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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Jan 18, 2003

Session Start: Sat Jan 18 15:42:07 2003
(Jim) is the planet still suppose to hit on May 15th
(Mankochum) that's the plan
(JubJub963) not sposed to hit
(Woogles) it isn't going to "hit"
(Mankochum) err..
(Jim) well pass by
(Jim) :)
(Mankochum) yea
(Obany) okay Mr Cunninghamd I know that you are here .... and that you well try to disrupt this session so please LEAVE
(Woogles) the poleshift supposedly occurs on or shortly after the 15th
(Obany) or behave during it
(Jim) thanx woogles
(Mankochum) no.. when a set date is given.. it must be that date.. right?
(BipBip) why can't you just listen to what she has to say and shut up, then think over it afterwards? Why do you have to come hear and tell ppl how stupid they are by believing this stuff ? Just shuttup and think,.... also, you may not know but, you make more ppl come here, because you're just doing what Nancy said the government would pay ppl to do :s
(Loitus) who is Mr Cunningham?
(Woogles) no, on or shortly there-after, in my opinion means within 3-5 days
(NancyL) I have no agenda and will be collecting one prior to this session ...
(Obany) !kickban Loitus
(Cybervvizz) so what ?
(Z) so is that dood from home alone
(NancyL) Jim, May 15, 2003 is given as a date when "shortly thereafter" the passage will occur.
(Mankochum) how shortly?
(NancyL) Not before, but you should be at your safe locations by that date.
(Mankochum) like a week?
(Jim) Nancy I have a problem
(NancyL) Shortly thereafter will be defined by the Zeta as the time draws near. They are withholding exact date/time as this will only help the STS in the establishment.
(Himitsu) if Px is going to be visible in the day to the nacked eye 7 weeks before passage, how long before it is visible at night to the naked eye?
(Jim) I know this was probably brought up before
(Zetapal) I'm guesing 2 weeks Mankochum
(Mankochum) ok
(longint) Nancy, I had an accepted Q for #poleshiftdiscussion but left out. Can I state it here?
(Joseph) hi Nancy i have a question
(Tizza) interesting article on weather manipulation
(CTD) si it could be years
(Jim) but doesn't the things described in ZetaTalk kind of the same things described in the Bible
(Woogles) the Bible is erroneous
(NancyL) MC has become a ZetaDrone, identified the White Persona by his image processing. Thanks MC! But you can't become part of the winning team by these efforts, your application is declined.
(Joseph) Q: During April, would PX be visible with the naked eye at daytime or nightime or both? If at daytime, during which parts of the day could it be seen with the unaided eye?
(Jim) but it was written many thousands of years ago
(Woogles) yeah sure, and then rewritten and retranslated to serve the purposes of man
(Himitsu) if PX is going to be visible in the day to the nacked eye 7 weeks before passage, how long before it is visible at night to the naked eye?
(Jenny1) Will the earth be gone as we know it on May 21st?
(NancyL) Loitus thinks this is a secret address of mine :-) Its on my WEB SITE!
(CTD) Nancy, so the Zetas won't tell us when until after May 15?
(NancyL) Long, yes, but not if we're to count angels on the head of a pin, etc.
(Jenny1) Nancy will the earth as we know it be gone on the 21st of May?
(Carlo) Planet Xers please do not drink the KoolAid when it does not happen
(Phoam) heheh
(NancyL) CTD, not years, days or weeks at most.
(Obany) !kick carlo bye
(Joseph) Q: During April, would PX be visible with the naked eye at daytime or nightime or both? If at daytime, during which parts of the day could it be seen with the unaided eye?
(Phoam) stupid Heaven's Gate.. they were idiots
(Himitsu) if PX is going to be visible in the day to the nacked eye 7 weeks before passage, how long before it is visible at night to the naked eye?
(Phoam) I would say.. March.. April..
(CTD) So you'll still be having these sessions on May 15th?
(NancyL) Jim, Bible does not state new geo, nor date, nor specifics. But yes, MANY prophecies describe the coming earth changes, MANY (we list them in the TT prophecy TOPIC go look!)]
(Joseph) umm u said it Himitsu, 7 weeks before the passage itself :-)
(Torbj) A Q for the Z: As reported by Pravda yesterday a big "rock" is colliding with Earth 25/1 2003 (next week) is this a "thingie" due to X or is it something else?
(James) Nancy, how do you feel after you finish channeling the Zetas at the end of these sessions?
(SteveH) by May 15 all should be sure of wether it is going to happend or not, with earth changes etc. so should be no doubt
(Himitsu) I want to know when it will be visible at night to the naked eye
(Jenny1) does it make you tired?
(NancyL) Joseph, only daytime as one must look PAST the sun to see the Orion constellation.
(Jim) Nancy is it safe for me to charge up all my credit cards and buy a few cars?
(Zetapal) Torbj - read the whole article, they meant to say 2013
(Viscid) Jim: Yes, and if PlanetX doesn't come you can sue her for misinformation
(Viscid) yey!
(Obany) James: it's no channeling, so she feels well as before the session I think .
(Phoam) I see Orion at night
(Jim) :)
(NancyL) You can get a cheap program like SkyMap ($55 for me couple years ago) and plug in date, time, place, and constellation you want to see, and see WHERE it will be in your sky.
(JubJub963) sue the network news for misinformation :)
(Phoam) I use Starry Night
(Obany) Zetatalk is no channeling
(Jenny1) ok sorry
(James) Obany, I'm sure it was described as channeling at some point by Nancy, perhaps she can clear this up?
(SteveH) is it an open session today?
(NancyL) Himitsu, it will be visible 7 weeks before passage. I do think that April 1 is it often in dusk or dawn, NOT noon, but visible without scope, etc.
(Obany) James, no no .. check zetatalk it's telepathic ... read vistions, and transformation for info
(Obany) SteveH: for what I know yes
(Jim) well if Planet-X does come by im sure we will remember Nancy as telling us about it first
(James) Indeed
(Jenny1) is it dangerous for Nancy to do this?
(NancyL) Jenny, by May 15, you won't be counting days, you will be watching for the Moon or stars to be moving, SHIFT STARTED! etc.
(Jenny1) ok thank you Nancy
(James) Does the telepathy have any physical side-effects, such as tiredness?
(Phoam) that would be freaky
(JubJub963) how bout the red dust, bout a week before ?
(Obany) James, well no I don't think so
(JubJub963) err maybe a few hours
(Jenny1) But i am getting married on the 21st of May Nancy
(Joseph) rotation stops a week before
(SteveH) Jenny1, it's probably a lot safer for Nancy now than when ZT first came out
(NancyL) Torbj, ZT said lots of space trash will be incoming because of Px, this is existing ZT.
(Jenny1) ok thanks Steve
(James) How long does the Earth cease rotation for?
(NancyL) James, after a session, I'm ready for a walk in the woods :-).
(Joseph) approx 1 week
(Phoam) an hour
(Tizza) Nancy : if lead fallout from volcanoes and such accumulates in ground water to contaminate it,will that in turn wash downstream and into oceans making eating the fish from such areas poisonous?
(James) With me?
(AGreenspan) Clarity of Observation. Dancing with the Z's part IV: You are on the record as saying that ZT is an effort to inform humanity about what is to occur so that they can at least have a choice - decisionwise. Alas,
(AGreenspan) a mere months before the event, it is seemingly probable (sorry..), that 90% of humanity do not have a clue. The number of participants in sessions, remains a statistical zero, thus, your mission seems to be a colossal failure. You also tell us that you informed our "leaders" about PX...
(NancyL) Jim, your CC and cars are up to YOU, your choice.
(Torbj) Zetapal it says: Probably, the Ukrainian newspaper made a misprint, and the meteorite may hit the Earth not in 2003, but in 2013
(Viscid) What do the zetas do for entertainment? Is there the Zeta equivalent of bowling-- or do they just like to tease humans about their impending doom?
(AGreenspan) 1.Are we to believe, that entities more than twice as smart as a genious level human, who are overseen by even more massive souls, would fail at such an important task, unless you are not being, shall I say, "fully forthcoming"? Furthermore, if one is to comprehend ZT, it is clear that THE HIGHER THE DEATH TOLL AMONG HUMANS THE FASTER THE TRANSFORMATION CAN OCCUR - are you therefor operating against yourselves?
(NancyL) James, no, none.
(Phoam) we need more publicity
(AGreenspan) 2.Knowledge is power: You inform our politicians about PX when every entity of average intelligence could have predicted that such information would be used to further their own ends
(Jenny1) Nancy will I be able to get married on 21st of May in Spain?
(Jim) thank you Nancy
(NancyL) Tizza, will diulute, etc. and settle to bottom.
(AGreenspan) 3.Keeping in mind that 75% of participants in sessions, are either Star Children and/or Contactees, a huge statistical skew - NOT a coincidence, What are all the reasons and objectives behind Zeta Talk?
(Gyflex) will PX be visible as a reddish cross at the end of march or sometime later, as it gets larger and closer?
(Woogles) OO
(Tizza) k
(Jenny1) I am so worried i have 4 small children nancy what should i do?
(NancyL) AGreen, your statement is accurate, yes, inform so THEY, (not the Bushies) can decide on their course of action.
(WestCoast) Agreenspan: why do you bother?
(SteveH) might want to move your marriage date up some Jenny1...
(James) It could be romantic marrying under a red fiery sky...
(Joseph) if everybody in the world was to attend this chat it would be a statistical and logistic impossibility as well
(Jenny1) i cant its all tied up iun legal papers
(Torbj) so the writer of this is not the reporter of the paper... allso it points to Baikal lake...well done to guess a spot on earth when 10 years away...
(Jeremy) Gyflex: It appears as a reddish blob first of all, enlargening to a cross quicky I believe
(Jenny1) i will be on the look out for it
(NancyL) AGreen, no, as the Zetas are not the Council of Worlds, who administratively decided Transformation time.
(James) Is it correct the the dust from the planet is predicted to reach Earth some days before the planet reaches us?
(Jenny1) Nancy will my marriage be put off?
(Phoam) heheh
(Redeye) lo all
(Revenant203) Nancy , should we be putting messages in our community warning others of the big day?!?!
(Torbj) A Q for the Z: As reported by Pravda yesterday a big "rock" is colliding with Earth 25/1 2003 (next week) is this a "thingie" due to X or is it something else?
(NancyL) Jenny, read TT, get the nonprofit Survival booklet (print free from the web) and use common sense!
(Obany) !kick silk consider this a warning behave
(NancyL) Tell the kids its a camping adventure!
(James) Should I cancel my holiday to the Bahamas in June or is that a safe location?
(Phoam) what did Silk do?
(Karen) Jenny1 you are asking for specifics pointing at one particular person and the Z's don't answer to that
(Jenny1) Hey Rev im getting married in Spain on the 21st i dont want to have to put it off
(Phoam) later
(NancyL) James, yes re red dust read existing ZT!
(Obany) Phoam: nothing yet ...
(Cybervvizz) ok so far Nancy, but I can not imagine the same Council of Worlds decides to mix up the human race to a less suitable (hybrid) body
(Jenny1) Sorry Karen but im am worried
(Himitsu) nice of you to kick when nobody does anything wrong Obany
(Jeremy) James: Planet X might cancel it for you!
(NancyL) Revenant, this is up to YOU, YOUR choice, re posting messages.
(Revenant203) okay
(James) Is the Poleshift a plan of God, or is it nature or is it the Zetas using it to push up into 4th density?
(Jim) after the shift how will we buy and sell goods?
(Obany) it was no boot no ban ... so
(NancyL) JWilliam, I posted to sci.astro seeing you and Steve had not gotten to it. 4 postings, basically the web site findings.
(Himitsu) still pretty lame
(Jenny1) Thanks nancy, im sure the kids will love that, not sure about me but hey if it means staying alive
(PegasiTristan) Jim: Barter system
(JWilliam) Thanks Nancy
(NancyL) James, I'm not your travel consultant! YOU decide on your life! (I'm also not your mother!)
(Jim) whats that?
(Jenny1) NANCY i think you should take over from Bush
(Cybervvizz) Himitsu, Obany is not a lamer sysop, i couldn't say this from ather sysops like QueenVee
(TypeR) How big is Planet X compared to the earth?
(PegasiTristan) Jim Apples for wheat, etc.
(NancyL) Himitsu, he's making up for days past when he was TOO nice :-).
(Cybervvizz) she bans You WITHOUT raison, even the channel is logged
(Himitsu) lol
(Jeremy) TypeR: 4 times the size of Earth
(NancyL) James, I'm going to be ignorning you as this is ALL in existing ZT, and you should READ, do your homework.
(TypeR) Where can one find it in the sky? Is it visable at night?
(James) Why would God choose to kick us into the 4th density by using aliens to communicate with one human who then needs to spread the info globally. Rather convulated, don't you think?
(Jim) yes everyone read ZetaTalk further for all the answers
(Obany) James: no religious babble here this is not #bible
(Cruithne) i don't see Maine listed on safe location web page
(James) ok
(Lombo243) Silk do you have new images?
(NancyL) TypeR, 4 times diameter of Earth, 23 times the mass, this is in existing ZT big time, go READ!
(JWilliam) TypeR: Read , we are using a 12 inch scope to see it, your eyes are not that good ;o)
(Jenny1) please Nancy we only want to know what you have to say that is new
(NancyL) Cruith, but New England and some states if very much covered. How big is New England anyway!
(Sundar) Nancy, what is the distance of PX from earth right now?
(Jenny1) Nancy what about us in the UK?
(sotos) Nancy: why Earth Twin is dead? why?
(Zetapal) James - why would God use any prophet? we just feed-em to lions or nail them to crosses
(NancyL) Well, we're at the hour, and I still don't have an agenda, so I'm going to post some SIGNS OF THE TIMES while folks think of good Q's
(NancyL) SIGNS OF THE TIMES #1: French Canadian Interest
(NancyL) I am publisher of ... a (Green Paper) in Quebec (Canada), a French Language paper published for 12 years now and read by 100 000 fanatics readers. Our moto is: environment, natural product, vigilance about all kind of phenomens...
(NancyL) I always publish, in each issue, an article about subject like Troubled Times and my readers love it. As my clientele is a little bit more conscious, I plan to write an articleon the 12th planet and its consequences. Can I have more informations (if possible, in French?).
(James) Indeed, so why use Nancy? Could she not be crucified in such a way?
(AGreenspan) You have no good Q's?
(NancyL) There was a story on NPR Saturday around noon on All Things Considered. Aparently the polar melting has revealed artifacts from 2 different layers of time on a small island between Alaska and Russia. The first was dated at about 4000 years ago and another was about 7000 years ago.
(NancyL) Posessions and food were left as if abandoned suddenly and then froze before they could rot. Here is the web address for the story on the NPR web site.
(Himitsu) NancyL funny but I never thought of Obany as too nice
(NancyL) SIGNS OF THE TIMES #3: Australia Report
(NancyL) The drought has caused giant dust storms, the likes of which have never been seen by white man. Hot desert winds picked up dessicated Outback soil and carried it across vast tracts of land, in rolling storms that stretched for literally thousands of kilometres.
(NancyL) Airports were closed down as major cities choked in the red haze. In parts of Queenland, the drought was broken by sudden, super-intense thunderstorms that caused flash-flodding and major damage by hailstones the size of softballs (in isolated areas they were even larger).
(Z) NancyL: That doesn't look right. Try 'airport code for CITY' or 'airport name for CODE' instead.
(NancyL) Most of the country, though, is still in the grip of a severe drought, with massive crop losses resulting. Prices for fruit and vegetables are rising steadily. Freak weather conditions have also caused insect plagues; this phenomenon began about three years ago. Not only were there locust and fly plagues, but astounding mouse plagues in rural areas.
(NancyL) Unusually high tides have occurred on the East Coast, while unusually LOW tides are occurring here in the West, causing crabs to spawn out of season. We have also had temperatures soar above 40 C, only to swing back into a winter weather pattern, with 20 C days and rain, two or three days later. Crops and native trees are blooming out of season, and odd animal migrations are happening.
(Zetapal) James -the point is youd have to ask God
(Jenny1) Nancy I am a messenger from God.....!!
(NancyL) Cyclone Zoe, packing windspeeds of 360kmh or more, all but destroyed three islands in the Solomon group, 2000km off the Australian coast. Zoe was the most powerful cyclone in the South Pacific in living memory. It spawned an intense tropical low over the Northern Territory, which dropped up to half a metre of rain before completely reversing its direction, heading back out over water and picking up in intensity.
(NancyL) Our government, headed by highly STS individuals like John Howard, continues its brutal treatment of refugees. Outrages occur almost daily, such as the Immigration Minister, Phillip Ruddock, deporting a Russian woman while ordering that her baby be kept in Australia. Heseems to enjoy being personally involved in decisions that cause the most distress to refugees, such as the separation of family members.
(Obany) !kick z
(NancyL) However, the usual smirks of this crowd are beginning to wilt, and there is fear in their eyes of late.
(Jeremy) I read with interest today that President Bush will announce extra funding for NASA at the end of January, possibly for development of a nuclear powered spacecraft capable of reaching Mars in 2 months time. Is this a cover for a lash dash effort of the elite to escape to Mars?
(NancyL) SIGNS OF THE TIMES #4: Stock Brokers Admit ..
(NancyL) During a conversation with a stock broker today he told me that their production number requirements had been increased due to down market, even tho he doesn't believe there are any stocks worth buying.
(NancyL) I mentioned that I thought that the market should actually be much lower but was being falsely bolstered by money moguls. His reply: "I think your assessment is probably right on".
(NancyL) SIGNS OF THE TIMES #6: Slowing Rotation/Moon ..
(NancyL) I use the program Starry Night professional edition to track objects in the sky. I noticed that when I opened the program that the moon was not visible in the sky, but when I looked at the sky, the moon was very visible, about 10 degrees declination. I thought this was very strange.
(NancyL) I contacted Freeman, the company that makes the program, and told them about it, but if this program is right, which it should be, the earth is now 1.5 hours behind in its rotation, I thinks this is very strange, perhaps caused by planet X. I emailed them, they didnt know, all I know is that it used to be very acurate
(NancyL) Jeremy's Q on NASA funding accepted. Maybe you'all can come up with more while I answer ..\
(Jeremy) The article concerning that is at
(NancyL) ZT: The establishments in the countries and global enterprises that are aware of the POTENTIAL for the coming shift are in a dither at the present time, as time seems to be running out with no good options.
(NancyL) ZT: Decades ago, it was to burrow underground or to leave Earth, better know as a couple of the Alternatives that MJ12 came up with
(NancyL) ZT: Going to the Dark Side of the Moon or to Earth's dark twin did not work out, as members of the military and scientific community who were taken there did not live easily under the STS alien presence, and it was only the STS aliens who had contacted MJ12 who were involved.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, this failed because humans could not live, function, in this environment, and those humans who were wisked off to those off-Earth homes were killed, lest they bring back word of where they had been.
(NancyL) ZT: Going underground lived a longer life, ala Mt Weather and similar well fitted caverns, but due more to knowledge about the size of the quakes involved during the shift than leaks into their whereabouts, this plan is not considered viable anymore either.
(NancyL) ZT: Military bases, many vacant due to closures in past decades, are an ideal spot to setup government or military installations, for post shift regrouping.
(NancyL) ZT: These are, in WHATEVER country situated, off premises for the public, and have defensible perimeters.
(NancyL) ZT: Going to Mars was considered, pushed upon the wealthy who were seen as the funding giants, but due to the long string of disasters in even getting into space, has fallen into disrespect.
(NancyL) ZT: Star Wars, deemed a method of putting up a shield that would ping out any boulder about to sling into Earth, has not even gotten past prototype testing, and even if heavily funded would not be operational in time.
(NancyL) ZT: Nuking the inbound planet out of the skies is still seen as a viable option, however, and many nuclear warheads have been positioned under the control of NASA, in various probes sent aloft, not ALL announced to the public.
(NancyL) ZT: The Space Station and Hubble are seen as key tools in such a nuking operation, for visiblity and good aim.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, given this is the last ditch PLAN, will it work, and if not, WHY not?
(NancyL) ZT: First and foremost in failure is the unexpected, which the establishment has failed to consider from the beginning.
(NancyL) ZT: Even were the Council of Worlds to not interfere, this plan would fail.
(NancyL) ZT: The shere SIZE of this planet would prevent it from being dissipated, and the bulk would still progress, undisturbed, as the path is toward the SUN, and any explosion on the surface no more than a firecracker, NOT a displaced trajectory.
(NancyL) ZT: This is an INHABITED planet, which inhabitants used to enslave mankind on Earth and send them into the mines, and they had rocket power, missile power, and the ability to travel within the solar system LONG before man.
(NancyL) ZT: In fact, mankind is not even where THEY were eons ago, and they have progressed in the intervening years, so mankind is even further behind, technology wise.
(NancyL) ZT: Would these intelligent and technological hominoids allow a probe to APPROACH, to EXPLODE in their atmosphere?
(NancyL) ZT: And last, since the Council would not allow one Third Density planet to destroy another, the probes would simply meet with accidents before arriving.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the establishments of Earth, the power structure in the US and Russia and Britain, and to the extent that the coming shift is known to other allies, and to the banking establishment worldwide, the time when THEY must adjust to a catastrophy is near!
(NancyL) ZT: You will soon see panic, and mistakes in front of microphones, and wildly changing policy such that everyone stands gap-mouthed watching and wondering what has gotten into the power structure.
(NancyL) ZT: Entertainment time!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup or good Q's for NEXT?
(JubJub963) i thought Hubble was lousy at close range, excellent only at huge distances, like galaxies away, wouldn't they know this?
(Karen) Was this past week news report about missing viles of Bubonic Plaque from a Texas tech co. a supposedly a gov't scare tactic?
(Torbj) so this "reparing" of Hubble was/is acually to arm the telescope with nukes!?
(Lebrasse) Nancy, Q - what is Baby Bush likely to do in the next few weeks ? will he go into IRAQ or has he heeded the warnings from Russia et al ?
(WestCoast) Nancy: Lately, is there any indicatiion the US will institute marshall law?
(MaxDevlin) Question: What type of appearence do thses hominoids have? Reptialian? Greys? or other?? Also could anyone of them be on the earth at this moment?
(PegasiTristan) Question: People over the world are demonstrating against war with Iraq but polls at home show Bush approval still way high. Is it possible these polls are rigged to keep the common man under foot? Also, the weapons inspectors report is due soon. Will Bush use this to fake a 'smoking gun?'
(Walt2525) After the pole shift, what UNUSUAL environmental dangers remain? Are solar flares a danger? Possibly more Bermuda Triangle areas (due to crust shifts)?
(JWilliam) Some have indicated the moon became full ahead of the posted schedule yesterday/today. Sign o Times # 6 also notes this. Are we beginning to see the results of Earth rotational slowdown? Any other new observation signs to watch for?
(JeanMarie) Q to Zeta's: If won by STS, how could some parts of the earth (like continents) remain on 3rd density after the transition to 4th density?
(NancyL) Torbj, the Hubble does not have nukes, is a peeking device only.
(steve) Does the Cheney/Bbush crowd have any direct alien input now that MJ12 disbanded? Are they going on past info?
(MikeO) Can the Zetas explain more about the 'stone circles' found in the Arctic? They are described on the BBC web site. How were they formed?
(Daveboy) Will a war against Iraq actualy happen, Nancy?
(Obany) JeanMarie: it already has been stated that the earth will turn into a place for those who are STO
(Obany) !kicban junglejim
(JungleJim) hehe
(Jenny1) how come if this is true do only people who have access to the internet get to find out about it?
(Obany) !kickban junglejim
(NancyL) Lebra, Bush/Iraq still in the hands of man, thus unpredictable. Most likely, earth changes will catch up with Bush before Iraq invasion, but he's so stupid he may do anything.
(Jeremy) your the fastest gun in the west Obany!
(Viscid) Jeremy: You're! [automatic grammar correction script]
(Karen) Nancy has NEVER hidden her name, address or location on this planet
(Daveboy) What about on other planets?
(Jenny1) too true Nancy I think bush is a prat and should take his palce
(Silk) Will the Zetas verify the moving "moon" caught by Steve Havas was really a "moon"?
(NancyL) Walt, solar flares are NOT real, only told to you as an excuse for earth change. Sun does NOT care about the passage.
(Sundar) CNN wont repeat IRAQ when there is a 8.5 quake in CA
(NancyL) JWilliam, I noted a very full moon on Thurday night, but could not find a calendar. Was it a day ahead?
(Daveboy) The Sun does not have the capacity for care, it is an object without sentience.
(NancyL) Z's have stated not widely noticed until April 1 or so.
(JWilliam) Nancy Some believe it was ahead of schedule.
(JubJub963) Pegasi, actually polls show support dramatically dropping, to pre 9/11 levels
(Sundar) But White house may brief only about Saddam
(Jenny1) Well i would like to know what the USA goverment have to say about zetas
(NancyL) Pegasi Q on polls, manipulation of media info, accepted ...
(JubJub963) people sick of war, war, war everyday..
(PegasiTristan) wow, didt see that
(Inquiry) the full moon is scheduled for today as it enters Scorpio
(Mikeaus) amen to that JubJub
(NancyL) ZT: Increasingly, the public, worldwide, is suspecting that their government, their media, is not telling them the truth.
(NancyL) ZT: This has always been the case in closely monitored countries, but even there the underground would relay information that WOULD make sense, relate to other pieces of information, and thus could be trusted.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, however, the underground is carrying information from other, supposedly free countries, that does NOT make sense.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, this suspicioun, this unease, is worldwide.
(NancyL) ZT: What country, ANYWHERE, is reporting and dealing with rising seas, disappearing islands, melting poles, melting glaciers, and high tides?
(NancyL) ZT: Even when unreported in the media, the FACT that this is unreported, under reported, is alarming.
(NancyL) ZT: In the past, such occurences would be BIG news, now ignored!
(NancyL) ZT: What country, ANYWHERE, is reporting the reasons for weather changes?
(NancyL) ZT: Global Warming is floated out, was floated out, years ago, but the casual manner that the Bush Administration has toward the supposed CAUSE of Global Warming is a sure clue that this is NOT the reason, and where is the debate among scientists?
(NancyL) ZT: In the past, such weather extremes, even in a LOCAL area, would give rise to nightly news coverage, regular attention from the major powers in the world, but now there is an utter LACK of this.
(NancyL) ZT: This casual attitude toward weather changes that are wrecking economies, destroying crops, flooding countrysides, is a CLUE that something MORE horrible is close at hand.
(NancyL) ZT: In the face of this, in those countries that have what is assumed to be a free press, a media that can dig into problems and expose them, there is chirping good news.
(NancyL) ZT: All is about to change, an upswing just around the corner, and everyone loves the leadership!
(NancyL) ZT: Think about how LITTLE it takes to control the media.
(NancyL) ZT: This is done in closely controlled countries like Saudi Arabia, where the internet gateway is in ONE city in ONE facility monitored by ONE group, so that access can be cut off instantly.
(NancyL) ZT: or such as China, which found fax machines traitorous during the Tianaman Square incident, information escaping to the outside world, such is their control over information flow within China.
(NancyL) ZT: But in supposedly free countries there are FEW corporate heads that control the TV stations, the Newspapers, the Magazines, and thus the news to the vast majority of the public can be CONTROLLED.
(NancyL) ZTL Pollsters, also, are controllable, taken by many but the RESULTS run up by computer and thus, if the results are wrong, the final numbers are simply changed!
(NancyL) ZT: The Stock Market, where the DOW or similar indexes around the world are calculated SUPPOSEDLY by being run up from the bottom, a composite from the whole, are published by FEW.
(NancyL) ZT: Can the public quickly calculate the DOW, based on changes? Does the public have access to what goes into this calculation?
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the public will be LIED to until they are so suspicous of the changes about them, the lack of attention, that the lies are counter productive.
(NancyL) ZT: This occurred with quakes, where the USGS was SO out of sync with reports coming from elsewhere that suspicons were raised.
(NancyL) ZT: Then quakes, en mass, were disappearing from the databases, noticed after the 8+ in Alaska where hundreds of quakes disappeared after having been posted to the database.
(NancyL) ZT: It takes no more than this to create a climate of suspicion, and this is ABOUT to happen with polls, and chirpy economy reports, and inane distractions like Iraq.
(NancyL) ZT: The public, in ALL countries, will increasingly demonstrate, often spontaneously, and THIS will get on the news as it will be in the underground, and if unreported, will creat more suspicions.
(NancyL) ZT: The starving and homeless will become SO numerous and evident they will force their way into the news.
(NancyL) ZT: Earthquake ravaged cities will spring into the news, and while reporting that will reveal MORE than an earthquake.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the creeping suspion that Bush does NOT have the approval rating reported is only the start.
(NancyL) End ZT on this followup?
(Joseph) the US government sucks BIGTIME!
(Wage) how did the Republicans win the Senate and House then?
(JeanMarie) Obany: I was trying to get a clearer picture on the battle in process to conquer continents (by STS) as stated in and
(Daveboy) Can you repeat that, I was away.
(JubJub963) Wage, people are stupid
(Obany) so what will be some good ways to point people to the news that they don't see on the daily news, besides pointing them to a site like on the Internet?
(NancyL) Yes, I heard on Public Radio someone stating this suspicion, a woman said NO one in her town approved of Bush, so where did these polls come from :-)
(JubJub963) 7/10 are, and 2 out of the remaining 3 smart people are evil
(Obany) JeanMarrie: well they won't win .. so don't owrry about that
(Daveboy) Aliens my arse
(Obany) !addtimedban jenny1 1300 bye bye
(NancyL) Wage, because the public was manipulated, they also elected Reagan, who was senile at the time and obviously so!
(JoeyB) Nancy: The chemtrails have increased as the Z's indicated. Why sculpt the populace if so many are expected to die?
(Karen) I knew Jenny1 had an agenda!
(Obany) !addtimedban daveboy 1300 bye bye
(Jeremy) Obany: my kick failed..
(Wage) so how soon till bush's handlers head for the hills?
(Wage) to bunkers, etc
(Obany) !kick daveboy
(NancyL) Wage, they were told that Dems would NOT protect the country, scare tactics, not true.
(Phoenix) Same here, Karen...
(JubJub963) Cheney and Karen Hughes already did head for hills
(Jeremy) Nancy: Here is I've pondered for a while, if you could consider this later please. Are developed entities (souls) capable of concious, intelligent thought, to the same degree that the mind is via a physical brain?
(Steve) Does the cheney/bush crowd have any direct alien input now that MJ12 disbanded? Are they going on past info?
(Wage) so what's all the strange noises coming from Chaney's house in DC? eg. explosions/construiction sounds?
(NancyL) JoeyB, they don't want the unwanted to come as a mob to their door, demanding food, etc.
(JoeyB) Nancy: Makes sense. Thanks :)
(Sundar) Steve, it is not Cheney Bush (Bush is a man of circumstance) - it is Cheney Rumsfeld - old gang - which was since Vietnam war
(MaxDevlin) Nancy: I know its a little off topic but I was wondering if you could give a one sentence statement on what you think of David Icke's statements?
(NancyL) Wage, my guess would be a quiet slinking away the week before, couple weeks before, unless they use the inbound Px as an "asteroid scare" so the President has to be safely underground.
(Mikeaus) MaxDevlin: that has been addressed in ZetaTalk
(Karen) Info on David Icke in zetatalk
(Obany) I am sure the Hybrid project is finished by now i think - i read about the 90's - model or it it a procces that is still going on at this time?
(Beta) Question: any comments/predictions on PX viewing from now until April?
(Obany) Beta: has been adressed
(NancyL) Jeremey, apparently there is a parallel between our physical brains and soul "brains" yes. Thus the mind/soul connection described in, um Being Human I think.
(Wage) Nancy, when do you think more pathogenic/dangerous chemtrail spraying will occur? I have had a nasty cough since I've been outside walking around more in this area in the past 3 weeks (DC)
(Tcards) how will the British gov excuse disappearing to australia? who will be left in charge? the military?
(NancyL) Steve, yes Bush/Cheny are CUT OFF from new info from the Zetas or any aliens. They are going on past info.
(Sundar) I see too many people spraying pesticides on foot path
(NancyL) Wage, Cheney's residence was in IRC some weeks ago, already in ZT body check What's New links.
(Jeremy) Nancy: Thanks. It also occurred to me that many alien souls are visiting earth now and answering the Call, so perhaps they can 'think' like a mind can
(JoeyB) NancyL: Bush/Cheney must have heavily fought the MJ12 disband.
(Franci66) will all big earth changes occur during next month of may or can we expect something big even earlier (Feb, March or April)?
(Karmie) Any updates on safe locations?
(NancyL) Max, the position is since start of 2002, if someone 1. does not predict, 2. does not have a prediction accuracy track record, then NO COMMENT
(Torbj) Bush/Cheney had contact with zetas?
(Wage) Bush Sr. was old MJ12 supposedly
(MaxDevlin) thanks for the reply.
(Silk) Any comments on James McCanney's recent statement about ZetaTalk being a NASA front?
(NancyL) Icke does neither, thus you cannot be sure of ANYTHING he says. ZT does both. If Icke contradicts ZT he is WRONG, utterly.
(Sundar) As per half-truth MJ12 papers from
(NancyL) Obany, hybrids will be fine tuned for some time, I'm sure.
(Obany) i think that those who are contactees to other alien races besides the Zetas, also feel that something is at hand.. talking about those who are in contact with the Sirians, Pleidians, Praying Mantis type aliens
(Redeye) Obant : 4 sure
(Wage) doesn't really seem like any place is safe, IMHO...
(NancyL) Beta, Px is coming on SO fast, every viewing session showing something new, that this will be the pulse.
(TypeR) So what are you folks going to do when May 2003 comes and goes without Planet X showing up? Claim that aliens helped us, or that the government took secret actions to save us, or just move onto something else?
(MikeO) McCanney now calls for the "voluntary removal" of ZetaTalk from the web. Now there's an open mind for you.
(Silk) Yeah, they even imaged a known asteroid and called it a "moon of Planet X" this time
(NancyL) Just Dec 13, we saw only pixel indications that a tail was evident, pixel brightness trailing off from the PX body.
(Jeremy) MikeO: Well put...
(Redeye) indeed
(NancyL) Then on Dec 27-28 we say distinct SPLOTCHES representing tail swirls.
(Ptomais) Q: Can the Zeta's tell us something about the Skull & Bones organisation?
(Obany) Yes Nancy that's what i feel too "or it it a procces that is still going on at this time"
(Silk) I was curious what Nancy has to say about McCanney. I don't agree with him Jeremy
(NancyL) Now, on Jan 10th, we see individual MOONS and can calculate their speed of swirl over the frames!
(Obany) Silk: already has been answered in the Other channel
(JoeyB) TypeR: Demand a refund on my purchase of "Planet X for Dummies".
(JWilliam) Silk: There are a number of possible asteroids that pass by on the Jan 10 film. You say the moon swirl is an asteroid. Prove it.
(NancyL) The area encompassed is HUGE compared to a couple weeks ago, etc.
(Silk) Nancy, that "moon" is asteroid 2001 KS14
(TypeR) LOL!
(Phoenix) Silk - McCanney was addressed in last session.
(NancyL) So every week, something new to see!
(Renfro) Can't even image the planet. But they can image the moons... Those must be some damn big moons
(Silk) I'll have to read the logs, Obany was too busy kicking me off the channel
(Franci66) how is it something visible in december doesn't show up in January? even if closer and bigger?
(Wage) Nancy: re protests, that's happening now in downtown DC, but no cspan coverage, and news reporters putting a slant on it, "they're against Bush going to war "until" the weapons inspectors finish" rather than them being agains tthe war for whatever reason.
(Lombo243) ...running behind the planet ;)
(Obany) !kick renfro bye
(TypeR) Renfro: Pretty odd, eh?
(JWilliam) Silk: I've got more than one tracking in that area and direction Prove it!
(NancyL) Fraci66, earth changes will increasingly occur, yes, and cities go down in quakes, before the shift, as ZT has stated.
(Obany) !kick typer
(Silk) But you circles a known asteroid J William Dell
(Silk) and so did Havas
(NancyL) Mike-O, I call for the "voluntary removal" of McCanny.
(LongReed) Nancy, Linda Molton-Howe reported on an abtuctee named Brian Scott (on Dreamland). Can Zetas comment?
(Obany) LongReed: what about this ??
(NancyL) Ptomais, there are lots of STS organizations, and Bush Sr. belongs to many. They are well documented on the web.
(Sundar) Nancy, can you tell us, how far is PX now and when it will affect the Kupier Belt? (I am asking this question honestly and i am not manipulating anything)
(JWilliam) Silk: I'm giving you a challenge to prove your point. Show me the money.
(LongReed) Had contact with Greys
(Silk) Your "white persona" is a hot pixel
(Jeremy) Nancy: Are the cities that are likely to go down in quakes before the shift situated on/near major fault lines already. Or could this happen in areas not even accustomed to quakes?
(NancyL) I personally got to see a Masonic funeral, a distant family member a Masonic brother, and I was astonished!
(MichaeLCunningham) Nncy says PX is currently 14.5 billion miles away
(Obany) LongReed: well so?
(Z) i guess so is that dood from home alone
(Mikeaus) Silk: BS... a moon was identified and then YOU called it an asteroid.
(Silk) read it and weep JWD
(LongReed) I'm looking for "confirmation"
(NancyL) My GOD, they walked along lines, so rigid! Nothing but a bunch of rules and regs.
(Silk) It was identified on Jan 12
(NancyL) This is an STS halmark.
(Obany) Silk: hush
(JWilliam) Silk: How far does an asteroid travel in 1 hour?
(Silk) Mike, the asteroid has been known sinve 2001
(JoeyB) NancyL: Me hopes they cart his butt off in human form!
(Domicile) Here's something about an asteroid in Pravda
(Tcards) Nancy - any comment from the zetas about the British government. if they are going to Australia before the shift will this be an issue for the people remaining as potentially problems could arise as a result eg martial law declared, state of emergency etc
(Obany) as JMWD said proof it
(Silk) I'd have to go back and check JWD, why?
(Torbj) ive asked about it...but no answer
(Silk) The astrometrics are all on the site
(Obany) leave your personal chatter out of this channel PLEASE
(MichaeLCunningham) travel of an asteriod depends on it's distance Dell. 2001 KS14 orbits within earth and Mars
(JWilliam) Silk: Read my earlier comments, I may have seen your asteroid on the Jan 10 film. alon side PX moon swirl.
(NancyL) LongReed, 1. predict, 2. accurate, etc. re the abductee. In other words, assume BS unless there is indication otherwise.
(Silk) You circled the asteroid Dell
(Jeremy) Tcards: Zt has said the British *elite* plan to go to Australia. This does not encompass the entire government, as far as I know
(JWilliam) Silk: Prove it. Got any pictures?
(Karen) Nancy are you still going to post where reliable news can be found on the net?
(NancyL) Silk, we should listen to "Saturn is a visible day time object" YOU?
(Silk) and then called it a "moon swirl"
(Silk) I didn't say that Nancy
(Silk) stop lying
(Silk) I said its a naked eye object at night
(Silk) and telescope visible during the day
(Obany) !addtimedban silk 120 bye and return in 2 minuts
(NancyL) Jeremy, I gather that the stretch of East Coast North America and west coast UK and Europe are as likely.
(Sundar) Nancy, as per PX distance 14.5 billion miles covered in 120 days, it is travelling at average speed of approx 65000 miles/second - is this correct?
(NancyL) Where have the train derailments happened? Texas, Maryland, and Spain, etc.
(NancyL) Imploding cities there, due to stretch, NOT quakes along faults per se.
(Jeremy) Nancy: Yes, I've wondered if a city here in the UK could suddenly collapse from a shock quake before the shift
(JoeyB) Large sinkhole in Chicago recently.
(Wage) when will the derailments begin in ernest?
(Sundar) Sorry, 33000 miles/second
(Sefi) Will India drown long before the shift, during rotation stoppage itself?
(Wage) (i ride a sub-serface metro :/)
(NancyL) Tcars, a visit to AU by various in UK could be called a state function :-). Perhaps a party, a funeral (can always arrange a funeral).
(Sefi) haha
(JoeyB) lol
(Tcards) Jeremy: I wonder who will left
(AgentY) did/will u pay income tax this year anyone? april 15 here in USA. 30 days b4 PS.
(NancyL) I fugired that an asteroid swarm was going to be the "reason" for the PX complex. Said so several weeks ago during chat, and right on scheduled, at the wave of the debunker masters wand, here is it!
(MaxDevlin) Just two days ago the BBC/Guardian published a story about massive earth iron core displacement, they are now shifting pole shift form 10,000s of years from now to plus or minus 1000 years, others are even saying it can be as soon as tommorrow.
(Tcards) Nancy: ok
(AgentY) if you r certain of PS arriving, no need to pay taxes
(NancyL) SILK and MC, having gotten their marching orders, in unison! NASAdrones, so obvious to note.
(Howmo) "Swarm"???
(Silk2) lol
(Obany) NancL: they are saying that's a known asteroid
(MikeO) Silk insists upon re-returning to a site she doesn't believe in. Quite a give-away, I would say. I wonder how she's paid?
(Obany) !addtimedban howmo 400 bye
(Silk2) in jokes MikeO
(Malakai) when was the planet venus formed according to the Betas?
(Obany) !addtimeban silk2 400 bye
(Obany) !addtimedban silk2 400 bye
(NancyL) Sundar, you're throwing math at me, and I can't process. I think this has already been calculated and is on the web as a link from the TOPIC or TEAM pages.
(Xenfasa) file an extention on your taxes just incase :)
(JurAFK) yeah, just ban everyone who disagrees obany, that's a very good way to increase zetatalk's credibility, NOT
(Ptomais) Q: Can the Zeta's tell us something about the Skull & Bones organisation?
(ThereIsNoPx) you uneducated retarded morons are pathetic. good bye..
(NancyL) or
(Jeremy) Obany: calm down, the debunkers are not that bad this session
(Sundar) Nancy, as per zetatalk, PX will be in solar system for 3 months which means it covers 19 AU from Saturn to going out from other side ~2.12 billion miles in 90 days which is 6544 miles/second - so does it decelerate 5 times from 33000 miles/second before entering solar system.
(Obany) JurAFK: that has nothing to do with it, just don't want to be the dession to be disturbed
(Phoenix) Yes, agentY, will file as usual. Are you collecting info for someone?
(Obany) the same for Jeremy
(MichaeLCunningham) Obany, data on 2001 KS14 is available on the Minor Planet Center
(Sotos) Nancy: Alps are "safe" because of the elevation or location? or both?
(JurAFK) Obany: uhhuh, I hope YOU believe that, cause noone else does
(NancyL) MikeO, I don't think she's paid, MC is paid, Silk does it for employer and friends in the banking/market industries, my guess.
(Acp128) QueenVee has also been very disrespectful, banning practically everyone in her group... it's not helping things by banning everyone
(JWilliam) Gee now Howmo and MC want a private chat wonder what comes next ;o)
(Obany) i don't ban everyone
(JurAFK) you ban Silk all the time
(Acp128) moreso QueenVeee
(Renfro) only the ones who disagree
(TypeR) just those that ask questions you can't answer
(Silk) Obany, you're aparnoid rabbit
(AgentY) phoenix :) i think if u turn in non tax payers u get a reward ::) hehhee.
(NancyL) Sundar, yes, it slows down a bit when coming into the solar system.
(MichaeLCunningham) Dell, just keeping the noise level down
(JurAFK) for NO GOOD REASON, and its getting pathetic
(Tcards) Acp: the whole point of Queens channel is that it`s for people who already have accepted the truth
(NancyL) The Z's said the distance/speed table done by humans is steady state, but not so.
(Sefi) stop it people
(Kindred_Soul) let's all get along people!!!
(Malakai) Q : i heard that Venus was creatd around 3500 years ago. would this mean something from PX collided with, say, jupiter and "broke" off a small planet sized piece of rock that formed venus is this true???
(Torbj) i read somwere last day that the US military said that this coming of comets is a danger because less developed nations with atomicpowers... may think itīs an attac on their country
(Jeremy) Obany: I'm one of the firmest believers in ZT Obany, but these summary kickings for no apparent offence really is silly
(AGreenspan) You sure, TypeR? How come I'm still here?
(NancyL) They said that it is FASTER arriving to the outer solar system (Saturn's orbit) then starts to slow down as so much busy in the solar system, the Ecliptic.
(Acp128) Tcards: i don't disagree... she bans believers and nonbelievers alike for petty reasons
(Karen) If we didn't have some enforcement here our hour would be spent on nonsense rather than what the majority of us are here for.
(NancyL) But, in general the distance/speed charts are usefule.
(AgentY) Obany they r all turning against u.
(AgentY) !users
(Tcards) Acp: ok not seen that myself
(NancyL) Naji was speculating about gravity, etc, saying the SPEED of approach shows that the Sun is heavier than postulated by humans.
(Sundar) Nancy, which also shows that it travels approx 13 billion miles in remaining 2 months before it enters solar system which is approx 55k miles/second 1/3 speed of light
(MikeO) If I read today's chat right, the Zetas say the recent quake in Alaska was an 8+, although the USGS is still calling it a 7.9
(NancyL) He's very good at math! I'm so impressed (being math challenged).
(Nightbird) I agree with you, Karen.. it's bad enough that the debunkers have to come in and disrupt at all.. I wish they would start there own chat
(Malakai) Q:If you are a "non profit" organisation then where does all your members money go?
(Redeye) well said Karen
(Torbj) hmm...drop a "asteroid/comet" on a land y dont like
(AgentY) TT incorporated need not file tax documents this year!!!
(JWilliam) Malakai: My money usually goes for food clothing and such for my family ;o) How bout you?
(Obany) we are not here to talk about Troubled Times Inc ...
(Obany) that's not what this channel is about
(NancyL) Queen kicks on general principal, no reason given, and those sessions are VERY well conducted. We actually get some matters discussed, not self promoters getting on the stage and demanding equal time.
(Karen) But then that wouldn't be as much fun as stepping in and ruining our time. So keep it up and ruin there time
(NancyL) Sundar, I've heard that fraction of speed of light, yes, or some such.
(Johnnie5) are the zeta's going to talk here, or did i miss it?
(Silk) Karen, if Nancy didn't post to sci.astro and invite us, we wouldn't be here
(Endeavour3d) can we stop wasting time discussing the workings of the moderators? Thank you..
(Silk) So blame it on Nancy for inviting us
(Ptomais) (last attempt) Q: Can the Zeta's tell us something about the Skull & Bones organisation?
(Acp128) also many folks who don't like being disrespected who don't bother attending
(AgentY) Obany if TTinc keeps file taxes it makes others question y they file since ps is coming anyways.
(steve-afk) I think the Z's said 1/4 speed of light on one of the last sessions
(NancyL) Malakai, this is all on the web, EVERY board meeting and log, so just go READ!
(Obany) AgentY: this is not the ISSUE here
(Malakai) Q:If the zetas are not allowed to help humanity along then why are they just allowed to tell us about PX coming towards us?
(Torbj) well... my clock is now 12:12... so godnight !
(Endeavour3d) I shudder to think what would happen to the poor people if a small asteroid hit Niburu
(steve-afk) Malaki, also there are no membership fees of any sort
(Renfro) I'm confused ... What is the issue here?
(Phoenix) Q: Could the Zetas elaborate on wind conditions after poleshift, particularly as to "averages" needed to produce wind energy?
(AgentY) Obany PS arrival is issue, if ttinc keeps filing taxes it means they don't seriously believe in PS. if they stop filing it means they do believe.
(NancyL) Ptomis, the Z's have talked about Masons, etc in the Government section of ZT, and this is already covered pretty well.
(Mikeaus) PRESIDENT BUSH is to authorise Nasa to develop a hugely expensive nuclear- powered spacecraft that would take just two months to reach Mars.
(AgentY) Obany Actions speak louder than words.
(NancyL) Also, in Orientation section, they talk about how the STS have names, symbols, rules, and like this rather than listening to feelings, empathy.
(WestCoast) NanyL: thanks for you efforts
(Mikeaus) from timesonline
(Obany) Mikeaus: already have been explained
(Malakai) i heard that a film has been banned
(Malakai) the Core i think
(AgentY) Obany this chanel is for PS right?
(Malakai) has anyone got a clip or link of this
(NancyL) Also, in the Myths section, how the words of Jesus and Muhammad were twisted, by rules.
(Sefi) really? the Core is banned?
(Malakai) i heared
(JoeyB) Malakai: Where did you hear that?
(Malakai) maybe just postponed
(Malakai) i dunno
(Jeremy) SteveH: I worked out PX to be travelling at 200 million miles a day (roughly) from 7th January on average to reach Saturns orbit in late March
(Obany) yes, but not for discussion about the Inc
(Malakai) ages ago on TT
(NancyL) So, his fits, Skull and Bones is VERY STS and elitist and no wonder Bush Sr. is a member!
(Ptomais) thanks
(JubJub963) talk about racking up the frequent flier miles
(Obany) so if you start about it again, i will kick you
(Obany) AgentY
(AgentY) ok, so then u agree with my comments apparently
(SteveH) Jeremy, is that a linear increase in speed?
(NancyL) MikeAus, yes, covered in the #poleshiftdiscussion session, but won't work :-)
(SteveH) or exponential?
(JoeyB) March 28th, 2003
(Colin) or (i think)
(NancyL) Geeze, I wonder when the out-of-work public is going to start REALLY wondering about Bush, if it isn't Iraq, its MARS :-)
(Jeremy) SteveH: No, just the average. No formlua involved except dividing distance by time
(NancyL) Well folks, well past the hour and I tire, going to sign off.
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspiring great ZT.
(Tcards) thanks Nancy - an hour is never enough!
(NancyL) Thanks to our tireless cops, who struggle to be fair yet effective!
(NancyL) Stay safe, out of old brick buildings in cities along the Atlantic!
(Endeavour3d) and underground
(Renfro) hey JWilly when you headed for the hills
(JWilliam) Renfro: I live in the hills ;o)
(SteveH) hehe
(NancyL) Consider going camping with the kids, even in WINTER this is possible and FUN (I did it in the past, so speak from experience)
(Renfro) safe place
(Sundar) Limp begzit song from Godzilla
(NancyL) Remember that you can buy seed and baby chickens and do NOT need that new car.
(Renfro) that was a question
(JWilliam) Renfro: I think so
(NancyL) Tell everyone you care about WHY you love them, which is what you should be doing anyway.
(Viscid) Hmm... Baby chickens or a new car...
(Obany) i agree Nancy, there are those who worry about money to much
(Jeremy) I agree Nancy
(Renfro) you don't know...
(NancyL) Love you all (except the NASAdrones whom even their mothers don't love)!
(NancyL) Bye bye!
(Endeavour3d) I shall take pictures as soon as I can Nancy
Session Close: Sat Jan 18 17:18:27 2003