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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Jun 15, 2002

Session Start: Sat Jun 15 15:06:32 2002
(S7L) Hey Nancy. Early, are we?
(NancyL) Hello folks. I CANNOT be here at the usual time, will be at least an hour late.
(NancyL) A family emergency.
(NancyL) What I propose doing, since I expect a flood of new folks due to the Art Bell thing, is to collect valid questions for next week.
(NancyL) There is, in fact, no agenda for today.
(NancyL) Most of the new folks will need to be directed to existing ZT in any case, as it is so huge, and some just may want to talk about their feelings and reactions.
(NancyL) I got hundreds of emails, no kidding. Vast majority very positive.
(NancyL) I'm going to practice setting the announcement, as I have the power.
(Zetapal) I believe it Nancy.Art Bell exposure is huge
(NancyL) After I do, I'll ask you if you can SEE this.
(Sirgrim) I couldn't get in on the Art Bell show, but kept trying. Specially since the lines were opened up for just me in the first hour. Well, Coloradans.
(Zetapal) Mainstream exposure nearly
(Skeleton) What was discussed on the Art Bell anyways? I couldn't get it
(Medfield) Open lines on Planet X
(Medfield) It was a good show Skeleton
(Sirgrim) I slept in my truck so I could listen to it.
(Skeleton) Is there anyway to listen to it, or cover the material that was discussed?
(NancyL) !ANOUNCE Welcome to #ZetaTalk. Nancy had a family emergency and cannot attend. Tonights chat will form the Agenda, Questions, for next week. For those newbies joining because of Art Bell show, WELCOME! Please post your reactions to the radio show, and what questions this raised in your mind. Thanks you. Nancy.
(NancyL) OK, that didn't work. Will try again
(Sirgrim) Art Bell's stream of last night's isn't workin for me what a bummer, and I pay for this crap... pft
(NancyL) Sirgrim, hello! OK, this time I used an /announce command, and it didn't complain, but it didn't show up either, anywhere.
(NancyL) What I'm trying to do is put the message out so that when first coming ON, folks see it.
(NancyL) Ah, Sirgrim, can YOU help me?
(Sirgrim) Hmm, maybe. Lemme code something.
(NancyL) Yes, SirGrim, I wanted to find out what the discussion was too, but didn't have time yet.
(Sirgrim) Give me a minute and I'll have it working
(NancyL) Thanks :-)
(NancyL) I'm going to leave my log running, and hope the line does not go down. This is the lightning damaged line, so maybe will go down. But I want to collect, as I stated, reactions to those newbies to the PS concept, at least from the ZT mouth, and what questions this raised in their minds.
(NancyL) The big I'VE GOT TO KNOW, kind of Q's
(Sirgrim) Woops. That's not it
(Samsara2003) I'd still like a confirmation from the zetas as to the severity of the catalysms on the second pass... zetatalk DID mention that 2nd set of catalysms will occur... But you nancy - have said that it will NOT be an issue as we'll be on the other side of the sun...
(Medfield) Are you trying to make a greeting for people who come into the channel? Or something more in depth?
(Sirgrim) Would you rather it be in private message?
(Skeleton) You can use the /notice command
(NancyL) Sirgrim, I must go to take my sister to the hospital in Madison now. Can you post my message for me?
(NancyL) Must go. Thank you all for filling in for me tonight. I got about 500 emails, no kidding! I'll come back at least 1.5 hours late, to see where we are, etc.
(NancyL) Bye! Thanks!
Editorial Note: at this point only reactions to the Art Bell show and burning questions are in the log, which ran for four hours.

(CalneCrusader) Well 9 months from now we will know if Planet X is on the way or not.
(CalneCrusader) I would say there is a 5 per cent chance its coming - 95 per cent not
(CalneCrusader) I think that there is a 5 per cent chance - and 5 per cent scares me
(SteveH) My worst dream is when it's a couple of days before the shift and I suddenly realize I've done nothing to prepare.
(CalneCrusader) As long as I am wearing clean underpants
(S7L) I sort of hope that if there is a shift, it wouldn't be so very drastic for all of the population of Earth. It could get very, very ugly.
(SteveH) And I start running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
(Loitus) My worst fear is to move, leave my job-friends-family, for a safe-place only to have NOTHING happen. That would have effected my life more than just dying.
(S7L) I would want that it were somehow smoother. Not something where tidal waves wash over countries, vegetation and animals die, etc.
(CalneCrusader) I aint doing anything until I can see it with my own eyes
(S7L) The prospect is utterly gloomy.
(Loitus) Exactly - proof then reaction
(Samsara2003) As long as you're in a relatively rural area and have at least some basic supplies - you'll be WAY ahead of the game... Just remember - ALL OF HUMANITY will be in the same boat...
(S7L) Somehow, I get this whisper stating it will be bad - but not that bad.
(Samsara2003) Just think of how horrid it will be - no body is going to have the slightest clue what the hell is going on...
(DillBerT) Hummm Samsara don't talk to fast we are not DOOMED yet and we'll wait in August if IT REALLY HAPPEN
(Loitus) That's all it should be for anyone.. until there is SOLID evidence that Planet X is coming, soon.. I mean REAL evidence.. then anyone who believes it fully is as ignorant as those who thought the moon was made of cheese.
(CalneCrusader) Only 6 weeks to August.
(Samsara2003) You have to understand the consequences of the 12th planet showing up...
(SteveH) It's more easy to be skeptical if you're single and able to up and go at a moments notice. It's more difficult if you have family, children etc. you want to prepare for...
(Zondella) Is there any concrete proof that Loitus exists - perhaps these responses are created by a computer program which is responding to keywords detected in the other respondents comments - We need concrete proof!
(Loitus) I could be part of the disinfo crew.. question everything.. it's the only way humanity has ever evolved to the point where we are at today.. Accept nothing until it's proven... truly proven.. not with words.. not with theory.. with solid evidence. Nancy says that evidence will come in August.. so let's just wait and see. She's either a fraud or a prophet... time will TRULY tell

(CalneCrusader) Cropcircles are the ONLY good evidence for aliens we have
(CalneCrusader) I live in Wiltshire and walk in CropCircles every year - believe me they are not all hoaxes
(CalneCrusader) I have been scientific, I have been in many cropcircles and I can tell you that some of them are not man made because of the size, precision and time scale they were made in
(CalneCrusader) I am a skeptic, so I went to walk in them, they are real in many cases.

(S7L) So, USGS statistics is used to both prove her Planet X, and then when she doesn't like the numbers, USGS lies? Very convincing.
(Samsara2003) I can't comment on that... I've seen a general increase in the statistics. I've looked at
(S7L) Samsara2003: try looking graphs from 1960 to 2002 -- you'll see a cylcical pattern. And only significant earth quakes, such as over 5 Richter point.
(SteveH) Toubled Times has some good graphs that pulls data from more than just the USGS and the increase in earthquake over the last decade is dramatic
(SteveH) There was just an earthquake in Nevada the other day. An area thought to be very stable...
(Mikeaus) The Fiji region is highly active. Many deep quakes.

(Reti) Just listening to art last night it seemed as though what Nancy has said has struck a chord in a lot of people, puttin aside statistics.

(SteveH) Question for ZT: What can the average amateur who is interested in spotting Planet X expect to see when that area becomes visible in the night sky? How difficult will it be to see?
(DuncanC) My question is: imagine we can see this thing. How long before the world knows? How long before meltdown? Like... as soon as the astronomical community realizes that this is bound to happen... Shit will hit the fan very very quickly.
(Zetapal) Stern's not gonna have a clue... He's in denial of cosmic things... but Bell's been prepped now, Rense too, they'll know what it is when they see it and will disregard the propaganda machine if its still functioning... that goes for sci astro too... they've been prepped.

(DuncanC) yeah it is. Just move to a safe place and get ready to live in a hole in the ground off rehydrated beans for dinner and crickets for dessert
(Phiner) I know you can distill water, but regular distillation can take a long time....
(Mikeaus) Distillation is very simple.
(Phiner) well, with a inclined solar distilation 'thing' that's about 8 sq. ft. in area will make about a gallon of water every 5 hours..... is this accuate? Distillation by boiling may be faster, that's for sure.... just not quite as easy....
(Mikeaus) But there won't be any sunlight due to the volcanic "winter".
(DuncanC) Distillation by boiling is I think the best method, yes?
(Cruithne) Mushrooms are growable without sun.

(Zetapal) PlanetX theory fills in all the gaps... and you know Art's been studying/writing about the gaps for years... you could tell on Wednesdays show that he was just BEGINNING to see how the pieces fall into place... if he spends more time contemplating it and actually reading ZT, he'll become more convinced, as long as his fear doesn't distract him

(S7L) It seems Nancy's followers consider getting economic debt, selling the house, and moving somewhere claimed safe.
(DuncanC) Tom Brown writes some great wilderness survival handbooks. I have them all
(S7L) Which means that there is at least economic risk to being a follower of Nancy.
(Zetapal) We're not followers, we're listeners... big difference.
(DuncanC) If you sell the farm at this point, well, you know what they say about a fool and his money...
(DuncanC) Amazon has them. "Tom Brown" is the name. Wilderness Survival and "Living with the earth" are gems
(Loitus) It will be like Mad Max if it happens.. 2 Man enter 1 man leave!

(SteveH) Question for ZT: with Nancy's recent appearance on Art Bell and the subsequent PX question session a few days later and with the huge audience that show commands, how has this affected the general population (in the US anyways) becoming aware and what are their reactions?

(Phiner) I heard that to be safe, you should be about 150 mi. inland....
(Zetapal) Coastal inundation all the way back to the Blue Ridge mountains might produce some problems for your afternoon commute... now for our eye in the sky traffic report here's Don... Don... Don are you there...
(Loitus) The world right now is Windows.. after Planet X - LINUX!
(Mikebbs) Paper $ is is not backed up by gold. Few know this, and that's the way the bankers want it.
(CyberVViz) Hehe, most servers are running Linux or Unix

(Cruithne) Cayce said southern Canada and eastern Canada would fare will with pole shift
(Phiner) I'm planning on going to the Midwest or Cananda if this all happens, and no, I don't have land there.
(Cruithne) Don't think digging or building on others land will go well.
(Loitus) New Mexico seems safe...
(G-Man) Movin, runnin, hidin I don't see solutions.
(Cruithne) According to Cayce the ocean will wash up on shores of Nebraska.
(Phiner) I feel bad for all the people in California.
(Cruithne) And a paradox Cayace said Virgina Beach/Norflok would be a safe area, it's on coast. Geesh Said land would rise there off coast, new land.

(PottM) AB is nothing.
(PottM) Think he would have a show if he was not making money?
(PottM) I'm sure he would have any shit on his show if it got interest.
(Maximum_DJ) So why very quiet today? A lot of people..but nobody talking.. lol
(NancyL) Folks, I'm back WAY past the time, to say goodnight and sorry and thank you, etc.
(PottM) Heck I don't even think the truth of things can be told in words. With that said it nullifies anything you can find on the Internet.
(NancyL) My son said he forgot and lifted the phone but was able to reconnect for me, so I have the log. Did we have a crowd?
(PottM) It would require an infinity of words to define all so many words it would fill the universe it's self.
(Sirgrim) Nancy: decent crowd, but a lot of familiar 'unfriendlies'.
(NancyL) Yes, and with us still :-)
(PottM) We'll see how friendly everyone is when Nancy is found to be a shit talker indefinatly.
(NancyL) I'm going to collect this log and do as I promised, compose an Agenda for next week, least I can do, etc.
(Bailey) Nancy it was rude and disgusting, do yourself a favor and skip reading the text OK
(Sirgrim) Yea, ignore the references to dolphin sex.
(Phiner) Nancy, I've got a question... is distillation the only way to purify water well?
(NancyL) PottM is going to have to go down to the local square and argue with the local drunks and crazies, now that I'm leaving :-) He thinks this worth his while, apparently, to argue against someone he considers nuts, wrong, etc. I thought those kind of people got ignored.
(Mikebbs) Yes - why show up if it's BS?
(NancyL) PottM is PROBABLY arguing with himself, as he feels there is TRUTH to it and is saying "tell me it ain't so!"
(PottM) Hey well I got nothing to lose nothing to gain. Ascertain your position Nancy you got everything to lose and nothing to gain.
(NancyL) Sirgirm, I'll clean it up and save the best, as lots of folks pick up the log and don't attend.
(Mikebbs) You have your LIFE to lose *L*
(Phiner) Nancy, Do you know for an absolute fact that all of this is going to happen?
(NancyL) PottM is arguing with and attacking the messenger, a common approach used by those too weak to face what they sense is the truth.
(PottM) If you were to go 65 million light years from Earth and be able to look at the surface you would see the dinosaurs. Essentially nothing is ever forgotten. Life is a perpeptuation.
(PottM) Nancy: I don't listen to words as truth. I look to my heart and beyond.
(NancyL) Phiner, I'd like it NOT to happen, but unfortunately, everything the Zetas have predicted is coming about, including the sightings and imaging, etc. So I take it with grim seriousness, yes.
(Bailey) By the behavior of some of the people in this room today, the world needs a good housecleaning.
(Mikebbs) PottM: set up your OWN irc site, rather than just showing up here and making nasty comments.
(NancyL) Bailey, and will GET it!
(Phiner) Say do you think anywhere in Florida will be safe??
(PottM) Nasty comments now come on how nasty can they really be? I have not shown what the face of nastyness is.
(NancyL) Mikebbs, next week PottM finds himself on his butt on the sidewalk, promptly. I'm going to delete all these comments this time too, as though I HAD banned all those who should have been.
(Shaolin5) Florida is a just a big flood plane
(Mikebbs) Thanks Nancy
(PottM) Nancy: Good for you delete all the comments it don't matter to me.
(NancyL) Don't believe in the premise? Don't want to explore the information? Just here to discourage others from being here? Then we'll give you your money back and show you the door!
(NancyL) Florida will drown, utterly.
(PottM) Nancy: No I encourge people to open their minds and not close it onto anyone thing.
(Mikebbs) Rubbish PottM You disparage Nancy constantly and offer nothing.
(Phiner) I have another question... how good would hunting be?
(NancyL) PottM has a mind? Whoa! Guess I missed it.
(PottM) So what. She is a manipulator.
(NancyL) Phiner, wildlife will be struggling and hunted to nill, or almost nill. What would they eat?
(PottM) A mind much greater than yours Nancy. Such a site like ZT could be constructed by just about anyone.
(NancyL) PottM is a grump. A dumb grump too.
(Phiner) Do you think it's safe to eat fish raw?
(Maximum_DJ) Well the only truth I know is that weather is going creazy.. lol.
(Bailey) Nancy do you have someone other than yourself to edit the text, you should not read it, no one needs to be insulted like that.
(NancyL) PottM is opening a site! The peoples of the world will rush there, thanking him!
(Mikebbs) Lol, indeed
(NancyL) Phiner, the Japanese do, but I've seen some grim pictures of parasites of fish getting into humans. I honestly don't know!
(PottM) Nancy: A big difference between me and you is that you use fear to entice people while I speak my mind and only my mind. I can accept ridicule even in the face of such mockery as yourself.
(Mikebbs) Oh please
(Shaolin5) Most of the fish around here is farmed.
(NancyL) Bailey, if I didn't have a skin like sheet iron I'd not last a day doing what I do.
(Bailey) LOL true
(NancyL) I'm going to quit and do this log thingie. Very sorry I had to miss, the first time in 9 months.
Session Close: Sat Jun 15 19:34:40 2002