in EU during the end of this year? I mean, there are some elections up etc., e.g. in Germany in september. But I think not... or?
(DavidS) Where does these mothman creatures exist on earth?
(Torbj) New critters is seen now.... why?
(Bob) So they were also STS creatures?
(NancyL) ZT to Calne: The Earth is home to many creatures man is only faintly aware of, and many just by rumor.
(Obany) A follow up question, has to be related Handlanger
(Willshell) They were sts controlled
(Jeremy) Do these exotic pets of STS aliens orginate from the same worlds as their alien handlers?
(Redeye) What alien race controlled these mothmen ?
(NancyL) ZT: Lock Ness monster, which also is resident in a number of inland lands, and Australian rivers.
(NancyL) ZT: Supposedly extinct creatures fished out of the ocean.
(Cmel) I thought South America was won over by the STO?
(HBO) Why have there been no captures or killing of Chupas?
(NancyL) ZT: In Australia, large lizards only occasionally sighted, akin to dinosaurs, NEVER captures nor bones discovered but very much there.
(AGreenspan) Why would they be placed in an area where their survival chances are poor to begin with?
(CalneCrusader) How can people go about hunting one down and catching it
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the Moors and Siberian tundra are home to many creatures, who stay AWAY from man, but nonetheless exist.
(NancyL) ZT: Today, other than the Chupas, there are NOT living alien dog packs about, and the Chupas are dwindling.
(NancyL) End ZT to Calne.
(Anonymous) How about the Subterrainians, do they have unusual pets (creatures)?
(CalneCrusader) Considering these creatures are STS, is it our right as STO folks to go and capture them, and if so what is the best method of bagging a Chupa?
(Gretalife) Why do the Chupa attacks only occur intermittently? Wouldn't there be regular attacks?
(Willshell) Have the zetas ever commented on cell pnones? Are they cooking our brains?
(Obany) Willshell: not related
(Cmel) I have to leave NancyL, but I still want you to answer ... ?
(NancyL) ZT to HBO: The Chupas likewise, when they die, are retrieved and removed, as a terrifying myth loses it's magic when a dead body can be kicked, disected, and the like.
(NancyL) ZT: But more importantly, a dead Chupa would be identified as NOT of this Earth, potentially, and this removes the Element of Doubt.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the Council of Worlds has ruled that they are NOT to be left about, for this conclusion to be arrived at, as this would tip the balance of power potentially into the STS camps.
(Torbj) Is those critters capable of feeling love directed to them.... as a pet, I mean?
(Starman) Nancy didn't the authorities in Argentina capture alot of these creatures?
(NancyL) ZT: LIke rumors of mass landings, which will NOT occur nor even be allowed to be staged, by aliens, such dead bodies and the implication of harm coming from alien hands would be greatly used by STS aliens.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, in keeping the balance of influence equal, between STS and STO, for humans still making their 3rd Density decision, this rule is enforced.
(CalneCrusader) Yes but mankind only comes together in a brotherhood when we have a common enemy - namely the chupas to go and fight
(NancyL) End ZT to HBO.
(HBO) If discovery is controlled by Council, why were they allowed to be placed here in the first place?
(NancyL) Starman, did they? Didn't see any picture, etc. I would think that would be a BIG news item!
(NancyL) CMEL, what is your question?
(Obany) It seems he already left
(NancyL) There was a Q about SA being STO, and why now the mutilations of cattle and the like.
(CalneCrusader) Weren't there some kids in Brazil that chased a Chupa in a town - Varghina or somewhere?
[Editors Note: These were intelligent aliens, not dog pack variety, the Brazilian Roswell item in ZetaTalk, allowed to balance the South American battle between STS and STO, a conscious contact.]
(NancyL) I'll take that, as the Agenda is light.
(Howmo) What size amateur scope needed to see PX?
(CalneCrusader) What happened in Varghina nancy?
(MysticWinds1) I have seen programs where they speak of small whirling manta ray like creatures that buzz around at amazing speeds. The size of perhaps one's forearm. Are these creatures known to Zetas? And their purpose? And can the Zetas STO come to us in meditations?
(NancyL) ZT: South American has been WON, for the STO groups, but all resentment of this decision has not disappeared.
(Jeremy) Nancy I hope the Zetas comment on WorldCom tonight
(Starman) Nancy yes they did capture a few after they were shot by locals. However the government came and cleaned it all up then denied it
(AGreenspan) Indeed, CC.. this event was addressed in ZT.
(NancyL) ZT: Africa is not the focus of intense fighting, and appears to be moving nicely into the STO camps too.
(Sirgrim) MysticWinds: are you talking about RODS?
(Sirgrim) Rods I would be interested in hearing about.
(Jeremy) After all they discussed issues related to Enron, it would be pertinent to continue that theme further by discussing WorldCom, and if it is another step to an economic collapse close to time of the shift
(CalneCrusader) Yes I have heard of RODS too
(NancyL) ZT: Because all STS alien groups interested in capturing at least a continent on Earth, to continue to attract converts until the Transformation is completed, are moving their troups to the front lines where they are most needed, SA is left to the HUMANS who hoped otherwise.
(Anonymous) Nancy, can the Zetas comment on the World Cup (soccer match) scheduled for tommorrow?
(PapaDragon) Nancy, There seems to be a conflict regarding safe areas between the Zetans, Lori Toye, Gordon Michael Scallion, and the Hopi Golden Cities. Can this be explained in more detail?
(NancyL) ZT: Many battles, even in the past, were a joint effort by humans and aliens.
(Handlanger) We'll win... :)
(Starman) You wish
(Obany) Don't ask irelevant questions, and don't be anoying
(CalneCrusader) Nancy, this is the first world cup without major violence (hooliganism) is that because of the transformation?
(MysticWinds1) Sirgrim, it sounds as the objects, they were white light transparent rod like flying things......I think yes.
(NancyL) ZT: Examples of STS teams are the NAZI's, where STS aliens conferred during visitation and suggested how the Jews and others considered undesireable by the arrogant elite might be pushed into hopelessness, the better to push them into STS direction.
(CyberVVitch) Atlantis
(Sirgrim) CalneCrusader: first? north and south Korea just blew each other up today, so that's some violence for ya, as it's being hosted in south Korea att
(Torbj) Please dont talk during answerings
(Starman) I hear Israel now has alien contact ...
(Obany) Calne: come on ... what does this have to do with it... come on don't ask irrelevant questions
(Starman) Helping them out..
(NancyL) ZT: Examples of STO teams are the birth of the US as a democracy, as outlined in the book Oahspe, where it was reported that bullets were caught in alien/angel hands, so that those humans fighting to bring about the US as a democracy could succeed.
(Willshell) Wow
(Gretalife) Do the Zetas want their message to be believed on their word alone? Is there any proof that these dire predictions will come to pass? Surely there must be something to offer people in the way of proof.
(NancyL) ZT: Even today, as outlined in the Transformation section, STO aliens are meeting on ships with GROUPS of human contactees, all of whom are working together, assisted by STO aliens.
(Gretalife) I have a hard time with religion because of the faith it requires without any proof
(Sirgrim) Pleaes be quiet during replies Gretalife
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, SA and even the US has seen these efforts, of the STS.
(Willshell) Gretalife, the zetas have stated they will not provide absolute proof
(GeneAum) RightOn Greta!
(Sirgrim) Here's some ROD pictures.
(NancyL) ZT: Cattle mutilations were in the main done by humans, in black heliocopters, unmarked, purchased and organized by the wealthy elite who did NOT want the US public to embrace STO aliens as space brothers.
(NancyL) ZT: This failed, the campaign considered a failure by the STS aliens, who left to SA and Africa, and without the assistance of the aliens, the humans could not create impressive mutilations so STOPPED likewise.
(Willshell) As with religion, to believe without proof may be comfortable, but not wise
(Slider) The book Oahspe, can be read on-line:
(NancyL) ZT: Now, in SA, resentful humans are wanting to try their hand at this.
(CalneCrusader) So is the middle east the last area on earth that is dominated by STS aliens?
(NancyL) ZT: SA has had its share of STS countries, with the NAZIs being welcomed there, and it is these strongholds that are trying to drive the public into hopelessness.
(NancyL) ZT: What is the goal, if they are human, not alien, and are unaware of the afterlife on STS worlds?
(Willshell) What is SA?
(CalneCrusader) South America
(Willshell) Oh
(NancyL) ZT: In general, those who perpetrate these frauds want humans atremble, frightened, feeling they must cling to their human leadership.
(NancyL) ZT: How DARE their public feel happy, go about with hope in their hearts, and especially talk about aliens with interest?
(NancyL) ZT: These human efforts will fail, as all establishments will soon have their hands full with more to worry about, and their minions increasingly make mistakes so it becomes OBVIOUS that humans are behind this.
(NancyL) End ZT:
(NancyL) Ice cube time ...
(Howmo) What size amateur scope needed to see PX?
(CalneCrusader) Nancy, there is a post on sci.astro from you which says that you have zeta's featuring as themselves in the movie 'men in black 2' - did you really post this?
(Obany) Calne: no that was a fake poster ...
(NancyL) Calne, no
(Jeremy) Nancy, I hope Zetas do comment about WorldCom, especially if it's the start of a domimo effect of uncovered huge frauds that will lead the world into a depression
(CalneCrusader) Ok
(Anonymous) Do ETs take any special interest in grand spectacles like the World Cup?
(Willshell) Howmo this would depend on the date, as there will be a time when NO scope is needed
(NancyL) Howmo, if I had no had hard drive faults, off line for the past two days, I'd have posted on sci.astro.
(CalneCrusader) How do the zeta's view the human obsession with sport in general
(Bob) How about in September then, when it will first be really visible...
(CyberVVitch) Q: How to invite aliens@home for coffee?
(Howmo) Answer now?
(Obany) CalneCrusader: hush now
(Willshell) Sports=distraction form the truth IMO
(NancyL) I think the approach by the Z's will be to take the DISTANCE charts done by humans (even tho not quite right) and have me extropolate the SIZE, increasingly, of Px.
(Howmo) What that mean?
(PapaDragon) Nancy, could you address the differences in reported 'safe areas'?
(NancyL) ZT: IMO admitted that the stars in the infrared images on the 5th and 19th of Jan could NOT be seen pre-dawn or even by an amateur in their scopes.
(NancyL) Px was a fuzzy thing, alongside that.
(Howmo) Why PX not magnitude 11?
(NancyL) So, the approach to be used is to (somehow) extrapolate the size as it "exponentially" increases in speed, per the human Distance Chart (it's actually faster than that, but close)
(Howmo) What that mean?
(MysticWinds1) I have star charts and have looked to find the general area to be monitored with my telescope. Would it be between Hayades and Aldebaran?
(NancyL) And based on that increased size, and BRIGHTNESS (when it starts to reflect sunlight), estimate size of amateur scope.
(Bob) Will it still be as fuzzy in the fall to winter, and what approx magnitude to search for?
(NancyL) I could use help on this.
(Howmo) Why estimate? Why not zetas tell?
(NancyL) I'm going to take a swag, post on sci.astro, and get "rescued" :-)
(NancyL) Ice cube time ...
(Newguy) Afternoon 6/26 SanFran classical stn kdfc-fm 102 dj Hoyt Smith mentioned Planet X on air
(CalneCrusader) When will it be the brightest star in the sky?
(Howmo) Why PX not magnitude 11 as zetas say?
(kirk) What'd he say?
(NancyL) Para, what discrepancies in Safe Locations? I'll answer, yes.
(Bob) What'd he say Newguy?
(Gretalife) Can you address why the zetas aren't willing to say anything that would provide some certainty about any of this?
(Willshell) For non expert like me where should I look for PX? For example below and to the left of Beatleguis or near the center of Orion?
(NancyL) Howmo, Mag is based on 1 what eye can see, 2 what equip is calibrated to capture, etc.
(Jeremy) Willshell: PX is still in Taurus at present
(CalneCrusader) Yes, where is it in the sky in relation to the 'belt of Orion' that most folks are familiar with
(Howmo) What that mean?
(NancyL) NOT a clear cut issue. For instance, M31 is a Mag 3.7, VERY visible, but you can hardly see it and must have faith and it must be very very dark!
(Howmo) Zetas say magnitude 11. What that based on?
(NancyL) Because it is DIFFUSE! Well, this is a red spectrum, tiny object, and red light bends a lot, ala the sun dawning or setting, etc.
(Anon1) Hello everyone. I just got here, so I haven't been following the conversation. I hope I don't ask any questions that are irrelevant.
(PapaDragon) The question is that there is a large discrepancy between the safe areas listed by Lori Toye, Gordon Michael Scallion, the Zetas, and the Hopi Golden Cities... we live in Oregon, and the Zetas are the only ones who declare it a relatively safe place.
(NancyL) OH, well, this is ZetaTalk, not HopiTalk or ScallionTalk, etc.
(Willshell) Lol
(CyberVVitch) Even with most European predictions concerning safe places in south of France (Avignon etc)
(Redeye) Heh
(NancyL) The Zetas disagree with Scallion when he says a Blue Star will come and save us, or some such.
(Bob) Will any observatories be accessable in the fall...I imagine they would get GREAT pics then.
(NancyL) But Scallion is MOST DEFINITELY connected, and a REAL channel.
(Obany) Anon: I am sure you whre here before, with a nick that was a little longer but almost the same
(NancyL) Hopi are REAL, too.
(Lebrasse) Nancy, can zetas give us some commentary on recent economic frauds please?
(Torbj) Sweden too... read somewhere it was to be some islands left there, only...
(CyberVVitch) And they talk about the great peace right now
(NancyL) Ask several witnesses of an accident what happened and they all have a different story.
(CalneCrusader) it possible, that like Scallion you may have made a few mistakes when channeling?
(NancyL) Ask several kids about the birds and bees and they all have a different story.
(Howmo) Why you spend time on Scallion?
(Obany) Calne: ZT isn't channeling
(NancyL) If the parents don't want kids to know about sex (they might get curious and pregnant) they make up cute stories.
(Howmo) Zetas say magnitude 11. What that based on?
(Karen) I know Scallion was flooded with questions concerning PX and he said "no" that a planet is not coming in. Is he just being evasive on purpose?
(CalneCrusader) Ok, so everything you say is 100 per cent true, yes?
(Starman) If truth is truth everyone should be singing from the same sheet ...
(Cmel) Torbj you hope that your summerhome will be safe?
(NancyL) So the child with honest parents (my kids had Guinea Pigs that made, in the words of my young son, "pink poo") who tell their kids the truth and allow them to learn, are WRONG.
(NancyL) YOU must sort it out. Some differences are not on purpose, white lies, etc.
(Willshell) Neo, try not to look at is as true or not true, she can guide you to the path!"
(CalneCrusader) So is some of zetatalk 'white lies'?
(Anon1) Yes, but I had just entered the room. And I had not been following the conversation then either. When I asked a question I was booted out. I'll keep quiet from now on - OK?
(NancyL) Some are the human being reluctant, some the alien group being reluctant, some just local warnings taken global (the Hopi may be that).
(NancyL) ZetaTalk is blunt, and global.
(NancyL) YOU must sort it out.
(AGreenspan) In last IRC session, N. you stated that hybrids have a 400 IQ. That was a mistake, was it not?
(Obany) Well if you have a question, then don't ask about the world cup or so
(Torbj) I know it will be, Cmel!
(NancyL) Someone asked why the Zetas don't just give absolute PROOF of the inbound planet, etc.
(CalneCrusader) Blunt, global and totally 1000 per cent factually true?
(NancyL) 1. they are not supposed to remove Element of Doubt (ie where did this proof come from?)
(kirk) Would they ocmment on the Bedhammpton UFO flap?
(Starman) Owi-wan the world cup is interesting
(NancyL) 2. they are not supposed to interfere with human society (except as humans make this happen)
(Karen) Probably serves a sort of balance "differences"
(Cmel) K Torbj ... good for you ... I hope to meet you later ...
(NancyL) 3. WE already DO have proof, but this is in human hands, and are we pressing the govmet, etc? NO
(Obany) Yes so... and then why should there be any ZetaTalk about that ....
(SteveH) NancyL, I had a question earlier about the chances of finding edible algae in lakes and ponds after the PS and not getting any toxic kinds. How carefull one should be regarding testing for edibility etc.
(NancyL) So, we're looking to aliens to rescue us, not confronting our elite who HAVE the info.
(Howmo) Finish magnitude answer please.
(Bob) Did Zetas help in Worldcom collapse as they did Enron?
(NancyL) Nope, we're to grow up and take STEPS, confront other humans, etc.
(Jeremy) Bob: Good question
(Willshell) Good Q steveH
(Howmo) Zetas say magnitude 11. What that based on?
(NancyL) I think that Robert Dean coming out and saying, on Mysteries of the Mind, that Px is read and the govmt fearful of panic, not knowing how to explain, is such a step.
(CyberVVitch) Q: Ever heard about the crystal skulls ?
(Starman) Obi-wan....Netherlands didn't reach it... I can understand how you feel. :)
(NancyL) He has put himself at great risk!
(NancyL) Ice cube time ...
(Starman) Ice ice baby.
(Newguy) On 6/26 kdfc102fm ran quiz: What planet is smaller than our moon? Answer, pluto, then dj said, have you heard of Planet X? Supposed to be coming back soon. Look it up on the net. Keeps you up at night.
(Tizza) You hung over nancy? Or did I miss something?
(CalneCrusader) Do you have a URL for that Robert Dean quote?
(Gretalife) How can people be expected to confront their governments or do anything based on faith alone?
(NancyL) SteveH, algae is a tricky thing. Spirulina ponds are always fretting about this, contamination, etc.
(NancyL) I don't have the answer except to do this indoors! And algae need a lot of BRIGHT light!
(NancyL) You know, the nonprofit has a PhD working on the carbon arc light thing, home made from charcoal.
(NancyL) THIS is very bright light.
(NancyL) I can only say the shift will NOT be the end of progress on all this.
(NancyL) Many STO groups will get visitors, and shared technology, alien-human, human-human, etc.
(NancyL) I'm getting mentally ready for that, moving BEYOND the shift, etc.
(NancyL) Ice cubes time ...
(SteveH) I've read that algae grows best in non direct light, 30% of full sunlight
(Karen) Oops its coming more often
(Starman) That modem eats them...
(Karen) Ice cube time
(Cmel) Whats coming more often?
(PapaDragon) Nancy, how long after the shift will it be before the Zetans make themselves known to the rest of us?
(Obany) Nancy: I unerstand that about the moving beyon the shift
(Cmel) Karen
(Karen) Ice cube time
(NancyL) Calne, no, re the quote, check the Mysteries site, perhaps.
(Reti) Calne, Robert Dean interview --
(CyberVVitch) I suggest you go to sit into the refrigarator :-)
(Cmel) Sorry too late ;-)
(Willshell) Ya, at what point will conscious visits be alowed
(Cmel) Karen
(Karen) Yes
(CalneCrusader) Thanks Reti for that
(AGreenspan) Please explain how is it possible for hybrids to have an IQ of 400. Thanks.
(Cmel) I was
(SteveH) Bigger brains
(NancyL) Para, depends upon groups, individual readiness. Some RIGHT away! Some not for 100 years, perhaps.
(Slider) What's the date of the Robert Dean interview, Reti?
(Torbj) They are here for you now, if you want them to be.... as others too... humans....
(Cmel) Smaller brains
(Bob) Did Zetas have a hand in WCOM downfall and will they be assisting in others as tehy did Enron?
(NancyL) If you are in a ready group, STO, etc. then this increases your changes for conscious contact, etc.
(Howmo) Finish magnitude answer please.
(Howmo) Zetas say magnitude 11. What that based on?
(Zetapal) Point is they are smart dude
(Torbj) To papa
(NancyL) Agreen, Zetas have 400 IQ, and this is a Zeta/human mix.
(CalneCrusader) Are the hybrids dark skinned? The reason I ask is because of something I read in a book by a zeta channel - Robert Shapiro
(NancyL) The Zetas are NOT just mixing genes in a pot! They are engineers, and select, etc. :-)
(AGreenspan) Not true. Their IQ is 287 per Z's material.
[Editor Note: AGreenspan is correct, the IQ is 287, the lift span 400 years, per ZetaTalk. Nancy was confused.]
(Obany) Papadragon: maybe at the time that the hybris will, I remember from a previous session that the hybrids are already on earth in 4th density and that after the shift those communities will enter 3th density
(Obany) Nancy, for what I read it was like 287 IQ?
(Cmel) Q to you NancyL? Are the hybrids just as smart or are they in between?
(NancyL) ZT to Bob: Worldcom was an assisted disaster, as others have been since Enron and WILL be in the future.
(PapaDragon) Thank you, obany
(Willshell) Lol "assisted disaster"
(NancyL) ZT: Given the exposure, to means and methods, that the Enron collapse reported, why would any company hiding debt WAIT to be discovered?
(Starman) Seems like alot of people assisted themselves to some money.....
(Gretalife) If you can't provide proof because you can't interfere, then how can you claim to have interfered or 'assisted' in Enron and Worldcom?
(NancyL) ZT: They would shred, intimidate, fire and eliminate witnesses, merrily!
(NancyL) ZT: In spite of the warnings, as to WHAT would be looked at and by WHOM, they were discovered.
(Willshell) Gretalife read the section on Rules of Engagment
(NancyL) ZT: Worldcom indeed had the same auditing company, but this was not the means of their discovery.
(Starman) That 2 million assisted itself into my bank account... judge
(PapaDragon) Heeheehee
(Zetapal) Greta aliens assist in response to "the call" either one way or another... read up... homework
(NancyL) ZT: Do you have an accountant, in hand, willing to cooperate with the authorities, on Worldcom?
(NancyL) ZT: How then did Worldcom meet its demise?
(Sirgrim) Hmm
(NancyL) ZT: Once again, internal memos, intended ONLY for a select few, made their way out the door.
(MysticWinds1) ~Anyone~Does Zetatalk have information of density levels? I have not had the time yet to absorb the exhaustive site. If not where could I go to learn more....
(CalneCrusader) Can't beat a leaked memo can ya
(Gretalife) Sorry
(NancyL) ZT: Shuffled in among papers leaving the building, perhaps left in the copy machine, perhaps in the printer, perhaps printed in error and routed incorrectly, all is unknown!
(Howmo) Hello... You avoid... Finish magnitude answer please.
(Howmo) Zetas say magnitude 11. What that based on?
(NancyL) ZT: But the means was NOT something the Worldcom conspirators did, by accident or oversight.
(CalneCrusader) Howmo, magnitude is how bright it is.
(NancyL) ZT: The means was assisted by we, the Zetas, an allowed interference granted by the Council of Worlds, to balance choices during this Transformation time in the US.
(Howmo) So... How bright?
(CalneCrusader) 11
(Howmo) Zetas say magnitude 11. What that based on?
(Willshell) An increasing
(NancyL) ZT: The Bush Administration stole the White House, and would rule the world, but are being countered by means they cannot counter.
(Zetapal) Brightness
(CalneCrusader) Howmo, are u stupid or something?
(Starman) Calne... hold those horses :)
(Howmo) She not answer
(NancyL) ZT: All falling into the hands of an employee with integrity, who discovered this among her work taken home, and duly reported it to those she know would act upon it.
(Howmo) Zetas say magnitude 11. What that based on?
(Zetapal) No hes just trying to be irritating as a tactic... not sincere
(NancyL) End ZT.
(Lebrasse) Will there be more Worldcoms Nancy?
(NancyL) Ice Cube time ..
(Cmel) Now you can talk
(Starman) He is an STS terrorist.
(Howmo) No. I want answer to question
(Gretalife) So why doesn't anyone else besides me get berated for talking during an answer?
(Gretalife) That's twice now
(Starman) Quiet
(Obany) Howmo: don't demand or I will kick you or give ayou a temperolay ban for like 10 minutes
(Gretalife) Hehe
(HBO) Xerox looks promising as next Worldcom
(Cmel) Torbj wont you be my friend?
(Willshell) Howmo, may I suggest politeness, being rude can get you ignored.
(CalneCrusader) Howmo, your question doesnt make sense - mag 11 is based on how bright it appears to the human eye - simple
(Zetapal) No you want to be satisfied Homo
(Howmo) Demand? I ask. I not get answer.
(Starman) Thats howmo
(Torbj) I am your friend, Cmel!
(Howmo) I not ask you.
(NancyL) Howmo, the Z's said Mag 2 as for the IRAS crew looking for it in 1983 (above the atmosphere in balloon) and for Hubble, equiment looking WITH infrared capability, it is small, but Mag 2.
(Bob) Wow...thanks! Have Z's been give clearance in this area in general by Council of Worlds, or just individually?
(Howmo) Havas see at 11?
(Zetapal) You get answer you not like and say no answer... you intellectually dishonest
(Howmo) It change to 20?
(NancyL) In 2001, the observatories reporting it said "mag 11", so we suggested on the TEAM pages that folks consider it this when looking at observatories.
(Howmo) How it get to 20?
(NancyL) In 2002, in the infrared images 5th and 19th of January, it has been stated it looks more like Mag 20.
(NancyL) However, what the camera captures, what the eye sees, and how much red light bends are ALL variables.
(Cmel) K Torbj, you just didn't answer my question previously .... ;-)
(Bob) ...and will Bush Administration have a downfall before cataclysms?
(NancyL) Some argue that Mag is frozen, applied the same, but not so.
(Beethoven) One of Lyndon Larouche's folks said on Jeff Rense recently, that the whole economic system is collapsing, the elite know it, and will react by pushing us into war by October
(Gretalife) Answers to the tough questions are very vague and unsatisfactory
(Redeye) Do you have any up-to-date info on the safety of the U.K. as other sources have indicated to not be as bad as the zetas predicted?
(PapaDragon) Oh groovy...just what we need....
(bluu4_1) Beethoven this is an old trick
(NancyL) Equipment is calibrated for starlight, which is VERY intense in the center, etc. So diffuse objects are not captured as readily by camera.
(Starman) Redeye its a island ..its doomed
(NancyL) This should all be a moot discussion, by late Fall, in any case.
(Bob) Wow that's approaching fast!!
(Starman) It's an island....bad english:)
(CalneCrusader) Its not doomed because Ireland will take the drowning and UK will escape
(NancyL) Then the argument will be, "it is ABC as NASA says, or XYZ as the Zetas say".
(Cmel) By the way TorbJ have you been on a holiday lately?
(NancyL) Not IF it exists, but what is it!.
(Starman) Cmel ssssh
(Cmel) K starman
(Starman) Cool :)
(Beethoven) Yes all our wars have been due to economic exigencies...
(Gretalife) You speak of satellite interruptions occurring but I haven't heard of any reports yet of this. Do you know of any?
(NancyL) Folks, the hour is up and I'm going to cool my laptop modem down (God forbit it should fail, it's my one means of getting email these days) and work the crick out of my neck.
(NancyL) Laptops are not for speed typing!
(Torbj) Me being here on earth is holiday! Cmel....
(Starman) Ummm...depends which one you have...
(NancyL) Good night all, and thanks for attending and inspiring great ZetaTalk!!!
(SteveH) Just have to get used to them hehe
(Starman) Osbourne 1?
(Jeremy) Nancy I can't understand why Zetas have not commented on WorldCom...
(NancyL) Ice cube time ... BIG time ... Yikes!
Session Close: Sat Jun 29 18:10:39 2002