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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Jan 25, 2003

Session Start: Sat Jan 25 15:49:36 2003
(JWilliam) Howmo/I'Don't'Yaada: If you have a brain, do your own work. Or is it your paid job to be annoying? You owe me your real name and some rendered images before we have any further serious conversation.
(Howmo) HOw else but by simply repeating the question?
(NancyL) Lo folks, I have no agenda for today and will be collecting one NOW, etc.
(NancyL) I have a few SIGNS OF THE TIMES to post:
(Howmo) Nice cop out JWilliam.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1
(NancyL) Just received the new Feb issue of Harper's... the front cover top feature article is; 'A COMET'S TALE on the Science of Apocalypse' ... 15, repeat, 15, very interesting and intense pages of the history of perceived apocalypses, mass extintions, asteroids, and specially comets that could wipe out most of mankind and our civilization.
(NancyL) The article is sending very, very, strong messages, it is not poo-pooing planet X or the upcoming event, it is a warning to it's readership. The article states that 'George W. Bush, [is] arguably the worst president in American history' It also states that Millenium Challenge, the military excercise of last year, 2002, ....'was based on a rogue military commander staging a coup in an earthquake-riven Middle Eastern nation.'
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #2
(NancyL) NASA eyes nuclear-powered rocket, Agency expected to seek funding to develop way to travel 3 times faster, Los Angeles Times, Fri, Jan. 17, 2003, "The space agency is expected to request "significant resources and funding" to design a nuclear-powered propulsion system to triple the speed of current space travel, theoretically making it possible for humans to reach Mars in a two-month voyage."
(NancyL) "The Bush administration has signed off on the ambitious nuclear-rocket propulsion project, dubbed Project Prometheus -- though not specifically for the Mars landing -- and the president may officially launch the initiative during his State of the Union address on Jan. 28, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe said. NASA and the Bush administration are keeping the lid on the details, including how much more it expects to request from Congress, but O'Keefe said the funding increase will be 'very significant.' "
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #3
(NancyL) Jim Scotti and Sarah Mac discussing Nancy's "nonexistent" planet and how bright it will be 7 weeks before passage. From a sci.astro posting:
(NancyL) Sarah Mc "If that's the case, I have to rewrite some web pages. I assumed her planet would have to be at magnitude 5 or 6 in 84 days (from it's current invisible status). I take that back - it has to be around 10 or 12 magnitudes brighter, around a -5 or -6 to be a daytime, naked eye object. My only experience with bright, daytime naked eye objects is Iridium flares - so if anyone has a limiting magnitude for daytime, naked eye visible objects, I'd appreciate it."
(NancyL) Jim Scotti "Well, Venus is visible in the daytime, though I doubt the average guy on the street would pick it up without some help. I've tried to find Jupiter in the daytime and even shortly after sunset without success, so I'd say something like magnitude -4 would be the threshold for naked eye daytime visibility for trained observers. Probably more like -5 or -6 before it starts to become easy. Iridium flares are pretty tough in the daytime since they move and the location in the sky is hard to prepare for unless you are lucky enough to have a flare near the zenith or some other easily found location on the sky, so daytime Iridium flares may not be the best comparison."
(NancyL) Yes, agreed JWilliam. Increasingly I will be ignoring ignorant Q's from folks who have obviously not even TRIED to find the answer in the ZT or TT sites (we do have a search engine).
(Loitus) When is the new analysis due? Is it taking longer due to the lack of hot pixels?
(Longint) OK here's the one that dindn't go thru last time:
(Karmie) Question: What is the weird energy that many of us have been feeling for the last week - especially today? Please explain what we are collectively picking up on, thank you.
(Howmo) Nancy, when will it be visible nightime naked eye?
(Longint) Let's say we have a survival group, composed solely of STO individuals. These people are still HUMANS, and being so, feel laziness, are by nature aggressive, deal with conflicts due to disparity of age, cling to religions, have preconceptions, and sometimes make decisions simpetuously, in particular if they don't know each other quite well yet.
(Longint) The Zetas have been spoken quite few about the regulations of THEIR society ("Our society's rules are a whole other question, which would be extensive to answer." - 01.htm) Considering that we are close to the time, wouldn't it be good for us to know a bit more about what proper guidelines can be applied in a community of STO people, for the benefit of a more EFFECTIVE working, for everyone's advance? Or are we to figure these out by ourself?
(DonMB) QueenVee: The Zetas seem to have a polarized view of the Universe. Are they advanced enough to know about the six levels of mind maturation? Are they aware of the transformation posibilities of a STS orientation to an STO orientation? It is possible and do-able with Holodynamic tecniques. Will the Zetas respond to this?
(IceWind) Nancy, i'd like to know who was Krishna, who were the god's in the hindu mythology, who were the Tridev and what were the three worlds mentioned in the mythology?
(Loitus) Who's gonna win the superbowl?
(Abk) QUESTION: there's been a weird energy the past couple of days, kind of unsettled, like something's up. Could the Zeta's comment on what's going on? Thanks.
(NancyL) Likewise, those who come in to just make a negative statement, or repeatedly state a Q that is not intended to seek an answer but is an insult or advertising another site, will be ignored and will NOT show up in the log posted on the web.
(FoTRevenant) has n e one found out if this is real?
(Loitus) Except for Sapphire's log
(Obany) Loitus: don't ask stupid questions
(NancyL) Karmie, I felt no weird energy, this is personal.
(Loitus) Ok, Obany
(Tekk) can someone point me to old and new pics that show a difference in size of PX?
(Howmo) Nancy, when will it be visible nightime naked eye?
(Loitus) I was just curious... ;)
(NancyL) Loitus, the team has been busy and we'd love to hear YOUR analysis.
(Ccybervvizz) Pittmans' quote on cnn: The advice to Americans will include keeping prescription medicines available, keeping passports and other travel and personal documents valid, and maintaining adequate food supplies.
(Obany) IceWind: what's the importance of your question ?????
(Loitus) No, you don't. lol
(Karmie) Nancy - disagree - it is not of this world
(NancyL) Long, I thought I got that answered last session, did I not?
(Torbj) god evening,people!
(InSomNiaC420) When will the analysis of the July 18th pics be done?
(Loitus) Maybe I can tell it over the phone...
(BobS) Question for the Zetas...The zetas destroyed their home planet. We are in the process of ruining ours. I wonder why is it that the Niburians of Px have not done the same to theirs if they are still 3rd density and not leaning toward STO?
(Ojabun) i have the univicationanswer...what i do with it?
(Silk) Nancy, can the Zeats tell us why they haven't verified PX in the images sinec Dec 14?
(IceWind) so many info on Jesus and Buddha
(IceWind) but nothin on a religion so old
(NancyL) DomMB, Q about higher densities declined, too abstract for now, etc.
(Silk) dang nails - lol
(IceWind) and yet so mysterious
(Thunderoc) lol @ Zeats..
(Karen) People are speaking up more and more against Bush's so how can he keep "sticking to his guns"?
(Silk) :)
(Longint) I don't know Nancy, osrry maybe I missed that
(GalacticExplorer) Nancy I sort of created a map of aftertimes, would you like a link to see it?
(FoTRevenant) i wud
(IceWind) so mysterious
(DonMB) NancyL: thank you for considering my question.
(NancyL) IceWind, I get asked a lot about Bible entities, or Koran entities, and decline. Could be interpreted a zillion ways and IS by man, so does not matter.
(GalacticExplorer) And make your coments about it
(Ojabun) reckon it's too late now,maybe it better anyway to start entlightment in the aftertime
(Thunderoc) man... does not matter??
(NancyL) Tekk, take the Planet X Sightings link under the Zeta face and READ and LOOK.
(IceWind) ok thank you for answering on that Nancy
(Jeremy) Nancy: Are the STS aliens on the dark side of the moon preparing for the passage of PX?
(InSomNiaC420) Nancy, do you know when the analysis of the Jan. 18th pics will be done? looking forward tos eeing them
(PegasiTristan) I heard on the news, the US will consider capture of Iraqi oil fields to priorty in th event of war. Z's right again!
(Tekk) I've looked at several. can't see anything but background stars
(NancyL) BobS, interesting Q, but FEW 3rd Density ruin their planets, the exception not the norm.
(PegasiTristan) top priority, that is
(Longint) Nancy maybe that was an answer fon another Q
(Tekk) it's not getting bigger like I'da thought
(ChiefSimi) i like BS's question
(NancyL) Silk, because for one it is obvious, and another, they are encouraging discussion and debate!
(NancyL) Silks Q the first accepted for today :-)
(MikeO) Question: Does the diplomatic rift between the USA and Germany/France this week spell the beginning of the end for Bush's war plans?
(Silk) Where's the debate Nancy?
(Tied) Does anyone else want this file " All about food and water" it's packed full of good info on food processing and water treatment, skinning animals, tanning, and such I can dcc.
(Silk) and it certainly isn't obvious
(ChiefSimi) i mean BobS
(Loitus) Sorry.. something cam over me.
(FoTRevenant) NancyL , how are you going to prepare for the coming "cataclysms"
(NancyL) Karen, because he has a gun stuck in his backsides, I expect :-)
(Karen) :)
(Obany) Silk: if you are just here to do the same as last week and the week before then i will be forced to ban you so behave please
(Longint) What is the future of the ZetaTalk texts in the Aftertime?
(Torbj) and some LOVE,perhaps?
(GalacticExplorer) Nancy do you think this map is what Earth will look like later?
(ChiefSimi) in "s126" the Zetas described that the speed of passage is: "increase in speed to leave the inner solar system as the laser blasts of gravity particles coming from the Sun added to the momentum past the Sun already in place combine to speed it on its way."
(ChiefSimi) Is it perhaps a restrained momentum? Would the Zetas please explain why Planet X pick up speed then?
(NancyL) Q2 accepted is Jeremy's re Dark Side of the Moon, etc.
(Silk) I asked a valid question Obany
(Loitus) Silk, that doesn't matter..
(Loitus) ;)
(Jeremy) Nancy: Great, thanks!
(Ccybervvizz) Q- Why did the Zeta culture decides in their history to avoid further development of the emotional body, and why did they decides to experiment with their genes, acting against the Creation or Nature made by the energy called God.
(Ccybervvizz) not attack, just a question
(GWilra) Tired: send me a copy please.
(Jurian) good question as well :)
(Lombo243) WOW cool pic galactic Explorer
(Ojabun) is this poleshift normal,or is it cause mankind didn't stay in line and is leaning over the edge?
(IceWind) Tied: need a copy
(Obany) Ojabun: normal ...
(GalacticExplorer) Thanks Lombo243. I followed zetatalk to create it
(Ccybervvizz) well at least if we will be neighbours soon, we need toknown both history :-)
(Phoenix) Tied: pls send copy ;)
(GalacticExplorer) I think everything is right what zetas said it would be
(NancyL) Chief, re reducing speed when arriving at the solar system, this is explained in ZT already. Gravity particles interaction, mainly.
(Torbj) A Q: Can the Zetas coment on the Observatory that burned down in Australia...was it burned down on purpose?
(Silk) Torbj, that's just silly
(Secridrose) Q- since plants do accumulate lead, and most water will probably be contaminated, what should be done to prevent lead poisoning in the aftertime? Would eating things such as wheat grass help counteract the effect?
(ChiefSimi) i mean when leaving
(Tizza) they were firestorms out of control
(NancyL) Ctyber's Q on emotional nature of Zetas, or NOT, accepted as Q3.
(Loitus) Silk: But watch, that one wil get answered lol
(NancyL) Going to start in a minute..
(Howmo) Nancy, when will it be visible nightime naked eye?
(Silk) Loitus :)
(Ccybervvizz) i thought so, they don't like to be 'open' of course
(Phoenix) good Q Secridose
(Obany) Howmo: you know that, and this is in zetatalk ..
(Ojabun) Obany:i feel nothing but guilt, for having not reached entlightment and show it to world... i feel nothing but that this downfall is an logic effect of mankind not staying in should have reached balalanse before 98..
(Torbj) yep..i know...
(ChiefSimi) i mean leaving to the other side (not toward the Sun's dark twin)
(Franci66) Nancy a Q: difference between sparked and unsparked souls?
(Loitus) How many days til April? tick tock
(Howmo) No, Obany, It's not.
(MIT) Nancy:Is the fact that animals in nature acting out of step ,so to speak, a dirrect result of the pending poleshift?
(Howmo) That is DAYTIME.
(Secridrose) thanks Phoenix, we all need to figure that one out!
(Loitus) Howmo, it actually is in the logs
(NancyL) Secro, lead or not is a KNOWN human problem, addressed in TT, and no need to get the Zetas involved.
(Loitus) the IRC logs
(IceWind) Q- is there any reason why the pole shift predicted by many seers like E.Cayce and R.Montgomery to happen at the turn of the century put off, and can that happen again?
(Howmo) Loitus, that is DAYTIME.
(Loitus) No, I can read. It's there/
(Jeremy) MIT: I'd agree its partially due to the effects of PX
(Loitus) Not last weeks.
(Secridrose) ok then, thanks
(NancyL) Going to start:
(NancyL) 1. Can the Zetas tell us why they haven't verified PX in the images sinec Dec 14?
(Loitus) 2 weeks ago
(NancyL) ZT: One of the surest ways for parents to get their children to assume responsibility, get INVOLVED, is not to be everpresent or everactive.
(NancyL) ZT: A bit of benign neglect allows a leadership vacumn, and LO, in steps a child who is tired of waiting, taking up the task!
(NancyL) ZT: This does MORE than simply get another to do a task, as once a child starts assuming responsibility, they start to enjoy it, take pride in the outcome, and this action CONTINUES.
(NancyL) ZT: Natural leaders emerge during distressing times when NO leadership seems forthcoming.
(NancyL) ZT: These leaders may in fact be BETTER than the official leaders, but not wanting to be disruptive, hold back and take support roles instead of assuming leadership.
(NancyL) ZT: In a void, this social politeness is not necessary, and a new leader is born!
(NancyL) ZT: This is all to say that a parent, or leader, WANTING more involvement from the community, can ARRANGE this best by NOT being utterly involved, answering every question, doing every task, but by being ABSENT.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, given the imaging onging during the Fall of 2002 and into the early weeks of 2003, how does this apply?
(NancyL) ZT: The Sighting TEAM is small, consisting of Steve, Pierre, JWilliam and Naji, in that order joining the TEAM.
(NancyL) ZT: Nancy determines what will go on HER web site, but has been wanting, and expressing the hope, that MANY web sites would emerge and MANY sources of images would emerge, for some months.
(NancyL) ZT: She is, frankly, tired of the time required on HER part, and the increasing demands for interviews are only going to increase, which should, in her view, be her PRIMARY role.
(NancyL) ZT: JWilliam and Pierre have their OWN web sites, often in opposition to what other TEAM members state, or in opposition to what Nancy and ourselves state, and this has NEVER been a problem.
(NancyL) ZT: And why NOT? From the start of the Fall 2002 viewing season, and even prior to that if one reads the pages in the Sighting TEAM section, there has been debate and disagreement.
(NancyL) ZT: This has NEVER been suppressed, despite the hope of the debunking crowd that the ZetaCult or ZetaDrone title would stick.
(NancyL) ZT: We, the Zetas, have never asked for more than that man be INFORMED, and THINK, and LOOK, and come to their own individual conclusions.
(NancyL) ZT: This has been stated from day one of ZetaTalk, and is immersed in the body of ZetaTalk, throughout.
(NancyL) ZT: At the start of the Fall 2002 viewing season, it was the MODE, established by Nancy who is of a like mind with us, to allow the public to see the debate among the TEAM members.
(NancyL) ZT: We thus had Jan's candidate, Charles candidate, etc and at the end of several days of debate, our opinion.
(NancyL) ZT: We held OFF on this opinion to encourage debate, to collect this debate, and it was not ONLY the final Zeta statement that went onto the web, but the DEBATE.
(NancyL) ZT: Why? Because this is EXACTLY the type of debate that should be on sci.astro, not endless insults that ZetaTalk is a Nazi or CIA or NASA front, or whatever, insults and adolescent quips that the public LONG since tired of to the extent that they no longer READ sci.astro directly but go to the ZetaTalk website for a summary of what is WORTH reading!
(NancyL) ZT: This was, of course, the reason for the press early last summer to have Nancy put ALL posting for a thread on her web site, an obvious organized campaign as the email Nancy received on this matter were form letters, filled in!
(NancyL) ZT: This is an IMMENSELY important issue, NONE more important, to mankind at this time.
(NancyL) ZT: This is in the SKIES at this time, available to AMATEURS, and should be the MAIN topic on the sci.astro and related Usenets, not in the grip of paid debunkers, who seem to number only a dozen or so!
(NancyL) ZT: Where is the public in all of this! Where is the debate! THIS is what we are trying to encourage, and if our word on just which spot is IT is always quickly forthcoming, then debate is stiffled!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we have increasingly held back, especially since it is evident that the WHITE Persona is on path with the coordiantes, and the RED Persona is subject to bending toward whatever side the core of the Earth is, at the time.
(NancyL) ZT: Those in the southern hemisphere can figure this out, for THEM, etc.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, we have allowed NANCY to look foolish, the latest session last Sunday when she shared her bumbling on asteroids with the public, shamelessly.
(NancyL) ZT: The TEAM, politely, informed her she was WRONG, and she will post this to the web site during her day off tomorrow.
(NancyL) ZT: This is not the first time we allowed, encouraged, Nancy to stumble, to show the process, to be egoless in this manner, as this encourages others to do likewise!
(NancyL) ZT: The teacher who is perfect, insists they are perfect and cannot make a mistake, creates a suppression in the classroom where students are afraid to raise their hand.
(NancyL) ZT: The teacher who is tolerant of their own mistakes, the process of exploration, finds the classroom buzzing!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we expect, and hope, that if MAN is uncertain, and Nancy is imperfect, that debate will ENSUE, which it should!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(Loitus) You just don't want to give solid answers to prevent yourself from being proven wrong by guessing wrong, and being ridiculed for it. But, good excuse. lol
(Howmo) Nancy, when will PX be visible nightime naked eye?
(Silk) In other words, the Zetas are leaving the dicovery of PX to four inexperienced people debating amoungst themselves?
(MikeO) This helps explain why paid debunkers are so anal about cluttering up vital lists such as TT-Watch.
(Silk) And removing themselves from any failures that may happen?
(Franci66) I think most of people now want to know where PX is now and decide to prepare, don't have time to debate about it
(IceWind) Q-in cosmic explorers C.Brown has stated that multiple timelines exist with each having it's own realities which is very real, is it possible for a timeline to exist with a group renegade reptilians having control of the Earth as mentioned in the book, are we still at crossroads to our destiny? Do such multiple timelines really exist as realities to other entities?
(Loitus) ;)
(NancyL) NOOO Silk, they are hoping the astronomers, and amateurs, take images, and discuss!
(Thunderoc) Why is debate so important ?
(MichaeLCunningham) we have BEEN discussing Nancy
(Obany) Silk,. and Howmo: those questions are not related to this questions
(TimeDoesntExist) IceWind) Time doesn't exist ;-)
(Silk) It's a fllowup Obany
(ThereIsNoPx) how can anyone discuss when people get banned for asking tough questions?
(Stmax) It wasn't the TEAM that showed that there was a known asteroid in the pictures. It was all the evil sci.astro people, if I remember correctly.
(NancyL) They are already doing this, but due to the trashy place YOU have made sci.astro, along with others, are doing so NOT in sci.astro Usenet.
(MichaeLCunningham) but you're NOT listening!
(Obany) MichaeLCunningham: that is not what the Zetas are saying ... in this answer
(Loitus) NOOO... Nancy just wants to remove hersef from the chance of being wrong.
(NancyL) Does not mean this is not going on, it IS.
(Silk) We sweep trash on sci.astro Nancy
(Howmo) Nancy, there has been MUCH discussing on sci.astro of the images.
(Franci66) It's time to preare not to debate about splotches and noise
(Bailey) I know from experience it opens up areas of your mind that are rather dormant for many purposes
(NancyL) Silk, the coordinates come from the Zetas, so they are NOT removing themselves.
(TimeDoesntExist) Franci66: I don't want to prepra
(Tied) debate is good
(MichaeLCunningham) what about the trash you posted on sci.astro this morning Nancy?
(TimeDoesntExist) Franci66: because I don't see any Planet X in the sky
(NancyL) Thunder, it encourages participation! There are a LOT of opinions out there! SHOULD be, etc.
(Jeremy) Howmo: And more bashing and mocking of ZetaTalk on sci.astro than serious analysis
(Obany) MichaeLCunningham: that is not trash
(Howmo) Nancy, are you now retracting your "swarms of asteroids" comments?
(Howmo) Jeremy Hve you looked at Sarah's pages?
(MichaeLCunningham) comparing the Catholic scandal and raping alter boys IS trash!
(Jeremy) Howmo: A few times in the past
(Franci66) many are waiting to see PX to start relocations and other preparations, why wasting time debating?
(ThereIsNoPx) there we go again
(Tied) Can you people learn to see with more than your eyes? ... After all the eyes are the easyest thing to decieve
(NancyL) Object A, as my web update will show (Naji did a lot of terriic work on this) is 2001 KS14, and I was an astronomical dummy :-)
(Buente) encording to normal gravital laws, Px is about 1.7 AU away from earth, so the magnitude has to be greater then Jupiter, why cant we see it then with simple telescopes or even binoculars?
(NancyL) But you know, I learned something!
(Stmax) Obany, Nancy just said in her comments that she didn't want to "stiffle" discussion.
(TimeDoesntExist) Tied: a lot of people want to learn but
(ThereIsNoPx) when the Px doesn't come, Nancy's explanation will be that the zetas just wanted people to "discuss" ( ie ban people for asking questions) and the Px was just a white lie
(Stmax) Obany must be a paid NASA drone - he's stifling discussion where ZT just stated thta they didn't want discussion quashed.
(Bailey) MichaelC, I am ashamed of some of your trash too
(Stmax) hmmmm....
(NancyL) I now know that asteroids are considered Minor Planet by the MPC, and that since they are close, there is a wave or small circle drawn by them as the Earth turns.
(Beyond) I can't understand why PX isn't sticking out like a sore thumb by this late date.
(Ojabun) i got the univication answer.. i could entlight mankind... what i do with it?
(Jeremy) Buente: PX is MUCH further away then 1.7 AU at present
(MichaeLCunningham) then we amateurs must be right a lot of the time Nancy as we pointed out two weeks ago you caputred an asteroid
(Buente) no it aint
(NancyL) Also, that DISTANT object do NOT do this, the wave or small circle.
(Buente) cant be
(Ojabun) i'm afraid entlightmend will cause WW3
(Duffman) MikeC's "trash" is mostly (or all) scientifically sound argument... how can that be "trash"?
(TimeDoesntExist) Beyond: maybe because there is NO Planet X
(Buente) Jeremy, explain urself
(NancyL) Howmo, I would not waste my time on Sarah's site, nor MC, etc.
(Stmax) NancyL, are you "stiffling" discussion?
(Lombo243) Nancy: is it possible for the zetas to deliver us digital informatiosn such a s pics?
(Obany) NancyL: i just banned him ... but maybe he already joined back in
(Sapphire) NancyL: you've spent your time on those sites...
(Stmax) You just said you encouraged debate.
(NancyL) Folks, this is a lecture, a Q&A session, NOT an open debate! If you want to have a debate open a channel and DO so or post a thread on sci.astro!
(Obany) Stmax: well this bashing Nancy and zetatalk is not the type of debate the Zetas encourage
(Stmax) Now Oobany's banning everyone and Nancy's saying not to visit other sites. Which is it?
(Duffman) it's more fun this way, Nance
(DonMB) There are 127 people in this discussion group. Some control is necessary.
(TimeDoesntExist) sci.astro is not for debate
(NancyL) Those who want ONLY to command the stage that ZT has, are NOT participating in a Q&A, they are trying to get attention from the public that does NOT pay them any attention otherwise!
(Beyond) Re Slowing: I have taken measurements almost every day over the past six months, comparing time on digital watches with time broadcasts on shortwave. When I plotted them on a chart, they made a flat line. (more...)
(Buente) what is sci astro? what server?
(Sapphire) Obany was the first to pollute sci.astro with the ZetaTrash.
(Stmax) No deabet? Then you're "stiffling" discussion, aren't you?
(Sapphire) His idea.
(MichaeLCunningham) Nancy, you do not debate on sci.astro... you post and run
(Buente) does zeta believe the SOHO pictures?
(Beyond) While it's impossible to know whether time is being adjusted from this, can I not conclude any adjustments HAVE NOT BEEN STEPPED UP in that time period? What am I missing?
(Duffman) Michael: SPOT ON ;-)
(NancyL) Go into a lecture hall, where questions from the audience are allowed, and see how long you can jump on the stage and scream insults or that the lectures is wrong or whatever.
(ThereIsNoPx) Beyond: USENET newsgroup
(NancyL) You get escorted out.
(Duffman) bad analogy Nancy
(JohnJ) Nancy sends folks to sci.astro, the complains that it has become a site for ridiculing her.
(GWilra) I prefer the Q and A format rather than the endless mindless debate by debunkers
(Lully) according to Zetas water level will rise at least 650 feet everywhere on Earth; how long this level will be maintained?
(NancyL) Those who don't like this fact of life, that folks come here to Q&A seriously with the Zetas, can go to the door and get their money back :-).
(Stmax) You mean like ranting that Silk's a lesbian, NancyL?
(NancyL) Oh, you didn't PAY, my my, but you sure do COMPLAIN.
(Stmax) Similar to that?
(Obany) !kick stmax behave
(NancyL) Got that backwards, honey, she brought it up!
(Stmax) Or making isulting sexual comments? Like thta, Nancy?
(Ojabun) i guess i woudn't sound serious saying i got the univication answer
(NancyL) OK, going onto Q2.
(Stmax) I've been "STIFFLED"!
(NancyL) 1. Are the STS aliens on the dark side of the moon preparing for the passage of PX?
(NancyL) ZT: We have mentioned that STS aliens do NOT do density shifting well, and as such are required by their masters to STAY in 3rd Density while on Earth, lest they destroy themselves throught their bungling.
(NancyL) ZT: We have also mentioned that they stayed on the Dark Side of the Moon, hidden from human view, between interchanges on Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: This all is distresssing to these STS visitors, as they prefer the relative comfort of 4th Density, so at the first opportunity they LEAVE to where they can reside in 4th Density physical.
(NancyL) ZT: The Dark Side of the Moon is still used on occasion when heavy visitations are being conducted on Earth, a campaign of some kind such as trying to gain control of the continent of Africa for the STS.
(NancyL) ZT: But in the main, this is vacant, as the Earth has moved not unexpectedly into STO orientation, the polarization squeezing the STS humans into smaller and smaller camps, so fewer visitations are occuring.
(NancyL) ZT: The masters, the STS aliens at the top of the pile, are sending their minions elsewhere, where the rewards might be greater.
(NancyL) ZT: So what will those STS aliens remaining DO during the shift?
(NancyL) ZT: Like the Bush White House crowd, the NASA/CIA crowd, who are hoping to hop to Mars and avoid the mess, they will LEAVE.
(NancyL) ZT: The STO aliens visiting will do the opposite, and be side by side with their human counterparts, as we have stated within ZetaTalk.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(GalacticExplorer) Nancy Question: Would STS Alien tell the truth if asked, if they are STO or STS?
(Franci66) Nancy can Z.s clarify this: STO 4th density means Astral world or HEAVEN, STS 4th density means HELL, is it correct?
(ThereIsNoPx) can the zetas save us from the pole shift, in example, can they density shift earth or PX during the pole shift and cancel it that way?
(Obany) Franci66: has been adresses check orientations in zetatalk heaven and hell
(Obany) ThereIsNoPx: NO
(IceWind) nwy's glad the pole shifts gonna happen. This worlds become too much of a mess. High time for a clean up.
(ThereIsNoPx) Obany: thanks, that's what I wanted to hear
(NancyL) Galactic, no, STS lie all the time, whatever suits their needs.
(ThereIsNoPx) don't try to use that explanation later then
(GalacticExplorer) Ok thanks Nancy.
(Steve) Are the STS aliens on the moon responsible for all moving lights seen on the surface or are there more groups involved?
(Mike) so there is a 4th density physical and one spiritual? or how should we understand that?
(Wage) Nancy, have you seen Mark Hazelton's most recent remarks about you (sum up: that you work for NASA, as does Steve Havas)?
(Obany) Mike: check density, spiritual density
(NancyL) Francie, the Z's have said that Hell is not a physical place, not hot, etc but is the STS being forced to live with each other, their own kind, yes.
(Redeye) is Bush still planning to go to war, or is he considering other plans ?
(Jeremy) Nancy: Are the STS aliens in 4th density on the dark side of the moon, even though they are in 3rd density when visiting Earth? If not, then are they affected physically by the passage of PX?
(Thunderoc) Do the STS 'feed' upon the emotional distress of humans..and how does this sustain them...or is this just a rumour?...Some abductee's have stated that the visitations have stopped once they 'enclosed themselves in White Light and / or send white light love towards thier abductors...any comments upon this Zeta's?
(Humvee) Who are the Service to Self masters / handlers?
(NancyL) Likewise, STO get to live with each other, a type of Heaven, for future incarnation and the like.
(Tied) Nancy: Will we be looking at a differant face of the moon after the shift? In other words will planetX cause the moon to rotate?
(TimeDoesntExist) question: why Del Ponte left the Hague?
(Obany) Thunderoc: check the call, " just say NO"
(NancyL) ThereisnoPX, yes, they COULD, but I'm sure are not being allowed to by the Council, which they have stated.
(NancyL) This is no different than volcanoes erupting, hurricanes, cancer, starvation.
(ThereIsNoPx) NancyL: ok, so that'll be your explanation
(NancyL) Let me ask YOU, ThereIsNoPX, what YOU are doing to help the starving in Africa? Nothing? Why NOT?
(ThereIsNoPx) NancyL: actually I am, donating money etc.
(stphrz) ha!
(ThereIsNoPx) what are YOU doing?
(NancyL) Redeye re Bush, this is so much hashed, and is still in hands of man, so no comment.
(stphrz) cool
(Wage) Nancy: link is:
(Redeye) ok thx
(Ojabun) getting real crowded here though.. ppl are feeling it
(Obany) for what i notice from your nick you just consider this well a load of crap, and that's why you asking this questions ... so that you could use it againt zetatalk and Nancy
(DonMB) You can debate the merits of Planet X endlessly, or at least until early April, but the reason I come to this irc is there is good information about current events and our place within these events. The possibility of PX passing is still not nailed down, but it is worth keeping 'in the loop'.
(NancyL) Thunder, it may be that this is their way of saying Just Say NO, which the Zetas state can turn a bad visitation (from the invited STS) away.
(Obany) just don't expect that Nancy will buy into this, ThereIsNoPx
(Tied) Nancy: Will we be looking at a differant face of the moon after the shift? In other words will PlanetX cause the moon to rotate?
(ThereIsNoPx) buy into what?
(Anon) well put DonMB
(NancyL) OK, going onto Q3 ...
(NancyL) 1. Why did the Zeta culture decides in their history to avoid further development of the emotional body, and why did they decides to experiment with their genes, acting against the Creation or Nature made by the energy called God.
(NancyL) ZT: It has been much discussed, in the aliens-are-evil dialog, that we, the Zetas, lack emotions.
(NancyL) ZT: This is stated along with supposed reports on aliens eating human body parts, or planning mass landings and a takeover of the planet, or implanting for control purposes to create drones, or whatever.
(NancyL) ZT: There ARE differences between ourselves and humans, much discussed in the Hybrid section of ZetaTalk, where we detail this aspect of emotions and sexuality as well as physiological differences such as lungs and digestive tracts.
(NancyL) ZT: Do we have emotions? Yes. Do we have sexual feelings? Yes. Are these greater than human emotions and sex drives? No.
(NancyL) ZT: Why the difference? We evolved on different worlds, under different stresses and selective determinants.
(NancyL) ZT: The Earth, as we have stated, is a particularly violent world, LARGE carnivors on every continent, so that many can scarsely be free of this worry, day or night.
(NancyL) ZT: Big cats, wolf packs, immense bears, sharks, and thus to SURVIVE, the quick reaction to attack or danger was EMOTION.
(NancyL) ZT: What do you suppose fear, or anger, IS? Does an evolving creature NEED this, per se? It is to incite ACTION, and the stronger the emotion, the faster the action!
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, a mother's concern for her baby, a dominant males concern for protecting and retaining his harem, are survival related emotions.
(NancyL) ZT: The passive human got eaten, the human with strong emotions survived and passed on their genes.
(NancyL) ZT: A strong sex drive is LIKEWISE selective, as those males with a strong drive would FIGHT for their harem, where those with a weak drive would turn their backs and let the harem get eaten!
(NancyL) ZT: A sex drive in the female is also survival selective, as the horny female will stick close to the dominant male, get intimate often, and thus enhance the bond and desire on the males part to protect her, as well as keep her close to the protector.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that on our world, the worlds within Zeta Reticuli which we evolved on, there were NO large carnivors.
(NancyL) ZT: We were transplanted there, as described in the Early Zeta writeup, onto worlds that could do no more than envolve moss and bugs.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, our large eyes are for SEEING, in very dim light, which is what life on those worlds entailed.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, sex was for procreation, and the process of natural selection more related to cunning, being able to figure out how to solve problems, how to create technology or extend a food supply, than brute force or rage.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, emotion was not only not REQUIRED, it was a disruptive element.
(NancyL) ZT: It would never evolve, and if it expressed due to genetic mutation, then this Zeta was LESS likely to have a harem than another, so was selected OUT during sexal partnering.
(NancyL) ZT: Our hybrids, as we have stated, will have the emotional range and sex drive and variation that humans have, NOT our more limited range.
(NancyL) ZT: This is because the Earth is our new home, the home of the hybrids, and these characteristics are native to the Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: In addition, as we have stated, strong emotions are in keeping with 4th Density STO cultures, and strong sex drives are likewise a bonding element.
(NancyL) Thus, we don't wish NOT to have these elements in our future lives, we have ENGINEERED them INTO our futures!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(Karmie1) I came to learn about Planet x and am learning more than I need to know about harems, dominant males, and sexual proclivities - and just to think I thought Republican politics were straying far from the subject.
(DruidPriest) Q: Our Sciences tell us that life evolves primative species to advanced. Could you tell us of a bit of your proto-species your original species? That is of course the species before any genetic manipulation toke place
(Franci66) I heard that Z.s are like children sexually speaking, is it true? so how can they have sexual feelings?
(Agreg) I saw the movie "the day the earth stood still" for the tenth time yesterday & was thinking if the zeta's wanted to convince anyone that they don't plan on eating us & want to warn mankind of this PX thing. this tecnique of staging a landing would certainly work for the common man to take notice & avoid the governments that won't tell us anything.
(Thunderoc) I think..that through all of this... one of the agenda's of the Zeta's.. was to introduce themselves to US... and to engage us in debates so that we would SEE that we are not all that different from Them... and that their / our appearances should not strike fear in EITHER entity.... we are neighbours!... and being Galactic neighbours... we should feel NOT what our govt's may want us to feel... but to "think for ourselves" our own ex
(Howmo2) Nancy, ALL of your images have been addressed competently, on sci.astro. You just ignore those responses in favor of pointing out the insults.
(Beyond) Will those of us who die be allowed to hang around in non-physical form to help surviving loved ones cope?
(Frank) How do this wekks images of PX look?
(Redeye) Q will there be an increase in exposure by magazines, TV etc. on PX in the coming months ? Is "The Core" movie recieving alot of public interest worldwide? (sorry its not related)
(NancyL) Karmie, I'm a Democrate and they are notoriously sex obsessed :-)
(Duffman) Nancy, you're a Dem? I'd have never guessed....
(Duffman) ;-)
(Ccybervvizz) Nancy, could you adress my feedback from the Zetans
(Lombo243) Nancy: do you still keep your state that poleshift will happen in 2003 and not in 2012?
(Karmie1) Nancy - yep - your president Clinton would attest to that.
(trinityoflight) Q Are the Zetas sacrificing their emotional power for the best of their collect hive?
(NancyL) duffman, and for good REASON, they are caring, not elitist.
(Duffman) that's an unfair generalization
(Frank) Nancy do u have a link on how u met the zeta's?
(MikeO) The debunkers were loud and vicious and devious tonight. Just goes to show you how paranoid their handlers are getting.
(NancyL) Cyber, I must have missed it, what did you ask?
(Ojabun) is it possible we get some usefull information... instead of mombo jumbo
(Frank) i mean on how it all started?
(Ccybervvizz) feedback: It was honorable to address the answer, but Your race will see mastering the emotional body is needed for spiritual growth, even for Zetans, and humans are much further on this path, like Zetans are much further on the Mental path. So this is the reason for the Hybrid race, a lesson for both ? But why don't You incarnate into human body's directly (better suitable for birth) ?
(Ccybervvizz) got it ?
(NancyL) Iombo, no change in the date whatsoever, yes.
(Bailey) Karmie, many of us have asked about zeta personal life, mating and emotions, getting to know our neighbor so to speak, not irrelivant
(ThereIsNoPx) Nancy, may I ask, which Kool-Aid flavor goes best with cyanide?
(MIT) well NancyL and all who are with her and the Zs ..... time for today has run out on me i gotto go you all take care and "may the winds of time be at your backs and remember CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED MINDS" one love yall see you next time around
(Redeye) MikeO, thats a question ? should be
(Frank) Nancy do the zetas have anymore predictions before Planet-x comes?
(NancyL) Cyber, human body is dumb, not high enough IQ, and blind rage was to be engineered out.
(Frank) i mean like a terrorist attack or anything?
(Redeye) are the handlers losing it ? haha
(Ccybervvizz) i would see the Zetas answer
(Beyond) Will those who die be allowed to hang around in non-physical form to help surviving loved ones cope?
(NancyL) Also, YOU are thinking that emotions are a detriment to higher self or whatever, they disagree.
(Sapphire) NancyL: How do you like my new Nancy/Logo. I tried to make you look good!
(Lombo243) Nancy: but you know you could be wrong with that date, do you?
(Serbeo) Dow Jones,will it crash soon?
(PegasiTristan) heh, that guy has problems
(Ccybervvizz) Well unfortionaly they have to review their conclusion on this, there are higher emotional body's too like the causal body
(Frank) yes good question serbeo
(Ccybervvizz) higher in energy as the mental body in fact
(SteveH) looks like the Dow pretty much is crashing now
(NancyL) ThereIsNoPx, since I nor anyone I know is planning on suicide, quite the opposite, planning on living and helping those who need it during the troubled times ahead, I'd have no idea!
(Ojabun) Nancy:i got the univicationanswer... i can change mankind with one pressconference, what you want me to do?
(Duffman) hehe... great graphic Sapphire
(Frank) but how low will it go b4 PX comes?
(NancyL) Perhaps, since it is the obsession of the debunking crowd, THEY are planning this escape.
(Serbeo) no doubt
(Obany) well Nancy i banned him again ..... Loitus that is
(KoolAid) NancyL: what will you do if Px doesn't show up?
(NancyL) Coolaid party for the debunkers, who are in any case losing the battle!
(Fangornsm) well i think were being set up, if aliens only choose Nancy to tell us, then they must be planning something to kill us all
(Silk) you wish Nancy
(KoolAid) sure they are, Nancy, sure they are =)
(NancyL) Sappire, I don't go look at others web sites, too busy.
(PGill) i would like to ask a serious question: how strict should we be about saying with STOs in preparation for the shift? As in preparing a community, how should we decide, based on skill or orientation? Or is it a combination?
(Silk) Maybe you should Nancy
(Ccybervvizz) anyway, if there are some occults here they can tell it to you
(Sapphire) NancyL: yeah, sure.
(Jeremy) Obany: Beating me to the kicks ;)
(IceWind) Q - if third density beings are not allowed to influence the cultures of other third density beings, then why did the Council of Worlds allow the 12th planet beings to come to Earth?
(Karmie1) Bailey - I would hoping that mankind was on the verge of an evolutionary step forward instead sounds more like we are slipping back to level 2 herd humping.
(NancyL) PGill, I have some years ago decided NOT to be involved in helping survival sites.
(Sapphire) NancyL: Sorry, I forgot...I banned your ISP from seeing my site. My apologies...
(Duffman) busy telling us about the zetas' sexual know Sapphire, important stuff like that
(Obany) IceWind: has been explained on zetatalk
(PGill) alright
(NancyL) Reasons are simple, endless arguments about silly things, everyone pushing personal agendas, and I have a larger mission.
(IceWind) ok
(DruidPriest) As a neo-Pagan I can tell you many many in the Pagan/Wiccan movement are having visions of impending disaster we are spooked.
(MichaeLCunningham) why aren't you reaching the Masseds Nancy?
(PGill) thanks anyways
(Ojabun) mine is larger
(Duffman) silly things? well that sums up all this nicely, doesn't it?
(Frank) NancyL is Planet-x still expected on May 15th?
(NancyL) I will NOT advise you on how to organize a group! I have zero to do with this.
(MichaeLCunningham) masses
(Ccybervvizz) Which Pagan the dark side or the White side ?
(Fangornsm) is it still coming May 15th?
(Buente) i never get answers about simple question about orbit and speed
(NancyL) In any case, each group is SO individual, SO different even within a culture or country or religion or whatever.
(NancyL) There is NO way to set up guidelines.
(Tied) Does anyone else want this file "All about food and water" it's packed full of good info on food processing and water treatment, skinning animals, tanning, and such I can dcc.
(Duffman) Nancy, when will PX be visible to the naked eye at *night*?
(SteveH) Fangornsm, the date of May 15th has not been changed
(NancyL) The best that the Z's could do was state that if you join up with those you already KNOW, extended family, friends, coworkers, you are dealing with a known entity and less likely to be conned or taken advantage of.
(Frank) PX will be visible 7 weeks before
(Buente) Duffman, encording to gravital laws, we have to see it already
(Duffman) i would have thought so, yeah
(Obany) don't make this into the lets draw attention to myself channel ... yes, there are some in this channel who keep on trying that
(PegasiTristan) laws? lol
(Serbeo) Dow Jones,whens the BIG drop?
(Buente) laws yes
(Buente) funny?
(Frank) NancyL how low will the markets go?
(NancyL) Immagine sending money to a stranger, like that con artist Hazlewood wanted folks to do, and then going there and finding oops, swamp land in Florida or whatever.
(PegasiTristan) dont you mean observation?
(PGill) thank you Nancy i understand
(Buente) L A W S
(NancyL) No boat waiting, no supplies, nothing! Money gone!
(Redeye) Buente, u assume we know all about plants and solar systems, man does not
(Franci66) let's hope February pictures tell us more about PX
(Redeye) planets
(NancyL) So, don't buy into promises, re survival groups, do your OWN planning, buy seed, hand tools, rice and beans and Vitamin C.
(Redeye) heh
(Duffman) or the lack thereof
(Buente) i dont assume that, but i assume you know a little bit about Px
(Fangornsm) i personally dont likwe the way Nancy does ZT, because her words are too....... well, theyre not descriptive enough, they are like rambling on words
(NancyL) Get a tent, camping supplies, plan your route to safety and watch the skies!
(MichaeLCunningham) where IS the analysis data for the Jan 18th images?
(NancyL) These are simple steps, anyone can do, and safe.
(Duffman) yer a poet and you don't know it
(Frank) Nancy where do u plan on staying for the return of PX?
(Buente) do you people believe in the SOHO images?
(PegasiTristan) nope
(NancyL) Well folk, the hour is long since up and I am TRYING, next on my agenda for all day tomorrow, to get the Sighting TEAM pages updated.
(Obany) MichaeLCunningham: i think you read it, will be up later on ...
(SteveH) make sure you have means to make a fire, especially will be tougher if everything is wet
(Jeremy) Nancy: I agree, it doesn't take much effort to assemble a basic survival kit.
(MichaeLCunningham) today? tonight?
(Obany) you see MichaeLCunningham
(Fangornsm) fake
(Frank) Nancy are u in here any other time besides now?
(Obany) Silk: stop advertising your website we know it by know
(NancyL) I have not completed Jan 10th (got to add the asteroid page) have not done anything on Jan 18th though this is slim as the full moon washed it out a lot, and now have Jan 25th in my lap.
(MichaeLCunningham) so those Silk
(Bailey) thank you Nancy
(Silk) not everyone wants to wait for Nancy Obany
(GWilra) Thanks N.L. and +Z
(Duffman) those sites have actual (real) info on em
(NancyL) And have not yet web wrapped last weeks new ZT, and am unlikely to get todays on the web either, but will press to get the logs up there.
(Obany) ooh come on Silk aka Sarah Mc
(MichaeLCunningham) you want my processed images for the 18th Nancy?
(Silk) been a week on the Jan 18 images, and not a word
(Serbeo) good job, thanks
(PegasiTristan) ty Nancy
(Buente) this one too has some good info:
(mantie) Thank you Nancy!
(Silk) Sarah MacIntyre Obany
(PegasiTristan) Sarah Mcdonald, you mean
(NancyL) So goodnight all, and thanks to you all for attending and inspiring great ZT.
(Silk) Very good site Buente
(Buente) and this one:
(DonMB) Thank you, Nancy L., for having, and inviting me to, this party.
(Frank) Nancy are ther anymore predictions before Planet-x arrives?
(Duffman) thanks for the great sci-fi Nance
(NancyL) Thanks as always to our hard working cops who quick finger the whole time, I have no doubt.
(MikeO) Michael Cunningham, where did you take your images? Arizona desert?
(Redeye) cheers Nancy and Z's
(MichaeLCunningham) will gladly send them to you Nancy!
(Obany) Frank: check 2003 predictions, this is in zetatalk what's new
(Silk) Where's YOUR analysis MikeO?
(Frank) thank you
(Sapphire) see you later, Nancy.
(Buente) NancyL can you make 10 min of ur time to view the wesite i posted?
(NancyL) Remember to TAKE IMAGES, and PUT UP A WEB SITE, and GET INVOLVED IN DEBATE ON SCI.ASTRO, and lets turn sci.astro into what it should be, scientific discussion.
(Bailey) some of you people are so rude, Nancy has yelled fire and gave us a fire hose, if you do not believe in fire leave
(Mad_Hatter) "What concerns me is not the way things are, but rather the way people think things are." --Epictetus(55-135)
(MikeO) You just read mine, Silk.
(NancyL) Good night all!
(Duffman) Nancy, take your own advice
Session Close: Sat Jan 25 17:14:47 2003