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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Jul 06, 2002

Session Start: Sat Jul 06 16:46:07 2002
(Sirgrim) Do you think about your own words Pott?
(Zetapal) Perhaps it would be more fair for one to say "you seem this to me" but people seldom qualify it. They are brutish... like the chatters statement earlier " suchin suches book is convincing to anyone who is not in denial" is a borish statement, offensive because...
(Pott) Sirgrim: I sure do.
(Sirgrim) Hopefully it's a tech failure free day today Nancy *knocks on wood*
(NancyL) Hi all. I actually have an agenda today, just a couple Q's.
(NancyL) 1. What Russian Gov. are doing to save their butts?
(NancyL) 1. What will happen in India Pakistan conflict? How will it escalate?
(NancyL) 2. What is China's position today towards other countries?
(NancyL) Other than Texas washing away, what is in the news this week?
(Sirgrim) Hmm
(Sirgrim) Lemme see
(Sirgrim) More california power hikes expected
(NancyL) Sirgrim, Nancy has her ice cubes handy.
(Sirgrim) Afghan v. pres assassinated
(Sirgrim) Iraq invasion plan
(Zetapal) Rather that just state how one percieves it and say "I found this book to be thus and so" the chatter goes way overboard and makes anyone who disagrees with him immediately in "denial" ... such people I rather not engage... fair enough to make an accusation aimed at a particular person given a reason over time but...
(CyberVVizz) Q+ 3. What is the position of France (many prophets directs to France as world leading)
(Clipper) Have not watched the news lately. No TV where I have been :-)
(Sirgrim) Vitamins said useless against disease
(Sirgrim) 700 foot crop circle, very pretty
(Desert9) Huge solar flare activity
(NancyL) But without the Enron $$ boost! I see Bush in the news as having FAILED to report to the SEC or whatever in the past, same ethical nature as the Enron/Worldcom crowd. He claims his paperword got "lost" by them, but he filed :-)
(Zetapal) Such blanket statements applied to everyone else only show off the immaturity of the speaker.
(Sirgrim) Warns of dollar plunge
(NancyL) Yes, thos Afgans are tribal waring crowd.
(Sirgrim) This might get ugly
(NancyL) Obany, I'll do that now.
(Sirgrim) I think most of these just joined are clones
(Sirgrim) I +m'd so they can't flood for now
(Sirgrim) I'll investigate
(Sirgrim) Hehe
(NancyL) Humm, Obany, it did not recognize my hostname.
(Obany) Juditness : can you g-line those stupid bots
(Obany) Or clones whatever
(Angel_AFK) Ciao
(Sirgrim) ;D
(Sirgrim) Suckers
(Undercover) :)
(Undercover) Nope
(Undercover) Just clones
(Sirgrim) Yea
(Undercover) My clones
(Undercover) :)
(Undercover) H3h3
(NancyL) Steve Havas reports that the astronomers at Vancouver told him, way last 2001, that the spot they were looking at would NOT be visible in the sky, GOOD, until Dec, due to closeness to horizon.
(CyberVVizz) Undervover stop those games
(Undercover) Lolz
(Undercover) Wheel
(CyberVVizz) :-)
(NancyL) In other words, where it will be in the dark (pre-dawn) by Sept, it will be close to the horizon, so BEST viewing will be Dec-Jan.
(CyberVVizz) The sysop just told an hour ago it was unpossible :-)
(Undercover) So
(Obany) :)
(Sirgrim) There
(NancyL) And then, by last week of March, it should be dropping low to a 32 degree below the ecliptic, for the passage, and become VISIBLE even without scopes.
(NancyL) I suspect, even though in a spot in the sky only visible during the day, April/May 2003, that because it will be getting larger, that it can be sighted, no light pollution problems.
(NancyL) Then, I would suspect, it will approach the size of the Moon, when dust swirl and swirling moons and all included, close to passage time.
(NancyL) NO doubts then, unless you're really into head-in-the-sand.
(juditness) Have fun.
(Clipper) Many will
(Zetapal) End of an era
(NancyL) This is probably the last time (summer of 2002) when Maybe/Maybe NOT, is the discussion.
(Sirgrim) Oh nancy, you might be interested in this news: Dengue Fever - Honduras Declares
(Sirgrim) State Of Emergency
(Zetapal) Good riddence
(NancyL) What will we be talking about when it is being looked at regularly in the sky, this Fall, by amateurs?
(Zetapal) Right
(Jeremy) Many of those amateurs I suspect will include readers of ZT and tt-watch
(NancyL) Then, as it moves according to the Zeta prediction (unless NASA gen's up a comet path with that trajectory, which I don't put past them), it will be "maybe the Zetas were RIGHT".
(NancyL) Then, I suspect, we'll see the governments go into their bunkers, refuse comment, due to whatever reason they dream up.
(Clipper) Sunburns from solar flares :-)
(NancyL) Then, as it is visible in the sky 7 weeks before hand, NASA will have military guarding them, so the public can't ask them embarrassing questions, and Bush will be in his bunker for life, etc.
(NancyL) But the question is, what will the populace be doing?
(Clipper) Panic
(CyberVVizz) NancyL, what botters me is the fact if you are right, the warning system seems to fail to reach most people, like it was the case in Atlantis with the Osiris/Seth case
(Clipper) Joining our lists and asking all kinds of questions.
(NancyL) The Zetas have said, they will be 1. in denial, 2. partying, 3. getting serious about "alternative plans" for worst-case scenario.
(NancyL) Should be interesting times!
(Ukuz) Nancy: any mention of Antichrist?
(Clipper) The 1000 member model
(Pott) What happens if some reason it does not happen?
(Zetapal) And Art and Jeff know better... they better not pontificate and wonder all day at what it is, they will know what it is,and we know that they know what it is, it will be time for them to stand up and be counted; either broadcasters for the people OR government shills ... DECIDE
(CyberVVizz) Then we got at least some fun, right :-)
(NancyL) I'm so very grateful, Clipper, that we spent all that time getting the TT topics ready, as I point to them perpetually.
(Sirgrim) Antichrist is here today, the greedy and malicious walking the earth I believe
(Desert9) NancyL: How many total densities are there? What is the highest density existant?
(NancyL) Go READ, I say, and list a few they should start with.
(NancyL) Right now, no time for that development, at least not on my part.
(Clipper) Yes, I am glad also
(NancyL) And I fear that in early 2003, it will be difficult to carry on a lot of Internet conversations, chats, etc.
(Sirgrim) NancyL: did you get that article I pasted about a national emergency in Honduras for Dengue Fever?
(Clipper) It will be chaos on the lists at that time.
(NancyL) I suspect increasing media coverage, opportunities, but same time, governments may close down the Internet (Arabia does now) and satellite failures, etc.
(NancyL) So folks may need to rely on their own web copy of TT or whatever, local mirror sites, etc.
(Clipper) Maybe more Ham radios will fire up :-)
(CyberVVizz) NancyL, You can open a good old BBS
(Obany) Not sure, anyway what if Worldcom doesn't make it... as they maintain a lot of the Internet?
(Sirgrim) I hope they don't make it damn that wtg
(Zetapal) They do?
(Sirgrim) Useless
(NancyL) Desert9, You don't need to be thinking of that, unless you have THIS density well in hand, which I doubt.
(CyberVVizz) Only the root servers and international hops are required to run internet
(NancyL) No graduation to college until you're out of Kindergarden.
(Desert9) Probably right
(Jeremy) Nancy, do you think there is a limit to the amount of media exposure you can get where TV is concerned. Also would you be prepared to leave the US to do a foreign TV interview?
(Zetapal) Hmmm
(NancyL) Sirgrim, no, interesting! Is this fever native to that country?
(NancyL) Clipper, I hope so, as even Art Bell commented it was THE emergency communication avenue.
(NancyL) Folks will get serious.
(Clipper) Our 80 foot tower should be here this month.
(Sirgrim) I think it's native I'm not sure
(NancyL) Cyber et al, someone told me the Internet would NOT fault if satellites failed. But they work on the weak link theory, right? Do they ALWAYS go over land lines?
(Sirgrim) is the article
(Zetapal) Hey Redeye... say you're not the Redeye who posts on usenet all the time are you?
(Pott) Nope a solar flare indeed could probably wipe out the Internet temporily.
(Redeye) Nope
(NancyL) Jeremy, travel is a monstrous tie-up and waste of time. I'm getting another TV show later this month, an opportunity for the PlanetXVideo too, (we're going to do a subset, only me and Robert, not the others on his video, etc.)
(Tizza) I would like to ask have others noticed the "quickening" seemingly getting out of control time 4 anything now
(NancyL) That's the plan, anyway.
(CyberVVizz) I agree some continents can be closed, but TCP/IP protocol, the blood of internet is made in the early years for the army. So when a subnets dies, still it functions
(Zetapal) Ok that guy posts some good movies... speakin of which...
(NancyL) Tizza, could you detail quickening? What do you mean?
(Numbic1) I do feel like I can't get anything done anymore.
(NancyL) Cyber, the method of passing a packet around via whatever route is wonderful, but at some points, does it WAIT too long, due to a bridge down? Satellites link down?
(Zetapal) Anybody here bought the Planet X video yet?
(Tizza) Nancy I mean things in society just moving so damn fast now.... and our own personal time too... world events moving at blistering pace now..
(NancyL) Tizza, and it has not even STARTED yet!
(Desert9) Zetapal: Px video is well done
(CyberVVizz) Then the packets are redirected to another way. That's the strenght of TCP/IP. Btw I still propose to go to Sweden, one of the best nodes
(NancyL) But what I think will happen (and am formulating a Q for tonight here), is that conventional things to do will be dropped.
(NancyL) We will get REAL, and attend to barter system, real skill set preparation, etc.
(Tizza) Thats the word ! "conventional" :)
(CyberVVizz) But what can happen, if the root servers are not function anymore, the net can be down
(NancyL) Think what you could do if you didn't have to wear high heels and put on makeup in the morning! For instance.
(Pott) Personally I would rather die in the PS than live in the darkness afterwards.
(CyberVVizz) And most root servers are in the States
(Clipper) I never wear makeup :-)
(Tizza) I could carry on life as a male as I'm spose to :) heheh
(Desert9) NancyL: do you recommend migration to coasts after passage?
(CalneCrusader) Nancy, well your IT skills like my own won't be much use in the aftertime
(NancyL) Cyber, if a portion of the root servers are up, and linked together, then overloaded but functional, right? But when it reaches the broken link point, a stop and wait, right?
(NancyL) An overloaded Internet, too long waits, is broken too, kind of.
(CyberVVizz) That's true
(Redeye) Maybe the z's would help with that
(NancyL) Desert9, back to coast, yes, depending. Read Safe Location PDF. The coast will be DIFFERENT place, inland more, due to flooding.
(CyberVVizz) Shortwave internet is the right solution, but there are not enough providers offering it
(Obany) Anyway for those who are new here ... and as the session is about to start, no chatter during the time when the Zetas are giving the answer.. or giving stupid comments. And wait until follow up questions is said before asking follow up question related to the answer ... don't ask during the answer
(Sapphire) Root servers? your Internet is only as dependable as the power companies who supply them. Internet would be gone.
(Clipper) Good point
(NancyL) It's about the hour. I have 3 accepted Q's, but want to take Tizza's 1st.
(Tizza) :)
(AgentPX) Ok lets start
(AgentPX) +m
(NancyL) Her Q, as I understand it, is "if I'm not ready now, due to the quickening, will I have time to GET ready?"
(NancyL) ZT: The year before the shift will find humanity in varying states of readiness for what is to come.
(NancyL) ZT: Humanity breaks down at this point into those who know, or at least suspect, and those who are unaware.
(NancyL) ZT: Those who are unaware are so because they are struggling for a living more than full time, and barely keep up with whether their country is at war, much less what would be considered gossip.
(NancyL) ZT: They either do not have TV, or have no energy to think deeply about matters after a long day toiling, so will be taken by surprise in the weeks before the shift.
(NancyL) (Note: I will take slight breaks for ice cube time ..)
(Nvd) Hehe
(NancyL) ZT: In these cases, they will take the shift as any other exigency, like a hurricane or dread illness or accident, and simply react in like manner.
(NancyL) ZT: Unless young, strong, in good health, and lucky, they will not survive.
(NancyL) ZT: This is especially true if they do NOT hear about the pole shift, with tides and winds, as they will have no way to calculate WHAT to do, and will be taken by surprise.
(NancyL) Ice cubes
(SteveO) What kind of modem is this?
(NancyL) ZT: Those aware will fall into two groups, in the main.
(NancyL) ZT: 1. those who had VERY EARLY knowledge, due to MJ12 membership or a leak from these soures.
(NancyL) ZT: 2. those who learned due to communication methods at least a year in advance of the shift, the likely passage and past geological history to support such a theory.
(NancyL) Ice cubes
(NancyL) ZT: Those with very early knowledge have been preparing, and are now only concerned with hiding their preparations from the mob, preserving them for the elite.
(NancyL) ZT: This includes the elite within the Bush administration planning to go into their bunkers if they cannot escape to Mars, Britain elite who plan to go to Australia, Russian elite going into the Urals.
(NancyL) ZT: This path is well known and anticipated. They will guard their perimeter with military, and shoot civilians trying to reach them for aid.
(NancyL) Ice cubes
(Sirgrim) We have 62 people in here, think if we all thought about your modem being cold it would work?
(SteveO) Lol :)
(CalneCrusader) Fucking politicians
(NancyL) ZT: Wealthy elite also are in the know, and have their enclaves established, stocked, and are where they can be found TODAY, their remote resort areas, and will meet their demise in time as the starving mob will hunt them out in those well known places.
(Zetapal) Fools
(NancyL) ZT: Those who are aware of the LIKELY passage, at this time, are divided further into those with the capacity to plan and those without.
(Orion) Can the zetas name all the starchildren in this chat?
(Sirgrim) Orion: please relevant questions/follow up questions only unless otherwise noted
(NancyL) ZT: Those with the capacity to plan are getting camping gear, water filtration, buying vitamins and beans and rice and protein powder, and connecting with others of like mind.
(Obany) Not during the session please Orion
(NancyL) ZT: Unless pervented by something unforseen, like being wiped out by fire, their plans are likely to proceed and in the main get them through the first few months, at least.
(NancyL) ZT: Those unable to plan or prepare are doing so emotionally, preparing for death or starvation and in the main being remarkably mature.
(NancyL) ZT: Almost NO panic in the streets has arisen since the word of Planet X passing has become a common discussion point, in outlets such as Art Bell.
(Orion) Can the zetas say something about me? Parlor tricks?
(Mikeaus) Wait pls orion
(NancyL) ZT: Tizza's question was not so much will she be ABLE to prepare, but will she be able to tick through the plans laid out, in case this proves to be REAL!
(AgentPX) Just set the chan +m
(Orion) I am just giving the call
(CyberVVizz) Orion, or you are selfish or you are impolite or you are immature. Don't interupt people when they talk
(Obany) Orion: hush
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, most people entertaining the possibility have one foot in the real world of today, supported by their religion and government and society, and the other in the possible world where ZetaTalk and Planet X predictions are TRUE.
(Orion) I need to see proof or I am going to crack
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they have not sold their homes, their cars, quit their jobs, moved to the woods, or anything that drastic.
(NancyL) ZT: Unless they have enough money to build a shelter, well stocked, they have at most put together PLANS, and these plans are yet to be implemented.
(NancyL) ZT: Will anything occur this last year to prevent those plans from being implemented?
(Orion) How do you know?
(NancyL) ZT: YES! A collapsing economy, lost jobs, lost income, stocks and bonds proving worthless, insurance industry unable to compensate for increasing quakes and weather problems, etc.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, even those who HAVE prepared, to the extent they have, may find themselves losing ground.
(NancyL) Ice cubes
(NancyL) ZT: What to do?
(NancyL) ZT: All should PLAN, and at least mentally prepare, for being without ANY material possessions whatsoever.
(NancyL) ZT: Where does this put the average person who has prepared, and has the health to life in the Afterime, and knowledge of what they will be facing?
(Javier) I recently talked to a channel named Steven Rother and he told me that it was true about Planet X crossing but that we have changed the cataclysmic scenario, said that the end of the world would not happen. comments nancy?
(NancyL) ZT: 1. they may have to sleep in the open, rather than under shelters, so should plan to be able to cobble together a shelter from the woods or junk at hand, as well as clothing.
(NancyL) ZT: 2. they may have to eat what they can find, and should familiarize themselves with what that might BE, and what cooking or eating methods to be used.
(NancyL) ZT: 3. they may have to drink whatever water they can find, and should consider NO filters or electricity or fire available, and how to purify the water in those circumstances.
(NancyL) Ice cube
(Javier) Sorry
(NancyL) ZT: If one makes those mental preparations, then they are prepared for the worst. As matter are likely ONLY to get worse in all lives, this last year, not better.
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(CalneCrusader) Ok, so can you tell me the locations of the elite bastards, so we can start raiding their hidey holes now - don't want to wait until next May, lets get started now....
(Nvd) NancyL: Can the Zetas not assist their human STO brothers in preparations?
(Cybercli) At what point during the approach of PX do you suppose will the public start to panic?
(Sebn) Where is the best place in the world?
(NancyL) Calne, YOU figure it out, this is well known in the main. Where do they go to resorts, vacations, have second homes, etc.?
(Sirgrim) NancyL: Can I set mode +m while you're addressing topics, and -m when you say 'End ZT followup' until the next topic?
(NancyL) NVD, not, they aren't our parents, don't NOW save us from starvation, etc. We are to save each OTHER? What other humans are you working to save? This is YOUR job.
(AgentPX) Sir will be the best thing to do
(CyberVVizz) Q: Still same story when you have big money you can save your but, but if you have a good heart, you can sit on it. So what would be the purpose of the Heavens to allow that cataclysm, if consciousness has to raise, and it will not be done by the rich-saved-butt people...
(NancyL) SEBN, read Safe Locations, there are NO safe places, only worst than other places.
(Disruptor) A sincere question. Can the zetas please do personal information?
(NancyL) Sirgim, I don't know what that mode is, but go for it, I trust you.
(Sirgrim) Ok thanks.
(Sirgrim) Makes it so people can't talk
(Mmt) Is an athmosphere of reduced trust a self-fullfilling cause of economic downturn and if yes planned by anybody?
(NancyL) Cyber, the rich will NOT fare better, please read Transformation section re this. You're been here during those discussions.
(CalneCrusader) Isn't it better to just die, than spend the next 20 years in misery?
(Clipper) No
(Javier) A question for the zetas concerning Steve Rother's position that we will be spared?
(Ukuz) Will the Gov. collect money/goods from survivors barely hanging on?
(CyberVVizz) I known that, NancyL, but if Zeta's give some money to some people right now, they could take better precautions.
(Spanky) But what about those who cannot build a huge dome like you advocate?
(NancyL) MMT, market is SO kept up by false reports of doing well, that when reality hits, there will be NO confidence in the market. NOT self-fulfilling, you've just been lied to re the health of companies, etc.
(Nvd) Lol zetas can't give money to people
(Sebn) The Mars travel isn't serious stop joking.
(Bailey) Good ? UKUZ
(CyberVVizz) Sell Poseidon :-)
(NancyL) Calne, spare us your hand wringing. DIE if you want to and then what are you doing HERE.
(CalneCrusader) I dont know
(Obany) Of course there is a reason to live in the aftertime...
(NancyL) Javier, the Z's have said, since start of 2002, 1. do they predict, 2 are their predictions accurate?
(NancyL) In other words who IS this Rother, and why should we think him anything but hot air?
(Disruptor) There's a pole shift article on
(NancyL) My aunt says ... the dog next door says ... and who cares?
(Mmt) I agree
(Cybercli) Will the red dust be able to be filtered out by distillation?
(CalneCrusader) I honestly dont know why I come here, can the zetas tell me what it is in my inner conciousness that brings me here?
(Javier) Right, okay
(SteveO) The predictions aren't accurate
(Anonymous) This certainly is a horrible prognostication! In other words, what Nany is saying is that all those who'll die quickly... will be the lucky ones. Why bother telling folks about this???
(Mmt) Thank you, I agree
(Okidok) Next year at this time we all are gathering around some similar IRC session discussion the failure of the 12 Planet event
(Sirgrim) CalneCrusader: probably the same thing that made it so clear when I found ZetaTalk for the 2nd time.
(NancyL) Cyber, distillation removes ALL but H2O, my understanding.
(Sirgrim) First time wasn't clear, but it was years ago, probably Zt's first year
(Clipper) Calne: I think you already know why you are here.
(NancyL) Calne, no personal counseling, period.
(CalneCrusader) I dont conciously know
(Jeremy) Is there a possibility of a richter 9 earthquake occurring somewhere in the world in the time leading up to the shift?
(Clipper) You will when the time comes
(NancyL) Anony, please leave, you don't WANT to prepare or care for others. This is NOT the Zeta message, it is YOUR message.
(NancyL) Okidok, and throwing an extra log on the fire frying Nancy :-)
(Zetapal) Enough about you Calne
(Nvd) Hehe
(CalneCrusader) Ok
(Sirgrim) Next topic?
(Okidok) Maybe Nancy
(NancyL) Jeremy, the Z's will not predict time/place re quakes, only general predictions.
(Nvd) Lighten up, people, remember Reincarnation
(Sirgrim) A painless death is indeed a blessing
(NancyL) Sirgirm, onto the next Q, yes :-)
(Spanky) Will STO groups eventually form because of the splitup of the existing neighborhoods of today?
(Merylong) Nancy, Do yo have any idea about how many people in the world have heard of ZT message so far? Thousands or millions?
(Sebn) We have not yet changed our eating methods like says zeta predictions.
(Disruptor) Can the zetas help me get laid?
(NancyL) 1. What Russian Gov. are doing to save their butts?
(NancyL) ZT: Russian, as the US, has been in the know since the early days of MJ12, being a partner in space, and brought into the fold LONG before the end of the Cold War.
(NancyL) ZT: Being in space, first, with Sputnik, and Mir, they of course saw space ships and were well aware of the alien presence many decades ago, without doubt.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they were conferred with, and even though enemies on the ground, in economic circles, and in culture clashes, at the highest levels they conferred.
(NancyL) ZT: They could, should they wish to embarrass Bush, reveal much, but in doing so they would open their own cultures and economies to panic, thus they stay their hands in this regard.
(Jan) Late yes - is it over?
(NancyL) ZT: They have been watching Planet X, in their observatories, with their satellites, and as with NASA and the Pope, seeing our predictions re its path and speed of approach actualizing.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they have made their plans TOO, for a bunker government, a carry-on government.
(Sirgrim) Jan: not yet,
(NancyL) ZT: It is no secret that the Urals will remain well above water, and has been a site of intellectual and scientific personel for some decades.
(NancyL) ZT: It is no secret that members of the Russian government are moving there, increasingly, stocking supplies there, and all this without explanation to the public, as with Kokomo Indianna in the US.
(NancyL) ZT: If pressed, they would simply give some muttered excuse about atomic bombs, or terrorism, or contingencies, all of which sound reasonable.
(NancyL) ZT: The Urals are inland, for Russian, above flooding, and since it has become the site of many enterprises in the recent past, a logical place to increase such activity.
(NancyL) (Z's will also answer an unspoken question about the Pope, and the Church's plans)
(NancyL) ZT: The Catholic Church, long in the know about the possibility of the passage, has also been making their plans.
(NancyL) ZT: The Fatima warnings, which they have withheld from their flocks, combined with confessions by high level Catholics which were relayed to the Pope, have convinced the inner circle around the Pope that this is a likely scenario.
(NancyL) ZT: They have two choices, to 1. inform their flocks and go through the distress with their flocks, and 2. to save their own skins and emerge as leaders of those left living.
(NancyL) ZT: They have clearly chosen the latter, in that they announced the Fatima warning as a planned assassination of the Pope, and are wiling to risk the loss of membership in the scandals surrounding the priesthood lately, in preference to closing the inner circle.
(NancyL) ZT: Cleansing the church, at this time, would remove too many of the inner circle NEEDED for a tight coverup into the end times.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, pedophiles are protected, and victims paid off, as the higher priority is saving the skins of the inner circle.
(NancyL) ZT: They will not do this in Rome, likely to be a mess of volcanic ash, but will move to a site as yet undecided.
(NancyL) ZT: Likely sites are Africa, in places where the church has dominated the local folk, or South America, in countries where they feel an allegiance with the government.
(NancyL) ZT: ZT: Their expectations that they will be leaders in the future is of course absurd, but arrogance seldom is realistic.
(NancyL) ZT: They will be on the streets, with those of their flock they have abandoned, no better off, and not at all able to deal with the situation.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, an ignominious end, to an ignominious life.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Javier) The LADY OF FATIMA miracles? That's what the secret letters said?
(CyberVVizz) Q: Do you known it's predicted by many, many phrophets the Vatican well move to France and France will lead the World?
(Beurling) The +m tactic is a good one. Thanks to Sirgrim.
(CalneCrusader) So do Bush, Blair, Putin, etc know the full story of Px consciously, and its arrival date?
(Sirgrim) Nice and quiet eh?
(Jeremy) Are the elite (in whatever country) aware of the new world geography after the pole shift, and if so, how did they discover this: ZetaTalk?
(Mikeaus) Yes javier - was about the pole shift
(Javier) Wow
(NancyL) Javier the last secret was of COURSE the shift, else why the screams and pain and all?
(Anonymous) In other words, the common folk, not only are being betrayed by their governments, they are also being betrayed by the Pope, and other religious leaders?
(NancyL) Cyber, if the Vatican moves to France, they'll get washed away.
(CyberVVizz) Avignon :-)
(NancyL) Calne, yes, they know.
(Zetapal) Scribes and Pharicees ... Jesus called them a "pit of snakes" and a "brood of vipers" you "stone the prophets" and put a weight on the people, you "strain out a gnat and swallow a camel"
(NancyL) Jeremy, only to the extent they buy into ZetaTalk.
(Canuck) Good, I hope they do move there then
(NancyL) Someone was telling me that their search engine took 1,500 inquires on ZetaTalk since Art Bell, and not a well know search engine either.
(Jeremy) Nancy: Thanks for answering. I assume that is their only way of finding out
(AGreenspan) That is incorrect, NancyL.
(NancyL) Anon, yes.
(Obany) What about the elites of other religions, or is only the Roman Catholic Church in the know ?
(Javier) If ours were a spiritually enlightened world, might this cataclysm be avoided somehow??
(Nvd) NancyL: If one feels one may be a contactee, what sort of techniques can one personally use to regain memories, especially if one feels these memories might be helpful?
(Nvd) ZT is amazing Btw, if you read it all. Absolutely amazing. My hat goes off to you Nancy
(NancyL) Javier, this will NOT happen, must be 89% STO, and this will NOT happen.
(Obany) Nvd:
(Nvd) Obany: thanx
(NancyL) ZT to Obany: The Catholic Church is unique in knowledge due to the grip of fear they place around those born into the religion.
(Javier) But if were, it could be avoided?
(Sebn) French leader know issue?
(NancyL) ZT: Confession, without which the poor souls are told they will burn in hell, is mandatory.
(NancyL) ZT: Those who state that confessions are confidential are lying, as information deemed important to the Pope, to the inner circle, to maintaining the wealth of the Catholic church, is passed on.
(Kire56) Can we expect other channeled entities to speak of pole shift now that it is aparent that the 89% will not be atained?
(Bailey) What is incorrect Green?
(CyberVVizz) It's predicted a French leader will araise from the old Louis of France, and so many, many prophets agree with it. I can't imagine France will be destroyed.
(NancyL) ZT: Corporate heads, government heads, in confession, are deemed thus, and get confession by special priests in many cases.
(CalneCrusader) Nancy - do you speak to the same zeta individual each time, or is it a group of them?
(NancyL) ZT: Other religions do NOT have such information inroads.
(NancyL) ZT: Given the information the Catholic Church gained, who said what when, they then had blackmail to learn more, and did gain the information they sought.
(Sebn) Stop reading Nostradamus
(NancyL) ZT: Those giving them the information had their confidence, as they had mutual goals 1. maintain the wealth, 2. maintain control and leadership, 3. save their own sorry skins before those they are responsible for, such as the flock or the public in the case of governments.
(AGreenspan) Bailey: US governmet was told about PX in the early 50's..which is why they have been looking for it all this time.. and have found it in the early 80's.
(NancyL) End ZT to Obany.
(NancyL) Ice cubes
(IMO) Please tell (a) when amateurs can see X (b) how big a scope is needed (c) where to look (your coords stop in 1 week)?
(CyberVVizz) It's not only Michel de Notredame, there are many, many of them.
(Anonymous) In other words, All the Churches, All the Governments, and All the Captains of Industry are conspiring against the common folks...
(NancyL) Kire, anyones guess. If they start talking about it, NOW, and didn't before, then why listen to them?
(NancyL) Truth does not have a clock attached to it, does it?
(AGreenspan) Clearly well before ZT was even concieved.
(Zetapal) got it !
(Merylong) Nancy so ZT say Rome will be a mess of volcanic ash, just like happened to Pompei 79BC.? Or even worse?
(NancyL) IMO, did you see the latest post re SIZE? It will be 1/139 the size of Jupiter on Aug 1, 2002?
(HenryK) Was the Hubble telescope specifically sent up to track Planet X ?, and will the new comet chasing mission end up chasing Planet X?
(Nvd) Anonymous: some things never change...
(Javier) Are some of our corp leaders in direct control by service to self aliens?? Have they ever been??
(NancyL) This without swirl of moons and dust, reflecting light from PX, which is NOT sunlight, etc.
(Myco) sizmoesize of telescope aperture, that seems like a good place to dwell for a moment
(NancyL) In addition, Steve Havas states that the astronomers in Vancouver told him due to being close to the horizon, Px location would NOT even be optimally viewed until Dec.
(Nvd) Interesting that the Zetas cannot tell us these things
(IMO) Steve is wrong
(Bailey) Is it not truth the zetas have been working with the gov sense 1948.
(NancyL) Thus, we're saying, Fall, September, to START looking.
(Kire56) It makes sense that other channeled entities would promote a spiritual orientation in order to make a shift and not talk about a fear motivating situation until absolutely necessary. If they thought by so doing they could facilitate a shift that would mitigate disaster.
(NancyL) And I'm sure when someone says they found something, you'll say otherwise, so why even bother asking?
(Mikeaus) Thanks for the NASA spin angle IMO
(Zetapal) IMO if saying it made it so... then you'd be the man... however...
(IMO) See my web page where I give sky plot
(Mikeaus) No thanks
(NancyL) HenryK, someone told me the trajectory of the new comet chaser, a passby of Earth in Aug 2003, and then ...
(Zetapal) See my butt where I don't give a crap...
(NancyL) So, I don't know the route. Is it going NEAR the inbound location of Px, over these next few months?
(NancyL) Does it go there, then swing back, etc?
(Sebn) Which langage speak the giants?
(Jeremy) From the ZT coordinates, I've calculated Planet X to be currently near the star SA0 93912 in Taurus
(Obany) okay folks this is not sci.astro ... else goto or so and look over there
(Pott) Jeremy: Near as in how close?
(Redeye) Ha ha
(NancyL) I suspect that MUCH of what NASA is doing is trying to get a better look, or load up a nuke in space to try to aim it at Px when the time comes, or whatever.
(Jeremy) Pott: Near as in RA/Dec coordinates
(NancyL) Kire, you're second guessing.
(Nvd) NancyL: Will the Sunspot cycle be affected by PX approach?
(Obany) Anyway are there no quesions left to adress by the Zetas ?
(Numbic1) Did she talk about China and India/Pakistan?
(Zetapal) The sun fell off his cycle long ago...
(NancyL) NVD, the Z's have said the sun basically could care less. You only HEAR about sun spots from NASA et al, who tell you what they want you to believe.
(Javier) If everyone on the planet meditated to save the earth, what kind of effect would it have??
(CyberVVizz) I guess if they sent a dozen nukes, the planet will certainly be Planet X
(CalneCrusader) Javier - no work would get done :)
(Okidok) Many religious groups will claim their predictions was right, the time of revenge from God is as hand. This look like a Armageddon prediction
(NancyL) Javier, this has been repeatedly stated, WISHFUL THINKING! NO effect.
(Obany) Javier: no affect
(NancyL) Nubic1, next Q, coming up NOW.
(Merylong) When will we have absolute truth about PX?
(Nvd) NancyL: Ah, since the sun is a larger magnet than PX it is not affected, while Earth being smaller, is?
(NancyL) 1. What will happen in India Pakistan conflict? How will it escalate?
(NancyL) 2. What is China's position today towards other countries?
(NancyL) ZT: Current conflicts around the world, long standing and based on religion or jealousy or lust for a neighbors assets, will not go AWAY in the year prior to the shift, but will continue.
(NancyL) ZT: The difference is that fewer and fewer resources can be allocated to such conflicts.
(NancyL) ZT: Starvation is increasingly affecting populations, and crashing economies will do likewise.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we predict an essential standstill, for such conflicts, unless catastrophies such as floods or quakes create an opportunity for one party to push against another.
(NancyL) ZT: Giants in isolation, such as China, will likewise not reduce their isolation, as they control panic or movement in their populace by restricting information.
(NancyL) ZT: As they become more insecure, they tighten the noose, a common tactic.
(NancyL) ZT: We have predicted that countries will get MORE isolationist, MORE focused internally, while at the same time rattling sabres so as to distract their populace.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Beurling) Thanks for the overtime Nancy. And, again, bravo to Sirgrim for the good tactic.
(Anonymous) Shakespear was right...
(Redeye) Will that make it harder to leave your country to re-locate ?
(CyberVVizz) Still 6 months to enjoy life :-)
(Nvd) NancyL: any comment on the recent LA shootings? Motive?
(NancyL) Sorry if I missed any good followup Q's.
(Pott) NancyL: As for China not only do they do that but they also kill to discourage.
(NancyL) NVD, people will likewise go nuts, increasingly, which is why I personally do not advocate guns.
(Pott) Fear of death is a powerful weapon.
(Wage) Why the increase in insanity?
(NancyL) You know, saying "only dad will have the guns and bullets" is no security. Dad may be the one to go nuts!
(Redeye) Lol
(Numbic1) That's kind of scary
(NancyL) Redeye, I would expect travel to be increasingly restricted, yes.
(Redeye) Damn
(NancyL) The Z's very long ago predicted increasing migrations, which then came about, were reported, along with RESTRICTIONS in various countries.
(Nvd) NancyL: Skolnick's Report claimed the LA shootings were Mossad/Israili CIA related. Was wondering if the Zetas had a comment.
(Redeye) Plane crashes on the increase too..
(Javier) About how long before hand will the economy and roads be open and free??
(NancyL) Look to Australia. I've heard they put them in the outback, to roast, for months without recourse, rather than allow them into the coutry.
(Ukuz) When will satellite comm go away?
(Mikeaus) They do Nancy
(Numbic1) Javier, if you think about it, roads aren't open and free anymore
(Jeremy) Redeye: almost a major plane crash every week it seems
(Mikeaus) Basically concentration camps
(NancyL) Wage :-) In 1929, folks on Wall Street jumped out windows when their fortunes were lost.
(Redeye) Yeah
(Wage) Does that mean Nancy that the crash is imminent?
(Javier) I mean to sell the house and get to one of the safe locals
(NancyL) NVD, I get the impression from the Z's no such. Just a nut.
(Anonymous) Nancy, please thank the Zetas for passing on this dreadful news to us. I suppose folks just have to trust to their luck, and march to the front like good soldiers?
(IMO) How can we know where to look when you don't post coordinates past July 13?
(NancyL) Javier, if you've not sold your house and moved, it may very well be too late. Please read the early part of this log which you attended!
(Numbic1) It will never be safe
(Redeye) Anon, your on a mission...
(Numbic1) To move
(Numbic1) It will never be easy
(AgentY) 59 ppl? Wtf thats a lot
(NancyL) Do NOT think in terms of possessions, but rather worst case, then you'll be prepared for anything.
(NancyL) A house, a camp, supplies, can be TAKEN from you!
(NancyL) IMO, I'll post new coordiantes :-)
(NancyL) IMO, it's only the 6th!
(CyberVVizz) They can't take away your guarding angel ;-)
(NancyL) Oh, I forgot, you and Tholen need time to doctor the NEAT images :-).
(Wage) Going to be a long year waiting...
(Mikeaus) *L*
(Garables) Nancy: any word on how areas that were flooded in the PS will look after the water recedes. Will people head back into those areas or just avoid them?
(Javier) I'm not afraid to die, but I do wish to live
(NancyL) IMO, those changes in coordinantes are very much related to where the red light goes, I gather, where it bends and the influences on it between Px and Earth.
(Myco) Yeah thats my prob
(Myco) Lol
(Redeye) Javier: well put
(IMO) Myco: It must be at least 0.6 meter
(NancyL) Seems not much motion or change in locale expected in any case, between now and 3/3/2003.
(Myco) Nancy, can a 16" telescope SEE this in the next say 2-3 months?
(IMO) Myco: Not from what Nancy said last week
(NancyL) Garables, what people will do is unpredictable, as are people. Post flood is NOT pretty. And the rotting bodies stinnk.
(Myco) IMO : I asked her for a reason ;)
(IMO) She said that you had to be able to see fainter than 18th magnitude
(Garables) Thanks
(Zetapal) Myco depends on where you are... Southern Hemisphere?
(NancyL) MYCO, I'm letting the astronomers on sci.astro duke that one out.
(Myco) I CAN position it wherever it should happen to need to be
(NancyL) I personaly don't know equipment, and am a poor vehicle for relaying ZT in that regard.
(Myco) Thats a faint dodge there
(Nvd) ...the ones that will still humor you, that is...
(Myco) Fair enough of one, and no help. Pardon
(NancyL) I'm trying to estimate size, be reasonable (from what others say on light pollution) on when it could be sighted as a brown dwarf, small, diffuse, etc.
(Nvd) NancyL: When can we expect a major increase in volcanic eruptions? Before or after PX visibility? IOW, what will be the earliest warning sign, besides already obvious weather disturbances?
(Myco) Ill go back to stoning myself on the head
(IMO) Myco: See my web pages
(Sirgrim) Lol
(NancyL) Tholen told Charlene on July 1 of 2001 that she was trying to find it IN THE DAYTIME.
(Myco) IMO; for?
(Nvd) To all who are looking for some survival tips: Tom Brown Jr's Books are the BEST out there. Total self-sufficiency, with only a knife!
(IMO) For when/where to look
(NancyL) Vancouver astronomers told Havas that he would have no luck looking THERE until the Fall of 2001, and best in December when it was well above the horizon at night.
(NancyL) Take it from there, time wise, Fall is earliest.
(IMO) Because they are not open at 4AM
(Redeye) Watch 'First Blood' ha ha
(NancyL) I'd like to compute the SIZE of what was imaged in January, 2002, on the 19th and 5th (IMO, I know you deny it was anything).
(NancyL) Is that thing 1/139 the size of Jupiter? In other words, could we run those size/distance computations on the size as viewed in January?
(IMO) But every object except the galaxy was unresolved on those images.
(NancyL) This included Moons and dust swirl.
(IMO) You have said that yourself ... i.e. fex pixtels
(NancyL) Havas stated over a year ago that he and others MUST have been looking at more than just the planet, to see what they did in 2001, etc
(NancyL) This is when the Z's talked about the Moon swirl, etc.
(Merylong) Nancy don't you think a ZT chat done only once a week is not enough to cover all the questions? can we expect more ZT in the coming weeks?
(NancyL) So, depending upon THAT size, we can figure your scope size.
(IMO) But they could not have seen anything since you have said the planet was 100s of times too faint
(Zetapal) Learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play... we are the people who can find ... whatever you might need ... you can get anything you want, but you better not take it from me ... In the jungle...Welcome to the jungle...
(NancyL) Ice cubes
(Zetapal) Merylong... if we had better questions ... maybe...
(NancyL) Merylong, I only get to brush my teeth once a week. Give me a break!
(Javier) This sucks cuz the family wont even hear me about this shit
(Zetapal) Most are questions from not reading zetatalk...
(Sirgrim) Zetas need to get a backup Nancy
(Sirgrim) I'll volunteer! lol
(NancyL) IMO, when it becomes apparent that the Px is REAL, and inbound according to the Z's coordinates, and all, will you let the public know?
(NancyL) 1. who you are
(Obany) For what i know there is still a question to be adressed?
(NancyL) 2. where you live
(Nvd) NancyL: IMO left
(Obany) NancyL: IMO just left
(Anonymous) Nancy, is there any possibility that the Zetas are only kidding? I've heard from many sources that the real end-time will be sometime in 2012. Could it be possible that the Zetas are only "crying wolf" now, so that no one will believe it when the real end-time comes in 2012?
(NancyL) So they can come punch you out?
(Zetapal) People need to read the source material...
(NancyL) YOU know otherwise! And Tholen too!
(Nvd) NancyL: can we do the same for you if the reverse is true?
(NancyL) He works for NASA, they claim him, works WITH NASA, and is a deliberate fuzzball on sci.astro on these issues.
(Numbic1) Is there the possibility of scheduling a forum where Nancy need not be present to discuss topics relevant to surviving the shift
(Nvd) NancyL: But I would only slap you, for good measure, not punch
(NancyL) Anon, and have what showed up to observatories, NOT on the star charts, and imaged, NOT on the star charts, just "materialize".
(NancyL) Kidding?
(NancyL) Right ...
(Obany) Anoymous: in Zetatalk is written that 2012 is in fact 2003:
(Redeye) Nancy, will the annunaki have any influence at all, during the forthcoming years? Apart from what has already been said?
(Numbic1) Instead of just asking random questions.
(Nvd) NancyL: Tholen has got to be an asset, by the way he behaves. Quite seriously, he could be an AI program by his responces
(Bailey) We would not be here if we were not willing to ponder the worst case senereo, now we have it, we chose to come in here
(NancyL) IMO, what I'm saying it, it cuts both ways! You keep trying to confuse folks, and then at the last minutes say "oh, dear, oh well".
(Nvd) NancyL: He deliberately obfuscates.
(Ukuz) Nancy can you get hold and post a really good clear photo from an anonymous source?
(Obany) IMO isn't in the channel anymore for what I know
(Javier) His type is to be expected here
(Nvd) Nancy, IMO left the channel
(NancyL) IMO you should start calling yourself Open Minded But Scared And In Denial And Favoring My Employers Requests Right Now.
(NancyL) Then you'd be honest.
(Zetapal) Numbic...organize your own group any time you want... but don't ride on zetatalk's coattails to do your marketing carpetbagger... you are free to attract as many as you can... problem is you can't
(Anonymous) Thanks for the comment! I'll look it up.
(Redeye) Lol
(NancyL) Well, I need to cool my laptop off. Hours up.
(Numbic1) This is the only place where people actually open their mouths and talk freely
(NancyL) Thanks to all for inspiring great ZetaTalk!
(Jeremy) It's been a great session tonight, thanks Nancy
(NancyL) Thanks to Obany and Sirgrim for being superlative cops!
(Zetapal) We love you nancy...
(NancyL) Bye all!
(Anonymous) A hale and hearty farewell to all...
(NancyL) Oh, Obany, in case I fail to get a log again, can you sent me one? Thanks eversomuch!!!!
Session Close: Sat Jul 06 18:10:39 2002