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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Jul 13, 2002

Session Start: Fri Jul 13 16:32:28 2002
(SnookPoon) I have a question about this dead earth twin in an opposite orbit to earth. If it's there would not the gravity and mass from it influence other planets, moons, or orbits? Also, I'm sure some of our exploration satelites would have seen it, What gives?.
(Pott) If anyone thinks that distortion around the circle is PX look at the text it is caused by whomever put anything on the picture.
(NancyL) Per the Zetas, probes HAVE seen it but guess who sees what the probes see - NASA.
(NancyL) NASA lies. Do you see the direct feed from the Hubble? Nope. Why NOT?
(Dwander) How many of those in NASA lie? NASA is a LOT of people....
(Pott) Everyone lies the implications of releasing some of the things that they know would be more harmful than good.
(NancyL) I'm watching for IMO as I want to press him on WHO he is. You know, his web site as an "About Me" page that does everything but say WHO he is!
(Torbj) Ohh...we are all alive and well!
(NancyL) Mystery man, and last week I got his TCP/IP from this chat, and per Obany, it cannot be traced.
(Torbj) Hello all!
(NancyL) He works very hard to hide.
(NancyL) Obviously on a NASA mission.
(Pott) It's not hard to hide.
(TheViking) Greetings from Norway from a "new guy".
(Pott) You don't have to work hard to hide when you know how.
(NancyL) And does not want to be found when Planet X is visible and inbound and all KNOW this. They'd want to know why he worked so very very hard to cast doubt, while, I have no doubt, knowing BETTER.
(Shrink) Hello, Nancy.
(Cybervvizz) NancyL, I see in my surroundings an increasing number of people working, talking or influenced by ghosts. Is this increasing ?
(Torbj) Hejsan guuten
(Sirgrim) this is a page that says PX is not there, I'm working on 'enhancing' those pictures, got one so far @ almost done with the 2nd but keep getting bugged by customers (i'm@work hehe)
(NancyL) Same with Tholen, and others in the know. Look them up in the weeks and months before the shift, and ask why they cared so damn little about you and yours.
(Torbj) Gutt... skulle de va
(TheViking) Hei p deg. Hilsen fra Moss.
(Pott) That one is absolutely useless.
(Sirgrim) Is it?
(Sirgrim) Sgi graphical enhancements to your crappy jpeg is useless?
(Sirgrim) Wow.
(NancyL) Pott, you brag all the time on your skills. YOU tell me then, who IS Open Minded?
(Torbj) Sundsvall hr!
(Pott) I took one look at it and realized heck the markings such as the text and the circle caused a distortion in the image.
(Anonymous) Nancy - I'll ask you the same question I asked Mark Hazelwood. Are you willing to commit in writing to making an earnest public apology in the event that PX is a no-show?
(NancyL) Cyber, ghosts? They would be other souls, from bodies nearby, visiting, etc.
(Pott) Unresolvable IP
(NancyL) All the same.
(TheViking) Torbj: Vrt lenge med p dette?
(NancyL) I recall a Star Child in the past, when ZetaTalk addressed personal questions, who asked about a time when she saw a ghost approaching her as she awakened from a nap.
(Pott) Actually it didn't resolve on IRC
(Pott) Here is his resolved address
(Cybervvizz) No spirits living in the twilight zone. They are died on Earth
(NancyL) Zeta replied that this was her SOUL, coming back from an OOB.
(Cybervvizz) I mean no, spirits blabla
(Torbj) Av till, Viking...
(Sirgrim) Pasting people's IPs is not proving who they are.
(NancyL) Anon, Hazlewood will just point to his "sources" which are in the case of 2003 date and all, ME.
(NancyL) I will be burned at the stake, and you can take my fryin flesh as an apology if you want.
(Cybervvizz) Well if this is the case I need zeta assistance :-) to find a gate to the Light
(Sirgrim) And I'm sure open minded wouldn't want people knowing his computer's address.
(NancyL) Should I promise to scream in pain, so as to satisfy you?
(NancyL) Pott, yes, but per Obany, this leads to NO place and NO person!
(Anonymous) I didn't say anything like that. It's a matter of integrity, not a pound of flesh.
(NancyL) I tried
(NancyL) Whois
(NancyL) That's a temporary address, right, for a temporary linkup?
(Scarface) Resolved to
(Scarface) It's behind a LAN
(NancyL) Like posting on Who knows who you are?
(NancyL) Sirgrim, IMO hides. Is there anyway to find out WHO he is?
(Wage) They pull you email address, etc, from M$
(Sirgrim) Goes from IL to NY to DC to GA to FL to NCF
(NancyL) He has this "About Me" page on his web site, dedicated to being the spokesperson for finding PX, so he and NASA hope.
(Shrink) It seems to me that, just as we are risking by placing trust in Nancy, so, too, Nancy is risking by placing trust in the Zetas. We are all in the same boat, in a sense.
(Sirgrim) IMO is open minded
(NancyL) Or I should say NOT finding it, per his directions (or should I say mis-directions).
(IMO) If any of you true believers have a scope, you should go look for Nancy's planet.
(IMO) See ;her position is now viewable.
(IMO) No sign of her planet though ... it is not there.
(Scarface) Shrink: Fairly objective.
(Sirgrim) IMO: my reaction to your pictures, you see it?
(NancyL) A whole page, about being a grandpa, his hobbies, etc. NO picture, NO name, NO city, NO state, NO occupation.
(NancyL) :-) Such COURAGE, Open Minded, from someone who wants to lead the world into a disinformation fog!
(Cybervvizz) NancyL, mmm, so if they are visiting by OOB from other living souls, how can they be here all the time and interact, even eating ice cream through the medium ?
(NancyL) And if he is so SURE PX will not appear, later, to be obvious, then why the hiding?
(SnookPoon) OK, OK, can we move onto something more intersting/productive?.
(NancyL) We should take notes, where these people live, and look them UP later when PX looms inbound.
(Scarface) I suppose all the information in the world is useless unless it is creditable.
(NancyL) If they work for NASA, and KNOW is it coming, then HEY, lets hold them responsible for their disinformation!
(IMO) You idiot ... the picture was to show that the coordinates were available for scope viewing, not to look for the planet
(NancyL) IMO!
(Cybervvizz) Karmaaaa
(Scarface) What constitutes creditability well that is often difficult to ascertain.
(NancyL) You're HERE. Now you can tell us "About" yourself, like NAME, CITY, LOCATION, etc.
(Anonymous) What's with the counter-witch-hunt prosecuted against dissenters?
(NancyL) We wait with bated breath!
(Anonymous) It sucks up a lot of time and diverts a lot of attention.
(Pott) When I realize how insignificant we really are words seem to become even more so.
(AGreenspan) He seems to have proved your point, N.
(NancyL) IMO, stand behind your words, COWARD!
(Cybervvizz) Sometimes the mind is so clever it superpasses the Heart
(SnookPoon) If it's all true it won't really matter anyway whether NASA is lying or not because most of them won't around for very long anyway.
(NancyL) Anon, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, no?
(Torbj) Information to you, as an individual, is always creditable if it "swings" with you
(Cybervvizz) However You can live without mind, but not without Heart :-))
(NancyL) Oh, I forgot, Anon, you only think I should be attacked and held responsible for misleading people.
(NancyL) Does it not cut both ways?
(Cybervvizz) Gives karma either
(Cybervvizz) Like it gave to Seth in Atlantis
(NancyL) IMO left? COWARD Indeed!!!!
(Sirgrim) Nancy here's something interesting.
(Sirgrim) UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on Friday to exempt Americans for a year from prosecution by the world's first permanent criminal court, a deal aimed at saving U.N. peacekeeping missions from a U.S. veto.
(Sirgrim) After a firestorm of protests against the U.S. position from its closest allies, the council approved a revised resolution by a 15-0 vote after Mexico, a strong supporter of the court, reluctantly agreed.
(Sirgrim) The document tells the new International Criminal Court to allow a 12-month grace period before investigating or prosecuting U.N. peacekeepers from countries that are not in support of the tribunal "if a case arises."
(NancyL) He's afraid you'll trace him, if he sticks around.
(NancyL) Anyone catch which hole his tail went into, when he slithered away?
(Anonymous) I never justified attacks of any kind. I merely requested a warranty.
(Sirgrim) I've already traced him, he seen it going through a firewall between Florida and Georgia.
(Sirgrim) Hehe
(Cybervvizz) SW
(Pott) You really think so?
(Cybervvizz) And if he use multiple proxy?
(Pott) I don't know I just think he's a little overly ambitous.
(NancyL) Anon, you lie. Look in the mirror and read your own words.
(NancyL) Go ask IMO that question :-). First you have to be able to FIND him when the heat is on.
(Cybervvizz) &
(NancyL) He has breaks in the trail, all the way to the hole he slithers into.
(Cybervvizz) Sorry my cat is walking on my keyboard
(Anonymous) I asked if you would commit in writing to a public apology in the event of a no-show. That is all I asked.
(Shrink) Nancy, are there any interesting questions to cover this week?
(NancyL) Sirgrim, this is on the Q's, the UN thing, yes.
(Pott) Don't worry about him at all.
(Cybervvizz) Witches and cats :-)
(Pott) The greatest enemy is time.
(SnookPoon) Great!!! He's in a hole... lets move on.
(NancyL) SteveH :-) Did you get my email about the SIZE, relative, of Px as viewed in 2001, I also asked Pierre-Eric this Q about imagine in 2002.
(NancyL) I want to put our Viewing Spec for Sept on that have some REAL things folks can relate to.
(NancyL) The actual Px is supposed to be 1/139 of Jupiter at present, or there about.
(NancyL) Too tiny.
(SteveH) Yes, just read it a few minutes ago
(NancyL) So, what is the Moon swirl and dust cloud size?
(Sirgrim) Need... munchiez
(NancyL) That was what Steve et al have been viewing and imaging.
(NancyL) Ice Cube time ...
(SteveH) It must be larger by some magnitude
(NancyL) Anon, I have never disappeared, and never hidden, and you KNOW where I am, etc.
(SteveH) What I saw looked like a blurry spot. I was looking at Jupiter shortly before
(NancyL) Unlike IMO.
(SteveH) The scope was pointed at the coordinates but I'm not sure if the magnification was the same
(NancyL) OH! Good, if you were looking at Jupiter shortly before then ... as memory serves you ... :-)
(Pott) SteveH: What picture are you refering to?
(SteveH) Yes, Jupiter and it's moons
(SteveH) My sighting April 2001
(SteveH) I guess it depends on how many moon PX has and how much debris
(SteveH) Is trailing behind or around
(NancyL) I keep asking on sci.astro, but something REAL like this that folks can relate to this Fall is not what they are interested in.
(SteveH) If someone knows the size of any of the stars on the Jan 19 image maybe we could compare it to the size of Jupiter
(Pott) I would suspect that if it is there then there will be a flood of amature sightings.
(NancyL) In the images taken in Jan 2002, there are stars nearby, a basis of comparison. My SkyMap does not find those stars, simple thing that it is, and I'm simple minded about many of these matters too ..
(NancyL) Steve, at least 12 moons and a big dust cloud.
(Anonymous) Nancy -- My interest in this is primarily from the standpoint of social psychology. I'm interested in the fact that so many people are buying into worldview notions about something big impending. I don't believe it's PX, but I think there's something rippling through the collective consciousness.
(Pott) If it's not there then there will be a few sightings.
(NancyL) They swirl behind it, so WOULD give a round appearance.
(Islander) I have been observing this chat for some time and the images presented
(Rudy) A hale and hearty HELLO to all.
(SteveH) I could be several times larger with that many moons and so
(Pott) Anonymous: Perhaps the fact that were are own greatest enemies.
(Islander) To enable amateurs to find these points it would be helpful if pictures were labeled for stars that are known
(NancyL) SteveH, yes, and the Jan 19th image seems to have a HARD point in the center, then blurry increasingly outward.
(NancyL) I'm going to post the Agenda early for the early birds .. so they can be thinking about followup, etc.
(SteveH) Yes, it is a good size in that image
(NancyL) LOOKING for PX
(NancyL) 1. Is Britain's recent joining of ESO (European Southern Observatory) in Chile with all their European brethren their attempt to get more information or prove to themselves that PX exists?
(NancyL) 2. Is the building of OWL (Overwhelmingly Large Telescope) a further attempt to view PX up close and do you think they will they complete it in time?
(Pott) Steve: What do you think of
(NancyL) 1. Maybe the zetas would like to comment the situation regarding the International
(NancyL) Criminal Court and US-immunity.
(NancyL) 2. What the US gained from this. (Yes, I don't understand WHY US did this as how it seems to me, they only made themselves more enemies)
(NancyL) 1. Are you willing to name any famous historical people who were fifth or sixth density souls having a (rare) incarnation on Earth, such that we might be guided to study and benefit from their works?
(NancyL) Obany, are you and Sirgrim going to be bouncing cops tonight? GOOD!
(NancyL) Then I will just write away, between ice cubes, and not worry.
(Dwander) I'm amazed that pictures taken as far back as Jan are still being discussed.... given the time-frame, one would expect far better pics more recently
(SteveH) Pott, what about that picture?
(Okidok) Is Bush a star child?
(Cybervvizz) Pott, star children :)
(Pott) Steve: Is there something there?
(NancyL) Dwander, do you know what "in the sun" means?
(Cybervvizz) Blue and indigo planeteers
(Obany) Okidok: I don't think that bush is a Star Child ...
(Dwander) Nothing remains "in the sun" to a crippling extent for more than a couple months
(SteveH) It's a very large image, there looks to be lots of things there...
(Cybervvizz) I think he is a homo premacocus
(Mike-O) Would a Star Child steal an election?
(NancyL) France came through with the best, on Jan 19th, an original FITS file that proves no doctoring, and drove NEAT to doctor THEIR images, caught by the watchful SteveH (3 cheers!)
(NancyL) Ice Cube ...
(Pott) SteveH: Well for one the image has been corrupted by the markings such as text that was put on it.
(AGreenspan) Ignorance is not only bliss, but apparently, funny too.
(Sirgrim) What type of modem do you have Nancy, I might be able to find a new one since yours was struck by lightning
(NancyL) Okidok, Bush Jr. is a puppet. Have you not seen the strings behind his head :-)
(Torbj) Bush is a Star Child!
(Pott) SteveH: Because of that it nullifies those coordinates at least.
(Anonymous) David Icke thinks Bush is a shapeshifting reptilian alien.
(Cybervvizz) No, he is a premacocus
(Torbj) But his father will never him realize that
(Torbj) Let him...
(Pott) The US does what they want when they want.
(NancyL) Dwander, stars maybe, but dim and diffuse objects YES. My question if how would other dim diffuse small objects be seen in the astronomical dawn?
(SteveH) Pott, not so, that is a wide angle shot
(Pott) Rather disgusting as they have caused more harm that good.
(NancyL) Answer is clear.
(Loitus) Time to experiment w/ DXM...
(Pott) Steve: Look at the text it caused a distortion in the image.
(Wage) They're worried about getting called to the carpet for war crimes in Afghanistan, and possibliy Iraq soon...
(NancyL) In any case, if I am wrong, and by December NASA is not explaining "what it is" as so many see it, then I can be found and burned at the stake.
(Pott) Steve: Perhaps if it was done correctly it might be acceptable.
(Cybervvizz) I calculated a heliocentric chart on 15 May 2003 and Earth is on the opposite of Taurus and has new moon
(Wage) Not to mention escheolon corporate espionage
(NancyL) Hold those who are trying to mislead you, be the leader into disinfo, TO THE SAME STANDARD.
(Jeremy) Planet X has a very low albedo.. I wonder myself what percentage it is compared to other solar system planets
(NancyL) WHO is IMO!
(Pott) Who really cares
(Michaellss) Hope your not wrong I don't wanna see ya hurt...:)
(Michaellss) Il'l fight for ya
(Anonymous) What if millions believed in PX tomorrow, and began heading inland to "safe areas"? The economy would crash. Vacated homes would be ravaged. Roads glutted. No lodging. What a mess. Best only an elite few believe.
(GapMouthed) There is also a comet in 2003 (another) Right?
(Pott) Personally I don't give a damn what he has to say hehe.
(Loitus) Anon: Isn't it like that already?
(Mike-O) It just boggles my mind that after Bush & Crew got spanked on 9/11, they still thumb their nose at the rest of the world regarding Kyoto, Israel, and now the UN. The U.S. is gearing up for another spanking at the hands of Europe.
(Cybervvizz) So if 15 May is the date, and story is true, Earth will have big impact and/or moon
(Cybervvizz) Maybe the moon will rescue us :-)
(Anonymous) Who shot J.R.? (Not J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, of course). ;)
(NancyL) Anon, it is not necessary to prepare MONTHS ahead of time. In fact, any preparation can be wiped out, taken over, taken from you.
(Loitus) NancyL: Did you hear that Roland Emmerich (ID4) is making a new movie due to shoot this fall that is about this : "A climatological disruption of inconceivable proportions ravages the world, sending millions of terrified survivors surging South. Surging in the other direction, however, is Professor Adrian Hall, a brilliant paleoclimatologist whose own son Sam may still be alive in New York City, now a frozen wasteland." Sound familiar???
(NancyL) YOU will know 1 week ahead, when the rotation stops. THEN you can go to safety.
(Dwander) Even hard to image objects have viewable times for at least 2/3 of the solar year, usually 3/4
(Loitus) It's called THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW...
(NancyL) So, why the panic and wild attempts to dissuade folks from LOOKING (gasp!) if there is nothing there!
(Michaellss) Blows my mind when I think about it
(NancyL) Crazy people don't get that attention.
(SteveH) Loitus, that movie will be coming out too late hehe
(Cybervvizz) I tell You a trick, when it stops, You jump into the ear and You will be miles away
(NancyL) Nonexistent objects don't get that attention.
(Loitus) Steveh: They can always rush it... ;)
(NancyL) All this uproar is because there IS something there, and they KNOW it!
(Dwander) # of followers get attention... no matter what they follow, or why
(Guyflex) Hello all. has the formal session started
(Pott) Nancy: When will the sessions run to?
(SteveH) No
(NancyL) Loitus, to be released ahead of May 15, 2003? :-)
(Okidok) May 15 is wrong, the right time is May 25 2012
(Cybervvizz) Thanks will look again
(Obany) Guyflex: in about 18 minuts ...
(Michaellss) Im lookin now with my $150 scope... :)
(Loitus) NancyL: Slated for Summer 2003 supposedly..
(AgentY) MAY 15 in what time zone?
(NancyL) Dwander, false, they don't get the disinfo crew that I have, dedicated disinfo crew, I might add.
(Cybervvizz) I hope you look into the right direction of your scope or you would see definitely a Planet X
(Loitus) But, that's not solid and Twentieth Century Fox has a way of rushing big event films to screen...
(Michaellss) Im tryin
(SteveH) I'm just bummed Matrix Reloaded is not due until May 25, 2003
(AgentY) I mean different countries hit may 15 at different times !
(NancyL) Agent Y, close enough, no? May 15, 2003 is NOT the exact hour, but close ...
(Dwander) Assuming it's disinfo and not simply disagreement
(NancyL) Ice Cube ...
(Sirgrim) I'm happy the new star trek is in next december
(Sirgrim) One fine trek before the times
(Michaellss) Lol
(Cybervvizz) Anyway 15 May 2003 gives conjunction moon earth
(Loitus) We'll see LOTR 2 but no 3...
(AgentY) When is the last zeta talk session?
(Pott) Perhaps the notion of disinformation is disinformation it's self.
(AgentY) Is May 15 a Saturday?
(Cybervvizz) I think rather doomsday
(Michaellss) I have read everything on Zetas site.... wow
(SteveH) Yes, LOTR next Dec I think...
(Anonymous) Have you ever heard about the Mercury Theater Of The Air presentation of War Of The Worlds?
(Michaellss) Twice
(Obany) AgentY: may 15 is not the exact hour
(Jeremy) AgentY: May 15 is a Thursday
(CalneCrusader) 15 is a day not an hour.
(Loitus) It is 24 hours
(AgentY) Obany but it is the exact day right?
(Loitus) ;)
(Pott) Michaellss: As much information as you think it is it is nothing astronomical.
(NancyL) AgentY, who knows! Internet may be cut off, satellites may be down, Nancy may be burned at the stake for being TRUE.
(AgentY) Jeremy Ok thanks
(Rudy) Isn't there a link to the War Of The Worlds broadcast on front page?
(SteveH) Could be some days later, Zeta's won't clarify until we get closer
(Michaellss) Its not...?
(Jeremy) Live ZetaTalk may continue after the shift; there is a ZT link already about that
(Obany) AgentY: it will be around the 15th
(Dwander) Maybe the other aliens will burn zetas at the stake for playing games... :)
(Shrink) Regarding 9/11, if anyone is interested in seeing a review of the evidence about US complicity, you can see it at two different websites: and The latter is being put up by the victims of 9/11 and their attorneys who are suing the US agencies responsible.
(Pott) Nancy: Wouldn't the Zeta's help you from being burned?
(NancyL) In Salem days, the story goes, you were dunked into water and 1. if you drown you were NOT a witch, 2. if you survived, you WERE a witch and then were burned at the state.
(AgentY) Obany plus or minus how many days?
(Pott) I'd hate to have overly large lungs.
(Cybervvizz) Hehe and Jupiter rules cancer
(NancyL) People attack the messenger, right or wrong.
(SteveH) That's a catch-22
(Michaellss) Yup
(Obany) AgentY: around that date
(Loitus) Nancy: Ever experiment w/ DXM?
(NancyL) AgentY, very shortly thereafter.
(CalneCrusader) Nancy you are in a lose/lose situation
(AgentY) Obany Ok. but its not like... say 65 years off or nuttin right?. So we have a fairly specific timeframe.
(Pott) NancyL: Usually when the messenger attacks themselves.
(Cybervvizz) The mighty king (Jupiter) will encounter the king of terror (Planet X) Q X.72 Nostra
(NancyL) Pott, my statements show the complexities of what COULD happen, in the hands of man.
(Loitus) Not woman?
(SteveH) Loitus, DXM is cough syrup I think
(AgentY) I had a great day today! U wouldn't believe what i saw!
(NancyL) So, making statements that depend upon mankinds actions are NOT the best approach.
(Loitus) SteveH: The active ingredient...
(Jeremy) AgentY: not a helicopter :)
(Torbj) Well... the Chineese is about "strengthening" their ownerchip over Taiwan....
(NancyL) Zetas could predict, but for the most cannot interfere in man's path, so ... wrong!
(Pott) NancyL: Not the best but not the only.
(Dwander) Perhaps the messenger sometimes needs to be skeptical of the message... getting info doesn't assure accuracy or honesty.
(Loitus) Also an intense hallucinogen similar to K - w/ same dissociative effects.
(Shrink) AgentY, what did you see?
(NancyL) On the other hand, geological things, etc., they predict. General societal change, they predict.
(Pott) I think if we think the Zeta's are the live all end all for us we have something else coming.
(NancyL) Ice Cubes
(Anonymous) Nancy, have you ever considered the ethical implications of defaming everyone who disagrees with you as being a disinformationist? It's unjustified name-calling.
(CalneCrusader) Nancy, if you are wrong, you will be assasinated by one of your followers, if you are right you will die with the rest of us - nice thought eh?
(Loitus) Nancy: Why do you keep saying Ice Cubes?
(AgentY) No. I was walking up steps from subway, hot chick with miniskirt in front of me. then she jogged up a few steps, and I could see right under her miniskirt... no panties! Bare ass!
(Loitus) Mmm
(Cybervvizz) Yes yes 15 May 2003 = full moon. Will be great show
(AgentY) Oh man, was great!
(Pott) AgentY: That should be illegal!
(UPManila) May 15 is an approx date right?
(Shrink) Nancy, what do you mean ICE CUBES?
(CalneCrusader) I had a girlfriend once that liked ice cubes :)
(SteveH) For her laptop
(Adsf231) Nancy, what do you mean ICE CUBES?
(SteveH) Or modem
(Cybervvizz) And her hot modem
(Loitus) Hmmm
(AgentY) Some other guy sees me laughing, says so u got a look too?. Hehehe.
(Michaellss) If this happens I will remember all that is being talked about.
(Michaellss) Unreal
(NancyL) Anon, are you IMO in disguise? I only ask for HIM what he demands of ME, and I might add YOU demand of ME.
(Loitus) ICE CUBES!
(Cybervvizz) Maybe we should know why a modem turns hot ?
(Wage) Anon is studying us for his dissertation
(CalneCrusader) She is sitting on it
(NancyL) He is encouraging folks to look at a dim, diffuse object that is NOT a star (like M31 or clusters) in the astronomical dawn, stating that should be PROOF it does not exist.
(UPManila) Good Morning Nancy!!
(Okidok) Maybe Anon is a lizard in disguise?
(Cybervvizz) Hot information is passing through ?
(Loitus) Maybe Anon is an ice cube...
(AgentY) Loitus: no chicks sunbathing today
(Torbj) Nancy...are you way out from the "civilization"?... Then if you are one of the last ones on the electrical wire, then it will probably "boosted"
(UPManila) Maybe Anon is Pres Bush!
(SnookPoon) Loitus; She's just taking a break chewing on ice cubes.
(Anonymous) Ice cubes are little foil-wrapped cubes of chocolate. At least that's my guess.
(Loitus) Ahh, Ok...
(NancyL) He also continuously denies that his Jan 5th image, which CLEARLY shows a tear drop arrangement between an existing star and a NEW object, not even in the POSITION of the existing star, as "one star".
(Torbj) To much voltage to your modem, that is.
(Anonymous) No, Nancy. I am me.
(NancyL) So, he just repeated disinfo, and does not address how an existing star, SO far away, could "move" (his words, by the way, the star moved), to a different place, becoming two objects, separated by a dark space, and then return later!
(CalneCrusader) Nancy, why argue about it now - in 6 months it will be a huge fucking light bulb glowing in the sky :)
(Anonymous) I'm not using any double standards. I've called you no names.
(NancyL) Anon, I'm insulting IMO to get him to do what I DO, in other words, stop hiding!
(Loitus) Maybe Anon is a frisky dolphin ;)
(NancyL) What would you think of me if I said "I'm a grandmother, like gardening, have hobbies" and insist on being the spokesperson for Px in 2003 and the location?
(CalneCrusader) Not dolphins again loitus....
(Loitus) Heh
(Rudy) Anon seems like an interesting character. You know, I used to be Anonymous in a previous incarnation.
(NancyL) You'd be screaming for my blood? But he's OK, and I'm not, for asking for equal standards?
(Loitus) Blood?
(SteveH) IMO also states the object from Jan 19 image pre-exists on the NEAT images when it doesn't even show up on his Jan 5 image
(NancyL) Anon, fess up, you're IMO, right? (or his wife).
(Loitus) Who is IMO?
(Cybervvizz) Tip: How to make Your own submarine? Glue two metal bathtombs together and use the gates to take breath
(Loitus) I keep thinking in my opinion..
(Wage) Let's dispense w/ the paranoia and proceed to the agenda, perhaps?
(Loitus) Paranoia rocks.
(Obany) IMO is I am openminded from sci.astro
(Loitus) Ahh
(UPManila) Really?
(Loitus) No
(NancyL) OK, the hour is upon us.
(Loitus) Yay
(CalneCrusader) 5 mins yet
(NancyL) LOOKING for PX
(NancyL) 1. Is Britain's recent joining of ESO (European Southern Observatory) in Chile with all their European brethren their attempt to get more information or prove to themselves that PX exists?
(NancyL) 2. Is the building of OWL (Overwhelmingly Large Telescope) a further attempt to view PX up close and do you think they will they complete it in time?
(NancyL) ZT: Observatories and their allies and obligations are not what it seems to the general public.
(NancyL) ZT: Since the time of Roswell, when it became OBVIOUS to the US that the alien presence was real, and how easily the general public could become aware of this, new rules have been pressed.
(NancyL) ZT: We have mentioned previously that Russia, though obstensibly an enemy, held at bay, a competitor in space, was an ALLY on holding the line of UFO's and the tracking of Planet X.
(NancyL) ZT: This is done at the highest levels, where these space missions are funded and observatories funded.
(NancyL) Ice Cubes ...
(NancyL) ZT: Observatories, as space exploration, requires the staff and astronauts to be under a National Security Oath, or similar committement in other countries.
(NancyL) ZT: What do you suppose that Reagan and Thatcher talked about, while visiting each other, or the Russians visiting, and the like.
(NancyL) ZT: Do you think the tape recorders are rolling ALL the time, and that private conversations or secure phone lines do not exist?
(NancyL) ZT: They ALL agreed that until they were able to 1. rebuff aliens from landing and doing at will what they would with the populace, and 2. determine the path and passage of Planet X and what to DO in the scenario depicted by ourselves, ...
(NancyL) ZT: that they would NOT allow the general public to be AWARE. NO argument. NO disagreement between these major countries that control the public's access to knowledge of outer space!
(NancyL) Ice Cubes...
(NancyL) ZT: What does this involve? US, Russia, Japan, Brittain, and others who wish to ally and collaborate in science or space exploration.
(NancyL) ZT: Get on board with the program or NOT, and if NOT, then you'll not be an ally or partner.
(NancyL) ZT: So, Brittain has always known, had access, and the many technological adjustments to get a BETTER look at the skies, at the inbound monster coming on as predicted by ourselves, has never been a secret among the allies and partners.
(NancyL) ZT: All public movement to the contary, they ALREADY know.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(NancyL) Ice Cubes..
(SnookPoon) Nancy: Can you ask the Zetas why earth's dead twin orbiting opposite the sun has not been revealed to us?.
(AgentY) Yah
(Loitus) Heh
(Michaellss) Good one
(CalneCrusader) Good question Snookpoon
(Guyflex) Are any distractions planned when viewing starts by amateurs?
(Torbj) So the Chineese government are not in the club....
(Sirgrim) It's on
(Samsara2003) To what extent are astronomers on the 'street' aware of Px - at smaller observatories, etc.?
(Rudy) If the "Powers That Be" want to suppress this info, then why do they allow you to continue?
(Sirgrim) Lemme find the page for you snook
(Dwander) How about why earth should have such a twin when none of the other planets do...
(AgentY) Snookpoon where'd u get that nick?
(Loitus) Hmm
(HBO) if all the elite of various world gov'ts have been aware, how can it be that none of the now out of office elite have remained silent?
(Samsara2003) Dwander: already answered... RTFL
(Sirgrim) If you don't wish to read it all.
(SnookPoon) I have read it and it doen't say why the info is being witheld.
(NancyL) Snook, because the US knows, NASA knows, but they lie and don't want to say as they had a BASE there.
(Sirgrim) Cause it would prove the existance of Planet X
(Cybervvizz) Q: If they known it will happen why do they don't move with submarines into the ocean?
(NancyL) They are afraid of revealing this if they start to talk about it (Alternative 1 or 2 or some such)
(CalneCrusader) But we aint gonna see the base from here Nancy so why they hiding it?
(Loitus) I'm going to stock up on ice cubes for the upcoming calamity..
(Samsara2003) To what extent are astronomers on the 'street' aware of Px - at smaller observatories, can this control be so apparently easily maintained.
(NancyL) Guy, distractions are planned NOW as IMO is trying to get you to start to look NOW, not see it due to light pollution, then get discouraged.
(Obany) For those that just joined some 8 minutes ago the session started
(Torbj) If one feels been left out/not within..... ohhh.... anger are building
(CalneCrusader) How many astronomers as a percentage know about Px?
(Loitus) Torbj: Huh?
(AgentY) NANCYL: Will apes rule humans in any geographic areas ??
(NancyL) Samsara, since it took an observatory until just NOW (or when Px is out of light pollution), only the big obs knews, but rumors, etc.
(Loitus) Go ape.
(DuncanC) Samsara: I talked to a PhD who said he knew about it, and he wasn't opening his trap "I'm no hero", were his words...
(Michaellss) Nancy, when you get chance where should I be pointing scope?
(Loitus) Michaellss: Up
(Michaellss) Funny
(Loitus) Was it? Thanks :)
(Michaellss) I've read alot different things
(Loitus) Me too
(NancyL) Rudy, several thousand assassination attempts since Bush took office, but Zeta protection is perfect karma, the PLANNER gets the bullet, and this tends to stop this FAST.
(CalneCrusader) Ioitus, you ever thought about moving into comedy?
(Loitus) There's a lot of books out there
(DuncanC) NancyL: How can you say that IMO is trying to mislead people? you know that's not accurate
(Anonymous) AgentY - No, but Charleton Heston may play a significant role.
(NancyL) HBO, they don't want to be KILLED, which is the deal. THEY can be killed (no Zeta protection). What happened to Cooper? Shot dead and no excuses either.
(Rudy) Boy, I'd like to have friends like that!
(AgentY) Anon hehehe
(UPManila) Is there any prediction what will happen to Bush at the time of the shift like will he get buried alive or will his top aides kill him or will his wife go insane?
(Samsara2003) Since the approach is now known and the rules are understood by MJ12 - what do these conspirital governments have in store for the public as PX gets bigger and brighter?
(Guyflex) Hungary has an observatory (planetarium) why can't they view Px from there? Is it also closed?
(NancyL) Calne, their silence on the Earth Twin shows their guilty conscience.
(meek_earth) Did BUSH STEAL the whitehouse for this Period (Planet x)?
(NancyL) True story I'm telling you... A man known to have CIA clearance tells his dad about 2003. Dad asks his brother-in-law, a wealthy Texan, if true.
(AgentY) NancyL should people begin eating more food, so as to bulk up for PS?
(NancyL) Wealthy brother-in-law says NOTHING, not "silly", not "untrue", not any comment, from this vocal guy!
(AGreenspan) Samsara2003.. MJ12 disbanded after last election.. See ZT.
(NancyL) Dad of the CIA guy now KNOWS it to be true!
(NancyL) Silence CAN tell you something!
(UPManila) Indeed!
(CalneCrusader) Well I asked my dad, and he said it was all bullshit
(Rudy) Yes, I also noticed that right after Bush was elected, William Cooper was killed. That sure scared the hell out of a lot of people.
(NancyL) Second story, the Mar 13,1997 sighting in Arizona, mothership.
(AgentY) BUSH IS A crook IMO.
(Torbj) Can Zetas tell anything about why the Chinese are not within the club of knowin?
(Obany) Agreenspan: there is a new MJ12, that is also in zetatalk
(Cybervvizz) No a premacocus
(NancyL) 3 mo later USA Today and other major media SIMULTANEOUSLY report this! Why the delay? Zeta said, "proof of a coordinated coverup"
(NancyL) Ice Cubes...
(AgentY) MEDIA ppl r also crooks.
(Dwander) Not many in DC elected office that are not crooks
(Longint) Nancy, the Zetas said, that only the sauces-shaped UFO-s are valid alien spaceships. Do the aliens use any other flying objects for sightings other than their spacecrafts? I am thinking here on the redish balls which follow cars on the roads for example. What are their origin?
(CalneCrusader) Longint - they are called traffic lights
(AgentY) Hehehe
(NancyL) Mich, re coordinates, when SEPT arrives, look at
(NancyL) OK Q2...
(AgentY) NancyL do u keep in touch with Art Bell!!
(AgentY) I need his phone number asap!
(NancyL) 1. Maybe the zetas would like to comment the situation regarding the International Criminal Court and US-immunity.
(NancyL) 2. What the US gained from this. (yes, I don't understand WHY US did this as how it seems to me, they only made themselves more enemies)
(DuncanC) Can it, agent
(AgentY) THAT was Q2
(Samsara2003) Can the Cooordinates of PX be updated sometime, Nancy?
(Samsara2003) Last Date July 13, 2002
(NancyL) ZT: The US, taken by coup in the Presidential elections, is being steered like a rogue ship lately.
(NancyL) ZT: First, as the chief planetary polluter, the supposed cause of Global Warming, they excuse themselves from the Kyoto Treaty.
(NancyL) ZT: Reason? Corporate interest and profits would suffer!
(NancyL) ZT: Then, in the week before 911, they walked out of the South African global meeting on racial issues, civil rights issues, with Israel.
(NancyL) ZT: Reason? Israel is not to be questioned, and the US views themselves in a similar light.
(NancyL) ZT: Then, they demand an exception from crimial liability, during a time when they are WITHOUT DOUBT committing crimes against other countries and their citizens, the exception in the whole world.
(NancyL) ZT: Reason? They are BIG players now, spreading their troops all over the globe, with economic treaties dependent upon their presence in various countries, and hold these many countries by the short hairs in this regard.
(NancyL) Ice Cubes ...
(NancyL) ZT: Where this appears to be a victory by the US, look deeper.
(NancyL) ZT: They have utterly lost respect in Europe and Russia, become the laughting stock in fact.
(NancyL) ZT: They are riding on PAST prestige, not creating this, and this is a commodity that is finite, not infinite.
(NancyL) ZT: Spend your capitol this way, and you end up with NOTHING.
(NancyL) ZT: They have NO allies in their planned distraction with Iraq, and would enrage Europe if starting a conflict so close to THEIR homelands, while ignoring their counsel.
(NancyL) ZT: The Stock Market is about to crash, already so soft it can barely get up in the mornings.
(NancyL) (sorry for the sexual inference :-)
(NancyL) ZT: US Corporations are held is disgust, worldwide, and the revelations just STARTING.
(NancyL) ZT: So where will the US be, shortly? Watch ITS falling value, over the next few weeks and months, to see how far stock value can fall in a hurry!
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Wage) NancyL: speaking of Israel, I've heard that Mossad runs Hamas, and the "suicide bombers" for the most part act with Israeli complicity if not direction in order to further justify Israeli occupation and aggression (read: ethnic clensing), What do the zetas have to say about this?
(CalneCrusader) This is just more boring US politics crap - same every week. tell us something new and fresh about alien culture on other worlds for example...... Can we have some NEW info instead of the same stuff that anyone could rehash week in week out
(SteveH) Nick Steveaway
(Rudy) I've read that the U.S. accounting practices are even worse than those of the Big Corps.
(Longint) Do aliens really protect STO people from death NOW? I have read many such claims from contactees. It this also a Transformation-activity?
(UPManila) Its not rehashed Calne
(NancyL) ZT to Wage: This rumor is like the many rumors that spread about the US 911.
(CalneCrusader) Its the same stuff every week - comments on the news items that I could make
(NancyL) ZT: Where there is SOME truth to it, 95% of the actions are otherwise.
(Anonymous) Do aliens really use colloquialisms like "short hairs"?
(Guyflex) Is Iraq the planned distraction before amateur viewing of Px?
(Mike-O) They just did.
(Samsara2003) Is Israel aware of PX and what steps are they taking?
(NancyL) ZT: In the main, these attacks are a shock, not wanted. They would like to CONTROL these attacks, but cannot.
(UPManila) How far will they go with regards to Iraq?
(Cybervvizz) If your butt is saved, it doesn't mean your head is saved either
(NancyL) ZT: The occasional true rumor gets thus blown out of proportion.
(DC) Red dust will give a 6 hour advance to take cover. Will there be other signs with more notice?
(NancyL) ZT: We are saying that those in the US wishing Martial Law caused OKC and TWA800 and the like, and lost.
(NancyL) ZT: They did NOT cause 911, but take advantage of it.
(NancyL) ZT: In like manner, Mosad is dealing in terror tactics.
(NancyL) End ZT to Wage.
(NancyL) Ice Cubes..
(CalneCrusader) DC - yes a fucking huge planet in the sky
(Wage) NancyL: What does ZT have to say about the Plunge Protection Team, and whether or not they can avert the crash?
(SnookPoon) Will gold be the new currency after PX arrival?.
(NancyL) Wage, what is Plunge Protection?
(NancyL) Going onto Q3...
(NancyL) 1. Are you willing to name any famous historical people who were fifth or sixth density souls having a (rare) incarnation on Earth, such that we might be guided to study and benefit from their works?
(NancyL) ZT: We have indicated that the Star Children starting the Earth's major religions - Christianity, Muslin, and Buddist, were send to give message of love and the IMPORTANCE of looking beyond the material.
(NancyL) ZT: We have indicated that Einstein was a Star Child, and what his mission was.
(NancyL) ZT: But most Star Children who have influenced mankind were NOT know as such, nor even suspected as such.
(NancyL) ZT: Many examples that could be given would be no surprise - Ghandi, Al Gore, Spielberg, and others who influence by their example.
(NancyL) ZT: On the negative side, it is not the PRIMARY sadists and leaders of nations on atrocious mission of greed and savagry that are Star Children.
(NancyL) ZT: Those in the STS from higher densities are MUCH too vicious to even function in a society such as human society.
(NancyL) ZT: They instead respond to the Call, as was done for the NAZIs, influencing humans who create a milder approach to the vicious practices.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, other than the Biblical descriptions of the Devil, a true incarnation in a reddish life form, we can point to NO examples that mankind would relate to, of incarnated Star Children.
(NancyL) ZT: Possessions, which are fleeting, being the only exception.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(CalneCrusader) "Those in the STS from higher densities are MUCH too vicious to even function in a society such as human society." - I thought you said that as an STS goes up throught the densities they finally realise the error of their ways and head back to STO
(NancyL) Ice Cubes ...
(Longint) Nancy: but 1 billion starchildren seem to be too much even though. Where are they, what are they doing?
(Jeremy) Will human incarnated star children be eligible for The Lift?
(Dan33) Are there any examples of ancient technology such as power generation developed by Star Children?
(Wage) NancyL: Plunge Protection Team is composed of members of the Federal reserve who artifically suppress the price of gold, and buy large volumes of stock when the market is going down to offset large dropoffs.
(UPManila) Serious Question::: is Dr. Jose Rizal of the Malay race, a star child?
(NancyL) ZT to Dann: It is much rumored that human technology is alien given. Not so.
(NancyL) ZT: Humans are JUST where they would be if NO alien visitations had taken place.
(HenryK) I could believe in Planet X, I could believe in Zetas, but Al Gore a Star Child?
(Cybervvizz) Playing the cardgames in attendance?
(NancyL) End ZT to Dan.
(Karen) Large article on RENSE about what wage speaks of
(NancyL) Calne, we are not talking here about converts.
(NancyL) Long, where are the Star Children? If at least half attending THIS chat are they, then ... you see how they hide :-)
(Rudy) Nancy, is it true that the Christian Church has set Science back a thousand years?
(Cybervvizz) Space brotherhood shall help :?
(Samsara2003) Is the Adeed, the Somalian warlord in Black Hawk Down a negative STS entity?
(DuncanC) This is a mob...
(NancyL) Wage, the Zetas have said the Market is being artificially held up, and described a similar means.
(NancyL) Some "taking a loss" by plan, to restore confidence.
(Wage) But those efforts will be unsuccessful?
(NancyL) But, this won't last, not for much longer!
(Fun91) Any comment on Stephen Wolframs theory that the universe is like a computer program creating simple to complex lifeforms??
(UPManila) After the market
(NancyL) Samara, by being examples of STO, by being strong in the face of change, by gentle guidance of others, I suspect.
(Anonymous) Why do we need Star Children if we're right where we'd be without visitations?
(NancyL) Rudy, I have NO respect for the organized Church, so would not disagree.
(Shrink) What kind of lessons are learned by STS entities once they are on an exclusively STS planet?
(NancyL) Being burned at the stake because you suggest the Earth is NOT flat is a damp blanket, no question.
(Fun91) I agree
(NancyL) Samsara, I often though that Adeed was STS, yes.
(CalneCrusader) No its definately a sphere
(Dwander) Spheroid...
(Anonymous) Spheroid,
(DuncanC) NancyL: Playing the devil's advocate, what will you do in the case of a 2003 non-event? Surely it would be wise for you to entertain such a scenario.
(CalneCrusader) Ok Mr Pedantic
(NancyL) Fun91, theories by others get a Zeta comment if 1. they predict, 2 their predictions are accurate.
(Tizza) Guday all
(UPManila) u said last week that the pope knows. With his failing health do u think he has any plans of surviving? Is he really that a scheming liar?
(NancyL) Else, they are NOT peers of ZetaTalk, which do both.
(Cybervvizz) No it's flat when you smash it
(MikeAus) Hi Tizza :)
(Guyflex) Will Star Children krow who they are before the shift?
(Longint) How one can know his orientation? How others can say that he or she is of which orientation?
(NancyL) Anon, they are here like on Peace Corps, to help with the bleeding and yowling.
(CalneCrusader) Exactly Anon, you proved my point
(Lebrasse) Nancy, Scallion says there is a nuclear 'incident' coming, why can his aliens allow predictions but not the zetas!?
(NancyL) Duncan, I would love that to be the case, but as ALL Zeta predictions have come about since 1995, when ZT began, I am too busy to think otherwise.
(Cybervvizz) There was a movie either of a little boat before the coast of NY says BOOM
(NancyL) Let me ask YOU, Duncan, how many toddlers will be orphaned and left weeping and bleeding and in pain, because YOU do not take action to help them, or get the word out?
(Emmanuel) Velikovsky proposed cataclysmic evolution, which says that species evolved due to radical mutations during times of paroxysm in nature, is this correct?
(Cybervvizz) Old movie, nuclear stuff and news events during the whole movie.
(NancyL) This is a WARNING, pointing to the sky at an object inbound, which others, such as IMO, do NOT want you to see!
(Anonymous) Cyberwizz - It was a boat in Charleston habor.
(NancyL) WHY?
(Torbj) Some of them will awake as late as after this happening.
(Cybervvizz) I am not from the States ;-)
(NancyL) What is the harm in looking? Thinking? Studing geo change in the past, and watching the current changes?
(NancyL) ZetaTalk empowers with information, is NOT directing people.
(NancyL) There will be NO question when the time comes, that this is real, and likewise, if it should be the case, that is is NOT real.
(Shrink) Nancy, will you please ask the Zetas what possible lessons the STS entities learn once they are on an exclusively STS planet?
(NancyL) 7 weeks before, all can see it in the sky. 1 week before, rotation stops. What is the SECRET!
(CalneCrusader) Will zetatalk close down if nothing happens next May as expected.
(DuncanC) IMO is not trying to decieve people...
(Anonymous) Shrink - they learn avoidance well.
(Fun91) Will Europe be a safer place to be than the U.S. during the shift and in the aftertime?
(UPManila) Late spring to early summer - so there is a chance it would com later than May 15 right?
(NancyL) Emm, evolution no doubt occurs when OTHER species or your climate changes. Makes sense, but this is not the PRIME reason, in my thinking.
(Cybervvizz) Blubblub
(Dwander) So if nothing happens by March 2003, we're all safe?
(CalneCrusader) ...except Nancy.
(Samsara2003) Lol
(NancyL) Shrink, (I know who you are :-) I don't want to discuss STS as I don't think like one.
(AzNFuRy) Wasn't it May?
(Lebrasse) Nancy, hurry back to Art Bell, last program was fascinating listening!
(NancyL) In fact, if they GO to a STS planet, they are a lost soul and just need to care about ANYONE other than themselves.
(Anonymous) Is Nancy heavier than a duck?
(Dwander) Preparation is useful for other scenarios besides hers.....
(NancyL) Which they should have done to begin with. Serves them right, my thinking.
(STOwarrior) Great statement
(NancyL) Call me prejudiced. (Hate STS behavior)
(Jeremy) Nancy, in what year did PX start to move from it's mid point: was it seven years ago?
(Samsara2003) Any further questions?
(STOwarrior) Dwander....I agree
(NancyL) Fun91, re Europe vs US, depends on hands of man, so cannot say.
(Cybervvizz) I miss the shoe
(Longint) Followup question: I would like to ask the Zetas if there is some important thing they want to share us and cannot do it because of lack of Call and no opportunity. Here it is.
(Wage) Sweden looks mighty good
(CalneCrusader) Yes, what happened to that shoe that was supposed to drop?
(NancyL) Bush admin VERY bad for folks, evil in fact. Serbia and Iraq too, not nice places for the general public!
(NancyL) So, whose to say!
(Cybervvizz) ;-)
(ChiefSimi) Have I been to 12th Planet and met with one Annunaki, watching the moons in the sky, or was it just a simple silly dream?
(Angelic) Wage: only close to the mountains is Sweden good
(Rudy) Tell us more about the Bush Admin.
(NancyL) Jeremy, it was virtually at the mid-point then, yes, and moved SLOWLY to start, apparently going to ZOOM now.
(Wage) Also cut off from mainland, so less threat of hoards... gov't is not so bad either.
(CalneCrusader) I have a prediction - at the last election Nancy voted Democrat
(Dan33) Do Star Children know what life or person they are entering and what their life will bring them as in lessons?
(NancyL) Samsara, I completed the Q, just doing ad hoc now.
(Tizza) Nancy: I would like to ask how man mangaged to fluke getting to the moon, landing several times, and return in one piece, when clearly they were too incompetant to pull off such a stunt, and also how did they get thru the radiation issue.... one for next week perhaps?
(Sirgrim) CalneCrusader: watch the inappropriate responses.
(Jeremy) Nancy: thanks
(MikeAus) ZT: what are the plans of the Australian government, and where will their enclaves be located?
(NancyL) Long, if they cannot share, they cannot share :-).
(Fun91) Tizza its on the website!
(UPManila) QUESTION: governments in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other southeastasian countries know of their impending disaster?
(CalneCrusader) Sirgrim - I am watching them
(NancyL) Chife, no. Why this obsession with the12th Planet giants? Mankind is in the past in this.
(NancyL) Rudy, we've beaten the Bush Admin to death (don't I wish :-)
(Longint) Because he is in love with them :)
(Dwander) Enough beating around the Bush??? :)
(Tizza) Fun91: what about not showing the footage bit?
(ChiefSimi) I don't know why the obsession, thanks anyway.
(Fun91) Do the zetas underestimate how powerful human beings are, I mean we do have tremendous gifts at our disposal?
(UPManila) QUESTION: do governments in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other southeastasian countries know of their impending disaster?
(NancyL) Calne, this is an educated guess. Yes, HATE the Bush family, and have met Gore and he at least is comfortable with Zetas. Bush Sr. runs from the room, being uncomfortable with STO presence!
(ChiefSimi) Longint: Anyd!
(Longint) :)
(AzNFuRy) To the Zetas, how many 'races' have inhabited the planet earth before?
(Wage) NancyL: doesn't disclosure of corporate fraud leading to a crash create an STS enviornment of fear, making people more selfish before the shift?
(Cybervvizz) Yes, they are so powerfull they still kill their own species.
(NancyL) ZT to MikeAus: Australian elite are planning, surprisingly, on being INLAND, the very places where flooding will occur.
(Longint) AzNFuRy: good Q
(DavidS) Nancy - where have you met Gore? Could Zetas tell more about this meeting?
(CalneCrusader) If I was a Zeta, I would cut all of this cloak and dagger bullshit - fly down here in my saucer and say hello to the world.
(Shrink) Nancy, yes, serves them right. However, I am concerned for the ones who (rare though it may be) have a change of heart/mind. Is there some way for them to change their orientation once they are on an STS planet? I guess I just so much agree with that statement that there is more joy in heaven over the one lost sheep that's found than over the 99 who never left the fold. The mother in me worries about there being some kind of path back to sanity.
(NancyL) ZT: They reason that they will be safest where least expected to be found, in deserts where little life except the peaceful aboriginies exist.
(AzNFuRy) I'm planning to go inland with a boat!
(Jeremy) CalneCrusaser: The problem is that the world as whole is not prepared for direct contact yet.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they are setting up, like the NASA elite in Houston, in the WORST place, flooded for sure.
(CalneCrusader) How do you know that Jeremy
(Tizza) Nancy: would that be in the western area in Aust?
(NancyL) ZT: However, we expect them to change these plans at the last minute, and thus they will be OBVIOUS as to where they are headed.
(NancyL) ZT: Just follow the truck loads of supplies!
(NancyL) End ZT to mikeAus.
(MikeAus) Thanks :)
(Dwander) Just hijack the truck loads of supplies....:)
(MikeAus) Hehe
(Jeremy) CalneCrusaser: For a start many people are not spritually mature to handle ET contact, and certain religions in the world may regard them as demons.
(UPManila) QUESTION: do governments in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other southeastasian countries know of their impending disaster?
(CalneCrusader) Jeremy - I think you underestimate the ability of the human to adapt to changing circumstances
(Fun91) Have many of the elite in our society given the call to STS? And are they running the show serving the STS?
(STOwarrior) First order of business after the shift..... the banning of organized religion
(Wage) Will travel be impossible (e.g. roadblocks) 7 weeks prior to the shift? In US
(NancyL) UpManila, no, only by rumor. The Zetas have said that the Indonesian elite have promised to have their military point guns and cities, KEEPING the folk there so they die, to buy immigration into Australia.
(NancyL) Nice folks, no?
(Cybervvizz) Calne I think you looked to much movies.
(UPManila) Very nice folks indeed.
(Dan33) Do Star Children know their role in each particular entity and what their lifes lesson will be?
(Merylong) Nancy, can the Zetas tell us which parts of the globe will experience less gloom and more sunshine after the pole shift?
(Rudy) Nancy, could you tell us more about the "underground facilities" the our government has prepared for themselves and the elite?
(CalneCrusader) Cyber - I hate movies generally
(Cybervvizz) Most humans can not run even a mile.
(NancyL) DavidS, one of the meeting with Gore, who as VP was an MJ12 member, was after his leg injury, a cast/splint.
(SDakota007) Will the places where the various governments are stockpiling and hole-ing up survive the passing?
(Jeremy) CalneCrusader: I don't underestimate human adaptablility, but shock direct ET contact is not perhaps the best approach for them to reveal their presence. I concur with ZT on that issue.
(NancyL) He allowed the Zetas to float him, to spare his leg, and this was amazing to others who distrust aliens.
(UPManila) Al Gore is STO?
(NancyL) A VERY good person, VERY comfortable with aliens, and would have told the public about the coming changes.
(NancyL) Maybe will still get the chance, who knows...
(CalneCrusader) Jeremy - shock, your joking they have been flying around us for 50 years - there aint no shock in that
(UPManila) Would have? Does he have any plans at all?
(Wage) He still has media access, why doesn't he come out now, he's got nothing to lose.
(Drfist) How long will it take agriculture to resume and how will it be conducted, what form of agriculture do Zetas use?
(DavidS) So therefore Gore did not won the election since he is so positive?
(Cybervvizz) He can still do :-)
(NancyL) Dan33, some Star Children have souls that keep the human in the dark, it varies.
(CalneCrusader) Nancy - so why not just say anyway then?
(Wage) Gore could get National Press Club booking and all, he should talk.
(CalneCrusader) Just because he isn't Prez, doesnt stop him speaking does it - if he really cares.
(NancyL) SDakota007, depends, the supplies will be used up, mostly by those who TAKE OVER those sites, then the gangs go on the loose and die for lack of supplies!
(NancyL) Zeta prediction, anyway.
(Salvador) Hello, Question: I know what will happening to California State during the PoleShift, but it will be the same for the Baja California state in Mexico? Is the thinest place.
(Fun91) You would think at least one govt official would leak the story.
(NancyL) UPM, Gore is STO big time. Bush is an undecided puppet, in my opinion. VERY weak person.
(UPManila) Too bad he lost in the elections.
(Wage) So why did Gore push the "global warming" thing if he was in the know?
(Tizza) Ah yes but did he really lose?
(CalneCrusader) Nancy - so all of these thousands of people around the world know about Px for a fact, and no one is gonna speak... yeah right
(Dwander) Of course Bush is a puppet... his dad's cronies are running the show.
(NancyL) Salvador, yes, tidal influx, but Mexico does well in the Aftertime, NOT a desert inland!
(NancyL) Send me an email and I'll answer formally on Baja, and include it in the Safe Locations, etc.
(Salvador) Thank you Nancy! I'll do that.
(NancyL) Fun91, the gov't officials who KNOW are chosen for those jobs. Very passive, coopearative, team players.
(Anonymous) Al Gore can have the eyes and ears of the press anytime he wants. So why doesn't he, if he's so altruistic?
(Shrink) Wage, remember how the Zetas said they have great compassion for us because we are about to do to our planet what they once did to their planet? Clearly, our polluting is cause for concern, though Planet X is greater cause for concern. There is no reason we have to have a forced choice between the two.
(Merylong) Nancy, can the Zetas tell us which parts of the globe will experience less gloom and more sunshine after the pole shift?
(NancyL) This is why the military gets so LITTLE done, costs so much. These are NOT initiators, creative thinkers, or independent thinkers. All a bunch of followers, basically.
(SDakota007) I am an Architect and offer free constrution advice to anyone seriously tring to create a strong shelter.
(Fun91) Nancy, do the zetas predict anyone in the higher ups will release info before the shift??
(Wage) Shrink that doesn't explain why he's pushing incorrect science if he knows the "real" reason for the earth changes.
(Jeremy) Bill Clinton was STS but Al Gore played along with him.
(NancyL) Merylong, in general, study the NEW westerly winds. Those in the path of volcanoes will be the worst.
(NancyL) For instance, they have said of Wisconsin "occasional sunlight" but Wisco is NOT in path of ANY volcanoes.
(Cybervvizz) The alpes in France and further?
(NancyL) I tried to show this in my Pole Shift graphics, animated, in the Info section of TT.
(Wage) Not to mention Gore was a senator, didn't do anything spectacular there, nor did he do much for the enviornment while VP.
(NancyL) Showing that volcanic dust FOLLOWS the new westerlies.
(Merylong) I have no idea about future volcano paths, do you?
(NancyL) SDakoa, what is your email addy, so folks can contact you?
(NancyL) Fun91, and others, re info being released. This is in the hands of man, and could go a thousand ways!
(CalneCrusader) I have still yet to hear a proper explanation for why we cannot be given proof of these coming events.... apparently it is Ok for some humans on Earth to receive proof e.g. government people and abductees. But genuine folks like us get treated like shit and told to go away and 'just believe'
(SDakota007) Will Yellowstone erupt? It has not erupted for 600,000 to 700,000 years.
(NancyL) Ever notice how many people jump entirely different, under stress?
(Shrink) Wage, what does it matter as long as the planet is saved. When there is a fire and you are responsible for getting 25 five-year-olds to safety, sometimes the best way to do it is not by yelling FIRE.
(NancyL) Robert Dean, apparently, took this step. Said Px is real, and gov't does not know how to tell folks.
(NancyL) On Mysteries of the Mind of some such place. Good for HIM.
(TheViking) Time to prepare for the "Viking era" :-)
(Cybervvizz) They can put it on the new election bill boards?
(Torbj) Feeling for the planet... "pollution".... is the "beforestep" for the grand finale....if you are a "listening" person
(Wage) Well my opinion is if here was a candidate for President he was approved by the NWO crowd, can't be STO then, nobody who gets that far does so w/o being owned by someone
(CalneCrusader) I have still yet to hear a proper explanation for why we cannot be given proof of these coming events.... apparently it is Ok for some humans on Earth to receive proof e.g. government people and abductees. But genuine folks like us get treated like shit and told to go away and 'just believe' - any chance that someone can give a decent explanation?
(NancyL) Wage, Star Children are not all fluent, or showmanship. Many are trying to FIT IN. Maybe he was a mouse, in his past lives, as a life form, etc.
(Fun91) I'm mentioning pole shifts in a movie I am writing but who knows if it will make out on time
(Cybervvizz) Mickey
(Wage) Yah, well if he comes out and talks then I'll believe.
(NancyL) Wage, maybe THAT was why Gore was so stilted. He was acting, getting "approved" by the NWO crowd :-)
(NancyL) Hour is up, and my laptop is about to burst into flames (gotta get another computer!).
(NancyL) Bye all, thanks for inspiring great ZetaTalk!
(Sirgrim) Have a good week Nancy and Z's
(Fun91) Crusader this shit will be evident very soon, Px is not going to sneak up.
(UPManila) Gracias Nancy for another chat!
(NancyL) Later!! Bye bye!
(CalneCrusader) These zetas have decided that astronomers and govt officials are worthy enough to receive proof - but that the public must be kept away from proof like dogs. So much for STO.
Session Close: Fri Jul 13 18:03:41 2002