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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Jan 12, 2002

Session Start: Sat Jan 12 15:01:52 2002
(NancyL) Announcement: the 12th/Nibiru/Planet X has been IMAGED by a sci.astro person.
(Clipper) Cool
(Nathan) Order your Zeta Brain Implant now, and you too, can be like Nancy! 3 easy installments of just $29.99.... :)
(NancyL) They did a 20 minute CCD (it takes 45) and compared it to an older 45 minutes CCD, Palomar Sky Survey.
(NancyL) The Zetas say, because of the way light bends, that one should look AROUND the spot, and had me put a circle around where the 12th was.
(Jos) I thought that the old image shows more details BTW.
(NancyL) They said he imaged it, caught it! But it was very faint.
(SteveH) I can't believe it took so long to get one picture of that location on sci.astro
(NancyL) But by increasing the contrast and brightness, inverting, etc., it came out.
(Nathan) We'll all see it in a few more months anyway, right? I hope they tell the size telescope, etc. I have a 4.5"
(NancyL) Then the guy that imaged it said it was also on the older CCD, and pointed to a speck.
(S7L) I have found a faint dot around the location circled which was claimed to be the X also in the DSS2 image I took. But then there are OTHER slight spots in the 20m CCD that were not in the DSS2 image
(Jos) Why don't they give a name, have such a small website, and don't give the image in a different format when asked..
(S7L) I hope we get more photos
(Enoxis) NancyL I'm new here, and I'm sure this has been answered by your site already, but do the Zetas have any answer as to the purpose of humans?
(NancyL) But the NEW CCD, the 20 minute one, had that speck fainter, but ALSO the 12th just under that spec, where it is not on the older CCD.
(S7L) Ah! so that's it.
(Spanky) Enoxis: to decide between good/evil
(NancyL) So now we've moved from calling anyone who saw it at an observatory last spring a liar to discussing if the 12th is noise or what :-)
(Enoxis) Spanky good/evil is relative to the person observing the act
(Jos) It's too faint to be a positive contact I think.
(SteveH) Slowly but surely progress is being made :)
(NancyL) I'll start, as it's the hour.
(NancyL) 1. Can the Zetas comment on the movie "When Worlds Collide"? It appears to have similarities to what Zetatalk says about the passing of the 12th according to the email and what I have seen on the web. Was it a precursor for things to come and one of those movies made to get folks in the past (1951) and future folks to thinking? I found nothing in Zetatalk or TT about this movie yet.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine the mindset of MJ12 when they encountered the STS aliens who rushed in during the time of Roswell to form bonds with the US government before the STO could do so.
(NancyL) ZT: This was the defense department, the military, who are paranoid about intrusions in any case and tend to be hyper-organized and control oriented.
(NancyL) ZT: They found the rules and regulations the STS aliens had in place a comfort, but were uneasy.
(NancyL) ZT: They sensed a coldness, agendas not explained.
(NancyL) ZT: After Roswell, when the STO made contact by crashing and injuring themselves, they concluded that aliens were not ALL competent or of the same mindset.
(NancyL) ZT: However, in that the STS had not crashed during an introduction, they took this group to be more competent, and having the upper hand.
(NancyL) ZT: It took some time for the nature of the two groups to sort out in MJ12's mind, in fact long after Nancy's recent engagement where she had to explain a few matters to them.
(NancyL) ZT: Consequently, members of MJ12 had long talks into the night with each other on the possible scenarios.
(NancyL) ZT: Movies such as When Worlds Collide reflect those anxieties.
(NancyL) ZT: Early movies about aliens invariably presented the alien presence as technologically advanced, but cold.
(NancyL) ZT: They presented the agenda of a takeover, something the military mind would fret about in any case.
(NancyL) ZT: Intrusion into human society, infecting and influencing humans, and when the time was right, eliminating mankind and taking the Earth for themselves.
(NancyL) ZT: Look back over the menu Hollywood offered, during those decades, and you see the mindset of MJ12 in the early days.
(NancyL) ZT: Later movies, such as ET and Close Encounters, presented kindness and eager contactees.
(NancyL) ZT: Expect more of this, as when MJ12 finally sorted it all out, they realized that a stiff arm to the alien presence plays into the STS agenda, and set out to right their prior wrongs.
(NancyL) End ZT. Followup?
(SteveH) What race of STS aliens first made contact with the military and was part of their agenda to gain control of human affairs?
(Clipper) No followup here.
(NancyL) ZT: Steve, STS always wants to gain control.
(Spanky) The trend towards good aliens in movies seems to be waning, look at ID4
(Jos) Was the arrival of both close to the vote for STS/STO earth a coincidence?
(NancyL) ZT: They were not Zeta, but hominoid, a name that would not relate.
(Spanky) Is this why the STS Nordics were sent packing?
(NancyL) ZT: As Nancy can tell you, she has encountered several of them during MJ12 related missions, and they were invariably hominoid.
(Nathan) Is it accurate to say that many movies reflect what the establishment wishes to place into the population's consciousness and are not just creative outlets for artists?
(Zetapal) Are moviemakers such as Speilberg told by MJ12 of the presence and encouraged or just pawns unaware?
(Masaq) Interestingly, and sorry to make a banal point, but Perfect Dark depicts Greys as friendly and the Nordics as enemies
(NancyL) ZT: The reason for this is that the STS assumed that other lifeforms would not carry the intimidation factor.
(NancyL) ZT: With the exception of something that looked like a miniature T-Rex.
(Masaq) Is this information leaking through or plain fancy?
(NancyL) ZT: But this character interfered with communications, so was sent back.
(NancyL) ZT, Spanky, there are no STS Nordics on Earth, nor were there earlier.
(Nathan) How is it that STS "beat" STO in making first contact in recent times? Is this important for us to consider at this time or is it just water under the bridge?
(Om) Masaq, it is live channeled through Nancy
(Masaq) Sorry.
(NancyL) ZT, Jos, the vote of Earth regarding its future orientation was DUE, which is why the STS engaged MJ12.
(S7L) The STO ways really are very different from STS. Instead of appearing threatening, they made themselves the weak.
(NancyL) ZT: They were attempting to bypass the rules, by making contact, an engagement, that could continue after the Earth vote.
(S7L) Such choice amazes and touches me.
(NancyL) ZT: The incident was one that SHOULD have resulted in subconscious contact only.
(NancyL) ZT: But as incidents involving the Chupacabras have reported, many humans SEE aliens minding these beasts, and recall this in their conscious.
(Holger) ZT: please explain the connection between the physical event (Planet X) and the afterwards "rewarding" of mankind with evolution in the socalled 4th Density. Why does the X-Event look like "purification of Earth", like a topic by many religions?
(Nathan) Speaking of continuing after the earth vote, are we to expect STS extraterrestrial interference forever or is there some point in time when they will "back out" or "give up?"
(Alexey) Hi everybody!
(NancyL) ZT: This is because STS aliens cannot multi-phase well, and get distracted during contacts, so they let go of the control over humans that results in recording only in the subconscious.
(Gerard) Holger: not related ... to this .... better ask trough email.. you know how it goes.
(Clipper) Will Nancy's movie "The Passage" ever get developed?
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, farmers remember seeing aliens chasing their Chupacabras, and the early military recalled seeing the STS that were sent to influence them.
(NancyL) ZT: Since this breach had been made, the STS took advantage of it to press forward, more recorded in the conscious.
(NancyL) ZT: As though, since the milk had been spilled, why sop it up!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the Council of Worlds allowed the STO to likewise make conscious contact.
(NancyL) ZT: It was deemed a fair exchange, and the military intel was not about to influence the rest of the world, being secretive as they were.
(NancyL) End ZT.
(Masaq) What role will Earth play in the COW?
(Tessa) Question to the Zetas: Can the Zetas name other historical events during the last PS, from other parts of the world? Not just the Jewish Exodus. The Zetas have referred so far only to the Exodus. Can they give other examples? Something from the Edda, Germanic mythology, perhaps? The Chinese Emperor Yahou?
(NancyL) Nathan, good question for another day.
(NancyL) ZT: Clipper, the Passage has had it's influence, and may get published further as a story prior to the shift, but is not likely to become a movie due to time constraints.
(Clipper) Dang, would have been a good one.
(NancyL) Mas, ask about the COW for another day, via email.
(NancyL) I'm going to next Q on agenda ..
(Alexey) Nancy, WHY did you circle just a blank piece of noisy sky on the I M OpenMinded's photos?
(Nathan) So many questions, so little time.
(NancyL) 1. Why is earth's crust's rotation slowing down, (albeit imperceptibly) in response to planet X's approach, (causing the Navy to adjust clocks and predicted moon cycles) - while the earth's core is doing the opposite and speeding up, (and as a result heating up, causing global warming) - when the crust's rotation is driven by the core's rotation? Is Planet X's magnetic pull on the Atlantic rift causing the earth's crust to slow in rotation, even at this distance?
(NancyL) ZT: The explanation for slowing rotation during the week prior to the shift is that Planet X grips the Atlantic Rift magnetically, so the Earth does not turn past this grip.
(NancyL) ZT: How is this possible from a distance, where Planet X has scarsely moved past the mid-point where it lingers before making its passage?
(NancyL) ZT: The some 9 Sun-Pluto distances where it spends most of its time is approximately where it rides today, yet slowing has started.
(NancyL) ZT: The answer is that the magnetic field is BROAD in scope, far larger than mankind imagines when they describe magnetic fields of planets or the Sun.
(NancyL) ZT: These are invariably described as scarcely reaching beyond the planet or the Sun, when the Sun's influence reaches to where Planet X rides between its two foci, and BEYOND.
(NancyL) ZT: During sci.astro discussion on the influence of the Sun over the solar system, it was detailed that even Pluto is in the Sun's grip in this regard.
(NancyL) ZT: Where the gas planets Jupiter and Saturn are in OPPOSITION to the Sun's magnetic orientation, this is because they are funneling particles from North to South, and do not have a field themselves.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, being within the Sun's field, Planet X does indeed influence the Earth, even from that distance.
(NancyL) ZT: Remember, we are talking about CHANGE being noticeable as it is changing the equilibrium.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the approach of Planet X has changed the magnetic equilibrium of the Earth, so that a few seconds of slowing are occurring, per year, even now.
(NancyL) ZT: In the scheme of things, not that much, but this will increase to minutes, then hours, then days as the shift approaches.
(NancyL) ZT: Finally, resulting in a stoppage within a day as we have mentioned, a week prior to the shift.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Jos) At what moment do you anticipate this becoming seconds per day.
(S7L) how soon will we have accumulated up to a minute slowdown from the current steady time frame?
(Cosmickrnr) When the earth stops prior to pole shift will we be unable to walk around, will we be thrown off balance.
(Masaq) So observing the magnetic field of the sun, and Planet X, is the equivalent of looking at London while stood in Trafalgars Square.
(S7L) Cosmic: no, the slowdown is gentle.
(Gary) Earth tilts at 23 deg. and will return to that post-shift. What does earth align to and how far away is it?
(NancyL) ZT: There is a human misconception that the rotation of the Earth, or a stoppage of this, would find things flying off the surface.
(NancyL) ZT: How could this be when man walked on the Moon, which does not rotate.
(NancyL) ZT: There will be no change, except that the heating and cooling that occur during rotation stop, except as the atmosphere and oceans distribute heat.
(NancyL) ZT: Jos and S7L, re timing.
(Nathan) Will the moon's distance or revolution schedule be altered due to the passage of the 12th?
(Jos) Yeah, great
(Clipper) Probably all that stuff we learned about inertia during school.
(NancyL) ZT: This could be considered exponential, or parabolic, so that this year it will only result in minutes, but in 2003 will change over months to become hours and days.
(NancyL) ZT: By this time, however, so much will be going on in the world, that most of mankind will think this the least of their concerns, and barely notice.
(NancyL) End ZT.
(S7L) So, all clocks ticking on current time frame will be a few minutes off the "official time" at the end of 2002.
(Nathan) I think moon cycles may be important time markers after the shift, will keep an eye on it. :)
(NancyL) Nathan, the moon will not change, per the Z's who have this on ZT already. Hugs the Earth, and no change.
(NancyL) Going to the next Q on agenda ...
(Nathan) I gotta work on memorizing that whole thing...
(S7L) I thank Zetas for the answer.
(NancyL) 1. Could the Zetas give us a more precise timepoint to the beginning of the satellite malfunctions in 2002?
(NancyL) ZT: We have predicted that satellites will malfunction in the year before the shift, but did not detail the extent, or the timing.
(NancyL) ZT: Satellites have already been misbehaving, but the public is not informed anymore, as they were in 1999 or thereabouts.
(NancyL) ZT: More satellites are put up, a backup system in place, and the functions overlap at all times.
(NancyL) ZT: Since the military and a few telecom companies are doing this, the public is kept in the dark. FEW know the number of satellites and their function and ownership.
(NancyL) ZT: The military and intel groups have all manner of satellites up that the public is clueless about.
(NancyL) ZT: This is depicted in movies, at times, such as Enemy of the State, which is of course treated as fiction when it is closer to the truth than not!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, this issue is not when malfunctioning will start, but when the backup systems will begin to fail.
(NancyL) ZT: Outages will occur increasingly, as 2002 progresses. During 2003, there will be outages that last for days, and will most likely be blamed on the sun.
(NancyL) ZT: Land lines will be put into use, commandeered for the military so that phone find them busy as is the case on New Years Eve or after disasters when many people want to phone each other.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the most noticeable effect will be a lack of TV reception, and busy phone lines.
(NancyL) ZT: But this, as with slowing, may not be extreme until 2003, when as we have stated matters will be so distracting for most of the populace that this will be scarcely noticed.
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(S7L) What kind of satellites do the military and intel groups have?
(NancyL) ZT: Satellites cannot be seen, but the common man, who only hears of them because they are in the news.
(Nathan) Will ANY satellites remain in orbit after the shift?
(Spud2001) What will be distracting us at this time?
(NancyL) ZT: They are reported to transmit phone messages, bounce TV signals, and do this for the public.
(Jos) How large should we picture the intel operations in keeping an eye on us?
(Jurian) You don't want to know :p
(NancyL) ZT: The military, not only in the US but other countries, use them to spy and can maneuver them to scan closely, or change trajectory, so they pass over various parts of the globe under their path.
(Zetapal) Zetas have mentioned the public being so distracted in 2003 twice now - would they like to characterize these distractions?
(Clipper) Earth changes
(SteveH) Whatever the media focuses on, like terrorism etc.
(Canuck) What earth changes in specific?
(Brentnev) Preoccupied with finding food and shelter.
(NancyL) ZT: Regarding WHAT will distract in 2003 - starvation rampant in many countries and threatening YOUR countries, rising seas, politicians unavailable to explain matters, bank failures, unemployment and personal bankruptcy, homelessness and migration of desperate people, etc.
(Spud2001) Not much then! :)
(NancyL) ZT: Nathan, NO satellites will be up after the shift, which is why we suggest short wave. Land lines will be torn, and the broken link will be in effect.
(S7L) Sounds just like expectable.
(Starman) Sounds like a stockmarket crash as well
(Jam) How frequent will natural disasters be?
(Nathan) Okay, radio is my new hobby. Thanks.
(NancyL) Jos, view Enemy of the State. Ron Darby, who worked for the CIA in this type of work, said it was an accurate portrayal!
(NancyL) I'm going to pick up Jurian question on haunting as the last.
(NancyL) 1. We have a house in our village that is said to be haunted, lights going on / off, doors opening/closing, toilets flushing, apparently by themselves. I was wondering, is this place really haunted, and if so, what happened there?
(Jos) Yes, figured that
(Jos) Wow, then it is VERY bad.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that spirits cannot manipulate the environment, except to effect a sense of coldness in those humans they are attempting to contact.
(NancyL) ZT: The stuff of souls incarnates bodies, and has many points of influence during incarnations, but cannot move furniture or slam doors.
(NancyL) ZT: The souls incarnating bodies work VIA the body to effect change in the physical world.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, much of what is described as haunting, other than the sense that a spirit is present and a communication soul-to-soul of what that communication IS, is NOT from disembodied spirits.
(NancyL) ZT: It is from humans, living in the vicinity and most often in the very house, using a brain wave generated by anger.
(NancyL) ZT: This is commonly known as poltergeist activity, and is ascribed correctly to angry teens in the vicinity.
(NancyL) ZT: Specialists can identify the human causing this, and advise the parents on how to reduce the anger, get it out in the open so it does not have these misdirected effects.
(Jurian) So, the angry teens, unknowningly (?) direct their attention at the house they know is supposed to be haunted, and therefore, make stuff happen?
(NancyL) ZT: Telekinesis has been registered, scientifically, so this is no longer a mystery.
(NancyL) ZT: But where humans see something misty, a shape, or think they see a human appearing and then disappearing, this is most often a mind-trick of their OWN when they are aware they are talking to another spirit.
(Nathan) Is teen anger the only way to activate telekinesis, the most common way, or just the way in this case?
(Canuck) What about mist shapes recorded on video tape?
(Jam) Why manifest such anger on a house? Are there other forms?
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, a spirit can leave an imprint on physical matter, in the same way they can make the room feel cold.
(NancyL) ZT: To have a chemical effect like this requires the right chemistry, to be affected for instance by a lack or INCREASE in heat particles.
(NancyL) ZT: Heat particles are not the only particle flow a spirit can affect, but is the particle flow humans are most attuned to, thus notice.
(Nathan) So can the haunting spirits actually create audible sounds as in air waves vibrating or are sounds heard just "within the mind"?
(Spanky) What are the entities captured on videotape called rods? What do the zetas say about that?
(NancyL) ZT: For instance, a human quickly feels cold when stepping outdoors without adequate clothing, but scarcely notices that the magnetic field has increased nearby.
(Gerard) Spanky: not related to this ...
(Jam) What about the entities some people call the 'shadow beings'?
(Nathan) May we have a list of all particle flows that spirit forms may affect in physical realm?
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the division line is LARGE movement of objects, slamming doors and the like, is human generated.
(NancyL) ZT: A sense of presence, or a shadowy figure, or a sense of heat loss, most likely visiting spirits.
(Nathan) So levitating the house is reserved for 4th density...
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Jurian) Thanks!! :-)
(P) Is Ouija board a bad thing to do?
(Jam) What about the entities some people call the 'shadow beings'?
(Nathan) This was great, Nancy. Way too short! Now I'll have to keep coming back each week for more! :)
(NancyL) Ouija answered already in ZT. MAY be inviting the STS as the Call, yes.
(Om) What are those lights of various sizes and textures that "feels like" spirits?
(Om) And fly before me in many directions
(NancyL) ZT: Video images are in essence a chemical reaction, such as affecting the flow of light particles, and thus can truly be a spirit imprint!
(Nathan) Take care, everyone. Gotta get back to the immediate family now. Till next time!
(NancyL) Spanky, rods are NOT aliens or spirit, whatever they are.
(Zetapal) Everyone needs to read zetatalk to have base questions as asked above in last two minutes. Do your homework.
(Spanky) Nancy are you familiar at all?
(NancyL) ZT: Levitation, done by aliens in 4th Density, is done by manipulating gravity particles.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we float a paralyzed contactee into our ships, or float ourselves at will.
(Clipper) Cool
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, a visiting spirit might attempt to affect gravity particles, but will not effect this.
(Masaq) Can human in 4th density learn to do this?
(Nathan) So angry brain waves slamming doors is not manipulating gravity particles. Okay.
(Jurian) Heh, when I was younger, I used to have this dream/imagination/whatever, that I was floating up into the air, with some of the other kids, very weird :)
(NancyL) ZT: However, humans who temporarily levitate objects are doing so, as they do when the slam doors, by OTHER means, not gravity particle flow.
(Masaq) I never wake up when I hit the ground...
(Clipper) Ouch
(NancyL) ZT: Air pressure, magnetic manipulation, electrical particle charging, are in effect.
(JoeyB) Nancy: Can a visiting spirit effect sound?
(P) Jurian, abduction?
(NancyL) ZT: Movies often portray levitation or poltergeist as being able to LIFT a heavy table, but in reality this is not what hauntings find.
(Zetapal) Jurian-out-of-body floating dream
(Clipper) I used to have dreams that I was pointing at things and making them levitate.
(Zetapal) Comon
(Jurian) Don't know, I don't remember more than the floating up part :)
(Jurian) Used to have that dream (?) a lot tho
(Jurian) Felt very natural at the time
(NancyL) ZT: The chair moves a couple inches, a cup jiggles off the edge of a table, a paper lift and floats off the stack.
(NancyL) ZT: Hollywood has exaggerated, as usual.
(LizzieJ12) Coral Castle in Florida was supposedly made by floating gigantic blocks into place... levitating them.. Do Zetas have knowledge of this?
(Gerard) Jurian: it might be contact, who knows :)
(Jan) Nancy, I've seen one street magician in New York that seems to be levitating for real, no tricks. Can humans learn this, or is he "something special"?
(Jurian) Gerard: may be, I don't know :-)
(NancyL) ZT: Joey, as with viewing a temporariy manifestation of someone you KNEW, or a shadowy figure, HEARING their voice or the musical chime, is also something your MIND is doing to you, in response to a visiting spirit.
(Zetapal) Jan there's a whole story on that event - not genuine - I can help later if you wish.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, this is a type of suggestion, which you willing go along with if this is a spirit you know, and wish to communicate with.
(NancyL) ZT: The mind often does this, filling in the pieces in events that lack the whole.
(Canuck) Jan, I would like to know more about this guy too!
(NancyL) ZT: This is why there is such a strong different, often, between what witnesses report.
(NancyL) ZT: Each has filled in the missing pieces to make sense, to form a whole, and is describing the whole.
(Canuck) Oop, I mean Zetapal
(Zetapal) Yeah ,David Blain - after session...
(Spanky) Ok what are rods? are you even familiar with the topic?
(NancyL) ZT: If the visit is from a recently deceased uncle, beloved, and the mind wishes to record the messages as FROM this uncle.
(NancyL) ZT: then it might insert an image of the uncle as he looked.
(Canuck) Thanx, Z.
(Clipper) Cut and paste:-)
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, during visits from spirits, there are SOME in the room who hear and see them, and others are unaffected and call them liars!
(NancyL) End ZT.
(Tavy27) Rods
(JoeyB) Thanks Nancy/ZTs :)
(Cosmickrnr) Thankyou Nancy and Zeta's for Zetatalk :)
(Jam) So t
(Masaq) Thank you Nancy and the Zetas
(Jurian) Yeah, thanks :-)
(Clipper) Thanks here as well.
(Zetapal) Aaahhh
(NancyL) ZT: Rods are a chemical manifestation, such as curds and whey in cheese making, and are not alive nor of any significance.
(Masaq) Hope to see you in the future...
(SteveH) :))
(Starman) Thanks :)
(NancyL) Well folks, I'm pooped.
(Svnmn) Great session! Thanks Nancy and the Zetans!
(NancyL) I did not complete the agenda, but will move Long's Q's remaining forward to next week.
(Brentnev) Great session Nancy! :-)
(Jam) Thank you again!
(Gerard) Thank you Nancy and zetas, for another good session
(Longint) Ok, Thank you!
(Dv_Da) well I will see you next week then. Thanks for everything.
(Jurian) Same time, same channel! :-)
(NancyL) Good night all, and thanks for inspiriting great ZetaTalk :-).
(Jan) Thanks Nancy!
(Jos) Goodnight
(Clipper) No pun intended Jurian? :-)
(Starman) Good night all
(P) Goodnite
(NancyL) Thanks also to our loyal and hardworking monitors - Gerard and Jurian, without whom this would not be possible!
(Masaq) Om, did you record the first part for me?
(Jurian) Clipper: heh, sort of :p
(NancyL) Bye bye!
Session Close: Sat Jan 12 17:12:05 2002